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feels thread
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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feels thread
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my weltschmerz folder
my feels
>get along really well with chick i met once, we live thousands of miles away from each other
>stay in contact
>really like her
>she admits to liking me etc etc etc
>awesome personality, 10/10 face and body.
>turn her down, cos the distance is too much for me, and can't afford to travel back and forth.

cut my dick of fam

repost, but really cuts me deep fam
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>creates thread
>doesnt contribute shit
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but cats do not give a shit about their owners
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what are your greatest fears anons?
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This is bullshit.

What you could've felt, you can get to feel. What's worse is losing the one that made you feel that way.
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I fear never feeling truly, genuinely happy.
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to lose my dog, my dad and my mom.
Only that there's nothing else that i care for in this world.
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i've been through something similar, yo did the right thing anon. i was so attached to this person even tho there was no way it could work realistically. she ended up breaking it off when the distance became too much....also she met a guy in her hurt so much more because of all the time i dedicated to getting to know her and working around the time difference. and i'm jaded and stay up all night to abuse any substance i can get my hands on as opposed to going out trying to meet someone new. so take it from an expert just try to move on tho it may seem hard.
anyone around?
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please be my friend
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Stay strong, bros.
>she's indecisive about her feelings
i'm scared of hurting the people that care about me because i know i will eventually, my life is a vicious cycle of self-destructive behavior and being self-aware of this has only made it worse.
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you simply have no idea how to befriend and care for a cat
can someone explain this?

Is that a new way to gethigh?
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Helium exit bag method.

It's a popular and cheap way to die quickly and painlessly
The lack of OC today is distressing and depressing, /b/ros. I can post some of mine if aybody is lurking for it. it's not purely feels, but has loads of it.
just mind you the story is quite long
u game, anon?
im here, satisfy me
Same man, let's hear whatchu got

you asked for it. it will take a moment before we get to feels, but background is needed.
>be me
>22 yo
>travel by hitchhikinng quite a lot
>liek 30 000 km in six years
>want to go to Mongolia
>try it year before, but realize too late how long does it take to get all the visas
>this year be prepared
>have a made up plan already
>have everything gathered and acquired
>even a girl
>that's right
>girl found on some local site gathering travellers
>btw we're polish
>we talk a lot, get to know each other a bit
>she's cool and can keep her shit together
>which is vital ten thousand kilometers from home when shit hits the fan and you're on your own
>we start by the end of june
>april comes
>she was quiet lately
>I write to her
>makes one of the shitties excuses ever made
>fine bitch, I'll go alone
>I follow one hot hoe to some party
>in student house
>art faculty
>we sit outside by the fire, quite a group of people
>apparently news spread quickly
>I hear some drunken female voice from away
>"heeey, so you go to Mongolia"
>am also drunk
>which is rare, but I'll elaborate later
>"take me with you"
>I come to her
>we speak a lot
>turns out I have friends so fucking good they actually arrange for us to get intimate
her backstory
>is 21
>also hitchhiked some
>wanted to go to Romania
>tried four times
>thrice somebody changed their minds last moment
>once she got fucking sick
that's why she had a good motive to go with somebody who actually gets stuff done, not just brags
>anyway we sleep in her bed
>too drunk to fuck
>too drunk to care
>morning comes
>we fuck
>she has a hell of a beautifull face
>inb4 post; nope
>sadly with dreadlocks on top
>has next to no tits
>has big, shapely ass
>after one fuck we talk
>sober now
>she still wants to go with me
>no, she actually does
>in fact she is afraid that *I* will not deliver
>preparations start
>during this period we fuck like bonobos
>7 times a day
>first anal of my life
>she happens to be my first girl to actually like sucking cock
>in a total nick of time we manage her visas
>she spends every single coin she has
>I will pay for stuff on the trip
>she will give it back later
>fine with me
>btw she actually did
>the day she gets her passport we leave.
>travel through poland, lithuania, latvia
>nothing special
>we enter russia
>since russian visas are fucked as fuck, we have 3 weeks of stay already (instead of a month)
>7 thousand kilometers to go
>no problem
>I know russian
>she drinks vodka
>I hate alcohol
>my favourite state of consciousness is soberity
>I have control
>my thoughts are clear and sharp
>only alcohol I can drink is the tasty kind
>and when I say she drinks I mean it
>many men before underestimated her
>every single one of them wanted to die the next day
>amounts she could drink in comparison to most people were basically on the scale of comparing tight virgin boi pussy with an old horse's asshole
>and so we go
im in luv witht this girl that i barely know, but we're attracted to each other, i know it, i people who told me 'bout it. But i don't see her often and i want to ask her to hang out, i prefere to do it personally and not by text, any advice?
>we get to Moscow easily
>buy an atlas as maps can't contain russia
>russia why you so big
>pretty little happens at first
>the first locals who want to drink with us are met in Perm, 2000km from the EU border
>they buy Finlandia
>but this is not part of this story
>next vodka time happens like a thousand, maybe one and a half frop Perm
>we drink with truck drivers
>we drink with Tatars
>well, let me just tell you those guys keep up to the stereotypes
>for a whole day we go with one old Tatar
>cool guy btw
>night comes
>no truck driver drives during the night
>not in russia
>it's cause when you leave the industrial part close to Moscow the roads become... russianish
>so he stops somewhere
>plenty of such places in russia
>his buddy brings vodka
>Kazach vodka

>mfw russians don't drink russian vodka
>not until they run out of cash that is
>mfw this shit is cash
>pure vodka actually tastes good
>tastes good to a guy who hates vodka
>but this isn't good news
>we drink
>the problem with them was not the quantity of liquid
>it was the speedracing
>whenever I empied my glass it would magically become full the moment I straightened my hand
>we eat a lot too
do it personally and not by text, duh

>finally I start having enough
>totally enough
>I go to pee, try to sober up a bit
>no way
>after some time I come back
>forgotten to mention I hate cigarettes more than alco
>of course they smoke, as they always do
>I sit on the drivers seat, by the window
>just in case
>but she has to smoke
>why stupid ho
>changes seats with me
>I sit in the middle now
>they pour me one more
>BTW we are in the middle of the third 0.5l bottle
>I drink
>like, it's russia
>rules are rules
>I must not break them rules
>under the penalty of angry russians
>now I feel bad
>vomiting type of bad
>I would easily manage to open the fucking window
>but dumb bitch took my place
>I puke a bit toward the steering wheel
>she moves back
>I manage to GTFO
That's the way to show thankfulness in poland. Drink someones vodka, but give him back a little bit
>I kneel on the grass
>in the very middle of nowhere
>completely drunk
>not knowing where am I
>during the night
>and I must have just pissed the only people who can help me now
>the real trip begins now
>beautifull fullmoon glows above me
>I kneel and puke till there's nothing left
>I wait for the two moons to unite again into one
>in the meantime I see the other driver leading the girl out of the truck and helping to pee
>"she must be drunk as fuck", I think not giving a shit anymore
>nearly eaten by mosquitos I return to the truck
>turns out they did not really care
>instead they finished two more bottles
>everybody goes to sleep now
>I make it to the higher bed
>she tries and falls breaking some plastic "table"
>is too heavy and drunk to get to me
>whatever, alcohol inside me doesn't care
>I wake up
>need to empty my bladder
>cringe thinking of the last night
>look down
>she is naked from waist down
>kind of hugging him, but obviously she just fell in that position in her drunkenness
>I try to wake her up quietly
>she only hugs him tighter oblivious to the world
>I feel strange
>she was my... pair
>somebody to go arm by arm with me
>somebody to help, no matter what
>and, hell, somebody I was fucking with actively
>now I have this picture of party whore in my mind
>I have to go on
>I get down
>cover her
>she notices me
>and him
>and that she hugs him
>unhugs him confused
>I get out
>I return
>he is on the driver seat
>she lies covered
>everybody is wasted
>he leaves for some reason
>I confront her
>tell her she wears no panties
>she is confused as the fuck itself
>remembers nothing
>we talk
>this part is blurred in my memories
>I finally say something along the lines of "we can be together if you won't be doing such fucked up things"
>she is moved
>"would you really like such a terrible creature as me?"
>seriously though I say "no problem"
>and this fucked up night and getting rekt connects us in some strange way
>more than nice stuff would I guess
>we discuss it and agree to become a couple
>I have a girlfriend again
>the driver returns
>we clean up
>we drink some tea
>after a whole night of heavy drinking and like one hour of waking up this guy
>simply starts the engine
>and rides for another day straight
By the way the driver told me that nothing happened between them. All the little evidence available spoke for it, so I assumed she just lost her panties accidentally.

>we cross russia
>shit is cash
>easily make it to the border in time
>travel through Mongolia
>the best country ever
>everything is cool
>food strange but good
>landscape is beautifull
>every local invites us and wants to hang out with them
>now I can die happily
fast forward
>about a month after the russian incident she starts acting strange
>when we wake up she mopes
>"what is it?"
>"I'm not good for it"
>"for what"
>I ignore it for some time
>Then we talk more
>I finally give up
>better to have her happy than worried all the time
>I guess we kind of split up
>but of course I still have the pussy for me
>and for me only, at least until we come back
>in fact I see no difference
>then we cross Mongolia
>then we cross China
>China is fucked up as the fuck only can be
>but also cool
>then we cross Kyrgyzstan
>we fly to Turkey
>return home
>when we were away her student's house got rekt
>closed, that is
>she moves to my flat
>luckily I live alone
>I am afraid she will start fucking other guys now
>in fact we discuss some rules
>no fucking other people (though I'm not jealous of other girls)
>some unimportant stuff
>in fact we are nothing but a couple without admitting it
>time passes
>finally she starts telling me some stories of her past
>dark stories
>when she was seven some 14yo dumbass acolyte fingered her
>later he even told her about more stuff he did to her while she slept
>she started having sex when she was 13
>lost hymen being 15
>but had some anal before it
>when she was 15 or 16 she would hang out with some punks on some squat
>fucked with one of them a couple of times
>something wrong happened between them
>she went away, but some days later he convinced her to come back
>hit her had with some metal bar and tied her up
>when she awoke he tried to rape her
>she bit the fucker hard and managed to untie herself
>ran away
Femanon here, just go for it. Don't be shy. It can be cute at times but demanding means you're serious about it. Ex. "Saturday night @8 I'll pick you up." Worst thing that could happen is she'd say no.
>her parents were also pretty fucked up
>one time she got a boyfriend her mother told him some shit
>like intimidated him badly and stuff
>for some reason it was like a milestone for my quasi-gf
>if this point makes no sense to you, well, highfive
>parents hated each other
>divorced later
>her father wouldn't send her the cash
>and many more little things have happened over time
>I don't remember
>you don't care
anyway, time passed. The story was slowly revealed to me for about four months, mostly when she was drunk
>This all together made her start actually believing the world is against her
>if she cut her finger there would be like 5 mins of screaming
>and saying things like "sure, why not any MORE fingers?" "why don't you cut your WHOLE hand?"
> can't tell when things actually started going wrong
>maybe she made them wrong (subconsciously I mean)
>I study psychology, you see, and there is sth we call "self-fulfilling prophecy"
>long story short it's when you not knowingly act in a way that makes your expectations right at some point
>as with a guy checking whether his neighbour is agressive by throwing a stone at them
>before winter
>shit starts going a lil'bit worse
>shestudies at two faculties at once
>works non-stop
>she doesn't like anal anymore
>cuz she would have to clean her ass both before and after
>little thing but it shows that her comfort is already more importatnt than my pleasure for her
>in retrospect I can't tell whose fault it was though. maybe my behaviour was similar, maybe not.
>yeah, whatever
>the worst thing is she will always call me her roommate
>you know, it kind of hurts
>fuck it hurts a lot
>mostly cause it's as if she had no feels for me

>so autumn slowly turns to winter
>she comes back home drunk sometimes
>(as you could guess she used to got to the parties without me. I hate vodka.)
>she slowly tells the story of childhood and shit
>then one day, as pink floyd phrased it,
>she tells me "I'll start cheating on you soon"
>"see, I used to push things quite far"
>"I would make out with a guy on the party"
>"then right before we have sex I would leave and come back"
>but one day I won't be able to hold it"
well, that's not sth you like to hear, is it?
>It hits me even harder because it's somehow similar to how I lost my previous gf
>the only person I really miss breaking up with
>a bit of my soulmate
>back then I didn't understood the whole point of not fucking anybody beside your lover
>so I arranged an open relationship
>and got cucked out of it
>left alone
>so it won't happen to me again
> I fucking swear
>now it will be different
and so it was, because, believe it or not, I'm the type of person who does what they plan to do. this way or another.
>well, the winter starts for good
>we still fuck
>but not too often, sometimes even less than once per day
>I start to die inside
>then my exams come
>she as always is preoccupied with her studies
>like, I don't take this perspective in the story but I really admired her for this. she was fucking hard working
>so my exams come
>I never mentioned that I failed two exams in the previos year and also my degree paper, dunno how they call it in english
>all because of that trip
>so this year I have really just a couple of courses to do
>I go to a lot of non-obligatory shit though
>I used to anyway
>I fail miserably my exams
>that is, two exams
>I just couldn't get my shit together
>I would wait until she gets away from home
>somehow her presence was constricting me, idk why
let me know if you still care for the story

>I wait
>she leaves
>I fool around on the internets/vidya cause I'm too tired to work
>once I start working, she comes back
>later on I won't be able to even start
so I had a month for this shit. And I did nothing NOTHING in that time
>one time I asked her to actually help me a little
>she said she would have the time only after like february the 1st
>which would be after my exams
>during that time she worked
>and worked
>that's why I left her alone. I wanted her help but not for the sake of her studies
>she sometimes tells me to come and hug her
>I fell as if on some duty
>unpleasant duty
>cause even though I couldnt do shit I felt as if I was losing the time
>remember this point, I will come back to it much later
thus january ends
>I'm wrecked
>always tired, always feeling bad for not having done anything
> I know I still can do it
>maybe they will agree for another date or sth, you know
>after all it's not that bad at my uni
>but no
>she never kept her promise
>never helped me when she finally had some time
but again, to this part we also will come back later
> easter is coming
he did not say that
>so as I told you, I was trying to somehow "best" her in the realtionship
>I mean this part about cheating
>I knew exactly what must have been done
>I had to find myself somebody before she could manage
>or even after but before she would leave me
>I imagined we would just remain fuckbuddies or sth
>that we will simply remain roommates, just as she wanted it
>you see, she could fuck on all of those parties, but she wouldn't find herself someone for anything more serious/lasting
>in fact I was but her second "boyfriend", I forgot to mention this
>and that's in spite of quite a record of people she already fucked
>this was because she was so obsessed with her mother shouting at the previos guy
>she was so absolutely scared of her mother screaming at me that she preferred to call me her roommate permamently
>and for any person, not just parents
>for some reason she considered me a special person
>other than anybody
>for this reason she, sure, could fuck anyone
>but would come back to me afterwards
>in fact I already thought she is fucking other guys regularly
there's a "problem" that i didn't said... i ended all the excuses to go there for any reason and there's always this girl with her (that cheers for me) and i don't want to be "rude" and ask to hang out in front of other people
(i apologize for my english)
>easter was coming
>by this time we almost stopped fucking
>even if we did, it was pretty lame
>well, I was still waiting for an ocasion
>good friend calls
>she is from some little village in the mountains, thus knows a lot of places around
>invites me and a couple of other friends for a walk
>of course I go there
>of course I find myself an... object of interest
>not really, though. she was just a cool girl, so I talked with her a lot during the tirp
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>during the first night we spoon
>(we come from kinda hippie background, so it's not sth strange to do, wheter or not you plan sex)
>I gently work my way into her panties
>takes me all night, but boy, do I like it
>btw she is a solid 3/10
>her face, that is
>body is very decent, petite
>and she is a simple, nice girl
>like, no problems. nothing. emotionally stable
>once I try to touch her pussy she says
>"I really shouldn't"
>"but does it mean you won't?"
>and so I touched her, she touched me.
>everybody was waking up already, so nothing else happened
>whatever, she was already mine
thx brother
>we go to another mountain
>there is some kind of dome made of plastic foil, whatever
>built well, but primitive
>btw I never mentioned that snow was still all around. not much though
>we come there
>we collect some wood
>it gets dark
>at this point me and the girl, let's call her Susanne, go "for a walk"
>we get to some bent tree
>we can't really contain ourselves
>after making out fiercely we start looking for a nice place to lay down
>not this easy with this snow around
>we find some ground completely without snow
>I put my coat on the ground
>this leaves me just in a ligh shirt, trembling a little from excitement ant cold
>she's concerned
>I politely ask her to shut up and take what is coming
>she politely does
*hug* <3
>man, was this shit cash
>yes it was
>this pussy was fucking amazing
>so soft
>so wet
>so waiting for me
>I teased with her for a moment, then entered
>"oh fuck", she said
>in fact, she would repeat it constantly, along with "o mother"
>I nearly came too soon
>but no, I am a gentelman
>I simply waited not moving for some time
>then I came back to fucking this best pussy
>It was definitely the very best fucking sex in my life
> very best
>we come back
>eat somethign with the others
>there is like four people beside us
>and one little sister of my friend
>sister even went to look for us, but luckily got bored before she found us
>we go to sleep
>well, they go to sleep
>we talk
>she explains she has a boyfriend
>I knew already from previous night
>Susanne and I cuddle for some time, then I strat to finger her
>I finger even more. she is very receptive. after this she whispers into my ear "thank you for those magnificent, MULTIPLE orgasms" her boyfriend mus have been totally lame when it came to sex
well, now thats something I liek to hear. finally after those sad months.
>then she gave me the head on my request.
>I came inside, she didn'e expect this. Me neither btw, bcause it takes me VERY long to cum, especially from a blowjob
>but she swallowed.
>my girl. I was so proud
>finally somebody wanted to make me feel good
>I was so happy

>later I ask her about boyfriend
>does she love him
>of course I know the answear
>you don't love people you cheat on
>she tells me that he loves her, so she just don't want to ruin this for him
you know that joke btw?
-I just ended one relationship without perspectives
-aren't you sad then?
-no, it wasn't mine
>I did exactly that
>simply explaied to her that she is destroying his oppotrunities by lying that she will be with him, wasting his time
>I genuinely believe that, btw
>she broke up with him like a week later
>we come back from the mountains
>she wants to go to some kind of party/ hippie celebration coming this night
>so, obviously she will come to my house
>let me sum up what I think of my relationship with "gf" at this point:
>she probably cheats on me
>but not really, because, remember, I'm but her "roommate"
>also, there is one thing I forgot to mention
>on the new years eve she brought home a girl
>girl found on the street
>working in some cheap ass bakery
>tries to fuck her for like two hours
>girl has fucking nothing between her ears
>not a single thought
>back to present
>if she can bring home a girl and fuck her (well, try to at least), then so can I.
>to be honest it was some hipocrysy on my part, as we kind of agreed for her sleeping with girls.
>so, you see, this is what I think of the situation, this is what I tell Susanne
don't hug me I'm scared
Hits close to home. shit.

What to do guys? i met a girl i like but i dont have the balls to do anything.
that's strangely satysfying
*hug back* <3
>but I know what I deliberatley plan to do is wrong
>it is bad, it is...
>and I am an atheist btw
>this is why I write this story
>as some kind of confession perhaps.
this is request for you, faggots. tell me, when the story ends, how wrong do you thing I behaved. how fucked up shit it was in your opinion
>I don't feel that it was wrong to fuck the other girl
>but I shouldn't come with her home
>I shouldn't take her to bathroom
>I shouldn't undress her to see her body for the first time completely naked (remember, it was cold winter still)
>I shouldn't fuck her for like one hour and a half
>I shouldn't take her out of bathtub to finish doggystlye
>that was when we heard my "gf" from another room
>"I BEG you, stop"
>we finished
>dressed up
>I opened the door
>It's not the dinosaur
>It's not even the fucking spaghetti

>there is human blood
>on the floor, everywhere
>very artistic, btw I must admit
>but there is fucking blood
>well, she told me she used to sometimes cut herself when fighting with mother or sth
>I say "oh. she really tried hard on this."
>I'm calm, really calm
>Susanne is in worse shape, but she resists
>I tell her to start putting shoes on
>I get to gf's room
>pool of blood inside
>I consider all this to be a call for attention
>and there will be no attention from me
>not for her
>I notice sterile needles she used
>I notice that nothing that cannot be washed is covered in blood
>this makes me think that she is well
>just pretending
>hardcotre-style, yes, but still just a good girl who cares of things that wouldn't be important for someone in true distress
>I come to her
>I ask whether she needs doctor
>no answear, but I know she doesn't
>she didn't even cut the vein, only punctured it
>I try to touch her
>she suddenly moves back, hissing
>looks at me as if she was about to kill me
>i decide to leave her alone to calm down
>we leave for the party

mistake, of course...
>we come back form the party the next day
>she's gone
>to the mental hospital
>she couldn't live inside of her own head
>Susanne is fucking strong with her head though
>as I told you, mentally stable as fuck
>blood didn't scare her
>we fuck some more, then she rides back home (lives in another town entirely)
>Susanne became my fuckbudy. I taught her to ejaculate and stuff. we sometimes meet.

so, gf spent easter in the hospital. She quite liked it. Enjoyed the company of all those freaks. After all those are some special people. if you know what I mean. The situation finally fitted with her vision of life, the life that is always trying to kick her harder than before.
>I visited her after a week on her request
>she asked If I would come
>"if you want it"
>"but it's you who should want it"
>and I really did not, but never told her that
>so I came there for her sake. Couldn't care less for her at that point, but I never wanted her to suffer, believe it or not
>this place is a nightmare
>people like zombies, without their minds, swarm it shuffling their legs
>oh, well
>we didn't speak much
>but she told me she tried to hung herself
>later on it hit me
>I might have returned home with a girl
>only to find a hanging corpse
>right before our eyes
>and there would be three victims
>it was pretty hard
>it is still, after half a year
>she came back from a hospital
>slept only one night at my place
>we cuddled
>she told me how she loved me (well, I'm refferring her words)
>she never actually fucked anybody since we became a couple
>she have seen my troubles during the winter
>but didn't knew what to do
>she would come back from parties sooner, because she knew I'm sitting alone
>she wanted me to hug her, because she thought *I* needed it
>when we tried to fuck she would remember that fucker who molested her when she was seven, thus the miserable sex drive
>when we came out of the bathroom she just wanted Susanne to be gone and me to hug her
>I told her my perspective
>we realised that we simply never learned how to speak to each other
>we just laid there, in sadness
>one more night she came back
>we went to bed
>it was dark
>talked a bit about aforementioned stuff
>I finally asked why she can't just stop loving me
>(for I still didn't feel anything toward her anymore. and it never changed)
>she went apeshit, trying to hit me
>well, she is higher than me and of the same weight, so it was a bit scary in the full darkness
>but I survived
>she only bit me bad on the hand, but no blood or anything
>cried afterwards
>can't even remember whether she stayed for that night or not
>she left my home and we never met again
somebody not that long ago told me she's more delicate now. can't tell if that's true and what does it tell about her mental health


excuse me please if it took too long. have a nice day.
You did more of a grey thing than a sinful thing. Don't worry about it. She evidently wasn't very sound of mind.
oh, but that post is full of pure bullshit and hypocrisy. if you think the same way, it just means you're lying to yourself

>I'm a nice person
>I don't do nice things to others
that's contradictory. being nice *requires* behaving with the benefit of others in mind.
change it and it shall get better
To go where? If you tried every excuse to not go already then fuck it. Just go anyways. It's not like they're gonna be upset, they'd feel better that you are. Depending on where youre going you don't have to do it in front of everyone. Pull her to side or something and talk about. You could also just call her and ask.
no, she wasn't but how does it
entitle me to do more shit to her than any other person? it would hit hard even if she was absolutely normal.

but thank you for sympathy!
after writing it all down I started coming to terms with all of this
i didn't want to call here or text, im not used to do this kind of thing by phone, but at the time is the simplest and "invesive" things to do... i know that her mom is kinda "old school" too and kind "traditionalist" and im not the same race as her... that the real "problem" haha
Give her the call, like you said it's the only option. Make sure it call over text tho. & if you're really serious about making you & her into a serious relationship, and her mom is very "traditional", just ask her and do research of what's "traditional" in her culture. I personally have experienced the whole "having old school parents. I'm hmong, from Thailand and now live in the US so it's a huge difference. (My boyfriend is also half Mexican & white) have no idea what her race is but I'm sure her parents will be judgemental, but don't let that bring you down. They're just not used to the "now".
she's asian too, chinese, and studied in new york.
Thanks for the advice ill think something about the next step !! but ill surely ask her to hang out...
Love you man
>implying 15 year old kids could even comprehend romantic love let alone feel it
nice to be loved. tell me anything about you, so I can love you back. like, where're you from?
No problem, I wish you the best of luck with her (:
>Implying anyone older than 15 isn't so jaded and dumbed down from constant simulation that they can still understand any feeling...
since I already asked on /soc/, maybe anybody could help me a bit?

Dear anons, could you maybe give me some big caliber ideas of how to impress a woman?
something reasonable and physically possible would be appreciated the most as well as some contribution from femanons

btw she's of the pure type (as in no-drugs, no-alco, no-hate, etc.)
This is fucking shit already, go fuck yourself
Some of us have this thing called 'emotional intelligence', whether innately or purposely, we don't let that happen
File: uP0LRgM.gif (46 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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orignalio content

>be young
>parents split up very early
>biological mother is emotionally manipulative
>father marries woman who is emotionally abusive (screaming, insulting, not just being a quack like bio)
>torn between both households
>older teenage brother runs away and gets into drugs because of household problems
>is indoctrinated by manipulative bio-mother
>get angry at older brother for making mom upset and for doing drugs and drinking all the time
>tell him "i hate you, i hope you die"
>it be the last thing you say before he dies from drugs later that year
(Femanon) Sounds cheesy & is said a lot but confidence is all it takes really. Don't matter if you're fat, short, tall, skinny, etc. As long as you show that you have self esteem, you know what youre doing, you're not being a lil bitch, then that's all really. From experience I've dated a guy with no teeth but his charisma was amazing (surprisingly)
File: image.jpg (34 KB, 500x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Damn, onions.
If you're talking about dates and such, you don't have to go all out. I'm not sure how she is but a lot girls just like it when it's when it's in a really chill/relaxing area. At least from a females perspective it's a better atmosphere were we don't have to overly dress or anything like that.
I'm actually rolling rather hard because that was literally me at 15
File: image.png (1 MB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 640x1136
My cat of 8 years didn't come home the night we moved. Literally just like the comic. That was over 9 months ago and we moved 5 hours away from old town. He came home last week. Motherfucker must have some serious stories. So glad he's home. Love you Moochie, you crazy bastard.
well, thank you.
actually the confidence is perhaps my strongest point, so that's not a problem. But I wish to impress. To show I'm a type of person capable of much.
so what would be the possibly best thing a man could do to you? no constraints on this question exept purely physical
not sad but feely
anon, you did right. hug your cat for me
nope, no dates at all. it's not our style. just something, you know? like bringing a gift. or doing some epic thing. or saying something truly nice
idk, thats why I ask
Made a second point in one the posts above
You killed your brother. Grats
>be me
>always been the smooth talker
>around 16-17 I was reeling in some poon
>time goes by as it does
>never had a solid relationship
>now 27 still fucking broads
>I really wish I wasn't
>no one loves me back
>feel really empty
>I wish someone loved me
I'm sorry but I wouldn't know what to tell you haha. I'm not really a needy person. Just give me a good morning or good night text/call every once in awhile I'm good.
But that's just me personally. The best I could really say is that it's the little things that make a big difference like quality time just being together
File: 1468210677905.jpg (57 KB, 800x1184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>always wake sad
>dreamt about her or old friends now long gone
>something changes or breaks?
>don't wake up sad anymore
>just empty
>not a neutral void but a sucking void, like a black hole sucking my guts

Is this a new step in my depression?
I see. well, that's something for me to consider indeed
Yup, its pretty comfy
as long as you still have any motivation you're half good.
true depression starts when you don't care about going out of bed anymore
but yeah, you're on your way. forget her if you can't earn her or it will destroy you
For sure. I have no idea what kind of person she is but you'd surprised that a lot girls aren't that needy for gifts/something extravagant. Good luck tho man.
yeah, I recently asked a lot of women about it and it seems to be persistent: noone really thinks of anything large-scale. but if you were to, could you be able to? you know, like something really big and romantic.
I can't really think of anything besides a personal experience which was when my boyfriend took me to a Lakers game and we just traveled around LA until the night which we then sat in the back of his truck and watched the stars and talk about life/random stuff. Something like that would be really nice.
>as long as you still have any motivation you're half good.
Well I'm fucked then
Don't have the taste for my books o vidyas or my tinder dates anymore
just waiting to sleep again
go out. maybe buy yourself one-way ticket about 30km from home and return walking. doesn't matter you have something else to do, you won't do that anyway. just go out and see that there is some cool content to life
well, this is not much. how old are you btw?
Shit with animals always fucks me up
There is an infinity of numbers between 1 and 2, but none of them are 3. Some things are not possible anon
she ded?
File: 1442771763056.jpg (121 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1468618199396.jpg (87 KB, 500x484) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>still sitting
File: bekah_169515.jpg (54 KB, 604x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know it's not I'm sorry I tried aha. But I just turned 18 two weeks ago which probably explains it.
what if she can't make up her mind?
>be me 16 yr old faggot(no, not really)
>be in a weaboo game
>play game pretty much everyday
>sees same peeps, because I am a member of a clan
>didn't do much in game, get in matches, chat, try to talk when someone is chatting, and pretty much derp all around the game
I feel that I have to explain said game, the game is separated into 3 teams(Dos,Wiz, and Brd). You can't switch teams once you picked the team that you like. I picked Dos.
>get bored with the team I picked so I made another account
>picks Wiz
>now game eats twice the time from before
>gets bored with 2 accounts
>makes 3rd account Brd so I can have fun with all the teams
game pretty much eats up all of my time by now. Forgets studies etc.
>meet gamer "girl" in Brd account
>sees gamer "girl" use my fave unit in game
>talks to gamer "girl" about unit
it's kinda awkward calling her that so I'm gonna call her after her fave unit, Elisa.
>Elisa is part of one of the more powerful clans in Brd
>can't join clan because by now I'm micromanaging 4 accounts
>thinks of a plan to try and talk to her
>not because I like her.jpg
>but because I want to get the unit
not much happened, it was pretty meh everyday
>met cool guy in the game as well
>became friends with the cool guy
let's refer to him as lance
>lance knows Elisa
>tries to talk to lance about Elisa
>lance tells me general info about Elisa, country, gender, etc.
>lance says that all of that is from her
nothing much happened again
>one faithful day company decided to do a giveaway of sorts(win this much games and we will give you boxes that can give you random units)
>I'll try my best and win as much as possible
>wins max number of wins
>I focused more on my Brd account because of Elisa's unit
>got recruited into her clan

I exceeded chars
File: 1471774911893.jpg (80 KB, 766x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 766x960
I didn't mean not much as in "i'm not satisfied" but rather as in "not much to make you feel good"
thank you very much for contribution
File: 1463952583322.png (615 KB, 816x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
615 KB, 816x612
This fucking shit kills me inside everytime
> never got my hugs and kisses
Ahh I see, my bad for taking it wrong. & no problem. Goodluck man.

>kids read this drivel

John Greene is a criminal
File: 1VScgnf.png (425 KB, 480x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>never got my hugs or kisses
>just go out and see that there is some cool content to life
When I go out, it's worse? Cancelled all my dates with tinder sluts and friends. It just doesn't brin me nothing.
To end up completely alone.
nah, don't go to the people. there is something wrong with your relations, so trying again is unlikely to help.
try doing something on your own.
btw, I don't know if it relates anyhow to you, but I have one friend. she would be just a normal, nice and attractive girl, but all she can ever talk about are her problems. and the same ones too. everybody in our group of friends tried to help her already, but she just seems to enjoy speaking of her problems and having them in general. and that's why nobody wants to make much contact with her, really. it may be your case as well, or it may be not
pitchfork! i once stabbed myself with one in my knee since then i was scared of them
File: 1465606446546.jpg (193 KB, 1024x692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you know these feels then it feelsbadman

>tfw you're genetically a failure to yourself and everyone including your family
>when your father was good at sports and a chad and you are not
>you cant ever win in life
>you try and be normal
>but your not
>you're the puzzle peice that does not fit
>the outcast
>the loser
>i never asked for this
>i want to go back to when i wasnt born
>i dont want to exist anymore
File: 1429743049908.gif (36 KB, 200x146) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That I will mutually fall in love with someone but the feeling will make us so vulnerable that one of us breaks it off.

>opened boxes
>accidentally opened a box with her fave unit
>we trade accounts
>transaction went by smoothly
>she's very thankful
>most sincere thanks I've heard since my birth
>introduced myself etc.
>get to know her more
>didn't care about her existence
>almost felt bad for not remembering her name once lol
>almost didn't care about her because I got da unit I want
>we now almost talk everyday
>got into college and shit
I enrolled for political science(dad wants me to be a doctor)
>fck that shit, I won't gain anything from being a doctor, if it's not for self interest then I won't do it.
>gets bored in law school
>cuts classes and goes to net cafes to go online in game
>not in the mood to play game because of stress but still logs in regularly for the bonuses
>sees her logged in
>talked to her because she's the closest friend I have in game
>at first we talked about how boring our classes are
>we exchanged stories
this goes on for about a two to three months
>talked to her almost regularly now
>I now spend most of my time in the game talking to her
>facebook was fairly new to me
>made an account
>first friend was her
>I didn't know I was starting to like her
>not a single day passed where we didn't talk
>we talked in game
>once we both logged off from the game we talked in fb
>didn't asked for pictures since I'm not that much of a creep
>instead stalked her fb for a while
>first thought that she wasn't really a girl
>re-discovered that she's from the same country as I
>tried asking her on her exact location
>she didn't answer
This goes on for about a month or two, I'd usually say it as a conversation ender or as a starter, but if I start our conversation with the question she'll get irritated/annoyed and won't talk to me
>she asks me one day on why I'm interested
>hur durr "I want to meet friends that I met online"

exceeded again,
I was afraid of what I became.
You did nothing "evil" or "sinful", regarding the way she acted towards you and told that she will start cheating on you.

Mentally instable girls are a bitch to deal with, my gf had pretty serious mental problems that started showing after we had been together for a year. I spent a lot of my time playing on pc etc. because that's what i used to do, i enjoy being alone, she didn't at all.

She was raped multiple times as a kid by a few people, once tied with duct tape and orally raped until she puked. Also was bullied by those persons and others which made her feel very unsafe and unpleasant when not around someone she trusted.
This combined with me spending my time alone and work stress and studying with ADD made her paranoid, at a store she would say people stared at her and she started raging about really small things.

She would have killed herself if i would have let her leave after a big fight and we almost split up.
She also tried to get into a mental hospital but got even more anxious and scared so she got SSRI-medication, which(even tho i think they are shit) helped her get over the worst depression and bi-polar disorder.

Now after four and a half years later we are glad we stayed together, have a 10months old child.

Btw, she is the only girl with who i've gone further than a handjob and not even bad looking.
She started liking me at this point, I still don't know why.
>"But Anon, what would you gain from meeting someone online? It's just a waste of money. etc."
>"I guess it's just that I want to meet the real you?"
I know, Reason/10
>"I'm sorry Anon but my parents said that I shouldn't just meet people I know online"
>tells her about my personal info
Do note that until this point she doesn't know that we're from the same country
>"Oh Anon, we're from the same country!"
>I pretended that I didn't know
>We weren't that close so I still don't know how we could meet
School pretty much sucked all through out then april came, we just talked about everyday stuff in fb. We now both seldomly go online in game.
>overheard that dad is planning to go out of town
>I asked Elisa her location
>trip to her location is affordable but she has to at least take 1 train
>we devised a plan on how we could meet secretly
>we would meet in a public place and make it seem like an accident
>would tell parents that I met a local and that she could guide us on places
So, two weeks have passed and it is now the day of our out-of-town
>I think that plan will go smoothly
>forgot many things.
>forgot to get her number
>forgot to get her picture
>forgot to tell her how she would recognize me
>Night came
>we came back to the hotel
>tried to convince my parents that we should stay at least one more day
>chatted her
>told her that I'm sorry and that we should plan this one more time
>got her number this time
>Tomorrow came
>saw her
>greeted her
>says she's sorry for the mishap yesterday
>says that she should've been more prepared
>blames herself
>I asked her what she did yesterday
>she waited for me
I know that you don't really grasp the gravity of this right now.
>She waited for me for 12 hours
>She was there from 8 am to 8 pm
>Remembered it rained yesterday

I'm starting to hate the text limit here
File: 1467565229396.png (440 KB, 645x1260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
440 KB, 645x1260
Im was afraid of becoming what I am now.
File: Feels good.png (213 KB, 1600x1564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Feels good.png
213 KB, 1600x1564
THAT TIME GET 11:11:11
woah, that was lucky that you got to meet the next day man
File: 1472861038404.jpg (49 KB, 506x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 506x608
If that nigga was on the ground, doggo would eat his face off
File: 1448842765331.jpg (407 KB, 746x982) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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in the other words you say that my actions are justified because of her actions?
as I said, I never even started feeling bad when thinking about sleeping with any other girls. the problem lays entirely with the fact I knew I shouldn't do this with her in the house, but proceeded anyway
>"why wait for me"
>"because you said you'd come anon"
>"are you stupid or something?"
>she ran away crying
>I wanted to run after her but family is coming
>that was the end of our first meeting
>tried chatting her in fb but she doesn't reply
>tried texting her in her number but she doesn't reply as well
>sees her online in game, I try chatting her but still no reply
This goes on for about two weeks
>opens fb
>sees a message from her
>"sorry for not chatting with you for days anon"
>"I just didn't like what you said"
At this point I still don't have any idea that she likes me
>hur dur "what? I just said it as a joke, I'm sorry I didn't run after you, because you know my family"
>"I understand anon"
>"We can meet again, this time we can properly plan it"
I tried concocting a plan on how I could meet her again. 1st sem pretty much went on with out a hitch. Second sem started which marks that Christmas is pretty near
>told my parents we should go to her location again
>parents disagree
>told her about parents decision
>obviously got depressed because of the news
>two weeks passed
>our usual routine, but this time something's off. she's depressed
>turns out she's getting bullied in school
>asked her why
>she won't tell me
>tells her to at least tell her parents
>she did
>parents graduated from the college she's in
>parents forced her course on her
>parents think that she's just trying to get away from school and course because she doesn't want their choices
>parents treat her like their puppet
>she gets more depressed
>tried calling her once every week
>every time I call her she's crying
>tells me she wants to die
>tells me she doesn't want this life
>"I'm happy that I met you anon but I can't take this anymore"

Exactly what i meant, you shouldn't feel bad for bringing the girl home, she brought someone home earlier.

I would have done the same thing in that situation(even tho i would've "dumped" her when she said she will start cheating, i absolutely hate even thinking about someone cheating.)

In Finland, where i live, is this saying "You get what You order", exactly what happened to your ex-"gf"
File: 1448465208317.jpg (14 KB, 389x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 389x343
>tfw I didn't miss out on a goddamn thing
I don't think you understand how this works
well, thank you for this view. I somehow alwasy felt I shouldn't really pay with what I got, but maybe you're simply right. anyway, glad you made it with your girl after all. nice day, man
Nice trips and have a nice day too man.
Btw, still with that hippie girl?
Then leave and dont comback while your still up.
that nothing will change
>"Please don't. I need you"
>She went offline
>I waited for her to go online. I waited until morning. I waited for her for a whole day. I remeber this very well because it is the coldest hot summer I ever experienced.
>Fell asleep for an hour
>the first thing I did when I woke up was check my fb
>she's still offline
>still no message
>Managed to talk to her two days after
>turns out she was rushed into the hospital at that night
>she said that it was just fever and that her parents "overreacted"
>"it's not serious anon. Let's get back to you and your... confession"
>I forgot about her being hospitalized
>brain 404's on me. suddenly remembemering my mini-confession 2 nights ago
>sht sht sht sht
>"w-well.. I can't exactly play without you"
>her reply was quite late, something was obviously wrong
>"what happened elisa? are you alright there?"
>"yes anon. I am alright, we were just signing papers for my release"
>"pft, release? what are you a prisoner?"
>we both laughed
>"tell me once you're home alright?"
>"what are you my mom?"
>months pass by without a hitch... or so I thought
>she introduces her cousin to the game
>"Hi I'm anon, I'm Elisa's friend. Nice to meet you"
>"Nice to meet you too Anon, I heard that you're a funny guy"
>freakin girl might've told her cousin more than her cousin should know
>played with her cousin most of the days
>chatted with her less because of our schedule differences
>but when we chat it is really fun though
>most of our topics are her asking me how my day was
>found a pattern in her speech
>I now know when she is jealous
>I spend most of my times grouped up with girls in my class due to the other guys failing classes
I'm stupid but I'm smart enough to know who I can leach on
>she tries to leave hints for me to comfort her when she's jealous
>she fails on doing so
>so obvious
>actually makes her cuter and lovelier
>talks to her regularly again because I got to buy a laptop
I've never been with her. I wonder why people assume this. As I wrote, we are just fuckbuddies and also we live quite a distance from each other, so I see her once in a couple of months. but yes, we still fuck and also like each other. she's nice and straight, perfect material for a wife in fact
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