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jobs of /b/?
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jobs of /b/?
jobs of /b/.

job title:
hourly wages or yearly earnings:
a little bit about daily job life:
whatever else you feel like listing.
OP delivery

job title: I guess caretaker
hourly wages or yearly earnings: I make about $420 a week at like 10 an hour
a little bit about daily job life: I take care of a house full of potatoes and clean after them and shit.

my day is usually like this
>wake up around noon and smoke a bowl on the porch
>fuck around the house and get ready for work about 3
>pick my guys up and take them wherever they want, usually to eat or get chocolate milk
>get to their home around 6pm
>cook dinner, tidy up eat the fuck down
>give out meds after dinner and before bed
>10pm rolls around and you'll find me on the porch or out back smoking a joint pre-rolled for work
>many lulz daily and multiple acts of potato in public

pretty good to get paid weekly.
Mobile electronics/aftermarket parts installer
$16 hour
Install remote starts, alarms, stereo systems, wheels, ect.
op can post stories if anyone is interested. Chronic masturbation and pretending to be asleep. One client is manic depressive and always makes lewd sighs and hangouts in the livingroom with me all the time. A few close calls with the stench of marjuana.

Assemble Ar-!5s/ar-10s/dick around most days. 36k/yr
Best fucking job ive ever had.
how does going to work feel? is it something you wake up wanting to do or does it just pay the bills? I feel like that would be kind of monotonous,
actually had a buddy that went to the army to be a weapons mechanic or some shit and he knows a lot about rifles and handguns. He built an AK-47 one part at a time.
Sous Chef
$35k from job. Also have income from renters about $15k.

Only debt is my 30 year fix mortgage on a 200k house I bought a few years back. I am 23. I'm not filthy rich or anything but I live really comfortably.
thats cool? i guess.

we make a lot of ak receiver blocks. ive disassembled many.
Its not boring by any means, I've been doing it for 15 years so I'm kinda wore out but it has its perks I suppose. I have a project car that I'm allowed to work on so I basically built that there. I can come and go when I need to. Paid weekly with OT every week.
Chef at Wendy's
goddamn anon you're doing it big. OP is only renting a 2 bedroom house, but I prefer renting so I wont have to fix anything out of pocket and it's not that expensive for my area so I have money for other things like internet, videogames and specialty food items.
job title: Service Coordinator
hourly wages or yearly earnings:$13 atm, pay raise in the next few months.
a little bit about daily job life: Sit and talk to customers while I pick my nose.
whatever else you feel like listing: Easy af.
I can see how it isn't as interesting to you but I've never built a gun or seen a custom one built like that in person. He probably doesn't think too much of it either idk.
Mobile Tech at Apple
15 an hour 33,000 a year
Resetting passwords and fixing screens
Floor supervisor(unionized company)
I tell people to work
it is against my job description to work.
17.50 /hr
~ 34k year
librarian at research university
$70k salary
assist with scholarly activity, research, access.

Coke dealer.

About $500- $1000 a week.
Best Buy, Computer Salesman.
12.50/hour before tax
No commision but we have to sell a large amount of rev/hour or we get a talking to.

Ask me anything.
Maint. Tech. $35/hr
I deal with some pretty vile amounts of human effluence, but otherwise it's a damn decent living.
>dub dubs

theyre really easy to build

Make about -900 a week or something idfk.

Get drunk, fuck, and then study my ass off
Title: Assistant Researcher
Wage: $7,800/year (for real)
Daily job: Browse /b/ and HN
Waiting to start my PhD soon and bump up my salary to a wonderful $30,000/year after tax.

>But someday it will be better son...
Contact trainer. Only about 45k yr.

My budget isn't terrible.
IT, I don't really have a title, but I'm the head of the downtown satellite office. It doesn't mean much as it's only 3 people total there.
We handle all local government departments, except for any emergency services. Although we sometimes do auxiliary work for them when needed. On my downtime I like to make lewd webms and post to /gif/ while edging myself.
Same dude what store?
Medical records retrieval agent
Ups and downs. Today i played games for 7 hours.
-> Manager at a cell phone store.
$25k annual salary
$5k in cash I steal from the till
Another $5k in bonuses / commissions.

MFW the boss thinks I'm doing a great job and wants to give me a raise but really, I just sit on my ass all day.
remote IT support
$19 an hour / $45,000 yr give or take with OT
fix morons dumb computer issues all day
Quality control inspector.
Currently making around 20/hr. It pays the bills and I'm sure not unhappy but I would have probably chosen a different career path if I could go back.
Software Engineer
$115,000 a year
I write business applications for a large company.
Every application I write is some twist on a project management tool. They don't want to learn something popular MS Project or Jira so they just tell me exactly what features they want and I'll make it.
It's a Massachusetts store, not gonna state which one.
What store you at?
Architectural Technologist.
$50,000 salary plus benefits.
I love when lazy faggots like you get audited. My old roommate pulled this shit and got caught.

The best part was when he got away with it. I knew he had his shit together. Do you?
I work at Legoland as one of the carnival game operators. I deal with little shits all day.
Cashier at grocery store
10.10 an hour
scan things, take money, give change, bag things
Graphic Artist working for various TV channels.

About $110,000 AU a year. (Live in Australia.)
Probably spend about 30-35 hrs a week at the studio. Probably only actually work for bout 20hrs a week. Basically they agree to pay me $500 a day whenever I show up. Pretty cruisy as long as you have the skills.
Level 2 Electrical Apprentice working in the oil and gas industry in Canada
earn $22 an hour, make about 70k after the year because most money is from overtime.
it is really shitty but ill be making bank when im a journeyman.
Deli Clerk
bread chicken, serve people soups/salads/fried chicken, slice meats, slice cheeses, do dishes.
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Lol "Chef" hang in there man it will get better.

Student/no job
£3000 from student loan, £500 interest on inheritance, both yearly
Currently doing fuck all except for replaying Witcher 3 and fapping all day
Some socialising is involved, I guess.
Finishing up my last year of school, but I just finished up an internship and will be returning to the same job after I graduate, so:

-Software engineer
-About $110,000/year plus stocks
-Whiteboard, argue about math and coding practice with coworkers, draft design documents, finally code software
-It's a great job, highly recommended.
>job title: Aircraft engine mechanic
>hourly wages or yearly earnings: with bah/bas roughly 56k/yr
>a little bit about daily job life: just started midshift, so... youtube/nintendo ds/sleeping. and sometimes catching a jet and servicing oil. maybe an hourly insp.
lifes good on mids.
>NFL Quarterback
>250k yearly
>Wake up quick at about noon,just felt that I had to be in Compton soon
> all these wage slaves
what's your tech stack, nigga?
job title: nigger
salary: about $2k per month in gov benefits
>pharmacy tech / photo specialist at walgreens
>10.50 hr
>18, starting uni for my electrical engineering degree
>no college debt as I am using my father's military benefits
>feeling good
So today, i put in my notice at my job. Essentially quit. I ran the place way underpaid. I do IT Support/Computer Repair. Been at the same place for 7 years, just me and the owner. Owner is a cool guy, stays outta my way only see him like 10 min a week. Been saving for awhile to go off on my own. TODAY WAS THE DAY!!!!. I signed the leased on my own office/store front yesterday. I saved up 25 grand. Paid 4 months in advance on the rent.

Nervous about going into work today but also excited since i had the keys to my OWN PLACE

Boss comes in nignoging about this and that. Me i am working on a few systems. He goes to leave


This is my last month here at this place
>Being professional since i been there so long
>Boss looks like he got his best toy as a child broken
He says "is there any amount of money you would take to stay"

I need to build my own brand/name, working here i can't really save for a real retirement

>Amazing how some people don't realize shit until its gone and spaghetti all over the floor
lmao at the wage cucks
I worked/will be working at Amazon, so it's mostly just their in-house-build stuff. Almost everything I do is Java, a little Scala in there, occasionally Python for data analysis. Then they've got custom tools for testing and deployment.

I don't do any front-end/UI stuff, or networking stuff, or database stuff, so I don't know about any of that really.
Main paying job: server/bartender at a country club
Side Job/Hopefully career: i work marketing and hospitality in the music industry concerning anything EDM related in the Philly Area.

1st job: about 45,000 a year but it varies
2nd job: about 10,000. Not great but making a bunch of money in this isn't the goal yet. still a lot of work to be done

1st job: serve rich folks. Pretty self explainitory. Lots of cool folks. It's in Delaware so Vice President Biden comes in a lot, so it's neat to serve him.
2nd job: i run the social media accounts promoting the artists/concerts we put together. All the online marketing and such. I also run hospitality night of show which basically means making sure all the artists have everything they need/making sure everything runs smoothly.

Basically in both jobs i get to meet a lot of really cool and famous people, and being able to work on a career while having a steady paying job is very rad. I'm in a good place right now /b/ and im happy.
Bartender, student, intern

Bartending: ~30,000/yr

Student: -$3000/yr after scholarships

Internship: unpaid, -$1000 because gas

Busy. As. Fuck.
How exactly DO you people get money? And if you're not into money, how do you eat?
Their parents probably support them.
Communications coordinator, United States Air Force

I make $50,000 a year

I talk to cunts, I tell cunts to talk to other people, i fix cunts broken phones from time to time, i tell where to shoot big bad cannons.
I have a similar job, and make more but I don't have stock. How much do you really make on top of your salary with stock? Do you have to be super up-to-date with the market and stuff? I'm thinking about switching jobs but I haven't found anybody that will match my current salary but they push the stock "benefit" a lot.
I work at a call center for Royal Caribbean.
and you make six figures? gtfo
Marketing specialist for a software company

60K per year + bennies.

I took a paycut to work here but got so burned out working for Intel and Nike. Commute is better, people are awesome, small office, no internal politics, etc...
I get that. I was picky about the house. It has a good setup. Needs a new coat of paint (which I should have taken care of this summer) but other than that its sweet. A very good family friend of mine is a contractor and my cousin is a carpenter so I can get shit done cheap. And I get free food where I work so my food bill is about 1/3 of what it should be.

Its nice right now because I have really trustworthy renters that I really like to take care of. I have heard horror stories and the like about renters taking advantage of the landlord. Laws are set into place in my state that rightfully protect the tenant but while doing this they sadly seem to neglect the fact that the owner can get seriously fucked. I live comfortably enough where I don't need the renters to maintain what I have for well over two years. So when my renters leave I can be picky about them too.

There is a lot more on my plate with the house, but I think it was good for me. It does mean I don't get to travel (at least at the moment) though. Probably the only downside.
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Software Engineer in Test
$70,000 a year.
Went to school for programming, languished in customer support for three years (58K/y as support, so I wasn't crying), finally got a job that puts me back on a career path.

Before I went to school I was making minimum age, best 2 year decision I ever made.
well I'm a server at a tex Mex restaurant, I usually clear about $500 to $650 in tips per week and I get a check for like 65 to 80 or so every two weeks. I gotta say it's the easiest job I ever had. no heavy lifting our education required (not to say you can't be full on retarded, but I feel like a lot of people I worked with are like that). I make money daily and bullshit my way the whole time. I feel like anyone could pick up this job as long as you are the slightest socially adept
sellin' the bud in eastern europe-street hustling with it, etc. - guaranteed 150-200-300 euro / day - wont stay out more than 5 hours daily --- mostly cruise around the city meeting people or just waitin' at a bar for connects. pretty relaxed about it doing it for the past 7 years.
YouTuber I guess. I make around $400-$500 a week. I make parodies and what not. Im only 19 so the money is good for me and helps with college stuff.
Oh, right, income. $14.76 an hour, so working just 40 hours a week I'm 30k a year, but I usually hit a lot of overtime. Double pay on holidays and overtime incentives pretty frequently, so I sit pretty comfortably at 40k.

Unemployed Student
-$50,000.00 a year

I'm in school and blacksmith as a hobby; I'm thinking of making products to sell but so far I haven't made anything I would consider worthy of putting my name on and shipping out.
Title: Petroleum Engineer
Earnings: $160k/yr

Just finished my PHD this year at University of Michigan, and I get to travel internationally which is nice. The only thing that sucks is that I have to deal with overly sensitive sand-niggers that usually do nothing but smoke and talk about American women
air traffic controller
$50 an hour
check planes and shit
I'm sure people will buy anything,just make something that comes from your heart

why coke rather than other drugs?
Well, just to be exact, it breaks down like this. And note, I plan to work at Amazon for exactly 2 years, as many of their employees do:

-$95,000 salary
-$25,000 sign-on bonus the first year
-$20,000 sign-on bonus the second year
-About $10,500 in stocks, disbursed over the two years
Medical student
-60,000$ per year
studying all fucking day
I'm doing a 2 year-long intensive computer science program and you give me hope anon.

I'm about to start the dreaded "term from hell" in a week, so I'll try to have this in mind.

I worked for minimum wage for 2 years and don't want to go back to that...
People don't like Pepsi.
job title:

Mathematics Teacher

hourly wages or yearly earnings:

$46k/year+ up to $5k in bonuses

a little bit about daily job life:

I teach Calculus to 11th grade girls who are in uniform.

whatever else you feel like listing:

Only ever slept with one of them.

How do you become an atc?
Sure, why not? Amazon's a great company to be a programmer for.
super interesting! Thanks for the info.
>GM at coffee shop.
> first couple hours of the day deal with vendors(place orders) and report to regional manager. Second half of day I'm usually on the floor.
tell story.

No thanks
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I can save up my neetbux cause my mom pays for the rest of my shit
Please tell story
What's your channel?
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I'll share some advice:
- Do a coop term, it looks good on a resume.
- Volunteer at school, it looks good on a resume.
- Network with your classmates; get them all on facebook, linkedin, etc. I got my job through a school friend and that's really common.
- If you get a job in support after you graduate, don't stop looking for work; it's just a numbers game. APply to a million places.
- After you graduate, keep reading, keep coding. Read code complete, test driven development by example, and cleaner code. Never stop pushing.
Been in grocery retail for almost 5 years bouncing around. You need to go to an Aldi. Was making 8.05 at a Winn Dixie, got a job at Aldi, mover up to management in a year and a half making 16.50.
It's easy af, so many perks. Might be shit pay to some, but I had a bad childhood, no college now 24
2k per month is what I make after taxes and I fucking work 50 hours a week in a hot as fuck truck for 9-14 hours per day. At least I have a chance at promotion though. Fucking reeeeeeeing my ass off over here.
Wendy's... 10.55$ STUDENT WAGE FTW
Job: Infectious Disease Specialist
Salary: $180k/yr

Really digging this job, as I get do deal with a bunch of cool diseases and study/examine and test the effects of rare diseases. Even though the dudes mixing chemicals for 8 hours a day make way more, this shit is still cooler.
Solar service tech
31 .80/hr

I fix all the shit that people fuck up putting panels on the house.
Job Title (Hired as): Laborer (cleaning job site) @ construction
(Work as): Super
Pay: $11/hr (currently about $500 biweekly [in school]
Duties: Insulate houses, fire stopping, walk with inspectors, repair frames/slab flooring, answer service calls.
Currently in school for Automotive technology
Scaffold builder. 14 an hour with 3 an hour per diem so about 770 a week because I'm supposed to get 50 hours. I wear a harness and hang off of steel beams all day so it's pretty okay.
Thanks for the advice anon.

It's too late for me to get a co-op job as I finished year one already, but I'll make sure to do the rest.

>job title: Software Engineer
> yearly earnings: 95k
>a little bit about daily job life: mobile apps using .Net framework. Web development
>whatever else you feel like listing.
My dick is 7 inches long
I have two jobs

Title 1: Jewelry Consultant (the official term)
Hourly: $11/hr
Day in the life: wake up, put on suit/tie, go to work around 8am, pull everything from the safe and set up displays, stand around waiting for people to come in, go to second job when finished

Title 2: Manager
Hourly: $9/hr
Day in the life: leave from jewelry store, smoke a bowl in the parking lot behind the pizza shop, go in and change in the bathroom, make pizzas, get lazy ass coworkers to help, clean the store up, get home around midnight

Rinse, lather, repeat
Age: 22
Job Title: Car Sales
Salary: 100% commission
Biggest month was $32,000 at one of the largest Chrysler dealerships in north america
been doing it for 3 years now, most money i made in a year $238,000 in change
I pretty much sit on the phone all day and prospect new clients from an existing database.
Job: Pilot.
Salary: Currently $60k after taxes. Will make captain next year so that will go up a good bit.
Description: Fly badass jet.
there's no way most people on /b/ are making 80k + a year, i want to start seeing some proof
It consultant/system engineer.. 100 hr rate, 90k-220k. Depending on hustle and sales
Sadly most of it goes to housing especially in SF
shit dude. what's free time and sleep like?
Good for you anon!
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Stone fabricator

Daily routine consists mostly of cut/polishing countertops.
Custom work ie: not fucking countertops can be enjoyable but production sucks.
Heavy work/shit pay, stay away.
Process worker I guess? not really sure what the official title is
$28 per hour working in a service hub
I receive broken mobile phones from retail stores and send them to the manufacturer for repair. Easy as fuck but gets a bit repetitive.
How broken? Can you pull files off of them? Ever find good nudes?
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I'm a math tutor.
That's part time though. I don't get paid for being a dad.
QA for a video game publisher.
On the doll, $540 a fortnight
Need work
Some are completely fucked others just minor issues. I stopped looking for nudes long ago. For every hot pic you MIGHT find you go through hundreds of photos. Not worth the effort.
professional neet
Mortgage banker
Work too much to deal with more loans than I can handle in a day. Tell people sorry their loan is taking so long.
Job title: Graduate Student
Yearly earnings: $26,000 base (2/3 taxable) + 26,000 in scholarships (tax free)
A little bit about daily job life: Work when ever I want as long as the work gets done. No real "boss", my supervisor is chill AF. The work is interesting and I'm actually gaining lots of practical skills that will look nice on a resume. Over all a very sweet gig and I'm making more than I was when I was working.

What back water country is this? I get $60/hr, and made $40/hr before I had a college degree in math.
38k yearly
I make tampons
I have to do a sniff test every day to make sure the pursue guns are not leaking
911 operator
about 29000 a year
> For every hot pic you MIGHT find you go through hundreds of photos. Not worth the effort.
Ah yeah I can understand that. When I was in lower level IT I used to look through people's work laptops and work phones (iphones) for stuff. Found some alright stuff, but it got old fast.
>narcotics/medical sample courier for a rural area

>20 yrs old

As far as jobs go it's alright. I work almost 12/day, and wake obscenely early.
However for an uneducated poor teenager it has been an amazing stepping stone from living in my truck and stealing food to getting a place and accepted for a trades course
I weigh stuff and add water.

just under £26k a year.
Work for Hyundai in the US, about 80K a year.
Concrete casing. 20$/h. Love the job. Thats all that matter right?
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Wendy's chef
$130,000 plus bonuses
28 years old
6'4" tall
230 lbs of lean muscle
9 inch cock

Life is good
>Full stack developer
>can come into work any time before 11am, sit at desk, write code, talk to co-workers, listen to music, go on reddit, drink coffee and tea.
Sales and marketing for remodeling company
Salary plus commission plus monthly bonuses
$1000 salary commission ranging from extra $500 most in a pay period was $7253
Made 94000 last year
singer for a shitty emo band, <15k followers.
about 20k every year we tour
How many scrobbles do you have?
security guard at $15/hr or $30,000/yr chill af all night just watch TV. Play my ps4. Fap. Eat. Fap again.

But just got new gig so I'll be making $55,000 a year as cyber security analyst
Political Consultant
Fluctuates between $2000-$3500 a month depending on the client
Age 28
few bands that come to mind
you blew it
no, more lofi
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>Ph.D. in Math
>$300k starting
>Any job I want

Security Officer, $7,80USD/hour and 25¢ to 75¢ hourly gas bonus depending on location. Work at two different locations, they're both pretty chill.
teen suicide?
close ;)
US. It's a salaried position so I usually just sit around and dick around on my computer until someone shows up.
Lead pharmacy tech at cvs
16.50 an hour
Going to school to be a cop
elvis depressedly?
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2 MB, 5616x3744
Artillery Forward Observer

65 grand a year plus allowances.

In barracks we do shit jobs and get stabbed for stupid things like open days, adventure training or do courses.

Out field we stomp up steep hills with 60kg packs, set up OPs and call in fire missions.
System Administrator.


Unrestricted travel budget with no oversight. I go a lot of places and my boss thinks I'm incredibly busy while I'm playing overwatch in a hotel.
Job Title: Navy IT
I'm on E-3 Pay of about 730 every two weeks. Job is pretty chill, but It's shit pay compared to what civilians who do the same thing make. Also because I'm in the Navy, I have to take shit from people who don't work in my field and/or are immensly dumber than me because they outrank me.
i own a mobile tire business
loaders, highway trucks, dumptrucks, sometimes cars

i make 160k a year after taxes
fucking chair-force
That last part is standard in any IT field sadly. I had a city attorney convinced that her laptop was being hacked. Wanted to involve the police, and of course get a brand new laptop. She was resting her hands on the trackpad when she was typing, causing the mouse to move. She was convinced that she was 100% right.
Game tester here!
I make about 800 per 2 weeks
I work on a chair all day long, playing videogames.
Fucking the dream job tbh.
Job Title: General Manager in Training (AKA Assistant Manager)
Hourly: 10.50
Daily life: College work, mabinogi (Manipulating market and selling gold for money via paypal) Job work and whatever else I feel like doing.
You can't fix stupid.
I just can't wait for my enlistment to finish, so I can take my happy ass and all my certifications and go do the same thing for better pay than the pocket change I'm making right now.
Junior software developer, make 40k a year
I'll be up to 80k a year in 2 years, should I decide to stay that long

I do javascript, java, mysql ... I do whatever is needed. Am contracted out every 6months. Quite happy as I am learning a lot from others and on the job despite being underpaid. And I really enjoy the job.

I'm not focused enough, day to day ... I could get so much more shit done but ... idk
SVP, Finance
$250-375k USD

I work 80-100 hours a week and drink/dope myself to sleep nightly to cope with the stress.
>euro ei factory

leaving the meme's
Business Intelligence Analyst
$120K per year.

>refresh those pivot tables (again).
Made Android app few years ago. Got popular. Made about $8 million USD so far, so I mostly fuck around and shit.
I was actually thinking of going into the navy too. Bad car accident ended that pretty quickly A lot of my coworker served, all in different branches. I'm this guy btw.
Wow I feel like a fag. im 24 and make 93k as a software developer without technically finishing college...
any advice on how to do the same?
>make sure the SAS project ran.

shit. $120K? i'm working for the wrong company...
It's pretty location dependent, honestly. Was making 80k at my last job.
>Pharmacy Assistant for Walmart
>9.70 an hour
Customers are cucks but coworkers are alright
Jesus man. I was paid more to sleep on the job. Tax free too.
DAR unloader/processor
I work 60~ hrs a week.
All other time is spent with wife and baby.
Life is okay I guess.
Not where I thought I'd be at 27.
I miss being a drunk.
Only 18 so im it sure what the fuck I'm supposed to be doing.
I was 15 when I was doing that. In life you either work hard or smart. Or you are poor.
Car salesman
Minimum wage + 25, 30, then 40 percent varying on my sales in the month + incentive bonuses + other incentives which go from 0 to 1000 dollars a month

Daily life:
M,W,Th,F,Sa I work from 9am to anywhere from 5 to 10pm
At work I sell cars and if I'm doing good and it's near the end of the month I dick around usually
Get home, usually drink a beer or 2 and play vidya
Eat dinner, hang with girlfriend, chill out

Off days I usually go to the gym in the morning, take clothes for dry cleaning, clean my house, I live near the zoo in my area and I enjoy going there a lot.

Pretty chill job, long hours a lot of the time but the pay goes generally from 6k, which is my lowest month after I got actually into it, to 14k which is my best month so far. Pretty sweet since I'm only 22.
grocery store too, i'm courtesy clerk
10.25 hour
bag shit and talk to Vietnam vets
tell those niggers over at AWS to stop breaking my shit

Geeksquad: Consultation Agent
Thirteen dollars an hour
I go through the day accepting units to repair from idiots who allow phishing scams onto their computer through logmeinrescue.

Spend my mornings sleeping in a currently playing World of Warcaft till 4 am each day, then as I work I get to deal with people who never should even own a computer as I solve mostly minute issus without even checkingthe units in, unless they are riddled with viruses.
I then get home, or Meet up with a friend im essentially in love with, but who has a boyfriend, kill me god damnit i hate my life.
>420 a week at 10 an hour

Here in commiefornia we call that "340 a week"
Account Specialist: Software Sales
40k/year + commission, (maybe another 20-30k a year).

Lots of cold calling to businesses. There's a lot of drudgery to it, but the money is better than anything else I'm qualified for at 29. Not enough to afford a house out here, but enough to save for the future.

Not that I have high hopes for the future or anything.
Cashier at a liquor store
$9 an hour get commission as well so it comes out to about $10 an hour
Had $14000 of shit come through my register today
Only a 6 hour shift too
Collision center estimator
Base + commission = about $50k
Job title: Lawyer and government policy analyst
Yearly wage: $70k with kick-ass benefits and pension fuck yeah
Daily life: I work, play Pokemon Go, fuck my girlfriend, and get progressively fatter
Whatever else: 8" fuck yeah

> Subway, just something to pay the few bills I have while I'm still living at home.
> $7.25 an hour
> easy as fuck (why it's minimum wage)
If you are lazy as fuck but still need to pay a couple bills or have money to do stuff work at a subway.
I'm maintenance management analysis for the AF. what do I need to do to qualify for your job?

Strategist at a ad agency
Google shit old-world ad folks can't figure out how to Google
I've never had money though so I blow it all on stupid shit like Star Wars art for my stupidly-expensive apartment
more deets? fed/state? what area?
Member of technical staff
140k base +12k bonus based on company perf + ~75k in stock per year
Mostly coding in Python, Java, some c++ for cloud storage things
90k student loans to go after a few years out of the gates
Nice. I can't wait for my enlistment to end.
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line cook in NYC (super fancy restaurant 3 stars)
wakeup 9am
train at 11
work 1130
clock in 130
clock out 1230
get home 2am
sleep by 4am
Fracking. Oilfield supervisor.
Around 1700 a week. Work a lot of overtime 16 hour days
Spend my time in a pickup doing paperwork or out helping laborers.
i work 70-80 hrs a week. make about 600$ a week.
I work at a car wash
very odd hours due to rain and clouds, 20-40 hours a week. Minimal wage +tips
is 13.5 standard?
Also fuck you fags that don't like fracking. Its bank
Wasting your life
Penis fluffer.
I suck cock.
>Be me, 23 years old white man.
>Living in a shoebox, driving a 98 Toyota.
>Owe 10K here and there.
>Don't drink, don't smoke. Eat well, work out.
>No girl, not trying to get one.
>Just started new job as wireless care service agent
>$11.50/hour ~18.9K a year
>Wears a headset and take calls for 7.5 hours, 5 days a week.
>People whine to get discounts on their service or to not have to pay for the calls they made/data they used. Most of them threaten to take their business elsewhere.
>I calm them down and they buy a new phone/raise their plan.
>Lays pillow on my chest every night and imagine it's a girl.

Life is okay. I'll make it better soon enough.
sounds awful
Longshore operations foreman
wage varies depending on shift, 56-160 per hr.
averages out to 260-300k per year.

im a high school dropout, bought my house out in cash. Not doing too bad.

CCTV Operator in the UK, boring as fuck, minimum wage
Oh boy, art professions!

job title: Corporate Marketing Designer
hourly wages or yearly earnings: 60k salary + bonuses + phone + lunch + dental/medical
a little bit about daily job life:
> Go to work
> Work on tradeshow environments
> Work on company branding (we're a young tech company [age-wise])
> Create ads for company
> Create promotional materials to send to clients (branded iPads, cookie tins, video player info booklets, etc.)
> Literally anything else we need

whatever else you feel like listing
No idea what that is.

but the prerequisites for my job are basically:
1. Actually understand Statistics
2. Know SQL,Tableau, Excel and a scripting language (I use python a fair amount)
All you cooks need to look into working privately. My dad was the personal chef for one of the old Secretary of the Army. He made 250k+ serving two meals to two people a day. Plus any random dinner party, where he could hire own as many people as necessary. It was pretty cool growing up, I got to meet a lot of presidents.
>hour wage
5.50 after taxes
>daily job life
sweeping, going into the freezing cooler to restock beer, washing windows, breaking down boxes and taking them to the trash, and trying to memorize a thousand peoples faces and names
I'm allowed to drink in the back if nobody sees me. We're on 6 hour shifts, I'll drink a 6 pack in that and keep a little buzz going, but I don't want to risk it and start dropping bottles or something and having to pay for it.
Door to door solar sales $80k
Whatever. Stand up for the fuckin national anthem, you terrorist piece of shit.
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20 Years Old
Secuirty Officer

I make about 2 grand a month. Not great but whatever.
On the job at the moment.

Get to bust up drug dealers and negros. Pretty chill job. Got a TV n' all that. Watchin' American Dad.
File: 1472833592460.jpg (172 KB, 554x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Heavy Equipment Mechanic for Caterpillar Machinery
175k a year
Plug computer into the CMU, find problem and fix it, Oil changes, etc.
Only went to college for 2 years kek
Deliver chinese food, wash dishes
10/hr, 10+ hours a week. min 25 in tips per night, also make get paid the a % off each order, adds up.
Free chinese each shift and waitress behinds
File: 1353038988830.jpg (40 KB, 480x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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20-25k /year, 50-55 hour workweek
primarily psyche, few dialysis, some ift and some fire calls, show up, assess patient, apply band-aid/reposition/ administer oxygen/nitro/albuterol. CPR worst case senario... jumping over to a 911 company soon.
I want to know how to do alot more but need to be sure i want to be in this field to pursue [tactical] 'medic or get the fuck out of the field and hit the books again

I used to tell myself that i'd be content with saving just one life in my lifetime, give me some sort of purpose but i know i can do more and assisting in saving one it just isnt anywhere near enough.

can't really live for myself right now, i dont like myself too much right now... im trying to live to see help to others
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Full time welder/ fabricator (TIG & MIG):

$12/hr :( around $350/week after taxes
I make suspension and driveline components for sports cars and race cars

>Got recruited randomly from school
>Get two days of training
>Wake up 6am Mon- Fri commute 40 minutes
>Go in my little booth towards the back of the shop (I'm the only welder)
>Dig through piles of work orders, find the parts that match and weld that shit together
>Don't know what half the parts do
>Barely know how to measure and calculate angles
>Try not to kill myself after welding 200 of the same part some days
How the fuck does that work? Are you alone in a room watching a bunch of security monitors or something?

As for me, 2 jobs,
Valet - I only work Saturday nights, and tips amount to about to about $20/hour.
Easy job, and just need drivers license to get hired. Only down side is having to be on your feet all the time.

Also, Pizza Delivery 4 days a week. Bout $12/hour average with tips

With both of these jobs, I can report low on my tips to avoid high taxes
What did you do in college? I'm trying to get out of welding
Age: 19
Job title: closing crew member of mcdonalds
hourly wages: $10.75
nice trips /b/ro. And college blew. I started classes at 7:30 in the morning till 5:50 at night. Barley did any partying cause the program requires you to hold a 3.0 GPA and my dumbass never had a 3.0 before. 8 weeks in school, and 8 weeks on the job training. My dad works for the company so I got to work side by side with him during the process. If you do awesome work while you're in the program, 9/10 the company will keep you. So you'll have a job straight out of college. Construction companies and Unions are always looking for high quality Mechanics now a days
Job title: Salesperson/Private guitar tutor in a music store
Earnings; $20/hour, AUD though, 9:00-5:30 5 days a week.
Basically just sit around on my phone and play guitar all day until a student shows up.
That's awesome. Definitely looking into it.
Sys Admin
Salaried but with the avg hours I work it it comes out to about $42/hr

Keep shit running, plan maintenance events, upgrades etc. Mostly a team lead now and do more planning / management than actual technical work. Downside is I'm on call 24/7.
Janitor, about 10 bucks an hour with ~15 hours a week.
Day in the life: wake up around noon, smoke a bowl, play some shit on steam and watch documentaries or whatever looks good, get dressed for work between 6 and 7 pm, drive 10 minutes to downtown area where I clean 3 buildings for about 3 hours a night, go home by 11, 12 at the latest, smoke a bowl, play some more vidya til 1 or 2, go to bed and start all over. I also go to community college 5 minutes from where I live when it's in session, got my GI Bill from the Army so I do that too.
On call is the fucking worst, especially since it alway turns out to be something retarded. Our dept head told us to log any 15+ minute call as an hour though, so it balance out I guess.
Aussie copper
1/C and on roughly $80k a year without overtime, which is in unavoidable abundance.
It's called the "Think Big Program" by Caterpillar
Thanks man. Looks like the closest school is over 2 hours away, but I'll figure it out somehow. I'll do whatever I can do not end up in debt and constantly poor like my parents
>job title:
Welder at SpaceX
>hourly wages or yearly earnings:
$115k-$125k depending on the amount of OT I work
>a little bit about daily job life:
My job is pretty fun. It's fast paced and I get to work a ton of hours, which I actually enjoy. Most of my coworkers are really bright and I get work on shit that gets launched into space, unless it blows up on the pad. Either way though, explosions are pretty cool.
Transit Operator
50k/year if I don't do overtime. 70k+ if I do.
Drive all sorts or people around, mostly drunks and transient degenerates. The college coeds make up for it though.
I was atleast 16k in debt. I went to ICC and that was in state tuition. Paid that off in the first month after college
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ill never understand people who are jus happy to look at hot women, unless youre fucking them who cares? why care? they are taking someone elses dick
hey man
I've heard tell artillery corps in general is pretty "weird". Any thoughts on this?
How long have you been a Software Engineer?
Damn, that's so much better than most traditional routes. I'll start making moves for sure. Hopefully having a welding backround will help somehow. Thanks again for the info
its like looking at fine art...for your dick

job title
hourly wages or yearly earnings
>What ever I earn is what I earn
a little bit about daily job life:
>I crawl in shitholes and hotboxes to do things no one else wants to do
whatever else you feel like listing.
>This is hell
>I mostly perform work for people I absolutely hate
>Most customers are NEETs who are fat ugly lazy and watch movies all day in a house their parents own and let them live in
job title: Private Banking Analyst
yearly earnings: Just started the gig, 100k + bonus
a little bit about daily job life: Excel and meetings
Came from Ops to FO, spaming CK2, working on a side business, fucking gfs and traveling

Think I'm one of the few finance /b/tards in the thread.
Software Product Director (a people manager)
annual: 230K base, 70K bonus, 150-200K stock

design software better than other companies. lots of meetings.
advice on how to work towards that efficiently pls, im workingon getting proficient with exel for this purpose
Be relateable, and positive. Most people in the industry are average or retarded, just need to know how to sell your skills and previous projects right. I came from a very T1 firm, and my manager she didnt know anything what we did,but she knew how to sell shitty results well + was a female.

But what do you want to do? Trading, Banking, strategy, analytics, ops? And why?
Guitar Teacher
12.50 each lesson, so like 25 an hour
my earnings depend on how many students i get and that all happens at the front desk of the music store. In a month, i can make between $1000 and $2000 depending on how busy the store is.
>most of my students are kids
>some are cool, others are little shits
>best part of the job is talking to the hot moms.
>every now and then, a 9/10 college age girl will sign up for lessons, but they've all sucked at guitar and never practice so the lessons tend to be lame. They usually do lessons for a month then quit cause their fingers hurt
sounds like a dope job. how did you get there?
Do you make enough to live by? I worked 30 hours a week at $13 an hour last summer and I was scraping to pay the bills
People try to get these jobs straight out of college, took me a bit to get it. But find jobs that are relatable to your end goal, mid term goal and short term goal.

I found this specific job on the banks career site. having my previous employer on my resume did help ( I got that job through a linkedin app).

I had no direct skills for this current job excel, a lot of transferable skills (excel, data analysis, root cause analysis, prototype/proof of concepts, and working with stakeholders).

basically if you have to boil it down too:
>Get goals,
>Make a path to the goals (be flexible)
>apply everywhere
>Figure out what are you assets and weakness, in terms of skills, network, and job
>Find how that relates to that job/goal and work for it
>CFA or the alternative investment version of it helps too
>Hustle and make opportunities
network security engineer
$132K base + $40K bonus
I roll in around 1030 or 11 in the morning and make an espresso. I've probably been up until at least 5am the night before, if I even slept at all, smoking meth. I then write software for and operate the apparatus providing security for a system used for 20% of humanity for their communciations. Good snacks
imnot100% certainon what i want to do exactly, but from what ive seen trading/ strategy looks like the best fit. skrelli is my hero, im young and so far the only good money ive made was sales bc im good at manipulating people. sorry i mean "motivating" when i was freshoutof hsiworked for derect energy, my bestmonth i made10k before taxes, thatwas quitethe highfor me, i later worked car sales, got bored and realised the industry is dying and then worked for vivint in thelast 3months i made 15kso thatsnot bad but i cantstand company culture and want to killmostof the people i work with. i work best mostly alone with some time to mix ideas with co workers and im tired of having to wear this mask all the time. i havea high iq (142) and wanttoputit to good use, iwantto retire in 20years so that i will not needto work anotherday in my life and can instead just invest and work on any passions, from what ive seen this looks like my best shot.
the only problem is my hatred for normies but if i was making that much i could move past it.
I got a part time job as a helper in the machine shop of a university straight out of HS. It eventually turned into a full time job and later on I was hired at JPL. JPL paid for a bunch of different training and certifications, I also did some coursework at my local community college and then a few years ago I came over to SpaceX.

I think you responded to the wrong post anon.
My b, was totally alt tabing between CK2

But it helps another anons lol
did you start as the job role you now manage?
if so, how did you make the leap?
Of course, just pointing it out in case the anon you meant to respond to doesn't see your post.
Navy ELT
E5 pay
$26-$33/h (aussie dolla) depending on weekend or late night.
Pretty easy, though I've seen some people come through with no idea what to do at all. Work ~25-30 hours a week whilst I study at uni fulltime. All in all fun times, though it can be pretty mind numbing at times.
that's sweet. I'm questioning my own career choice - music - for obvious reasons. It's nice and all but making any good money off it means I have to be really lucky and get good connections. Hard work and dedication aren't enough.
as a scientist/researcher, or at a company?
Do you have to have a bartender certificate or anything? Or do they just hire you if you know how to mix a drink?
You'd look pretty poor on your knees with a gun in your mouth
Thanks mate
Ask me anything if you're interested.
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Unemployed alcoholic bum and failed jazz musician here.
Yeah, music definitely isn't a career for those looking to take the easy route. If you really love it though I can see the appeal.

If you're good with your hands or are interested in aerospace or the trades you can always pick up the skills for relatively cheap at a CC and get yourself a decent job while also trying your hand at music. We have tons of technicians at SpaceX who come to us from all sorts of non-aero backgrounds. I know a cook who got hired as a apprentice composites tech and a videographer in his mid thirties who worked his way up from an inventory clerk to a avionics tech. It's never too late.
It's better when you're done. I make $400k/yr lately; but no benefits and lots of tax. Finished med school in 1998
warehouse manager
$40,500/yr salary, plus about $2k/yr in overtime and another $3,500 or so in year end bonus. I also have amazing benefits.

Assign duties and jobs for the day, track productivity, manage warehouse budget and inventory, order supplies, vendor relations, assist warehouse fellers with duties if they're swamped, customer relations occasionally, handle any HR related stuff involving warehouse staff, act as liason between warehouse staff and corporate stiffs, and a mishmash of random IT, accounting, equipment maintenance and even company website maintenance tasks.

It's nothing special or glamorous, but I make enough to provide a nice middle class lifestyle for my family when combined with my wife's salary, I have health insurance, vacation days, company parties and lunches and awesome coworkers. I feel like I'm doing pretty okay for a HS diploma having chronic underachiever.
thanks dude. I've always thought about working in more technical/practical environments like mechanics and shit. What exactly do you work on?
All that money and you're still insecure.
File: 1472885926522.jpg (59 KB, 500x376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i recycle litter and don't have any of the drama between these posts.
>murder moar homeless and take their jobs.
job title: Serial Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley

hourly wages or yearly earnings: cash, usually $250K a year before the stock options are counted

a little bit about daily job life: Being a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, there is no "typical" day. If anything, "typical" my day works by an old school D&D Encounters Table that goes like this.

Silicon Valley Encounter table (roll d100 three times a day)
01-11: Writing / updating business plan
12-21: Pitch business plan to investors
22-31: Geek off with engineers
32-41: Drama with marketing
42-51: Crack whip at sales
52-61: Intrigue with investors
62-71: Parlay with alliance company
72-76: Corporate Party / Trade Show
77-81: Accountant bullshit
82-86: Personal time off / sanity time
87-91: Fuck around time while acting busy
91-94: Busy day, roll twice for this roll
95-00: Special Event, roll on Silicon Valley Special Event.

Silicon Valley Special Event table (roll d100 when needed from encounter table)
00-20: Executive conference / retreat
21-50: Media interview
51-60: Random lawsuit
61-85: Death in company (roll Silicon Valley Personnel Table)
86-96: Taxes / Government regulation bullshit
97: Law Enforcement action within company (roll Silicon Valley Personnel table)
98: Acquisition, big payout
99: IPO, really big payout
00: Fuck hottie intern

Silicon Valley Personnel table (roll d8)
1: Supplier
2-3: Contractor
4-6: Employee
7: Manager / Executive
8: Board Member / Partner
>'Parcel' i.e. cart-pusher/trash-cleaner at Fred Meyer
>Only done this job for a short time and said fuck it, going to quit soon.
Sorry mate, just saw this.

Ya finance is slowly dieing due to PC, market pressures, automation and regulation.

Anything thats buiness to business is still profitable, more complex the deal the better.

Deff having a influence skill and analytics skill is useful. As you can easily transition to fin tech, which is vastly growing.

In the end it doesnt matter if your FO, BO or MO, at a fintech firm or not. Money isnt as good anymore in finance, espically with banks anymore. But the skills are the same across all of those jobs.

Skills baially stakeholder management, product knowlege, influencing and analytics. Focus on those and you should be golden as all jobs need that.
Strategy is good, without going into top teir consulting its hard. Unless you rise up to be upper mid level manager in what ever area you are in..
if you want, give me your burner email, we can talk more there.
I do primarily two things:

1. I'm a weld inspector in our propulsion group so I qualify all welds on the actual rocket engines.
2. I help run/set up the friction stir welding machines we use for the tanks and other larger structures.
Software developer
>Software developer
What code and platforms?
my shitty job

job title: cleaning shit

I make 895€ a month with taxes

a little bit about daily job life: I clean eberything in a nursing home

my day is usually like this

wake up at 5:20
start working at 7
take out trash, clean shit all day, clean after all the old people that shit and piss on the floor
15 mins break
wash the dishes then proceed to clean
30 mins break to eat
clean shit
15:30 end of work
thank you so much anon, sorry for my shitty typing, ive increably baked and screenshotting everything so ill for sure remember it in the morning
good luck with your plan anon
C++, finance, low latency stuff
>1. I'm a weld inspector in our propulsion group so I qualify all welds on the actual rocket engines.
>2. I help run/set up the friction stir welding machines we use for the tanks and other larger structures.
Hope you weren't the weld inspector for SpaceX at the Cape this week. The first frames of the explosions show a classic over-pressure breach of something internal and the it went to hell from there.
>C++, finance, low latency stuff
The faster the server, the more effective the engine, the more you are worth. Amazing how much faster a server runs when you use native code instead of this Framework shit. I'm on the mobile and wearable client end myself.
I hope so too. I don't handle the inspections for pressure vessels but yeah, I have my signatures all over the engine piping.

Honestly, I fucking hate watching our launches, I'm always shitting bricks the whole time.
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I'm currently a casheir at Walgreens, I make 9 dollars an hour, 9.50 on overnight shifts, but i rarely work those because i'm a student and honestly the walgreens is in a shit area, so i'm not trying to get hit with the "get a gun shoved in my fucking face" meme
Np, I'm totaly tired, hung over and playing CK2.

Just rember

make opportunities
job title: RN
yearly earnings: 63K a year
I manage other nurses while helping out the other doctors while doing various duties.
63K may seem like a fair bit of money but I have a masters degree to pay off.
what is e5 pay
out here in idaho housing is cheap. Im paying 750 a month for 3 bedroom / 2 bath / with a living room and family-entertainment room and a 2 car garage.
Warehouse beer picker
Not going to state the company
Boring as shit and waking up is almost impossible but they dont care if you smoke

I have some good fuckin stories if you want probs gonna pist anyways im high as fuck right now.
I started my own doggie daycare business. I was laid off, having trouble finding work, live in metro area with a lot of affluent dog owners that treat them like children, so I saw an opourtunity. There are others in the area, but I called around posing as a dog owner looking for a daycare and lots of them had waiting lists. So I was like, fuck it, let's do this.

Right now I've got 15 dogs at $50/day (seriously). Operating costs aren't really that much, but I'm putting as much as the revenue as I can into the company. Plan on getting a better location soon, and all sorts of fancy goods and services to provide the pups. So right now it's looking like I'll be paying myself about $35k this year(second year of the business). It's not a lot, but my wife works, so...

Once we've expanded our location and services offered and staff, the hope is to be able to bring in a lot more "clientele", and in a couple years actually pay myself a decent amount.

I do think the entire thing is ridiculous, but if well off people want to give me money to pamper their dogs...I'll do it. I love dogs and I hate working for people anyway.
I make about 2700 a month. Plus another 2200 for housing. And another 300 for sustenance.
Bar/Gaming with focus on back of bar/coolroom maintenance and servicing

$19-39 an hour
~$48K a year

Shit job and people are fucked
always love story time. go ahead
job title: Warehouse Assistant (at the largest Contractor in North America [so my company says])
hourly wages or yearly earnings: ~$14.95/hr
a little bit about daily job life: Do whatever my boss says while he sits on his fat ass while "ordering material" all day.
dope, i wanna be a graphic artist. any tips or more insight?
Job Title: Chief Design Officer
Pay: ~15,000 USD a month base, + 10~15 variable
Job description: Basically design software and interfaces for companies and infrastructure systems. I'm my own boss, pretty much.
Typical Day: I get in at 9, arrive at 10 AM to my office. Have breakfast with a hottie associate who makes more than me, everyday. Start work at 11:00 AM. I design interfaces for apps, or web services mostly, then code them. Probably have to send one or two six figure quotes every day, and have meetings with clients to understand their flow and how the interface will work optimally. Get out before 3:00 PM.

I get one month paid vacation. Can work remotely, so in reality I'm traveling about 90 days a year. Have three cats and four huskies.
CT Technologist
Perform various CT Scans on patients.

Don't give up Anons, I was at the bottom a few years ago (virgin and all). Now I'm moderately successful for my age.
>It happened in Flatbush...
>IT WAS 4/20/2k16!!!!
>Smoked fuckin like 10 bowls up until 4:20ish a.m.
>Inb4 im a silly stoner i know i have a smoking problem and i feel since im in no danger of getting fired as far as i know i feel it helps me get through shit a little easier
>10a.m. fuckin friend dry humps me to wake me up
>Roomate yells 420!!!!!
>get offended
>Smoke hella bowls till like 2
>Leave for work
>Start at 3ish after i finally find my fucking rider and all my co workers are a dumb faggits except for liek 5 ppl.
>4:20 people chant 420
>High af
>funny shit
>Chilling in my car at 7ish eating mcdicks and all of a sudden han cholo the mehican (coworker) gets in my passenger seat and hands me a fuckin potato with a socket in it loaded with weed and smokes me bowls
>Rest of work is pretty chill and all my coworkers just laugh at me and make fun of me so they dont give a shit it seems that im high af.
>Kill myself
>Cut my life into pieces
>This is my last resort
Senior Network arquitecht.
News Station Photojournalist
$500 a week/ $10 an hour

Basically all I do is sit on my ass and occasionally travel to record some dumb local event
Bag and clean
8.05 an hour. Pay got cut from 8.20
LOL seems like your a care giver not taker, care takers work in cemeteries. your just a glorified babysitter.
Body Shop Mechanic for Greyhound.
Still not 100% pay scale either. 3 months away. Then I'll be about $30/hr
Daily life at job is sanding down broken body panels, repairing broken seats, and welding anything needs be.
On a related note, don't ride greyhound. We don't fix our shit correctly, the bosses don't give a shit, and generally no one cares.
Title: Head English Teacher (at an International School)
Salary: $1,200/month (a metric fuckton in Cambodia)

It's pretty dope. The kids are great and I only work 4.5 hours a day Monday through Friday. I have more than enough money to live, save, and travel.
Just started at home depot as a freight associate. $12/h. Can't wait to get my first paycheck.
Sales assistant
£8 an hour
Sell shit, perv on girls and fem co workers
Met my drug guy
Fucked my boss
I used to do that until i got close to a client, and ended up doing estate planning now i make roughly 20k a month usd
Graphic Designer
$18/h, realistically 40k with occasional OT
Design packaging, ad campaigns, social media graphics, etc. No college experience, age 24
Senior Manager, Semiconductor Marketing
Silicon Valley
$170k per year base, made $35k in bonuses or will have by end of this year.
50 hour work week min.
Great benefits
But costs out here in Santa Clara are very very high.

I did better in Austin.
>Engineering Manager
>$97k/yr + 10% bonus

I manage a group of 14 engineers with cumulative project values of around $10M-$20M at any given time.

I like to think of myself as a hands-on manager- if one of my guys calls in sick or is on vacation, I step in and help them with what they're doing. I did it for 10 years before managing, so it's all still fresh in my mind.

I also take care of accounting issues, set up new systems, quote projects, go on sales calls, and whatever else pops up. I work 50-60hrs a week on average

It's sort of a thankless job- I go to bat for my team and often fall on the sword to keep momentum going
Chief Engineer
Work on a supply boat in the Gulf of Mexico.
Keep the engines running and fix shit when it breaks. Pump fuel and drilling products to drill ships/oil rigs.
Get paid by the day 750 per day.
Schedule is 14 days on the boat/ 14 days off.
12 hour shifts every day for the 14 days on.
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