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shota / loli / yaoi / w/e thread v2
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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shota / loli / yaoi / w/e thread v2
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thank mr. bot
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to be fair it is still pretty autistic tbh
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>don't lick me, it feels so good
Fucking airheads.
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dumb cunts
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Never denied that it's autistic. But unlike them, I take my profession seriously.
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anybody know of any good shota anime?
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i'd like to be good enough at something to the point where i can call other professionals shit at it

don't think that'll ever happen though, i'm more of a jack of all trades
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>inb4 Dragonball
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boku no pico is honestly the only one i know of

unless you mean anime with shota in it, in which case there are tons
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Fun fact: I am still worse than the best out there, so I often feel like I have no right to call others out for their incompetence.

And then I see people programming crap in Java that doesn't even work properly, and I am just wondering where they learned to program. I learned it myself, and I consider myself to be a pretty bad teacher.
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fuckin GOT EM, boys
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why in 2016
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"Because you compile it once, and it runs everywhere". And I have to admit, it's a valid argument.
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but so do a lot of languages
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C doesn't. C++ doesn't. Assembler doesn't.

But what I can do is make sure that at least the API matches on all operating systems, even if the ABI does not. Which means that the same binary won't run everywhere, but at least it will compile everywhere.

. Perl does and Python does, but
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but they're not good languages for doing anything involving windows or anything complex?
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Ugh, ignore that last part about Perl and Python. That was me forgetting to delete my senseless ramblings.

Oh, but it's true that Perl and Python are one hell to setup properly on Windows. On Linux, things tend to work out of the box. I mean, they even ship a C and C++ compiler with any useful distro out there.
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Any Shota being forced by older guy?
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i wouldn't say they're hard to set up on windows, you just install the binary and then put it in your PATH variable if you really want to run it from CMD

idk i might have some
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That's already harder than on most other Linux distros. Because on Linux these libraries are directly installed in binary/library directories.

And at least for me there have always been weird path finding issues when I wanted to start scripts in other directories.
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Any loli videos? Like regular hentai length.
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>pacman -S python
arch truly is my waifu

can't say i've ever really had any issues with python on windows though
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I fell for the "Compile Gentoo" meme. I do:
>I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING=y emerge --ask --update --deep --with-bdeps=y --newuse @world
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jesus christ why
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Forgot to post loli, thus you get two now.
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Because I like to have native AVX2 support in all my binaries.
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two for the price of one, what a deal!
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i pretty much jumped into the deep end when it came to linux, i've used it pretty much my whole life on servers and stuff but never on my desktop. Went directly from Ubuntu > Debian > Arch. Maybe I'll fall for the Gentoo meme one day, but even Arch is pretty complex for me.
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I had Windows for about 14 years of my life. Then during my job training they exclusively used Ubuntu there, and so I rolled with it. And after two years I immediately went for Gentoo.

I already practised to compile my kernel in my Ubuntu days, though.
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>tfw saw the cutest irl shot a at the laundromat earlier

Almost made my heart stop.
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gotta compile your kernel yourself to keep your legally questionable porn away from the government amiright

go on
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So i watched No Money the other day and loved it. anyone got any recommendations for other simlar OVAs?
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Is that the whole picture?
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what is no money
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Any cross dressing?
While being fucked?
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No, I just wanted to get rid of stuff that I didn't need (kernel compression, initramfs, unused kernel modules). And I learned a great deal in the process - like that the Red Hat guys are complete retards because they program like literal shit when it comes to the Nouveau driver.
He was nine and was doing laundry on his own. Helped him fold shit. Talked about stuff and touched undies. Doubtful I'll do more because I'm not a bad guy.
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cross dressing aint really my thing but i think i have a bit
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are you going to go Terry and make your own OS?

go on
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Let's say it's all I got.
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yaoi ova.
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Still gr8 m8
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That's all, sorry friendo.
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go on anon
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Like TempleOS? Nah, I am too lazy for that. Configuring and compiling a kernel is one thing, rewriting everything from scratch is another.

And don't forget, I couldn't use reference implementations anyways because I do not want to use certain functions (I want to have non-NUL-terminated strings-support, no user-space locks for memory allocations and clean-ups ...).
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how easy is it to configure the kernel anyway? is it literally just changing options in a config file somewhere?
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it's an edited version from some hentai video, originally it was some chick getting banged but it was edited to be len.
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captcha: papa dolphin
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You download the kernel archive file, you decompress it, you type "make xconfig", and then you have one hell of a collection of options you can set. And after you are set - which can easily take days if you are doing that for the first time and have no idea what you are doing - you save your changes and the file ".config" is written.

Then you just type "make -j8" (-j8 for the amount of compiling processes to have at one time), and then you wait. And then there can be problems with firmware, or compressions, or module installations ... but these are comparatively easy to solve.
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i feel like if i was going that far i may as well just build my own OS on top of the kernel
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1 MB, 1000x1000
An entire OS is nearly as complicated as the kernel. There are so many userspace programs most people aren't even aware of. Or do you feel like programming zlib again all by yourself? Or OpenSSL?

Though so.
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nah just clone arch and give it a cool name and change the version number to 1 :^)
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Assembler isn't a language...assembly is
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We seem to have different definitions of the term "build", then. Because if I was to build my own OS, I'd have to through away all user space programs out there.
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idk i think he knows more than you probably
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x64 assembly, then.

Happy now?
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so just pull a terry and make your own TempleOS, shouldn't take more than a few decades.
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No, he's right. Assembler is the program that takes assembly code and created binary code from that. A disassembler takes binary code and converts it back into assembly. There are different assemblers for different kinds of assembly code, too.
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I may be autistic, but I am not insane.

Just saying, if you're going to spout pretentious bullshit all thread long at least don't fuck up while you're doing it tbh fampai, it's embarrassing.
i just write directly in binary to avoid these naming complications

you don't need to be insane, just a schizophrenic religious nut.
>When boys think a tee shirt is enough to cover up with
the lewder the better. also checked.
>implying I give a fuck about someone who's probably levels below me.

Spoiler: I don't.

>i just write directly in binary

Yeah, right.
i actually just scratch 1s and 0s into my CPU to program
Kek, I was joking about how irl boys tend to do this as well. At least from what I've seen.
My thread downloader that updates the status of each thread every 60 seconds and has downloaded about 500 images and JSON files in that time only required 10 seconds of one CPU, and that in 5 hours of runtime. And I didn't even activate higher optimization levels.
>who's probably levels below me.
Case in point, if you need to talk shit in a shota thread about things that aren't even remotely technologically complicated then you're probably not really levels above anyone except for grandma. The fact that you're so easy to b8 by your fragile ego proves it.
i've done it before, and more boys should so i can see their lewdity.

but did you scratch the bits directly into the CPU to make them? checkmate.
We are having a nice debate here, and you autistic shit of a person found out one flaw in which I mixed up assembly with assembler - oh, jokes on you, English ain't even my native language - and suddenly I am talking shit.

Hey, I got an idea - just kill yourself and make everyone else happy. Because people like you deserve to die. Any, I repeat any judge in this world would just sentence you to 10 times having your head sawed off with a hacksaw.

I admit, I didn't.
>english ain't even my native language
where are you from? i wish i could speak more than 1 language fluently.
Germany. ÄäÖöÜüß
It's called a conversation. And no shit it isn't your native language, you're probably just a dumb nigger.
i know a little bit about a lot of languages, but the one i speak best is probably swedish. most germanic langauges are fairly easy to figure out once you speak one.
Höhöhö. Du Hodenkobold bist wahrscheinlich nicht mal in der Lage, dich in deiner eigenen Muttersprache zu unterhalten. Hiermit stellt sich die Frage, warum du ungebildeter Höhlentroll dich nicht einfach unter deiner Brücke ersäuft.

Antwort? Weil du ein Troll bist.

Now, since you are a dumb shit, you have no way to verify if my grammar is that of a German, but you know what? Es interessiert mich mal gar nicht.
German has some real advantages over English. For example, the pronunciations are nearly always spot-on. In German, there is no confusion about "mature" and "nature", between "Kernel" and "Colonel", and other stuff like that.
Amazing, I just received a $100 Dollar Free Steam Wallet Code at
but does german have great slang like we have in australian english?
We have Saxon, Bavarian, Swabian, High German, Berlin, and Northern German, along with Swiss-German (which is not really spoken commonly in Germany).
but do you have 50, yes, FIFTY kinds of pizza like the americans have? i thought not.
Whenever I order pizza I see order numbers that go high as 105. And that's just your average pizzeria that happens to reside in my street.
germans however don't have truly free pizza (GNU/Pizza)
I can look at the recipes and make my own any time I want, and I can share the recipes with anyone I want to. I pay them for making a pizza, not for their secret recipes.
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