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Continuation of >>702011144
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> This is a information thread btw.
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How to get dubs
Be cool
>check em
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Shit so easy man want another one ?
Damm of by one
Lemme do it again
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keys and lock
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knife fights
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good luck pulling that off
Mr. Satan, the guy who can pull that off doesn't need luck, luck needs him
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break a door down

This is retarded, a blade down knife grip is the easiest to disarm, Fairburn specifically mentions that is a terrible grip and the way you can disarm a knife, otherwise run.
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Is this from some kind of book and if yes, what is it called?
no idea, but it was pretty easy to find it online. just google image search the photos and im sure you'll find it
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Silent Walking.jpg
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For who all those tutorial are targeted ?
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"100 Deadly Skills"
look it up
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Get a plastic lunch bag
You know that things that wraps the food?
>get a white paper
>darken it
>fill the bag with water and make a water balloon like alike
>focus sun on darkened paper
>when it makes smoke wrap more paper around it
>keep folding paper until the smoke becomes enough to start a fire
>blow slowly in the smoke
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unarmed combat
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Self Defence.png
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Strike First.jpg
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smoke grenade.jpg
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for any of those wondering, all of these type things are from the book 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation.
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Umbrella Weapon.png
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last one fuckers, im out
Knives shouldn't be used straightforward. You should keep the blade as close to the holding arm as possible, and slash or stab an oncoming limb. The shorter the angle, the less likely the opponent can effectively grab the blade and disarm.
Yeh man, that was some sun tzu shit, thx fam
I'm going to grow out a safety beard now.
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Actually, for workout, espicially abs, crucnhes are terribly bad for your back. Sheathing is more effective, and safer. For the deeper part of the abs, you stay in a push-up like position, except that your forearms touch the ground. For the outer part, the six-packes, lie on your back, and lift a little your legs while keeping all your back on the ground. The wider the angle, the more effective(the harder to do) it is
it depends on how many knives are in the fight and who controls them
assuming you brought at least 1 knife
>one knife, in your main hand blade extending from between thumb and pointer, use empty hand to grapple opponent, once opponent's hands are occupied stab him
>you have 1 knife, opponent has one knife, your knife is in off hand extending from between the pinkie and palm down the fore-arm, use knife to deflect enemy's knife, use main hand to grapple opponent's knife hand and disarm him
>you have 2 knives, main hand holds knife as in the first scenario, off hand holds the knife as in the second, use off hand to block, use main hand to stab
and always remember that you will get cut in a knife fight, it doesn't matter how many knives there are, or who holds them
Perhaps more incendiaries and explosives?
I second this. Im heading off to syria in a month. could be useful.
The tag on the end is incorrect, at least for all locks. You can pick a lock so that the cylinder passes the point where it unlocks the lock, but not a full 180 degrees. This keeps the bottom pins at the shear line, so just rotate the cylinder back, and the lock will re-lock.
>always remember that you will get cut in a knife fight, it doesn't matter how many knives there are, or who holds them
This is some true shit
>wanna know how I got these scars?
>Move from cover to cover
>Stay hidden
>Keep track of the killer
Dead by Daylight.

Demolition Man
A favorite of mine is to jump, lock their torso with your legs. At the same time, do a chokehold, or cover the mouth and stab in the chest with the other hand.
Fuck. So that's how to use the three seashells!
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