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ITT: greentext / bits of info / short stories...
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Unbenannt (2).png
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ITT: greentext / bits of info / short stories / life lessons / advice / fuck ups / stuff you never really figured out
i will post a larg-ish folder, you only need to bump.

>inb4 movin with your uncle in Bel Air
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I just unbanned myself to give you a bump OP
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much appreciated
nah mate, thank you. Let me help
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if anyone has pic related copypastable please post i am way too lazy to type all that shit but at times its good
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people need to be reminded about this, everyday.
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I gotta leave, take care anons. Dont let the faggot stuff gets into your brain, that shit makes you retarded.
Raziel: Seraphan, Rahab. The antithesis of all we ever believed.
Rahab: Does it matter? We were lost. He saved us.
Raziel: Saved us? From what?
Rahab: From ourselves.

"Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver"
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spread light.png
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i mean its a good pasta and some of the points brought up are totally valid.

/b/ has always been a shitty place and will always be - i dont see any positive changes.

this is the site where i have learned the most truth.
this is the site where the consgtant need to attention has - sometimes - had some positive effect. everywhere else, its wasted, here an effort of selfishness is made into a masterpiece of collaboration between anonymous people who would not even recognize each others should they meet again.
i have not seen that happen so often in any other community.

sure, if you suck, you will still suck when you stay here. and if you dont have a life outside of 4chan, you wont learn much new here. but unless someone finds a community that has less cancer, this one is still the best we have.
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This is the truest thing I've seen on b in a long ads fucking time.

Goodbye b. Go fuck yourself and implode up your own asshole with your ten thousand variations of "pics you promised you wouldn't share" threads which are all just posting pictures of fucking women.
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