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Gimme your acid stories /b/, any acid story...
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Gimme your acid stories /b/, any acid story it is even you saying you stared at your carpet is just fine.
i once fucked a jar of H2SO4
>be on acid
>sitting out the front of a party with my gf
>5 indian blokes get out of a car with loads of alcohol and start walking across the road
>go into the house next door
>go inside and ask the guy who lives there if indians live next door
>he says no
>I look over the fence
>no one there
>no lights on in house
>but who was indians?
>Was me
>Dropped acid
>Stared at carpet for 12 hours
>Shit was the bomb
Top kek

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Watched the original Fantasia. Cried literal tear of joy at the shear beauty of it at several point. Mind was utterly blown, watched Planet Earth with calming music as I tried to piece my brain back together and finish processing the imagery I was bombarded with in the best sense of the word.
It may be a common acid trope, but there's a reason.
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Realized that "I" have been/experienced every person that ever existed at some point because of an eternal conscious energy that gives me the experience of "being"
Stood on a sweet wrapper.
Never been so terrified in all my life.
Never done acid because I don't suck dick.
>sitting on back deck of party
>looking at backyard in late afternoon
>looks like an oil painting
>so beautiful
>girlfriend stands up
>sun shining through her hair
>can see every strand
>so beautiful
>start crying because of beauty
>turn around
>drunk female friends dancing on table
>mate who is fucked on acid eats a bunch of cigarettes
>too intense
>turn back to beauty
>feel like i'm looking into heaven with hell behind me
>go lay in bed and the room becomes Japanese themed
>go play mario party
Oh shit we got ourselves a permafried here! Seriously tho I'm looking for an acid story not a fried dude who thinks he's everyone, god you're worse then those people that think they're Jesus when they're tripping. You sound like a typical Trevor
please watch the alice in wonderland tim burton remake. i promise you youre in for a real trip. you dont see the movie for what it really is with normal vision
Nice. I also cried at beauty during a trip. Was out in the woods with my best friends we were all having a good trip and it was a perfect day. They thought my trip was turning on me but I told them I was so happy I didn't know what else to do.
Sounds like something somebody who sucks dick would say
were they curry indians or bow and arrow ones?
any tips for a noob?

will i be able to tell what is a hallucination and what's not?

would i be able to just lay down the entire time to stay safe with some chill music?

i'm not doing acid i'm doing mescaline but i guess it's the same pretty much
>Me and 2 friends drop some in my flatmate's room
>Don't feel anything, start thinking we got rigged
>Begin watching Whose Line Is It Anyway
>We all start laughing like never before in our lives
>After a couple of hours of laughing we got sore throat, abdominal pain, tears on our clothes
>Watch an entire season no stop
>Salute friend in the morning
>Still think we got rigged
drugs are for the unsuccessful dumb people who are better off killing themselfs:)
>drop ~130ug
>cooked some food with my friend who is a girl
>felt like my dick was a noodle who was a wave
>focused purely on the physical feeling of sex
>felt good
>got a blowie and ended in mouth
>all while laying on my back staring at my ceiling which was changing colors
>after blowing my load I discovered I was thinking
>tried to explain things, complete mumble
>watched Archer with her and laughed, shit was funny
>she fell asleep I was thinking about life
>psychadelics have a thing for depleting the emotions from emotions
>had a little bit of sadness
>played Overwatch on comedown
>fell asleep on 8 am

Overall fun thing, less intense than shrooms in a sense of learning, but I like shrooms more - they don't fuck you up for next 12 hours and change your day into night.
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sucking dick on acid is pretty fun bro
Such a Trevor.

Also, I guess it's not uncommon. Don't feel so weird for crying so many times during Fantasia.
I realized acid was for kids and did DMT
>hurr im high on life
im on 250ug right nowwwwwwwwww
I once was going to do acid but then I was like "better not" so I didn't
Start low - 100 to 150 ug at a time, see what's it like.

It's hard to explain psychadelics, really, but you on this dose you got still pretty much high "grasp" on reality and "control".
That said, it's better to let go. You won't jump out the window, but trying to control everything makes you go into bad trip, as ego is not in control so much.
Did it for the first time couple weeks ago..wrote some shit and sat outside staring at trees..kept writing shit about how trees know the answer to life besides that just tripped out on music was a spicey meme
>took acid on the way home from highschool
>started seeing purple everywhere
>got to freinds house who was also trippin
>walls melting we stared at the wall for about an hour it was fucking amazing
>the walls started expanding and the ceiling started caving in but i knew it was just the acid
>other freind said we needed to pick up his sister at elementry school
>get over there and my head is actualy slowly moving off my body
>the grass infront of the school was growning and consuming my feet
>the trees looked like beautiful infinitely growing flowers
>go back to freinds house
>nigga is standing up and sitting down insanely fast and i want to kill him because of it
>we go outside and my brain actually skips time NOT JOKING
>freind would be talking to me and then my vision would swirl then go back and time would be forward like 1 minute
>start panicking because time might skip and i might suddenly be dead
>time skips a few more times and i really start having nightmare visions and seeing faces everywhere
>run home and try to sleep but the darkness of my room turned my room into a galaxy with a million stars
Fuck, I need to go trip in the woods/nature.
i wont have any idea how much i'll be taking but by "don't try to control" do you mean just sit and watch and listen to the hallucinations no matter what happens and don't try to force a change in them?
> be me
> 18
> On acid near a river
> Wander off into woods near river bank
> Lost.jpg
> wander for what felt like 10 minutes
> Friend comes running out of nowhere
> OhShit.png
> Hes also on acid
> Led me back to the group i was with
> Claims trees helped him find me
> Best friend till this day
10/10 fake acid story, gtfo only real acid stories man
Its a good time dude. What i recommend is doin it early in the day and sit outside and watch the progression of the sun/day. Such a trip
One time watched futurama all night. That show is insane on acid. There was an episode where everyones backs are bent backwards, ands its the little shit like that that makes your brain melt
looks like an oil painting and you didn't try painting it why?
> stared at the carpet mang
I did not have any brushes.
At a huge music fest, first time doing mdma. Gf walks over and hands me tab of acid. Not sure what was the lights and what was acid.

First time i ever did it I was with this raver couple and a female friend. Acid was extremely potent. I took one tab, was completely fucked, had a wonderful time. Female friend took four tabs, was absolutely insane, tore off clothes and ripped posters off walls.

It was a good time. Ravers were fags though, wouldn't shut up about their trips the whole way through.
Took it for the first time with my 3 friends last Friday and the entire time we just talked about how life was meaningless and how humans are literally the devil and suicide is the only way to win the game of life.
do you think most inventors were/are sober?
Realized that all time is linear and everything is predetermined because there's only 1 timeline so time can only happen one way.
not a fake story nigga
it was the first time i took acid and i pretty much summed it up. it lasted like 5 hours and i skipped a few parts to the story. i ate these 2 tiny fucking squares and they tasted like shit.
Two friends and i take some tabs into the city me and 1 mate have done twice before other friend first timer, convince him to double drop with us extra strength.

go to park play football take shoes off after sit under tree for while 1st timer is feeling it big time, play tunes try to chill hes still freaking out he sits up and yells "Did that shoe move!"
roll on the floor laughing til sun down.
>deciding with best friend to try acid
>Doesnt know jack about it
>take 2400ug (Found out it was nbome i25)
>went to forest at night
>Saw every single nameable color come off trees and all
>Saw sky become a window and shatter 10 times over
>Realised my friend was still there
>Had no idea what each other was saying
>Wandered for 8 hours
>Both went to my place
>Avoided parents
>Went to bed
>Looked at ceiling for 30 minutes while parents was waking

Acid is completely tasteless, if it had a taste like a metallic taste you probably ate some 25I or DOB
See real lsd would last much longer and would have no taste
>be me
>19-20 yo
>on LSD
>big techno-party
>summer (rave) outside
>spectacular lightshow
>bush next to me was much more impressive
>bush dude made a hell of a show
>mate drops 2 tabs, advertised 300mg each
>at a mix smork dank
>suddenly he wants to get dickwet
>calls up a chick
>i saw its a bad idea and get threatened without saying anything
>mate dacks nigger
>mate dacks stoner
>i run the fuck out and boot
>mate still wants to get his dick wet, whole squad gets kicked out for rowdyness
>mate gets naked on the street
>gets in a punchon and bumfuck my other mates
>runs into a thai restaraunt and smashes window
>eventually gets peppers by popo

i was skitzing the fuck out the whole night but now looking back on it, its a bit of a giggle,
at least a pic then?
I am pretty sure that was a minor OD, cause I never tried anything remotely similar even tho I have done it 8 ish times now
Yep, let it go, just observe what's going on - it might teach you something.

Just go in with this type of attitude - I'll experience whatever acid wants to show me. Then, if something goes wrong, which is rare with acid in my opinion, just observe, try to understand why and REMEMBER that it will come off, it's a mind altering substance and you will feel better.

beside the thing that only "depressed" people think that hard about suicide, it is actually the only philosophical way to be free.
Taking your own life is the only freedom you have! Though it's a paradox because ending your life turns your feelings and consciousness into nothing, but still you are actually right with what you thought..
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acid carpet.gif
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looks like it has been said many times, but the sstaring at a carpet for hours situation was pretty cool for me. gif absolutely related
i'm interested in trying acid, any risks or things i should know?
what if i forget how to breathe. like i can't understand time properly so i wont know if i'm doing too many breaths or too little breaths?
What? No that won't happen.
> Be me like a week ago
> Get 6 x 100ug tabs and split with 2 friends
> It's their first time
> Walking through town feels like walking through desert, mountains n' shit.
> Smoke unlit cigarettes
> Go buy watermelon
> Play basketball with it
> Watermelon smashes against ground
> Sadtime.jpeg
> Buy another watermelon
> Cops in the shop
> Friend starts running from cops but they are just shopping there lmao
> Go to a playground roll the watermelon off a slide
> It explodes
> Go through forest for hours
> End up on a mountain in a forest
> Heavy rain starts
> Decide to smoke weed
> Fucking dope shit going on
> Friends face melts
> Look at one friend go in in the same trip
> Start seeing sounds
> Shit gets so crazy we call for rescue
> Some dude arrives with car
> Drives us around till we calm down
> Going home and decide to smoke up some more weed
> Looks at the ground and it looks like tongue with steam coming out of it
> Gets scared cuz ground will eat me up
> Decides to look at stars in the sky
> So fucking pretty
> Suddenly the fucking sky starts melting and dripping on me
> Freaks out
> Realizes it's only rain
> mfw
Take blue gel cap.
World turns to stained glass.
Icy/glassy wonderland in september.
Glance at mirror and see wolfman.
Overcome with idea that I can connect with other dimensions.
Ego dies.
Drink more oj.
Spirit healed.
Just dont worry about anything. The moment you do that your fucked, just let your fears and anxietys go. In order to have a good trip you need to be in the right mindset before as well
i took the same amount my first time tripping. Shit was intense.

>many out of body experiences
> obtain what is supposedly acid
> consume it
> proceed to watch celing start to drip
> drink fifth of vodka
> feel no effects of vodka
> comedown convinces me I'm dying
> bathroom floor becomes deathbed
> pretty sure it was just lemon drops
Nah, only depressants can make you "forget to breathe". Acid doesn't interact with your brain in this way.

And about time - it's slower, my opinion is to just think of something else - if you worry, you'll be automatically thinking about breathing.

Tbh, breathing on acid or shroom is a wonderful experience, just try to take it in, focus on it, and after a while you'll start thinking of other things, and breathing will be automatic.

I totally understand the fears of it going out of control every single time before tripping, best practice is to meditate, and just accept everything mindset.

Acid and shrooms are there to show you something, let it be.
i have bad anxiety and it's the main reason im trying it to try and cure it so i will try
Also, don't take if you have history of mental problems in your family, it can bring it out.
Not saying I've continued to accept that that is somehow "truth", I'm just saying that's what the experience was when I took acid, which was the point of this thread.

try Microdosing
i don't know how i bought mescaline off ebay. i have to make it myself
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Has anyone ever taken acid alone? I'm tempted to try that and just trip on my own with music and movies

Or is it more of a social drug like MDMA?
Not the person you're talking to but what mental illnesses specifically put me at risk?
Love psychedelics alone. Acid is more of a social for me, but it still can be utilised alone - listening to music, watching art, and mostly thinking.

Not an expert tho', had 3 shrooms trip and 1 acid with a friend of mine - sex is the best.
No can understand time on LSD THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT. Oh and I got acid reflux in the middle of tripping once and it was the first time it happened to me and it got really hard to breathe so unless you have acid reflux you'll be fine
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>take two tabs (200ug to 400ug) I don't kno
>smoke a whole bowl to myself
>omw to park, friend driving ok 100-200ug almost gets hit
>he's not even phased
>anxiety sets in, can't get out of negative loop
>arrive at park
>anxiety attack too much 2 handle
>"pls take me home"
>get home and tell my friend I want to be alone and not ruin his trip
>spend time in my room
>walls form in to a huge black sphere with numbers and letters flying everywhere
>eventually I see multiples of me
>they turn to black outlines of me, I experience ego death
>can't remember much but I started having another anxiety attack afterwords because it was too much
>basically think I'm dying, feels like it
>black out but as I think I'm dying I think of my ex and how I love her more than anything
>wake up (regain consciousness?)
>immediately want to call ex
>realize I thought I almost died, cry, have thoughts that Steve Jobs soul was partially reincarnated in to my own
>take clothes off because un comfy
>destroy kitchen eating food
>come down to vaporwave album while laying down
>cry a lot

Tried killing myself a month later. Im taking a long break from LSD and my ex is in love with abother guy but at least I'm feeling better mentally and emotionally.
Schizo, depression, anxiety, bipolar, everything.

I believe psychedelics drag it out, so you have to deal with it - not everyone can.

You take it on your own risk. Even HPPD is an option.
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Would it just be dragged out for during the trip or would it be likely it could trigger an actual mental illness that stays even after the trip ends?
Yup, shit can get the worst out of you, but it's better to have this type of "hammer" than to die day by day with shit that's hidden.

Nobody said it's only for fun.
>10 hits at once
>have fun for a bit
>start not understanding anything
>don't know anyone or myself
>decide to go outside
>do understand outside
>lose my mind
>bad times
>very bad times
>quit all drugs for about 8 or 9 months
>be me, 17 and stupid
>eat 3 tabs of synthetic acid with my boy at his place
>30 mins in all of a sudden all the sounds became really acute and everything had a strange filter
>almost like the rainbow looking shit on heat treated chrome just on everything
>all these patterns
>holy shit
>shit gets more intense; migrate to room
>watch tv for a solid 3 hours, by now 2 other friends had rocked up
>everytime my mate would change the channel the whole mood of the room would change
>look at my boy jack; he looked like he was made of sand
>didnt look at jack again
>door started shaking on its hinges at some point and didnt stop until the trip was over
>when i peaked i swear 2 god it was almost as if my vision was an tape projector but i had never noticed it and all of a sudden somebody cut the film like you see in some movies
>all these flashing colours and fractals
>the painting of a frog on my mates wall started grinning at me
>tripping so hard i felt that i was laying on that bed while time just passed around me
>swear to god i was watching myself become a nobody
>biggest ego death experience ever
>realise i shouldnt just eat drugs just cos i can
>don't sleep all night
>drive home at 4am still tripping balls but not as severe
>go to work at 6am still tripping feeling fucking weird the whole day
>trav the mad cunt storeman at my work figured out my issue
>laughed at me for the rest of his shift
>on my hour break and when trav finished we went and smoked gear at his place
>good times

>boss sends me home an hour before i knock off telling me ive been looking shit all day
>top keks
Both tbh, you can have an afterglow, positive or negative.

If it's a hard mental illness, it'll most likely to stay with you longer until you resolve it.

I think.
would a good idea to buy some nice paper and color pencils/charcoals and watch art videos on youtube the whole time?

here's a "normal" acid story other than that, if you wanna be a faggot:

>took a bit of acid, maybe half tab or a bit more
>friend wanted to go thrift shopping, had other friend with him
>end up going, didn't tell them I was tripping
>spend the next 3 hours in two thrift stores laughing my ass off and trying on ridiculous clothes, looking at weird shit that people didn't want anymore
>friend is naturally weird and does stupid shit, tries on kimonos and dresses and shit which was unbearably funny while tripping
>go for beers later and reveal that I had been tripping the whole time, they didn't really suspect much
>night trails off to the casino a bit later, comedown was mellow and generally had a good ass time
Took C.I.A.-grade liquid at least twice a month for nearly a decade. Had a complete emotional and spiritual catharsis as a result one day - I don't party any more, have a kid and a fairly good life. Acid and MDMA allowed me to let go of enormous amounts of baggage I no longer needed.

Single story? Fat as fuck techno bash in the woods, 4/500 people high as cunts, decide to stick to MDMA because dancing feels fucking amazing. Have a major, major good time, hook up with some psy-bunny, fluoro-looking bitch and get even higher, then fuck.
Leave her sleeping in her tent, and find one of my friends still awake (maybe 5am) and as we sit and chat he reaches into his pocket and produces two tabs of acid. Not a word spoken, we eat the fuckers and wander off into the woods for a bit of an adventure...
Cue swooping birds, splashing fish, irridescent leaves of every colour, ripples on the water which I realise are visual representations of the symphony which has been playing in my head all night, and trees which are the tallest fucking thing I've ever seen, right now.
We laughed, and laughed, and just played like kids - climbe dtrees, splashed in the shallow water, threw stones as far as we could.

For one day, a tiny little slice of my childhood was handed to me on a plate - the wonder and excitement of just not having to DO anything, to literally stop and smell the roses. Shit was cash as all fuck, and definitely, definitely made me a nicer human being to be around forever.
Suuurrreee you haven't
>Day drinking with coworkers, end up pretty shwasty,
>come home to room mate hanging out playing vidya,
>somehow we decide to dose at 1 am
>start coming up really hard and enjoying music
>not our first rodeo so once we plateaued we start playing Ultimate Alliance (the one from PS2 remastered on the PS4)
>at the mission where you fight arcade
>literally called Murderworld Mayhem where the whole thing is a psychedelic carnival fucking nightmare
>were having the time of our lives but its actually quite hard with all the cid melting our brains
>takes us literally hours to complete mission
>feel like gods once we finish
>still have like 6 more hours of being high to look forward to
>FUCK I love LSD
Sure, go for it, free writing or any type of art is awesome on psychs - creating or inhaling.

Trust me, your mind will give you stuff to do, you won't be bored.
So insensitive, it's "dots or feathers"
>work 10 hours
>midday "hey man we're trippin! You want in?"
>"uh sure"
>Get off work, go to buddies place, drop, go to band practice
>kicks in really fucking fast while and puts
>understand I only have like 20 minutes of sanity left
>arrive just fine, set up mics and equipment to record record tripped out jam sesh
>within 30 minutes I cannot even
>Try to play, it's a mess, sound and solids are morphing together
>fuck this I'm Gonna go for a walk
>me and drummer walk for like 2 hours around these random ass nice neighborhoods
>arrive back
>realize how gross our practice space is (it's essentially an abandoned house)
>we've wanted to throw a party there for so long but it's too dirty and messy to have girls or people there
>we finally decide to clean
>for the Next 4-5 hours we clean the everliving fuck out of that house while listening to chic Korea and our own music I record (in a freelance audio engineer and mixer)
>fucking place looks great as the trip wears down
>feel amazing
>tons of energy, we decide to jam out at like 1am and rock the fuck out till 5am
>prepare for a great party

This happened last month. Best trip of my life.
My friend lost his shit (laughing his ass off) because a piece of dairy milk was just too intense for him.
I also got the giggles about a grain of salt that bounced off a chip.
I asked my friend why he was laughing one time and he said "When I stood up I got taller" and I went "No shit" and we both lost it.
So many good memories.
What do you mean, resolve it?
Do tell more about that breakthrough, fucking interesting shit right there m8
sorry i don't really keep up to date with that stuff
Shit baggage is in there for a reason, find the root cause, understand it, try to be a better human by resolving it.

Like working hard on the issues of self.
I was diagnosed at 19 with bipolar, and have had a huge number of severe depressive episodes, some nearly ending in suicide attempts. LSD was more like a diagnostic tool than a fun way to forget my problems. It allowed me to observe myself and my behaviours more critically, and the loss of ego made it far simpler to act upon my observations.
Don't get me wrong, I was lucky enough to have some lovely folk to help me navigate my first trips, and they definitely played a part in it, but the LSD was key. Now, at this stage of my life, I'm a good parent, successful in my modest career, and I no longer rely on medication for mood stability. It may not work for everyone, but psychedelics could certainly help some people with similar issues.
i guess i'll just try to not think about it or if i catch myself thinking about it i'll try to distract myself from it so it goes back to auto
know a girl with hppd that hallucinates everyday :( makes life hard for her. also yeah if you have a bad mental stare it can make it a lot worse or a lot better tbh
At a music festival with gf and friend up in the woods in our tent when it all hits. A bee flies into the tent and starts hitting the roof making the loudest noise ever. Friend starts chanting "Bee Power! Bee Power!" Right before the tent lifts off into the sky. Clouds were whizzing by and I could feel the wind on my face. Friend starts looping his speech and talking about his fingers spindling into the void. Gf starts trying to dig through the tent and chews on a plastic water bottle. Friend is a God of mischief, gf is goddess of chaos, I become some bullshit new age god of indecision and can't drink water. Eventually retire to separate tent and eat out gf with eyes closed. Visualize everything in bright neon. See me eating pussy then it expands before wallowing me inside where I'm now in some whore house with silk everywhere surrounded by tits.
Yup, I do believe psychadelics are they key to many mental problems if you can use them responsibly. And I belive there should be much more studies on this on how to use it to maximaze it's effectivness.
Also, there is a chance for it to go very badly, but as I said before - it's your decision.
yup, best way is to find a trip sitter or change room/music
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>been acid user for fairly long time
>quit for about a 6 months because couldn't find any
>when I did I took 2 tabs at once
>by far my most wicked trip
>spent most of my trip walking around downstairs talking sipping 7up
>couldn't get over how refreshing it is
>was literally so overwhelmed with thinking I couldn't handle it
>the end

Talking about your trips is usually pretty boring.
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Yes I agree, I've done acid more than once as well as shrooms. That trip I described changed my life, especially after I tried killing myself I had another little epiphany on why I can't stop living. Writing in a journal, keeping a routine and surrounding myself with other people has helped me immensely. Also music and photography
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>First time taking acid
>Take tab
>After an hour feeling giggly and everything is a bit sparkly
>Think this is it
>Take second tab
>Walk to field nearby
>Starts raining pretty bad
>Start feeling funny on the way
>Get to field
>Start to fully trip
>Every individual raindrop is like a tiny blue glowstick, kind of like blaster fire from star wars
>Everything is flashing
>Start to walk back
>Feel very dizzy and numb on top of seizure vision
>Look down and see 30ft drop
>Terrifies and walk around it feeling anxious
>From a side view the drop is about 1ft
>On the walk home I see what must be a bus or bin truck but too me looks and sounds like a steam train in the middle of the road
>Get home as I start peaking
>Cant even remember most of the time I was peaking because it's so intense
>Watch Lock N Load with R Lee Ermey for a while
>Whenever I close my eyes I see R Lee Ermey as a plastic crab on a stick kind of like when they go on land in spongebob
>Go outside and listen to music to try and sober up
>Keep looking at tree and seeing branches come out of branches
>Fall asleep outside in the rain
>Wake up feeling Ill

I got the flu pretty bad from being out in the rain so long with barely anything on, Never done acid again it was too intense, Think the stuff I did was called something else though like p50 or some shit
i'll have to be alone. i have a guitar so maybe just plucking random notes will distract me
Best of luck on your future path m8. Love to hear that it's better now.

I myself decided to go for psychology studies, make a phd in hamburgerica and basically work on therapies AND work on experiments with psychs. I believe it's something worth developing.
Not quite the same but I did shrooms once with my brother and his friends, and then something really funny happened and for some reason I compulsively smashed my head into the hardwood floor from standing as hard as I could without even noticing at first, didn't hurt but I may have gotten a concussion, drugs are dangerous.
Since I'm op I'll give you guys a bit of a story.
I be 15, me and three friends pick up from usual dealer, didn't realize the park we picked up from was a lake, couldn't find the dude and out of no where he walks up to us saying we're all a bunch a fucking idiots, try to rub it off but kinda god bad vibes. get back to buds place and put a dime of weed on his table, we dosed and when we started looking for the weed it fell into another dimension, 10min later we find it under his couch. We then go and watch Pink Floyds Classic Albums documentary, start smoking weed at the same time. The weed kicked in first, and then just like a brick wall the acid started to kick in. One ugly guy on the screen me and a bud just lose it laughing. 1+ hour goes by of us laughing and the other 4-5 friends with us start getting annoyed, we don't care it was too funny. Then we start smoking cigarettes and realized we had no where to ash them, we where eating seaweed and had a little plastic container, I ash the smoke on the seaweed and laughed my ass off and called it ashtray lettuce. and then out of no where the documentary ends and everyone goes to different parts of the house. Everyone was doing their own thing in groups of two but odd number of people left me to my self, go and try to talk to these groups but they are busy talking about life or playing video games. With nothing to do I sat down in the middle of one of these groups not saying anything and staring at my hand. Start hallucinating cuts on my hand, freaks me out a bit but not a whole lot. Then someone asked me what my home life was like cause they were talking about life and couldn't answer because I forgot I even had a home to go back to cause I was so deep into the trip. Then 5am came around, everyone makes eggs, everyone forgot about me and everyone ate eggs except me, kinda got mad over it but forgot about it. Then went to another town an hour via bus during the comedown, watched Futurama and enjoyed myself. The End.
man needs an answer
Absolutely - in fact, I'd say I'd seen far more acid victims than I had success stories over the years. But you're right, in the right circumstances with the right guidance, they can be extremely effective.
read on trip sitting or get on chat and read

Be safe kiddos
Why u lying
>Me and bestrfiend take a nbmoe
>got it from a sketchy kid i kind of knew
>We take it and go to a park
>the visuals are pretty intense 30 minutes in from when we started tripping
>the nbomb fucks our sense of time think it's already been a few hours
>start walking home cause i think the trip is almost over
>2 parents and their baby walk towards us
>literally freak out and scream at them while auditorally hallucinating
>friend tries to calm me down while i try to explain to him that i heard the universe
>get back to the house and the trip is getting more intense
>vissuals so intense yhat i can barely tell i'm at my house
>at this point me and my friends trip syncs up
Don't even know what to talk about next because everything got jumbled together in the trip.
>the only way i can explain this is that i felt "God" take my my soul out and kind of crack it like a whip
>ask my friend if that had just happened to him too and it had
>start having a bad trip because it's so intense
>the trip lasted 12 hours
stared at carpet..floral pattern...was running...looked at walls..floral
Fucking hell didn't realise there was an 'original' fantasia. Now I'm pissed
Got hydrochloric acid on my arm before, doing some plumbing. Got a nice chemical burn from it.
mfw the DEA created this thread in conjunction with the Lizards to arrest everyone who just confessed.
I'm doing the right thing and calling 911 to tell on all you drug abusers.
I hope one day you seek help, but for now have fun going to prison. I bet you'll all learn a valuable lesson.
You're welcome.
Knock yourself out, penis-fan.

Gonna be fun to watch the DEA work out how to arrest little old me in the UK...
thank you for the links i'll try to be safe (should i hide things like razor blades etc?)
nice one, satan

you can, but starting low (100-150 ug) you should be safe anyways. I actually somewhat overcame my suicide thoughts by psychs
Your on spiders
Were you laying down? I have problems with acid, and really wanna try it :(
No I was sitting down having a cigarette which is probably cause my stomach acids to go all messed up resulting in me not breathing so well. I was fine when I got up and did something but that was 4 years ago now and I still have acid reflux lol. So nothing to be alarmed about it's just weird if you don't know you have it
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>>be early 20's
>>drop with 2 friends one night in one of their garages that had been converted into music studio
>>sat listening to music while we smoked weed and waited for it to kick in
>>recorded trippy music pieces with guitars etc
>>could feel all of the vibrations pass through my body and conciously resonated myself to the same frequencies
>>decided to walk to our other friends place to pump more cones and drop more acid
>>leave friends house on skateboards
>>walk up steep grass hill with powerline structure on top, holding skateboards like rifles
>>felt like we were soldiers marching the Kokoda Trail
>>get to top of hill and look back over valley
>>landscape is suddenly snowcapped hills and we're "behind enemy lines"
>>can hear dogs barking in the distance
>>we freak cause we think military dogs are after us
>>leg it down the road, heart pounding, fearing for my life - eventually calm down
>>street lights made the grass strips on either side of the sidewalk look like tiny cities with millions of inhabitants
>>crush them with my feet and feel ultimate remorse for ending thousands of lives
>>arrive at other friends place
>>smash 3 cones and play super mario world
>>soo vibrant
>>much colour
>>could see the radiation from the TV shining into my eyes like sunshafts
>>more acid
>>left friends house
>>tripping fucking balls
>>street signs warping all over the place
>>roadside markers turning into little girls from The Ring
>>looked out over hills to adjacent town
>>see alien colony there instead
>>standing in bushes on roadside being botanists studying plants
>>talking without saying words, just body language
>>get back to first friends house
>>lay on his floor with a blanket over me and listening to meditation music/binaural beats
>>feel my body slip away and become a collection of individual particles and waves
>>can feel each individual particle intensely
>>become aware of the others doing the same thing and can feel their 'energy'

I'm not a DEA agent lol, why is everyone so paranoid fuck they're not gonna arrest up for shit we did 1-20years ago!?!?!?!?
i watched water biol. it changed my life
About 3 months ago I dropped a gel tab and it was fucking insane.

After tripping hard for three hours and not being able to get over a bad trip, I called 911.

When they arrived I was on the balcony of my apartments nearly naked about to jump.

Luckily they talked me down and I spent a week in the ward.

No more acid for me.
You took the bait kiddo

>>sun was starting to come up at this point
>>took a shower cause sweaty from walking between houses
>>sat down for entire shower re evaluating my life
>>slept like a rock
>>nek morning feel floaty all day like feet were barely touching the ground
>>Zen af
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>At a rave
>2 drops of LSD
>Trippin quite as usual
>See friend talking to a middle age stranger
>He asks about what drugs we are using
>Suspicious of being an undercover cop
>Paranoia hits hard
>Tell my friend whispering in her ear to be careful cos he is a undercover cop
>Run for my life while thinkin that my friend is in danger
>Friend comes later and says he was the older brother of a friend of hers
>All was in my mind
>Starts laughing like a crazy man
>Dude this drops are hard
Sounds unreal...
As in, made up.

On a side note for some reason I've had vividly realistic and scary dreams based in WWII and Vietnam.
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>be tripping on acid looking at nature pics on /wg/ because its subzero out and dont want to freeze
>come across this pic and get really into it
>thought i was at this particular point on top of the mountain
>so into it i thought there was another forest on the other side of the mountain but it was all level to the horizon.
> leaned back in my chair and space vortexed back to reality that i was sitting inside staring at some picture on the computer
I got lots to learn on this 4chan thing, even if I am op lol
>Take acid with mates
>Their first time, I've done it a few times
>~150ug ea, no sitter
>Start is amazing, all in mates room, feel like I'm melting, carpet has really cool pattern and looks like its moving
>Start to peak
>One guy starts freaking tf out
>Calls the fucking police for whatever the fuck reason
>Tripping hard at this point, I knew that we couldn't have cops come the house but I couldn't remember why
>I tell him no cops, he tells 000 that we don't need cops anymore
>Hangs up
>Forget what happened
>5 mins later fucking police arrive at the front door
>I'm supposed to be the guy who knew what he was doing, but this acid hit me harder than anything else before in my life
>The guy who's house we're staying at has to explain that we're all tripping balls to the police
>This is this guy's first fucking trip, he handled the entire situation like a champ
>After the acid wore off I asked what happened
>Tells me the cops had no idea wtf was going, when we told them they were apparently really chill about it
>Told us that if we need help call an ambulance, but otherwise don't call police
>Had a great fucking trip
Is a bad trip purely audio/visual related such as seeing and hearing scary images/sounds or can you have a feeling of pain with it? like thinking you're on fire?
Fucking lold
I experienced some parts of a bad trip, for me was just something that really scares you but I always snap out of it.
I think its just that I enjoy to see scary things too, so I think thats for me.
Hard one to answer - you won't literally feel like you're on fire, but you may well stop, drop and roll while singing the song that bear used to sing about forest fires. In a nightclub. On the dancefloor. Wearing a poncho.

In my case emotions, feeling utterly hollow, sad, scared.

>be at home, with 7 friends, we all take a tab
>have gigantic papers and whiteboards to draw on
>we regress to a hivemind of adult children
>we roam the house destroying each room with paper and pens and ink
>house becomes like the outsiders' world from Dishonored
>tripsitter becomes the idolized centre of paternal love and attention
>he's getting drunk and we all agree he looks like a pirate

freudian af but best trip of my life
Think extreme paranoia. First bad trip I had was really hard to describe, super high heart beat, thought loops (getting stuck thinking the same shit over and over again), and my closed eye visuals were actually really fucking scary. When I closed my eyes it sort of looked like I could see every single face I've ever seen before in my life being flashed before my eyes, each of which were laughing at me with the most malicious smiles I've ever seen, but at the same time it wasn't like that at all... Also there was a chance this wasn't acid at all, dude I got it off hadn't tested it and I was just in a mood to trip. No need to be scared of a bad trip, 9/10 it only happens if you're overly concerned about it.
>everyone is out of town for the weekend
>have mdma and viagra stashed away
>ultimate fap weekend is a go
>pills kicking in, things are feeling good
>want to grind my dick on something soft, wander into sisters closet
>she a huge raver so costumes and fun fur is everywhere
>start rubbing cock on a fluffy legwarmer
>something inside me snaps, and i see a pair of her nylons
>start putting them on, holy christ it feels good
>pills hitting hard now, eyes are rolling
>put on panties, then pair of big fur boots, dick rock hard
>grab a corset and start squeezing myself in, every time i pull the strings to make it tighter i feel like cumming
>put on a fun fur jacket over it, then a poofy tutu
>oh god we arent done yet, she has wigs
>big sparkling pink wig goes on, i start playing with makeup and cake it on my face
>dick is dripping through the panties, im swishing around in her raver costume now and dancing
>she has a big fur hood, thats what i need to complete everything
>oh ho, whats this, a pair of handcuffs under everything, sis is into bondage
>without thinking i snap them on my wrists behind my back and start bouncing around, the drugs practically have me cuming as i feel the furry outfit squishing all around me
>trip and fall down, core strength is weak and the corset is tight, can barely move
>try to get up, its not happening
>fun fur and wig blinding me, cant shake them off
>terror strikes me just as the drugs start peaking
>oh fuck it, start grinding against one of the legwarmers on the ground
>within a minute i have a mind shattering orgasm and scream like im being sent to auschwitz
>sudden commotion downstairs
>oh shit
>someones home
>im high as fuck
>im in a fur raver costume
>feet coming up the stairs
>rolling frantically off legwarmer, huge cumstain leaking out from panties onto floor
>door opens
I've never had a nightmare but I've had what I assume would be nightmares, they just don't scare me. Will I be safe from bad trips?
100% accurate to fight bad trips, its all about your head being messed up with lsd. With that in mind no trip will be a bad trip.
I see a lot of you guys know about this stuff, so I'll ask for an advice.

Anyway, I have a few mental problems, like extreme social anxiety, mild OCD (worsened when the anxiety kicks in), depression, anger issues, and I wasn't treated for any of it. Doctor suggested that it can be helped, but I said I'll think about it, and never came back, because of shame.

So, I've been reading that the psychedelic mushrooms can help some of those issues, but after reading about the hppd thingie and bad trips that can happen if you're not happy (I never am), I'm kinda scared to try it. What do you suggest?

If it means something, only smoked pot twice, full joint both times. First time i felt nothing but memory loss, second time I got an extreme paranoia, thought I was about to die, curled up in the corner and called a friend to assure me I won't die.
TBH it's more of like "i'll experience the scare at it's root"

Go for it, try it - best way is to have a trip sitter.

I'm always a little bit of scared. Best way is to try it in low dose with a trip sitter. Might help - but shrooms have a tendency to pile your shit on the table, so you can resolve it, by feeling it fully.

Maybe try microdosing, or go for a trip, understand that probably you'll have a bad trip and just say let it go with a note reminding you that this will be gone - after that you will feel better (90% chance)
Yeah, it's not like that. All the shit you hear from people about "I saw the devil, a giant frog ate my legs, fire was coming out of my ears" is utter, utter nonsense spread by kids.
Imagine the worst anxiety you ever felt - like waiting for the cops to show, only a thousand times more powerful. Now remove the logical REASON for you to feel that way. Now remove the toolkit in your mind you usually use to RATIONALISE your anxiety.

Shit is freaky if you're not prepared. I fucking love it.
No, a nightmare is a nightmare, if you weren't scared, it wasn't a nightmare.
Nothing I've experienced in real life scares me, but I've had some pretty fucked realistic war dreams that have been scary as shit, and one where I was a pilgrim during a famine and then fuckin wendigo was there to top it off.
>was visiting my sister in the uk
>have party at pub one night
>meet group of girls that seem overly interested in me and my accent
>have a bunch of drinks with them then some coke then some acid
>wake up in dirty ass lounge of unemployed chav girls and feeling rekt
>they just laughed when i asked what happened...
>they made a video
>give me copy of video as a parting gift
>video is me and three chav girls getting it on but the one had a dick :/
>me in video getting rammed by tranny thru most of video. Eating the other two pussies like a drunken champ
Wtf best night out ever
Hallucination cannot be told apart from reality because you will think it is reality, so when you have cohabital halucinations (sexy ones) you will think enjoy
But if you see demons and devils or some horror you might freak out. Take chlorpromazine or haloperidol if u feel bad trip but only one pill and dont mix stuff
Yup, that's it - facing your fears head to head, literally, you feel it fully.

But I disagree with "without sense". There is a reason, if you can dig enough you can find the root cause and work it, maybe not on trip, but still.
Yeah bits are a bit flimsy but I remembering thinking I was dead because I couldn't trust my eyes.
I was at an illegal rave and it was my first and last time on acid. Someone spilt water on me but I didn't see it happen even though I was hyper alert to everything else.
Freaked out and started slipping everywhere, because the floor began to look like ice.
My head spun around and my mind just went to shit. some random girl called me an uber and then I woke up the following evening in my room alone.
You don't have a drug problem, friend. You have what we in the trade call a "secretly loving the cock" problem. By which I mean you secretly love cock.
Yeah, I meant not being able to access that reasoning while fucked up.

Every bad trip I ever had lead to some realisation after the fact which helped me progress and develop.
I have the same experience bro. For example
>3g of shrooms and trippy pills
>Big Festival
>Go to nearby beach to wait while all goes up with my friends, all of them tried a dose of shrooms at least.
>Sunrise starts
>Friends and I start tripping
>One screaming name of sweets, MM-s, cheerios etc
>Others seeing vidya styled stuff
>Me and my friend who took the same, start a hard eyesclosed trip
>friend very antipathic and paranoic, me too
>I know were it was going, to the loop.
>Loop hits hard
>Tell my friend I dont want to loop
>Stopped trippin at that exact moment
>Only tripped for an hour
>Others including my drug pal tripped for 5/6 hours
>Bruh wtf I cut my own trip
2/10 for trolling effort
bless ya

too tired and lazy for elaborate greentext

>had acid with some bros
>felt funny wasn't sure if it was kicking in
>go outside for smoke
>light her up
>TV vanes on opposite building look all melted
>side of building is colourful and breathing
>colours very vibrant
>go back inside
>friend makes stupid joke
>proceed to send my sides into orbit over it for the following 8 hours
Thanks for advice. And how would the microdosing work? Can you really know a potency of a mushroom?
If you take it and expect it to help it's not going to do jack shit. If you take shrooms to have fun and learn about tripping then it'll help.
Chilling in the dark playing some Dragon Age Origins, it kept getting harder and harder to focus. Eventually, I just started eating everything because I noticed that I could taste each component of my water individually. Ate like four pears, and then I just devolved into laying on my bed texting a friend with what felt like bolts of electricity riding through my body and out of my feet. Interesting time.
File: 1447158342020.gif (864 KB, 242x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not trolling. That's my professional diagnosis. If you disagree, remember that you got fucked in the ass by a britbong tranny so your opinion may be biased. Faggot.
microdosing is bullshit
When you look at something so indescribably beautiful and you just want to take a photo of it but you can't. That, for me, is the worst thing about dropping acid. God I wish I was arty
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>buy acid
>take it with girlfriend
>tastes bitter as fuck
>have an amazing trip, best sex of my life, tons of indescribable experiences at the same time, my dick feels huge, as big as a hand, animistic experience, hallucinations, visions.
> later turns out its not LSD its NOMBE
> fucked up my tolerance, never had strong trip again.
> now when i take lsd, i just see more clearly, and feel my body better, no tripping, no hallucinations.
>feels bad man.
I know about micro dosing with lsd, I know you can also do it with shrooms but I think it's less effective because the psilocybin content of mushrooms can vary.
Still probably worth a shot though friend, but I'd experiment on weekends/days where you know you're not going to be needed until you figure out around what dose you should be on. Microdosing on lsd is like having a big cup of coffee that lasts all day. You sort of have a good day no matter what :^)
Went out wandering in the woods with friends. Found cave painting. Watched "TV" for an hour. Shit was the bonb. Oh and we were also naked.
psilocybe cubensis is I think 0.2 to 0.5. You need to find your dose tbh - mine is a little below 0.2.
I never said i didnt love the cock hence best night ever
N-bomb fucked my day up once too man - I've tripped on acid, shrooms, ket, 2Ci, 2Cb, fly agaric, DMT and opium. N-Bomb left me in a mental coma for about 2 months, sleep was fucked, sex drive was fucked, appetite was fucked. Nasty shit, and not to be played with.
>checking my own pulse to find out if I'm dead.

Amirite, anons?
File: coolasfuck.gif (144 KB, 126x126) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cool no secret then. As you were, apologies for any offence caused.

It's only fun to taunt people who've been fucked by trannies if they ain't into it.
mushrooms are super fucking easy to grow and if your growing them its easier to gauge the potency
Far too simple.

I once spent a half-hour in a club looking for someone who didn't believe in ghosts. Because if they can hear me, and they don't believe, I am OBVIOUSLY still alive.

Fuck you acid, can't fool me!
When i took smaller doses of NOMBE i was fine, just next day i was feeling spent. One time i took larger dose, could not get out of bed for 2 days after, was feeling so sick.
>go to starfucker on a hit of acid

>Right before, Mr and my buddies stop at the train yards to smoke a blunt.

>Right after, we head through this outdoor venue that's open when nothings going on and take a sit

>Up come this ghetto ass black and Mexican guys.

>They start introducing themselves

>My mind is lingering on the possibility of being mugged or raped.

>Behind these guys down this tunnel thing blow the stage I hear someone talking

>I look and see a man walking towards us

>As he gets closer I hear him speaking in tongues

>Apparently he really was speaking in tongues. Some crazy ass homeless guy. He came up to us and we skedaddled to the concert

>Right after we leave that outdoor place we come across these groups of white people who are either in all red or all blue

>I see them being grouped by color, not sure if they actually were

>I become convinced they're crips and bloods and keep walking

>Turns out it was a theme for the concert I went to

>Right before we get to the concert venue some dude with a hat comes up to us while singing

>He tells us he did something nice and then a little kid gave him this fedora thing he had on

>I felt good that the world could be such a happy place

>Go in and the guy asks me if I'm 21. I don't understand him and i guess I was obviously tripping. He just laughs and stamps.

>For the first opener, idk what the fuck they were thinking. Some white guy in all black starts moaning into the microphone while lifting his T-shirt and rubbing his tummy and chest

>Like seriously that happened. It wasn't even music I don't think.

>Get to the front row and find some other friends. One has a vape he lets me hit off of. Perfect time perfect place. Felt fucking good

>One of my friends is drunk as shit. I told him I was considering taking a second hit and he told me it gets way better when you do

>So I drop another hit and boy fucking howdy did I start tripping some major butt.

>9/10 experience
>drop acid
>go to cinema
>all is fine
>get into hall
>sit on chair
>spot some spilt popcorn on the floor
>get into my head that the white of the popcorn is floor
>lights go off, film starts
>spend the next 7 thousand years huddled in the festal position waiting for the lights to come on and scare the bugs away
Yeah, my own hubris fucked me - I was such a big deal in my social circles for being so "brave" when it came to drugs, so of course I had to take the largest dose...

Then N-Bomb decided to drop a fucking 40-megaton humility cluster-bomb on my fucking head. Rough as fuck.
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first time i tried acid i didnt feel it but my friend did, he says it might of been the lean and weed, but he was having both of those things as well and still hallucinating.

second time i had pure dripped on an altoid. i got a lot of good feels in the body, but still no visuals. my thoughts were all over the place too.

i took 2 hits of the research chemical i 25b (some call it fake acid but i dont think they were that similar) in one night a few hours apart. they would have me on my ass feeling wild for a few hours each. still didnt visualize anything.

the only time ive ever hallucinated is when i smoked salvia, as soon as i exhaled about half a bowls worth of 10x i completely left my body, and my vison was taken over by a red picture moving up really fast like on a film reel. i thought i died and i had accepted it. about ten minutes later i came to, and i felt really dirty and violated for some reason, but i did it again that day and it was not nearly as insane.
What you need when you're tripping balls is fool-proof plans, and good ideas.

And I was chock-full of those, mang!
Yeah, usually words can't describe such a beauty.
>failing to find pulse, and concluding that you are
Don't think that was acid friendo, usually you can't fall asleep especially peak of the trip, and I've never felt ill the morning after
now you're thinking with portals
>brother and I drop acid
>we decide to go see a movie
>wind up seeing Pacific Rim. In IMAX 3D
>only two in theater
>this is great because we were tripping balls and freaking out.
>good times
That greentext
da fuq u tryna do fam?
hands free fapping
I'm looking into getting some LSD but I don't know anybody that has it. I've been doing some research and found out about 1P-LSD which is apparently pretty much the same thing, and legal to buy as a research chem. Any anons had any experience with this? What do you recommend?
That chicks got an unusually large upper lip....
Yeah I get sick all the time when I take showers m8.
>drop 100ug 1P-LSD (hold under tongue moving it around my mouth (primarily the gums/under tongue)

>15 mins in I can feel a bit of an energy rush, which I was expecting but not as intense as it was considering I was only used to Mushrooms as my Psy drug of choice

>30mins in notice I'm coming up quite hard decide to listen to some nice music online

>about an hour in I decide I want to go and smoke some weed so I grind a bud up but doing this is quite hard. I took one or two hits from my joint and noticed weed made the trip quite shitty which again is odd because on Mushrooms weed feels fucking amazing...

>hour and a bit in decide to go for a walk, perhaps a bad idea due to being somewhat crippled but nothing bad happened physically although mentally it was quite the battle. I was walking past my old friends' house whom I don't talk to anymore and noticed I felt like I was moving but my vision wasn't changing, it's like I was stuck in time for that one moment. I was able to tell myself its just the L and try and walk but make sure I'm not walking more retarded than I normally do

>get home go to my bed room with a bottle of water and sit down on my bed for a bit staring at the ceiling

>room feels like a sandstone tomb with Egyptian hieroglyphs all around even though my room is blue

>visuals were pretty fine although I felt I peaked multiple times which I wasn't prepared for.

still haven't taken another dose yet, I'd like to do it when my family aren't at home or when I'm not at home but I don't go out too much and my family work different schedule trips so there's almost always someone in.
the first time i took half a tab of acid i cried in my room for 4 hours if that counts :/
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Story about me taking acid for the first time
>be me
>last year's "majówka" (cluster of polish national holidays, traditionally spent drinking and eating) at my friends summer house
>I should write summer shack, because all it had was 2 rooms (1 really big and small bedroom)
> 6 of us there, 5 taking acid, me, my gf (she took half) my friend and his crazy gf(more about it later), and another 2 dudes (1 was our guardian)
> lest call them: my gf, M, Crazy gf, A and no acid S
>we took it at noon
>S opened his 1st beer at noon
>around half and hour later started laughing for no reason, be a little stimulated(aroused? can I use this word in non sexual context?)
>minutes later it hit me hard
>sun, sounds, everything
>it was way too much for me, i curled near the tree trying to get used to all this stimulus
>hours past (few minutes in real time) and I got up
>looked at grass
>jesus that grass was so green
>looked at trees
>they were dancing
>so as a car parked near
>i say: 'that car is dancing
>gf says "no, its bending
>and its fucking bending
>house was made of wood
>knots were fucking amazing to look at, everything was moving around and into itself
>also spilled water on the floor, I saw entire fucking universe in it
>face of my gf was moving, nose was getting bigger, eyes smaller and the other way around
>fucking incredible
> When I went for a walk (which i thought took hours but i moved only about 200m from a house) i sat on a country road
>closed my eyes
>saw things i could not explain well in english
>it was like small tiles going from one to another, bending, expanding, going one from another, touch of dirt was giving me images
>not sure if it was synesthesia or I imagined it all

basically the whole experience was great and only if I had a dealer I would be taking acid on regular basis
but one thing

cont in next post
File: 1348654860299.jpg (106 KB, 691x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>crazy gf was a cutter, we all knew that
>she had cuts on her wrist, and had bi polar disorder
>she was weird but smart and was my buddys gf
>what I didnt know is that she had long horizontal cuts on her legs
>was chilling in the house eating some chees (yeah, he whole block of cheese holding it like a bread)
>crazy gf came to me and wanted to say something
>my face on the level of her legs
>those cuts
>those fucking cuts started moving
>going up and down, left and right
>sheer horror
>I got up, left the house and everything was great again

Acid is great
Start with low doses. If you take 50ug of acid nothing bad will happen to you and you will get a good idea what to expect next time. Sort out all of your personal problems ať least a week before drop ping. Also I wouldn't do it alone for the first time.
Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.
You're not Bill Hicks give me a real acid story
what sort of personal problems?

>no friends
>live in isolation

any of that will matter?
I kek'd, but seriously, what the fug...
He told my story better
I was basically you when I started Psys. Still am a neet but I have some friends, go out now and then and my anxiety has more or less vanished. I still get anxiety now and then but we're all human.

I'd start at half a 100ug tab. 100 if you're feeling brave but you really should do a small dose and slowly introduce yourself into it.
also I don't care if you're a massive pothead who smokes everyday don't smoke weed while you're tripping. It can go wrong and lead you into a paranoid/anxious/panic state.
God dammit we got another fag who thinks life is all just a Bill Hicks comedy routine. He didn't mean it literally he made that to make people laugh, don't take his shit too seriously he's just a comedian, he said it himself
Why so mad m8?
File: 1414934082623.gif (281 KB, 500x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
281 KB, 500x301
May be true for you, but don't be peddling that shit like it's factual for everyone. I smoke weed whenever I do psychedelics, never had a bad time doing so.
Cause all you white people are so unoriginal, I asked for a acid story not a Bill Hicks skit I've heard repeated a thousand times by other freakishly boring white people
Me and my mate dropped at about 10 am and went for a drive in another mates car who was high. Half way through the drive my mate on acid threw up out the window so we drove back to his house. After just cleaning up the car his grandma rocks up so we head off again to this bush track that was nearby. It was sick
You would prefer a Richard Pryor quote, Tyrone?

Bill Hicks took a fuck of a lot of psychedelics, and his opinion counts as much as anybodys. Also, it's a pretty neat summation of the kind of revelation some people have had while tripping balls.
i don't have any weed atm so no problems there. is tobacco no good too or it's okay? maybe i'll just put in a snus, i don't like to smoke too much anymore. what about 30mg codeine if i start having a bad trip? it's all i have to calm me down but i don't know if would be safe physically combine with a powerful drug
I really hope your acid story is you thinking you were Bill Hicks. That would be the worst out of all of these
Maybe you should stop browsing internet so much.
Once again I'm looking for YOUR experience on the drug, not some comedians
Just take a look at what the thread is saying, acid stories not quotes for dead comedians, if I wanted to see quotes I'll look them up myself
I'm thinking I want to try psychedelics but I have some family history of mental illnesses (don't ask what, I don't know) and I personally have a lot of anxiety. How likely is it that something really bad would happen and trigger other mental illnesses? And what's the safest to try?
It's safe to assume that you should stay away from it. If mental illness is a problem in your family it can happen to you so I'd stay away from such a thing.
>Sort out all of your personal problems ať least a week before drop ping.

Alternatively, just let the acid sort out your personal problems for you.

- Doctor
Stay away from acid, unless you want your anxiety amplified by a factor of twenty for twelve straight hours.
>be at party
>some jewish guy there
>bunch of muslims come in and start splashing acid on everyone
MDMA ftw. The euphoria should banish the anxiety. Perhaps permanently.
Thought i cut off my ball sack, not my balls, just the sack. Had my best mate check to make sure then i continued to try and hold my testes in place, so my 8nsides wouldnt fall out. Overall one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.
My friend spiked me by putting liquid lsd into a joint, Safe to say i got really fucked up and tried to fly out the top window
>with some hippie friends on a road trip up the Alaska highway to the Yukon, was in a difficult place in life

>middle of nowhere, on a hillside overlooking a river and some cliffs and an old mine
>out looking down old mine shafts etc when it hit me
>realise the mine shaft is breathing hot air on me, get a bit spooked but still think its pretty neat,
>Decide to walk back to fire
>run my fingers through the tall grass as I walk
>accidentally loose my mind, lay down in grass
>listen to my gf play guitar as the grass sways and connects to the shimmering, shifting tetris block sky.
> Go over to kiss her and her face looked hollow and rotten, as if her meat was decaying under her skin.
> Her pupils swelled up, her smile was malicious and her hair looked like straw, it was very frightening and I couldn't handle it

>don't realize how high I am at all.
>lay back down in grass
>eventually become grass. Forget I have a body and begin swaying with the wind.

This went on for what seemed like forever.

>freind hooks up his speaker by the fire, puts on some tool and calls me over
>listen to lateralus while being mezmerized by the fire,

I always hear about people feeling "oneness" on acid, I however experienced the opposite. It was a very sobring epiphany but not bad in the end

>look up from fire, zone out from music, look out at the barren dry landscape ahead of me
>no people, no buildings, just sand, rock, river and sky.
>the world has no connection to me, would keep on turning without me, and how so many things will exist without ever being experienced

>pondered the eternal nature of the universe and finally understood my mortality and that I would never accomplish all my goals, and that I had to stop wasting time

That trip was the first and last psychedelic I ever did.
After I got into cell service I called my mum, apologized for moving out so soon and told her I loved her, quit weed, quit smoking, applied (and got accepted) for trade school
I didn't forget to breathe, but i would get a rush of warmth at my mouth that spooked me a bit and I'd hyperventilate. I thought to myself "no one told me I wouldn't be able to breathe" and then I decided to chill out and breathe right. But that happened a few times over the course of the night.
Yeah, I know it's better to stay away. I'm just looking into it for now. Any idea of how likely it is to trigger shit I don't want happening though?
I got my dick stuck in a bottle of Sunny D once
LSD brings out pre-existing mental disorders, so if it happened on LSD it would of happened anyway. and the only way to find out is to try it which is pretty much russian roulette for anyone who has a family history of mental disorders. People get over them though, look up Peter Green for example
someone pls answer im int he same boat
I said that to cover up that I'm gay as fuck
File: boycott_ballocks.png (421 KB, 600x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>smoking acid

If this story is even true, it definitely wasn't acid in the joint.
File: 1466507594086.jpg (19 KB, 403x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I took 150ug and saw the most intense hallucinations ever. I experienced ego death and really learned alot about life during my 8h+ trip. 10/10 would take again
might have been hash
i was stoned off my ass for days after some of that
File: 1471398215915.jpg (103 KB, 964x964) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>dropped acid w/ 2 of my best m8s
>Eating chips
>My mate wants some
>Idk why but say no and he starts to chase me
>I get the idea that I'm holding a pot of honey and my mate is a bear
>I tell him and he starts to act like a bear aka retarded
>My other mate(whose house we were at) walks in and I explain the situation that there is a bear loose in his house
>He's plays along as well
>My retard mate runs into the other mates room and starts acting like a baby on the floor
>Me and houseboy crash on his bed
>His face rubs against mine
>Feel dat stubble
>Now I ain't gay but for some reason that made me believe that he was my husband
>Retard mate now becomes my son
>I tell them these ideas
>Now they believe that they are my husband and my son
>I take it further and reason that since we are at houseboys house I must be houseboys mum
>Houseboy is houseboys dad
>Retard is houseboy as a child
>I explain to them that this acid trip is our chance to change houseboys life by raising him differently
>Kind of like an 80s sci-fi movie
>We have micro arguments about paying for houseboys school fees and who is gonna pick him up from soccer training
>My "husband" suggests I should be a stay at home mum
>It gets to the point where everything is so serious that my mates turn to me and have to ask me to take them out of the trip
>I'm like bruh what do you mean? You guys have control over the trip as well
>Suddenly I realise that I've been the only one suggesting these ideas
>we quickly move on with our trip
>The rest of the day I feel kind of awkward as though I'm sitting in the same room as an ex of an actual long term relationship
>He and I exchange glances through out the day and there always seems to be this silent understanding of the emotional journey we went through
>Tfw the most meaningful romantic relationship of my life up to that point began and was broken off within 2 hours of dropping acid.
They call me the tripmaster whenever we do acid now.
Okay guys, where do i buy legit acid on spain safely?
"Oh, yeah Tripmaster, be my daddy again!"

You guys know you're gay, right? Like, your first acid epiphany was "Let's all be a family" after the dudes beard rubbed against you?

Holy shitballs, you haven't even reached denial yet.
The deepweb
Not mine but a friend's; first time trying acid he was real nervous and so when he went to an elementary school (it's rigt next to a cemetary) he saw zombies fuckin everywhere
lol wtf you don't see zombie when you're on acid just fractal patterns and keildoscopes and shit like that, you're buds was probably lying to you
Nope. Your friend is a shit-talking asshole who never saw a tab of real acid in his life. Call him out on it, and he'll admit it.
Also why were the zombies fucking? Such an exaggrated story
I said safely
File: 1472273348040.jpg (61 KB, 659x659) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 659x659
>be me, drop acid
>go to some hot ass lake with my 2 babysitters
>lose my shit when I see how beautiful nature is while on acid
>rope swing into lake
> almost drown cause me on acid doesn't know how to swim
>babysitters don't know how to swim so the shout encouraging shit
>thrash about till I reach land
>see a shit load of bugs living in mud
>silently lose it and trip goes from good to bad to worse
Ask anyone you know who does drugs and then buy a drug testing kit to make sure it actually is LSD/Acid
Safe as fuck. It will usually arrive tucked into a greetings card. The beauty of acid is that it's easy to hide.
Anyone know a good way to make sure it's actually LSD w/o buying one of those testing kits?
Just buy the kit it's your best bet, don't fuck around with that shit unless you're sure with what you get. The kit is a 100% guarantee on what you are getting
this. Fucking kek
Quints of truth nigguh
File: 5Ks2W1u.jpg (79 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 720x720
Basically all of them, and if someone in your family has one, you can get another one as well
It also can make it more severe
Be extremely careful if you have schizos in your family, that shit is not pretty

If there's no one in your family with a mental disorder, yourself included, I'd say enjoy your trip mang
True dat. Walked into music festival in the UK once with 150 Blue Buddha blotter acid. Dogs and cops everywhere, random drug searches left and right. Walked in smiling, no hassle at all.
Nice quints. And alright I was trying to be cheap but this is one of those things where you can't skimp
No man especially if you want LSD and only LSD. When it's shit like 2CINBOME people getting really weirded out, it's not really tested for human consumption, same with DOB and stuff like that
File: summer_roll.jpg (484 KB, 1632x1224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
484 KB, 1632x1224
Damn I was only worried about 25i. Ididnt realize there was so much fake shit
Quints knows it
How do you know that they aren't diluting the LSD with 25-i tho? It would still test positive for LSD.
Probably just a waste of good LSD, c'mon there isn't too much real LSD out there who would do such a thing :(
"look at my boy jack; he looked like he was made of sand
didnt look at jack again"
loosing it
how would this affect a sociopath?
>Projects violently
I was trying to be humorous by exaggerating the situation. I'm actually having a kek rn m8
File: 1416087228381.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
Suuuuuuuuure you were buddy...

OP asked for drug stories, not odd homo-erotic fiction featuring drugs.
>Be me
>Get acid
>Take it with three friends in my back yard
>We talk about pretty much everything
>End up doing yoga in my back yard
>"This is why people are afraid of drugs guys!"
>Go around the block
>I flip out in someones front yard because they have a beautiful fountain
>"When the fuck did they get this?!"
That is WAY too much that white girl is gonna fucking die
you're right
3 blotters? You better be fucking trolling, m8...

I could happily eat 3 tabs on a fucking pill comedown, and still run round the block.
Hope you are kidding, you practicly can't OD on acid
I once stared at a wood grain door for hours. Just unlocking the mystery of life and shit
That looks more like six? Usually my tabs are a little square but she looks like she ate half the fucking strip

So when I finally got home it was about three in the morning. I was tired. I saw on my futon and tuned in KPFK's late Sunday/Monday jazz show... awesome stuff... I looked at the legs of my Levis and saw that they'd changed into an intricate kind of ceramic mosaic, thousands and thousands of tiny pieces in fantastic colors... Got to work after an hour's sleep. Great experience.
Pretty decent trip I had bout a week ago I can share, got kinda scary by the end though
>take 500 microdots of %100 authentic lab tested Swedish darknet lsd-25
>laying in bed
>20 mins pass and everything becomes kaledascope of colors
>dog walks in while blowing massive vape cloud
>dog turns to polar bear
> make my way somehow outside
>everything s normal again
>calm and inner peace I am one with the trees blah blah
>suddenly dragon from skyrim hurrdiling towards me from the sky
>this it I'm dead
>actually is friendly asks if I like a ride while chucking a fat vape cloud
>ride dragon around city
>dragon is shot by missle
>tumbling to my death back to earth
>world is actually a trampoline, bounce into space
>visit moon, become moon king, mine resources until I've built a rocket back to earth
>kiss alien wife and children goodbye, hop in rocket
>close door , deep breath and tear up as heading back to earth
>go back home, clutching picture of moon family
>didn't know house was turned to Isis camp ground while away
>they leave I pick my head up and put it back on my shoulders
>listen to pink Floyd while coming down
No i'm more than positive thats 3, dunno what the hell you're on right now but you can clearly see it'd end up being 3 even lil square dudes
Nice story bro, fake af tho
Even 6 man... It'd fuck me up for a good 12 hours, but die from it? Fuck no.
Yeah not die but as in, she will be lost in that trip. That will not be fun if it's six. I've gone four and been just fine, but also I did one and a half once and my body completely gave up. I was at the mercy of that shit, trying to survive. So idk
>500 microdots

In their entire career, I doubt the fucking Beatles got through 500 microdots, you lying little cunt-smear.
File: 1473107596305.png (117 KB, 500x419) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 500x419
An "unsuccssful dumb person" by the name of Steve jobs got the idea for apple computor whilst tripping balls on acid.

>nice b8 m8
Her diggy would be well and truly shiggy'd for some time, no doubt.
File: 1471174249114.jpg (360 KB, 680x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
360 KB, 680x680
Ur right m8. I should just tell OP about that time me and my mates stared at a fuckin couch rather than try to translate abstract reactions to stimuli while under the influence of a high dose of lsd into a coherent and humorous story. Have you ever seen any Seth Rogan/ James Franco movies? They're pretty homo-erotic too ay m8.
File: IMG_20151222_180010.jpg (153 KB, 1192x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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On a very mild dose, took a hit of nitrous, and
>I saw a little man, which I identified with, >he's working some machinery with pulleys on it
>then, like in a movie, my vision zoomed out a little
>saw a lot more of em in sections around it, all doing their thing with a part of a machine
>now I identified with all of these little people at the same time
>zoomed out further and saw more and more of them working the ever-growing machinery
>each little action of them with their little machine part having a purpose in keeping the big machine going
>finally, zoomed out all the way, revealing that the big machine was in fact, me, my body, and all the work the little people were doing with such enthusiasm and effort was just to make me take my next breath.
I felt incredibly honoured. And like a GOD. In that moment I also realized this was the same for every living thing, and how amazing life is.

>GF and I order acid off of AB
>bla bla etc 4 days later package arrives at drop
>Picked it up alone, decide to try it out since GF never has before
>Feeling nowhere near contempt unless I go outside so I do
>Across the street theres some black old man and i'm visualizing him being obama in a tank top on his day off smokin' a joint, he's morphing slowly to my concept
>Look up, clouds were particularly beautiful

no idea what happened after this until I got to the bus stop

>arrived to destination
Bus that i'm meaning to catch is on layover in front of the station
>No idea how but the bus and the bus station fused into like some weird night club looking establishment
>then the snakes
>bus route is 52
>imagine the 5 battling the 2 (not visually just had a deep rambling though)
>Get to gf's house
>literally nobody home, can't even find a cat
>honestly thought I'd walked into someone elses house for a moment
>Her friends are there, not aware of me tripping the fuck out
>I try to avoid conflict cause they're straight edge

It wasn't really fun near the end cause of restrictions.
The story behind that one and a half is a good one
>night before 420
>tripping while friends are all high and on pills
>go to seven eleven
>sat outside, fuck going in, this shit is too strong wtf
>felt like hours thought they left me
>the tribe returns from their quest
>we walk back
>a vision of older me appears and tells me to brace myself
>passing an ihop I fall apart completely
>my "friends" start screaming that I'm a bitch
>we meet up later in a parking garage
File: fuckrightoff.gif (119 KB, 320x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All I'm saying dude is that when asked to recount a cool acid story, MY first go-to story would not be the one where me and my buddies were pretending to be a family...

Not when I was posting on 4chan, anyway.
You must of took 25i m8
>be me
>dropped acid with my older brother
>out walking
>walk for 20 km
>kicks in
>realize we have to walk 20 km home
>realize I love Ingmar Bergman
>laughe and talk about Bergman all the way home
mfw I have never laughed this hard
>get home
>play music
>brother goes to sleep, eventually
>I try to get drunk
>good times
Well thanks for caring. Say dude, I ain't gay or nuthin but would ya let me blow ur horn? Haha ai papi
It wasn't strong enough so I'll try again some other time.
>Decide to cut it in half and share with my friend
>We were sitting in her backyard, it was only +20 C but we were sweating our asses of because it tried to kick in
>I'm looking at the windows of the houses in front of us, usually they looked pitch black but now they looked like oil leakage on highway road in sea
>The kid from the neighbor comes over to us to ask the time
>Sounds like Siri backwards but somehow managed to hear what he said and told him the time
>''Thank you'' again the robot voice and he leaves
>She heard the same
>The world looked a lot brighter and colorful
>My body was twitching all night a little.

So nothing big really.
How do you guys deal with the comedown? I almost always have a bad time of it, especially when I can't fall asleep for what feels like hours

Try to get drunk.
File: OIL LEAKAGE.jpg (783 KB, 1200x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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* road/in sea. Pic related
File: ughno.gif (786 KB, 240x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
786 KB, 240x228
No homo?

Just kidding, you massive homo.
Weed, vodka, any kind of opiate, and company - DO NOT forget company. Coming down is fine when you have someone to bounce off. Trying to do it solo is always a ball-ache.
I had no bad comedowns from acid or extra, it was pretty zen and then i got a long sleep. On speed though, it was hell. I truly didn't want to live even though i was trying to convince myself I have nothing to worry about. I slept throughout the rest of the day then.Not worth it for me
exta* fuck i can't write today
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