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i don't believe in buttholes.
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>Plus I don't want to be disowned by my dad if he found out
that's pretty shitty anon, but you can always get a qt boyfriend without letting your parents know.
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It's up to you dude. Random people on a shitty board aren't a great place to ask for advice, just do what you think you want to do.
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also where are you from anon?
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>Plus I don't want to be disowned by my dad if he found out

Anon, I'm going to let you know something personal about myself. My parents disowned me for being gay. >>703042166 This is detrimental, if they don't approve of your sexuality there is no point in hiding it, it will only hurt you mentally. So find a boyfriend or fuck a random dude or whatever. What you need to do is be an adult, make sure that if you think your parents would disown you you have a place to go and live happily if your (bigoted) parents kick you out for being gay.
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he's probably lying about being 18 tbh
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>but you can always get a qt boyfriend without letting your parents know.
That's the dream, friend.

When it comes time, I'll probably pussy out. You guys have provided fine advice anyway, I just need to figure out whether it's worth the risk.


I'm not sure how my dad would take it. He's always complaining about gays, and it hurts me a bit inside. Though, thankfully, I'm attracted to girls too, so my life goal was to settle down with a girl and have kids... And get with guys on the side.

Do you keep in contact with your parents, or are they completely distant to you now?

But I'm pretty intensely attracted to blokes, and honestly picture myself with a guy more so than a girl.

It's awkward and shitty.

I am. Not sure why I'd lie about it
tasmania? shit dude i'm from melbourne. got kik or something so we can chat?

also i only accused you of lying about your age because most people that are scared of being disowned for being gay are underage.
To the person who asked about aids taking months to show; get aids.

Guy is 30 so a test will reduce the time period you have to be worried about from more than 10 years, down to the couple months before you got fucked by him. Asking someone if they have HIV/AIDS is the dumbest way to check. If they know they have it, they will mention it. If they don't know or don't care, they will not tell you.
Western shota art is superior
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Maybe, who knows or cares really. What I want the dude to know (or anyone who reads this) is if your parents or family or whatever disown you for being gay who cares, if they stop loving you for that then you don't need them in your life. What you need to do is make sure you won't end up on the street because of it.

I don't know how long it's been since I've talked to my parents, over 5 years at least. At one point my mother had tried to talk to me again but acted like my boyfriend and his family didn't exist, which was more insulting to me than them disowning me honestly.

As far as you liking both boys and girls that's fine, but don't be with someone just to make your father happy.
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>that head
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I don't know what that reaction is or care really. I'm just dumping art to keep the thread alive regardless of the quality so the anon whos worried about his father disowning him can ask all his questions and get all the support he can.
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the head looks fucking wack is what he's saying. microcephaly-ass nigga.
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That gif tho...
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Stop looking at his stupid head then.

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You will absolutely regret it the rest of your life if you don't let that dude fuck your ass.
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That's like telling op to stop being a faggot
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Oh well.
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but it's so bad
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A noble cause.
Yeah I have kik, I just need to re download it. What's your user?

And I understand, I'll be likely moving out next year and getting a place with some mates. Only problem is that I like my dad, getting disowned would be heart breaking.

Kinda worrisome, I'm beginning to think it may not be worth it. I may save it for a future bf then. Then again, it's exciting. We'll see what happens I suppose.

My mum respects my sexuality, she knows, my dad doesn't know. The problem with my dad is I'm not sure what he'd think of it, I'm certain he loves me, and I don't think he'd outright disown me, but he'd be really disappointed.

At least you have a new family then. But do you think you could ever get back in contact with your mother at least? She seems to want to reach out to you, even if she still doesn't approve of your ways.
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>I'm just dumping art to keep the thread alive regardless of the quality so the anon whos worried about his father disowning him can ask all his questions and get all the support he can.
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kik is melbanon69, hit me up man.

why do you save such shit images in the first place
So totally just browsing by and saw this thread. I have been through the whole disowning and parent hate myself. Kik is TommyTheFox. Feel free to add me. I was just gonna fuck dudes in college and now im in a ten year deep relationship with the boy i plan to marry. Just do what makes you happy.
Peoples sex drive starts to slow down past 25. If he is 30 he is probably in a stable relationship or at the minimum fewer new ones each year. A simple check will clear your worries of HIV and most of the rest of them are treatable. You will forever regret not taking the opportunity to do this.
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I understand why someone like your father being disappointed in you would hurt you but you have to understand you aren't living your life for him. I was very close to my parents, I talked to my mother daily on the phone for at least an hour. But here I am, without them in my life and it hasn't changed anything. I hadn't lived with them since I was 16 anyways so I was lucky I guess not to be out in the streets when they disowned me but regardless, it's my life, not theirs.

Because I have to cater to your taste.
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No it doesn't. Some people does not equal the majority of people.
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>my taste
you mean other people's shit taste? my taste is the best.
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You saved a picture i posted in the last thread, you clearly have shit taste too.
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Yes it does. Obviously I mean every last person who ever lived. Summer ending late this year.
Cry more faggot.
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I don't actually think he's in a relationship, I think he's kind of a neet, sort of a robot type, or at least that's how he strikes me... Could be a virgin himself. He's not fat though, and the age gap on top of that, the thought of it is a massive turn on. When time comes tomorrow night, I'll see how I feel.

Or, I could wait until Saturday night when I go out drinking with some friends and try hitting on a guy who may or may not be gay himself.

You're right, they're different people to me, I should try to live my own life. I think what I would rather do is move out next year, become completely independent, and drop the truth on him when the time comes. If he accepts it, then that'd be wonderful, if he doesn't, then at least I wont have to remain close to him.

Thanks for your support dude.
It's just the smart thing to do. My brother and I lived together before I moved in with my boyfriend and I didn't tell him until we were at the airport and I was about to go through security. My brother unlike my parents accepted me for who I was, in fact he told me he was aware of my sexuality the whole time and never cared. It was a great outcome and I only regret I just didn't tell him or came out in general while I still lived with him.

I vowed to tell my parents when I turned 21 I'd tell them about my sexuality, unfortunately my mother came across a picture of my boyfriend holding my arm in a picture on facebook before that time while we were visiting my brother and that's when shit hit the fan. But it didn't matter, I had been living independently from them for many years by then and there was nothing they said could ruin what I had.
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your mum got angry because of a picture of someone holding your arm? what?
File: 1355569781546.jpg (188 KB, 664x687) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No, because it was a dude who I had moved in with and lived with for years who was holding my arm in a picture that a normal person wouldn't hold your arm in was holding my arm.

The details don't matter, she started questioning me in an aggressive manner why this dude was holding my arm over and over again and I got fed up and told her I was gay and that that dude is my boyfriend. Shit hit the fan I was disowned who gives a fuck.

People are fucking idiots, especially religious nuts when it comes to sexuality. My story doesn't matter, all that matters is that you shouldn't live for you parents. You don't owe them shit, they literally fucked and you came along because of it.
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your mum sounds mental dude, christ. glad you're happy now.
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My mother (and father), like most of my family is the product of culture and religion. Their life and ideals were shaped with backwards ideas, other than that they are completely normal. Regardless, who gives a fuck?

I am very happy now and have been for a very long time, even before I met my boyfriend, though that has made it a shit tons better. I am lucky that I matured quickly and moved out at a young age. Unfortunately not everyone is that lucky no matter how much I wish those people can live life without that bullshit happening to them.
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