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Fluffy thread
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Fluffy thread
>I'm this bored
idgi, why would you want a pet with no legs and is blind?
He didn't actually want it like that, he just wanted to know one was suffering cause of him. Kinda like when I order a greasy Italian at subway.( look it up)
Fluffies were originally designed to be able to talk in "cute" broken english. Kind of like how a parrot and even some species of corvids (crows and ravens) can mimic human words.

Great in theory, but in practice it made them too smart for their own good. Basically they are super autistic children trapped in teeny tiny bodies but with all the raging hormones of an adult bull moose in rut.

So to prevent them from getting themselves killed or running away and turning feral, a lot of people "pillow" their fluffies.

And then there are the sadists who just want to see an innocent creature suffer horribly.
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Cmon start dumpin
OP here im straight up bored. I'm waiting for BF 1 to download
autism overload
I don't know what kind of childhood trauma Wolfram has been through, but he seriously needs to get some help. That guy is psychologically damaged.
Just the thought that somebody gets off to this. Let that sink in.

>look it up

I did but I'm not getting results, what the hell is ordering a greasy Italian
Autism supernova
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fluffy varian why.png
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help finding him?
It's an old green text story back when the oldfags were making their mass-exodus.
Walk in, ask for a greasy (I think it was word greasy...) italian.
Tell them to put the bread(Italian, duh.) into the toaster for 3 minutes, or as high as you'll think theyll let you.
Stare at them silently until they go to the vegetables.
Ask for olives, tomatoes, and oil.
LOTS of oil. Tell them to go until you say stop, and then tell them to double it when they stop for you.
Decide to change your mind and/or ask for a discount
what the fuck is this i don't even
There's nothing to get. Either enjoy or GTFO
wtf is this cancer shit post?
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fwaffey 2.png
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LOL, look at the newfag.
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fiddy men.png
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im scared
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ok that's all the reCAPTCHA's I feel like filling out
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Thanks anon
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Do fluffies just not bleed as much as...well anything else with a blood system? They get their entire leg chopped off and only a minor amount of blood is spilt
File: 1464721638781.png (984 KB, 1248x3085) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For the newfags
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Please tell me this is real.
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Has anyone strangled a cat before? Not apretty sight. Poor fluffies.
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I dunno. This story is where I actually started to enjoy these damn things.
I'mintrigued by these fluffies.
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I lurk these threads for the drama, I admit it.

Some people just get so mad.

Just send it to the FBI. I'm sure they can find him.
I love animals, and I love fluffy threads.
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