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old fag here. lets have an incest thread:
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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old fag here. lets have an incest thread:

>be me. 23
>sometime around mid 2000's
>regularly making love to little sis for a couple years now
>came inside her a few times but with condor on
>have obsession with cumming inside her with no condom pent up for 2 years.
>know its shit idea, but still want to do it cause the idea is hot/horny.
>one time doing it on my bed at first apartment.
>im missionary on top of her.
>she seems to be into it as much as i am.
>(lots of grinding back. keeps looking down at crotch area)
>i stop grinding/pumping and ask her if i can cum inside her.
>(i'd always ask firsting for every. didn't wanna to piss her off and ruin a good thing. )
>she looks at me and asks: "wont i get pregnant?".
>tell her probably not.
>ask her when she had her period.
>tells me she had it/ it stopped "like 2 days ago".
>i tell her its safe to do it then.
>(but i had no idea what the fuck i was talking about. just wanted to cum inside.)
>she thinks about it.
>doesnt look like she's gonna let me though.
>asks me if it will really be ok. ("you sure its ok?")
>i tell her yes. its fine
>she says "ok then."
>heart starts beating fast now.
>i resume pumping.
>knowing she's ok with me cumming inside her makes situation even more arousing.
>i cum pretty much within the minute of her agreeing.
>no adequate words to describe the feeling.
>kinda like cumming but 10x magnified.
>but then hard regret settles right after.
>"ah fuck, i shouldnt have done that".- i think.
>worry mad about it for weeks after.
>ask her if she's got her period a few times at different days later on.
>tells me she hasnt.
>dont wanna make her worried/paranoid like me so i stop asking.
>then one time i pick her up from parents house to take her with me to go eat somewhere.
>casually mentions she got her period as im driving.
>immediate reliefs invades my insides.
>we get to burger place.
>best tasting fucking burgers ever.
>temporarily anyways.

pic and condor unrelated.

my pasta. pls no complains.
who is the cum bum?

i dont know. i got the picture here.
know the feel

occasionally creampie my girl on safe days
it definitely feels better

she's always late on the next period though
the fear I feel during those periods is real
First week off period is the farthest away from ovulation. Still a risk. Post tits or fuck yourself OP

i obviously dont have tits.

i assume pics of sister?
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more like WINcest
amirite fellas?
She is Tatiana Georgieva
Tatiana again.
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>Post tits or fuck yourself OP
I didn't know rednecks came to this sight. Sick fuck
get the fuck outta here with your non-correct word usage

not even close.
Post pics of sister or OP is a nigger
post pics of condors fag
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i already did here >>702035127

and here obviously.
Man, here's hoping we keep up the roll. Last 3 nightly incest threads have kicked ass with lots of fresh OC and even a couple new stories that are actually kinda well written. Crossing my fingers for this one.
Like what? Repost any of it?
>a few times but with condor on

Never forget your condor.
>mid *2000s
Wouldn't that be the year 2500?
>tfw not related to a condor
My toast, I'll complains if I wanna.
>Wouldn't that be the year 2500?

i assumed no one would make such silly assumptions.

but technically you're right.

my bad.
There are so many different methods of birth control that she could be using. Get her to use one, you fucking nitwit. It'snot fucking rocket science.
You have to go outside to get a red neck.

we dont do anything anymore so its not necessary.

but thanks for the aggressive advice.
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same guy that never sleeps. 24/7 on /b/.
>she looks at me and asks: "wont i get pregnant?"
How old was she?
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>eating beef

fuckin gross dude
At that time, she was 12.

Alright guys, there used to be a chinese anon who posted stories about him and his mom, but he never posted about the first time they had sex

did he ever type that story out? did someone save? is he here? I want to read it
dubs says how i fuck my fuckbuddy tonight. she doesnt have classes tomorrow and im doing it in her dorm w/ roommate there (female, 8/10)
So 12 or 16? Either way for a 23 year old...
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I thought he'd never finish that.

16. also, we're not american.

so there's that.
Not at all, faggot
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I kinda think that 23 years old and 16 years old is a bit too much of a gap. Not because of any moralizing or age of consent laws or anything like that, but because, think back. Think about all the stupid shit you did at sixteen, all the stuff you'd never even have considered a few years later. At least when you've got two young people making mistakes together, there's no one to blame, but with an older person, they'll have an advantage when it comes to manipulating the more emotionally unstable, less experienced young person.
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moralfag alert
Are you in a country where incest is legal?

never looked it up. never had to.

now that you mention it. i will.

my father started working when he was 10 years old helping out my grandparents at a tiny store they had. and I in turn did the same, but not as bad as my father had it because my grandparents were poor, and my father wasnt.

you guys have a weird way of categorizing and assigning numbers and values drawing lines for human beings. in other parts of the world it isnt like that. we have to grow the fuck up early out of necessity, or simply culture.

not even trying to start a fight with you. just saying: from my side, you guys are weird as fuck with your double standards and rules that apply on subjective command.
You guys? What guys am I? Is this the part where you assume I'm from the US, and write me off because of it?
I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

im just saying. its not the same everywhere in the world. and most people ignore that willingly.

peace brother. not trying to be offensive.
Same here man, not trying to start anything. Maybe we should do it this way, just tell me which of the following you disagree with me on.

People generally make a lot of dumb choices as teenagers.

People generally understand themselves and others better once they get out of their adolescence.

Some people will take advantage of others.

Now, what I'm extrapolating from these three ideas, is that if a person wants to take advantage of their partner, they'll have the high ground in any situation if they're in their twenties and their partner is in their twenties.

Does all that stand to reason?
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>have the sister
>she show the panty
>she sit the lap
>the sex is had

Pajeet my son

im not spending time on a philosophical discussion right now thats not going to change anyone's mind. i respect your opinions. peace man.
I swear to god, one of these days I'm going to write a guide to writing and structuring greentexts.

This one in particularly frustrating, because the author obviously has a lot of talent, but they're terrible at story structure.

>INB4 greentext snob
Old pasta
>my opinions can't stand up to logic and I can't dismiss the argument with passive aggressive declarations of peace
>my opinions are true mate, I just can't bring myself to explain why
Seriously, I set things up easily for you.

>Statement 1

>Statement 2

>Statement 3


Then asked which part you disagreed with. You literally only had to point out which part was wrong, give one sentence on why, and move on, your thoughts made clear. But yeah, I see, it's just too much work.
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you like fighting?

i dont.

im not engaging you in your arguments. im in a good state of mind. im relaxed.

just relax man. there's no internet points to be won.
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No story but pic of my mom
God damn that's well written.
>no time m8
>no need for philosophical arguments
>peace man just take the peace
>Im right, i just cant explain it now

thats your wife. and you should put her on a diet.

be sure to lime text that shit fam. nobody wants to read a "guide". that's what lime text is for.
No one is fighting. We've clearly established that, no need to get defensive. I just want to understand your thoughts. It's called a conversation. If things get especially contentious and formal, then we can call it a debate.

If explaining your thoughts pulls you out of a good state of mind, makes you tense, maybe you should take a closer look at what you believe.

we're not gonna change each other's minds.

he's got his cultural values. i got mine.

thats all there is. im not interested in convincing him or anyone else otherwise.

again. peace.
god you sound like a whiney cunt
>d-don't attack me with your questions! im in a happy place!
> be me, 16 years old at the time
> have cousin a couple months younger than me, long brown hair, big brown eyes, extremely pale skin
> go to same school, in same science class
> project partners are assigned alphabetically so always partners
> be doing project on recycling or some shit
> at her house, her mom (my aunt) was bringing her brother to soccer practice so it was just us
> working on poster, eating pizza rolls, chatting
> get bored. Start doing other things, not paying attention to her or project
> she gets frustrated with me
> "Anon can you help me cum?" I swear to god she said I
> diamonds immediately "uh yeah okay"
> look up, she is horrified
> "I mean, can you come help me?"
> shit.jpg
> help in silence for a while
> she breaks silence "did you think I really meant that?"
> "Hmm? I was just messing with you"
> "okay"
> continue working
> "that was weird. That was a weird thing to say. I shouldn't have brought it up"
> "you are bringing it up again"
> she makes a face at me
> feeling ballsy "stand by my statement tho"
> she laughs instantly, "you're kidding"
> "Maybe"
> she gazes at me and laughs again
> her fucking Mom comes up the driveway
> we ended up making out last year but she got a boyfriend and wont talk to me anymore except at family functions
Nigger shut up, I'm trying to ask him shit and he's never going to answer if you make him tense up.
Dude, cultural values? Fuck that shit, I could walk down the street and fuck a 14 year old hooker. It aint about cultural v. culture, I'm just asking questions. No one is trying to convince anyone of anything, I literally just want some answers.
Not my wife, and she's actually started running because she's been really upset about her figure

i'll answer your questions as to how things actually happened, etc.

but im not asking philosophical questions.

i have no use for subjective ideas and values. its not something i devote myself to.

people never agree, and im not interested in fighting about it. i can only tell you how things happened. that is all.

Incest between consenting adults is legal in various forms in var US states. For instance, there are no restrictions between adults in NJ. However, marriage is illegal to varying degrees everywhere in the US.

Can't speak for other countries, though.
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Oh you insufferable cunt. If you didn't want to talk about it then WHY DOES THIS >>702039150 EXIST?

God damn, if you really didn't want to talk about it, you didn't need to respond in the first place, you could have just kept quiet and saved us both some time.
my ex used to fuck all her family members she could. and worshipped cock like a true slut. even dog cock.

but her true fantasy is to be kidnapped and used as an actual sex slave. and loves to be drugged and used.
>no use for subjective ideas
>as if literally every part of the human condition isn't subjective

your picture made me laugh.

you sound like someone who holds himself in very high esteem.

how old are you anyways. im curious as to who i am talking to.
File: 1472612887678.jpg (71 KB, 657x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you're funny kid, really.
>you think you're hot shit, huh
>what are you, twelve? maybe thirteen?

Don't reply to that anon, there's no good answer.
Let that be a lesson to you.. You should've been fucking her anally anyway.. If it's her 1st time doing anal, help her practice make her Ass stretch like elastic. Before you even know it, she'll be saying Ass fucking is fantasic..
>>as if literally every part of the human condition isn't subjective

yes, i agree. everything is subjective. and thats why i dont want to argue about it. i let people make their own conclusions and inject their own feelings into whatever topic they talk about. i just have no use for the talk. its pointless.
I too sometimes like to be a nigger on the internet.

make sure to nig somewhere else. my words are true.
>you are a riot, kiddo
>bet you're a real genius
>I don't want to fight, buddy, peace

Nigga what? You spend ten minutes talking about how you just want peace then you roll out some passive aggressive shit like that?
>I won't talk philosophy
>CONSTANTLY talking philosophy
Um. Okay.

im not fighting. im just curious how old this person is.

wondering if he has more life experience than me to make such commanding declarations.

im wondering if he goes into atheist threads and tries to convince people not to believe in god.

btw, im not religious. just something i notice people try to do.
Can y'all chill the fuck out I'm trying to erotic incest stories here
You're making just as many declarations as he is.

Hell, he may be a cunt but at least he's honest about what he believes, he said three statements, explained them, and asked which one you have a problem with.

You, on the other hand, say you don't deal with subjective matters yet admit everything is subjective, say you don't want to fight but still role out passive aggressive shit, and say you don't want to talk philosophy yet four of your posts are just straight up philosophy.

Keep digging buddy. Either you're genuine and tripping or yourself, or you're a troll. Either way, the proof keeps coming.
Post some content then.
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Anyone got the Column Fag story? I've only ever seen the first 2 parts posted.
I don't have any
That's why I came here
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File: ShedPart2.png (3 MB, 3828x7141) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3828x7141
File: ShedPart3.png (1 MB, 1920x4430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x4430
Can type out the make out story if anyone cares. Don't feel long typing it out if no one is interested tho
When I was five I used to play Doctor with my aunt who was the same age. Got caught at a family get together. Don't remember details (I'm 53 now) except that my grandmother wailed away on her ass and my parents said something like "You really shouldn't be doing stuff like that now. Grow up first."

Aunt turned into a fat dyke whose gf is also a fat dyke.

I'm on my fourth and final marriage to half Korean 33yo cuckquean.
File: old03.jpg (32 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 500x500

lets stop now. no more back and forth bullshit. seriously, that will be the end.

one more greentext to bump thread:

>be me.
>23. (almost 24)
>live in tiny first apartment.
>hanging out with girl i was dating back then.
>watching movie on DVD on shit square tv that had S-VHS connection and made me feel all techy.
>i get phone call at home.
>sister on phone.
>asks me what im doing.
>tell her im im watching a movie with (girl i dated)
>(they had met each other.)
>sister asks me if i can take her to mall on weekend.
>"to buy something".
>i tell her its no problem.
>girl i was dating looking at me.
>sister asks if she could spend the night too.
>this was her (really fucking obvious to me) way of letting me know she wanted to mess around/have sex.
>inside, i get excited as fuck.
>erection growing.
>but girl i was dating literally 3 meters away. so i fight it.
>sister asks me if i was gonna be busy or gonna do something on that weekend.
>i tell her no i wasnt.
>agree with sister on what to pick her up. (it was a friday)
>i hang up phone the phone.
>sit down on couch with girl.
>she asks me what we were talking about.
>i tell her my mother needed me to drive my sister around next friday.
>"to get some stuff she needs".
>girl asks me if im gonna be able to see her that day then.
>i tell her it probably will not take all day, but i would call her.
>next friday comes around...
>pick up sister.
>"driving her around" obviously takes all day.
>didnt see girl i was dating till following sunday.
>apologize to her but dont really mean it.
>such girl would eventually dump me for lack of sex.
>figured i was cheating on her.
>which was technically right.
>just not who i was cheating on her with.
>true story.
Sure why not?
I'll read it

Column never finished. Forgot what happened to him.
File: c2.png (9 KB, 537x96) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 537x96

there you are you sick fuck.
yes dude definitely do it im waiting
File: 1471966438708.gif (186 KB, 678x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186 KB, 678x422
You don't have even one answer, do you? Not a single counterpoint, just passive aggressive dismissals.

Congratulations, today you upheld the longstanding axiom that OP is a faggot.
File: coca2_nedharris.jpg (25 KB, 425x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 425x320
Here OP you can have my Condor.
File: c8.png (13 KB, 894x111) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 894x111

you didnt show up two days ago.

what happened.

i been expecting you to show up with your clolum bullshit.

these threads always bring you out of the woods you pathetic fuck.
File: 339.png (656 KB, 675x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>incest thread.
anyone have unfulfilled, near-call type experiences that never panned out, and what can you do to get over it?

you never get over it.

you go back and finish what was started.

kind of like Kylo Ren.

Some say he's in hot water with his girlfriend (and is apparently a massive bitch), and she has keystroke monitors on his PC because she thought he was cheating, so he can't type out new stories.

Others say he abandoned the Column identity and took up another identity to write new greentext incest stories.

A select few say he's dead. They're retards, don't listen to them.
One time after 1 hour of talking I got a girl grinding on me, then some dude comes over and talks her up, they then prceed to have sex later. Mfw I could have had sex with 8/10

I forgot what her face looked like so I didn't care
Sure, sure, could try this >>702045383 , but alternatively, just get other pussy. It helps.
>Kylo Ren

Haven't seen the new star wars yet, i gotta get on that

but yeah I figured that was the answer...
File: 1471229109392.gif (489 KB, 497x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've had so many of them with my little sister. I genuinely can't tell if she's just spectacularly clumsy or if she genuinely wants the dick. Sometimes it's just stuff as inconspicuous as bending over in front of me to pick something up, other times its stuff as elaborate as carefully positioning items and showering at just the right time with the door open that I'll get a view, then shouting my name in "surprise" when I don't look.

But for all this time I'm still not sure whether or not she's actually into me, and I'll never find out, because it's not worth the risk.

but was she related?


finishing what was started idk, maybe. i think about it sometimes
>Some say he's in hot water with his girlfriend

That sounds familiar.
perfect gif for the situation anon, i feel that pain
What happened to you? Did you have any near sex experiences with family?

She's flirting, idjit. She's trying to get a rise out of you even if she doesn't want the D. Flirting back wouldn't hurt things at all.

Yea with a cousin who was a few years younger than me

Things were heating up between us more and more every time we met, I think people started to notice

Havent seen her in like 10 years since

its probably the reason i come to these threads tbh
That actually is what happened, I was just joking about the other two.

The "took a new name" theory is just something thrown about by this guy who pointed out a bunch of similarities between the writing styles of different greentexts, specifically connecting Column with a couple of other greentexts, connecting shed with a few other stories, stuff like that. His theory was that most of the big namefags have more than one story that they write, which kind of makes sense if you think about it.

Then again he also had theories about how cousinfag could have been faking his dated and timestamped proof, so who knows?
She's thirteen now, and we'll be living together for at least another five years (she's living with me; our parents have an annoying habit of dying, and I'm her only adult relative).

It's going to be a long few years.

Yeah, I'm not going to flirt with someone as young as her.
File: GRAUN.png (89 KB, 258x309) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 258x309
>i obviously dont have tits.
>i assume pics of sister?

> be 17 now, still couple years ago
> late October, Halloween parties galore
> me and cousin end up going to the same party
> she comes with a group of friends like girls always do
> dressed as a sexy pirate with ripped fishnet tights
> I'm totally loving it
> start talking to her and her friends, have a couple shots
> she's drinking too but is a total lightweight
> she's all over some guy while dancing
> I get uncomfortable and leave the room, end up getting high with some friends
> see her again later in the night, can barely walk
> friends she came with are either upstairs fucking someone or busy doing something stupid
> talk to her and sober up a bit, offer to take her home
> its only a 10 minute drive
> she agrees but isn't happy about it
> start to drive home
> after a couple minutes she says "Anon, pull over"
> figure she is gonna throw up, pull over
> she sits there and sighs
> "you okay?"
> "yeah, I just. I don't know."
> I laugh "you don't know what?"
> she laughs "I just don't know!" Puts her head in her hands
> "are you gonna be sick?"
> she laughs "I already am sick. I am sick person."
> "what? What does that even mean?"
> she signs and gazes at me, same look as last year
> I smile at her
> she hits my leg "stop that!"
> "Stop what?!"
> "being cute. Its weird. I feel weird."
> "oh yeah?"
> "yeah" but she leans closer
> I kiss her sloppily and passionately
> she kisses back
> we make out a little
> we pull apart "do you still feel weird?"
> "yeah" she laughs but kisses me again
> we made out for like 10 minutes before I took her home. We haven't talked about it at all but I know she remembers it
File: hty.jpg (71 KB, 736x736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 736x736
Oh look, I got drunk and found myself in another incest thread fantasizing about my younger sister again.


pic not related, just my standin for my sister for the night

yall need to post some better greentexts

>>702036685 this was good tho
>I kinda think that 23 years old and 16 years old is a bit too much of a gap. Not because of any moralizing
>goes on to moralize

I agree with you even if you're an idiot.

sounds like she wants you and considers herself sick for it, seems like a green light anon
Does it really count as moralizing if the only real moral stance taken is that people should be on a level playing field in relationships?

Does moralizing on 4chan mean just having any moral opinion at all? Because in most of the world it has the connotation of being excessively philosophical or preachy.
Sauce on that image? How old is she?
>Annoying habit of dying
Don't we all
Model's name is Jade Weber. Has an instagram. No idea about the age.

Hang in there
She's 11.
Was thinking the too...hoping to pick up where we left off this thanksgiving but I know she won't unless she breaks up w bf
Incest IS legal in Spain
i lived with my dad and step mom when i was 15, my dad was away most days of the week and i fucked his wife every other day for a year
Stupid shit?
Like fucking your sibling? :^)

I cannot believe the amount of incest shit I see on /b/. Y'all are fucked in the head.
File: 740full-jade-weber.jpg (689 KB, 740x1110) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
689 KB, 740x1110

This girl. THIS. GIRL.

Is eleven years old.

You aren't wrong
Has Shed posted anything new or any updates?
Last news I heard about him didn't sound good.
Hope everything's alright.
File: 1471413155641.jpg (45 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 400x400
You shut him down really nicely. It was satisfying to read your response and not see him even attempt to respond. Thank you for that masterpiece
I wank to my sis as often as i can, i used to spy every chance i got.
Thanks for the praise, but could you please not compare me to the snow terrorists?
What makes you say that?

But uh... I'm pretty sure he's fine buddy.

As far as updates go, the short stories are all done, just haven't posted them yet.
Damn, now i"m reading that shit and you're right, that was kind of a based way to end things. Kudos.
Yup Google it. And then Google some pics of people of age.
He finished that elizabeth story tho.
Actually it would be 2050.

Just as mid 1900s would be 1950
Last I heard from him besides, "Hey I'm in the thread" was when he posted the Threesome story (I can't always be on these threads so I know that was forever ago),
but he ended the thread with something along the lines of "The girls are back and super drunk, and with 3 guys who I've never met before who are also drunk. I need to go sort this out".
I doubt anything happened, but when that's the last major update you hear, it gets you thinking.
Pick of you wearing a huge bird or it didn't happen
No, dude, that was fine. They left like ten minutes after they showed up, and they were art students anyway so I probably could have kicked their asses anyway, just some stragglers they'd picked up on the way home. Pretty cool guys actually.

I've posted plenty of times since then. Wrote the liz story, wrote the short stories, mostly just posting them as people have been interested in.
Oh hey Shed, didn't even notice that it was you who replied. Good to hear from you again, and glad everything was fine.
I look forward to the new stories whenever you post them.
Man I kinda get the feeling they'll just sit on my laptop till the end of time. My name kinda dropped off the map from incest threads, so I haven't really sensed that people are really looking for them.
I'd appreciate them, and I'm sure others will to. In the threads I have been able to catch, your stories always get posted. Maybe your name doesn't come up as often because you haven't posted in a while?
File: 1465635078044.png (489 KB, 736x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
489 KB, 736x396
This is not an incest story. It's a tasty burger story.
I think I'll just start a fresh Shed Thread on friday night. The post that gets passed around isn't even the final, edited version of the story, and every time I see it I look at the structural issues and minor detail changes I fixed to make the story flow better, and I cringe hard.

I figure I'll start a new thread, draw in a new crowd with the first three parts, and please the guys who were in my first threads by posting the short stories.
I'll look forward to it, and I appreciate your stories. Thanks Shed
Actually, you know what, fuck it. You seem nice. If you want, I'll post the first three shorts for you right now
File: 1e051h8c.jpg (166 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 1024x768
>be 12 or 13 and sister around 16.
>Dad had tons of perv books. Incest, beast and the like. Never weird to us though, luckily.
>Don't remember when it started, but spent many nights in my sisters room while parents were watching tv.
>Would start just sucking her tits and pussy for a while. Then I would climb up her and put my dick in her mouth.
>she didnt seem very good at it, but I still liked it and it seemed like the correct thing to do, based on what I had read in the books.
>I didnt really know all about the whole in and out motion thing and my sister also didnt seem to know about it.
>So, usually, I would stick it in her and just keep pushing.
>As it was summer, parents were gone always in the day.
>Spend most of the day reading Dad's perv books.
>Parents had a porn vhs tape..watched it and learned about in and out.
>Learned about anal.
>Idea pops into head.
>That night's session, we were laying on our sides and I had it in her pussy.
>Pull it out and push it against her asshole.
>Sister squirms, but says nothing and makes no move to stop me.
>Slowly get it in using her pussy cream as lube, though not with any forethought.
>Balls deep in sisters ass.
>Slowly pump.
>After a few minutes I start really pumping as hard as I can.
>Explode like a million suns inside her ass.

After that night, we only had anal sex. I never was allowed to put it in her pussy again. Sadly, sister stopped the whole thing a year later or so.
I'd greatly appreciate that if you're willing, thank you very much

Shed Short Story 1: Date Night
>Be me
>Now 16
>Karen is turning 19 soon.
>She's working full time at a local cafe to get some money saved up for college.
>Not an ideal job, but our town was pretty small, so there weren't a lot of options for jobs.
>An academic scholarship will pay most of her tuition, but she wants to have enough savings to take care of expenses.
>I get a job driving a forklift at a local fertilizer distribution plant (the explodey kind, not the smelly kind).
>With Karen and I both suddenly having a lot more money than time, we have to find ways to make the most of our time together.
>Our solution: date nights.
>About once a week, usually during a weekday (the days when it was least likely that we'd bump into someone we knew), Karen and I would both say we were working, but instead we'd go out together.
>Usually we'd drive my truck to one of two fairly large cities within an hour or so; had to be a big city so we minimized the risk of being seen by people we know.
>As far as what we'd actually do, it was pretty typical date stuff.
>We'd usually get something to eat and from there it just depended on our mood.
>Sometimes we'd go walk around a park and just hang out for a few hours.
>Other times we'd go see a movie or just go shopping.
>Occassionally we'd go to a concert or some other event.
>One part was always the same though; both Karen and I wanted each other, but as I'm sure you can imagine the middle of a big city isn't the best place to have sex.
>After experimenting a few times, we quickly worked out the best way to get each other off.
>I drove a Ford F-250 back then, so space inside the car was not an issue, privacy was the real problem.

>The cab was high enough that if we were both laying on the seat we couldn't really be seen by people just walking past, but the most comfortable way to actually fuck her in the cab was to have her sit in my lap, something that made it pretty obvious what we were doing from the outside.
>We eventually realized that the best thing to do was find a fairly empty parking lot and park as far from the entrence to whatever place we were at as possible.
>From there we'd unbuckle and push up the arm rest.
>Karen would kind of lay down across the seat so her head was in my lap and her ass was in easy reach of my right hand.
>From there I'd slide a hand into the back of her pants and finger her from above while she'd suck me.
>On one particularly interesting night, Karen had a little surprise for me.
>We'd just parked on the far side of a Starbucks parking lot, as far away from the entrance as possible so it was less likely we'd be seen.
>Following Karen's orders, I'd moved my legs up onto the bench so I was facing Karen.
>Karen then moved forward to unzip my pants and pull out my already half-hard cock.
>"Not much I can do for you like this," I point out.
>Her ass is out of reach from where I'm sitting, so I can't get her off like I usually would.
>"I know," she says with a smile, her hand coaxing my cock to full hardness. "I've got a surprise for you."
>"Yeah?" I reply. "Is it a puppy?"
>With zero preamble or hisitation, she fucking deepthroats me, sliding inch after inch into her mouth, blue eyes locked on mine the whole time.
>Her throat was warm and all kinds of tight, and I could feel the muscles of her throat twitch and tighten around my length.
>Even that first swallow from her throat felt positively divine, even tighter than Alice's pussy.
>After about three seconds with my entire cock burried inside her mouth and throat, Karen slowly lifted her head off until only the head was inside.

>"Holy shit Karen," I manage to force out through the fog of pleasure clouding my mind.
>With a giggle and an appreciative lick, Karen slid back down, effortlessly letting my cock slide up into her mouth.
>Karen gets into a persistent, rythmic pattern, down for a second with my whole length inside her, then she'd come back up for air, licking and sucking on the head while she'd take in a deep breath.
>I was sitting in that warm, moist heaven for ten minutes or so when I blew my load; as good as it felt, I was trying to make it last. I always did with Karen.
>You can only prolong the innevitable for so long though.
>Eventually I feel myself starting to cum, and with a gentle hand I pushed Karen down all the way onto my cock, cumming into her swallowing throat.
>Karen pulled off me with a soft laugh. "What did you think?"
>"It... Uh," I mumbled. "It was pretty good."
>"I thought you'd like that."
>"Where did you even learn to do that?"
>"I've been practicing for a couple weeks now," she explained. "I bought a dildo online and read some stuff on the internet about now to deepthroat. I figure'd it'd be a nice surprise."
>"It fucking was!"
>"It was harder to do on you than the dildo though," she says. "The length was about the same, but you're thicker and not as flexible as the dildo when you're hard."
>"Uh... Sorry?"
>She laughed and told me not to worry about it.
>"We should get going if we want good seats," Karen points out.
>I glance at the clock. The gates at the concert (Disturbed, if you're curious) opened in two hours, so if we wanted to be front and center on the floor, she was right.
>We ended up getting super drunk at the concert and fucking right there in the crowd, which is easier than it sounds, though it could probably be a story of its own.

Shed Short Story 2: Risk Taking
>Be me.
>Be 16.
>Be fucking terrified.
>I'm standing in a public park looking out at a rather wide and beautiful series of falls, with my little sister roughly bouncing against me with the back of her shorts pulled down past her butt.
>I feel myself getting close to my climax as she slaps against me, my entire length inside her.
>Three days earlier I'd lost a bet with Alice, and this was her sick idea of making me pay up: I had to fuck her whenever and wherever she wanted for the next week.
>The two of us aren't quite totally exposed, and the observation platform we're standing on has a guardrail that partially obscures us, but I know if anyone took a close look at us, they'd be able to tell exactly what we were doing.
>On the trail behind us bikers, joggers, and pedestrians regularly walk past us.
>My body easily hides Alice from the people walking behind us, but anyone beside us or on the ground in front and beneath us could get a fair look.
>I know I can't thrust without making it too obvious, so I'm sitting there pretending to be interested with something on my phone while Alice rubs and grinds her ass against me.
>Most of the time she only moves about a centimeter away before sliding back onto me, trying to keep the movement as minimal as possible, but still pleasurable.
>I notice a few guys standing near the falls below us pointing up at Alice and I, laughing.
>"Alice, we need to hurry!" I whisper urgently.
>"We get to take as much time as I want!" she whispers back, and even though I can't see her face, I can almost hear the grin on her voice.
>"Damn it Alice!"
>By way of response Alice starts pushing back against me even harder, tightening the muscles of her legs and ass to make for an even tighter fit.

>Alice feels even slicker than normal, and I can hear her almost subvocally moaning, barely able to restrain herself.
>I can tell she loves this, and I'm happy for her, but oh, yeah, TERROR.
>An elderly couple walks up onto the observation deck next to us.
>The man looks over and smiles, apparently totally oblivious to what Alice and I were doing.
>As I smile back at him my orgasm hits me, contorting my face into the rictus grim of a corpse.
>The old man stares at my unholy expression with horror as I blow my load inside Alice, my face that of a man ejaculating onion juice: pleasure mixed with soul deep pain and horror.
>Instinct takes over, and I can't help but reach forward to grab Alice's hips and pump away at her, really thrusting the last few shots of cum into her.
>About twenty seconds later I look around.
>The elderly couple is staring at us with a look of profound horror; I imagine that staring at a 14 year old getting stuffed with cock must be difficult when you haven't had sex in thirty years.
>On the other side of us a young mother is staring at us while her children gawk at the falls, her expression somewhere between shock and delight, a hand covering her mouth.
>A second later I saw two cops making a b-line for us across the park below us, so Alice and I zipped up and took off in the other direction, power walking and trying to blend in with the crowd as we left.
>As fucking terrified as I was, I couldn't deny the thrill of it.
>Over the course of the next few days, Alice made me fuck her in three different parks, a nature reserve, and a starbucks at closing time.
>It was fun, but honestly I don't think my heart could have taken the stress if we'd kept it up.
Oh wow, These are fantastic! I greatly appreciate you sharing these Shed!
File: Senior_Pictures.jpg (225 KB, 920x1382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 920x1382
Actually, you know what, you get the first two.

The third story is about my best friend, about us growing up, about how he found out about the girls and I, and how he eventually got involved. It's pretty personal to me, which may sound mushy, but I want to make sure I can really do it justice, and reading over it now, I think it needs some more work.

Have a picture of a god-tier blonde instead.
Nigga you read fast.
File: StarKek.gif (967 KB, 245x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
967 KB, 245x180
>my face that of a man ejaculating onion juice: pleasure mixed with soul deep pain and horror.
Understandable, take your time.

I'm a fast reader, and I just wanted to say thanks as soon as I could
>I imagine that staring at a 14 year old getting stuffed with cock must be difficult when you haven't had sex in thirty years.
>As I smile back at him my orgasm hits me, contorting my face into the rictus grim of a corpse
>The old man stares at my unholy expression with horror as I blow my load inside Alice, my face that of a man ejaculating onion juice: pleasure mixed with soul deep pain and horror.
File: WincestBTFO.gif (1009 KB, 540x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1009 KB, 540x360
Oh shit nigger, I think I saw what just happened here
Be our guest. It's all over anyway. Keep bumping it for us so those who didn't make it on time can jump in and grab the saved greentexts.
File: SHHHH.jpg (128 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 1024x1024
File: 1458709969083.jpg (12 KB, 269x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 269x187
A tip if you plan to do more spidey stuff in the future: take a look at the frequency of posts over the past several minutes before you start posting. If the posts are coming really infrequently, that means the thread is probably on it's way out.

From there, you just leave the tab open and go do something else for a bit. If it dies out because it's slow, cool, you have less work to do. If it picks up again, then you can jump in and do your thing.

The reason you don't want to just jump in without looking is a lot of time spideys end up bumping a thread past the time it would have lasted.

You might say, "But anon, I"m sageing!"

To which I'd say, watch the ban lists and tell me how long it takes to see someone who got banned for spamming sage.
So I got the short stories captured, so if need be I make the compilation image if no one else does
File: 1459312769572.jpg (62 KB, 474x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 474x331
He's got you there

Also what
File: column update.png (14 KB, 1321x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
column update.png
14 KB, 1321x125
Well Column literally showed up in last nights wincest thread, so he's still around. Pic related.
> fuck all of you faggots
The worst part here is that what happened was just for you yet went straight over your head.
Stop calling attention to it please.
File: 1459312746494.png (256 KB, 536x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256 KB, 536x400
What's going on ITT? Idgaf just saw these last few posts lmao
Ignore it, it's pointless. Plus the thread's about to die anyway.
The biggest development is the new stories
I have no clue. The only thing I can imagine is that maybe that's a pic of karen.
Oh snap, Column is still around. That's good to hear
File: 1458710122306.jpg (40 KB, 448x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 448x286
I doubt it. He actually posted a picture of her in one of his previous threads, but didn't tell anyone about it until later. I have all the pics he posted from that first thread saved, and none of them match that one he posted up there. What they're actually talking about is debatable though, your guess is as good as mine
File: 1461915213501.jpg (44 KB, 423x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 423x359
He's been very cautious about stuff, I doubt he would post that. Maybe they look similar, but I doubt that's her
File: fvdfbdfb.jpg (70 KB, 360x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 360x240
Or maybe he just quietly posted a picture of her and moved on. It's not like he's been known to do that before. *Cough* *Alice* *Cough*
File: 1472679812843.jpg (110 KB, 500x740) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 500x740
Now you're getting into the swing of things! Join us Spiderman! I hear aunt may is hot now.
File: 569044442.gif (547 KB, 353x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
547 KB, 353x390
File: 1425858585.jpg (30 KB, 510x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 510x375
Do you have the previous pics he's posted of alice and/or karen? I want to know what they looks like.
>mfw cumming with a condor on
File: 1470266873245.jpg (21 KB, 360x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 360x269
In his first ever thread he added a picture of a redhead to each and every post he added to the story, then at the very end of one of his last threads of the main story, he revealed that one of the pictures he posted was actually her. I've been able to narrow it down considerably, from like 8 possibilities down to three, based on eliminating some images I can source to other places, but I don't technically know exactly which one is her. Assuming he's telling the truth that is, it's entirely possible he was just fucking with us.
File: 1472247518404.png (237 KB, 673x708) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237 KB, 673x708
Is that Spiderman admitting he's into incest? What a time to be alive.
No shut up, that's for us originalfags only. Don't share it with the new people.
Wouldn't be surprised. He could claim that one was his sister when really none are to keep her identity safe while still giving us a 'look at her'. It's a win-win and we'd be none-the-wiser

>"not because of any moralizing"
>moralizes anyway

Still, agree with you, moralizing anon.
File: 1470028541541.jpg (44 KB, 500x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 500x368
[spoiler] Spiderman messed up [/spoiler]
That's true, but it makes me wonder about this image he posted here. It's posted in several places on the internet, but I can't source it to any one site, and none of the places I can find it posted on have the copyright, so it's entirely possible it's really her, and he was just posting that one image by way of an appology to that guy he was giving the stories to, hoping that he'd notice it, catch on, save it, and stay quiet.

Still, I question this idea, as he's always been super cautious about mentioning things like location and identity, even going so far as to change people's names in the story.

So in conclusion... *shrug*
>period duration aprox.: 5 days
>one week later it stops: 7 days
>cumming on day 12
>ovulation starts on day 14 aprox.

Fuckin retard
File: IMG_20160901_000723.jpg (454 KB, 2560x1342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
454 KB, 2560x1342
This will haunt you.
File: 1459312471767.jpg (15 KB, 251x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 251x185

>"you guys"
Literally most places that claim to have a modern/advanced society.

You sound like you're from anywhere in South America where some simple things are still socially/morally wrong but people will still fuck their wife, their children, their pets, the priest, their boss, and a tortoise in the ass on a regular basis and feel like a regular person.
File: Red_Herring.png (1 MB, 1435x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1435x1080
Maybe it was just a random "literal god-tier blond"
and >>702057571 thought there was something when there wasn't, and >>702057737 played along as a joke sending us on a massive red herring?
So in conclusion *Shrug indeed*
That's just what they want you to believe!

The truth is out there!
Copy pasta, noce try new fag
It's debunked, that women is not karen. Did some searching around, it's some chick named Sarah Mikaela, who is based in denmark. Here's her webpage.
Bullshit, story was copy pasta
So he really was just posting some random hot chick like he said... Or is he?

File: FOOLS.png (1 MB, 1436x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1436x1080
Ha so the Red Herring was right >>702062311
File: IMG_20160828_183522.jpg (273 KB, 1440x1949) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273 KB, 1440x1949
I've wanted that sourced for so long. You're the best anon. Here, have another random hot chick you can source for me, oh Wise and Powerful Sourcerer
Was this Shed's roundabout way for asking for source? If so that's incredibly hilarious.
As long as we get stories out of it, why not right?
I thought it was very well written. I would like more. but if that is all there is to tell. still nice compact and well written story.
File: eeee.jpg (43 KB, 256x1196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 256x1196
OP here.

wow. I took a shit and a showered and went out to eat with friends and then took another shit and came back online and this is still alive?

4chan must be going slow tonight.
.>tfw when no blind and/or incestuous waifu to have
Honestly, no, I was just posting some random hot chick. I like blondes.

Happy I got it sourced though, that was nice.

No idea what these two were on about.
It just got written like two days ago. The guy who wrote it said there was more but didn't really know where to go with it. He kinda ran into the same problem as Column and Shed (and most romantic commedies) in that once you reach the long term relationship part of the story, the telling gets less interesting.
He doesn't deserve her.
File: 1459500885505.jpg (88 KB, 916x658) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 916x658
That's fantastic, even if you didn't plan any of that it's still hilarious.
I thought Karen's real name is amy, he forgot to change one time either in the original or when someone asked him I forget the exact source, I don't know anything about the pictures tho.
I'm surprised the thread is still alive too, Spider Man
the main issue here is... if she was born blind, she wouldnt understand colors, objects, or anything like that... just an FYI
I think that's alice you're talking about.
No, Alice's real name is Amy. You can see that in the second chapter of the story that generally gets reposted, I accidently call her Amy a couple times and whoever edited that version specifically left in that part where I they called out on it.
I've known a blind person who understood colors. Don't ask me how, I didn't know them for long, but he could tell you what colors complement what. I guess it's a skill thing you can build up or learn if you're blind.
File: 1472574129793.jpg (22 KB, 552x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 552x539
>Blind people don't understand objects
File: image.jpg (84 KB, 727x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 727x540
File: 1459313137432.jpg (28 KB, 272x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 272x200
File: image.jpg (76 KB, 680x546) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 680x546
File: 1459228175820.gif (534 KB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
534 KB, 320x180
Blind people can teach themselves about color through association with other things. Yes, they'll never really KNOW what the color looks like, but if they know that the top part of the paper in front of them represents the sky, and that the sky is blue, and that the can of paint with two scratches on the left side is blue, they can paint the sky in their picture blue.

There are actually plenty of famous blind painters.
I have to ask, have you ever showed your greentexts to either of them? do they even know you wrote about them?

I was the one who screencapped this the other night. Someone came in and actually realized who the op was and scared the op away. Probably could have gotten more out of the story but I doubt he'll post again over fear of being found out.
File: image.jpg (28 KB, 230x219) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 230x219
He's actually slipped up on both of their names in different threads, and accidently revealed his own first name too.
File: image.jpg (32 KB, 253x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 253x199
File: ooohhh.jpg (33 KB, 251x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 251x251

lol. you have conversations with yourself.

He mentioned that he's shown them the writings and parts of the threads if I remember correctly.
>Someone came in and actually realized who the op was and scared the op away
Wish, what? That sounds cool but I fear that happening to me SO MUCH. I want details.

Speaking of my fears,
Please, PLEASE be quiet.
I don't know if this counts as incest but here we go:
>be me, 15
>foster sister 12
>never really talked at all
>didn't care to
>end up getting pulled from my school
>dumped into christian school
>7th-12th grade shared classroom
>desk is next to hers
>desks are like cubbies, max privacy
>supervisor is always passed out
>one day get a note from Foster sister
>"what subject you working on anon?"
>ignore note (trying to be good student)
>get another note with small doodle, and says to add on
>fuck it
>do a quick doodle
>continues back and forth
>passes time quite nicely
>becomes near daily ritual
>one day feeling a bit more horny than usual
>doodles start
>I'm not in the mood, but she insists
>draw a giant veiny dick on note
>don't get one back
>two days pass before she passes me a doodle note
>cool I'm bored
>pass my doodle back
>get note back with a replica giant veiny penis
>hold back laughter
>draw a smiley face on it
>I hear her giggle
>wow she's cooler than I thought
Are you accusing me of samefagging, or am I juts misunderstanding you? Because that's easy enough to disprove.
File: image.png (379 KB, 510x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
379 KB, 510x383

For most of the third and part of the second chapters, Karen was in the same room as me when I was writing them.
File: 800.png (146 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 625x626
I would be impressed, if that was even close to true.
You think this entire conversation is one guy talking to himself?

yes. it is. and i think i can prove it.

not conclusively, but im getting there.
>I would be depressed.

i fixed that for you.
You want details? Okay, well as far as I remember, someone came in after the op finished the story and said something along the lines of "Holy shit. are you J from F?" op responded "no", guy responded with "Bullshit! You work as a welder, you have a blind sister that is attractive, and your mom died in a car crash, there are only so many people that fit that description. You're J from F, stop bullshitting" after that, op stopped responding, and the anonymous stranger threatened to post pics of his sister if he didn't respond, but he never ended up posting pics.
File: Capture.png (81 KB, 421x925) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 421x925
He should've fudge/changed some details more...
He probably should have yeah, but then we wouldn't have gotten this awesome greentext! Although I am sad we'll probably never get anymore stories from him.
OP? I thought you didn't want to do any fighting or arguing? You're above conflict, right?
File: 0404.png (399 KB, 511x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
399 KB, 511x333

i've already told you im not interested in engaging in philosophical discussions on subjective matters.

i dont care how you feel about any given topic. it doesnt make any difference to me. and im ok with that.

you should be too.
Not sure how well he could really have changed them. Most of them are pretty integral to how the story unfolds. He probably should have skipped mentioning exactly what his job is though. That was just dumb, considering how many things he'd already said to identify himself.
>You're above conflict, right?

for the most part i am. yes.

i decide which conflict i am willing to engage in, and which i am not.

just like everyone else.
Hey Shed, random question if you dont mind: Does reading other incest stories turn you on more?
Like besides having you're sister as a partner, is incest a fetish for you?
Aaaaaand the passive aggressive shit starts again.

You came here looking for trouble, getting jealous that She'd and his fags took over your thread (and kind of the blind girl story), you're all salty, but now you're all live and let live? Fuck off mate.
I'm not shed, try again.

Hey OP, I remember you from a previous thread.

I don't have siblings, and the cousins I have are all too distant from me. One cousin I am close with sees me as a sibling, and I her. Not that we'd ever go further than that (just no chemistry or drive to break the taboo).

So I'm pretty much out of my element when reading your story haha.

I liked your story because I actually had a near-creampie with my ex-gf. It felt amazing, so reading your story helps me remember.

Best of luck,
>get it back to find that theres a pair of boobs on it
>well then...
>I try to think of a way to show her up
>Pass her a quick doodle of a vagina
>oops I did a nope
>few minutes later I get doodle note back
>penis drawn next to vag
>I not smart, so is confused
>we already drew a dick
>lunch bell
>I'm a slow eater and everyone finishes before me and head outside
>just me and FS in lunch room
>supervisor went out to watch others and to smoke
>she sits across from me
>neither of us say anything
>she comes around table and sits by me
>she's way to close for comfort
>places a note in my lap dangerously close to unconscious boner
>hand grazes it and lingers for a short second
>she scampers off outside
>I open note
>"meet me behind the shed"
>oh shit
>hearts racing
>finish food and head outside
>guys want me to play basketball
>I agree but say I need to use bathroom
>go over by shed and she peaks around corner
>sneakily go around corner
>it's hidden pretty well from sight and far away enough for private convo
>"whats up?"
>"why do you keep drawing weird things?"
>"its funny"
>"a little"
>"I can stop"
>"no! No its fun"
>she steps closer "yeah"
>awkward silence
>she suddenly kisses me
>wow, okay
>should fight but dont
>continue kissing
>start to tongue
>she's obviously never kissed like that
I don't know or really care what's going on, but cant we just relax and enjoy incest? Is that not while we're all here? [spoiler] Weirdest sentence I've said in a while [/spoiler]

Oh apologies. I just assumed for some reason. I should probably pass out, it's really late where I'm at.
Oh well.. here it goes
> be me
> 16 at a time, major beta. boy scout, geeky with glasses, computer kid. Never kissed anyone before.
> mother wants to go visit sister, doesn't want to drive alone
> have to take time from playing CS to go with her and meet relatives
> most boring 4 hour trip ever
> arrive and find out that cousin grew up
> 15 years old, solid 10/10 ballerina
> weather is hot and they have a pool, she's wearing a bikini
> excuse myself to the bathroom saying the food wasn't that good
> pay a tribute to her in the toilet
> come out, she's already dressed. Tank top and short shorts. Try to hide massive erection all afternoon
> mother decides to spend the night after drinking a lot of beer. Says she'll sleep in the hammock outside
> family computer is in the spare bedroom
> computer is screwed up
> "anon, aren't you good with computers? can you try and fix it?"
> give it a try, restore windows
> cousin goes to shower
> pc starts up, start poking around for pictures (they weren't called "selfies" back then)
> find out massive cache of female bondage pictures hidden in cousin's files
> hear her coming out of the shower, close it out in a hurry
I really hope you're just some faggot copying a previous OP's pasta, because I've seen these stories before, and the guy posting them seemed nice, but you strike me as a pretentious douche.
>but you strike me as a pretentious douche.

im not pretentious. i just dont like it when people try to talk morality down on me. that is pretentious on itself.
It would be easier to relax and enjoy the incest if OP wasn't trying to start shit.
Continue, I'm listening.
I am also interested in both of these
Don't want to talk morality. Sure. Then why the hell do you keep bringing up morality.

And for that matter, why did you jump back into the thread after a period of silence by accusing pretty much the entire last third of the thread of being one massive samefag, which is fucking retarded, because the number of posters in the thread has gone up in that time).

So yeah, peaceful and above the argument, but also confrontational and either delusional or trolling.
Just let it go.

If this guy >>702044104 can't get through to him, he's just a troll. Or possibly just arrogant, but more likely a troll.
>why did you jump back into the thread after a period of silence

i addressed that here: >>702063716

also, just chill man. enjoy yourself.
Sorry I'm going so slow, I'm on mobile
>"I'm sorry!"
>she starts kissing me again
>I wrap my arms around her
>the bell rings and we have to hurry to get back
>later at home
>I can't stop thinking about it
>on top of that she follows me everywhere
>we're doing our homework
>foster mom saysshe has to go to work
>older foster brother in charge
>he's a huge dick
>spends most of his time on Xbox in room
>we finish homework and I decide to go outside
>mostly to go for daily hike
>kinda because I want to see if she follows
>I begin my hike down the property
>I don't see her
>kind of disappointed, but oh well
>find the spot where I was building a small fort
>resume my construction
>about an hour in and I hear somone tramping through the brush
>FS appears
>try to keep my cool
>"watcha doin"
>"building a fort"
>"cause it's fun"
>"if you say so"
>starts to walk up behind me and wraps her arms around me
>what do I do?!
>without thinking I turn and start kissing
>we decide to sit down and kiss to get comfortable
>we sit in half finished fort because of shade and it's pretty well hidden just in case
>start kissing again
>starts getting heated
>she starts to push me lightly on my back as we make out
>is this happening?!!
If you want people to chill quit starting stuff.

You remind me of when my brother gets stoned and keeps saying racist shit to our black room mate.

>Says something to piss someone off
>"Hey man just chill, let's be chill"

It's like, on one hand, yeah, I know, you're fucked in the head right now, so you probably don't realize how annoying you're being, but seriously, shut up dude.
finally a good thread and I have to leave to work
oh it's getting good
This thread is full of angry people and OP is a massive faggot. You aren't missing much.

But hey, at least Spiderman left.

i repost this shit every so often when im bored.

just comeback another day.

have a good day at work anon.
> She takes a while to come, comes in with a glass of wine, cotton baby doll pyjamas. she sits on the computer chair, I sit on the bed.
> "everyone's passed out, might as well have some fun ourselves"
> offer me, I refuse. I wasn't a heavy drinker back then.
> she clearly wasn't used to drinking. A glass of wine made her rather loose already
> start talking about stuff.. We hadn't met in maybe 3 or 4 years. She's actually kinda nice and down to earth.
> mention I was in boy scouts
> "oh"
> cousin stands up, goes to her room. "be right back".
> Comes back with a length of black rope
> "anon, you know how to tie knots?"
> yeah sure. not rocket science
> "you know how to tie someone's hands? you know, asking for a friend"
> remember the pictures on the computer, put 2 and 2 together
> omgnoway.jpg
> this might just work
> "yeah.. want me to show you?"
> "hmm.. yeah"
> omgomgomg.jpg
> "put your hands behind your back"
> she promptly turns her back to me and moves her hands close to her waist, but turns back
> "wait"
> she stands up and closes and locks the door, sits back on the bed.
> noway.jpg
> "ok, show me!"
> fuckfuckfuck.jpg
> start tying her wrists behind her back. Rope isn't very long, but enough to tie her and once around her waist
> "there you go, try and get loose"
> she tries, can't
> I only got one chance
> left hand on her mouth, right hand on her belly, under her shirt, sliding up to her breasts. She's not wearing a bra.
> cousin lets out a silent welp
> "I saw the pictures on your computer. You like this, don't you?"
> cousin drops her head back on my shoulder, and closes her eyes. bitch didn't say a thing.

thing is: I never thought this thru. Beta as fuck. I got her, what do I do know?

> fondle her a bit, she seems to be enjoying it. MASSIVE hardon.
> gotta think quick
> let go of her slowly. she sits up, still her back turned to be.
> turn to her hear. "ok now, how do you really want to be tied up?"
> start undoing her wrists.
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>If you want people to chill quit starting stuff.
>This thread is full of angry people and OP is a massive faggot.
>right click
>Press change destination
>save as pdf
>access whenever
That's one option at least. Have fun at work
Not me, but nice try.
This doesn't even make sense. Even if you're right and they're the same guy it doesnttrack, BECAUSE he never said he didn't want to start shit, he just called you out in being a hypocrite. Obviously he's okay with starting shit if he's calling you out.

i dont understand you. why do you keep talking to me?
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58 KB, 501x376

hi spiderman.

please flood this thread with pictures.

thank you.
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running up replies.
File: 1462860805551.webm (272 KB, 320x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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running up replies2
>she begins to lightly grind her hips against mine
>I get instant boner
>she doesn't seem to mind
>I get bold and start reaching up her shirt
>again she does nothing
>I grab a handful of boob (she's pretty busty for being young)
>in reply she starts to awkwardly grab boner
>the way she holds it is uncomfortable and kind of killing it
>with my free hand I guide her hand down my jeans
>she then grabs it over my briefs
>Yes!! More!!!
>I pull her shirt off and start to undo her bra
>before I can figure out how to unclamp the bastard she rips it off
>her tits are near perfection
>big and perky with silver dollar nips that are diamond hard
>I start to suck on them as she continues to grind and tug lightly at my cock
>she's moaning and it only turns me on more
>i flip her on her back
>she takes the hint and starts to indoe my pants as I take my shirt off
> I finish taking off her pants and panties
>my erection is inches from her cunt and Im solid
>I start to push against it but to no avail
>damn it
>I tell her to suck it and she does
>it's her first time for any of this and she sucks (no pun intended)
>I begin to tell her what to do and what not to do
>before long she's grade A and I dont want her to stop
>running up replies3
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I got tired of this shitty thread bumping m8
Someone going to start a new thread?
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running up replies4
Kind of. I don't tend to masturbate a lot these days, and I never really got on /b/ before I started writing these things, but I do think it's hot, though it seems to lose some ot it's appeal once you've spent so much time writing your own stuff out.

Also sorry for taking so long to reply, went to eat.
>on /b/
>expects normal people
So incase if this thread dies before you finish, would you possibly continue in the next incest thread?
You can stop now, thread is maxed.
Not surprised, I've heard something similar from a guy who worked on porn sets, that once you've been involved with making it it loses some of its appeal.

the same guy who pretends to be different people in these threads will create another one.

he goes by different personas and always replies to himself through different connections. he also almost always 24/7 on 4chan.

my guess is he has no friends and the only social contact he has with people is throught the internet. so he's got that a a reasonable excuse for being a shut in.

im not even trying to be a dick. just observe long enough and you will see his same patterns over and over.

lets kill this fucking thread already
I'm not. This is the second time I've replied to you.
more replies.
Can you get me one of those red pills? That shit seems dope?

and more.
Well I appreciate the stories Shed, hope to hear from you in another thread again.

you know im telling the truth. and that bothers you.

im sorry about your social situation. but life really is better outside, having fun with other people.

lets max this shit out now.
File: 1469551097075.png (287 KB, 368x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>It's all one guy with multiple IPs, replying g to himself for 200 posts
>He never leaves 4chan, never even leaves his basement
How fucked do you have to be for this to seem more likely than just having lots of people in a thread.

Like, yeah, it's actually juts one guy filling out those sixty 5 people who have posted in the thread.
must retarded end thread
You already maxed it. It got above 300, so posting more replies does literally nothing.
If there's really just one godlike anon who runs all the threads and has like 60 proxies set up, why would you want to piss him off?

> she turns around. she clearly enjoyed it. shows her hands in front of me, wrists touching. never said a word.
> start tying her wrists back again, this time in front of her.
> someone knocks on the door and tries to open it.
> "anon, you there?" aunt outside, clearly drunk.
> cousin didn't really react. I think she froze.
> gotta think quick.
> "yeah, getting changed, gimme a minute"
> "oh, don't worry, just wanted to check on you. sleep tight!"
> erection is gone
> cousin noticed. starts laughing silently
> "sooooooo... that gave you a fright, didn't it? where did it go?"
> shit, she has the upper edge making fun of me, gotta act quick again
> stand up, yank the piece of rope above her head, move towards the headboard
> "yeah, let me get it back real quick"
> she instantly becomes quiet again, closes her eyes
> tie her wrists to the headboard
> "ok, now you tell me to stop when you want me to stop, mmkay?"
> she lets out a small welp. She got it (i hope).
> throw a pillow on top of her head. (that's the best I could think at the moment)
> stand up, turn off the lights (again, beta fag), sit back in bed.
> ok, what do I do now?
> "anon?? will you do me??" muffled voice under the pillow
> WTF? YEAH, but HOW? neverdonethisbefore.jpg
> ok, focus, focus, focus!
> get to her top, pull it up to her neck. slowly. then, hand goes down fondling her breasts.
> get to her waist, shorts waistband.
> fuckit.jpg
> grab shorts and panties at once, try to yank them right off
> failed miserably, almost ripped them.
> she almost screamed, muffled by the pillow

there are lots of people in thread. but most replies are by same people.
Do you understand how 4chan works? Thread is already maxed.
You must live in a very interesting world.

i dont spend 24/7 here.

i will look into it.

thank you for the information though.

im a normie by most standards. some not so much.
Last one
>despite the intense pleasure I get her to stop
>I reposition so my erection is within inches
>"please anon"
>I thrust in hard and she lets loose a scream
>good thing were deep in the woods
>I go to town, she starts coming hard
>I continue to go to town on her
>the way her tits bounced, her gasps, and moans unending, and the tightness
>everything was perfect
>I can feel myself about to beat
>go for gold!
>I pump harder and faster, as I start kissing her neck and biting her shoulder
>I pull out just before I bust
>I cum all over her smooth tummy and perfect tits
>I lay down stomach to stomach on her as we both pant
>I sit up from on top of her and my cum is now all over me
>she doesn't hesitate, and begins to lick it off of my stomach and chest
>Without really thinking I start making out with her again
>only then did I realise, I'm lucky she's a natural freak and swallowed
>but still kind of grossed out by it anyway
We continued this all the way until I was adopted by them, We stopped mainly because it became to risky and we just grew out of it I guess. We'll have the occasional moment, but nothing more. How'd y'all like it??
I'll admit, I've spent an unordinary amount of time in these wincest threads since I realized how fucking awesome they were around 2-3 weeks ago. I've been posting screencaps almost every thread for the last few weeks.
the same dude who goes by "column", "famchan", and "shed" and some other names always comes into these threads and starts talking about the shit he's written by casually dropping his names.

its like a book author, desperate to have an audience. crying out for attention.

its sad, pathetic, and mind blowing at the same time.
Nigga you open the thread by claiming to be an oldfag, yet you end it by showing you don't know how the board system maxes out, and spamming your own thread. Do you even know what an oldfag is?
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see you tommorrow.png
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