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>feels thread
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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>feels thread

>Share them feels
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whys poo staring at his ass?
my uncle died last night he was in a car accident
I'm sorry anon. He's is probably in a better place now.
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I got married a month ago and it fucking sucks.
She's fucking moody and is pissed off 99% of the time.
do you think she was the right one?
Somebody please dump some feels. None of that tl:Dr shit.
Well, I know this is a thread killer but it's all I got, feels incoming guys
Kill yourself, she will only ruin your life.
nigga do you really think I'm going to read all that shit
Well if you have the time and want the feels... I warn you, it's pretty sad
Oh fuck, I love the story of Elisa Milicent Sinclair.
IMO the best thing to come out of 4chan in a while.
Like that is literary tier shit, the story has been with me since I read it, it was life changing. I love it.
Have you read the one about Ella?
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I feel alone.
We all feel alone here
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No? What is it?
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Pussies, all of you. It's no wonder no one will fuck you.
Clinteastwood pussy generation!!!
Get used to it, soon enough you won't need anybody. Having friends is nice especially a few close ones but other than that its way better being independent. You'll be stronger that way too.
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If you read it prepare to cry the shit out of it, absolutely worth it and prolly the best thing ever posted in a baww thread
fuck man tearing up over here pettin my doggo.

Literally the only thing that makes me feel sick inside is thinking of the day she needs to be put down
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Does anyone here feel sad over the thought that there are literally infinate possibilities in reality and fiction yet we will never be able to explore 99.999999.....% of them.
Fuck i read this one 11/10
Thx :)
Everytime I want to catch a small bit of happiness,
it runs away from me at full speed...
Also, it is said that when your life drops to its lowest point, then there's no way to go but up.
But I don't know where my lowest point is. And I don't know if I want to be at my lowest point...

For a moment I thought my friend wrote this, it's like a fantasy version of what he could have lived if I didn't take the girl he loved. She was a lolita, a "sweet gal", pro ana and a cutter.
Years after he thanked me when she went totally crazy "thanks, I could have lived all the shit you've been through" I don't think he really meant that though, but what do I know ?

I won't post anything else because it would clearly 'spoil' the feels of this work of art.

There's feels everywhere and the more I age, the less I want to see it.
>There are so many stellar systems in our galaxy alone that we will never be able to explore it all

>If we don't get warp drives we are destined to drift apart from everything outside our galactic supercluster so much that we will eventually not even see anything beyond our merged galaxies

>The lifespan of a human is so ridiculously small that if we don't manage to either expand it a lot or make digital copies of our minds we'll never be able to live to see all this stuff

And all the while people are fighting over abstract concepts they invented and worthless pieces of land on this deathtrap we call Earth

The lowest point is living because your body tells you to do so.
Dump feels shit. I'm fuckin dying over here
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My cousin is a very mean person he told me that I was never discipline as a kid, so he called me a fucking retarded who will never grow up, never be successful in life,and your mother is disappointing in you, these are the type of thing he tells me, I'm even told him I'm very sensitive but he doesn't care......Here s always right about me, I never talk back to him because he's much bigger than me and I'm afraid of him
No shit, you got married

Try it before you buy it.
fucking talk to her. People mirror other people's attitudes. If not... roll a joint, sit down somewhere and just talk about it. Only way you'll solve the problem.
Finally a feels thread that's going...
>Be me >
>dropped out of uni
>lost my part time job
>lost 90% of my friends because I moved away from my hometown to study
>moved back to parents home
>Pic related
>breathing is the only active thing I'm doing
>parents hate me for being the way I am
>I hate myself for being the way I am
>the only thing that I have in my life is my phone, pc and my hard drive with movies and stuff
>an hero could be an option
>The thought of it still makes me uneasy but I don't see any other way
>psychological pain slowly goes towards physical pain
>My siblings are all successful
>I'm the black sheep in our family
>Noone understands me in my family and what I'm going through, since they don't care

I think I have to break up with my girlfriend. It's becoming clearer to me how much easier her life is without me. Since we went on a break shes been really distant even when we see each other and she's changed so much. I love her to death and she's amazing but fuck it feels like what we had is just disappearing and she's afraid to let go because she doesn't want me to fuck myself up over it. We've been together for four years and fell in love young. In a way I have to blame myself for it getting this way. I'm an unlovable piece of shit and everyone I thought cared about me disappeared over the years.

Just fuck my life.
I just broke up with the one. I dont know how i feel right now..
Hey anon- kun, I'm the guy above your post.
You're in a real shitty spot. Same for me. Tbh with people like you and me, we just need to distance ourselves from other people because we fuck up their lives.
If she really is enjoying her life more without you it'd be the better option to break up. I mean you love her, right?
On the other hand if she really cares about you and would be worried about you after your break up, isn't that a sign that she actually loves you as well? Just ask her, and say she has to be honest Otherwhise you don't see this relationship going on any longer.
Why'd you break up?
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Got four dogs all 12-13 years, god i dread the day they have to watch eachother go one by one. Got hit with those serious feels so early in the thread
Got dumped by my gf this week. Tonight is the first night since monday that I'm not drinking myself to death over it. It's been a rough week.
its a long story anon
Ever feel you missed out on life? I'm 28, but seeing every one of my former classmates married and some having kids, while I am here on fucking 4chan, single, alone. I always think about loneliness, and sometimes it just goes away, but it is always in the back of your mind and eeks closer and closer every day, until you have that lonely day, like today.

Why can someone just want to be with me.
>wake up
>get ready
>work a shitty 7-5 at time warner cable
>fucking soul crushing
>come home
>smoke pot
>dick around on the internet
>go to sleep
there's more to life and i know it but im literally wasting the best years of it doing the above.

Fuck, that is me every day. Except the only thing is I rotate gym before dicking around on my computer and going to bed.
Exactly what i was thinking man. what happened? There's a lot more to my story too. It's just been rough.
I'm not sure how or when to do this. I know the wound is still fresh but share if you need to anon.
You know when it gets funny? When the loneliness piles up until you get suicidal thoughts. Those ones, that you simply won't forget. Was in the same spot as you. Now I'm visiting the doctor bc of it.
Just ended things with the girl of my dreams, shes got alot of shit going on and she has relationship problems.
Same day i tell her im in love with her she ends things with me, really struggling right now.

I think of suicide all the damn time dude, hell, I even say it aloud around others now. I don't think I'd every commit to it, though I've tried 2 times and failed like a pussy, but it is just a vicious cycle.
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i shot a nigroid once
How long were you guys together?
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Fuck man, I did the same thing. I relapsed on hard drugs tonight as well... im a fuck u[p
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been in love.png
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>be me
>be 23
>dump my girlfriend of 3 years because scared of commitment
>was out of nowhere
>she's heart broken
>still madly in love with her
>we talk a little bit
>fast forward one month to today
>"anon are you okay? Saw snapchat did you rekt your truck?" "Okay, just making sure you're okay oh btw i'm going on a date tomorrow"
>heart destroyed
>mfw i did this to myself
>mfw i can't help pushing people out of my life
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Well, the thread is kinda low key and my story is long and boring. So not sure if it's worth to even start.
Long story's short:
>My parents had a huge argument with their siblings
>whole generation of relatives shits on us
>In the end we were the ones who were right
>It was too late though since my grandma died because of it
>Got kinda traumatised by her death. Was 2 years ago
>tried to grow up and build up my life
>Parents expectations way too high
>Failed some exams
>My older siblings shit on me because they think I'm a waste of time and money
>They also think I'm doing this on purpose
>they convince my parents to quit supporting me with my uni
So yea. That's just the family side of things.
Tell me something about your story. Maybe we can hold the thread alive :)

>>702310248 This anon, communication is key. I know we have no real context, but try to talk to her about it. Be sensitive though, maybe something serious is wrong.
Does anybody have some really good feels music? Like music that sings you to sleep on a dark lonely night. I need that.
enlist in the military if you can
it helped me
I feel you bro. Go see a doctor. There is no escape to this fucking cycle of disparity.
Even if you find someone that loves you, this dark side of yours will be a problem in your relationship. Get yourself fixed up and chances are you're more successful in finding your soul mate.

I'm collecting links from feels threads atm. Just started last week. Feel free to share
thinking about suicide=easy
do it=fucking hard
Well I live in Germany and I don't have a German passport. So that's not an option. I had to go to Turkey for military service and you know what kind of a shithole Turkey is. Also I have no money for a flight or change my passport.

also try out band -Ocean Lab.That gonna help you calm down when you feel bad and it;s perfect to sleep.
can confirm, i give the exact amount of 0 fucks now.
close to me
>dropped out of uni
>FOUND a full time job
>living alone
>have no friends
>ignore family
moral of the story, fuck people, be alone and be happy.
Sup /b/ros..

I met this girl 5 months back. We became fast friends and i integrated her in my group of close friends.

Problem is, i developed feelings for her. It's been awkward for me to be around her for a while now and she's not stupid and knew right away that something was wrong.

So i invited her to dinner yesterday to talk about it.
She just got out of a bad relationship before i met her, and she's not ready for another one right now. We both have conflicted feelings about each other.

We wanted to go out alone more, see where it leads, but later on we realised that it could go horribly wrong and neither of us wants to jeopardize our friendship because we became really close friends.

I don't know what she's thinking right now but i have really mixed feelings about this.
On one side i'm really relieved that we talked it out and it's not awkward anymore, on the other side i REALLY want to be with her. She's pretty much everything i ever wanted.

I'm the kind of person who wants an actual intimate relationship, not just sex etc. right away.

It's 4 am right now and I don't know what to feel /b/ros.

Cutting contact is definately not an option for me.
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My grandparents who were together for 59 years killed themselves recently. My grandmother had cancer, very bad arthritis and was constantly in pain. She lost the will to live and my grandfather didn't want to live without her, so they took their lives into their own hands, drove to the family graveside and shot themselves in their car. Lot of sadness with this story in general, but there was one detail that hit me hard specifically. I need to give some background information first:

>Be me.
>8th grade.
>Find a plastic piano in a closet in the basement.
>Fuck it, I am bored. Let's play with it.
>First thing I learn is the melody in the first 6 seconds of this song
>Instantly hooked.
>Fast forward to Junior year in HS, 2012
>Learned a lot more on a real piano, right and left hand.
>For my birthday, Dad takes me to a recording studio
>"You can record any song you know and make however many CDs you want"
>Do it and make maybe 50 CDs to give out to close family, friends, and relatives.
>Give one to grandparents next time I see them.
>Grandmother cries.
>Loves it to death and loves my piano playing so much.
>Grandfather loves it as well.

Now here is how this relates:

>Fast forward to 2016.
>Be me several months ago.
>Funeral service for grandparents is over
>Winding down with the family and sharing a few drinks
>Talking with dad, making sure he is okay and all
>Ask him about going to get their car
>He tells me it was hard, but it was a peaceful location
>He pauses for a second and then looks at me
>"There wasn't much in the car. Son, there was one CD playing when they were found and was the only CD in the car."
>Can't bring myself to ask which CD it was.
>I already knew the answer.
>Dad nods his head teary-eyed.
>"Yes Anon, it was yours."

In their final moments saying their final goodbyes, they were listening to my piano playing. That fucking killed me, but if anything I am happy they loved it that much.
I don't like it to be lonely.
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These are 2 of the songs I had learned to play and had recorded on the CD. I like to imagine it was one of these 2 songs they were listening to when they made that impossible decision.

>pic related, somewhat similar to the graveside's look but smaller and ranch-like
you meet and probably talk with poeple in your job,and that keeps you away from madness and feeling of loneliness.
>wake up 1.5 hours before work
>spend 12 or 10(during the weekends) hours at work
>get back home
>it's 9 pm
>stay up on the internet til 3-4am
>don't get enough sleep
>wake up
everything hurts and i want to die

why is everything so fucked up? jesus christ i just want to be happy for once. I'm so tired of the struggle to even feel 'okay'

i want to die jesus christ i'm so fucking desperate

i feel like the world is slowly breaking me
don't care for them
you guys are way cooler anyway, atleast i get to witness keks.
sounds like you're slowly entering to the friendzone anon
that's tough, but it's such a genuine appreciation for your music, and that's more than what most of my family gives me for mine. I'm sorry you had to find out that way.
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Just wished my ex (who i still have many feels for) a happy birthday. She said thanks, and never responded after that. Sounds petty, but fuck...
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Not sure if that's bait or not.
people are assholes and there's always guys you can hang out with on the internet.
Gf has PMS, now she has it.
Is like a fucking hell,she doenst want to talk to much and she bitch about stupid things
What should I do? It s affecting me becouse we cant do anything and be happy for this days.
I wish it was. It was a shock to everyone. My grandmother had made a suicide attempt several years before this happened, but everyone assumed she was done and would never try again after that. They assured us.

Little did we know. I mean they had this planned down to the last detail. When my father and his brothers went to clean out the apartment, there were moving boxes already laid out, envelopes for the brothers and grandkids (will information, parting gifts, trust fund info, etc.), a list of what clothes they wanted to be buried in, the list goes on.

They had planned for this for years.
I'll just bump you.
I shared my story >>702314301
Now it's your turn /b/ro. I'm waiting and listening/reading
Nice songs, Sorry about your grandparents.
Hit me in the feels.
Its my birthday and I'm sitting here in a feels thread.
Wondering when its gonna get any easier moved back with parents after being a drug addict and was successful in my line of work.
I want to go back but I know it will kill me. already slit my wrists once before yes vertical didnt work. Lie to my parents tell them im happy. Thinking about how to end it all everyday that wont fail. I hate what ive become used to be popular now im in a new town with no friends. Hold me /b/
we call it "life"
Yea I know you're right, but what about physical love in form of a partner? Just fucking hookers isn't the way to go or am I mistaken?
That's the problem
On one side i want to be, because she's an awesome person and one of my best friends, and i would be ok with being just friends, but on the other side... Well i just want more.
I want to lay in bed with her, cuddle with her, kiss her and tell her how much she means to me...

Yet I don't know what i want more...
Happy birthday, I'm sorry I can't be there right now to play all sorts of video games and eat pizza, but until I can be there be extra nice to yourself since I cant. Promise?
Trips of truth
i've fucked 1 person in my whole life, like 5 times, that's it. I don't care much for sex to be honest.
Damn. *virtually hugs you*
At least they loved and appreciated your music. Old people have a totally different mindset than us. They've seen it all and I think it's understandable why they committed suicide. Especially in your grandma's situation...
Hope this won't bother you much /b/ro... keep smiling and spread love with your songs.
If your looking for sex find a fuck buddy. It's not that hard, there are plenty of sluts out there, just lower your standards.
If you just want companionship, get a pet. Literally any pet will do.
Take care of them and they will love and appreciate you in return. Easy peasy.
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needed somewhere to vent this

>be me
>15 year old 6/10 female
>recently broke up with beta bf
>decide to date a good friend bc neither of us had anything to loose
>all of our hangout time was spent at his bi-curious best friends house
>didn't have a problem with it bc I was cool with the guy
>one day they both went into his room where the proceeded to try on each other's pants
>doesn't want to walk in
>next day bf doesn't talk to me at all
>day after he broke up with me
Well somebody got queered real quick
You're 15 and female? if I asked for tits I'd be Pedro
Where do I find a fuck buddy? I have literally 5 friends. None of them are really close friends with me and they're not female. They don't grow on trees.
Go in a bar, look around and if you see a grill looking at you repeatedly go over and talk to her.

Fuck her brains out.

Ask her for FWB


You know what ? Im ine the middle of friendzone now.Started leaving from that shit cuz it ruins man step by step.Known her for 2 years.On june she splitted up with her bf.I was her friend so was doing everything to make her feel better.Talking and spending with her lots of time.I fell in love.Was thinking she felt same.And after 2-3 weeks she told me she;s in relationship with some fag.I started drinking.Been drinking every 2-3 days.Stopped one week ago.She didn;t event notice i loved her.I still do but i know it's not gonna work anymore.

At that's the the point.Even when you love her,and think about her,it doesn;t mean she loves you.She maybe even doesn't know you feel something to her.

Someone told me that for men friend can become a lover pretty often ,but for women hardly ever.
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Well just had a date (My first real one no less I'm 19 btw) last week fucked it up somehow. And the worst 'part about it isn't that really or the girl. It's the sick feeling of wanting to be loved. A feeling that the logical me doesn't understand. I get scared because it isn't actual pain but it hurts none the less. does anyone else know what im talking about?
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>mfw you know you're not trying your best.
>mfw you know you're where you are BECAUSE of yourself.
>mfw you realize the only ones who care, stopped caring a long time ago.
>mfw you can't leave because of dept/family
>can't an hero because that's not me
>can only feel bad man..
Have a gf, kinda want to fuck my country-ass neighbor. I'm going to, don't worry. Might feel bad later but it'll be worth it

Guys I'm out. Trying to keep this alive. Literally posted 15 times. Also it's 6 am over here.
Here's an advise:
Whenever you feel lonely and sad, read the Elisa green text and appreciate your life.
If helps, i´m 23 right now. About 2 years ago i really tought about kill myself, because a lot of shit; i was in med school by the time.

Everything got fucked up for a lot of reasons, then i touched bottom.

Today, i´m studying and have a scholarship. Shit can get better.
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If anyone has any advice on the following that doesn't include extreme measures of revenge, I'd gladly take it. Anyway, long story but worth it if you want feels...


>Been together with my gf for 2 years
>Had some good times together, the sex was 10/10
>start increasingly going deeper down into mental disorder the last 6 months of our relationship
>I can't pull myself together enough to see her as much as she needs, which is at least once a week, and every time it's her asking me if I wanna do something
>have problems opening up emotionally so I give vague hints that I'm not doing well

>suddenly she breaks it to me that she wants to move like 6 hours away by car
>told her this was exactly what broke a past relationship for me, she doesn't even ask me if I’d consider moving with her
>relationship starts falling apart, don't see each other for a month since she tells me it's all in my hands now, her being tired of being the one who always has to ask to hang out
>break up with her, relationship is like pulling a dead horse at this point and it burdens me emotionally too much
>really just want to protect her from myself as well, she should do what she wants and move
>gf just gets mad and tells me i'm letting us down
>we decide that we should stay friends and support each other emotionally since she also has problems with anxiety
3/3 (i'm an idiot i know)
>finally I break down, tell her what's really going on in my head, this being the first time of me telling anybody in 10 years
>she tells me i'm just pulling her down with me, after all the countless hours I picked her up from anxiety attacks
>I just go deeper and deeper into total melancholia
>finally she begs me to stop and promises to take me to a shrink, this calms me down
>three weeks pass, ex hasn't even called
>I go to the shrink on my own even tho I'm terrified of it and I’m in a dark dark place
>call her and tell her I went on my own, she gets mad when I confront her about breaking this promise saying it was hard for her too. She was out with her friends when I called, so she was just lying about not having the energy to simply take me to the fucking hospital
>being the idiot I am I forgive her and we start falling back in love
>we go to a festival together with some friends
>she goes full slut mode and loudly fucks my friend in a tent a couple feet away from mine
>I panic and drink a full bottle of vodka to make myself pass out
>next morning, tell her to just not talk to me if she wants to come with me to Amsterdam which was our next destination (we’re the only one’s going) which she says is fine
>arrive in Amsterdam, she suddenly stops and her eyes start tearing up
>”anon, I want to talk about this”

No shit, the only time she wants to consider my feelings is when she has something at stake (since we’re gonna stay at my friends place in Amsterdam and she seems unsure of staying there after what went down)

>I walk a couple feet away to calm my nerves, you don’t scream at someone at an airport
>turn back around after five minutes, she’s gone
>get a text from her mother claiming I had abandoned her
>she tells me to never contact her again
>she’s still with my “friend”

This was more than a month ago. I can’t stop thinking of her. Even in sleep I don’t get a fucking rest. I hear them fucking.
I wish i knew what i know now 4 years ago
>married for 3 years
>finally separated april of 2015
>off and on in between then and now
>november '15 i found out she's been with 3 other guys since april
>i haven't been with any other women because i never gave up on us
>devastated but try to get her back again
>going decently til january
>one of the dudes she fucked is in a class with her
>2 weeks into class she comes home say she doesnt want to be with me
>move out
>tell her im done trying to fix things but wouldnt be opposed to her coming to me and asking me to try again
>nothing happens
>meet girl on tinder
>fun, cute
>1 month ago
>wife comes to me says she misses me
>wants to try again
>tell her im seeing someone
>but am super conflicted
>serious thoughts about fixing things with her
>tell her
>she tells me to fuck myself since i have a new girlfriend in my life
>3 days later tells me shes seeing someone
>few days ago
>tell her ive thought a lot and wondering if offer is still on table
>go fuck yourself

shes over at his apartment right now (thanks google timeline)

feels bad man.
I did before posted
Find out what she wants,what she feels and desires.I think it's the only way.If I understood something wrong in
really sorry,havent slept for 40h.Hope you gonna figure it out.Im out
Most near death experiences I've read about talked about death in a very positive light. A tranquil state of existence that lacks of worries, responsibilities, and more importantly, expectations from parents or peers.

>Be me, 7
>Parents fight day and night
>Grades are shit
>Violent as fuck at school
>End up breaking a kids jaw with his metal thermos
>Parents blame each-other for raising such a horrible child
>Brother (10) is taking this harder than anyone
>Brother is a lot softer than I am, but still pretty hard
>3 years of nothing but fighting and being in a broken family
>10 now, family movies out of city, trying to fix what is broken
>Still violent
>Move into middle-upper class neighborhood
>Still violent in school
>Brother (13) now into drugs and alcohol
>Cops show up at school, due to suspicion of drugs, end up getting into a serious fight with 13 yearold
>End up ramming his head into the brick wall
>Cop saw it all
>the 13 yearold tried to take my fruit snacks
>I was now in the office, cop telling me what I did was wrong
>Brother ends up getting busted for having a few grams of weed in school
>Mom and Dad divorce, then we're in court for custody
>Mom wins custody, but Dad can still see kids
>Dad is a drug addict
>Mom is a saint
>Mom moves out of middle class, back 2 home town
>In small home now, town home
>Hardly ever see Dad
>Decide to try and turn my life around
gay ass techno trance isn't real music faggot get an actual job
that's what everyone says
>mfw all women are like this
Get used to it anon, been married 18 years, now you have something to bitch about with other marriedbros

As long as she keeps letting you stuff her cornhole, it's all good
Fucking emotionally abusive girl, anon. That girl is manipulative and ruthless as fuck. She told her mother that she was abandonded for extra sympathy and what the hell is even the whole shit before that...
Really? I didn't see anyone else say that. I'm not trying to be "original" either, faggot.
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I feelyou bro

More anon
There´s gotta be a point where you just need to let it go for good. It should have been the moment you found out. Once she knows she can do that to you and you will still come back, there´s no coming back..
ITT: 35 man babies expressing their eternal autism and virginity to a website full of autistic virgins

This is a ylyl thread to me
My gf used to be so attached to me. I havent heard from her since 7:00pm and the text only said "hello" whenever I confront her about it she says she has been busy with family and cant answer me. But if i dont mean enough to her to check her phone once in a while idk what I'm going to do.
>Autistic virgin detected
I just don't know what to do from here. I can't be alone, I can't see other girls either. There have been times when I felt like I understand her perspective, that she had a lot of shit going on and that I wasn't always there for her. But now I just feel so abandoned. I want her to know how much it hurt but she doesn't take it to heart even tho I'm humble and soft about it when I tell her she shouldn't ever do that to somebody. She never ever apologized for any of this.
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Enjoy your ban
Safe zone hug box
Fuck off you cuck edgelord faggot. Who is only jealous of people who have lives and shit they care about and all your faggot ass cares about is your two tabs of Runescape and E-Hentai. You fucking fagoon
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>Decide to try and be less violent, focus on school
>turns out I'm not a dumb ass
>13 Now, and have turned my grades around
>Still violent and shit, but am getting better
>Some 16 Yearold ends up jumping Brother (Also 16)
>Brother ends up stabbing jumper
>Brother now in court, being trialed as an adult
>Brother is found not-guilty, due to lack of evidence
>14 now
>Dad wants to see us for a week
>Brother and me go, mom stays and guards the fort
>We end up getting robbed, while staying with dad
>Mom's house is robbed while she was out on a date
>Police try and find the suspects, they think it was neighbors
>Me and Brother already knew it was the 18yrolds down the street, since they've been bragging about robbing houses
>We end up telling the Police, they say that there's insufficient evidence, since the father of one of the 18yearolds is a cop, fucking corrupt system
>We take matters into own hands
>18 Yearolds end up biking past our house, real slow
>We spot the fuckers, while walking home from school
>Brother takes something metal out of his pocket
>ends up shooting one of them in the back of the head with a rock
>the others bike away, since my brother was a fucking deadeye
>Brother kicks his teeth in, where I'm still phased that my brother has a FUCKING SLINGSHOT
>We end up going home, found mom lying on floor
T r i g g e r e d
this would've been so funny 6 years ago
Keked real hard
It´s a lost cause, man. Just like back then, this is pulling a dead horse. Sure, you guys were both not perfect, but what she did is inexcusable. She has gone through all kinds of rationalizations of why her actions are fair/good/whatever. She might realise at some point, but it´s not, because you tell her too. If you need to, get angry at her, tell her what you think and then stop. There´s no bargaining with her at this point.

My girlfriend broke up with me recently too. What helped me most, way more than alcohol, vidya and others, was meeting new people. Even just guys at stuff. Whenever somebody invites you to something, even if it´s half-hearted, just say yes. That´s been the most helpful in distracting myself.
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>tfw you will never have a loyal, faithful, qt Korean wife to cook you dinner
>Mom ended up ODing on Ritalin, since I had ADHD
>We end up calling the hospital on neighbors phone
>We found some empty shot glasses, and a bottle of vodka, also empty
>Amberlance gets there, putting her on the back
>We ask if we can go with
>Only big Bro can go with.
>I stay with neighbor who's phone we borrowed.
>Neighbor is cool af
>Neighbor knows we got robbed, ended up taking some of the stuff that they stole
>Gives us back the tiny TV and the Video player
>Amberlance gets back a day later
>Mom is ok now
>Bro's birthday coming up
>Decide to get him a knife for his B'day
>Tell family that neighbor is cool-dood
>Brother and Neighbor become close friends
>Brothers Birthday
>We decide to have his birthday at Neighbors house, since he's ok with it
>Neighbor gets bro fireworks, I give him a knife, and mom gives him a Bottle of white rum
>Mom is best mom
>Life looks pretty good, even though we're in a slum
>Now 15
>Year of bad luck
Ive got a bad feel that im sure some of you faggots can relate to.

Liking a girl and thinking she likes you when she is actually just fucking your brain. It hurts like a bitch when that happens, and there nothing you can do about it. Still cant figure out who's fault that is.
Wait, what? The neighbor had the stuff that was stolen from you? He gave it back only once you were in his house and saw the incriminating stolen goods? Fishy af?
Sometimes i feel like im the only one in my family who is miserable.
My friends have moved on since high school. Some are dead, some started families and some moved to other places to seek their dreams. Im the only one who stayed in this fucking city and its harder to live while rent gets higher and more people move into this city.
I know. I left her alone after telling her what's inexcusable about what she did. She moved and that's it. I just want to know how to best deal with this because what I really want is for her to just fucking apologize. To recognize my feelings like she never did. How do I make her see, without fucking her friend and bringing myself down to her level (i totally could if i wanted tbh)

i'm sorry about you and your gf. you've done well and i try to do the same, sometimes it works.
Im in the same position but i have a kid... im trying my hardest. Im doing everything right. She only wants me here to watch the kid so she can sleep. Thats all.. but she isnt happy... Idk. Pic related from earlier... i got her loan paid off by giving my brother my car to pay her 400$ loan. Was a last resort.. what do? Leave? Give up? We got stuck in cali (her fault) and ive done nothing but help..
My Mom passed away Wednesday night on the couch like 20 feet from me. Terminal lung and liver cancer. Discovered her maybe ten minutes later.

She was still so warm.

Fuck cancer.
>Mom's situation gets worse
>Got fired for not sucking dick
>Brother leaves school to find job
>Neighbor gets busted by police
>Neighbor was a drug dealer
>Mom now depressed, more than normal
>Mom sells bed for rent money
>Me and bro sleep on couch
>Mom sleeps downstairs
>Upstairs turns into play rooms and stuff
>I try to stay focused in school
>Grades plummet
>Teacher's an asshole
>Call him an asshole
>Get slapped with a textbook
>Sock the teacher right in the chest
>Classmates hold me back, since I'm known as the fighter type
>Go to office, get a week suspension
>Brother found job, crummy hours and lousy pay
>enough for rent, but not enough for food
>Mom finds another job, still crummy
>Enough to get by, but hardly
>Week passes, return to school
>Teacher sees me return to class
>Tries to get into my face again
>Me and teacher eye to eye
>"You fucking little punk, next time you try that I'll beat your ass!" -Teacher
>Spit in the fuckers face
>Take my seat
>He's furious, pulls out a ruler to beat me with
>Proceeds to hit me with a ruler in the arm
>Blood boils
>Turns to rage
>Unleash the beast
Cliff hangr
He had taken it when they were stealing from our house
tear worthy right here
Yes :(
>Grab ruler from the teacher
>snap it over his head
>Custodial staff walk past room, seeing the teacher getting his ass beat
>They end up pinning me, getting the boss man
>Go to office
>Teacher is on other side of room, we're telling the story of what happened
>Calm as fuck while doing it
>"He called me a punk, so I spat in his face. Then the bitch grabbed a ruler, hit me with it, then I retaliated." Nuff said
>Teacher ended up getting FIRED!!!
>I found out a week later that he was fired from teaching in the school, since the other teens vouched for me in my class
>Walk home from school knowing that I did something good.
>Rest of school year goes fine
>16 now
>Bro is now 19 and is still working crummy hours, but better pay
>Me and Bro are now super close, no bullshit, and no arguing
>Mom is still in a better state now
>Life seems to turn around again
>I find a girl
>We're both ugly as fuck, so we're a perfect match
>Life throws another sucker punch...
>We go on a first date, using the little cash that I have to go to a little pizza place
>We're a perfect match for each other (Or so it seems that way)
>We're both far from rich, and very cold people (understanding, but cold)
>Same music type, same colors, same style of outfits, I was hooked
>Her ex finds out about me
>He's a little guy, I'm guessing his dick was as short as he was
>He had a crew though
>He decides to 'talk' to me
>He's also a nigger, so yeah, there's that
>He tells me to 'back off or else'
>"Eat a phat dick, you fucking dwarf-monkey" -Me
>Challenges me to a fight, in the middle of the hall
>Right hook, straight into the jaw
>Teacher sees
>GF sees
>Brother sees
>I punched a fucking half-ling, and then his crew decided to jump on me
>The midget was out cold, while I was getting kicked
>The teacher was trying his best
>Brother pulled a knife on them, almost stabbing one of them
>Left with only bruises
>Other than that, pretty ok
>Suspended again, for attacking a defenseless person
>Me and Midget man make up, and actually become friends
>Before you lose your shit, yes I was friends with a nigger.
and then here's where life's hit connects
anons i need your insight in this matter

does this girl actively want me to pursue her or what
Feel good that they loved you so much man
I balled
Shit man, my mom died of stomach cancer when i was 12, its rough as hell, I know that feel. Fuck cancer
finish, fucker.
I purchased a gun today and now I have to wait out the 10 days until I can have peace
wait. grrentext also the part about becoming friends with a nigger. I mean, it's not like beating somebody up makes you likely to befriend them. like not at all in fact.
still here anon?
>haven't been sleeping well
>up late doing ACT prep homework
>trying to get into a good college so that i can do well and make family proud
>not even sure i want to go to college but im to scared to say anything because i dont want too dissapoint people
>i just want to lay music somwhere cold and live life
>after 4 years of thinking i never had a chance finally date the girl of my dreams
>struggle to talk to her for the first couple months
>get closer emotionally over time
>never really do anything sexual bc she isnt ready
>become close friends with her best friend
>i didnt have many friends so i was all for it
>turns out her best friend tries to hookup w all her friends bfs
>i would never cheat so didnt think much of it
>one night friend asks if she can sleep over bc her bf kicked her out i say sure dont think abt it
>dont tell my gf about it bc its better if she doesnt know abt it
>have surgery and take painkillers and slip it out to my gf on Christmas day she is heart broken
>thinks i cheated when i didnt
>lost all of her trust
>she forgives me but i continue to fuck things up constantly
>stop talking to gf best friend
>fast forward to 1 year and 1/2 into the relationship
>gf tells me she has depression, anxiety, alice in wonderland syndrome and suicidal thoughts occasionally
>feel terrible but i dont stop loving her
>i constantly break promises unintentionally
>gf cant stand it always get so close to breaking up
>eventually she tells me she cant breakup with me because she is so depended on me and cant imagine not being with me.
>tells me she doesnt like me but likes me
>im confused as shit so i think she wants to be friends
>turns out she doesnt like me she loves me
>feel like trash bc idk if im whats good for her
>the girl ive obsessed over all through middle school and a little of highschool i am destroying her
>i love her but i cant keep doing this to her and i cant imagine my life without her i love her but i cant stop fucking up
>i dont think im whats good for her anymore but i dont wanna let her go
>i just want her to be happy
>love sucks
How many lives must you ruin?
if you dont stand up to him than your proving it to him arent you
im sorry for your loss :(
>Anti bear landmines
>Asymetrical warfare
>Small unit tactics
I'm in love with this girl, we're dating and she still chooses to spend more time with her ex fiance then me.
Abandon ship
Dated girl recently for a few months. Things were great, we made each other smile every time we were together. Couldn't keep our hand off each other. Never disrespected her, and she was honest with me. I fell hard, her too. Had first fight over some dumb shit. Miss communication. I work 3rd shift. I felt shit about fight. After work I bought flowers, purple her favorite color. Surprised her that morning. She surprised me with a guy in her bed.
Let her explain, she never owned up felt bad for her cuz she had shit relationships before was cheated on a lot. Felt worse as she told me about how much fucked up shit she goes through on a daily basis. Told me she needs to work on her self before she can have a relationship. She goes out with all her guy friends every chance she gets. I couldn't feel better. I dumped her and dove into a sea of cock hungry women.
there is no reason to chill with an ex other than to cheat dump her anon trust me been there . It will only hurt you more and more down the road.. It will become a leech that eats at you everytime you think about it, its only a matter of when she cheats not if. Please anon dont end up like me
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