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Nigger rekt thread.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Nigger rekt thread.

Also sauce since I know people will be asking for it. To be fair though the chink is actually kind of a dick since the guy he's putting down is educated and working.

The chink isn't being a dick. Apparently you haven't watched your sauce anon.

Educated and working doesn't mean shit when you're blinded by pride, racism, and excuses.

That's how it is in the US. It doesn't matter how much we do for them, they waste everything then blame us when they have nothing.

Thousands of projects we've built for them, condemned. A trillion or more every year, in assistance alone to the black community!

And look at them.. they have nothing but poverty, hate, and stupidity.

TO BE FAIR, the world just pull out of Africa and let the fuckers evolve on their own. They're not ready for society.

*talking about that guy, not the whole of Africa specifically*

Reading comprehension, /b/ lacks it.
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what exactly have we done for them anon?

so far i got,

owned them

segregated them

restricted their right to vote

used violence to keep them down

anything else you'd like to contribute?
>Reading comprehension, /b/ lacks it.

That's ironic.

>what exactly have we done for them anon?

More than anyone else, including themselves, ever has. How is that not enough?

>so far i got,
>owned them

They owned us, too. The marines were created to fight black slavers from slaving whites, idiot.

>segregated them

Yeah? Walk through any black neighborhood. Have fun with that.

>restricted their right to vote

I don't think they should be allowed to vote. Their IQ's aren't high enough. Cry.

>used violence to keep them down

86% of all interracial crimes of violence (assault, rape, murder) that happens between whites and blacks in the US... it's committed by BLACKS against WHITES, idiot.

>anything else you'd like to contribute?

I could go on all day. But I gotta work.
you sir, are a massive faggot.

get your ass out of your moms basement and go talk that shit to some educated black people and get what you need you fucking oxygen wasting faggot.

Most blacks are useless, hateful, violent, subhuman pieces of shit.


>I could go on all day. But I gotta work.

Dunking your waifu in the tub to check for air leaks does not constitute work.

>educated black people

Yeah, those degrees in African Women's Studies from Grambling and Detroit A&M sure work wonders in the real world.
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>marines were created to fight france
>lived in a black neighborhood. Try backpacking off trail in Appalachia.
>well how do you do racist?
>not taking into account cops and other government officials.

have a great day at work anon! i'm glad we solved rascism
I couldn't manage to overstate just how much I hate niggers. If I could, I would skin every single one alive and toss them into a pit of searing salts, then throw nails into their mouths as they scream. Once that's done, I would tar them with salty tar and have them beaten with bats for several hours before feathering them and setting them ablaze. I'd let them burn, but not long enough to kill them, just long enough to sear their raw muscle tissue and then I would throw them into the coldest parts of the oceans. Before they could freeze or drown, I would personally shoot as many as I could using a chopper-mounted injector cannon that shoots giant needles full of bullet ants into whatever's left of them.

Then I would throw a few thousand live generators into the waters.
Finally the sauce for this shit. Thanks OP.

he meant navy.

you're wrong on everything else.
Probably the dumbest shit I've read today. Back to Trumps subreddit with you.
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according to whom? any racist thing i see is either backed up by anecdotal evidence or statistic put out by propaganda websites.

Funny how you can't list what is dumb about it, or offer any proof that to validate your assertions.

In other words, you're just a dipshit liberal.
I literally want their entire race reduced to ashes. There should just be no niggers, nothing good has ever come from them. They weren't even good slaves because they dared feel entitled to freedoms they simply do not deserve. DEATH TO ALL NIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!
Is it just me or Is /b/ flooded with SJW's?
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Where are you from? do you have a lot of negative interactions with what you would consider niggers?
Boohoo people don't agree with my viewpoints. Quick, call them SJWs. Hah! That'll teach 'em!
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Can't believe this kind of threads still get so many replies.
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it's just you. we think it's flooded with racists. I know we're all just people with different values
The most likely reason for you to be injured off trail in Appalachia is animals or other non-human dangers like hidden crevices, rockfalls, etc... Are you calling black people animals?
I am from Florida, and I have had no positive interactions with what everyone should call niggers.

They have attacked me, they have attacked each other, entire neighborhoods are hostile areas because they're too present. I have watched them steal, I have watched them kill. I have seen them rape, lie and ruin.

They are animals without rational thought or understanding. They are wild and savage.

It would be a great service to our entire species if they were simply wiped away.
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are you saying white people aren't?


that's unfortunate. I lived with several in Colorado and honestly they pulled the same shit our white friends did. their parties were better two. It was kinda of sad that a family of 4 was living in the same type of two bedroom as my brother and I. incarceration made it tough for them to get jobs but honestly they got busted for a lot less than the shit i pulled. felt bad for them. What kind of income do you make?
Don't deny what you are
'we' as in SJW's
based gravel man
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sure if that's what you want to call it. i don't know what response that title is supposed to get out of me
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oh i get it because you have to be black to spot a criminal! fuckin classic
speaking of titles what are your pronouns?
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right there. We don't need anymore proof than that. Where whites (and most other races) florish in struggle and war, blacks seem to be stuck in the stone age both culturally and mentally no matter what you throw at them.
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>tumblr faggot provides shit tier art as proof

Get back to tumblr cancerous nigger/wigger.
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dude, man, bro, homie, that guy, he. Idk never gave a fuck never had to. the whole pronoun thing is kind of absurd to me. that's fine if you don't feel like a he or a she but that's why we have they. What are your pronouns?
Goddamn blacks. My grandfather was always right to both hate and fear them. Like devils from the iron gates of hell they rape and torment decent people, it's unreal how they're treated like equals when they're barely a step above beasts.

wtf you talking about

all that poor chink wanted was some god damned rocks and that nigger couldn't do shit

come with me!

10signsoff (dot) tumblr

it's super kawaii!!! ^-^
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yeah my grandfather said the same about rascist white people
The difference is, your grandfather was wrong and also a dirty nigger sympathizer. My grandfather would have killed your grandfather if he'd gotten the chance, unfortunately he died of old age having only killed a handful of blacks through his career in the military.
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oh shit! that sucks that your not-so-grandfather succumbed to death. if only he had better genes, he might be alive today. my grandfather still gets out in his community and helps people
Your grandfather sounds like inferior trash. A filthy black lover who should be stoned to death even in his old age. Shame on you, and shame on him.

Is your father also a nigger lover?
you forgot cuck
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Based Chinaman
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