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Guys, I need help. I am very socially and...
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Guys, I need help. I am very socially and even emotionally slow compared to others. For a long time I've tried to get a girlfriend, but I've just that even my friends don't like me that much. I'm needy, have low self esteem and desperately want attention, and I've realized that until I fix this I won't be able to really connect with anyone as friends, and even less as a couple. I think it stems from me always being the four eyed loser and now, when I want to fix this I can't. Can I get some help?
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Stop giving a shit about what other people's opinions of you are. Depreciation of yourself is not a trait people look fondly on. You need to go in your bathroom look in your mirror and give yourself positive reassurance. Stand tall, proud, and speak passionately about things you believe in. Be aloof and mysterious, girls love that. Wearing glasses isn't that bad of a thing, you need to see after all. It's a small oversight you're dwelling on. Most people don't care that you're wearing glasses, your mind tells you otherwise, but it's the truth.
Go to social gatherings or events that you're interested in and talk to others who share your interests.
Always smile and make sure to keep up on your personal hygiene.
First off, great GIF saved
Second thing: the only time I was mocked for having glasses was from first grade to fourth
Third thing: I try not to give a fuck, I try to stay positive, I got to every social gathering I'm invited to, even when it's just a few matches of soccer which I don't like playing and suck at.
I don't know how to be mysterious and I am aloof around other people because I don't want to get in the way of them having by being me
*having fun
I'm the same way. You have to take advantage of it. Like '694 said, you've gotta be mysterious. Sit in the back of class, etc. Just do shit cool kids do in the movies and don't talk very often. Ask profound questions when appropriate. You know. Then pick out a girl that's like a 7 or 8. Go up to her, introduce yourself, and have a small conversation with her as you walk to class. Ask for her number after class. Text her at around 8 o'clock then slowly ease your way into it. Don't rush cause that scares them.
I have tried all of that and none of it worked, especially sitting in the back of the class. I get distracted way to easilly.
But seriously I either fail to keep up the act or just fail for some god forsaken reason.
then sit in the middle. just don't sit in the front like a teacher's pet. If you can't then just embrace you as yourself. Own who you are.
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Glad you like it, I have some more.
Oh, the way I read it in the original context was that you feel others perceive you as a four-eyed loser, but that's good they don't ridicule you for it now.
Try harder, if someone pokes fun at you do it right back. Laugh about them trying to crush you, that makes smaller minded people mad because they can't stand to see you being happy, especially when they get no rouse out of you from their belittlement.
Go to other events that you aren't invited to, like a bar, library, hell go to a church if you're inclined. There's always places to go to find women.
See, it doesn't matter if you suck at something as long as you're having fun. If you dwell on not being good, that will deter people from conversing because you're visibly flustered. Everybody sucks, they just do it to bypass time and have fun.
Mysterious would be like, make them wonder about you. Be the quiet one. If they ask you questions, smile at them directly and answer it vaguely. It will intrigue them to want to know you more.
That's the wrong mindset, don't feel you're in the way. You have as much right to be there having fun as they do.
My problem so much about women anymore, it's more about just properly socializing with anyone
I try but I always seem to ridicule myself
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>keep personal hygiene up
>stop eating sugar
>stop playing so much vidya
>devote time usually spent on vidya on something productive, like going to the gym for 6 months 3 times a week
>go to a decent Barbour

come back in 6 months and tell me you haven't noticed a change.
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I don't even play vidya that much anymore, just sit at my pc doing nothing.
I don't go to the gym but I exercise so yeah and I keep good hygiene. My problem is in my personality, like my self esteem and shit...
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spend the non constructive time aiming for something, I'm aiming for benching my own body weight (95kg), something I will do within the month.

believe me, going to the gym is the best thing I have ever done. the way people speak to you changes, your own opinion of oneself changes which in turn boosts your confidence. I know from experience man, only you canb sort yourself out
Maybe when I'm more economically comfortable I'll try it.
dont be needy, dont want attention, dont be a loser.

there, problem fixed
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Your self esteem wouldn't be bad if you exercised and practiced good hygiene
Whatever ya say man
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