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Hi /b/
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Hi /b/
>be me, newly employed, normie as fuck
>on break during shift last night, text buddy
>He's going out, wants me to come with
>no spare clothes, leave bag at work and go to club in work clothes
>It's the local shithole and the bouncer was sound, ended up getting in and looking for friend for half an hour
>finally find him and his friends and we get drinking
>One of the friends is kissing a girl for a while, then leaves and as she turns I see she's using a crutch
>She's 5'5ish, freckles, shade of blonde that's nearly ginger, lovely body despite being real skinny
>anyway she's real pretty, I start talking to her and we end up kissing like half hour later
>She's slender as fuck, nearly anorexic
>I'm 6'2, somewhere between chubby and built, so I end up moving people out the way for her
>Turns out she's got Fibromyalgia or however you spell it, and a kid at home
>feel kind of responsible for her, she's not very steady so she holds onto me a lot
>end of the night we get a taxi to mine with 2 friends, 1 stayed in the spare room the other took like a £50 trip home
>Me and the girl "watch a film" and fuck till 6 in the morning, then go to hers so she can smoke
>We fuck again (really great but I couldn't cum because alcohol) and she gets me to be rough as fuck (rape fantasy is hot for both of us)
>I leave before 9 because her kid is coming back

Tl;Dr I fucked a really cute girl and now I don't know what to do.

We got along so well but I'm deffo not right for her. At the same time I feel, because we're both real shutins, her cus of illness, me bcus work/sleep/repeat schedule and also /b/tard.

Pic unrelated.
Her personality is adorable as well, she's got into minecraft and made all these monuments from different places. She's obvs spent ages on it.

I don't see what the problem is.

Also, she decides who's right for her.
Not you.

You only decide who's right for you.
So if you don't want her, don't white Knight it as you making the right decision for her.

Also, fuck her, let the kid watch.

Trips confirms. If you know she isn't your type, that's on you OP, but you don't know if you are her type.

I've been part of a relationship where one of us was great for one, but the opposite for the other.
Why don't you try get along with her for a while.
If you don't want the responsibilities that came along with the girl, you can always walk out.
Just think about her part tho.

>find guy kissing girl
>he leaves
>you then start kissing girl
>you then fuck the girl that night

Talk about a turbo-slut.
It was that kind of club tbh anon, if you're in Britain then you know what liquid is like
This is what I'm thinking, just feels rough on her and the wee man tho
No mate that's what slags do. if you don't mind slags that's ok but from a fellow britbong, don't give me that oh it's a British clubbing thing.

It's Geordie shore level chavs and skanks stuff but shit people are into that and it's ok. But don't bullshit.
By "that kind of club" I mean liquid is a club where slags go.
I hadn't got my dick wet in about 4 months so I was ready to shag aome fuckin harambe level girl tbqh
Keep hanging out with her and having hot sex. Is she really not your type, or are you just afraid of what your friends would say?
You might be incorrectly stereotyping this girl. Seemed like she didn't care who she was going home with, not a typical characteristic of a shutin.
Thread replies: 11
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