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Feels thread
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Feels thread
>break up with girlfriend
>both agree and take it pretty well
>relieved at first but feels kind of bad how well she took it
>"this ended so well we can probably stay as friends without it being weird"
>first thing she does after the break up is go hang with her friends
>I'm staying in our(her) apartment while she crashes at her moms who's out of the country this week
>I'm alone in what used to be our home
>suddenly feel like utter shit
I can't even sleep in our bed, it feels so fucking weird, don't get me wrong I wanted the break up but between her moving on so well and me trying to fall asleep in the bed where I used to hear he breathing, feel her and smell her and now it's nothing but my own breathing it's just, off

Felt so shitty yesterday that I forced myself to cry which I usually don't do just to try and relieve it, helped writing down what I was thinking about too, which is why I'm whining here now
Oo douche...

Try and get her back if you want her if not go have fun make new friends and start a new hobby
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I'll make this quick and simple, tommorow when I'm not as tired I'll post details. For now.
>be me 15
>met girl in highschool
>I always worked out
>coaches and counselors wanted me in their teams
>I did boxing as a hobby after school
>girl was always there showing her best smile she was my best friend
>I trained my hardest every day so that I could box when I get older
>fast forward to 16 she said yes to being my girlfriend
>boxing coach decided I can compete that year
>I took his word for it and went head into it
>I was really nervous and I lost my first 2 real matches
>my gf gets angry at me
>tells me to not box anymore and started to cry
>I said I would stop
>I thought I really loved her at the time
>hung up my gloves and never went back to the gym
>me and her stayed steady for a while
>I got a job and started to do other sports
>nearing the end of senior year I didn't know what I wanted to do
>end of senior year before graduation my gf breaks up with me for another guy who's a low life
>he knows people who drink all day and party alot
>I get shattered and grafuate with absolutely no purpose
>I trained my entire life to become strong just to throw it away for some girl
>mope around and become depressed for a whole year and a half contemplating on suicide and not attending college
>decide to join the marines
>not in physical shape anymore, stoped working out since the winter of senior year
>decide I needed to grow a pair after knowing she sleeps around with college kids and reading a 4chan post
>I deleted all her pictures from my phone, threw away all my junk food
>starting to pick up my pace starting with workouts I remembered
>got a part time job and planning out my next few years
>broke and with the wrong attitude I knew I couldn't afford to lose my life
This week I was told I can finally be put in at full time with a pay raise I'm also losing weight and I can finally put my dread away. I'm planning to go back to my coach if not then possibly join the army.
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This is a feels thread faggot not a praise me thread
Good shit, anon. I'm hoping your old coach can take you in again mang.
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>Same thing happened with me as well
>Except she went back to NY for 3 months for vacation to see friends
>Says we need a break which I instantly agreed because you know, its just a break right?
>Our last text was a straight up miscommunication
>She freaks out about her future and talks about wanting to move on and get married
>Acting out of character but didnt think much of it
>Havent talked to her in 3 months
>Comes back and she agrees to hangout for a bit and talk
>The day of, she says she doesnt want to hang
>Says she doesnt want me in her life at all
>Says we dont have bad blood
>Throws away years worth of things I gave her
>Throws away years worth of memories like it was nothing
>Last thing she texted me was we were never friends before and during our relationship
>Realize I dont have alot of friends especially in a time of loneliness
>Everyone that knows us agree she fucked up on her part
>Fucked up part is she doesnt care what so ever
>TFW all I want are answers at this point but shes not mature enough to face personal issues
>TFW when I will never get those answers
>Girlfriend went off to college less than 2 weeks ago
>Lives about an hour away from me
>Try to contact her, barely hear from her in the last 5 days
>Calls me today
>Broke up with me because she "Doesnt want me to wait on her"
>I try to convince her not to do things that way, but she's set on it
>I try texting her after
>No response

>Mfw we've been together for almost 2 years and 11 days just ends it

Kinda really sad about this. Its fucked up because I have all this stuff from her (IE: clothing, plushies, a pet turtle) and she dropped that on me today.
while she's not at her mom's she's fucking some other guy

go out and drive to her mom's house and drive by

her car won't be there
I call horseshit.
Unless all that happened in a day there should be dates on the texts. If it did happen in a day, there should be time stamps.
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Ah man, that hits hard every time
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Adding onto this - We've had a very healthy relationship. I had no issue being patient and seeing her for a small amount of time every couple weeks, and at first, she was coming to visit for labor day - The other day she shot me a text and said she was too busy to come down here, and I had no problem with it
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Why must you be so real

I decided to do some research to see how long we were together and this fucked me up

~59,184,000 seconds
~986,400 minutes
~16,440 hours
685 days
97 weeks and 6 days
1 year, 10 months, & 15 days

And 11 days away just ended it all aha
As much as it is meaningless to say, move on man. If shes set on it then there is not much you can do. You know how reality works. It fucking sucks. You cannot expect to change in your favor and you sure as hell cant change certain things about people. Its better to just roll the dice with someone else.
>be me
>work at a store called meijer
>coworker is a lazy sack of shit and I have to do all the work
>literally everytime a customer asks for help he stands there and tells me to help them
>when they need a lane open at the front I go up
>condition (clean and pull items forward) every isle I'm my department(media, fucking hell in back to school season)
>he leaves the media desk area messed up and have to clean up after him
>he makes $4 more then me(a lot when my pay is 8.75)

What do I do he does have seniority but I don't know if that means he can have me do everything

A couple of my friends that I've talked to about this have said "maybe she'll come to her senses in a few days"

And I'm hoping thats the case - She's gonna feel like shit when she finds the shirt I had printed for her

But then again, the rest I've told has said what you're saying. Maybe it is best to move on
That one hit hard

Oooooh thats fucked holy shit
move the fuck on, do not answer her calls.

do not get back with exes, cut them off.

i wish you the best anon, focus on your own shit for while. you can do great things anon, find something to put your focus on
Fuck, read this on local newspaper and feels hit me hard.

Thanks, Anon
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Nice thread
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>still in the closet
>have crush on from but lied that i was hella straight
>later on admit i have crush
>says he's straight
>says its all g and promised me not to tell anyone or joke about it
>2 weeks in advance he constantly makes gay jokes and attempt to antagonise me in every way
>confront why he broke that trust
>says that he couldnt trust me after i lied being straight
>wat do guys?
Find some other dick to fuck
nah im not interested in him anymore, i just still want to be friends but he insists he cant be if our whole friendship was based on 'lies'
Forget the nigger.
Not friend material if you ask me. There are plenty of plenty of decent people out there.
thanks for the (You) anons, sucks that im a people pleaser and the thing stopping me from letting him go is that i dont want him stop being friends with our other friends
Why are breakups so fucking shit?
That picture is stupid as fuck. Happiness won't come if you wait for it ffs! If you wait for happiness for a long time already, realize that you are bound to no one, no place, nothing apart from yourself. Then start walking and find happiness!
Because the human species doesn't like changes
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That's not how hands work on the last tile
Got me crying
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Read this
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I'll dump what I have
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Shit forgot to quote last one
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That's not feels the cat is literally trying to make the dead one comfortable for it, they do that with bed sheets and rugs.

I'm suprised it's not fucking it.
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Last one. Later, /b/
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sleep tight anon. i love you.
I broke up with my girlfriend cause she almost did this for me. She was going to leave for another country to be a pro-dancer, always was her plan. She told me she wanted to stay with me instead, dumped her a week after. Wouldn't want her to make that excact mistake, knowing the eternal regrets she would have if we ever were to break up. Was tough, but I do not regret my decision, also cause she slept with my friends 2 weeks after..
So he hated pirates?
That would annoy the shit out of me.
Just try to move out as fast as you can and move on. If she took it this easy there's no point in trying to get back with her.
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This whole week couldnt get to the mental institute recovery house where i am at cuz i have no transport to get there. Sure those people are kinda sad,but they have my same problems,and thats why im feeling at home when im there.

I really wish i wasnt that scared to drive..
Need moar
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too late.png
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So here's something from me

>Be me, borderline autistic, anxious teen
>Start highschool
>In the honors program, things seem pretty good
>By the second week, anxiety is literally destroying my mind
>Realize I'm bisexual, in a fucking catholic highschool
>want to cease existing
>Regimental band for Schools ROTC program gives me hope during the day
>February, Band trip to march at Didney Worl
>Seems like it's going to be fun
>Get there, nobody wants to be around me that entire trip
>In that amusement park, a place meant to make people happy, I realized that I'm never going to be happy
>Make a post on my facebook, talking about how life without happiness is kind of pointless
>Day after the group gets back from the trip, I get called into student administration
>They heard about post, want me committed so I don't hurt myself
>In reality, school doesn't want a scandal that results in their athletic funding from a sportswear company being pulled
>Get taken to the hospital, get psych assessment, learned that my mother knew exactly how bad my depression had been, but did nothing
>placed in psych ward, which is the closest thing to hell I have ever seen
>Orderlies hate patients, live in fear of being sedated with booty juice
>get out after a week because I lied through my teeth that I was better
>Get back to school, learn that my "Friends" had told the administration even though I told them to never tell people if I was in a bad way, just let the end happen
>Isolate myself, get kicked out of honors program
>fast forward to senior year
>got kicked out of catholic school because I cursed out the dean of academics
>in new, small ass private school because mother assumes that public school is cancer (Not in our area, but)
>meet new people, things are actually looking up for once in my life
>Meet another person from old school
>she left because the admin didn't take action after a nationally ranked athlete sexually assaulted her, suppressed evidence
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Got this one
>realizes that the people here are no different, except one guy. lets call him tom
>tom introduces me to 4chan
>inspires me to play guitar
>basically becomes the person I look up to
>graduate highschool, realize I have nobody
>spent the entire summer trying to an hero
>stays basically the same up to today

I'm fucked up from the failed suicide, it's like the universe needs someone to be a cosmic fuck up
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More sad pictures please,i need to cry
Sheesh. Just post her nudes. I'm all about the burn it to the ground break ups.
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OH, l love Inio Asano. He just tells such beautifull short stories!
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hsotd feels.jpg
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I don't want to get back with her Ive just had a shitty week is all

She literally brought up if I wanted to break up the first thing she did after I had been on vacation for a month, I agreed it was for the best and since I eventually wanted to brake up with her I was relieved t was such an easy break up

She loved me a lot and the reason we broke up is because fundamentally we wanted different things and I only loved her, wasn't in love with her if you get what I mean

For all I know she cries herself to sleep too, which in a sense would make me feel worse and better, any sign of her missing me would make this way easier on me, but other than her crying when we agreed to end it she hasn't really shown anything
File: 1317174160387.jpg (265 KB, 900x1267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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he's clearly fapping while holding a gun to his head
File: 1472545167519.jpg (42 KB, 720x743) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm back anons. Realized I got jackshit to do. Gonna dump some more.
who the fuck cares what a robot wants to say anyway
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Nah, I was a shitty enough boyfriend as is, don't need to put her through more shit, all her friends are on her and they have no right to see her naked imho, unless she wants them to see her, but that's her call not mine
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Hey. I'm afraid I'll have to inform you that you are missinformed / lack the education to judge properly here. Not only are cats well able to form bonds with any kind of living being too big to be prey (sometimes even those), but this behavior is typically associated with squeezing milk out of their mother's titties. They do that whenever they feel particularly comfortable around somebody or something and it shows a very intimate bond up to a point of being comparable to the relationship with their mother when they were younger.
This cat more than likely lost a very good friend there, even though it's unclear whether she knows about their death or not.
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File: 1472538989378.jpg (110 KB, 718x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Should I keep dumping, anons? Or nah?
yes, please
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Go on
File: autist.jpg (116 KB, 450x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1472547569757.jpg (42 KB, 800x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sure thing.
thanks anon, have a good time,
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Okay, I have one
>Be me
>Be 23
>Meet Sarah
Sarah was alright. 6/10, maybe. 26 or 27. Bit of a tumblrina. Sarah was married. She had been around the block, and worked at a homeless shelter.
>I didnt try and fuck her.
>Nigga, read that shit again.
>We drift in and out of each other's lives.
>Do shit like cons or renn fest. She travels the country in a fucking trailer.
> Then one day, she falls in love with a crazy homeless guy.
> He has a guitar and a kind word
>She leaves her husband of six years for him.
>As it happens, crazy homeless guy is crazy and homeless.
>And addicted to cocaine.
>Within a week, he is pimping her out for drugs.
>On backpage.

So dont fall in love anons. If your lucky, like Cuck up there, your wife will leave you for a crazy homeless guy. If you are unlucky, then your lover will literally pimp you out for drugs and you wont say no. Because you love them

Whatever that means.
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my dog doesn't have much time left and I don't know what to feel....

Go on please
Need moar
im sorry anon, losing a pet is never easy. your dog was lucky to have someone that loved it. And I'm sure it loved you too Anon.
Fuckin losers
Circlejerk harder
new town maybe

can't keep things that remind you of her, you were too used to being around her.

either that or you stick with her and marry forever through thick and thin like people in the past
ikr lmao
File: 1472271231648.jpg (79 KB, 644x1040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 644x1040

Sorry to keep ya'll waiting. Internet being a bitch about big files. Have to try and keep it minimal for now.
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I was handling this thread well before this, you motherfucker
File: Checked.gif (483 KB, 243x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ayylmao checked
I wish I were the Dog
>I'd get loved by someone
>I'd get death in the arms of someone I love....
>Someone would be sad of my passing.
It's never easy Anon. Hold yourself. Cry it out. Hope you feel better.
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thx man, you don't know how much your words mean to me right now
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This is the exact shit I left /b/ because of
All you faggots are entitled aspies who wallow in self-pity when life doesn't go your way.
KYS, all of you.
Thanks Anon
Really Appreciate it
Even if a surgeon could implant the eye into the eye socket, the eye still would not be able to transmit signals to the brain through the optic nerve and thus would not provide sight. By contrast, corneal transplantation is not only possible, it is a procedure more than a century old.
no such thing as an eye transplant
especially not with an adult eye in the body of a child so young he can't remember it.
fucking stupid
For about a minute I had forgotten that I was on 4chan
Thanks Anon for reminding
For the dutchies, a theme for feels threads
STFU you don't even know what it means to be depressed
Come back when you're GF dumps you for some nigger she met in a bar half conscious
Man that hit me hard...
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File: image.gif (831 KB, 480x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This may be a feels thread for you guys, but it's a ylyl for me. Thanks for the laughs, faggots.
If you were rich, you'd get that kind of response from any woman you wanted
Wish I could get dumped by my girlfriend
Wish I had a girlfriend
Wish I had a friend
File: cancer.jpg (45 KB, 302x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 302x604

>posting overrated memes

Yeah,this website clearly states thats only allowed for 18+ people. You clearly are an underage faggot
Thanks for the kek
Someone knows where to find the original photo without the text?
File: image.png (1 MB, 1294x1230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1294x1230
28 actually. Nice try tho

Pretty much
I've got one...

You know those old Pokemon games we used to play? I would play them with my cousin as he was my only friend as a child.
We'd name our rivals after each other, we would play non stop, I enjoyed his company... And he enjoyed mine... But in life things happen to the best of us...
It's funny how relationships change between one another, and how people miss the people who may not even be breathing.
I realized how much of a mistake I made, not going to his funeral, if I had then this would all be over now, I would have understood more instead of always questioning the road ahead.
Last week I booted up an old Pokemon game and played a little bit... Nostalgia and such... I played until I met with my rival.. I hadn't remembered that I named him after my dearest cousin... I almost broke down into tears... Yet still battling like we used to back then.... gn /b/
Right click image + s faggot
28 is pretty much 18? What a fail hard fag.
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I feel ya, /bro.
Isn't that what all you whiny bitches are trying to do here anyways?
I'll be your friend anon
Thanks, but your new friend is gonna be dead in a day or so after some stuff he gotta do
Good day Anon :')
Thanks Obama
File: 1472174727070.jpg (31 KB, 498x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 498x445

Too tired to continue. See ya, anons. I'm just gonna sleep now.
thats sad man, i have a gf for 2 years and shes moving to another country in 1 month. I dont want that to happen to me
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OP is a faggot. Feels fags are the ultimate cucks.
Time heals all wounds, and time flies when youre a faggot
Suicide is the only thing left for me
Time just won't heal anything
Anyone got monkey island?
wtf man
Should be easy to find friends when youre gay right?
Top kek
Question for the /b/rothers: have you ever seen someone dear to you kill him/herself?
hey man
mourn for a bit, a week or so. no moreno contact her during that time
if she doesn't make an absolutely clear and energetic effort to have you back as her boyfriend, then throw away all that stuff, delete her from facebook,phone etc, delete or put photos on external hardrive.

then move on with your life.
work hard,,study hard, do interesting things.
don't dwell on her
stop thinking about it.

pick yourself up, say "I make my own life" and go out and do something.
chalenge yourself.

she doesn't want you? fuck her, you want yourself.
move on man.
She probably cheated on you and feels like shit
Haven't seen anyone do it but I've had people close go though with it
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> If only I could go back in time
> You would understand the pain I feel, as I long for what we used to have.
> Don't underestimate my love for you, we can work these things through
> Respond to my texts and calls, please
> "To infinity and beyond", that was our favorite love saying
> This is my final hope to rekindle our love
> Message me if you wish to save my life
> Your love is all I wish for, I would do anything for you.
> Mother knows about us and gave me her blessing.
> Will we finally be back together, or will I be in the ground.
> "Die" is one of the final words you told me, and that's what I will do if you don't love me anymore.
> Tonight. This is it, I promise that something will happen tonight. Our love, or my death.

Read the first word of every sentence above.
go to a place where they cure your mental illness

also, never tell anyone about it ever again

no one wants to hear your depraved shit.
>be me
>diagnosed with depression for a few years now
>still live with my parents
>have a "not so legal" job to pay house expenses since dad is an unemployed fat fuck and my mom has debts crawling up her ass
>also go to uni
>there was this girl in my class, we never hit up before but this last year we did
>i remember how we met
>she sat next to me, idk why
>we just started talking
>all of the sudden her wallet falls off her purse
>along with a picture of her
>she was embarassed of that picture
>mostly because she isn't like crazy cute or really hot
>face is kinda weird
>tits are pretty much flat
>ass is barely noticeble except when she uses yoga pants (then again, anyone has an ass with yoga pants so doesn't really count)
>but she looked cute in the picture
>like really cute
>we eventually end up parting ways
>but keep meeting each other ever so often
>we instantly become friends
>while being friends it's noticeble that there's "something else" going on
>we clearly are connecting "in another way"
>we end up being in this routine of constant flirting and joking around for a good few months until we finally end up finding out our feelings for each other
>we start dating
>i didn't want my shit job to disturb either me or her while we were dating so i had to stop doing that
>let my mother handle the bills by herself
>while that me and this girl start really connecting
>it's clear we're each other's first (despite her claiming not to be) because we both have no idea what we're doing
>still pretty fun
>this was about 8 months ago
>but 6 months ago we started having problems
>i noticed that over christmas she had changed a bit
>i didn't really get disturbed by it, she was still essentially the same
>she started coming out of her shell a bit more (she was shy)
>at first it was even fun
>but then she started jokingly flirting with some of my friends
These are written by the same person, same writing styles and idiosyncrasies .
Anon, you should of paced them out a bit ,because after reading them one after the other it's hard not to miss that it's the same writer
this is a feels thread, we come hear to vent u stupid shit
Doesn't sound right.

You were away for a month, she must have been over thinking things - wondering whether you wanted her, or rest of losing you.

Then she did it to test you perhaps, or test,the situation.
Maybe she didn't expect you to agree.

Perhaps have a talk with her about it.

Then again, I've made a lot of mistakes. Could be your instinct to break up was right, and you just need some time to adjust.
You're right, all of your posts are stupid af.
>i knew she didn't mean anything by it but it's still fucked up when your girl flirts with other dudes in front of you, be it real or not
>still, never confronted her about it
>we go to the same shit class where we have to do a group project
>you know how group projects are, 1-2 people work while the rest does nothing
>me and her decide to be in the same group
>she gets 3 of her friends in it too
>it ends up being exactly like normal group projects go
>me and ana did all the work, rest went to bugger off
>still i ended up doing more than her
>i don't want to include the other people's names in the project, it might mean that they fail that class but fuck if i care
>me and her argue about it
>she says that they're her friends and doesn't want to cause problems
>we argue of a while
>i end up giving up and putting their name on it
>we have to present it in one of those rooms where it can fit up to 100 people in it
>completly packed full
>me and her present our parts
>the other 3 fuck up the rest
>i nearly failed that class because of those 3 fucking pests
>fuck it, still happy with my girl
>fast foward a while
>find out we don't have enough money to pay the bills on the same month of my birthday
>spend the entire month depressed
>she gets worried and asks me what's wrong
>i am nearly brought to tears because i might become homeless due to debts and lack of money
>she comforts me for that entire month
>never felt so loved in my life
>then... this summer came along...
Do it you fag, you got this far out get on with the rest
Now imagine you never had any of that until you were 30.
You finally found her, and give her all your love.
You have all that stuff.
Then she just leaves. No break up, nothing.
At the same time, your health fails and you become physically impotent as well as other problems.
You'll never have a chance at that again. You can remember it, and every happy moment that happened is touched with sadness of her not being around. Then hopelessness that you can't experience any of that with anyone else.
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I have too, only I actually saw it happen.

>best friend had a pretty shitty life growing up
>BioMom shot heroin, drank heavily, left him for dead pretty much
>He's been under the care of his aunt and uncle for most of his life
>got dumped numerous times by the cunts at our (at the time) high school
>was called out for groping a girl, he felt really shitty after that
>I wasn't too pleased by what he did, but even so I tried to keep good company
>we had some pretty good times, but apparently that wasn't good enough for him

>went over to his house one day to play some vidya
>found him in his room with his uncle's fucking handgun in his mouth
>As soon as he saw me, he stopped and looked at me without a word
>I tried to grab the gun from him, but as soon as it moved for it he placed it back in his mouth
>I couldn't believe it. I just saw my friends last seconds of life.
>he now sat there on his bed, blood flowing profusely out his nose and mouth, some brain matter and a bullet hole in the wall behind him

Seven years later, I can still remember the police questioning me, and his body coming out of his house in a bag.

>through early morning fog, I see
>visions of the things to be
>the pains that are withheld for me
>I realize and I can see
>that suicide is painless, it brings on many changes
>and I can take or leave it if I please
If hes gonna be a dick, why not just cut him out? Assuming all your buddies would follow you.
My grandfather, Poppy Cal, had bowel cancer and Nan was always there to hep him, they were never the kind of people to take help from other people like nurses, so they stayed home and very independent. But then Nan developed breast cancer and things started to go downhill. Nan was always such a strong woman, never used a cane, had no trouble at all with things like hearing, sight, memory, and other troubles that come with old age. But so suddenly she became so sick... Soon she had a heart attack and Pop could tell by the look on her face that something was very wrong, they immediately went to the hospital. Nan died in the hospital... Pop was left all alone. At Nan's burial, Pop said "you may as well knock me out and throw me in that hole with her"
They talked about where they wanted to be buried... Pop wanted to be buried with his parents in the Jehovah's Witness cemetery in Cooks harbour, but Nan wanted to be buried in St Anthony... But they both wanted to be buried together. I don't know if this really is that feelsy to you guys but when I heard this I broke down... Real bad... Less than 7 months later Pop passed away as well.... We all think it was for the better, he was a wreck without her. We are all just so happy that they are together again. I miss them so much... I miss baking bread, playing cards and drinking tea with Nan, going out in boat, hauling in the crab pots and playing the accordion with Pop.
>summer starts off great
>just us being..."us"
>we're still clearly madly in love with each other
>then midway through June I start noticing that she's creating distance between us
>we went from texting 24/7 to a "good morning" in the morning (duh) and really only talking late at night
>don't really pay much attention to it
>july comes
>she has had heart problems ever since she was little, apperantly she still had heart murmur, needed surgery
>nothing really serious, but surgery is still surgery
>in the mean time she keeps creating distance
>i start having doubts
>she pretty much doesn't show any initiative to talk anymore
>either i say something first or she doesn't say anything at all
>decide to test that theory out
>spend a day without texting her
>just like I thought, she didn't say anything all day either
>get mad
>that plus the fact that she's getting surgery gets me stressed the fuck out
>decide to distract myself
>distract myself too much and end up forgetting about the surgery
>day of the surgery
>still making my best attempts at distracting myself
>works like a charm
>but then I get a text from her
>at like 11pm
>at first i don't really give a fuck because she didn't show any initiative for the past week
>but then i look at it
>"surgery went well, if you're even wondering"
>completly forgot about it
>feel like shit
>beg for forgiveness
>she forgives but tells me she cried because she thought we had broken up since at that point we haven't spoken for a few days
>end up speaking to her the next day, during the entire day
>the day after that... went back to normal
>and by normal i mean her just killing any attempts at a conversation, not showing any initiative either
>get pissed again
>having doubts again
The dog will doe sooner than the cat, they get attached easier and would put their life on the line for anyone who shows the most care for them even a cat.
how's this for feels?

I went for a shit about an hour or so ago
wiped and washed my butt

now I feel like I have to go again.

hold me /b/, while I'm on the toilet.

also, tablet ran out of battery and is plugged into the wall now. so I can't take you with me while I poo
>decide to talk to her about it
>we plan on meeting each other the next day
>she doesn't show up
>get a text from her saying that "she's sick"
>i belive her
>we decide to meet up the next week
>next week comes
>we go watch suicide squad (i liked it, fuck you guys)
>but she ends up inviting a ton of her friends too so we can't really talk
>looking back it looks like it was on porpuse
>but k, whatevs
>when i get home from that day we finally talk
>she says that she's conflicted because her mother is mentally ill (nothing really too serious, just a mild thing) and she can't handle the stress of our distance plus of her mother's illness
>she's the one creating it so wtf
>she ends up breaking up
>says she still has feelings for me
>i ask her if it's final and she says "atleast for the time being, I don't know how it will be when classes start again"
>she also tells me that when we're together "thigns make sense" but when we're not they "don't make sense"
>again, wtf
>so we end up breaking up
>and not a second later she starts joking around like everything was fine
>i just ignore it and don't respond
>the day after the breakup she went away for 3 weeks to her family up north
>when she comes back she starts posting shit on snapchat
>of her having fun with our mutual friends on concerts, having fun at the pool, etc (atleast it's all female friends)
>while I sit at home, jobless, barely any money to keep myself sustained and depressed out of my fucking mind
>thought summer was supposed to be fun.

Haven't heard from her since the breakup too, we pretty much stopped talking to each other since

Shit's gonna be pretty awkward when we get back to uni, sitll have hopes that it might be what saves it tho
this sounds familiar

communication breakdown with something lingering in the background.

minus the heart surgery
i've been posting it around for the past few weeks because it's eating me up inside so there's a fair chance of you reading it before, just a way of me venting since nobody else really gives a shit
Hey man,

She doesn't know what she wants in life and clearly doesn't give a fuck about you.

Forget her, continue no contact. DELETE and block her fucking facebook,,Snapchat and all that wank.
Don't look at any of her shit dude, that was your only mistake.

Don't feel down, don't compare your life to hers.

Work hard at making your life better and improving yourself.
If you are low on cash. find a second job, or work more hours.

Also, learn something new, study in your free time.,Take up a cheap or free sport.

Do pushups every day. Buy some second hand weights when you finally,have some cash.

Always be training, learning, improving.

Never look back.

Go out for a walk in the sun and clear your head.

Turn your sadness to anger, your anger to fury, and your fury into the energy required to do the things you need to do.

Put that stuff behind you. You've written your story at that section has come to an end.,now you have to look after yourself. Good luck man.
I haven't read it before, I mean it sounds like what I have been through in the past.

Don't let it eat you up man.

See my reply to your part 3.
nvm, this is 4/4, not 3/3
things just became worse
flatmate is in the bathroom, now I have to hold my,shit and piss

flatmate is female,,and has disgusting habits

is also playing utterly,shit nigger music loud enough to hear two rooms away

the music make my want to break her neck

it's difficult ya know
i already live with depression, in other words i have near to no energy to do anything productive unless i REALLY need it

and i've been constantly on the back and foward of "she had a reason for it and maybe still likes you" to "she doesn't give a fuck about you" which also doesn't help

i've been told before that she could be a bit cold but i never really understood it because she looked trust worthy, i mean, when we were together i could see it, even when we were having problems, i could see that she still had feelings for me

now i don't know anymore

i don't know if she was lying, or if she just stopped having feelings mid-way through the summer, i just don't know anymore

worst bit is that despite me moving on from it i still have feelings for her...
Y tho? ;-;
your mother will die raped by niggers :)
Also: The fact that she told me "atleast for the time being, I don't know how it will be when classes start again" doesn't help either

a part of me knows that we're not going to speak to each other and the other one knows that she'll atleast try to speak with me

i've tried asking one of our mutual friends if it was worth trying to get her back and she said "i don't know" but the way she said it made me feel like she was just trying to not hurt my feelings

1st time i ever feel loved and turns out i was manipulated through it, nice
Don't you hate when people beg for likes or replies? Reply to this post or your mother will die in your bed tonight.
None of that matters.

I went through a long depression.
I dug my way out of it.

The key was fighting, constantly, every day. Don't relax for a single day. Don't sit thinking. Don't dwell,on anything negative.
Cut out porn.
Spend your time doing productive and constructive things.
Set yourself goals and accomplish them.

Seriously,, exercise helped me a lot.

Research good quality pushups, Arnold has info on his website. Bruce Lee has some info too in his book. Most helpful was Charles Atlas' website,,or his ebook. Read about Charles Atlas dips. Pushups with chairs.

Start off small,, build them up and conquer your own body.

Don't think about it. Put on a song that motivates you and make it into a solid routine.
After a few weeks it becomes a good habit and you do it almost automatically.

This will focus you, circulate your blood, and help to balance your hormones so you begin to feel better.

A guy on here said last year "you should fight against depression like it is something trying to take your life".

He's right. If someone attacks you, you fight back and you fight for your life.

Anything constructive is good for your mind and spirit. Make good habits. One thing at a time.
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This is my fave story I've ever read here, and it'll hit everyone in the feels.
Thanks anon, I'll try

it will be difficult back in uni tho, guess i'm just gonna have to pretend that nothing happened between us and try and ignore any advances she makes or something like that
You dick.
Hey, she is fucking with you, intentionally or not.

Leaving you hanging like that isn't right.

Forget about her, she isn't your priority at all.
Stop thinking in this loop.

Concentrate only on yourself.
Write down exactly how you can help yourself,
as a step by step list.
The do it, each thing, step by step. Without thinking.

How can you make more money? Second job or more hours. which job? any that fits.

How can you prepare for the next course of university? Start preparing now, flick through books,,make,notes, research some stuff you aren't sure about.

How can you boost your mood? exercise, healthy good, sunshine every day. doing constructive things.

Do no think. just write and do. no hesitation, no excuses.
>Be me 27
>Father to a beautiful 3 Year old Daughter
>Husband to a woman who doesn't want to be married anymore
>Spend most nights arguing and fighting over petty shit. Stay together mostly for daughter.
>One day Wife decides to leave and thinks that She gets custody by default because she's the mother.
>Daughter wants to stay with Daddy because I'm the only one who gives her attention and loves her.
>Wife starts seeing new guy.
>Daughter becomes more lethargic each time I see her.
>One day Daughter tells me that mommy's friend is hurting her.
>Find out boyfriend has been left with daughter during the day and sexually assaulting her.
>confront POS, he denies everything.
>Tell him if I find out he's lying I'll kill him.
>Two weeks pass get knock on door
>It's police
> "Are you anon?"
>"We need you to come to the hospital with us."
>They explain to me about how the Boyfriend repeatedly raped my daughter and beat her until she passed out.
>Feel nauseous and enraged. Ask if she's ok
>"We need you to identify her"
>POS arrested and given 8 years.
>He has 3 left, then I'm going to kill him
File: 1466353987044.gif (498 KB, 500x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
498 KB, 500x283
Holy FUCK that's soooooo sad. Makes me realize how lucky I was to have amazing parents growing up. I love my old man and always will. Your can tell I'm white huh?
You can do it msn.

And yes, that is exactly how to handle it.

Be easy going, politely greet her, how is it going etc.
With no depth. Don't show you are bothered by it, don't,hang out with,her,,don't talk with her outside of,class.

Happens all,the time. Awkward for a bit,,but If you move on and focus on yourself, you are doing the best thing.

Also, do not fuck her again,,some women use this to confuse. You don't want to be confused.,and it isn't worth the fuck.

Keep your distance, be polite if you see her in university, like a classmate.
That's it. No other contact.
Holding your anger for 5 years without losing it completely...
How is your daughter doing ?
Don't do anything stupid otherwise you'll hurt your daughter even more.
Try to find another way to get die hard revenge just don't do it yourself
oh germanon, got more?
Fuck off, how's he get 8 years for raping and killing a child? If that's true I'm so sorry bro. Maybe he'll get put in gen pop and another inmate will do it for you.
Thanks anon, just deleted pics, chat logs, her nº, all that, the next few days are going to be hard because I'm visiting family and i'm stuck in a small village with nothing to do, but as soon as i get out of here i'll start following your advice, ty again
>How is your daughter doing
>"we need you to identify her"

Usually means they're dead
Or ya know slit ya wrists
Someone convince me not to call her and ask for a second chance please
Plea Deal and snake attorney.
explain the situation and then i'll explain to you why not
DUBS czechd
You can start pushups, long walks,,try running.
Read about how best to do pushups.

Plenty to do. Enjoy,the sunshine.,appreciate the nature around you. Take,some time to breathe and feel,alive in the world.

Say to yourself, fuck that shit, I can think of much better things.

Say good things out loud,to yourself.
"I'm going to win, I'm going to be strong, I'm,going to study hard and do well at university"

Things like that. It really helps to visualise,positive things.,Bruce Lee did it and other successful people,do,it,too.

Clear up the house, repair some stuff.,build,something. Use,the internet as your assistant.
Just don't do it.

Do a pushup every time you think about it.
Fuck man, what country? Sounds like my country (Canada). You can kill someone and get out in 5 years on good behavior, yet if ya DDoS a website you can get 10.
I've been chasing this girl since middle school. She went from my first friend (I only really started talking around 8th grade) to my best friend to my hardest crush to my girlfriend. We dated through high school. Naturally we both changed lots. Taught eachother stuff. She taught me to eat better, smile more, talk more, and dress better. I taught her to respect herself, keep trying, and always be kind. I'm starting college tomorrow. Like I said I didn't really start talking or being social until near the end of middle school. My first group of awesome friends I got in high school are mostly going to different schools. She dumped me last night. I've lost my friends and my girlfriend. I haven't felt this lonely in so long and don't know what to do. I can't help but think about all the hardships and how we've always found a way. How even though she went to high school in another state, cars and trains and video calls and texts and phone calls kept us going. Did all those late nights really mean anything? I mean fuck I wrote songs for her when she was sad, was that all just a waste of time?

'I'm sorry I don't feel the same way anymore. I know you're going through a hard time in your life but so am I. I know you're trying you're best but I just don't feel the same way anymore. You treat me so well and spoil me but I don't feel the butterflies in my stomach or the spark, even my heart skipping anymore. I don't understand why but its just kinda happened. I don't want to end it but I think it needs to end. This relationship is hard for the both of us. We're arguing and not happy about 50% of the time. I love you but I don't like you anymore the way I should. I can't and don't want to force it. You deserve a better, nicer, more understanding person. I'm sorry that I tried to drag it out for so long'
Fuck dude that's brutal. Kill her too if you're gonna go down make it big
>be me
>have great parents and everything is just happiness
>dad gets into an accident
>double hernia and a twist in nerve
>gets dangerous operation
>comes out perfectly fine
>everything seems to be fine
>couple months later
>dad has blood pressure problems and it might be passed on to me
>his heart is poop
>needs pacemaker
>comes out perfectly
>3 months later
>dad falls off the stairs
>comes out with a shoulder 3 cm out of place
>doctors said it will heal by itself
>realize what my dad has been through
>realize he can die any moment
>realize i can die any moment due to problems
>shed a couple tears
>realize i'm racing with my dad since both of us don't want bury the other and grief

So /b/ who are you racing against ?
US. The ONE thing people do here so often is talk to police without a lawyer. That's what usually gets them high sentences. That POS wouldn't say a word to police. His lawyer did all the talking. He didn't incriminate himself with words like most people do.
Oh.. i'm sorry for being retarded.
Racing to build my 401k so I can retire without dying poor. Amidoinitrite?
Hi everyone! Newfag here.

> be me
> be 24
> i've been depressed for a long time now
> i decide to go to the latest anime convention like every year
> this might help me forget my depression
> this time i bring one of my closest friends (Bill) along with his bro (Tom)
> we're at the convention
> gaming
> shopping
> anime-watching
> a whole weekend later and it's over
> it went very well actually
> one week later
> my brother has thrown a party
> i drink
> sitting on the kitchen floor, drawing
> bill comes up to me
> he tells me that there is something that i need to hear
> he sits down like he's trying to reach me on an emotinal level now
> bill: you know at the convention
> me: Yeah?
> bill: well you looked like shit
> me: *nervous laugh* you think *sarcastic*
> bill: in fact, you smell really bad and your apartment looked like shit last i was there.
> starting to feel bad.
> me: you probably know already.
> bill: right, right! but honestly your depression isn't an excuse and you're just being lazy.
> feeling miserable.
> bill: i can come over to you and check your washing machine and see if it works or something.
> me: nah i'm good.
> i continue drawing.
> trying to make it look like it's not getting to me.
> feeling really depressed by now.
> bill: are you drawing because you don't wanna listen to me? Am i wrong here?
> me: no, you are right.
> bill: NO! that is not what you feel at all. DAMN!!
> i wanna go and leave by now
> bill: now i know that this will piss you of and we can go outside if you want to because i know you are gonna want to punch me in the face for this.
> me: oh?

to be cont...
> bill: well... i think you've been the most wonderful guy and all but you are just not looking good at all. you always smell like shit and your clothes are kinda dirty. i mean, jesus christ! you had dirty finger nails when you were a kid.
> i didn't want to talk anymore.
> bills bro (Tom) comes over.
> Tom: yo. what're you guys doing?
> bill: Oh nothing, we're just talking.
> bill pats me twice on the shoulder
> bill: alright. i'll see you later.
> i feel terrible by now
> everyone leaves and heads home
> i walk next to bill and tom
> they are both happy as fuck, laughing, making jokes.
> depression kicks in like a motherfucker
> Tom: well that was fun
> we've reached my place
> i just walk
> i don't say goodbye or anything
> bill doesn't ask me whats wrong and just keeps on walking.
> bill: see ya anon!! *laughter*
> i get home and start crying.
> i punch the concrete wall till something felt like it blew up in my hand.
> thoughts from my high school years when i was bullied return
> thoughts from my younger years of my abusive dad return like a fucking vietnam flashback.
> wanna beat the shit out of someone
I said racing against
she doesn't feel that same about you.

even if you did call her and you went back together you'd be stuck in a forced relationship that would eventually end again, probably sooner than the old one

rise above it, start working out, meet other girls, forget about her.

also, someone who doesn't understand that a relationship needs arguments in order to move on isn't mature enough to be in a relationship, even if it's 50%, 80% of the time, as long as it's not toxic in the sense that you're on the edge of breaking up everytime you argue then it's fucking natural, in other words, she doesn't deserve to be in a relationship with you because she clearly has no fucking clue how relationships work
holy fuck--that's me
Time and poverty nigger
Thanks man, I've been thinking about that but I guess it's just hard to let go of soemthing you've wanted for long you know? Like when we argued it wasn't yelling and cursing, it was always minimal.
Anon y u no clean and shower for no be stinky and have friends and ladies?
those feels..
hes not wrong
File: Sad2.jpg (95 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: SoldierOP.jpg (445 KB, 1305x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: missingthepoint-1.gif (6 KB, 898x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks guys, thanks for sharing your deep medical knowledge. This was very useful and not obvious at all to simpletons like us.

god damn
then it's even worst, if it was just minimal and she wasn't happy with the fact that it was just a minimal type of arguing then she's an ungrateful prick.

dated someone like that, everytime we would argue she'd be like "is it always gonna be like this? i don't want our relationship to be like this" even though our arguments were always like one of us would get mad at the other, we'd stop talking for a few hours, then the guilty one would ask for forgiveness, the other one would forgive and we would move on, we never really yelled or really argued except twice, but there were actual reasons related to my future career so it was more of a serious thing

also, i understand it's hard, just delete her nº, fb, snap, whatever, and just try to not think about the past and instead focus on getting some sweet pussy in the mean time, enjoy it while you're young and can fuck around with no limits (use protection tho, eazy-e learned that the hard way)
Is bill your brother?

fuck him. he didn't try to help you.

You can react negatively or positively.

Negative, you sink lower, neglect yourself further, feel worse.

Positive, clean all your stuff, clean your entire apartment, shower every day, brush your teeth twice a day - like it is a military routine.

You buy some new clothes, apply,for better jobs, and improve yourself.
Maybe do some training or a certificate to up your chances.

Fuck bill, don't do anything because of him - one way or another.
He has no effect on you.

But the best way to beat tues people, anyone who tries to bring you down,,is by making yourself,stronger, more successful,more,knowledgable than them.
Holy shit that sounds just our arguments. I mean sure it was a little annoying but the great times afterwards were way worth it. Still have no idea why she was that upset about it. Like we'd stop fighting within an hour or two and go back to our regular laughing schedule. The worst part is that she wants to still be friends and for right now it's fine I guess, but idk if I have the mental stability to deal with what'll happen if she eventually gets a bf. Like I've been there for some dark stuff, so it's hard to just drop her all alone (even if she deserves it)
this shit again about cats not being able to form bonds/like people or animals

I wonder where it comes from
a fake sad story doesn't belong here.


> be me, be triplet
>separated from triplet brothers for 10 years
>finally about to meet them again
>plane they were on crashes into my family house while I was out buying them matching t-shirts that say triplets! on them
>whole,family dead, even my dog too
>sometimes wear the triplet t-shirt when I visit their graves.
>don't have the heart to throw away,the other two t-shirts
>it's been 10 years since then.

mine said the same thing but cut off all contact and gave hope at a future retry, it's a trap

they just want to make sure they have a plan b

don't be a rude prick tho

if she speaks to you, you respond nicely, but never get too involved, just respond and if she doesn't say anything else then just continue on with the rest of your day

and if she does get a bf, think about it like this, it's his fucking problem now, every time they're going to "argue" he's the one who's gonna feel like shit even though it wasn't a real argument, he's the one that's going to deal with the drama

just start seeing other people. and before you say "i'm too ugly" just work out a bit, make sure you smell nice and work on your personality.

before i thought i was a loser for never having a girlfriend, but then i changed my personality over summer and instantly two people started to like me

either way, good luck
Bumping for stinkanon
Ignore the stupid nigger
Friend of mine says there are always ups and downs. Just that the happy times.,the times without arguments should be 80+% of the time and not drop below that.

If 6 days a week are good, isn't that good?
4 days a month and it is her period.

Best thing to do is not take any shit, don't react, and don't say anything you will regret.
Communicate,,and set boundaries.
it really depends on the type of arguments

like we'd get upset at something the other did once a week but an hour or two later everything would be fine

so it really depends on what type or arguments you have

like real arguments where you'd actually get upset at each other, yell, curse, etc, yea it should definatly stay below 20% of the time

but just getting upset at something once in a while that's fine, it's just how human relationships work, since humans aren't on the same page 24/7, and each of us have their own goals, beliefs and ideals
oooooo that hits home a little too hard
College changes girls man. They're suddenly pushed onto a scene with 10s even hundreds of new guys vying for her attention and a culture where all the girls push each other to be slutty and fuck loads of guys.
Cut his genitals off and gag him with them, for me, please. Make it slow for him. Might as well kill your ex wife too.
That's what I said. Killem both
Makes sense man. Thanks : )Just really needed someone to tell me to just get over it. Oh and actually idk if I'm ugly, just really plain. The only reason I don't use that as an excuse is that because I'm alright looking I've been able to actually develop a personality that I'm really proud of. So if I run a little more then yea I'm sure my confidence would be up.
I wouldn't say we were arguing, more like having little disagreements, for example she really wants to get another dog even though financially I know for a fact she can support it. Or she really plans on not going to college at all and has non plans for the future so would get upset whenever I tried helping her with that. Or whenever I'd try hanging out with friends (cause college soon so I wouldn't see them as often) she'd get really lonely. Like no name calling or anything, we only argued when there was soemthing to fix and we usually did. That's why the brake up caught me way off guard.
you're welcome, we've all been there and we'll return after we've "found the one" and figure out that it wasn't "the one", thankfully there's this thing called sluts that are more than happy to fuck around with no real feelings for each other
A gift for you guys, thought you need it. I'll stay up for another hour and then hit the sack
Was really thinking of getting an escort but I feel like that's really lame asf, not to mention honey traps scare the shit out of me
Found stuff makes you more intersting.

Do things you want to do, challenge yourself, and most importantly - do it for yourself, not anyone else and certainly not for girls.

As a side effect, you will feel more confident, and you will, without any intention to do so, find,you are attracting more females.
Stop being a faggot.
yea, it really does help

i remember i wanted to learn how to play the guitar and instantly people started getting interested in me

didn't really end up learning but it shows how just doing things that you find interesting will eventually get you somewhere
this always reminds me to message my dad to tell him I love him. Today is no exception
I didn't know women had emotions
On the scale of 1/47 chromosomes, how retarded do you think I am, that I declined an offer for a date from this 7/10 blonde, green-eyed girl I had a crush on for almost a year?
It's hard to do that when he beats you
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>be me 12 years ago
>be 14
>alone as fuck
>i switch schools
>mfw new class even worse
>but there was a jewel in the shit
>we took an instant liking to eachother
>we read the same books and like the same music
>we became best friends
>fast forward 2 years
>Elise starts getting really sick
>breast cancer they say
>one night she tells me that she loves me
>"do you love me anon"
>I lied
>i didn't love her romantically
>she died some years after that
>i still feel guilty
File: ozzzzzzy.jpg (31 KB, 548x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm 21, my cats 15 and I find it genuinely incredibly difficult to remember life before her.

She's not currently "ill" but I know it'll likely be some day soon she'll pass on and I literally have no idea what the fuck I'm going to do when she does.

I fucking love you Ozzy.

How long ago was it?

Ask her out.
Don't apoplogise or explain.

"Let's go out for dinner/coffee/milkshake"

Give her a smile,,be confident.
If she asks at you refused the first time, answer either "I guess I wasn't thinking straight that day,,was tired"
or the truth, sometimes better
"I've had a crush on you,for quite a while and you surprised me, didn't know what was coming out,of my mouth - but I'd really like to spend some time with you"
>be me, obese and growing, not attractive probably 4/10
>18, just started college
>only have one friend, a guy I met as a tot, when I moved back to the states
>almost never see him now
>have a few fleeting friends but none who really liked me, for fours years of high school
>really bad at making friends b/c I'm weird and fat, most people don't make the effort so I don't either
>bad at keeping even simple conversations going, b/c I can't muster the will to care anymore and I'm probably autistic
>Impossible to hit on girls, at best I can have a polite, brief platonic conversation
>literally no chance with women b/c I automatically assume I'm not attractive to them
>I don't really want to do anything with my life, have become content with browsing 4chan and watching anime
>have become my worst nightmare
>I might drop out and just drive somewhere interesting, work minimum wage day jobs and see what there is to see
>Cant even do that because I would feel too bad for my family who's already invested so much time and money into my college
>my parents and two younger siblings are the only people who've ever been supportive and loving, so at least I have them
>feel trapped
>feel like doing nothing
>feel like dying
I might leave, I might end my life soon, who knows
Enjoy your time with her now and appreciate her.
When she goes, do things to honour her memory.
Little things.

Tell people about her. Remember her.
You'll see her in your dreams from time to time.
That was 3 years ago.
When I found out she really liked me it was already too late.

She lives in another country now and I have a girlfriend. Still cringe every time this moment floats up into my mind.
Wow you're so edgy

Get off this site, fucking 12 year old.
> be me 15
> meet super qt3.14
> hang out at school everyday
> try to go to her house but dad hates me
> sneak over to her house and hang out in room
> kiss her and she laughs
> dad at door "anon what was that?"
> dad opens the door
> we got on the floor
> everybody do the dinosaur
fat, then eat healthily and exercise

takes a few weeks of forcing yourself to do it for it to become a good habit.

Kill yourself or exercise once a day? Which is easier.

Read about good pushups. Do them. Build them up til you can do 5 sets of 10 with a minute in between. Even if it takes 2 months to work,up to that number.

Go for walks every day, walk fast, at 85% of your max speed.

Take up new hobbies.,social hobbies.
Pick something, stick at it.
Go to a club about it.

Musical instrument, art, dancing anything.

After six months you will feel like a different person, you'll be fulfilling your potential.

Also, being social, taking,,convesations, take practice.

Platonic relationships with girls is fine, it is practice for being social.
Add in a bit of flirting and see how one responds.
If she doesn't like it, stop and try another girl you like. If she likes it, try some more.
Touch her arm or her upper back. Any physical,contact, escalate with time.
Let it go.
Just don't make the mistake again.

If it still bothers you, send a message - "you know, I had a crush on you at the time, I guess I was pretty dumb back then. hope everything is going well for you, take care"
Well the fun thing is that it hasn't happened once, but twice, just with my current girlfriend.
Alternatively, you could easily lose 5-10 pounds of ugly fat by cutting your head off.
Minor arguments aren't a problem. As long as it isn't over everything,,and that you commmunicate afterwards.

Don't know why she ended it, ask her, ask her to be honest.
If she repeats,the same stuff,,or if she made it clear in the first place, leave it behind you.

From what others have said on,here, they usually,meet someone more suitable later on.
Lately I've been talking with this really cool chick. She seems to really get me, and she actually wants to be around me, even when I have my crippling anxiety and depression flare up. She literally meets and exceeds all of my standards, guys... I might finally be able to get a girlfriend, after years of being single. the only problem? She has a boyfriend. They've been going out for 2 months and he's already cheated on her once and he's going into the military soon. :( I want to try to make some sort of move, but I don't want to ruin what could possibly be a good friendship, and quite possibly more if things go as I think they will. What do?
It might be a self confidence thing.
As you build character you will believe in yourself more.
I'll also dump some images while I'm here, just for you guys.
pretty sure someone in a tin tin book,says something,like that
File: feels23.jpg (38 KB, 640x780) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This + really bad at reading signals from people in general.
File: image(1).png (133 KB, 768x455) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shit I'll make a new thread
Well, depression and anxiety can be cured by you.
Not by having a girlfriend.

So,,work on those things yourself.
I wrote a post earlier,in this thread, search for 'depression'.

As for her.,She has a boyfriend. He isn't decent to her.

Tell her you like her, make it clear.
Then it is up to her if she wants to leave her boyfriend.
DO NOT be her advisor, or shoulder to cry on. and don't listen to her complain about her boyfriend.

That is friendzone material.

Because you like her, and want her as a girlfriend. if she rejects your affection and stays with him - make distance between you and her.,and perhaps stop hanging out with her at all.

Otherwise you will just feel frustrated about being in the friendzone, while she is content having a beta backup
New thread, get in here boys >>701982394
his daughter's dead you fucking spoon
if i reply you with this post you are gonna get kidnappes by congolese head hunters and your head will be shrinked and turned into a creative buttplug
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