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What are your criteria for a gf?
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What are your criteria for a gf?

Not your ideal woman, but the minimum criteria a girl has to meet in order for you to want to date her. Deal breakers/red flags also welcome.

for me:
>must be at least 6/10
>not too fat or too skinny
>pretty face, nice body (I can live with it if she only has one of these)
>any race (except gypsy or aboriginal) is fine as long as she ticks the above boxes
>not into any retarded political movements (left or right wing)
>not too religious (apatheist is ideal but any kind of "live and let live" attitude is fine)
>won't sponge off me completely
>able to hold an interesting conversation and at least acknowledge differing points of view without pitching a fit
>has some kind of hobbies or interests of her own rather than just shit like work, school, netflix and clubbing (for example)
>not an opinionated bitch

This might sound pretty general but you'd be surprised how hard it can be to find a decent looking girl who fulfils all of these (especially the last few).
> at least 5/10
> not fat
> must be into anal, passive and active

if I could fuck her with zero efford and it would be clear no one would ever know, I would do even a fat 1/10; anal play is mandatory
Implying any of you fat fucking virgins have any place to have standards of women. You'd take whatever you could get and you know it.
nice try shitlord
no sluts allowed, will only make problems
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2d gf must put out.
I don't really get why so many guys seem to be into anal so much but whatever floats your boat
I've had three girlfriends lol. My list came from personal experience after dealing with a butterface (and learning how cash that can be), a crazy vegan and an SJW in that order.
I figured that was a given. I mean nobody wants a slut for a gf unless they're naive as fuck or they don't want it to last
she's qt tbh but I hate those earrings
> why so many guys seem to be into anal

I cannot speak for the rest, but I like to fuck it and stimulate her vago, that's just awsom to see and feel her cuming (muuuu dick)

on the other hand I like to have a vibro in my butt stimulating my prostate while she is sucking me

Other men will have other ideas how to use their butt and the butt of their wife.

I am not into BDSM, btw
So do you have one? lol

>not muslim
>strong 8/10
>below 5'7
>relaxed in bed and irl

They have to have a face that I can love. White. No cringey shit. Less than 300 pounds. They can't be intolerant of memes including racism. And I don't want them to hurt me.
300? Wtf man youd date a 250 pounder?
300? Wtf man youd date a 250 pounder?

Just realised yo post is bait
Why not?
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>preferably slim, but chubby also okay
>not a feminist
>a genuine gamer
>watches anime and Korean dramas/movies
>knows a language other than English
>isn't a religious zealot, but isn't anti-religious either
>not black
>okay with cuddling
>not afraid of eating unfamiliar foods
>is okay with me working out regularly
>informed, but not a political radical
>wears black as often as possible
>usually has a Bob-cut
>only dyes hair darker colors...NO RED
>doesn't require a lot of money to be spent on her to be kept entertained
>reads comics
>watches Star Trek
>glasses and/or braces
>preferably Asian
But, alas, such a woman is rare.
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This is why
That all seems fair enough to me. I just have no interest in myself or my partner's ass whatsoever lol
Not at the moment but I'm going back to uni soon so fingers crossed
I for one fuck fat girls occasionally but I have yet to meet one pretty or intelligent enough to be gf material tbh
I can still fall in love with it
<p> You </p>

You want a perfect girl, but you're just a ugly virgin. isn't it?
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Someone's never fucked a virgin.

I'd be ashamed to walk with her outside.
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I just want a girlfriend.

>28 y/o virgin.
>she needs to be smart, no emotional intelligence or street smarts but well above the mean on mathematical-logical intelligence scale.
preferably smarter than the smart half of the population.

>also she needs to be rational. meaning she would have to be able to do the right thing if shes given a logical reason why it should be that way and not her way. i would never settle for one of these stupid girls who buy the acceptance fad thats cancering our world today.
ie: feminists, polygenderism, or people that care more about emotions than logical arguments. its not about being an emotionless machine but the ability to override your emotions and animal impulses when the situation calls for it.

all other qualities are extras, but it would be nice if she had a proportionate body and was also tall, and a good pair of legs, and naturally strong
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>current year
>not wanting a loyal qt3.14 goth gf
lol everyone's going to agree with you just because you got trips.
but I'll say my piece anyway. I did say that was supposed to be "minimum criteria" but I guess I got carried away. the girls I've dated were decent looking but way too much stupid opinions/getting worked up over stupid shit for my liking
I'm kinda learning this as i go along
>preferably white, young and blonde
>doesn't do drugs, is clean, or at minimum just smokes weed and drinks
>Likes to go out and do fun crazy shit, but doesn't require constant daily stimulation, ie bar club ect
>likes outdoors and traveling and can at least put up with me playing vidja
>there are some other preferences, some i may not even know, but the most important is trust
>ive fallen for girls who end up breaking my trust or hook up with girls who want to date but are complete lying sluts
>as long as the is a little bit of a connection and a few of those things I'm happy as long as there is mutual trust and respect
>no goals or ambitions
>no friends
>no interests
>zero interest in other people other than me
>doesn't mind playing videogames together
>would like nothing more than to go to sleep and not wake up
>is more than ok with me being the same way
>5/10 girl or 8/10 non-manly young guy

A pussy
this guy gets it. that whole list basically works for me too
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My 2 cents, or maybe a little more.

>>at least 6/10
>>mine is slim/petite
>>face is nice, body is okay, titties quite small, but I'd prefer that and have all the rest than have a girl with nice tits and shitty character
>>is white
>>not into politics much, hates same parties as I hate, which is nice
>>is religious, but has "live and let live" attitude
>>won't sponge off me completely - absolutely not
>>able to hold an interesting conversation and at least acknowledge differing points of view without pitching a fit - check
>>has some kind of hobbies or interests of her own rather than just shit like work, school, netflix and clubbing (for example) - check, we have some in common, which also is nice
>>not an opinionated bitch - absolutely not

Before my current GF, wife-to-be, I had a girl with absolutely stunning body that was completely shit when it comes to the character. When it was okay, it was okay, but sometimes it was so shitty, I felt like something was killing me inside. Mostly the "cannot hold an interesting convo" part + quite close to a feminazi in some cases, which was fucking repulsive.

My advice would be - find a girl "the old way", through friends, acquaintances, etc. New, 21st century methods (book faces, dating sites) are shit. If she's looking okay, take your time to get to know her better. If I didn't wait enough and said "fuck that" on my current woman, I'd still search for my very-close-to-ideal 2nd half and I suspect I'd fail miserably.

If you're into MBTI, I'm ENTP, while she's ISFJ (inb4 isfj is shit - screw ya). And looking at that from a certain perspective, we are totally opposite to each other, yet we suit ourselves nearly perfect.
you being this big of a fag
this relationship sounds like it'd end with one of you killing yourselves, and the other one killing him/herself over it
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>Born and raised in a western country
>at least as smart as I am, hopefully smarter
>Not politically extreme in either direction
>Not superficial, but still aware that aesthetics are a thing
>ideally blonde or redhead, but not required
>Height above 5'2 and below 6'
>Has to have beautiful eyes and a decent rack, I can compromise on hips and ass, but I need the eyes and breasts.
>Not a 3rd wave feminist
>interested in at least three of the following six items (fitness, comic books, video gaming, reading for fun, history, science)
>Ideal appearance is pic related or so, though by no means mandatory

I know, kind of picky. As I'm sure you can imagine I haven't had many girlfriends. Plenty of quick flings, but only three real girlfriends in my life.
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6-7/10 for fwb 8-9/10 for gf
not fat. skinny/petite or tall/fit
I can't stand lazy women. Clean something, go for a run etc. Be active.
Not feminist, moderately submissive to completely submissive. Open to bdsm
Bonus points for girls that like other girls
At least post a goth girl that is decent
How have you not gotten a prostitute yeat
>not black
Isn't that kind of redundant?
>ITT: fags with standards higher than snoop dogg
>is more than ok with me being the same way

we'd understand each other very well
>atleast 5/10
>not too fat
>decent face
>any race (Rolling with you op, not gypsy or aboriginal)
>any religion
>is not too clingy
She liked a comment I made on FB months ago...

dressed in black != being 'black'
Sounds boring.
No, I meant isn't adding the two requirements
>not black
redundant, because I'm pretty sure black goths are about as common as scottish koreans.

>don't be me
>live in a 3rd world country
>all girls are too overrated and ugly
>most of girls are married in my area

I want a girlfriend, not a ugly gold digger, anon.
>I know, kind of picky. As I'm sure you can imagine I haven't had many girlfriends. Plenty of quick flings, but only three real girlfriends in my life.
Exactly the same here.

I've noticed a few guys commenting on intelligence here and realised I left that out.

For me I guess intelligence ties in with being able to hold a conversation, but it isn't crucial that she be a genius as long as she's genuinely a good person.
>>any race (Rolling with you op, not gypsy or aboriginal)
I'm curious if anyone here actually likes gypsies or abos. I sincerely doubt it lol
>all of these freckled beauties

Lord's work, Anon.
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I saw ONE black goth a few weeks ago at a Korean supermarket I frequent. Didn't bother talking to her though; not into black women period. Shame too; she had the bob-cut and everything.
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So you like freckles, huh?
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>im in love
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evil doggers.jpg
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Yes, she is great.
In looks:
>slightly more attractive than me (not difficult)

>at least somewhat smaller than me (I weigh 150kg, again not difficult)

>any colour (tho bonus points for darker skin)

In interests:
>must be at least open minded to metal music like Protest the Hero, Car Bomb, BtBaM (this is the hugest deal breaker for me. I don't like it when someone ignores musicianship of a band solely on account of the scawwy scream man)

>adventerous with trying new foods (can't stand it when someone claims they don't like something they've never tried)

>travelling, especially internationally

>religion doesn't necessarily matter so long as she can agree to a mutual nonproselytising agreement (I am apatheist, but I won't hold it against someone who believes)

>enough intellect and outspokenness to discuss ideals together

>independence (I have things I do in my own and sometimes I want to be alone. I don't need a clinger)

Of course none of this is gonna happen cos I don't really do social well. Oops.
>current year
>still believing the hymen is a sign of virginity

What are you, Chinese?
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>likes metal where the "singer" screams; can't stand people who don't
>doesn't do very well socially
colour me surprised
Comedian Jim Jeffries put it best.

So many guys are in to anal for this reason:

We know women fucking hate it
Tell my I have way too high standards for a beta fuck like myself but here are my criteria for a bare minimum
>decent face
>pretty smile
>atleast something where her tits should be, not completely flat chested
>not completely black (although I am aroused with a darker coloured skin I dislike black skin for some reason, my dick litteraly cannot harden when I watch a black woman getting pounded)
>not a religious fanatic (I like to disasemble every topic that I speak, if she's religious she's bound to have a bad time)
>a decent listener that will listen to me through whole story but also engage into a proper conversation
>decent inteligence
>not a party animal

Basicly, a cute girl that is not a slut

But then again being beta af in the end I'll most likely be happy with fucking a dude, not even a girl but a dude

i'm not that anon but, that's racist
>For me I guess intelligence ties in with being able to hold a conversation, but it isn't crucial that she be a genius as long as she's genuinely a good person.
Kind of this for me too. Ideally speaking I'd like a girl that can keep up with me, but I also realize it's unlikely. Every year that goes by on my way to my degree I see more and more women dropping out of our courses (studying organic chemistry). When we first started those intro classes three years ago, it was like 1/3 women 2/3rds men. Now, there's like 4 women left, total. Don't get me wrong, a lot of guys dropped out too, but in terms of ratio...

I just want a girl who's smart enough to be curious. If I had a dime for every girl who asked about what I study then immediately changed the subject after saying, "Oh really, studying chemistry, that's so cool, I love science, tell me about it!" The moment you get into the details they request, they decide it's boring.

Just once I'd like to date a girl smarter than me, or at least smart enough to care about my work, even if she doesn't understand it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't expect them to find glycolysis or electron diffusion or whatever interesting, I'm just saying it would be nice to NOT have a girlfriend who gets bored by 90% of the things I know.
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Minimum Criteria:
>must be at least 6/10
>must not be chubby or heavier
>in order of importance: face, ass, tits, legs, hips
>any race, as long as she's at least a 6 by my standards
>must speak English, obviously
This warrants at least one date.

>serious feminist
>preachy atheist
>strongly religious
>history of cheating
>loves to start drama (all women enjoy it, but some need be involved or at the center of shit to feel like their lives are interesting)
>refuses to compromise
>wants you to conform to her family's expectations
>hates your family
>loves flirting with other men
>loves talking shit
>maintains contact with her exes or her first, even infrequently
>claims to have been raped/molested/assaulted but not even attempted to prosecute the rapist
>expects and demands attention
>complains regularly about how you spend your free time
>does nothing to stay in shape, expects her metabolism to last
>expects you to take her out regularly
>expects you to buy her gifts "just because"
>doesn't know how to cook even basic shit/refuses to learn or cook for you
>has shit taste in music and plays it loudly
>wants to move in after 4-5 weeks
>gets jealous irrationally easily
>breaks any of your shit intentionally
>attempts, even laughably, to seriously harm you
>lies about you even semi-regularly
>overly affectionate with her pets, especially small dogs
>LOVES to party
>history of recreational drug use
>high partner count/beef curtains
>any STD
Really, the list could just go on and on. Obviously I doubt any of us would seriously attempt to have a relationship with a terrorist or a registered sex-offender, but we don't list those. You get the idea, I'm sure.
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>dem fatty organs
>at least a 5/10
>knows how to cook a bit
>has her own job
>has had very few sexual partners
>not a crazy sjw or a liberal
>not insane (but all women are fucking bananas to an extent)
Yeah, what's wrong with Chinese?
Being a beta fuck that I am I am pretty certain I would fuck a terrorist, even if it's just a guy I'd fuck him in the ass

But then again, I'm beta, meaning if terrorist isn't omega I'm the one bound to be pounded
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>not being desperately thirsty makes you a fag
Basically, just be chill and not unreasonable about shit. Be able and willing to talk about shit and work through issues rather than get emotional and run away or clam up.

Should have some shit in common, at very least can't be a boring butch with no hobbies.

Doesn't have to be super hot, but must be at least somewhat attractive. Needs to be open minded about sex and enjoys doing it often. My last ex had anxiety issues with sex, almost never wanted it, and was very limited in what she'd do. We got along super well and I loved her a ton, but the sex issues were awful and ultimately killed our relationship.

I'm an old fuck now, I've been with tons of young, hot girls, I don't need that anymore. I just need someone I can get along with.

It's surprisingly difficult to find.
i bet ten bucks i wont die
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hello fellow /b/ rothers and dog lovers supoort our animal shelter here

anything helps
>likes to party
>doesn't share your taste in music
>loves talking shit
(if you mean talking shit to you, then I get it)
>Won't cook for you
Nigga what? Not saying you're crazy or autistic or anything, but those ones seem kinda petty for dealbreakers.

Then there's
>expects and demands attention
Dude, everyone in a relationship expects attention, you want a girl that ignores you? Would you want a girl that's actually okay with being ignored BY you for long periods of time?
>not too skinny
>blue or green eyes
>pretty face and nice bod
>must be virgin
>asian, thai, caucasion as long not a indian or a black
>must be well spoken, polite and shy
>must sign contract
>at least 6.5/10
>non religious
>good work ethic

That's it.
File: 1460227532424.gif (2 MB, 400x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x256
You have a lot of great reasons in your deal breaker. You know your shit bro
>be 2016
>not a stupid basic bitch
>intelligent, not like MIT but shouldn't be an airhead
>not conservative
I think that's about it actually
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>She liked a comment I made on FB months ago...
- 7/10 would be the minimun
-not taller than 5´´7
-needs to be white, but latina color is ok tho
-hair (redhead or brunette)
-nice face and nice body
- ass>boobs
manlet detected
>Be able and willing to talk about shit and work through issues rather than get emotional and run away or clam up
I've only ever been with ONE woman who could do that, and she was ten years older than me.

That's a rarity, and almost unheard of with women younger than 30.

I was actually reading something about the psychological bias the genders have for how they deal with problems earlier. Something along the lines of women prefer to deal with the symptom, ie, indulge in whatever comfort she pleases, to get rid of the sadness caused by a problem, whereas men tend to ignore the sadness caused, and address the problem directly.

I guess you could say women medicate the symptom, men try to cure the cause.
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Yeah, so naturally, I had to 'scan' her profile and see what she's about.
Well it's hard for me to explain it well.

I see screaming in metal music as more of a percussive instrument than a vocal one. There are ways that it can be done very well and I think some bands are getting closer to it, like Protest the Hero and A Lot Like Birds.

I dunno man, I just have this autistic like interest in analysing music. So much so, that I realise no one could be in this retarded of a level with it. It would just be nice to have someone to excited tell about the music structure that I enjoy in those songs.

I'm damn near 30 and all I've learned it that is apparently too much to ask for. Eh.
God thats one ugly bitch
Don't you mean lacist?

I mean, herro anon, why you so dumb
Besides they don't know anything about a hymen? Nothing really.
File: Lina.jpg (206 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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your criterias says more about you than the girl. Faggot. Do you have any other interests than rotting in your dark room in front of your computer
I'm 33, so women my age do tend to be a little more reasonable.

It is still quite rare, though.
h o l y s h i t
File: 1468032270450.gif (2 MB, 245x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 245x250
You have bad taste, is all.

Sure. Working out, studying languages, studying coding, and so on. And my room is only dark because I have a black flag in the window.

Nope, i can say L's and R's
Anon, let's be fair, he added
>Okay with me working out regularly
, because clearly, NOT being okay with that is a totally common thing that he would NEED to specify about. He clearly works out all the time, he wasn't just looking for an excuse to add that into the list to counteract his weeb interests

>star trek
>being alone
>mah waifu
File: 1457154799919.gif (651 KB, 298x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This man owns at least 3 fedoras, guaranteed.
I'm in my early 20s but all the metal girls I see on fb (friends of metalhead friends commenting on their shit etc) are all basically trainwrecks, single mothers and so on.

You *might* find a girl who's interested in music analysis (maybe she studied music in college) but for a girl like that to be particularly into (or even like) metal is basically impossible.
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I only want one specific girl. Have loved her for so many years without results. If i cant get her ill just become a wizard voluntarily.
File: hat.jpg (5 KB, 300x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 300x229
I prefer baseball-style caps and snapbacks.
Eh... I'm not the anon who complained, but have you ever seen her out of her makeup?

Suzy is kind of Schrodinger's woman. When her face is still, it looks pretty good, especially with a lot of makeup, going as high as a 7, I'd say, but her mannerisms and facial movements emphasize her chin and widen her face, showing off her chub, and when he eyes move it becomes more obvious just HOW MUCH makeup she has on her eyes. When they're still, it blends in, but when she moves, her camouflage is broken.

I could fap to a picture of her ass or her still unmoving face, but not movement or her saggy tits.
File: 1457301813059.jpg (40 KB, 800x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 800x377
Yes, I have. I'd still do it.
No I just don't have autism and obsess over a semi famous sloth from the goonies tier woman.
She's wearing a lot of makeup in both of those pictures.
I had my college years in mind when I wrote "LOVES to party" as a dealbreaker. Sloppy party chicks are...usually not relationship material. And not sharing my taste in music is fine--but if she blasts it loud whenever we're in the car or she and I are spending time together, or she has her phone with her while we're out, it'll get annoying pretty fast.

By "talking shit" I mean about anyone with any sense of regularity. Kind of ties in with the "starts drama" thing. What I'm trying to avoid is her "getting back" at me whenever I piss her off by shotgunning whatever she thinks I'll be embarrassed about her sharing with other people all over whatever social media she has. If she doesn't know how to cook and refuses to learn, you can expect her figure to suffer. If she doesn't know how to cook or refuses to, but still expects you to cook for her or take out regularly, she's not only going to gain weight but fuck your wallet. Not to mention it's just a valuable life skill to have, genius.

>expects and DEMANDS attention
By this, I mean getting bitchy or throwing fits whenever you don't make her your priority. I guess I shouldn't made that more clear--I hate being forced or obligated to do anything, even if it was something I was going to do anyway. People who know me know it's just a matter of honey vs vinegar, but I've happily burned bridges in the past because someone tried to exert some sense of authority over me that I didn't think I owed them.

Obviously a relationship needs to have time, care, and work put into it to stay healthy.

>has a pussy
>Moderately Attractive (5/10 or so)
>Normalish Height
>Not overly Chubby or Thin.
>Not Overly Right wing.
>Not Religious
>Some shared Hobbies.

>Short Hair, Red
>Tattoos and Piercings are nice
>Medium to Smaller tits
>Decent Ass.
>Kinda Tomboyish
>Above Avg Height
>Has head on shoulders
Be interesting to talk to. Still looking.

huge tits.
don't talk too much
I can spot a failing relationship while it's still in the honeymoon phase, man. Most of these are just common red flags, not shit I've personally experienced.
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Screenshot (39).png
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Fraid not anon.
File: sad.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my ex...
File: suzy thighs.webm (133 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
suzy thighs.webm
133 KB, 1920x1080

Yeah, but still.

No, but that is something I'd do.
In 12 years I'll come too
Then we can be wizards together anon
Your list match my GF. Funny that, never gave it much thought. I had stopped trying, and she popped up out of nowhere.
I have had three different jobs in the 14 years we've been together, she's had two. The break she had between jobs were way shorter than mine.
On average, I have made more money, mainly because her present job is only 30 hours, but then again, I'm a slob around the house, so it pretty much evens out.
Only beef I have is the shit she watches on teevee.
Oh yeah, and we've fought twice.
Oh I know. I studied music too hence the unhealthy obsession.

I don't necessarily mind a trainwreck metalhead cos I'm not exactly put together either.
>she's had five abortions and talks to the guy who was her first, who she was in a five-year relationship with before she cheated on him in college
Good legs and hips doesn't fix her face
>Conservative or further right
>Few/no previous sexual partners
>Not fat
Have not found a single grill like this yet
so literally nothing but looks and similiar hobbies eh?
get ready to be cucked faggot obviously you just want to get laid
And you won't, you neckbeard alt-right fuck.
File: 1457499281305.jpg (96 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 640x640
Have you tried my neck of the woods in Idaho? That's a vast majority of the women here. Though I will warn you a good slice of that is Mormon.
holy fuck, someone actually reenacted that irl. my sides
OP here, believe it or not my first gf actually looked a bit like suzy. insofar as she was a butterface with a really nice body but fucked up teeth.
she didn't have the same fat face or foetal alcohol syndrome-tier eyes as suzy though. and she hardly wore any makeup, unlike suzy who has to be fucking caked to look halfway decent
Erry bitch gets turnd down, I'm angelic
Most of that makes sense man, but the talkin shit part, you may be off on that part.

Having a girl who talks shit to other people, but knows how to make it REAL shit talking and not just being bitchy, can be fun, Dated a girl for a couple months that used to shit talk my friends, random people on the street, politicians, pretty much anyone! I thought it was weird for a while till I realized she was just talking like a guy.

Hearing your girl tell a homeless guy to go fuck himself when he asks for a cig, is great and all, but the best part is actually having a girl who can sit around and talk shit with the guys.

Ever noticed how a lot of the time when your mate's girlfriend walks in suddenly he'll drop out of the conversation because he doesn't want her to hear him call hillary clinton a cunt or whatever? My girl would be the first one to step up and call her a cunt.
>using angles, filters, and a shitton of makeup
>still 6/10

I could easily list out more, but I can't be bothered
File: doit.jpg (9 KB, 262x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 262x192
>No, but that is something I'd do.
File: 1456546263830.webm (131 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 1280x720

I wish she'd do color or white on that highlight. Having a urine colored skunk stripe takes away some of the appeal, just my opinion.
If he was so into training and workout out, why doesnt he priorite a fit girl then, with such an interest
>not fat
>pretty face
>no previous marriage and taken no more than a few dicks
>would be good mom
I don't know.
File: 1456545103153.webm (250 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
250 KB, 1280x720
I actually did used to self-cut.

File: kek.jpg (37 KB, 600x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 600x528
>Having a urine colored skunk stripe takes away some of the appeal
File: charlie-day.jpg (45 KB, 245x348) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 245x348
The dealbreaker should be that you're dating a chick and still on the lookout for dealbreakers.

Whether or not just doesn't cook or has taken one too many cocks before you, the fact that something like that will be enough to put you off should be enough indication that you're not that into her.
File: 1471365182331.jpg (120 KB, 607x835) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 607x835
File: Nice try.jpg (11 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nice try.jpg
11 KB, 300x300
Rude? No, it's just my opinion, I didn't even say it in a harsh way.
A dick.
If you're trying to get a girl to fill a checklist then you're gonna be alone forever
That part doesn't really bother me. I'm pretty fit, especially when it comes to running, but I don't really prioritize fitness in a girl. I want a girl who's soft and smooth, not rough and hard. Maybe a cardio or Pilates bunny, but not a serious fit girl.
Oh, you mean talking shit like a *dude*. I mean a girl who legitimately expresses spite or contempt about people behind their back.

No, talking shit in that sense is fine. I meant it in the sense of that old joke: "Men socialize by insulting one another, but don't mean it. Women socialize by complimenting one another, but don't mean it."
>a genuinely nice person
>not a stupid materialist
>atleast a 5
> must wax
> must be into anal and facials
> must not tell my wife

seriously, any size/race/age/whatever that meets those three things is in.
5'9 tall at least
not fat
not black or Muhammadan
at least average looks
not a feminist
That's not true at all...

I don't use a literal checklist, but keeping some criteria in mind is useful for deciding whether it'll just be a quick fling or a long term thing.
I actually broke up with her because I was young and stupid and I didn't know I had a good thing going until it was too late. But I don't really miss her that much, my last ex was better in pretty much every way.
So basically you want a girl who keeps her mouth shut and is pretty.

Good luck OP
File: pic (1).jpg (26 KB, 500x714) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pic (1).jpg
26 KB, 500x714
>want my cock
>not too fat, skinny ok
>i like white women
>same as OP really
>loyal lol this last one
File: 1456545429053.webm (789 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
789 KB, 1280x720
I've been single since 2005. My ex is now married with two kids.
They hymen isn't a "seal", it's around the vaginal cavity.
Actually, it depends on the relationship you're looking to have. If you're just dating to pass the time and get laid regularly, then no, dealbreakers aren't actually that important. If you're even slightly serious, though, you have to be careful--marriage is a big fucking deal with very, very serious risks if it doesn't work out. Vet carefully.

And how many cocks is too many in your book? Most guys are okay with 1-10, so how about 11-20? 21-30? 31-40? What if the chick you're dating has had the cocks of over 100 different men inside her, she's in her early twenties, and she's never worked in the sex industry?
Yeah fair enough.

Contrary to what they teach you in school, men and women really are different, and I see more and more of that as I get older. A few years ago when I first started working towards my degree, I fully bought into that third wave feminism shit
(bit of a tangent here, but no joke, day two of one of my lit classes, the woman teaching it made every person in the class say they were a feminist. We were talking about rights or some shit and she breaks off and says, oh and we're all feminists, right, we all believe in equal rights between the sexes, right? Then she got pissed off at this guy who kept saying no, he's not a feminist, he's an egalitarian, which is the same fucking thing, but without the man hating)

Anyway, tangent aside, after three extra years of dating experience, I'm really starting to see that men and women are fundamentally different in mentality and behavior.
Enjoy your degenerate roastbeef landwhales stealing half your net worth and leaving you for Tyrone, cunt
Or alternately, Eugenia Cooney under any circumstances. I am in love with her.
File: DemAbs.png (651 KB, 731x742) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
651 KB, 731x742
Ooh, a ten year dry spell. Least the hookers in your area make a killing right? Or if you're smart, you've got an escort on retainer.

>at least 6/10
>Not too fat. I'm okay with a bit extra.
>Has to be good in the face. Body I'm more lax on.
>Large eyes. I love larger eyes.
>most races, though I'd prefer pale skin, OR darker skin like half black/Indian skin colour. Not into black women most of the time.
>Can't be a feminist/SJW
>Can't be a SUPER religious person. I'd be okay if they were, but I prefer someone who I can talk science with and what not.
>Someone who can take a complement. I HATE when girls act shy and junk. It's nice to see a woman who knows she's attractive and isn't afraid to say it.
> To still be semi Modest.
> Doesn't Smoke.
> Can't be too prudish.
>Can't be tooo freaky in bed.

Anything else is a MEH for me.
Why in shitml ?
Sounds like you want to fuck my sister.
>Whiter than sour cream
>Rich from a rich family
>saving herself for marriage
>surprisingly, genuinely attractive
Tfw Europoor and doomed to pick either shitskin or degenerate
>must share one of my interests(Computers, gaming, cars, etc.)
>not annoying(overly talks and shit)
>not really into skinny skinny girls, but no fat fat girls.
>qt3.14 face + personality
You'll become a wizard either way faggot.
File: 1456545833237.webm (255 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255 KB, 1280x720
They were in the foreign country I lived in during my early-20s. I wouldn't touch the hookers around here with a stick...I wouldn't even fuck them with my WORST ENEMY'S dick. Not to mention they charge like $200 for half an hour.

prompt("Why in shitml ?");

var response=(true)
while(true) {
print("Because it's fun.");
If you're stuck in europe, look for a russian girl.

White, statistically likely to have large breasts and be socially and politically conservative, comes from a country with traditional ideas on marriage relationships.
>at least 6/10
>not fat
>must be at least mostly white or east asian
>Not an idiot
>politically, I'm fine with anywhere between slightly liberal, and extremely conservative.
>For religion, they should be agnostic or christian.
>Must not be a modern feminist
>Must be shorter than me or same height
>Must not do drugs
>Must be +/- 3 years of age as me
>Must be a genetic female, none of that more than 2 genders bullshit.
File: nice.jpg (44 KB, 500x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 500x334
>be crackhead
>likes me
needs to be at least 8/10 even though I'm like 3/10

needs to have good job to pay for my shit

needs to enjoy anal sex

needs to put up with my weird shit even though I won't have an open mind about her shit

needs to agree with me always
> If you're just dating to pass the time and get laid regularly, then no, dealbreakers aren't actually that important.

This is the opposite of my point.

Dealbreakers only matter to me for casual relationships to avoid hassle. If I'm actually thinking about spending my life with someone, they must be pretty goddamn special so I'm not going to suddenly throw in the towel at the first red flag.

>And how many cocks is too many in your book?

I was just using that as a random example, I don't actually care as long as she doesn't have any STDs. We'd probably swing once in a while anyway so the number is only going to go up. As long as she's equally cool with the number of holes I've penetrated we're going to get along fine.
Anybody whose beliefs require hate, suspension of disbelief, or ignoring hard evidence to continue to function are not going to be good people. Sure, there are muslims who don't actually want to stone gays to death, but they're not strongly religious. To them, islam is more of a cultural thing than a path to eternal salvation.

Modern feminism requires all three of those things to work. It's all horse shit. I was lucky enough in college to have a professor in Lit Theory who expressed naked contempt for feminism on our third day when one of the students tried to analyze the reading from a feminist perspective. I wish I'd taken notes on all the shit she said.

Men and women are legitimately different, though, and for men it's usually much easier to find and then hold onto happiness. That's something women can't seem to forgive us for.

Not an American
Not a smoker

That is all
File: gimme.jpg (323 KB, 684x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
323 KB, 684x640
I've been single for a year and my ex moved to fucking Oxford for uni. But I met a nice Bulgarian girl online and she's moving to my city in a few weeks so I've got that going for me. Failing that, I'm starting in uni next month so I'll probably meet a few girls there (inb4 underage; had to repeat the last year of HS to get into uni because I was a junkie retard in school)
File: LiterallyTheBest.jpg (216 KB, 910x1365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216 KB, 910x1365
Get a good escort then. I've got a few 500$ girls I trust. Do reputable business, regular medical exams, condoms mandatory. A couple of them are bloody socialites, fucking courtesans for the modern world.

Most of them are models who realized they can make 2 grand a night to be on some rich bastard's arm at a social event and give him a handjob in the caravan on the way back.

Real high class girls for the most part, but that type usually only works through referral, so you're fucked if you don't have friends in the right places or a lot of cash to toss around.
Waifu Southern to a T
File: cool.jpg (77 KB, 277x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 277x390
Eh... Anal's not easy to enjoy... I know ONE girl who enjoys it.

She litterally had a dude fuck her asshole WHEN A FRIEND WAS SLEEPING IN THE BED NEXT TO HER.

Holy shit why!?
have fun being alone lol
File: qt emo gf.jpg (127 KB, 541x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
qt emo gf.jpg
127 KB, 541x960
College women are the worst, trust me.

Eh, I'm not really into sex as much barely interests me. That's why I initially said the ideal gf should be OK with simply cuddling; I've had plenty of sex, but I've never been 'held.'
File: lolz!!!!.jpg (55 KB, 700x507) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 700x507
she has to have a feminine penis
I only like dead ones.
File: buzz.png (1 MB, 1066x1064) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1066x1064
Man, I fuckin loved the dean of the college I went to for my first two years of school. That guy took ZERO shit from the feminists and race baiters. It wasn't as bad back then as it was now, but this was only in like 2012-2013, so it was still very much a thing.

This one time there was this big modern feminist rally thing that got the campus all crowded up, and right in the middle of this one lady's speeches about patriarchy, the dean walks up, takes the megaphone from her, tells everyone there that they can clear off the campus, or they'll be dispelled, fired, or whatever else he can level against them.

This chick says he's surpressing her rights, he says she can deal with it, because this is a private institution and it's his job to make sure the students and faculty can do their work in peace, and if they wanted to rally, they could do it off campus grounds. He then literally drops the mic, and walks off, presumably with his nuts dragging on the ground from his massive pair.
This dude knows his shit.
>Sure, there are muslims who don't actually want to stone gays to death, but they're not strongly religious. To them, islam is more of a cultural thing than a path to eternal salvation.
My best friend is a muslim and he's like this.
>expressed naked contempt for feminism
And my sister sounds like your professor lol. Having a gf isn't paramount to me because I've got people like this in my life
Opposites attract, anon. Also I'd agree about finding a girl "the old way" - but funny enough I wouldn't have my current GF without tinder; found a girl, dated for a bit and it didn't work out, we ended up as friends and she hooked me up with her friend who I've been with for 9 months now.
>This is the opposite of my point.
Fair enough, but they still apply in the major sense: that your long-term happiness and HER long-term happiness are less predictable than most people seem to realize. Something that bothers you a little bit while you're dating might become a contentious issue if she refuses to budge on it, ever, or if it escalates once she's sure you're in for the long haul.

>We'd probably swing once in a while anyway
Ah, I didn't realize you were a cuck. My bad.
On a (slightly) less sarcastic note, there's something called pair bonding that has observable and recorded psychological consequences. Men and women bond differently. Since almost all of our subjective experience is recorded by electrochemical signals and hormones, we have less say in the matter than you might think. A woman who's comfortable with casual sex (and practices it) has a diminished ability to pair bond. Her brain stops responding to the scent, sound, and pheromones (yes, we have those) of a new partner with the same verve of a woman who hasn't had a few trains run on her.

But in the end, we're discussing this on the fucking internet. It's your call.
I live in Ireland. Lots of girls come from the countryside to Dublin for uni. Rural Irish girls generally have a good attitude in life in my experience (my last ex was one). Sort of banking on finding a girl like her rather than some bluepilled college party slut. I'm also going to study law so intelligence shouldn't be too much of a problem
File: FinallySauced.jpg (184 KB, 1067x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184 KB, 1067x1600
Eh, that kind of high price escort/courtesan type isn't really all about sex. Last time I was with one, about three months ago, I paid 400$ for a night at her place (discounted, as she's a friend), and we only actually spent like an hour on sex, tops, of the twelve hours I was there.

Most of the enjoyment comes from having a beautiful, classy, intelligent woman to talk and hang out with. She cooked, she gave fantastic massages, and we must have spent at least four hours cuddling on the couch watching movies.
>Logical rather than emotional atleast more logic over emotion.
>Okay with drugs i.e not a anti-drug fanatic.
>Aren't expecting me to treat her like a princess at all times.
>Enough self-esteem to not be over the top jealous.
File: whytho.gif (3 MB, 150x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 150x150
>muslim not being devout
Clearly anon, you need to check your privilege. You're part of the patriarchy, and you need to educate yourself shitlord. Your opinions have no intellectual merit until they align exactly with that of all feminists, despite any contradictions that may result from that.
File: 1457506093179.jpg (84 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 480x640
Good luck, I guess...

I guess I'll just have to wait until robo-waifus are a thing.
she's 11 years old and horny
Met a girl from the british countryside when I was visiting London a couple years back with my brother. Cute, conservative, good classic hardworking country attitude, witty, and took no shit from ANYONE. Looked a lot like this one >>700831762 's pic related.
>able to carry on an intelligent conversation
>practices good hygiene
>has real interests and ambitions
>not fat to the point of being unable to fuck/function normally in society
>must be alive
>should identify as female
>must be kind
Damn, what a fucking champion. We need more glorious motherfuckers like that glorious motherfucker.

It's pretty basic, simple shit, too. We're just not reminded of shit like that often enough because everyone who knows not to buy into the crap that's so popular these days is also smart enough to know that their lives will be infinitely easier if they don't draw attention to themselves. So they don't advertise their complete lack of interest in horseshit rhetoric and flagrantly lazy fallacies.

It's good to know you've got good people in your life, anon. Props to your sister for maintaining her sanity.
File: 1470608864430.jpg (289 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
289 KB, 800x1200
Eh, google and watson will have ordered us all executed long before that. Best to just take what we got while we got it.
I know a few like that! Would not recommend.
Good body + face
Emotionally stable
Isn't useless and has a carreer
>must be alive

You're asking for WAY to much anon, sometimes you need to make compromises.
I'm 35 and married.
We're still talking about gf material here. I have no real qualms with the idea of having sex with promiscuous college girls as long as they're clean.
That my ex was not lol. She was a borderline SJW, would have gone fullblown had I not been around to temper her more retarded ideas. And she basically did after we broke up so I'm better off without her.
Amen to that.
I feel very lucky that I almost never see SJWism IRL, but that's one of the things I'm not looking forward to in college lol
The real kicker? He resigned a few years ago because he refused to bow to increasing pressure from the uni's board. They'd been getting more and more pressure from teh SJW type to allow disruptive protests on the school grounds, make safe spaces, add more diversities courses, that kind of thing.

He ended up resigning rather than give in, saying he didn't agree with the changes. For a while he was pretty active in the political sphere in my area, but he ended up just moving to Minnesota to live near his grandsons and do a lot of fishing.
>physically: Dani Jensen
>psychologically: like me
I'd chill with this motherfucker, he seems like a cool dude.
I had a similar situation. I found a girl via dating site, met, no spark. She introduced me to another one, who's living very near (the first one is in the other part of the city). We were meeting often, but more as friends than couple. Some time after (two years or something like that) she invited me to a, let's say, garden party with her close circle. My girl is one of her 2 most close friends. Everything went better than expected.
I know. I know. My friends keep telling me I have to put an end to all those fucked up standards.
There's a reason I'm alone.
>borderline SJW
Fucked a few like that, but only ever dated one. She was pretty cool, the only SJW I ever knew who didn't preach, just drank the coolaide and put her ballot where her mouth was, so to speak.
i could be your wife
Only a fool tries to sail against the tide. He knew when to abandon ship, though, which speaks just as well of him as having the testicular fortitude to break up an unlawful congregation of the current protected class while the rules were still on his side.

You might be able to learn some good shit if you look him up in academic circles. See if he wrote any decent papers or theses on something you find interesting or legible.
File: PlusOne.gif (995 KB, 257x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
995 KB, 257x194

>in college
Aw, fuck, you're headed to hostile territory. It seems like you've got a good head on your shoulders and a decent support network, so you should be fine...but make sure you know how to deal with white knights, belligerent bitches, and whatever reputation people you disagree with will try to give you.

Some modern day King's Landing bullshit, now available on every (almost literally every) college campus with a blatant liberal bias.
He was actually an administrator and businessman before he got the job as dean. Actually looked into his past when he resigned, and he more or less ran shit behind the scenes at the uni for like ten years, and eventually they just gave him the job.

I always kind of wanted to hit him up and talk with him, but he seemed pretty interested in stepping out of the lime light. I figure I'll wait a few years till his grandkids are older and don't give a shit about him, THEN I'll hit him up and see his thoughts when he has all the extra time.
Don't worry my man, I am a champion at hiding my powerlevel and generally being an agreeable dude. I only call out bullshit (SJW or otherwise) if I know I won't be fucking myself over by doing so.
It's not as bad as it seems from the outside, though of course it depends on the campus and the field, but if you're going to a STEM program at a private university, you can usually avoid most of that crap.
>Ah, I didn't realize you were a cuck. My bad.

I know you like regurgitating that word, but for what it's worth; cucks get off on humiliation.

I like fucking around once in a while. I'm honest about it and I'm not going to hold my other half to a double standard. I've got one life to live and I'd comfortable with what makes me happy. Muh degeneracy, I guess.

>A woman who's comfortable with casual sex (and practices it) has a diminished ability to pair bond. Her brain stops responding to the scent, sound, and pheromones (yes, we have those) of a new partner with the same verve of a woman who hasn't had a few trains run on her.

Assuming you're not quoting biased pseudoscience some other freshly redpilled alt-right faggot linked you on /pol/, it's safe to assume that in that regard I'll have the same issues as any slut.
File: TOFTS.jpg (26 KB, 336x406) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 336x406
>I only call out bullshit (SJW or otherwise) if I know I won't be fucking myself over by doing so.
Son, that may be the easy path, and it may be the smart path, but is it the right path?
ou yeah, you are welcome, WE HAVE THE SAME QUEEN................ FAPTASTIC LIFE :D
>Queer, bi, or polysexual
>into cartoons, games, comics, or anime
>Progressive or funny enough to get away with being super offensive
>Likes pets
>at least 6/10
>not religious
>some sense of humor
>some self confidence
>isn't too serious about anything
>humble and sensible (today everyone tries to prove themselves in social networks. It's both annoying and accomplishes nothing)
>I am a champion
>I'm good at hiding my beliefs and staying quiet

This is like saying you're a winner when it comes to losing. You may be right, but it's a borderline oxymoron.
dat scoliosis on the right
File: DJ1.jpg (73 KB, 1024x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 1024x683
Queen? Oh, hell no. She's hot, but I'll take this one any day.
Being an old fag my priorities changed. So now it is, can't have kids but the ability to have kids (wasnt a full on slut or at least aborted the fucks). Can't be divorced. No jesus shit. Can't have an instagram. Must have a couple years of college (doesnt even matter if its tech school) .
Sounds about right. If he hasn't published anything then yeah, that sounds like a plan. If you want to be a little extra polite about it, you could try sending him a letter and asking for advice about something specific that relates to his areas of experience. Or maybe just telling him you remember him doing a great job while you were a student and wishing him well. I don't really know the guy, so I guess trust your judgment.
File: SAF.jpg (73 KB, 724x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 724x720
>queersex interbi polysexual thunderkin ninemilimeter weeaboo
I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket
File: WhewLad.jpg (334 KB, 1118x1125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334 KB, 1118x1125
That's more or less how I'd planned to go about it. He did actually publish some stuff, but none of it was in fields I study.

Ironically, despite the fact that I'm well on track to a master's degree in organic chemistry, I'm making more money off a business a friend and I started than I'd be making in most Chem jobs, so I might talk to him in a few years about expanding the business, then use that as a springboard to become his favorite penpal in the waning years of his life as his grandchildren
ignore him more and more, and he leaves me all his money.
>not a retard
>similar sense of humor as me
>doesn't live with their parents
>no straight edge people or religious people or ghetto as fuck people.
>likes video games and nerdy shit
>has a job
>likes animals
File: 1471978850157.png (277 KB, 600x519) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277 KB, 600x519
Never understood what the fuck that line was about.
>Can't have an instagram.
kek, what a bizarrely specific dealbreaker.

"You can be a tramp-stamped vegan serial killer, but so help me god I see one selfie get posted and you and I are DONE!!!
>petite body type
>shoulder long hair is minimum
>non-ugly face
>arround my age
>not a femenazi/flat earther/stupid in general.

I'll be a wizard in 8 years if i dont find a gf, are my requirements too harsh?
File: bnIpYtG.jpg (43 KB, 599x596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 599x596
It's more to do with not burning bridges than anything. Having convictions is fine and all, but I don't really like starting a fuss over political bullshit unless something seriously retarded or morally wrong is happening.
That being said, "not causing a fuss about things" seems to be endemic to us Irish people as well as being antithetical to SJWism. And SJWs are almost always anti-nationalist/anti-"Irish pride" (if you like), so I'd cut ties with them over that first and foremost. Which is not only more in line with my actual convictions, but actually saves face in the long run.
> Not fat and would join me for a run or long walk once a week

> Not into anything too extremely, ie. no Otaku's no feminists etc.

> politically Liberal, No communists, No facists.

> Not a party girl but enjoys going to the pub or having BBQs with friends on the regular.

> Only accept Protestant and Methodist Christianity. NO ISLAM, NO JUDAISM

> Must enjoy sex and want to change it up a little, anal, outdoors etc.

> Must have a hobby they can do without me, after 6 months I don't want her to make me hang out with her all day just because she only watches Netflix.

> Not Disabled, and shouldn't get ill too often.
>around my age, give or take 2 years
>7/10, with genetics to be at least a 6/10 when she's past 40 but lower than 60
>curvy body type
>nice big bubble butt
>pretty feet
>sweet voice (not retardedly high pitch, but no smoke filled lungs deep either)
>knows how to eat like a human, none of this pure salad shit
>likes to jog with me every other day
>cute face
>long hair
>actually likes her body, so not sex-shy
>has kinks and fetishes that involve only me and her, likes a bit of femdom, no pegging
>has an actual understanding of how to handle money
>as intelligent as I am
>actually tries to make our lives better instead of waiting for me to magically make her life similar to a princess'
>can understand that even when living together, people need their own time and space to do whatever they want on their own (game, learn, whatever)
>not full of herself
>wants me to improve and helps me, the same way I'd do it for her
>doesn't care about past relationships at all, as long as I no longer am in contact with ex-partners
File: thinker.jpg (23 KB, 232x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay, this is a genuine question, and if it seems trollish or ignorant, it's because I'm an amerifag who doesn't know any better, but seriously,
>Irish pride
What are you proud of? In the US most of our nationalism and pride comes from the whole BEST DAMN COUNTRY ON EARTH thing, and having the best military and the most money, and generally being ginormous burly bastards, plus bits about american grit.

What are people in other nations proud of? Is it just a cultural thing, like, "We're Irish, so we have fucked up folklore and good beer and fucken redheads, so GO IRELAND," or how does it actually work?
It gets passed around on /b/ a lot, yeah. Hey, it's your life and your decision, but I wouldn't do it and I have reasons for not wanting to do it. There aren't very many consequences for speaking anonymously here.

>freshly redpilled alt-right faggot on /pol/
That's...oddly specific. No, human biochemistry is studied fairly often. Bonding in other mammals and primates has also been studied pretty extensively, and we use some of the same hormones and behaviors. Some of the bonding hormones that usually get studied are oxytocin and progesterone.

So I'll save you some trouble by telling you something else: men don't bond the same way women do. Just as we experience color, taste, orgasms, and attraction differently, men don't bond in the same ways either.

So you may be a slut, but you're probably not incapable of pair-bonding.
Nigga, why does everyone want virgins? THEY SUCK in bed.

And generally they aren't into freaky shit.
>So you may be a slut, but you're probably not incapable of pair-bonding.

Thanks man. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.
>not to up tight
>middle road politics
>likes BBQ and the pub
>explorative sex

Anon, I believe you're talking about a man. Yes, I'm quite certain that's a man you're describing.

>has to have libido.. I dont want to wait 5 months to fuck you, I have needs.

in order of importance. But I can look beyond flaws as long as she loves me. I mean I have some of my own.
Sounds like you've got your shit figured out. The only thing I wouldn't be too sure of--if he raised his children right, his grandkids might turn out all right too and actually maintain ties with him. I work out with my grandfather every now and then, and even though he skips the fuck out of leg day and drinks too much, he's strong as fuck.
We might be a small country. We might have a small population, shitty military, retarded economy, no real industry to speak of. But we have a national spirit that has kept our culture and heritage alive through hundreds of years of foreign oppression. And don't forget, we fought for our independence from England and won, just like you did.

>Is it just a cultural thing, like, "We're Irish, so we have fucked up folklore and good beer and fucken redheads, so GO IRELAND," or how does it actually work?
Basically, except the fascination with redheads is very much a foreign/American thing to be honest
Meh. Even if you date a slut you can just condition her to be dependent on you with a little work. Just takes a little work and a lot of tired mornings.
Must be
>A 10/10
>Big tits
>Sub, must put up with my fetishes
>Fun to hang around

Shit, I described my ex. Damn I miss her.
>Within 8 years below my age (i'm 29)
>blue/green eyes
>no hair color preference
>at least 8/10
>tall, slim, works out
>really smart, top tier education, has/going for a PhD
>funny (dark sense of humor)
>great taste in music

Current gf:
>24 yo
>blue eyes
>tall, slim, works out
>really smart and about to apply for Ivy-tier PhD programs
>good taste in music, though also still likes coldplay

Almost all nations have things they are good at, anon. I think even you have to concede that the US has things it is bad at.

Being able to shut up anybody who says otherwise through military might isn't the advantage it used to be in the days of the British Empire. If the US overstepped the mark in this day and age, not only would the world turn against it, but it's own people would, so most of that might is superfluous and exists purely to fuel the military industrial complex (which is where a lot of that "most money" is laundered).
Forgive me if that's not the most shocking thing I've heard in the past twelve seconds. The poster above you beat me to that by writing "nigga."

Have fun doing shit your way, anon.
File: 1469801369710.jpg (81 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That last bit was a joke, for the most part.
>fought england for independence
Didn't you fuckers just blow up a bunch of schools and shit, like actual terrorists? Sorry if I sound like a petty foreign asshole, but I thought that's what the troubles were. Is terrorism fighting for freedom? As an American I'm culturally conditioned to say no, never, under any conditions.
>not arrogant
>will shut the fuck up when I want her to
>will not cheat because she wants the bean rubbed better
>actually understands politics, preferably a liberal and a socialist
>small tits, small ass, flat stomach
>doesn't use big words like most chicks to think convince others that she's smart
>takes it up the ass
>doesn't matter what race
>NO fucking muslims
>likes missionary and blowjobs as well as cunnilingus
>likes video games and tries to seem cool to me, but never really becomes cool
>pale skin, brown hair, brown eyes
>no pot freaks or rednecks or christians

That's it. she better meet all of these requirements or she can go the fuck away
Don't misunderstand me mate, I wasn't saying the US really is the best country in the world, even if it is probably my faovirte, I was just saying that's where a lot of our patriotism comes from.


Then probably throw up from drinking shitty beer.
sounds hot as shit
File: IMG_3254.jpg (101 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 640x960
I'd need a 6/10, no fat rolls, no man face, white or close to white. If she had an exceptional body and wasn't white I'd give it a shot, no promises.

Ideally she's Claire Abbott.
>pic related
>non black
>smell good
>not fat
>somewhat smart
>non hoe, yeah imma try to hook up first date, and toss ya if i succeed
>cant want kids, ever (-99% of women)
>must have 30k usd or more a year job

Currently engaged to a sterile, cute, nice, 110 lb brunette who plays pc games and writes fur fiction (took 4 months for her to admit that lol)
>be female

today that's a pretty big standard already. fags everywhere
File: 1419675202971.jpg (21 KB, 426x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Read a fucking book, nigga. We had rebellions in 1798 and 1916 (and smaller ones besides) and a war of independence in the 1920's. The Troubles of the 70's-90's is another conversation entirely.

And I wouldn't mind SJWs so much if their anti-Irish attitude was rooted in butthurt about the Troubles. But it isn't. Just general "being nationalist makes you racist" bullshit.
i hate kids, and women who fucking want them
>Takes up up the ass
>plays video games
>pale skin

So... Uh... Anon, pale short skinny submissive, Yeah, anon, you have a thing for jailbait, right? Because you're describing.. Well, a daughter, to be honest.
>actually understands politics
>preferably a liberal and a socialist

Mutually exclusive.
File: Meh.jpg (9 KB, 300x171) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 300x171
>will shut the fuck up
>will not cheat
>actually understands politics
>is a socialist
>doesn't use big words
>takes it up the ass
>likes vidya
>fails to impress me
dont worry, so did you mom
those ones are the turbocunts though, every so often i see some man putting up with eyeball levels of faeces because they put the bitch on a pedestal
You want a financially and socially indipendant woman that isn't religious so probably lives by whatever the governments propaganda tells her is right, pro tip: it's not being a good wife and caring mother. A woman that has different opinions on serious matters instead of being submissive and giving in to your opinon?

Gee, i wonder why you aren't able to find a girl like that to date. Maybe because you're describing the average western woman who is generally an awful girlfriend and a slut that doesn't even look for serious relationships because they get a long just fine without you.
File: rllybro.jpg (54 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 500x500
So not only did you have to rebel TWICE, you only won against England AFTER they lost a metric fuckton of men and materiel in WWI, AND they lost all those colonies, AND they were dealing with the rebellions from other colonies, AND YOU COULD ONLY GET THE JOB HALF DONE!!!

My keks are genuine

Go ireland, woo!
>because they get a long [sic] just fine without you.

Finally one of you admits why you don't like women like that.
What really worries me is the "short flat chestesd hairless, submissive" bit.

He wants to fuck a loli. Course, then with the arrogance and socialism, that was kind of a given.
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 380x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 380x480
Way off
Transgender, omnisexual, twin spirit 8inch weaboo
Totally different flavor of freak
>So not only did you have to rebel TWICE, you only won against England AFTER they lost a metric fuckton of men and materiel in WWI

Ireland fought for England in WW1 and were used as canon fodder.

Ireland is also like half a dozen drunk guys all named Patrick, and they live right next door rather than four months of sailing away on the other side of the world, so it's a fairly impressive effort.
kek, never thought of it that way
met a native girl once that was 40 but looked 19. nice personality too, could dish out shit and take it. I would have tapped that HARD. that being said i didnt learn enough about her personality to assure dating prospects so i cant say for sure but from looks and attitude I say there are natives that one could date
knowledge bombs

>have something to say for yourself
>don't be too cunty
Honestly, it's hard for most women NOT to be pretty or have a nice body. Even average is still fine. It's the personality. I'm so sick of women who want to reform you, or who gossip too much, or who can't shut the fuck up about everybody else's flaws. Also I'm sick of listening to their new age bullshit. My #1 criterion for a girl is, can I stand to listen to you for more than 5 minutes? Are you an actual human with a personality, sense of humor, and interesting things to say? That will cover any number of physical flaws.

Honestly, I'm the sort of guy who will take anyone who will have me, within reason. And all my girlfriends have been quite attractive. Honestly, just being clean, not a racist or psycho shitbag, and not socially avoidant will pretty much score you as pretty a girl as you could ever want. It's not that hard. People are more realistic about their expectations than ever before.

As a guy, I never really saw the appeal either. I can appreciate having someone play with my ass, but sticking it in a girl's pooper never really held any appeal to me. My last GF was into butt stuff, and I obliged, but I think it did more for her than it did for me.
Yeah, and England was dealing with a half dozen other rebelling colonies, and they only got the job half done. Sorry, but that's still funny.
Not feminist/SJW.
That's it really.
>You want a financially and socially indipendant woman
I didn't say that, I just said I want a woman who doesn't mooch off me the whole time.

I mean sure I'd like a 1950s housewife, but I also recognise that I live in planet fucking earth where the majority of women have minds of their own and shit. You have to get with the times. I'm not saying you should go for some stupid bitch and raise her son by Jamal, but you need to calm the fuck down down and make your peace with how shit actually works these days.
>job half done
I mean you're not wrong, but for fucks sake dude. the north has been been completely settled and colonised for 100s of years. we couldn't hold onto it without genociding the protestants. and we didn't have the wherewithal do that even if we wanted to. and had we done that, you'd just be criticising us for that instead. so we can't win.
Actually American Indians are okay, it was Australian aborigines I was talking about
>a nice face
>a chilled personality
i just want a gf
File: JadeWeber.jpg (71 KB, 736x736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 736x736
Preferably one like this one in about six years.

>Pushed into modeling by harsh parents
>Faltering self esteem
>High opinion of self, but little practical experience, so easy to manipulate
Gotta break the eggo to make the omeletto

and am gonna make a freako omeletto friendo
Don't take it too hard, I'm just making fun of you.

But you did let those northerners keep the name! You're letting them run off with your culture, the damn english bastards!

Did we let canada keep texas in 1970? No! We rallied the men and charged that hill, and you need to do the same, for truth, justice, and the American way!.. In Ireland!
any woman of the human race is fine
aaaaaand just like that you confirmed that not only have you never fucked a virgin, you actually ARE a virgin.,
File: 81394967.jpg (52 KB, 423x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 423x640
>Why don't you slip out of those clothes, baby?
Eh, I personally find it better to get someone who's already freaky. They have,for me at least, always been WAY more fun.

I fucked 2 virgins, and BOTH were worse than jacking it. I turned one into a freak, but even with help she couldn't get me to cum without me jerking it to help her. Seriously she made me think sex was overhyped and shit. It felt worse than jacking it almost. And every time she gave head her teeth would scratch my dick. Shit hurts. No matter how much I told her to stop with it she didn't. Fucking cunt.
>Did we let canada keep texas in 1970
What the fuck are you talking about?
pussy is still pussy
Both sides of this have merit.

On one hand, yeah, you need to train a virgin if you get one, but there's something to be said for just grabbing a girl who already knows what she's doing.

I kind of look at it like building a computer or a car. Yeah, you can get closer to your own ideal if you're willing to work from the ground up, but it's infinitely more time consuming, often more expensive in the end, and most people don't know how to do it right.
Come on, no one is that desperate. Picking up women isn't that hard, no one is actually going to settle for that beast, unless you're a blind deaf old man in a wheelchair.

Know what, even he wouldn't settle for it, because you can just pay for pussy if you want. Drop a grand and you can sleep with a 9 or a 10 for the night.
>has a brain of her own
>not a show-off
>doesn't drink too much
>won't cheat
>won't ditch me for some pretty face

Since after 2 decades I'm still a virgin I may have something wrong in my criteria. Or I need to fucking move from this shithole.
I wonder if I'm the only twenty year old virgin who isn't the worried about getting laid. Honestly once you actually figure out how to pick up chicks, just knowing that you can do it does a lot for removing the urge in the first place. Makes waiting for the right chick way more comfortable.
go fuck a hooker

There's you new list. Abide by it and you'll get laid.
>must have unnatural coloured hair (colours like purple, blue, green, etc)
>must be tsundere
>must be virgin
>must be introvert
>must be flat chested
Trying to twist this aren't you? I don't like them because they clearly can't handle indipendency, not because they are indipendent.
>The day you'll realize there is no criteria
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