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We fucked around on each other while dating. Just seemed natural at the time. So it wasn't a shock when she continued fucking around on me after we got married. After all, we had agreed to having an open marriage.
Then, several years into the marriage, she comes home from work all jumpy and nervous and acting like a cat on a hot tin roof.

What's your problem? I finally asked her.

I'm fucking horny, she said.

Then let's go into the bedroom, I told her.

No, she said, sitting down in one of the armchairs. Right fucking here.

She pulled her dress up above her waist and threw her legs over the chair's padded arms.

Jesus, I said. You are horny.

Her cunt was puffy and her fluids were practically streaming out of her hole
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Go on...
I opened my jeans, stepped out of them, and got ready to enter her.

No, she said. Eat me first.

So I knelt and ate her. Her hole was very relaxed, and it was like drinking from a fountain. Meanwhile, she was moaning and cumming the whole time. Which just made me suck and tongue her harder.

I knew she tasted different, but what the hell, she did from time to time.
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please continue
I ate her for maybe fifteen minutes until she finally pulled my head up from between her thighs and kissed me. Deep french. Including sucking on my tongue like it was a limber dick.

God, she said, his cum tastes even more wonderful in your mouth.
Now fuck me. Hard. He loaded a lot of cum deep inside me. And I want your cock to drag it out of me so we can feast on it!

And so my being a cuck began.
if this is true, i envy you. any other stories?
We talked about it off and on for the next few days, and I finally decided what-the-hell, what was was and it was time to get past it.

And then, the next Sunday afternoon, she went to meet some friends and didn't get back until after dark. I knew the moment she walked in the house.

You've been with him, I said.

All afternoon. 6 goddamn erections. And I took every single one of them deep inside.

She walked straight to the armchair and sat down in the same position she had a few days earlier.

I stared at her swollen dripping cunt, at the trails of juice that glistened on her thighs.

Well? she asked.

I didn't even bother to drop my jeans. I just knelt and began to feed on her cunt.

And, God help me, she tasted wonderful!
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>Camping with wife in Europe
>Always talked about offering her up to strangers.
>Late night at camp, a bit drunk we decide to try it.
>I finger-fuck her and lube up her pussy and ass.
>She goes on all fours and sticks her rear out of the tent and I drop the cover over her so just her ass sticks out and the rest covered.
>She gets turned on an starts sucking me off.
>It's hot enough having her gag on me knowing she's on display.
>After 15 miuntes I reckon nothings going to happen until I gear the gravel crunch.
>She looks up at me, I can tell she's nervous.
>I hear a belt buckle undo, this guy doesn't mess around and slides right into her, I wonder if he's been wanking from afar.
>The look on her face as he slides in, one of delight and surprise.
>She lets out a long moan and goes back to sucking me.
>The shafts from the other guy rock her back and forth, she sucks me hungily, her tits swaying from both of us filling her.
>I can hear the sounds of her wet pussy as he slides into her, she pounds back onto him.
>She's lost in the moment I pull out of her mouth, spit dribbling from her chin, she works herself onto him as she's rocked back and forth.
>I wonder if he will fuck her tight lubbed ass too.
>I whisper to her to spread her ass cheeks, she puts her arms under and arches lower.
>He speeds up drilling her and she lets out a long gasp as I know he has slid a finger into her butt.
Wants a Bull
Things went on like that for a couple of months. Twice, sometimes three times a week, she'd come home late from work, take the now familiar position in the armchair, and I'd clean her up before fucking her.

And, of course, every Sunday afternoon. When he really seemed to go crazy fucking her.

And then one Sunday, three months or so in, she asked me to go with her to see him.

I asked her why.

She shrugged.

I don't know, I said.

I would like you to watch us, she said in a low voice.

I sighed, nodded, and followed her out the door. What the hell. Truth was I spent every time she was late home from work and all those Sunday afternoons wondering about what they doing. Positions. The size of his cock. What she said while they were fucking. Whether or not she sucked his cock.

The fucking details!

And I'd be hard as a rock the whole time!!
That's just gay man
All women want a bull on the side!
should I repost pic and you can have her
I'm a cuck, not a bull.
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He busted a thick load in her at the end and went leaving her with his cum dripping out of her. I fucked her right after, she was so full of his cum and stretched wide.

I'll offer her up again, she found it such a turn on just being a fuck piece.
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You eat her too?
Eat those balls you ball licker.
I filled her up and she straddled over my face and I ate every last drop out of her.
We'll go camping again soon, I want to see if we can get more than one guy to take her.
I figured they had been meeting in a cheap motel some place, but I was wrong. They had been meeting in a lush, fancy corporate apartment.

He opened the door in just a thick white robe.

My wife stepped in, kissed him, and while kissing him, pointed reached inside for his cock. He in turn kissed her back and pulled up her skirt so I could see her naked ass. No panties.

They broke apart after a long kiss, and he stepped back out of the way.

Come on in, he said.

A very thick cock stuck out through the wings of his robe, my wife holding on firmly to the base.

I walked in.

He shut the door.

They led me into the apartment.

Drink?, he asked.

Yes, I said


Canadian, neat.

He pried her hand off his cock and brought back a heavy crystal tumbler with two fingers of Canadian whiskey.

I drained it.

He laughed.

Maybe I should just bring you the bottle.
some cuck with skype here?

They taste so fucking good after they've been well fucked!
> for you girlfriend
Indian cucks man
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bruised 3.jpg
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Her battered cunt after she got home one Sunday evening.
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Agree! All wet and a dripping pussy, hard nipples pulsating from the pleasure of another guy pounding her tight pussy and pumping deep with foreign cum.
By the way, the name is George, he said extending his hand.

Alex, I said, as we shook hands.

I know, he said. He looked over at my wife.

Hot little woman you got there.

I know, I said.

Yeah, she said you knew. You sure you okay with it?

I shrugged.

And with watching us?

I thought and then nodded.

Then settle in. You know where the liquor is, right?

I nodded.

The wife got down on the thick carpet, put her head down, pulled her skirt onto her back, and spread her knees apart.

Her cunt was already soaked and dripping.

George dropped his robe onto the floor.

Nothing like being married to a free spirited woman!
yeah, I can't stand bad grammar on captions, but then again, having tried writing a few with a fully engorged dick, I'm aware that sometimes you're just a little distracted
If someone gives a shit I can post the story of a threesome that became an almost cuckolding experience
Go for it

Mid-fifties. Short, graying hair. Nice face. Friendly. And horny as fuck.

My legs trembled as he knelt behind her, positioned his cock on her wet opening, then pulled her all the way back onto him.

She came. Orgasm number one. I fucking well knew that fucking guttural moan. And I also knew goddamn well that her cunt was dancing around his cock.

Rule number 1. Women will always go for thickness over thin. They like a better than normal length - 7 to 9 inches - but what really gets to them is a cock stretching out their hole. And George was damn well stretching her open.

I sat down on the floor.
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