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what was your 1st gay experience?
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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what was your 1st gay experience?
Coming here.
Posting ITT.
posting on /v/
I let some 17 year old suck me off in the laundry room of my apartment complex when I was 12.
Jerked each other with my brother. Think I was 15 and he was 13, can't remember exactly...
>be 14
>went to classmates house for school project
>whole family was out
>did work for about an hour
>started to laze around
>he starts to ask me weird questions about masturbation and if I did them
>starts talking about it
"hey anon...wanna watch some porn?"
>uhhh sure.jpg
>looked at some lousy, grainy, kazaa era porn
>both of us are quite into the zone now
"wanna jerk off together?"
>heart skips a beat
>agree to pull down pants together
"1 , 2 , 3"
>omg his dick is huge.jpg
>at least 6 inches, with a downward cruve and purplish-pink head
>did some comparing
>started to jerk off
>started to touch each other's
>girl did a bj in the vid
>tried bj-ing each other (was quite bad due to lack of experience)
>eventually both came together on the desk, sheeplishly clean up with napkins
>made me promise not to tell anyone
>never mention or do it again

I wish I had maybe made it a regular thing, it was fun. Also I can still recall the smell of his pubes. We had sports in school that day (not america, so no showers) --- it was musky, sweaty and kinky at the same time
Truth or dare gone ary when I was 8 or so.
>>be me like 8
>>playing in garage
>>friend that was a little younger than me asks to suck my dick
>>Nervous at first but I let him.
>>Now he said its my turn
>>I Said no you your the faggot here
>>Nobody ever knows this story only you guys.
>what was your 1st gay experience?


>be 4
>at birthday party of neighbor boy
>they have a bouncy house, fuck yeah
>play in there for a long time, til some food is ready and everyone leaves the bouncy house
>long line, so i get a few more minutes to bounce
>couple minutes in, i hear someone come in
>figure it's one of the other kids, whatever
>it was jeff
>jeff was another neighbor kid's parent's friend who was supervising the play area
>i got ass raped in a bouncy house & never even got to eat the pizza cuz i ran home after
My friend talked me into dressing up as a girl and sucking him off when I was 15.
>not america so no showers
Yeeaaah.. You mean you live in a shithole. All normal countries have showers.
did that when I was young too. Tbh he was the one who taught me, I was 13, him 14

after that for a while we would watch porn together and do things like seeing who can shoot further or more accurate etc--but we could only did that when parents are not around or sneakily at night

it all stopped when he got a girlfriend a few years later though
How socially retarded does one have to be to fall prey to this shit? At 15 I already knew my fetishes and destiny was set. I didn't "experiment", I knew where to find porn I liked and how to hide it on my parents computer. How are you just playing video games one day and all of a sudden your friend convinces you to don drag and put his wiener in your mouth? It's a level of mental illness I'll never understand and I'm diagnosed with BPD.
He meant no showers at the school you twat.
singapore secondary schools dont have a "shower after gym class" culture, we just changed clothes

I never said I had anything against it. It never occured to you I was already into that stuff? Retard.
some people are really later bloomers

i knew people who didnt know what masturbation was until their 17s
When I was in 1st grade, some kid name Clinton wanted to suck my dick so I let him.
We did it in his closet.
Then it was my turn and he peed in my mouth.
he wanted to fuck so badly he gave me 200$ he was 15 or something and me 13
When I was in the 4th grade my friend would sleepover every weekend. We had this game called "Athena's castle". We'd build a fort with the couch cushions and lick each others cocks inside the fort.
One time my babysitter tried to get me to suck his cock. He told me he'd give me his twisted sister record if I did it.
I was about to, but his dick stunk like a shopping mall urinal.
I told him it smelled back and he hit me across the face with a rolled up Penthouse mag.
Lucky you, my bro didn't want to do it ever again... Asked him if he wanted to do it again few days later, he declined, and we did not talked about it ever again.

Damn, I wish I had a gayer teenagehood
Sucked off my friend's older brother and his friend. Not at the same time, but within the same day
>Then it was my turn and he peed in my mouth.
>Athena's castle


what even was that
It was terrible. Right before he did it he said in a little sing-song voice: "here comes the sour wine!! Toodle le Doo!"
damn faggs
Well the idea was that the one getting locked was Athena. And the one doing the licking had reeled up Mt Olympus for privilege of licking the goddess pussy. That's why we licked instead of sucked the dick
One day i was playing games with my brother and when to the bathroom. After i was finished he opened the door and just sucked me off. I didnt really understand why i was like 10 so i just forgot about it for a while then went back to playing games with him
>be me, about 8-9 yrs old
>be in boy scouts
>go home with best friend in scouts after an event
>no one home except his mother who goes in another room
>honestly cant remember who, but one us says "hey lets take a bubble bath"
>we both just strip down completely naked
>innocently grabbed his dick and pulled on it a bit
>he does the same in return
>we both laugh and sit beside eachother in bath, start playing with toy cars and power ranger action figures we had brought in to bathe with us
>his mom walks in and loses her shit, tells us to get the fuck out and put clothes on and we were never to do that again
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>fantasizes about eating a chick out while licking a cock
This kid down the road from me came over one day and asked of I wanted to play Top Gun.
So we ran around the neighborhood with our arms out acting like airplanes and shit.
He shot me down behind a bush and said to me: "OK iceman. Mavrick is about to refuel."
Then he pulled out his dick and acted like it was fuel boom and I had to navigate my would into it after he blindfolded me with his underwear
I second this. Idk when b became super gay.
women dont know the importance of male bonding
Oh my sides, what a jerk
Pls greentext the whole story
I was twelve and in the sixth grade, he was sixteen, a high school junior and my neighbor. Total Chad, probably could've had any girl in his school and he knew it. We never talked all that much but I remember I would watch him through my bedroom window with my underwear around my ankles while he washed his dad's mustang in the driveway in a pair of swim trunks. The water, the spray. It would glisten off his bare chest as he rinsed off the body and I would wish he'd never go back inside.

Anyway, one day my drunk ass uncle came in while I was watching him and fucked me in the ass while calling me a little faggot.
this thread
When I was kid I went to summer camp.
There was a party for the big kids one night. A weenie roast. Us young kids had to stay in the cabins and read.
I snuck out.
Some older kids caught me and said I could sit at the fire with them and have a hot dog.
One guy tried to out his dick in a bun and it's Me i had to eat the bun off his dick. I refused.
So he tripped me with a stick and a fat kid sat on me.
While I was down, he took a shit in the dirt and picked it up with a pair of tongs and laid his turd in a hotdog bun and shoved it in my mouth. Then the fat kid farted on my chest
Hugging my father
I'd love to know how you reacted to this and what happened after. Don't bother if it's too unpleasant to remember
25 yrs old and married. Not getting much in the bedroom. Heard about casual encounters on CL. Decided to post an ad to see if anyone would respond. Chatted with this old guy for a month or two and finally agreed to go to his house. I walked in and he unzipped me and pulled my cock out. Starts sucking while fondling my balls. Asks me if I've ever been rimmed. I say no. He tells me to get on all fours. Tongued my ass for a few mins while rubbing my cock and balls. I tell him I'm going to cum so he takes my dick and starts deepthroating like a maniac. I came buckets. Best blowjob I've ever had.
Lol you got married at 25? You really are a faggot.
I am on a phone so no green text

I was 19 or 20 in university. Single, staying in university town for the summer. Joined adult friend finder, chatting with some slut, she wants to get gang banged, and she's already got two guys lined up, I'm lucky number three. She says that part of the conditions is that we gotta be comfortable "playing with each other", and that her fetish is to walk in on men fooling around and then join in. I'm pretty desperate to gang bang this chick even though I'm not gay, or at that time even bi.

I show up at the hotel room, me and the two other dudes hang out waiting for this chick. One of the guys has done this with her before, tells us it's the best but this girl is flakey and usually always really late. I can imagine women being like that about gangbangs. She sends us a message, tells us to get started because she'll be there soon. The other two guys drop trow, I do too. We're jacking off to some vhs porn. They say let us suck you. I say nah. They're like, "so you were lying to her? Fuck you man she's not gonna do it because you decided to be a liar and say you were into things that you're not. It's a valid point, and I did do that. So I let these guys suck my dick, together.

I kid you not, it wasn't until this point that I realized what was going on. So I said I'm not waiting this bitch isn't coming, and I drove home embarrassed and confused and kinda trying to maintain the delusion in my head that these two fags hadn't just tricked me into being gay.

Years later, I am openly bi, but only for enormous, handsome penises.
Another Kodak moment in life.
>be 4 months
>2 year old starts fingering my poopy anus
>tell him go away
>he walks the dinosaur
This is hilarious
hey me too. I have bpd and relate to your story.
I took mdma
Well I listened to MDMA the Madonna album.
That was some pretty gay shit I did
not really a "gay experience", but i already knew i liked guys in high school

had a crush on this straight guy in my group of friends, he's really cute. I never told him though.

one time we went to his house to play the PS2. Needed to use the bathroom, excused myself. found out that inside the toilet was the laundry hamper, and I spotted his used , off-white undies tucked in 1 corner (hes the only son + his smaller size)......

lets just say that was the fastest <5min fap I ever had
I took a vacation.
>12 year old me
>playing with cousin
>started talking about our likes and dislikes
>told him about my foot fetish
>he wants to try it
> we play with each other feet
>i get hard
>he enjoys the fetish and gets hard too
>we see each other hard and compare our dicks
>he dares me lo lick his dick
>i do and dare him back
>he then dares me to suck it
>i comply and dare him back

We played for some months we even tried to fuck each other but without lube it didn't went far. Eventually he moved away. I bet if he would not I would ended up with a dick up my ass
very hot, Im dripping just by reading this
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>15 year old i started to play with things in my ass
>18 years old chatted with a stranger and agree to meet outside a porn cinema
Got there late, he was gone. Either way got in there and jack a complete stranger
>21 years old meet a stranger online and gave my first bj and got assfucked
Anyone got the greentext where the guy realized he sucked his dads cock after a masked orgy?
realizing it was fun to talk sexy and pretend with guys because guys are willing. starting spreading my number, (201) 503-4440, all over and having phone sex with whoever, buying into whatever fantasy they wanted.
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I hope no one falls for this.
falls for what? talking to me?
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Newfag detected
>be 22 years old
>not into guys as a whole but definitely into cocks
>been fantasizing about taking the plunge and being a guy's sub
>browse Grindr for a few weeks
>one night I say fuck it and make it happen
>meet up with Asian guy with perfect 7" cock
>I bottom for the first time
>blow him like a slut
>moan with his cock down my throat
>damn I don't even have a gag reflex
>"I want you to cum in my mouth"
>I take every drop
>drive home feeling ashamed and afraid of passing an STD to gf
One of the hottest moments of my life. I have a new gf now and she means too much to me to cheat on, but I hope someday I'll be able to get over the shame and find a new guy to dominate my mouth and hole.
>be 7
>be at school
>friends with older kid, about 12
>friend flatout takes me to bathroom
>he drops trou and tells me to do the same
>he's playing with himself while I derp
>he ask me to 'kiss it'
>after a moment of childish stalling, I kiss his dick
>he then kisses mine
>zip up and walk out

Kid had a belt buckle with his name on it. Thanks, Robert.

First person to diddle me. Don't know what the made dudes want to molest and rape me.
Watched too much blowjob porn and all of a sudden got the urge to suck dick. Went on craigslist personals and found a dick that looked appealing to me. Went over his house and went to town. Great experience. I suck dick now once every few months just because I'm in the mood.
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It's some fag posting a phone number on /b/, you would have to b stupid to ring that number up.
> be me 6 yeats old. Dad married bitch step mom.
> She has a son 11 years old.
> sleep over at dad. Has to sleep in same bed with step bro. Lack of rooms
> he starts talking about sexual stuff and masturbation
> he starts touching me through my pants and eventualy tell me to take my pants off
> he starts giving me a blow job. Eventually leads to anal
> no idea what is going on but i do as he says and just fuck him in the ass.
> turned in to a sexual relationship till i was 13. Every time i visit my dad i would fick him every night.
because what? you've got a private number or a burner and what? it's just phone.
I too fick my step brother
Get the fuck out
>All of you
you dirty filthy homo
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All of one person?
Everyone in the thread?
Green text it

>you would have to be stupid to ring that number up.

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
exactly what is going to happen if you call me? nothing. geeze.
Should i take your post as fiction or fact. >>702120744
Since not to take anything as fact
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He's coming.jpg
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>Live in downtown detroit
>Be one of the few white kids on the block.
>step brother constantly gets in fights with niggers.
>One night he comes home and tells me to fuck him in the ass
>Says he wants me to do it so he can calm down
>Ram my dick in
>Nigger bursts through window
>pops a cap in our asses.
don't be scared man. You want to just listen to me cum you can.
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Bunch of faggots getting mad and missing the point of the thread.
30 still waiting for it.
Lucky you
being molested by my dad when i was 4
"Forced" to suck my friends piss covered dick when we were 13

Why would you suck a piss covered dick?
He was a foot taller and weighed twice as much as me. I wasn't going to say no. And to be honest, deep down I kinda enjoyed it too. Never told him that though.
Friend of mine used to jerk me off maybe once or twice a night every weekend for a year or so. Good times.
Lol I thought so too. I still remember the taste of his cum and piss to this day
you couldn't just wipe the piss off first?
When I was 13 or so had my 12 year old next door neighbor jerk me off, tried to get him to suck my dick by "accidentally slipping and kissing his dick"

he still said no :(
He pushed me down onto my knees and shoved it in my mouth. I never touched his cock with my hands, he was fully in control and basically fucked my mouth
also, not gay but when I was 12 or 13 had my 6 or 7 year old cousin (girl) play with my dick and do what she wanted with it

pretty hilarious when we end up at a family dinner, not sure if she remembers or not, im 20 now
reading that gave me a semi chub

Lol I'm sat here hard just thinking about it. I'm actually glad it happened, or I would never have realised I like cock.
>13 years old
>staying the night at a friends house
>getting ready for bed after a long night of vidya
>friend strips down to his briefs
>i start putting on pajamas
"anon, you can sleep in your underwear, we're both guys"
>shrug and stay in my tighty whities
>start to lay down on the extra futon in his room
"anon, my bed is big enough to share"
>a little nervous at this point but ok
>crawl into bed with him
>we start talking about masturbation
>start getting a boner
>start to compare wieners
>he pulls his out of his briefs, I pull mine out
>he has never seen an uncut cock like mine before
"can i touch it?"
>let him play with my foreskin
>he sticks a finger in and rubs the head of my dick
"you wanna touch mine too?"
>start to rub his dick, play with his balls
>things move on, we start sucking on each others hard wieners
>tells me to get on my knees, wants to try something he saw on the internet
>i do, surprised when he tongue my butthole
>starts to rub is cock on my browneye
>we get startled when we hear he parents in the hallway, tuck our dicks back in and go to sleep

Never got to finish, I would have lost my anal virginity that night too. Neither of us came either. After that experience we sort of stopped hanging out though, I wish we hadn't he would, he grew up to be a qt and I wish he was my boyfriend.
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Gave my brother three blowjobs in one night once when we were drunk
>be 11 yo
>parents go on holiday for 2 weeks
>stayed in my uncle's house
>at night, he came to my room and ask me if i'm ok
>start talking about girlfriend, if i already try with a boy, some weird questions
>tell me to sleep with him
>at midnight, he start rubbing my pants thinking i'm sleeping
>pull it down and start to rub my ass
>start fuck my ass
>crying, he keep doing
>when finish, he apologize
>the next day, he gave me 500 to don't tell averyone
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>Regularly have sleepovers at best friend's house
>We secretly stay up all night playing video games and watching cable TV
>Old Spike TV starts showing 30 minute Girls Gone Wild infomercials around 3:00 a.m.
>We make a habit out of staying up to watch pic related
>One night, lights are off and he's up on his bed while I'm sitting on the floor
>So horny that I break down and subtly take my dick out
>Start stroking it with him sitting next to me
>Eventually notice that he's looking back and forth between the TV and my dick
>After a minute, he takes his cock and starts jerking off too
>We both stop being subtle and really go out at, beating off like crazy
>I notice that he's looking at my dick just as much as he's watching the girls
>Only turns me on even more
>We cum at the same time
>Clean up and never address it, ever again
>Firmly heterosexual to this day
I would hang out with these twin brothers in my apartment complex when I was 7/8 and do gay shit in my room and behind the vacant apartments.
>Only turns me on even more

should have touched it
>16 at new years party
>get pretty wasted
>decides to go sleep on a random bed in the house
>wake up suddently to friend stroking my cock through pants
>pretends to sleep
>he takes my cock out and sucks on it like a champ
>dosnt cum, has whiskey dick
>pretend like nothing for a year
>chill together way after
>I decide to not give a fuck and suddently starts stroking myself
>He gets horny af
>Sucks my cock
>Cums all over his face
>Has a feminin fgt slut to suck my cock whenever i want now
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>be 6 year old me
>taking a bath with BFF
>we both looked and compared donkey dick
>I grab his and put it next to mine to see
>sister comes back
>she saw what we were doing
>did nothing cuz Lil boys do that
>finished bathing
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This thread was my first gay experience.
File: ThisThread.jpg (6 KB, 299x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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of coz
>their 17's
That's not how age works man
>until they were 17
Much better
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coming on 4chan
I was horny one night so let an older guy (probably in his 50s) come and give me a bj. Came in his mouth and it was the best bj I've ever had.

been a fag ever since
>be 17
>regularly drink with friend at his house
>play pool and shit
>friend is "too lazy" to use transformer couch
>says must sleep in his bed
>wake up in the morning, both drunk af
>friend needs to pee, rolls over me
>over blanket
>halts as he's above me
>looks at me, wait for reaction
>no reaction, because awkward
>nothing happens

>we watch tv downstairs, still hungover
>lie on couch. see massive half boner form in his pants
>can't help but stare
>more staring, no talking
>but no one dares to act on it
>we both wanted the same thing
>i wanted to suck his massive cock so bad

still fantasize about his dong today. he has a kid now with one of our classmates. guess that won't be followed up.

have sucked some massive cocks since. feels gewd man.

you mad bout missing out, straight fags?
> be 14
> sent to a summer program with classes half a day and summer camp stuff the rest of the day at a private boarding HS in San Diego area
> stay in old dorms with shared bathroom for adjacent rooms
> my roommate same age, next door are 3 younger boys sharing their room
> one night I took a shower and got hard cuz horny and hadn't jacked off cuz roommate so was working my cock in the bathroom and forgot to lock the connecting door and one of the boys, about 11 maybe, walked in the bathroom
cont. from
>be 17

>we often flashed our asses to each other
>act "disgusted" but actually wanted to see
>grabbed his dick once in a bar, when we were super drunk
>bro kissing on cheek on regular basis
>he's a hunk and qt, I'm smaller than him
>imagine he has a fat white prick with sumptuous foreskin and fat balls
>jacked off to porn, imagining he'd fuck my hole

moar, ya filthy faggot boy
> so I was standing there wet and naked with my cock hard and quivering and his eyes go wide
> he musta been going to take a shower cuz just towel
>the door was standing wide open and the 2 other boys were staring
> they all said "wow" and stuff and one said 'oh wow you are so hard, can I touch it?"
> I looked at them and said "sure" and the boy with the towel reached out and just kinda touched it with his finger and his towel fell off

sounds cheesy. nevermind.
>he was so embarassed but he kinda liked it
>i grabbed his dick and whispered to his ear
>reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight
I could stand to read some moar of this.
> his small cock was semi hard and the other boys crowded close and the all took their hands and started touching and exploring my cock and balls, giggling
> the first boys cock got hard, and i asked him if he played with it
> he shook his head and I asked them all if they wanted to learn how to do it good

you never fooled anyone, fool. you have the imagination of a file clerk.
Just tell him, faggot
> I never had felt anyone touching my cock and it felt so good
> I wrapped his hand around the shaft and took my hand and guided him so he would start stroking it
> the other boys were staring and I noticed little bulges in their tighty whities
> it kept feeling better and better and I moved my hand away and he kept stroking me
> I took my hand and reached over and took the boy's cock in my hand
> was kind of skinny but nice and I started stroking him and he swelled up to maybe 4 inches or so
> the other boys were staring and I said to them to try it themselves
Why the fuck would you stop, this whole thread is about telling stories
Now, I'm quite the faggot myself. But I think tattoos like that should be required.
Went into porn video arcade just because ive never been in one sitting watching straight porn some guy just walks in to my booth just whips out biggest dick ever imagined i dont even know how big to big I'm not even gay looks at me says "you want to suck it"I'm stunned with I can't understand how big it is he says "ya you do" he aggressively throat fucks me for 20 min and just runs out I cum in pants as I realized what just happened to me "I'm not even gay wtf " I say to myself

No lie wife knows I did it I still don't understand wtf happened she's like "you got raped with consent fag" she laughs so hard any time it's brought up still so confused

well what can you do. a big beautiful cock can turn anyone gay in a second! no hard feelings. hope you ate that load like a bitch
nice dubs, now continue plz
On lbgt where gayeeeeeeeeeeeeees talk about such shit
Looking for guys to tease me

my names Alexis
{704} 307 6801
[email protected]
sorry crashed
> so both of them pulled down their tightie whities and their small cocks were getting longer
> they crowded closer and put their hands out and the 1st boy started stroking himself and they took over rubbing me
> felt soooo good
> I reached over and moved 2 fingers on one and then the other of their little cocks while they played with me
> they were kind of thin but nice and hard and i worked my fingers on each of them watching their reactions
> their eyes kept getting wider and wider and the 3rd boy took over on my cock which was diamonds
File: chickengame.jpg (34 KB, 253x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 253x395
> i started feeling the tingle and said "you know what happens, don't you?"
> they seemed confused but I my balls felt like they would explode
> the first boy was jerking like crazy now and the 2 boys were close and I couldn't stop it now and my cock throbbed hard and I just starting shooting gobs of cum
> some got on them and they were just staring
> thats when the first boy just moaned once and quivered a little as his own balls throbbed
> and the rest of the summer was really fun playing softball, swimming, going on field trips
> and every night the jerking lessons continued with a little sucking thrown in
> a good time was had by all
Nope as I said suddenly he just ran out on me and I cum in pants still don't get it really but total slave to wife now hardcore crazy sex
That sounds like the worst porn ever
>be me 12 years old
>live in a village with barely any girls
>older cousin 22 decides im to be his toy
>makes me stroke his cock in exchange i can play on his phone
>cock pretty big 8 inches
>makes me jerk it lick it suck the head and hed use my ass to jerk off which felt good as his dick would rub against my butthole
>13 move to us
>find out what gay is
>omg i did gay shit
>eventualy that experience got me into sissy porn etc
>straight but only find cousin sexually attractive
>be 17 go back to village in country for visit
>meet cousin
>sleep over his house
>remember 5 years ago anon?
>this time know wat to do from all porn
>suck him like champ take him in the ass
>cum buckets from anal
>true story sweartogaawd
My name'Jeff
Never had one, i am not gay.
Not sure if this works but here it goes.
>be with a girl from work
>she's a solid 6/10
>we go hit a few bars around the town
>see some bands play
>have a pretty awesome night
>go back to her house
>I'm drunk as fuck and ready to call it
>her and her room mate put on a porn
>two dudes fucking each other by a pool
>her room mate takes off her cloths
>they start making out
>the girl reach over and pulls out my cock
>room mate tells me to watch the movie or they will stop
>I watch dudes taking it in the ass for 45 minutes while they take turns playing with my cock
>I would almost cum then they would switch off
>every time I looked away they would correct me
>I burst all over the floor as they laughed
Three kids at school gang up on me, dirty chugs, take turns kicking me in the nuts, one kid pins my arms and starts humping my face laughing. One kid takes his dick out and starts peeing on me, the kid who had my arms pinned goes to take his dick out and i break free. I bite the kids face as hard as I can and try to take his eye out with my thumb. He shakes me off as the other kids run away he starts crying as I start pummeling him until he goes into a fetal position. I kicked him in the face until my ankle hurts too much. Instructed to apologize because they are first nations kids and have hard lives.

Parents put me on the hockey team, don't get fucked with, local parents have my back tell their kids to look out for me.

Three years of therapy and being seperated from other kids most of the time later, my family moves. I integrate well into my new school and excel making lots of friends but still feel empty. Have a constant desire to hurt people who slight me.
me and my friend sucked eachother off when we were 6. also had a 3some with him and a girl at the same age.
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Underrated post.
>>fantasizes about eating a chick out while licking a cock

I did that when I played doctor with a neighbor girl. I pretended she was a boy.

But was disappointed she wasn't because pretending didn't convince me
>>his mom walks in and loses her shit, tells us to get the fuck out and put clothes on and we were never to do that again

what a cunt
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>be around 8 years old
>playing ps1 at a classmate's house
>his mom says we're gonna be late to some trip
>says we should shower together to make it in time, she probably didn't think we were old enough to have weird thoughts
>shit happens and basically I end up rubbing my dick on his buttcrack
>this happened a few more times until he moved some states away
I sucked someones cock not long ago, it was my first time and i did actually enjoy it. That's my gay story.
I got a stepbrother for a year. He was fifteen and a jock. I was thirteen and a skinny video gamer.

Our new house was being built and we moved into my Dad's new wife's place which was really small so he and I had to share a room.

Fortunately the place was really old and had a bathroom coming off the room. The door had been removed and the shower stall could be seen right there. The toilet was off to the side so it wasn't gross.

So I got to see him strip down to shower and he saw me when I did.

After the first week he started not caring about privacy and started jerking off on his bed. He had a pretty big dick with smooth skin, no curve, and was intact. I'd never seen an intact dick before so I watched him. He mistook that for me being gay and stood up, saying "Alright, a fag!" – hit dick pointing at me like I was going to suck it.

I told him I'd just never seen an uncut cock before. So he showed me what that's about. "Sure, you're not into guys?" he asked. I shook my head.

He shot a lot, managing to hit the wall behind his head which I thought was really impressive. But he also got some in his hair.

He got dumped by his girlfriend who started going out with an older guy and came home pissed off. Of course he started a fight with me.

During the course of the fight he told me to kiss his ass. I figured I had the choice between getting punched or trying to diffuse the situation with a joke. So I sad "okay".

He took that the wrong way, though. "I knew it!" He turned around and dropped his pants.
>be young, about 3rd grade
>live near a big christian conference center/camp out in the woods
>friends with some of the other kids who's parents worked there
>wandering around the campus one day looking for my friends
>one of the live-in counselors invites me back to his dorm to wait for them
>sure, okay
>we get there, start playing videogames
>he says he needs to change clothes so I turn around and look out the window
>"hey anon, you know when your dick gets all hard? check this out"
>turn around
>his boner is right there staring me in the face
>turn back around
>ask my friends about it later
>turns out he did the exact same thing to them
>probably more

I didn't realize it back then, but the dude was probably trying to groom me. Crazy shit.
>the dude was probably trying to groom me
no, he was trying to see if you were gay

if you were you would have wanted to touch it

I knew I wanted to touch dicks when I was like 4 years old.
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1 MB, 170x128
does he remember?
I was at a funeral for my aunt who died. My cousin, who has four kids (and a 5th on the way) even though he's a lot younger than me, bent over to get some of the kids' stuff to put into his van. He looked to see if anyone was checking him out. I had looked at his ass when he bent over, thinking he was in good shape for a guy with that many young kids and a pregnant wife.

He saw me looking. Later, at the family reunion he and I talk over beer and he tells me he saw me staring at his ass. I told him I was just surprised to see that he was in good shape.

He shocks the hell out of me by saying "I'd like to see what sex with a guy is like. I know you're clean." I figured what the hell. He ended up fucking me. It hurt bad but it was an interesting experience anyway. The 69 sucking was the best part. The guy is insatiable.
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>chilling in basement with older kid(1-2 years)
>asks if I want to play truth or dare
>fast forward to his dick being out
>he masturbates, while we watch poorly tuned half static/ half porn
>fast forward to end of summer
>eventually he has me pulling my pants down and strutting around while he jerks off
>there was some frotting/sword fighting

we eventually had my third (younger) friend doing this shit as well. We did this for pretty much an entire summer, and then NEVER talked about it again, 10+ years later

so WTF happened?
I was a pretty bicurious kid, but when some 27 year old guy you barely know flashes you his giant dong, that situation is pretty confusing.
>we eventually had my third (younger) friend doing this shit as well.

How old, and how did you get him to join?
that is not a gay experience

>when some 27 year old guy you barely know flashes you his giant dong, that situation is pretty confusing.

Maybe for you.

I would have loved it. I used to daydream that my mom would get me a male babysitter who would get naked with me. She did get me a male babysitter once but he never got naked.
Thats my most homosexual experience ever
post the pixel alien porn gif
dude probably couldn't fuck his wife because she was pregnant so you were the next thing available


I was more interested in my friends tbh.
sounds like you were craving some male bonding, did your dad leave your mother early in your life?
Had potential to be funny
>she was pregnant
that never stopped me from fucking my wife up until she was like 7+ months in, wtf are you talking about anon
>I was more interested in my friends tbh.
When I was with my friend and we were messing around (5th grade) he and I wondered about how big my step-dad's dick was when we were on a boating trip.

I can tell you that even though he was in his late 20s I would have been all over that dick if it had been offered and he wasn't even particularly good-looking. When you're that age, though, a big dick is more impressive to play with than a tiny one.

I always hear all these summer camp sex stories and it pisses me off because I never got to have fun like that.
>until she was like 7+ months in
so you did stop

wtf are YOU talking about?
it's a very common attention whoring excuse.

Kill yourself.
>When I was with my friend and we were messing around

Share some of that plz.

My friends and I would hang out naked all the time. I still have fond memories of us all lying on a bed, talking about what movies we saw that had boobs in them with our legs all tangled together and our hard cocks pointing up in the air.
the penetrative sex only stopped because she'd bitch at me the whole damn time because it was slightly uncomfortable for her, not for me. she was still horny as shit, so i'd jack her clit instead, the sex never stopped until the child came home and then it was only delayed until the child was asleep. you fuckers need to communicate your needs better to your signifigant others.
>sounds like you were craving some male bonding, did your dad leave your mother early in your life?
male bonding would have been nice but gay naked male bonding would have been the best

the notion that little kids are innocent is BS. My nephew used to stalk my step-sister and proclaimed to anyone who would listen, when he was a toddler, that she was his girlfriend

I played doctor with a neighbor girl when I was like 4 and tried to pretend she was a boy

When I was a naked dude's ass in a move when I was 5 I was turned on and the image was burned into my brain for many years.

the main difference is that, after hitting puberty, sexual innuendo makes more sense and you go from being just interested in sex to jacking off three times a day

Maybe some people are slow to develop but I was a very early developer sexually. I knew I liked dude ass and dick long before puberty.

I wanted to touch my dad's dick when my parents were still married so he stopped letting me shower with him and I got stuck showering with my mom -- disappointingly
I think we all were 11-14 years old, or something

pretty much me and the older kid never told the younger one, until like a month later. He would sort of passively take part, i.e sitting there with a boner in his shorts. Only at the very end of august, before school started did he eventually take it out and we all sort of jerked off to stuff. Older kid kept begging each of use to give him a handjob, which I don't remember us doing(even though we would frot? idk, kid logic)
> I was a naked dude's ass in a [movie] when I was 5
didnt have one :^)
in reference to
>Share some of that plz.

The other boy (we were both 11) and I messed around some before the boat trip. He was disappointing because he couldn't cum, though.

When we were on the boat trip we talked about sex, like a fake fantasy scenario I made up so he wouldn't think I'm gay. I talked about how it would be cool to be on a deserted island with a line of twenty naked women who would all suck your dick. Eventually we started wondering how big my step-Dad's cock was. I didn't say it but I wanted to stroke it and suck on it. What I did say was that I'd like to see how big it would get.

His parents moved shortly after we started messing around and I didn't get to do anything sexual until I was 19. My life was misery. I've always been very sexual but there was no opportunity.

It's true. My Dad took us to the drive-in to see a kids' movie but, unsurprisingly, he said the kids' movie wasn't available so we watched one of his type of films. This one was an action film. and there was a scene with a very prominent bare ass on a muscular dude. I was mesmerized. In fact, when I hit puberty I masturbated to the memory.

Oh, I see... The joke was the "was". I type too fast.
>messed around some
What'd you do?

I vividly remember the one time my friends and I all snuck into the storage area with this slightly older bully kid who quickly turned the situation into a literal strip show
>as if you didn't know that /b/ is a gay thread
>now get ready for my load up your ass
The first thing that happened was we compared dicks, including with erections. We shared our masturbation techniques (which we had just started to develop).

He had a weird method of moving his hand around on the cockhead in a circle. This was the first time I orgasmed. I started instinctually humping the bed (we had been sitting on the edge of the bed) while he watched, trying to figure out what I was doing.

It was scary when I came because I thought something was wrong with my body. It felt like I was going to pee but then like something broke open — very unsettling. But, it was also extremely intensely pleasurable, especially since I had this cute boy watching me. I realized once I felt the texture of the semen what it was because we had talked about semen in a 1 hour sex ed. talk with a male teacher prior to this happening. I was the only kid who asked what color cum is, too. Mine was transparent which surprised me because I knew it was supposed to be white.

Now I know that it's common for the first ejaculate to be clear.
Bump for more stories.

Another thing that happened later was he were at a public pool and, naked in the showers, started boning and messing with each other. An old dude heard us giggling and that was annoying because he seemed like a grouch and we didn't want to get caught. So we quit and went swimming.

But it was sexy to be naked with him in public and messing around with each others' erect dicks.
Got a hella long greentext that I never finished from a thread like a month ago...

Basically, went to France straight and lonely, came back gay and bae'd up

Worst part, even worse than him moving away, is that his parents moved him to a big city and he was killed by a gang.

: (

So I never had the chance of looking him up and finally having real sex with him. We really got along well, too.
>went to France bi and lonely, came back bi and fucked

Recieved a BJ over the summer from a guy I used to go to school with
>I'm 19
>he swallowed
/b/ is hella gay
ayy nice.

gon post greentext if anyone's interested
File: is_it_a_bat.jpg (83 KB, 446x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>/b/ is hella gay
not really

I sometimes feel like I'm a one man propaganda force here. Someone's gotta defeat the Russians!

celebrate degeneracy, bitch

enjoy my triggering pic
Mine wasn't clear. I had been staying up late to watch Girls Gone Wild infomercials on SPIKE TV and playing with my dick when I realized that rubbing it felt wayyyy better than just sort of poking it like I had been. So I just kept rubbing it, stopping a few times because I felt really strange. But I literally could not keep my hands off of my cock and just kept going at it until finally I went over the edge. Felt like a dam exploding. Pumped what seemed like a gallon of hot, thick cum before it stopped and I was left there shivering on my bedroom floor.

The next week I taught someone else how to do it.
This summer I downloaded Grindr and found out that a LOT of guys found me attractive and I picked out the dude who looked the least creepy and he blew me and then fucked me missionary and filled my asshole
>gon post greentext if anyone's interested
always interested
How common are actually attractive fuccboi twinks on Grindr/KiK? I mean the ones that really look good, not some gross, malnourished hatchetfaced FAS methhead.
>I was left there shivering on my bedroom floor.
that reminds me

I was hit by powerful shivers/spasms

definitely a bit scary
File: grinder.png (313 KB, 562x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>How common are actually attractive fuccboi twinks on Grindr

Most of them are bots, scams

guys have abandoned Grindr because of all the fake shit
> me and the neighbor would suck each other off and give hj to one another
>happened regularly over time
> around 16 his cock got massive
>thick as hell maybe 7.5 long
>I would suck him off and he would remain hard after cumming
>I would give him back to back bjs
>gayest shit ever.
you got played, hahaha.
Would've proboably fallen for it myself if i was a bit curious and really desperate.
aight cool.

>Recently graduated hs and during graduation party my gf broke up with me
>Says she doesn't want to have a highschool sweetheart because she's mature now
>Feelsbadman for few weeks
>Parents suggest visiting family in Tours/Paris and exploring France
>Don't care, say ok
>Grandparents buy ticket, departure date is in a week
>Barely have time to pull my shit together but I do and I'm on the plane at midnight, heading to CDG
>Mfw attractive girls on plane
>Depression kicks in
>Guy in seat next to me sees I'm looking down
>Barely speaks English and I barely speak French
>Asks if I'm ok
>Says yeah
>Fall asleep on plane and wake up around 11 am, guy next to me is already up
>Feeling a bit better, he says he saved me some breakfast because I overslept when they were serving it
>Thank him and start chatting for a bit (as well as we can with the language barrier and having to flip back and forth through a dictionary)
>Plane lands in CDG at 1 and we walk to border control together
>Exchange numbers on other side

Funny you say that...about 3 weeks ago I went on vacation to florida and stayed at a camp site and found out that someone on grinder was only 1500ft away from me so I hit him up because he didnt look so bad...He came into the showers I was in snorting coke out of a fucking vial and growling to himself I havent ran that fast in a bit.
with you
People from my area use it heavily
File: Grindering.png (136 KB, 299x452) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 299x452

Well. I tried it and of the two cuties I mailed one was a bot trying to get me to sign up for a scam webcam with a credit card. The other one is questionable.

The bot scam is also coupled with trolls who waste gay guys' time for sport.
I once had a nightmare where I was being assfingered.
Seeing how the other guy reacted was always my favourite part when I taught 'em how to cum. Kids can be pretty degenerate without realizing it. We did some crazy stuff, and the things I fantasized about were even wilder.
>Stay in Paris with my uncle
>Get text from unknown number
>It's the guy from the plane
>Start chatting for a bit when he asks if I want to meet some of his friends this week
>Have no friends in America so why not?
>Few days go by and we talk on and off
>Get a text early in the morning saying to meet him
>Takes a while because newfag tourist here
>End up being late and all his friends are already gathered and look like they're going to leave
>Apologise and Guy from Plane introduces me to his friends
>There's 3 of them
>P cute, not gonna lie
>One guy kind of sticks out to me
>Quieter and has "better" looking clothes (more fashion like compared to casual wear)
>His friends tease me about me being American and not speaking English but it's all fun and games
>Quiet guy speaks up
>In English
>Says he's sorry for his friends being rude
>Surprised since he's the first guy I've met that spoke not broken English
>Accent is TBFH hot as fuck
>Stammer out an awkward "It's okay"
>Feel kind of weird because I find him attractive
>Guy from plane (GFP) says we should go on a walk
>Stay in the back to follow them and also because they're all talking and I feel kind of awkward just being the new guy here
>Quiet guy sees me in back
>Slows down to walk next to me
>Feels kind of awkward not talking to him
>Start casual conversation about his English
>Says he's always wanted to visit America and starts to come out of his shell by talking
>Cute AF looking so passionate
>Can see in the corner of my eye his friends starting to look back at us
>We hang out for the rest of the day and I end up getting Quiet guys number

>The other one is questionable.

I think the company has pretend cuties, too. They will respond after you've gone offline to get your hopes up and will string you along.
>the things I fantasized about were even wilder.
like what?

meaningless buzzword
>New friends end up walking me home
>For once not thinking about ex
>Two days pass and many texts are send between me and my new friends
>Asleep but wake up around 1am from a text
>Wtf man?
>Look at text and see its from new friends
>GFP texted and asked if I wanted to come hang out tomorrow
>It's 1am idk why you're texting me about tmmw but say sure
>Lay phone down but can't sleep now
>Start feeling kind of sad now that my minds wandering
>Get another text
>It's from Qt Quiet guy
>Casual conversation starts like how are you and shit
>He asks me
>I say pretty shitty tbh
>He doesn't understand what tbh means but he asks why
>Explain vaguely that I had a girlfriend but she broke up with me
>10 mins pass and no reply
>Wonder if I said something wrong and start apologizing
>Don't get text back
>End up going to sleep feeling horrible


anyone still interested?
(I know only guys are posting but I'm gonna post my experience even though I'm a girl)

My cousin and I were having a sleepover. She was 10, I was 7. We were laying next to each other on the floor, about to fall asleep. She grabs my hand and puts it down her undies onto her clit. Tell me to rub it with my pointer finger. I oblige because I'm super curious. She starts grinding against my finger while I'm rubbing. I didn't know what masturbation was at the time but whatever was happening seemed like a good time so I grabbed her hand and made her do the same to me. I never felt anything so amazing in my life. She was super wet. She told me to lick my finger after touching her pussy for a while. We continued touching each other for a good 15 minutes until we heard my mom coming upstairs. Ended up going to bed.
We never spoke about it ever again. But that moment was what made me addicted to masturbating from that point on. And I'm really curious about being with a girl, but it has yet to happen.
>be 6
>cousin also 6
>hang out in field
>suck each others' dicks
>hang out in his parents bedroom
>suck each others' dicks
>sleep in bed together
>play with each others' balls while his older sisters watch us
Postin anyway to keep thread alive

>Wake up and remember last night
>Feel shit all morning
>Get text from GFP asking if we're hanging out today
>Don't really want to see Quiet Qt because I'm worried I said something bad and he didn't want to see me
>Say I was feeling sick and not up to it
>Feel bad I had to lie but we can always hang out later
>Few hours pass and I'm lounging at the house, Uncle is out for work
>Doorbell rings
>Hear my name being called
>Really confused so I go check the door and see the GFP and QT are there holding a bag
>Still in loungewear
>GFP says he felt bad that I was feeling sick and wanted to come by since they were close
>QT doesn't say anything, just holds a plastic bag and looks awkward
>Invite them inside since I was already rude earlier by not going
>QT sets the bag on the table
>House smells really good suddenly
>Asks what he brought
>Looks kind of surprised that I'm talking to him but mutters how he had bought fresh pastries from down the street for me
>GFP says he needs to "go to the bathroom" and leaves the room
>Awkward silence
Ms around to the kitchen and helps me
>Still awkward silence
>Where's GFP to help
>Turn around to go back to the table when I walk face first into the back of QT
>He's pushed forward and drops the plate and falls on the floor
>He curses really loudly and starts apologising immediately
>I ask if he's okay and start to check him for cuts and broken glass
>He's still apologising and starts saying things about last night
>What about last night?
>He says he was really sorry for not replying and that he didn't know I had a girlfriend and I was straight
>Still basically groping him when GFP walks in


FUCK YOU , you pedo fuck, no 10 year old thinks up shit liek that.

Stupid bitch.

You were just bathing with power rangers.
> be me. 12/13 at the time
> have a friend named daniel
> go over to one of our homes after school, shoot the shit
> one day, we're lurking the interwebz, porn ad pops up
> fuck it, we're bored. Wanna watch?
> daniel "sure anon"
> well 10 minutes into it, we're some horny bastards
> the thought of sucking each other off occurs
> daniel "anon ill go first, better you have to suck mine when im done"
> sweet, deal.
> so this little shit is blowing me, while i watch porn on his computer
> he gags the whole time. And not a sexy gag, like wtf do i have a cock in my piehole for gag
> i finish.
> daniel "okay anon, my turn?"
> me "nah, kinda gay. Im gonna go home.

We've never talked about it since.
>Comes around to the kitchen and helps me*

fuck me

>Step back but some fucking how I slip on the glass on the floor
>Fucking fall and QT ends up falling too
>Now covered in broken glass and probably tons of cuts
>GFP fucking laughs at how awkward we look
>He's not wrong
>Get up and help QT up
>We're both bleeding over our hands and arms
>QT starts cursing at GFP which is surprising because he's usually really quiet
>Him flustered and cursing in French is actually pretty fucking hot
>Slowly getting turned on
>Finally stops before my dick can show through
>Me being extremely confused and bleeding dumbly says "So... What a pastries did you get?" In horrible French
>They both bust out laughing
>We end up having a good time and I completely forget about the conversation I had with QT

File: 1472770220637.png (141 KB, 553x798) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 553x798
I was 15.. I decided it would be great to ditch class and hide in the toilet. I had nothing to do. Lesson was a 2 hour long one so I decided to jerk off. About 10 minutes into jerking, my friend walked in the toilet and said, "(my name), you in here?"
I said yeah. He sat in the cubical beside me and we was talking.
I randomly asked if he wanted a blowjob. After an awkward silence, he agreed and sheepishly exited his cubical and entered mine. He pulled his pants down - his dick was already hard and popped out. He was about 4" but fairly thick. Very hairy, and small balls. He was 14.
I pushed him into the toilet facing him to sit. I instantly dropped my lips and started to suck his foreskin, sticking my tongue inside. I then started to suck the whole chode. After 15 minutes, I grabbed his balls and tugged, still sucking. He came so much in my mouth. I could barely swallow it all.

He put his cock away, looked me in the eyes and thanked me in a soft voice. Then left.

What's worse is that the cubicals were small, so my feet were poking out the door. Peopled walked in like normal but didn't say anything. They must have known some one was sucking off someone. We didn't care.
Im 16 and I had the personal pleasure of making a 15 year old korean boy who didnt know about sex, cum. What was even more suprising is that he was like 7.5 inches. What a monster I loved that cock.

I wish we still talked tbh.


Best post in thread.
>Two weeks passed and we're all relatively good friends now, me and QT especially
>GFP asks if I want to come partying with them tonight (he plans 80% of what we do)
>Barely of age and never drank before but why the fuck not
>Say sure and we all go out around 12AM that night
>Go bar hopping around, none of them really satisfactory
>GFP mentions a club around that he's been to a couple times
>Were all tipsy except QT so we say sure
>QT is unsure but I say lets go for it
>We all go and the club is crowded as fuck
>Decide we stick together if we're going to the bar
>Friends except QT and I are already on the floor looking for girls or ordering drinks
>Me and QT silently agree to stay together
>We go to the bar and I urged QT to drink something
>He's not really into it but I let him sip my drink and we ended up ordering a shit ton
>We end up getting completely wasted
>Piss drunk, we wander on the dance floor
>End up getting separated
>Dancing with random people and get groped a few times
>Feels good and I'm drunk so idc
>Get roughly dragged out the crowd
>Friends were all looking for me
>Me and QT wandered off from the group
>QT is still missing
>Snap out of being party drunk
>Look through the whole crowd of people searching
>Friends still searching while I go outside to check
>See QT making out with a Stud against the wall of the club
>Super fucking hot
>Realing that it's fucking /QT making out with a stud/
>Pull him away and say we need to leave
>Friends come outside few mins later and we all leave
>QT seems upset
>I'm semi turned on and still drunk
>All our friends are teasing us

you may continue. i approve.
I'd constantly think about doing lewd shit with almost everyone I knew that I though was cute, (guy or girl). For a week a had sort of a crush on my friend's older brother and I'd grill him on what he looked like naked (they would shower together sometimes). Or really dumb power fantasies where I would build a secret cabin in the woods where all the attractive people at school would come and have orgies, even though I was 10 and didn't even know what an orgy was at the time. I made it my purpose in life that I'd see each of my friends naked at least once a week. I begged my mom to let me go to winter camp because I knew i was bound to see some sort of flesh. Imagine my surprise when I found out what the heck circumcision was.
freind sucked my dick when i was 13
I'm calling BS and underage B&, but still

File: New experience pic.jpg (247 KB, 566x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
New experience pic.jpg
247 KB, 566x800
First time I've shared this

> be 8
> be at friends apt. with his twin brother playing Zelda a link to the past on NES
> can't remember how but we decide to tell each other about our favorite cars
> friend goes into closet and comes out with his shorts pulled in his ass and says he likes the Ferrari because girls think it's sexy
> his brother goes into closet and comes out with his nuts hanging out saying that he likes the Corvette
> seems like they've dont this before judging by how comfortable they were
> Don't wan't to be lame and decide to join
> First homosexual tendencies loading...
> go into closet
> find tall laundry basket
> take pants off and put basket on head
> walk out of closet saying I like the Lamborghini
> friends brother gets "grossed out" pretends to play Vidya, secretly looking out of the corner of his eye
> friend is interested
> walk up to him with my dick poking out of the laundry basket
> he touches my cock
> feelsgood.gif
> get shy and go back to closet to get descent
> friend goes next
> comes out with no shorts ass first
> he walks backwards towards me and I get bold and kiss his cheek quickly
> brother sees this and instantly pauses

How's your aids doing?
I arranged to meet up with this guy off craigslist. But after I got in his truck I pussied out and didn't go through with it.
> friends is laughing and romping around room ass first
> I'm laughing, I can't believe what I've just done
> brother starts to laugh cause he kind of missed it and just keeps asking me if i kissed it
> I finally say yeah
> he's sitting on bed next to me without saying anything he pulls down shorts kinda reluctantly and says kiss it
> I get off the bed reluctant myself and squat down
> I took it with my hand and looked at him
> i quickly kiss his little cock and he shudders my friend walks up to me now and can you kiss mine?
> I hold his and quickly kiss it again
> I kiss his cock again, and again
> brother says no fair that I kissed his more and i owe him
> give one long lick from balls to cock
> be on knees kissing and licking two boys cocks and balls
> all is quiet except for zelda in the background and me kissing and licking dick and balls
> this goes on for about 10 or 15 min before the boy's mom gets home
> we stop and never go back to doing this ever again
> can't seem to find a way to bring it up without sounding weird or desperate
> be too afraid to ask because being gay or queer or anything of the sort is frowned upon in my neighborhood at the time
>Few days pass
>Slowly becoming more aware that QT is hot as fuck and I'm attracted to him
>Only had 2 girlfriends in life (one being in elementary school or some shit and the other was in HS where I was dumped at end)
>Barely know anything about relationships except that one straight one I had
>QT isn't even talking to me because of what happened at the club
>GFP trying to get us all to hang out
>Not really working
>Decide to text QT
>simple hey
>no response
>Start to apologise about what happened at the club and how I shouldn't have gotten us drunk and separated
>still no response
>few mins pass and I see the text bubbles pop up
>Get hype as fuck
>they go away
>no response
>Well fuck me
>Start to text him saying I wasn't right to take him away from that guy and I should've left them alone, and how I was dumb for even getting us separated
>The more I blame myself the more horrible I feel
>Still no response
>Few hours pass and I hear doorbell
>Don't answer and hope they go away
>Few mins pass and I hear it again
>fuck my life

Yo just out of interest, how many of you dudes actually consider yourself genuinely gay? made out with a dude before and what not but I wouldn't considering myself actually gay?

"Heteroflexible" if you want to be a pussy about it.
>Go to the door to see who it is
>Fucking color me surprised, it's QT
>He looks really awkward and cute and sad
>Je suis desole
>I pull the door fully open and he hugs me
>Hug him back but I'm confused as fuck
>He says I wasn't dumb or wrong for the other night
>Says he's being annoying and a dick to me
>He pulls away and says sorry again
>what do i do
>Grab his wrist and pull him inside
>So we're still friends?
>We're still friends.
>He hugs me again and fuck does it feel comfy
>He steps back and runs outside for a second
>Comes back inside holding up a familiar looking back
>Cheeky and cute fucking grin on his face
>I thought if you didn't forgive me I could give you food
>What a fucking cutie
>I /straight/ up wanted to kiss him at that point
>oh fuck this guy is amazing
>Take the bag and put it on the counter
>Just us two, face to face
>He's a tad bit taller than me
>fuck what do

Cont, boutta get hot in here boiiis, anyone still here?
My hunger is overtaking my curiosity. please continue.
>A good minute in now, and it's getting pretty hot and awkward
>He steps forward and asks something in French
>No idea what he said but nod anyway because that's what I do when I don't understand for some reason
>kisses me
>oh fuck instant semi
>aight well if ima be gay might as well do it right
>He pulls back and I see a thread of saliva hanging between our mouths
>Asks if this is okay
>uh fuck ye it is
>Continue with it, me ending up against the counter and him groping my ass
>Few minutes of this pass and we're both pretty hard
>Hear my phone ring
>what the fuck guy
>See it's my uncle calling
>oh fuck
>Snap out of horny mode and answer phone, QT confused as fuck
>Tonton says he's gonna to be home soon and asks what I want for dinner
>really nigga
>talk for another minute and hang up the phone
>boners are completely switched off
>kind of awkward now cuz we just made out and were interrupted, and as far as we knew i was straight
>W-well your uncle is coming here soon so... Um... I'll just... Come back later I think
>Can't even respond to him
>He leaves, my uncle comes home, cooks spaghetti on the counter we just mouth fucked on

Nigga you have a dedicated g/fur thread. Go post there.
Idk, honestly don't really care, one of them things that's just like I'm not gonna tell anyone Cos I don't care for the attention and labels honestly
Do it then!
Oh, there was the time my friends and I spent all night humping the bubble jet in my parent's hottub. That was good silly fun.
>am in quite a bad situation atm moneywise
>lost my flat (since the landlord wanted it beack to live there)
>now couch hopping at friends places in the same city (i got a job there, so i slowly climb out of my deficits with nearly no rent)
>got an answer to a flat request last week
>owner wanted to invite me to a thermal spring to get to know me better
>cheap but exquisite flat (150 rent, 115 sqm, best district)
>thought to mysef, i'm in a position in which i can't let this slip
>went to the spring, met him
> all nude
>see his glares towards my privates
> *whatever idc*
>in a whirlpool
>start feeling his hand on my leg
>his shaking on his right shoulder looks like he's masturbating
>put his hand away
>was quite stressed
>after his 4th try i think
>*fuck it, im going into trance, and focus on the bubbles*
> he starts rubbing my penis while mastubating
>bubbles stop, he stops
>think to myself *well at least free thermal spring*
>go to steam sauna, all cool he' not touching me, i tell him I'm not too much into men (still wanted the flat though... and quite in shock absent minded)
>he takes me to the shower,
>showers me and soaps me up
>idc, im a lazy person, so he showering me didnt rlly affect me
>go to the lockers
> while i undress he starts groping me
> starts sucking my D, while furiously masturbating
>can't stay stiff, but whatever, he cums on the floor
>say i need to leave
>get lots of beers
>spend the rest of the night drinkin in a park abd thinking about wtf just happened

qwll at least free sauna and thermal spring
I didn't start masturbating until I was 18.
nothin gay about getting your dick sucked
Been doing it, fgt
>Few days passed and QT and I haven't talked at all
>GFP starts to text me, asking if I want to go bar hopping with them
>maybe alcohol will help my sorrow boner
>Say why not, n a few hrs pass of me doing nothing except jerking
>About 23H rn, GFP texts me saying he's down the street and to come meet him
>aight, cool cool, throw on some clothes and head out
>See the whole squad is there, including QT
>oh fuck, this gon b awkward
>Whole group is chill, while me and QT are avoiding the shit out of each other
>sexual tension b real, but so b our other 3 friends in front of us
>Hit the first bar which wasn't too far from my house
>Drink a little, hardly enough to get tipsy before GFP says he wants to leave to another
>what? Nah. Just getting comfy and a few drinks in me, I don't want to leave.
>GFP looks at me kind of weird but says alright, and we stay for a little bit longer

ok. you have wasted enough of my time. peace out.
while in the whirlpool a 70ish guy lookd at us, whic h made it all way worse... he looked a me like "i know what u guys are doing" ... i think all guys in the whirlpool were gay and just wathced.-
Cause it's funnier in the whole, include Toodle le doo even if not part of story.

Tl;dr cause green makes it funny newfag
Did you find any difference once puberty hit? For us boys obviously cum makes a massive difference to the experience, but girls are ready to go straight away.

Help a curious /b/rother out
ya, at least i got a funny story to tell now.. and had a free visit to the spring... kinda free, he should have payed me
When I was 13 or so me and my friend would always feel each others dicks through our trousers only at his house though. And now I really wanna suck his cock but I don't think he wants to. He may see this he goes on 4chan kinda hope he does.
Well then.
Please continue
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>Few drinks later and I'm pretty drunk
>Friends don't seem to be having much fun, as they're sipping their drinks and not talking much
>fuck guys, sorry about this
>Speech is slurred as fuck and I'm trying to get up so we can leave and go to another bar
>Nearly face dive into the floor and GFP has to catch me
>Says something to group
>QT grabs me and helps me walk, says something like I'm taking him home
>wtf hell nah nigga I'm just getting started
>QT ignores me and we "walk" a few streets down until we get to my house
>QT is between getting the door open and holding me steady
>fuck, this is horrible
>I get off of him and sit down on the sidewalk, feeling pathetic as fuck
>We talk about some shit, eventually head into the house and into my room
>It's about 1AM, and were sitting on my bed, me drunk as fuck and him kind of awkward
>sexual tension is real
>decide hey what the fuck, and start to take off my clothes and lip fuck him
>woah, anon, you're drunk wtf are you doing
>Say I'm gay for him basically and this shit is getting out of hand

Not really any difference other than growing older and wiser and finding new ways to get myself off, (using the end of the hairbrush or electric tooth brush.) But other than that, orgasms have always been the same and felt equally as amazing before and after puberty.
Nice, you were a great entrepreneur. Ambitious kids are great.
Neighbor kid lured me inna woods and molested me for a few months before he an heroed
I was 8-9 years old then
Please more
> in college and always did a fuck ton of Ritalin/Adderall
> ran out but a friend had ER Concerta
> if I take a handful of these things then it'll just slowly release a high dose for a long time right?
> tweaking tf out at like 4 am. I've never been this horny
> Craigslist m4m
> some dude sucked me off for like an hour but I couldn't nut. Sucked his cock and tasted cum for the first time. The regret is real
Thank you anon, I don't know the ending of your story, but so far I love it. I hope I might be able to find a cute boy like QT one day. Or stay straight. Either or, not dying alone would be preferable.
yea, my bad

>QT steps back from my half naked, drunk self
>Asks if I'll remember this tomorrow
>His dick in my ass? Fuck ye i will
>He seems cool with it now
>Start fast, as I'm already half naked and we're both turned on
>Nips are super sensitive, and he decides to kiss down from my neck to my waist line
>super hard, super sensitive, barely not a virgin self
>Bring his head back up bcuz fuck, I want those lips
>He pushes me back against the bed and straddles me
>oh fuck this is hot
>Starts to take off his shirt
>Preciousfucking, chest. Sweet Jesus.

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But the thing is, is that's not your number, it's someone else's who you're trying to fuck with.
File: gervaislaugh.gif (992 KB, 389x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
992 KB, 389x259

>Here comes the sour wine!! Toodle le Doo!
File: SEXYDEVIL.jpg (108 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>when i was a naked dude's ass in a move
Best story in thread
tryna update fast as i can m8. Sorry bout the delay...
Hope u find yourself a good partner. QT is an amazing bf
thank m8

>Sit up and start mouthing his neck and chest
>Wraps his legs around my back
>Our dicks are practically rubbing against each other, despite the pants
>He pushes me back against the bed and gets off, discarding his pants and pulling mine off
>Left in our underwear
>his fucking tight ass briefs outline his cock
>A good 5 or 6 inches
>Mfw only 4 myself, barely 5 when hard
>He starts to nudge his briefs down, giving me a show
>I jerk myself off from over my underwear
>Completely exposed, his dick is standing up and his cock curves, nearly touching his stomach
>Cut, rather thick, decent sized cock, ready to be shoved in my tight ass

>try something he saw on the internet

when you hear that kind of shit, you better run
>I grab lube from under the bed and suddenly remember oh fuck, wait, never had a dick shoved in me before
>Tell him idk what to do
>Cutest fucking grin ever
>Grab the lube and puts some on his fingers
>Tells me to lay down and seperate my legs as he pulls off my underwear
>Air hits my dick and oh fuck, this hottie is right above me


Posting shorter texts to bump
Bumping for this story
I wish I could find the story about the guy who railed this nerdy femboi on his school skiing trip.
>This happened about a year and a half ago when I just turned 17. >Considered myself straight but had zero luck with girls.
>Always hanging around the house like a loser.
>Step dad has younger brother Roger who was in college
>Roger is hanging around like he does watching the Browns lose
>just me and him at home so he asks if I want a beer
>tell him I've never had one
>this leads to a series of questions of things I've never done
>he's laughing the whole time mostly sounding incredulous as opposed to mean spirited
>at the end he asks me what on my long list I'm most desperate to do
>I said make out with a chick, didn't even have the balls to say I wanted to fuck one
>he gets quiet and goes he knows a girl that would get on a hs kid but she's particular in what she likes
>I'm willing to do anything she wants
>he tells me to come over where he's sitting and he's going to show me how to make out with her
>I'm red faced head to toe but he is cool and I'm stupid desperate for attention so i go over and sit on the couch with him
>he's like it's not gay I'm just helping you out
>he he starts kissing me and we end up making out for about an hour
>no cocks out but I could feel his hard against me and i know he felt mine
>he groped my ass and just lightly touched my hole
>to end it he said that's pretty much how it goes and told me to go beat one out in my room
>about an hour later we went out to some dorm and sure enough he got a girl to make out with me
>he was there the whole time coaching both of us
>after an hour or so she was like that was pretty good, see ya
>Roger took me back and dropped me off
>since then I've wanted his cock in me pretty much every day but I only see him a dozen times a year, I'm hoping he was just waiting till I was 18
Ask your dad or your grandpa he'll tell
spicy meataballa
thank m80s

>He starts to rub his lubed fingers around my asshole
>Cold feels good and I'm jerking myself off
>Legs spread, head back, eyes closed, QT in between starts to slowly stick his finger in my ass
>It's cold and feels kinda weird, but eh, I guess I'll get used to it
>Starts to go a bit faster and he sticks another one in
>Kind of hurts, shit
>He leans over and starts to mouth my balls
>oh my fucking god, yes
>Stop jerking myself off because if I continue ima guna cumma
>He pulls his fingers out and starts to rub his dick
>Look up
>This 9/10 guy is in between my spread legs, jerking himself off, and about to fuck me

I sat on my keys the wrong way, I didn't like it.
You loved it you lying fucking faggot
This is great
I swear to god, if anybody's walkin the dinosaur i'ma be so pissed off
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