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Hello /b/, it's unifag. Some people...
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Hello /b/, it's unifag. Some people may remember me from a couple of feels threads from a couple nights ago, and I think I need to cry again, so please help me tear myself to sleep

Long story short, my gf left for university and I'm going through some of the worst depression of my life (to be honest it's not just my gf that's got me upset, but she's a giant contributing factor). I've already talked to many anons about my situation, so I think I've got it figured out, I just miss her, I hate being such a jealous boyfriend, but I can't help it. I know that's a bad thing to have as a quality, but as I explained previously, I believe that the way I'm reacting is because of early exposure to my mother cheating, and both my parents ultimately splitting up.

But this thread isnt about me, this thread is about you guys /b/ros. What are you guys going through?

Does anyone need to get anything off their chest?
Feel free to talk anon, it'll be okay, were here for you.
It'll all be okay.

Feels thread /b/
My girlfriend left me two weeks ago and I lost my job last week.

We've been together for 6 years and I highly doubt I'll be able to love another woman like I loved her.

I didn't manage to save money since I was pretty much paying for both of us since she's in Uni.

I really feel like killing myself.
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dont have much but ill help friend. been 3 1/2 months since i recently lost a 2yr relationship and im still trying to bare it
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I'm sorry anon, that sounds absolutely terrible. That makes my story sound like nothing!
Why did you two split? The fire burned out?
That is all i have :L wish i could contribute more
>20 yr old virgin still living at home
>couldn't find any full-time jobs so I have two part-time jobs
>feel like a loser for still living at home, but still make below the poverty line
>constantly comparing myself to people my age
>feel like I'm not prepared for adulthood

I don't understand why people think it's weird to be 20 and still living at home? Am I in the wrong here? Is it weird?
She's already knee deep in black cocks OP.
Better kys now and save all the heartache.
What's the problem with her going away? Why be jealous? If she finds someone new, she probably would have done that eventually.

Shop around anon. I only had a few gfs my whole life. Married now with a kid and one on the way. Hate myself everyday for not exploring more. Wife was great until about a year after marriage. Then it was like she lost all motivation

This isn't a contest, Anon.

We split up because :

She wants kids, I don't.
She wants to live in the city, I don't.
She goes to Uni, I don't.
She's an early bird, I'm a night owl.
Why can't you find a better job? A lot of people I went to school with still live with their parents or their parents second house. Don't buy stupid shit, save money and apply for better jobs. Problem solved
I'm sorry anon. It's tough I know. I csnt say I've walked in your shoes but I'm heading in that direction sadly. The wound is still fresh but I hope you find peace eventually and collect yourself and find a new job and a girl who you'll love even better and who will love you the same

.I'm in a spot right now where I feel like as this anon >>703003363
Said the fire has burnt out. And it probably has been long before the break we have been on. I'm supposed to be meeting her for a coffee and to talk soon and I've been fighting a war in my mind if I should break up with her or not because she's literally my first everyrhing but I csnt continue to put myself through the emotional stress when she doesn't want to put any effort in. Tough times I may say ; _ ;

OP, for the record. Don't be ashamed to have that jealous quality. You have a good reason for it. It's definitely a shitty thing to happen to people you love especially and it haunts you. Anyways if you need to take some time to sit down and talk with her if she's willing to keep the relationship going while she's away and if she isn't she needs to let you down easy. I know its not saying much and long distance relationships are fucking tough but if you both truly love eachother then she'll fight to stay with you as much as you would for her.

First day of college unifag
>parents second houses
>just apply for better jobs.
I think you're missing the point m8. it's hard to find
a job nowadays. everyone want experience in whatever
that field happens to be, which if you aren't already
in it, you wont get.
>be me
>18yr old kissless virgin
>Feeling pretty suicidal a lot of the time but too much of a bitch to do act on it
>Drop out if uni because the stress of study made me want to kill myself even more
>Now I just work at a pizza shop making shit all money
>All I do is drink and smoke weed
>Eventually decide to go to a doctor to try and unfuck myself
>Doctor says the equivalent of "yeah nah your not too bad don't worry about it"
>"If you really want to you can see this councilor"
>See her she pretty much says the same thing
>"Your probably just really hormonal it's normal to feel down sometimes"
Ima just keep getting drunk all the time and hopefully I get hit by a buss
STFU faggot. Jesus fucking christ. She will leave you. period. You'll get over it, you'll move on and find somebody else . . . Grow a set. You're not the first fucking person to experience this situation pussy.
Yeah anon, growing up is terrifying... I'm not ready, but we have to do what we have to do... I'm applying for university/college this year and I'm fucking terrified... I don't know what I want to do with my life, and I don't want to end up being a giant disappointment to my family, friends, and gf, So I have to go...

I'm jealous because she's going out living her life, while I'm sitting here, alone waiting for her to text me while she's out smoking pot with her roommates, and I'm here smoking pot and trying to forget about the vast problems in my life, I feel like shes completely forgetting about me. She promised me that she was going to text/call me tonight, but so far it's been radio silence... We've talked before she went off to uni, and she said over and over again that she wants to keep this relationship going, but she's sure as fuck not trying as hard as she could be.
>she doesn't want to put any effort in

If she doesn't, why should you? You're supposed to work as a team when you're in a relationship.
Maybe I'm the exception but I applied to a nickel refinery in my hometown. No experience in any sort of labor. Started out making 15 bucks an hour. Sweat my ass off and get dirty but make 60-80k a year depending on OT. Jobs are out there anon
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Went bad when i was 17, had not the energy to complete aircraft maintenance school because i was smoking weed everyday at 5 am. got into a psychosis when i was 18. hospitalized for a month, went to rehab for weed for 2 months. got another psychosis, this time in the USA. got another and got another psychosis all because I could not quit marijuana. Now i am 23 with a highschool diploma from the netherlands which is useless in the United States working at fast food while having the constant illusion that I am the most powerfull being on this planet currently residing while making minimum wage. I cannot figure out this dillemma, but then again I figure, its better to be a loser and experience fantasy than to only be a only a loser and experience life
Thanks faggot... I've already decided that if she doesn't put her effort into the relationship by next week, I'm going to drive out to see her, and break it off. Her university is only around 1-2 hours away, so it wouldn't be too difficult.
Sounds like she is already moving on anon. How far away is she?

And don't use pot to make things better. I smoked pot daily for 5 years, quit cold turkey 24 days ago. Clean yourself up, get a good job, and chill with some friends man. Don't rely on weed
Meg, she's not that far away tbh, only around 1-2 hours away, but there's no time in my schedule to allow me to see her. Or at least until the weekend after this one.

I don't normally use pot to make myself feel better, I just had some left from a party I went to awhile go, and I decided that I just want to get rid of it tbh. But I rarely smoke pot. So no worries /b/ro
Good. I used pot to forget about things. Then I took some lsd and "woke up". Don't sweat her dude. Girls will come and go. And sitting around waiting for her to text is the exact wrong thing to do. Find something to occupy your time. Outside of the house and away from the phone. Make her wonder what you're up to. You will drive yourself crazy staring at the phone waiting, trust me
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That sounds terrible anon... I'm sorry I can't believe the doctors didn't try anything more to help you.

This is also really upsetting, but what is your next step in life? Are you going to keep doing what your doing?
The dubs in here are cray
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Im getting my Dutch Highschool diploma transfered to a USA highschool diploma so I can complete a 32 week computer network course and do more challenging work than fast food employee. It is quite disgracefull to be myself at the moment, when they tell you that each psychosis that you experience you drop 20 IQ points. I have experienced 4. That means I have dropped 80 points in IQ. I can really say i really do feel it. I lost myself. Being with others, others that are capable of all that your fantasy is possible of, for 5 years is quite personality breaking. I had myself untill 18. Then it was insanity while trying to function
Sorry but you sound like a complete pussy. "Dropped 80 iq points" gtfo here anon. Man up and be an adult. Or kys

i mean that is what the pyschologists said to me when i was in a mental ward for 4 fucking months.
i'm 18 and i'm repeating my final year of high school because last year i all of a sudden lost all motivation. i would lie in bed all day and not have the energy to tell people the trouble i was having. I am a kissless virgin who has never even so much as held a girls hand. i hate the way i look, act, feel, and think but still i just lie in bed while everyone else moves forward. I feel completely and painfully alone and often feel as if life isn't worth living. I always hope one day that I meet a girl the one person that can bring joy to my life, but even if i did what chance would I have? I just feel tired /b/ I think I just wanna sleep for now.
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I guess I'll vent

>go to technical school for a year in automotive technology
>graduate with above average grades
>apply to a bunch of places
>no one wants to pay more than $10/hr
>student loans come in next month
>current budget allows about $100 to my name at the end of the month after they come in not
including anything to entertain myself

I just feel like a huge loser. So many sleepless nights studying after long days of going to school and working afterwards just to be making 25cents more than what I was making before I even went. Now I owe 40k plus interest to the school. No sign of moving up anytime soon. I applied for a city job and gave them a resume but nothing came out of that. I'd try and apply elsewhere but no one wants to pay anymore than what I'm making now. I just feel like I really fucked up by going to back to school. I'm about to be 23 and I'm nowhere near being able to support myself yet. People to the left and right of me are moving out and doing the shit they want to while I'm stuck at my mothers for who knows how long. Even my younger brother who attended the same school but for marine/ boat technology got a free ride through diesel school and is making twice what I make with benefits. I had such high expectations for myself with landing a job with BMW or Mercedes Benz and no one wanted me. Not even Toyota which was where I really wanted to go in the first place. Now the only escape from this I getbis getting high every couple weeks and watching anime everyday. My tightly knit circle of friends have all drifted away during the time I moved away for school. I feel my ambition draining every single day, at least I'm alive and healthy but I don't really have much else going for me anymore.
You seem to have a typical case of clinical depression for someone your age. Don't worry, you'll probably get over it if you give the possibility of your life being worth something just enough thought! Hang in there bro! I came so close to throwing away my own life it's almost laughable at this point to think I ever thought my life was truly worthless. Seriously dude, just talk to someone, anyone else you even suspect may care about your life, and you'll see the utter naivety of even feeling like ending it all.
You mean the people that could really give a fuck less about you? Mental ward? The fuck for?
If you think a girl will make your life better you might as well kys. Only YOU can make yourself happy anon. Girls will just confuse you. Make you happy, girls will I'll come if you make yourself available
don't off yourself over something like that. you cannot be that codependent. seriously, that's not living. i was with a girl for 9 years, had the same thoughts, went through with 3 suicide attempts, literally lost my mind for a time (hallucinations etc)... It took 4 years, but honestly, my life is now better than it ever was prior, and likely ever would have been with my high school sweetheart. But getting to where I am now took A LOT.

My substance abuse went way out of control, escalating to the point where I was stealing pills, stealing to buy pills, conning doctors, drinking bottles of lemon oil extract (85% alcohol) since it was available on food stamps, stealing liquor, fights all over the place, homeless.... Arrested 16 times, jail more times than I care to admit, 4 felonies...

But you know what? I'm okay now. I'm more than okay in fact. I'm better than I have ever been in my life. Maybe it's different for you, maybe it's not, but I am here trying to say that "Yeah, it fucking sucks: I feel you. But if a royal fuckup like me can somehow bounce back, than I KNOW that other people can too. It'll likely suck, you'll want to just give up. But please don't. At least see what might happen in the next five years. Give it what you can, and if it still sucks, than you've no guilt, you can then do whatever the fuck you want: end it, go wild, whatever."

I never would have believed I could pull myself out of that rut. It sucks that I'm so hardheaded that it took what it did, but that only made me more of who and what I am today. And then lo and behold, I'm with a woman now that is healthy, that has so many more attributes that I always wanted but NEVER had before: it's been night and day for me. I can say I love this girl and there's zero worry concerning it. And if she fucks off and cheats or whatever, I've enough self-worth now that I can shrug it off and keep on keeping on.

All because I broke up with "the one" 4 years ago
Go to uni for something you love, meet tons of other girls there, get a well paying job afterwords
not so much thinking a girl will make my life feel better and more like just wanting to feel some sort of emotions. i haven't felt any real positive emotions in a long time
Fuck the friends dude. I talk to 1 person I went to high school with. Only because we fish occasionally. People get busy as they get older.

I think that's half of your faggots problems, too much worrying about what everyone else is doing. Improve yourself, don't fucking worry about anyone else. And keep applying for jobs

I was walking through the streets of Rotterdam, Netherlands, and when the police stopped me for having a visible container of beer in my hand, they deduced I was '' confused'' after that they locked me up in a cell for 4 hours after my school said '' it would not be wise for him to return'' and my aunt said no, they locked me in a ward for 4 months. They rid me of my school, my parttime job and my housing. Just because I was i acted '' confused'' on the street to the cops.
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I find that hard to believe anon. They can't just lock someone up for months with no reason. Had to be some problems at school for them to say that. I'm calling bs
You have to feel something anon. Go spend 20 bucks on a fishing rod and catch some god damn fish. Always makes me feel better
Thanks anon

They had reasons, that does not mean I do not choose the mental state I want to live in. There are more choices to enjoy than only what is real. If I am schooled, If I am employed, if I am employed and fed and have sleep, who chooses to live in such a experience. the experience of super powers, knowledge of world leaders, enjoying himself in his twentys? Why cant one be psychotic? I did not grew up in the USA. I will not kill people because my fantasy bring me upto this? It is an awesome experience.
Eh whatever. May help to type this shit out than to keep it in as long as I have.

>Last year meet someone absolutely amazing
>Literally talk, hang out, vent to each other everyday.
>Tells me I'm the only person she can truly be herself around.
>Happier than I've ever been in a long time that I have that kind of relationship with someone
>2016 starts and she starts hanging out an old highschool friend of hers.
>Gets slightly distant, but we still occasionally talk
>starts hanging out with meme boy
>gets more distant, we don't vent to eachother anymore
>starts constantly changing herself to be more like meme boy while pushing me further away because meme boy hates my guts.
>finally just say fuck it, learn to let go of it while keeping some contact when she messages me.
>Recently tries to get back into my life
>Still a completely different person from the amazing person I met last year.

Like it really shouldn't bother me this much. People usually never do, but I guess this was different. Still kind of hurts watching an amazing thing fade like that for memes. Fuck, I just really don't know If I want her back in my life.
This thread is obviously about you.

Jealousy, especially when young, can be very hard to deal with.

Since you're not together, I'd suggest breaking it off, or you'll just drive yourself and her crazy with your constant suspicions.

Hopefully you grow out of it.
As hard as it would be to say no I'd strongly suggest it. Memeboy probably fucked her over and she's looking for someone to fall back on. If she didn't pursue you the first time she obviously thinks there is better out there
You sound like a complete gaylord. I genuinely hope you kill yourself faggot
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LOL. Why dont you smoke yourself retarded into letting yourself believe that you are telepathically talking to the trillionaires of the world and they protect you from the CIA, KGB, Mossad. There is no better feeling than being protected by the most evil forces of the world against the most innovative forces of the world.

You need to experience some belief faggot.
I believe you are fucked up on some sort of drugs. Lsd? I'm drunk but your posts make very little senss
Bruh, change is the only true constant in life. All we can do is to try and appreciate the beauty that we are lucky enough to see. That being said, if someone changes into a meme lover it's time to cut contact and douse the bridge with napalm.

I have had 5 heineken. I am trying to explain from my memories.
Not sure if OP is still here but I totally agree with >>703006782
I was in the same spot as you since last summer OP but this year I got a job and started hanging out with friends more and it stopped me from entering that downward spiral of paranoid thoughts. Since I was too busy to talk to her sometimes it also made me realize that she wasn't doing things behind my back/whatever jealous thoughts I had.
Keep drinking anon. But you sound emo as fuck. I've given up trying to figure out wtf you are even talking about
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Hey /b/ So this girl I used to talk to before we had a thing except I never dated her. Fast forward two years and she goes to the same place I go and I try talking to her, it looks like we kick it off good and she tells me her feelings.
>Tells me her feelings or what feelings she used to have
>Tell her I still like her, a lot after two years
>She says she doesn't know if she likes me or not
>She just broke up with her boyfriend two months ago this time
>She got fucked by two guys and they ended up dumping her after i
>She talks to me about how her friends a slut
>She's turned into slut by the time she tells me, but I agree
>She asks me who I thought was more better looking
>I say her by far
>She says thanks and never talks to me again
>Dead conversation
>She probably still hooks up with her ex
>Everytime I see her in the halls I look at her and she looks at me and our eyes meet.
Sorry about my fucked up story telling, I just can't clearly think right now. I unfollowed and deleted her on all social media sites I have her on. She hasn't unfollowed me on all of them, maybe she has feelings...maybe she doesn't care at all and she hasn't noticed I unfollowed her.

nigga i have been in a psychosis for 5 fucking years. Even 30 miligrams of cisordinol a day wont make me believe.
That's fucking IT. Just you let me tell you what it's like to have had your first kiss be a FRENCH at 8 FUKKEN YEARS OLD because of a 9yo SLUT who already initiated outercourse with a dominant attitude one could never expect from a relatively normal girl her age: deeply confusing and disturbing, both emotionally and mentally. Now try living with that for TWENTY FUKKEN YEARS and fill in the FUKKEN BLANKS.
This guy gets it. Sitting around waiting for whatever will make your mind wander. Find something to occupy your mind. Clean your house or something. Do something productive. Your mind can be a dangerous place if left to wander
She used you to boost her self esteem. You fell into her trap faggot. That is one crazy bitch, stay away from the mind games
Shit, but you guys are probably right. Like I've known it would be wise to let this shit go, but part of me wanted to think maybe things would go back? But here recently, I don't think it ever will be. So probably for the best. Thanks anons! Needed to hear that shit from someone else.
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Anon, I always think about her I can't even talk to other girls. There's some chicks looking at me in some classes and they check me out but I don't want to get played again. I don't want to go through the mind fuck games again.
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Talk to some chicks anon. I guarantee you get to know 3 new bitches and you won't even think about the old one. If they show signs of playing games delete their numbers. Then find 3 more
Fuck her, bitch was using you for validation. You've done the right thing so far, only thing left to do is fuck her slutty friend (just use protection for Christ's sake).
Just KYS It Truly is easier
Trips agreed with me anon. That is like some new testament type shit, you better listen
5 years ago I shut down a successful business to pursue something different because I thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.

2 years after that my new venture went belly up for a multitude of reasons, leaving me nearly $70,000 in tax debt to this day.

I burned up everything I had to start something new again from 2013-2014 and was met with nothing but failure. In late 2014 I made an informal partnership with someone else as I was completely out of funds. That blew up in my face too.

I've been with the same woman for 10 years as of this May. She stuck by me through it all, but lately we've been getting into fights... bad fights... because I really haven't brought anything to the table in 2 years. I'm virtually certain that if we didn't have kids she would have left already.

I have a friend who just tonight contacted me and said he may have a job for me w/ a starting salary around $50k. I'm praying that whatever karma god I've pissed off has been sated and I can get this job, because after losing virtually everything... if I lose my family that's it for me. I will literally have nothing left to live for.

goddamn son, you got yourself in quite a debt my friend. this new job will will make you sleep
Dubs highlighted trips, there is no other option anon

Edit: I wish I could quit getting the shitty street sign captcha. I can never get those fuckers right
Sucks dude. I have been back and forth on starting some sort of business. Scared of ending up in your situation I guess
Lose the flat bill. What are you an faggot?
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My GF and I were in a 6 year relationship. We've lived together for almost a year. Now she tells me that she doesn't love me anymore.

She can't leave the apartment as it is very close to her college and she has not enough money, her dad pays her part of the rent. I can't leave it because I signed for the contract and also, to return with my parents is impossible as my job is very far away from their house.

The contract of the apartment is due july next year. She graduates until december.

MFW I'm going to live and sleep with my ex-gf for 3 months.

The thing about business is it's feast or famine. When it's good, it's GOOD. And there's nothing better than being your own boss.

But if you make a mistake, even a little one, it can snowball into a fucking monster. And YOU are the one responsible.
Life is what you make of it. There is ups and downs.
What sort of business?

I live ~30 minutes from town. Best I can come up with is some sort of restaurant. I don't want to franchise. The road to town is VERY heavily traveled, I don't think a restaurant could fail
God is trying to tell u to go with ur gf and soulmate and move In
She lost her virginity in the back of a pick up truck and I know I sound like a fag, but im still a virgin and im not losing it to her. She has a sweet ass though
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I don't know how to talk to them anon, honest to god
Hey /b/ how do I find out what I want to do with my life. A few times i think I've done it but eventually return back to not enjoying anything
What's the big deal dude? Cuz they have tits? They are humans too. Humans communicate

Are you asking what sort of business -->I<-- was in? Or just business in general.

Be careful. Restaurants are some of the most common startup failures. There's this one building in my town, by far the most traveled road here, and it's been about 5 different restaurants in the past 7 years.

It's usually not because the food is bad, it's just that whoever's running it has no idea wtf they are doing.
What business did you fail at*

I worked in fast food all through high school. Other than that I wouldn't have a clue how to run a place. I guess that's stopping me also lol
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Tobacco store. The business didn't fail, per se. That state changed some tax rates and rules and one of my suppliers ended up not being licensed. State did a surprise inspection and found $20k in invoices to them, told me they weren't licensed, which made ME liable for all unpaid tax, interest, and penalties. There's a lot more to the story, but that's the jist of it. State governments are a fucking racket.
ooops meant to reply to >>703016931
this is how i feel right now
i fucked it up /b/
Sucks anon. And sounds like you got the shaft. Don't see how them not being licensed would fall on you.

There's literally nothing around here. There is a gas station maybe 15 minutes up the road that makes hot food. Anytime you order on the weekend it's usually an hour wait cuz they are slammed. By the time you'd drive to a fast food joint and get the food home the shit is cold
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Ill try tomorrow anon. Thank you, it's just been a while because of that bitch that played me.
Don't try, do it fucker. You go to school? College?
Yes I go to school highschool
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suicide is a viable alternative. I'm not saying do it, just remember that you can.
>broke up with gf on sunday at 7am after being up all night
>she said maybe it isnt working, she felt like a bitch
>didnt want to break up but thought it was what she wanted
>sent loads of depressing shit when i woke up
>could have apologised and said we can make it work but my head was in peices
>block her because i couldnt stop messaging pathetic shit
>feel fucking terrible
>she doesnt want to speak to me anymore
>i threw away what we had on some stupid insecurities

dont know what i can do now
I need to show her i can make her happy again :(
Well don't be so god damn shy. Trust me when I say in 10 years you can't even name 5 of the people in your math class. Start asking girls in your classes about homework if you have to. Just something to break the ice. What's she gonna do laugh in your face?
You're really bad at helping people aren't you?
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I'm scared of rejection anon honeslty, I'll probably be sad as shit but it gets easier right? Does rejection gets more tolerable?
Live and learn anon. Don't be insecure. And definitely don't send depressing shit when it's all said and done. Leave it be and let her wonder about you
File: x_tears_0.png (325 KB, 577x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>woke up from nappy time
>mum was screaming
>run to the room see a lot of blood
>see the older cat run away from the room
>hear little kitten screams
>His guts were out of his body
>I just run after the older cat to kill him
I failed killing the cat and the little buddy died after a surgery :(
The little bud was a week at my mum house and she couldn't defend himself
I cried like hell seeing it
Hold me /b/
>and I think I need to cry again
Stopped reading. Pay for a therapist dickhead
Rejection sucks dick. You got to figure out how to not give a fuck. You're not trying to date every girl you talk to. Talk to a bunch of girls, if one seems interesting talk to a her more but don't overdo it. If she is interested in you, you will know it. If you drool over every chick you are just a resting to a get hurt
Also, after rejection don't sit around wondering why. Get off your ass and do something. Workout, learn something, get a tan. Improve yourself. Sitting around stuck in your mind is misery
I'm in love with a girl who I fucked over a year ago by breaking a huge promise, she still hasn't forgiven me and it hurts more and more every day. So I drink more and more every day, what hurts the most is that she still has feelings for me and will kiss me and call me petnames when she's drunk. But when she's sober she refuses to talk about her feelings. What do I do /b/ros?
File: 1465077010409.jpg (17 KB, 640x679) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have found myself drooling over a lot of chicks i just see a 6/10 and think wow shes really nice. I have noticed that in myself but I think its due to me really wanting a girlfriend. It's just I never actually interact with them.

Let's see here. I spent the last two years as a serious drug/alcohol abuser, suffered depression to the point where I was considering throwing my cats off my 12th floor balcony to convince myself I was so damaged and dangerous that I had no choice but to kill myself and follow them down; had a job I utterly despised, and now have no job, and I'm $160,000 in debt. Oh, and my girlfriend (who I'd been supporting financially) broke up with me as a result of all my bullshit and I had to leave the city and move back to rural buttfuck nowhere and live with my parents.

On the plus side, my depression is finally under control, life feels a lot easier now, and I'm optimistic about the future for the first time in about 20 years. But man, what a couple of fucking years. Let me just say to anyone suffering depression, go to a fucking doctor. I resisted the pharmacological solution until way too late to save myself from this situation. Big mistake.
Here's what you do; robot.

No, really. You robot right the fuck out. If she's in the room, your face is a blank. You don't start conversations. She's just a shitty roommate who can't even pay her chunk of the rent by herself. You keep it cool until the last day, at which point you do whatever the fuck you wanna do cause the bitch is out of your hair.
Man I needed this tonight.

I just broke up with my gf of two years because of family issues.

Long story short, neither of our parents liked either of us in the relationship.

I have a white mother who's super racist and doesn't like asian people.

My ex's parents were hmong and didn't like me as a person cause I've got a graphic design degree and not some doctorate.

I would normally just shake this off but the break took so damn long to happen.

All the while she's talking about some church kid her parents are telling her she should start thinking about instead.

She reassured me that he meant nothing but yesterday she told me she felt something between them and I had to drag it out of her to get her to say that we were through.

I was legitimately three days from moving down to her city because we had very explicitly talked about us trying to work some stuff out and us going out again.

But this weekend her and this other guy started hanging out more and I guess she just didn't feel like I was worth it anymore.

I'm feeling it hard right now guys. Today's only day one but it feels like years since I talked to her. I miss her so much but I also know that she didn't really keep me in mind with all of this crap when it went down ...

I know there was shit I could have done to make things better but I was honestly trying hard and doing the things I needed to to work it out because I really thought we were gonna be able to get through it.

I know two years might not seem like a long time to some but it was a long time to me and up until a few months ago we had a really good connection and we were planning out our lives together.

I was legit going to ask her to marry me after I moved down there but now I'm just lost...
>I'm scared of rejection anon honeslty, I'll probably be sad as shit but it gets easier right? Does rejection gets more tolerable?

Yeah, but only at the cost of losing all faith in the so-called power of love. You'll just mistrust it and be less excited by it even if there's no hint that rejection is a possibility. You just sort of stop giving a shit.
Meh, if you want your first time to be with someone you like, I respect that, wish I had done the same sometimes.

How about head, you alright with slooty mcsloot-sloot giving your gearstick a spitshine?
Sounds like you don't have much confidence at all man. Why not just talk? I guarantee they a 6/10 is way more insecure than you are. You think these girls don't have problems/insecurities too? You'd be surprised what a few word will do when someone is having a down day
Alright I'll bite.

>Decided to quit my job and go back to school.
>live with parents so it's not too bad
>took out big ass loan to get through semester
>break my ankle a week into semester
>car is a standard so have to try and get rides there which is hard
>bus stop far from house
>uni is basically on a mountain and getting around in crutches is a bitch and exhausting
>bummed I took out all that money and depending on how long this takes to heal I may have to drop some classes
>otherwise confined to house
>have anxiety problems that get exponentially worse the longer i stay home

>finally lost virginity a few weeks before I break ankle
>she's still down to fool around
>works late so can't get ride to her house
>think she may want a relationship but I really don't
>don't know how to handle that situation, much less now since confined to house

>lost good amount of weight over summer and now because immobility it's coming back on

I know it's just a broken ankle but damn if it happened at a bad time. I also finally got over a bad bout of anxiety(mostly) but can't even enjoy myself.
At least i have friends who are willing to pick me up and get drunk on Friday.
anyone still around?

what do if a girl tries to guilt trip you when it's her choice that made her feel that way
Say fuck off bitch
would be the most logical choice here sure
Oh man, you don't know how difficult to me is doing that. I seriously still love her madly. I thought of her as one of the /b/ros above said: "The one".

But I'm kind of doing it. But if she notices me weird, she approaches me and tells me something like "How are you?", "Are you ok, anon?" and she insists calling me "Love".

I have no friends as everybody's working now, out of college, living far and with their respective gfs.

This is the worst year of my life. Thanks anon for your support.
the sooner you realize there is no "one" the better
I am an alright guy im not that ugly but im not really that good looking either. I don't have that much confidence I know that, a lot of my friends have told me thats why I don't have a girlfriend.
>the sooner you realize there is no "one" the better

Yep. Thinking of people as "the one" will just fuck you up worse and for longer.
My mother actually told me the same thing she was like "Look anon, you aren't that good looking, but you aren't ugly. Bring me a girl like that" she was pointing at like an asian chick that was 8/10
it will yeah, realized that after my ex and it made it easier to manage the latest girl
i dont want to move on though. I made a huge mistake and i just want to delete the last week and be happy again. I know we can make it work, it was working. shes been my best friend for 10 years and i dont want to lose her like this
Ill let her give me a handjob tbh not blowjob because I have no clue what she's done with her mouth lol
I used to have this focused mentality, maybe 2 years ago, where I didn't want to marry, have children, used to think that there was no "other half" and everybody could be with anybody and be a nice couple if both did the right things.

She changed something in me. I planned to ask her to marry me next year. Started thinking about having a child, etc.

Now I'm thinking that I wasn't wrong. I just losed focus because of "love".

go for walmart warehouse or bestbuy employee, easiest jobs I've ever done
This hit too close for home..
>be 3 years
>can't let go of same girl
>date other girls, all feel generic and the same
>start having panic attacks, nightmares
>can't sleep because she is always there
>she's sitting there telling me it's going to be okay
>wake up, she's no where to be found
>be getting high just to think about something else
>she's always trying to talk to me, saying she cares
>she's been with the same guy for almost 2 years, he cheats on her and yells at her
>they break up for 5 months one time, she gets close to me
>be about to date her
>all the sudden she says she isn't sure, then goes to him
>they are back together
>she says she questions weather she's really happy with him or not
>tells me how much she dreams about me and wakes up crying
>keeps finding ways to talk to me
>be considering cutting off all ties
>tell her ill meet her one last time since it's her birthday
>her face lights up happier than I have ever seen her
>runs into me and pretty much knocks me over
>hugs me tightly as I hug back, notice her tighten her grip
>"anon, please don't leave.. I worry about you"

I don't fucking know what to do /b/.
>>all the sudden she says she isn't sure, then goes to him
>>they are back together
>>she says she questions weather she's really happy with him or not
>>tells me how much she dreams about me and wakes up crying
>>keeps finding ways to talk to me
>>be considering cutting off all ties
>>tell her ill meet her one last time since it's her birthday
>>her face lights up happier than I have ever seen her
>>runs into me and pretty much knocks me over
>>hugs me tightly as I hug back, notice her tighten her grip
>>"anon, please don't leave.. I worry about you"
shit hapepend to me to man
she doesnt know what she wants
stay away until she figures out her own fucked up problems
Did she ever express her love via telling you how she wanted to marry you? Have children? Love you forever?
>best friend is really cute blonde, 8+/10
>totally in love with her, more so every day
>told her my feelings
>she has bad abandonment issues, so she is afraid to love me back
>we have had sex before, i know she is attracted to me
>long story short, its complicated
>spend most of most days together
>this 6'5" male model type faggot in one of her classes
>can't help but think whenever she isn't with me she might be getting plowed by someone else
>i know you faggots are inclined to think "she's getting plowed" but i know she isn't, at least not yet
>going to a rave with her on saturday
>there is a reasonable chance we will hook up or fuck that night, but i'm not counting on it
>so fucking paranoid she might hook up with some chad in front of me
>there is no way i could handle that
>told her before i can have a casual sexual relationship with her
>said she'll consider it
>know she is afraid bc we are basically a celibate couple as it is, adding sex would probably ship us

there is so much i've left out. i have no idea what i'm fucking doing guys. thought i was in love with other girls a few times. this love is fucking strong and it keeps me up at night.
Oh anon, be very careful with this. Women like this are so fickle and don't understand what they want and in the end you end up getting more grounded into the dirt than you would have just staying away.

Just be careful man. I hope it works out but just don't do anything stupid.

Stay safe brother.
Good luck anon.
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this is my problem too
she was a friend for 10 years and had some bad relationships
got back in touch after a long time and i wanted to show her i could be good to her

She felt exactly the same as your girl though man, she is insecure and worried that she will lose you or get hurt again.
I told her that I wanted to prove that I can make her happy. I threw myself into the relationship 100% and made her feel special. It set me up for a bad break up but it was so good. It was working.
Then I threw it away on some stupidness because i had it in my mind that she didnt want me anymore.
I hope you can show her that you can be good for her. Make her feel that you are worth her trying to love. Dont make it seem that you are jelous of this other guy because that will put her off. Send her flowers or something that surprises her and makes her think about you.

IMO :)
dont do what i did man, you are nearly there
File: FuckYouBrandon.jpg (77 KB, 460x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Her father is on his way to death too, she's a mess and her boyfriend just takes advantage of her. Shit pisses me off.. But thing is, more and more as time passes she admits she isn't happy and says she cares about me constantly.. Saying she has weeks where she'd rather be with me. Feelsbadman
Means a lot man, going to play it safe, not text her unless she does so for me, it's so hard to do but I need to keep distance.
Messaging my girlfriend now, she's talking about her problems... I can't fucking concentrate on what she's saying. I just want to fucking die, man. This feeling is terrible. I thought it had gone forever... fuck. I don't know what to do. I love you guys.
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Haven't posted any of this or uploaded any of it since the end of last year ish, so maybe the content has freshened up a bit.
File: 1445307933828.jpg (58 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thanks, thats reassuring somewhat

the thing is, she feels like she doesn't deserve me.. she describes me as "a shining white light", which i think is ironic as fuck because i feel like a black hole. she isn't worried about getting hurt by me as much as she is worried about "ripping my heart out".

i don't think there is anything i can say or do to make her come around. she has told me more than once that she wants to marry me some day, and we haven't even dated yet. normally i'd brush this sort of thing off, but she's been proposed to before and turned him down (part of the fear of "ripping my heart out" i think)
File: 1445832456464.jpg (101 KB, 500x571) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1447993701508.png (20 KB, 395x659) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Its fine having these feelings, but all i can say is if you show her how bad she is making you feel she will be pushed away. She is telling you her insecurities because you mean a lot to her.

If she makes you happy when you are around each other, keep telling her that. Be a man and show her that no one else can make you feel the same way. Dont ever send her depressing shit or insecurities because she will blame herself.
If she thinks she will hurt you, then there is always a chance that she might, she knows herself better than anyone. But its better to try than to just become controlled by your feelings and miss the chance.
>whatsapp`d my friend
"so hows the relation between you and your land whale gf?"
>tells me that while in college she cheated on him due to `stress and peer pressure`
>Brought him real down
>this was the same kid who helped rehab her into a functioning human being
>same kid that talked her and his best friend out of an heroing.
>I called him a faggot for caring, but feel horrible for him
>i almost wanted to do the same.
File: 1468473883514.jpg (42 KB, 720x743) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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look op.
i spent 13 years fighting for a "american dream" thats no longer in my reach now.
3 years of combat showed me that most things in life is unnecessary.
the girl i love took my daughters and left, so i lost them to the war.
my credit is gone. my house is gone.
only thing i have is my va med.
trust me op i can be much worse.
ive lost all i fought for, my nation is becoming more and more shit.
all i want to do is live and keep my guns and such....
i am still here with no idea what to do with myself now.
but i am still here.
Are there any normal girls out there without all those problems and shit on their head?
i've been depressed long before i met her, she just kind of throws all my issues in my face by existing

i completely hide it from her now. she once told me i was too depressing to be around and she said we needed time apart until i got better, but she couldn't stay away for a single day.

as for trying in spite of the risk, i completely agree. she just got out of a shitty relationship a few weeks ago and i don't think she is ready for another one, especially one as "risky" as ours.
i say risky because in her eyes i'm the "friend" she has been looking for her whole life. also, she is the only friend i have around me now.

i don't know if we'll get married, or if we're perfect for each other, or anything. but i want to find out.
there are
but few and far between
The recent break up will not help things at all. She is probably depressed and is just looking for a friend right now. Just be that rock for her, it is dangerous because you may be friendzoned when she starts to love you because she isnt ready for another relationship yet. I cant give you the exact plan for showing her you can be happy together. But that is what she needs to see. That you can be hers and it is ok to love you because you wont let her down like the others.

My girl was still messed up from a break up a year ago. It was bad he cheated and left her by text. They really fuck with girls heads a lottt.
this. fishing is pretty much the only thing that makes me content with life. i don't even know why
Most of the normal girls I`ve met are usually in a pretty high middle class and have high expectations
They usually don`t look at ants like me unless they really don`t know what to do or what is out there and catch you on a whim.
A constant feeling of complete emptiness. Hollow if you will. And living at least a 7/10 life so the guilt just makes it worse.
yeah, what makes matters worse is her ex bf was my best friend for 7 years i'm no longer friends with.

i don't know what i can do to show her that. i know it's cliche, but it's really an "it's not you, it's me" kind of situation. all i can think of is to be more spontaneous and fun.

how did you get your girl to trust herself enough to love you?
File: 1454388877492.jpg (44 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dude. that sucks. that's like having someone else's pubes as a mustache

Jesus Christ.
>the first time she met was literally the first time anyone has made verbal contact with me for a while.
>after literally a month of sitting together she told me about her issue with her family.
>she was the first person I shared my issues with
>after a month she asked what kind of person to date
>she was the first person I genuinely wanted to make and keep happy, so due to being insecure about my own mental sanity, I reccomended a friend.
>Months passed and she came to me for questions and encouragement to keep going.
>I started wondering what is love around this time.
>she tells me about the issues of people around me, and I talk as logistically as I can about what works and what doesn`t
>I joined folk dancing because of her and had fun
>on the last few weeks of school, she started falling out with danilo and was asking me to be with her
>being an idiot I refused
>on the last day she asked me what was love and explained why she jumps from person to person
>first time I wanted to take back the past after years of pushing family into the past.
I`m still an idiot to this day.
Goto sleep bone you fegget
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