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Post your best win here. Anything goes. Wincest, rape, creep, voyeur, cheating, anything.
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>Be at party with gf
>This party is at this old dude's house with a circle of friends that has a ton of hot chicks
>Already had previously felt up a girl who was drunk as fuck at one of his parties with my gf literally 2 feet away from me.
>Be at another party at his house, but this time it's a party for one of his female friends.
>See this skinny milf. I swear she looked 27. Turns out she was nearly twice that old.
>My gf candidly takes pics of everyone.
>This milf has no idea I'm dating her and assumes I'm single.
>Her and I chit chat while my gf is talking to some other people.
>Party continues. Me and the milf tour the house for a while
>I'm horny as fuck and take her hand and put it on my bulge. She doesn't seem to protest.
>We keep walking around the house.
>We find this spa/massage room in his basement.
>I finally decide to take off my pants.
>Lock the door.
>I start pulling down her pants. She doesn't oppose at all.
>I turn her over and she goes, "Yes, just put me how you want me, honey."
>I think she said something about a condom. And I just told her I had one.
>I pull down her pants and fuck her from behind with no condom on. So turned on at this point.
>I am inside a woman I'm not supposed to be inside without a condom and my gf is somewhere in the house looking for me.
>I literally cum inside her within 45 seconds.
>I keep thrusting while I pretend I didn't cum. But she probably noticed.
>I pretend to hear a noise and pull out. I tell her that I'm keeping her panties. She giggles and complies by giving them to me.
>We get our clothes on and go home.
>Gf found the panties in my pocket. Shit was sucky for a while. But she bought my story that I found them in the old dude's lost and found and thought they were my gf's from the last party.

I've gone back and fucked this milf behind my gf's back several times after that. She also knew I had a gf after the 2nd fuck.
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>be at party of this incredibly hot friend of my gf
>She literally only invites like 10 people to her party and I'm one of the lucky people who get to come along
>Ordered hidden spy cam on ebay that records HD via motion sensor
>The cam is tiny
>Decide to record this perfect 10 taking a piss in her bathroom while at the party
>I wipe the fingerprints off the cam and put the cam in a zip loc bag with some latex gloves.
>We get to the party and I excuse myself after a few minutes. I get out my spycam kit from my pocket and plant the cam.
>Put it under the toilet paper roll stand in the bathroom with only the tiny little lens sticking out in a dark area
>This thing is literally impossible to see, even if you look directly at it.
>I'm kind of nervous, but kind of not. This is the 3rd time I've done this and I've failed both times before. The first time I broke the SD card before I could get the data off. The 2nd time I pointed the cam in the wrong direction.
>This time I come home and see that the cam recorded every single person (including my gf) taking a piss at this party, except for the perfect 10.
>Will keep trying.
>Luckily I got a few of the other hot chicks too. Turns out, a girl who looks hot in the face, doesn't necessarily have a sexy naked ass/pussy. Still fapped a few times to the wins.
Won't post them here until some time has passed though.
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>Kinda long but well worth the read. If people enjoy I think I have the second part saved somewhere too

Saved from a thread where the OP had compiled the story rather than reposting it all in parts, so despite it saying (You) in brackets after post numbers I am not in fact the OP
Hey green text how you doin?
>yeah i'm doing fine regular text how bout u?
yeah i'm fine, you're looking fine tonight
>oh you're just saying that
nah baby, come give daddy a hug
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I've posted this before, but it's one of my favorites and a constant memory for masturbation for me:

>Find this chubby chick with big ass on pof.
>Great at giving massages. Great at giving blowjobs. Great round ass.
>We date and she's my gf for a while.
>She decides to show me these hot springs somewhere 2 hours away.
>pretty cool hot spring. it's nice and warm. a few people are there.
>There is a rope stretched a long the deep area of the hot spring.
>Another family is there. They're Mormon. The mom is blonde and way hot. I think she's out of my league.
>My gf sits next to me on some rocks while I sit on the rope.
>At this point I've become a serial gropist and try to see what I can get away with.
>The hot milf is sitting with her back towards me with the rope between her legs holding her up while talking to her husband.
>I extend my index finger along the length of the rope as if I'm holding my balance.
>I slowly put my finger right behind her crotch from behind and wait for her to move backwards to sit on it.
>She does and sits on my finger. Because of the pressure of the rope, she just thinks she's sitting on the rope and doesn't realize it's my finger.
>Heart starts beating faster...
>Gf is right next to me...
>be me
>have sex
>good times
Post some you prick.
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>I keep my finger perfectly still and just enjoy this glorious blue eye'd blonde milf's pussy in bikini being pushed at my finger
>I'm talking to my gf about stuff like nothing is happening
>Suddenly the milf reaches around to see what's under her and encounters my arm and hand with her pussy pressed at my finger.
>In my mind I'm going, "Oh boy, I'm fucked. She's going to call me out and tell my gf right there in front of everyone. Or she'll at least tell me to move my hand..."
>But she doesn't, she just gets up and moves off the rope.
>I pretend like I didn't even notice her sitting on my finger and just keep my hand and finger just the way it was.
>I keep talking to my gf.
>Suddenly after about 30-40 seconds. The milf comes back onto the rope and sits right back down on my finger.
>Hooooolyy fuck.
>Since she initiated sitting on my finger, I feel it's now okay to start moving my finger around to feel her pussy.
>Minutes pass and I'm rubbing her crotch while she talks to her husband. The water is murky enough that he can't notice, plus, my finger is directly under her, so you can't even see it even if the water was clear.
>I got my finger under her bathing suit and feel her perfectly shaved pussy. I never knew Mormon moms shaved their pussies.
>At some point they broke off the conversation and had to leave. Maybe she was too turned on. It may have been 5 minutes or more, but it was wayy too brief. Never found out who she was. Just that she was hot as fuck.

Even though I've fucked 45 women, that's one of my greatest sexual memories (probably because she's out of my league).

>be me
>gf's sleeping over
>both virgins
>cuddling in a pillow fort
>start to realise it's happening
>foreplay, oral, etc.
>roll on top of her, insert
>commence sex
>she rolls on top of me
>we treat it like a game
>back and forth
>snagging blankets with us as we go
>wrap ourselves in a cocoon of sin
>fort falls on top of us
>wrapped so tightly in blankets
>devolves into us just wiggling and rolling around, fully inserted
>can't help but cum inside
>took us a solid 3 minutes to get out of our fort

Fast forward to the next morning

>wake up to loud music
>marvin gaye
>brother standing over us, slowly clapping
>puts a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table
>walks out without a word
>$69 bottle
what a fucking guy, that's some top tier brother shit m8
Did she get pregnant?

7 years in, and still no.
Dem trips
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story of basically how I was used and abused by my former employer

>be me 18, never had a job. Parents disappointed
>average fuck, on the taller side. Play the occasional sport, good enough fitness.
>my mothers work is hiring for summer work in the back, moving shit. Mom signs me up.
>get the job, no interview. Work for a women, let's call her Sarah. Sarah hates my mother even though they have roughly the same amount of authority. Sarah has slightly more than my mother but my mother does more important work.
>Sarah is about 5 ft 2, and is somewhere late 30's. Brown hair cute face 8/10 Latino. Is about an B cup at most but is closer to A. But her ass though. Best part about her.
>Sarah becomes my handler in back tells me what to do. Have to move a TON of boxes around, up and down a latter. First week is harder but I get used to it.
>she leaves me alone most of the time but occasionally watches me do my work. After week one the air conditioner suddenly "breaks". Work is now hotter than satans balls. Sweat like a motherfucker week two. She watches more this week.
>week three rolls around, hottest its ever been. I wear light clothes to compensate. Half way through the week she stands and watches. She is wearing a cute small black skirt. Her top is a Slightly see through shawl. She has been here for only 2 minutes and she's sweating.
>Asked me to grab boxes and bring them down. Hear a click of a lock as I'm grabbing one. Bring it down.
>turn around and she's got her red panties in her mouth.

Anyone intrested? This is just the set up. Currently mobile as I'm on a train. Pic related that's what her ass was along the lines of.
She on the pill or what?
hell yeah anon
you lucky fuck
Go on
Fuck. Post it all. Also post your email so I can contact you.

Anal, mainly.
shes a desolate place of trash
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>be me
>roommate's gf always sleeps over
>she is a loud moaner, and horny little slut
>neither she nor my roommate know i jerk off using her panties each time they are in class
>tried buying a spycam for the bathroom, but the room is too small and the camera too shit
>one day they are going out and he forgers computer in living room
>open it, not password. do a little searching, and I find a bunch of her pics
>what do? (pic very much related)
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>be 26
>to eastern europe on business trip
>have gf for 7 years
>cruise the streets with a rental car at night
>see this kinda chubby but gigantic tits street hooker
>"Do you deepthroat?"
>yes anon!
>we drive to some abandoned train station parkinglot.
>cum in her throat she swallows
>smoke cig
>go again but this time we fuck doggy on the car front cap and tittyfuck-cum at the end
>never told gf and never will
Post the nudes. Also, this is a good spy cam hold on.
>be me
>around 9
>Visiting aunt on summer
>Hot as shit, I go across the street to meet new friends
>Brother and sister, invite me in, I come in politely.
>we go to their room
>bitches watched porn before that
>the sister takes me to the living room
>she pulls her pants down and sits on couch
>she sits on the couch and starts spreading her pussy
>starts saying "Put in me anon!"
>my stupid ass brain understands "Pull a dick out of my pussy anon!"
>tells her girls don't have pussy
>she keeps trying to tell me
>i turn her around and feel pleasure from slapping her on the ass
>she tries again
>the brother invites me back to their room
>he goes behind door and pulls down his pants
>he tells me to do that too and i do it
>he tries to spread his asshole
>I try to put it in
>cant because no knowledge of sex
>we give up after a while
>go back to playing
>everyday after that i planned suicide
That's my story.
Does anyone have the Greentext where the anon fucked his mum after her boyfriend had her blindfolded and ends up having a threeway with his mother and her boyfriend

Ive been looking for it for ages..

Cheers in advance
album is here. I'm trying to spread them
>be me
>at party with friend and his gf
>gf gets fucked up and friend leaves party and goes home
>friends gf comes into a room I was trying to sleep in
>starts rubbing my crotch through my pants
>says she's wanted this for a while
>pull out my penis
>shoot her in the face and kill her
>TFW my penis is 9mm Beretta
Bumping for this
You're a cunt
Suicide, why?

Because you couldn't get laid?
Or because it traumatized you?
sweet. damn thats cheap
Fuck mobile crashed. Lost what I was typing.
Email is [email protected]
gonna sum it up quickly.

>she motions for me to come closer. I do. Big mistake. She drops the panties form her mouth and and shoves me against the shelf. She starts to kiss me while undoing my belt.
>fucking freaking out. No idea what the hell to do.
>she undoes my belt and grabs my flaccid scared cock in her hand. Starts tugging at it to try and make it hard. She's breathing heavy in between kisses.
>I try and push against her to get her off me, but everytime I do she pushes even harder back. With her other hand she pushed against my forehead. She starts to tounge fuck me roughly while stroking my dick.
>she moves her hand from my forehead to her breasts and starts fondeling them. I try and push my head away from hers and she bites down hard on my lip. I start bleeding.
>cocks fully erect. She steps away and smiles. Her eyes were fucking wild.
>NOws my chance.

Fuck mobile sorry.

Any chance of part 2?
4chan's best was when they were posting Amandus Todd's autopsy photos.
Anyone wanna repost?
this is fucked up
fucking cont.
Please this.. if anyone has this my dick would thank you greatly
that's a chick, right? it kinda looks like Assbro
>door is in the other side of her. Can't run around her because of the narrow alies.
>She's pulling off her dress all while looking at me. Her fucking juices are sliding down her leg. She watches me carefully, probably knows that I'm trying to escape.
>I consider yelling but because we are in the back I know no one will hear. Only way out but through her.
>all of a sudden she fucking runs at me and tackles me. We fall hard.
>my head hits the pavement and I'm dazed a little. She climbs around on my and positions herself on my dick. She slides it into her and starts fucking me as rough as she can. She puts her two hands on my chest and starts moaning.
>I grab her arms to try and get her off but she immeditaly head butts. My head fucking hurts like a mother fucker now.
>at this point I just give up. She knows it. She takes her hands off me and starts playing with her breast while she bounces on me.
>It was the weirdest feeling in the world. I felt physically good but mentally I was completely fucked. Looking back on it, it was an exciting mix but at the time it was horrifying.
>I then start to feel it. The urge. I draw a heavy breath and close my eyes as I cum. This fucking angers her. "NO" she basically growls and puts her hands on my throat. She starts chocking me while bouncing faster. She's fucking me so hard it hurts.
>I'm pretty sure I'm dead at this point. That she will strangle me to death and they will find my body. All of a sudden I hear a gurgling moan as she cums ontop of me. She falls into me and just breathes. It's over. I don't even move afraid of what she would do if I did.

Sorry I'm slow. Mobile and all. I'll continue as long as you fucks keep bumping
Fuck dude, you got raped
Need moar!!
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>be me 12
>sleepover cousins house
>12 yr girl and 11 yr old boy
>we all slept in separate sleeping bags in a room, alone
>we mess around playing 'family'
>involves us changing roles sleeping next to each other
>i end up spooning girl cousin
>massive boner
>press it between her but cheeks
>both wearing boxers so it's practically like wearing nothing
>i think my other cousin notices what we're doing, too afraid to say anything
>after we are grinding on each other for a bit i get weirded out, go back into my sleeping bag
>next time i got to sleep over at my cousins me and my guy cousin share the same room, girl cousin is told to stay in another..
>ohshit, did my cousin rat?
>i have never found out
>i feel like every time i talk to my girl cousin we're always kinda off, like we're both thinking about it even thought it's been ages since. May have gotten weird looks from auntie and uncle, oh well.
I'm diamonds dude
avoid them
My sis gets violent like this sometimes. Fucking love it. We sometimes fight over who gets to lead, all the while slobbering on each other.

how come? you reckon they know?

>she just lays there for a couple minutes. Our sweat mixing with each other. All of a sudden she gets up and gets off of me. Her face is red. She grabs her panties on the floor and her dress on the shelf.
>her pussy is slowly dripping my cum from it.
>she puts on the dress and walks out quickly. Unlocking the door as she leaves. I just sit there for a good half an hour thinking about what happened. I think I'm in shock.
>after a while I pull myself togeather a just work. If I work I can go home. My mother drives me home and I say nothing in the car ride back. I end up crying in the shower and going to be early. The rest of the week I see nothing of Sarah. I convince myself that I only had to stay until the summer ended.
> i couldn't quit because my mother would ask why. It's also the only job I have and need the experience. I just want to ride it out.
>I don't see Sarah again until next week on the Monday. As I walk into the file room she quickly walks in after me. She locks the door.
>she puts her hand up. "Anon I'm sorry for what happened. I just couldn't control myself, I's just..." She trails off. She looks down. "I'll give you a raise an extra 3 dollars per hour if you fuck me again. I'll write it off saying you are doing an amazing job."
>"no". Fuck. That. She looks at me in the eye. "You get to fuck me. You will be in control. I'll give you an amazing recommendation for your next job. Otherwise anon....." She smiles smugly.
>this bitch is going to fucking fire me and slander me if I don't. This fucking bitch. I just sit there. I try and convince myself it will be the last time.
>"deal" I mutter. "Last time we do this". She practically jumps for joy. "Okay anon it's really simple. I'm going to stand over there" she points behind me "and I want you to control me. I want you to rape me. It's always been my fantasy . Don't stop if I say no. Once you finish in me just leave."

Sounds like you ended up a convicted sex offender.

>Be me, 17 with spanish gf
>her mom lives outside of the country. She used to live here though
>get to know her one day because she visits from time to time
>really good looking, 40 something, crazy good body, hot accent, and very nice and loving in general
some time goes by
>mom visits more often, like once a month
>stays at gfs / my place for the time shes here
>sleeps on the couch
>at one point she decides to stay here and not got back
>stays at our place until she has her own
>mom loves me like crazy, always tells me how she wants to have a bf like me, too. how cute i am, how much she loves me etc etc etc.
>starts kissing me on mouth for saying hello, because "thats how we do in spain with familymembers"
>gf decides that all 3 of us sleep on couch, so mom doesnt feel lonely or whatever
>we watch a movie
>both of em fall asleep, i'm still awake laying next to mom for some reason
>be horny as fuck
>remember gf saying how mom is a heavy sleeper. (gf is, too)
>decide to cuddle with mom, because why the fuck not. If she wakes up i'd pretend that i thought she was my gf
>that feel when my dick touches her ass
>she turns around, now laying on her back
>wearing zip-hoodie and only a bra underneath
>decide to partly unzip hoodie, so i can see bra
>see bra
>decide to go further
>slowly put my hand under her bra
>feel her tits
>shes still asleep
>feel her nipples
>theyre hard
>fuck what did i do? is she awake? paranoia kicks in
>start sweating
>put hand away, zip hoodie up again etc
>next few days mom behaves normal
>i kind of forget about it
some weeks go by
>gf tells me that some women have nipples, that are always hard. for example her mom
>feel relieved as fuck

sorry for the bad english as im not a native speaker.
got moar stories with mom tho
on old /b/ there would've been spaghetti and dinosaurs by now
go for it
i can assure you the mom told her daughter about this, and she used her to justify the fact that she had hard nipples this night.
This is going to be you fucking the daughter AND the mom, so... congrats?

Gonna post so thread don't die cus I wanna hear
Because rape play is possibly best play

FYI She wanted me to post this one.
>christmas day several years ago
>have christmas at sister's house as usual
>got txt from her last night "special gift for you this year"
>stop by liquor store, 2 bottles of wild turkey
>arrive, greet the folks, younger brother
>see sister, 12/10 as always, hug her hello
>squeeze her ass and she squeezes my shoulder in response
>sister's husband comes down to say hello, back upstairs to his office almost as fast
>talk with folks, old man is good, stepmom is good, little bro got ASE certified, gonna be automechanic like my dad
>good for him, hes a sharp kid
>people disperse, bro and dad play Halo on Xbone
>sit with sister in den
>ask her about special gift
>tell me to be patient, says i smell like bourbon
>she tells me everytime she smells whiskey/scotch/bourbon she thinks of me
>ask her if it makes her wet, thinking about me
>hand between her thighs, shes moist
>kiss, she tastes like gingersnaps
>lick her neck, taste her perfume
>"you always love tasting me dont you"
>shes has a perfume she wears when she knows ill be around and she knows its a fucking trigger on me
>"its been to long"
>'its always too long'
>"i knowwww"
>she's practically purring
>she slaps my stomach
>"easy bro, ill make it worth the wait. just go get drunk so you have an excuse to stay the night"
>think to self: sister wants me to chug bourbon and fuck her later
>tell her i got her a gift too, for later
>she beams me that radiant smile that melts my heart and stirs my cockles
cont or fuck off, /b/?
File: image.jpg (123 KB, 500x536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 500x536
>I know what she's trying to do. "I'm not going to get you pregnant" she puts up her hand "I've gone through menopause. Thinks about what you'll get out of this. Think of the consequences if you don't."
>I just sort of slump. No way out of this. "Let's just get it over with." She smiles again. "Oh and called m bitch or slut. I love that." She starts to skip over to the spot. Once she's there she pretends to be looking for a box.
>I breathe. Close my eyes. It will be worth it. I open them and stride over. I convince myself this is my revenge. Even if she likes it I can still hurt her while I'm doing it.
>I shove her hard into the shelf. "Anon what...what are you doing". Fuck her. I undo my belt with one hand, while,I hold her head against the shelf with my other. "Anon anyone please get off me." Pull my cock out.
>it's fucking flaccid. Whatever. I shove her head into the shelf again. I grab at her blue dress. And pull it up. "No anon please don't do this I'm.." "SHUT UP" I yell. She giggles to herself quietly. I pull at her hair and she gasps. I physically rip her red panties as and tease her pussy a little. Still flaccid.
>decide to just stick it in and do the motions. Maybe I'll get hard. "Slap my ass anon" she whispers. I punch it instead. "She starts crying. Actually starting to feel like I'm getting revenge. My cock starts to get hard. Have an idea.
>spread her legs a little and pull out. Knee her hard in the cunt. Her knees give out and she starts to collapse. As she does I i shove my cock full force into her ass. she shrieks. Bitch didn't see that coming.
>her ass jiggles with evey thrust. It has some small boils on is otherwise pretty smooth. My dick has a bit of blood on it from widening her as. She's is actually crying from the pain now. Good. i reach down and crush her clit with my fingers. She cries harder.
>her sobs now are like music to my ears. "Anon please....I never asked for this" I feel close.

Hurry up fgt I need to bail soon
Does anyone have the wincest greentext about Elizabeth /Liz? It was posted yesterday evening and I thought I had saved it
Ty as well. Continue if you like
>with every thrust I tell her "" she sobs louder. I cum inside her ass. I slap the back of her head and smile. I pull out and my dick is covered with a mix of shit and blood. I turn her around and tell her to kneel. "Clean me" I smile.
>she looks disgusted but does it anyways. Notice she's wearing a necklace. I tear it off her. I push her off me and put on my belt. I leave and feel pretty good about myself. Go to the toilets to clean myself up and flush the necklace.
>I return and she's gone. I go back to work for the rest of the day. I knew that she wanted me to do it but I know I surprised her here and there. And the end of the day most people leave half an hour before I do. One of the guys finds me as he leaves and tells me to she wants to see me.
>what the fuck does she want. Our deal is done. Walk down to her office. As I open the door I see her sitting in the desk fingering herself. I turn to leave but I hear something coming from her computer. "Anon what are you doing". My heart fucking stops.
>I go into the room and close the door. "Sit down anon" she smiles. "You did well. I always love a bit of rape roleplay. Im always the one in charge. Even in our last session." She turns the screen to me. She fucking filmed it.
>I feel sick. I know Ive gone white. Her fingering gets more intense. "I know I'm going to enjoy this for a while. Besides do you REALLY think I wouldn't have insurance." Her breathing gets a little more heavy. I stand up. My eyes glued to the screen. The camera was behind us when I fucked her.
>"don't worry anon, you didn't actaully rape me. No need to feel bad. I loved 100% of it." She stops fingering herself. "Hand me that dildo behind you." I look behind me and on the desk is a slender red dildo. I numbly pick it up and give It to her.
>she sucks on it before instering it into her vag. "I even liked when you had me clean you off."
>becoming sufficiently sloshed
>sister's husband (lets call him Matt to shorten my typing) hasnt come down once since dinner
>go outside to back yard, lay ontop of the covered hot tub
>combination of cold air and warm hot tub cover makes my brain happy
>think about sister, me. how long we can keep doing this
>shes never given an indication she wants to stop
>at this time i had a gf so i was cheating on her with my sister, so we're both cheating scum
>doesnt matter to either of us
>its always different when its between us
>mustve been out there a while
>folks are announcing theyre leaving
>swig some more bourbon so the excuse to stay the night because too drunk hits home
>goodbyes, etc, warm family feeling fades
>walk with sister to kitchen
>"so ill go up--"
>slam her into the pantry door
>literally mauling her. im sure any outside viewer would call it rape at first glance
>pushes her body against mine, subconscious grinding
>her hands get under my shirt, digs her nails into my shoulders HARD
>she slaps my neck, i break the kiss
>strand of slobber between us as the kiss breaks
>she composes herself, barely
>her jeans are literally soaked between her legs
>"ill go tell him youre staying the night. wait for me in the basement?"
>smile, kiss her forehead as yes
>she shakes her ass at me as she walks away, i can still taste her in my mouth
>head downstairs to basement
>only fainlty musty, dimly lit, carpeted. familiar. we've defiled each other down here many times. a lot of memories in this carpet, these drywalls
>sit on couch, think about life with sister, without Matt or my GF
>think about a child with her
>wait what the fuck, you want a kid with her? since when? what if it comes out potato? what if--
>basement door creaks open, soft footfalls on the stairs
>can already smell her
to be cont, gets good here /b/ros
Hope you're still here anon!
this is mega super rape by blackmail. And even it if it werent, it is mega super illegal (and morally reprehensible for employers to try and get sex as a criterion for employment or promotion.
File: 1471011960793.jpg (164 KB, 640x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be today
>have day off
>gf comes over
>first fuck of the day
>accidentally nut in her eye while 69ing
>also "accidentally" poked her in the eye while wiping cum away from her eye (she called me a cunt)
>half an hour or hour later engage in second fuck
>got her in dat pile driver position
>going hard at it, faster than sonic
>dick becomes so wet that it slides out without me noticing
>slam dick downwards with the force of a sledgehammer
>miss her vagina and tear my way into her asshole
>feel like i've broken my dick
>girlfriend starts crying with my dick in her ass
>first time doing anal
>end up continuing with anal
>pull out and finish on red raw asshole with no shit on dick
nice. how did it wen after? legit curious.
what the fuck u druggo
this is a typo. If this is your first typo, I assume you knew how to use a keyboard from birth.

Also you guessed it right, I'm a drug user. It may have been a lead to me not noticing my typo, but I doubt it can be qualified as dramatic as it is depicted right now, by you.

Thank you for losing your time replying to this thread.
You fuckin' druggo mate.
Yeah I dink liquors I smoke trees I fuck bitches. I don't quite understand what your point is.

Could you please elaborate?

lol, have the same! had to pay 100€ for it.

always thought its ok, because you can hide it perfect. but now i am angry.

for this price its perfect.

i have it now about 1 year but no chance/time to use it. my girlfriend has no problem if i film her normally ;)
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Indeed I am. I'll be here to thread 404s?
>but I dont think your mom would enjoy it if I showed it to her, right anon?" "Don't" I choke out. "Oh I won't. As long as you do everything I want." She pauses the video. "You will still get your reward. You did as I asked."
>she focuses on her pussy again with the dildo. Her breathing gets heavy. "Stand me your...a-ass." I slowly get up. "Faster!" She says with an edge in her voice. I quickly unbuckle my be,t and show her my ass. "Bend and spread"
>I do. Her breathing turns into quiet moaning. Her sounds get faster. "A-anon!" She whispers as she cums. Her breathing slows. "Face me" I do. There is small puddle on the desk. She's a squirter. She reaches down into one of her desk drawers and pulls out a small black buttplug.
>she hands me her red dildo as she inspects the buttplug. "clean that with your mouth the out it back when your done" she says. I begin to clean. Her juices taste surprising nice almost like strawberries.
>"I liked our rape session. But you were a little rough. You bruised my ass." She turns over on the desk sure enough she had a big welt where I had punched her earlier. She turned to face me again. I finished cleaning her dildo and out I bsck behind me. "For the bruise I'll have to punish you."
>she smiles, her eyes wild again. "You have to wear this alllll night. You can't take it out. Not even to poop. I'll know." She twists the buttplug in her hand.
>"tomorrow you'll come into my office early and I'll take it out for you. Then we will have some fun, and you'll go to work." She motions for me to turn around. I do. "Spread those heavenly cheeks"
>I take my hands a expose my asshole. She shifts and something wet press against my ass.. I recoil a little. I look back. She's Got her face pressed firmly against my ass her nose just above my crack
>she looks at me. Her eye tell me she's won. She takes a deep sniff and moans on the exhale. Her tongue slips into my ass.
>there she is
>a red little santa hat
>a tight little red one-piece santa blouse skirt thing
>little fucking red curled-tip elf shoes
>wearing the peridot necklace i gave her last year
>"merry christmas bro"
>'the gift that keeps on giving the whole year..'
>she slaps me softly
>"you nerd"
>'but you love this nerd'
>"i do" she grins
>she stands on her toes to kiss me
>draw her in, lips, tongue, smell her
>hand goes between her legs, shes wearing something lacey and it is soaked
>her hand grabs my exploring hand, squeezes it once
>i break the kiss, and step back from her a moment to drink her in
>"what??" she asks almost annoyed
>'youre incredible. youre perfect. i wanna remember you like this'
>she blushes INSTANTLY and bites her lip at me
>embrace her again, kissing, necking, gasps and soft moans
>reach around for the zipper on her santa blouse thing, find it
>look at her and slowly undo it
>lick the tip of her nose, she does the same
>blouse thing slowly slides off her, her perfect tits bare
>she has black lace panties on, nothing else
>devour them, her nipples are already rock hard
>"fuuuuck" escapes out of her mouth
>'mrs santa sure has a dirty mouth'
>"mmm she needs santa's north pole"
>damn near choke
>'oh my god really??'
>both laugh for about 3 seconds before we realize we're naked and touching each other
>grab her, lay her down on the carpet
>'do you want your brother to taste you?'
>"yesssss please"
>kiss down her body
>lick her belly button, she shivers
>get to her sex, her panties are SOAKED
>lick them, taste of fabric and watery-sweetness
>slip the panties off her, literally a wet ball of fabric now
>i can smell her, she is in fucking heat
>shes literally no bullshit no fucking around dripping on the carpet
>rub her clit with two fingers, she hisses at me and heaves
>lick a few times, that same watery-sweetness
>go full mouth, her hands are in my hair now
>tongue in, sucking on her sex gently, barely for 30 secs and shes heaving and panting
Good story so far. Even to someone that's usually turned off by rape
File: dp1.png (749 KB, 1073x559) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
749 KB, 1073x559
I have been trying to sell gonzo with my 3 ex-gfs.
They wen shy about it like "Mm maybe lol jk" but when I tried to make it happen they keep refusing.

What am I doing wrong?

Pic related. She dumped me yesterday.



sell gonzo = taking pictures?

sry, no native speaker
This story is fucked right up
I only called ya a druggo the first time for a laugh dude, the other dude was just over kill.

But basically it went a little like this:
>Apologised to the gf about hurting her
>says it was okay but next time have to be more careful
>checked to see if her booty hole was okay and was bleeding/torn
>lil bit of tearing but nothing real bad
>half an hour pasts of her being grumpy at me
>Tell her I want nandos
>we go to nandos and she paid because i drove her torn asshole over there
>couple hours later I drop gf off at home
sell pics and amateur films to porn websites for munnies
well done.
You will be my muse.
Paint a portrait of me accidentally plowing my girlfriends booty hole
nice story
>film it secretly
>sell it to porn sites as a secret/hidden camera porno
>if they ask if she consented to the selling of the videos, say yes

i think no girl had alowed to 'sell gonzo', i have always told them, i only use it to jerk off.

but that was no problem for every girl, i always showed them, that this is important for me.
She used to over me the entire time I was there. Couldn't really do anything.
>she's reaches around and slowly starts to fondel my balls. She suddenly stops and pulls out. She rests the buttplug against my hole slowly sliding it in. It makes a small pop. She's gives me small pat.
>"there anon. You can pull up your pants like a big boy and sit back down." I do. Sitting down hurts a little but I'm able to shift so all my weight one once cheek. She gets up and the plants herself right on my lap facing me.
>"shhh it's alright anon, Sarah's here for you." She guides my head into her tiny chest. She hugs me and holds me there for a minute or so. Her weight causes more pressure on my ass. It really hurts.
>she finally gets off of me and back into the desk. "Oho you've made me all hot again anon. Pass me the dildo." I do. "You can go now. I've got the video to have fun with." She slowly starts to,play with herself again.
>"remember anon. We can both have fun, and I can take good care of you. But if you dare cross me. Even once....well prisoners aren't gentle like me." She goes back to her video.
>I turn the door handle but stop. "Why me?". She makes a little noise and slowly peels herself away from the screen. "Hmh?". "Why me?"
>"oh anon. Your mother is the most annoying person I ever met. We fight all the time. But now I hold the trump card. No matter what she does I kmow in the back of my mind, that I contorl her son."
>"besides anon. Your irresistible." She turns back to the video. I leave. The car ride home was hell. I could feel every little bump, every little pothole and it just made the buttplug all the worse.
>because my mother drove I couldn't make any noise. No matter what. When we got home I just layed in bed as much as I could. Took a shower. I will admit the feeling wasn't bad, as long as you didn't sit down on the plug to hard.
>my mom got a call be afterwards she came to my room.

Sorry I'm slow guys
Some fucked up shit. Keep going /b/ro.
>the panting is a warning
>she thrusts up into my face, and the flood gates open
>squirts, holy fuck it never gets old and never is not hot
>any faggot that thinks its gross can go kill themselves because its amazing
>she squirts a stream on the carpet, hear it splatter on it
>squirts on my face, so warm
>shes moaning, hurling fucks between gasps, heaving and bucking
>i barely did anything this is just how turned on she was
>more squirts
>i kiss the insides of her legs and the lips of her sex gently to bring her down
>her body settles, but i want more
>slip tongue back into her
>look directly up at her
>she gasps, looks into my eyes
>dont break the stare
>all she gets out
>im gnoshing on her like a feminist in a BonBon factory
>shes just barely sweet, its perfect
>reach up to pinch one of her nipples
>big squealy gasp
>shes bucking into my face, can barely breathe, but i will drown a goddamned man
>feel my head being pulled up by the hair, shes looking at my dripping face
>"fuck me bro"
>those words are like fuck-rage in my ears
>crawl up to her, slipping boxers off as i do
>'say it. tell me what you want'
>"i want my brother to fuck his sister"
>'you want your brothers cock in you'
>rub my head against her sex, she hisses and i growl
>"wait...please. condom.."
>she was scared of having a kid at that point, so we usually condom'd up
>fish wallet out of pants, put it on infront of her
>she grabs my cock and squeezes it
>"please. please fuck your sister"
>lean down, line up to her pussy
>'i love you'
>push the head into her, nails stab into my back
>"missed you so muccchhhhh"
>arms under her, grab her shoulders
>thrust the rest of the way into her
>she lets out a silent squeal
>'who do you belong to'
>ill never forget her response, she was straining to get it out
File: foranon.png (44 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Continue lads, for I be reading...
Bumping this glorious thread
have you posted this story before? I recognize the early parts a lot, but maybe I'm just fucked in the brain because I need sleep
type faster
Happened six months ago or so, still fap like crazy to the memories

>yesterday we end up on a friends house to sleep
>same bed, she undresses to just shirt and leggins
hear some heavy breathing and i start touching her ass through the leggins
>shit was tight

>shes laying face down next to me
>dying with anticipation
>i get cocky enough to put down her leggins half way
>shes just wearing a thong dick is diamonds
>put thong to the side and slowly i rub one finger over her asshole
>begin fucking the christ out of her
>tight, hot, super fucking wet, tits bouncing
>get a mouth on her breasts, she reciprocates by pushing into my body with rhythym
>she loves to point this out nearly everytime we mess around
>slow thrusting, look at her
>'on all fours, now'
>she obeys immediately
>line up, grab her hips
>slam into her, she screams "FAWK" so loud i was worried for 2 seconds Matt might have heard her
>worry fades, balls deep in the best pussy on the planet
>slamming into her hard, spank her perky little firefighting ass
>grab her hair, wrap it around my fist and yank her head up
>"oh god...oh god yes...oh god...fuck!"
>she pushes into me and i feel it
>warmth, overwhelming warmth and wetness
>can hear it dripping on the carpet
>shes squirting all over my cock and balls
>if youve never felt it, go find a woman that squirts. its fucking incredible
>shes convulsing HARD around my cock as she squirts
>so tight i cant fuck her, i have to sit there and feel her squeeze me
>squirts so hard once that it hits my lower torso and splashes back onto her back
>she comes down after about a minute, im not far off after seeing/feeling/smelling that so i resume pounding her
>grab her hair and yank on it again
>hurling dirty words at her. slut sister, hungry for her brothers cock, etc
>the carpet beneath us is sloshing thanks to her
>"cum for me bro. i want your cum"
>danger zone
>those words never fail to work
>slam into her harder, faster, she knows im close
>"i wanna.."
>'you want what? say it!'
>"taste you. cum in my mouth"
>all i needed to hear
>pull out of her, tear that shitty condom off
>she spins around, on her knees like a good sister
>takes about 3 pumps before i spew a thick rope from her lower cheek to the top of her head
>she immediately pushes my hand away and engulfs my cock in her mouth
to be cont&finished
File: image.jpg (7 KB, 270x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 270x187
>she tells me she's proud of me. She says that I got a raise for all the hard work I've done. No longer making minimum. She gives me a good night kiss and leaves. Sarah actually came through.
>feel pretty good. Then feel like some cheap hooker. Go to sleep.
>next day I go into her office early like she instructed. Everyone comes in half an hour later then I do. It's only me, my mom and Sarah at the office. She smiles as I walk in, gets up then locks the door.
>"if anyone asks anon we are doing a special archiving project. New system implemented by the head office. I need to be involved." I nod. She types some stuff into the computer and puts in a USB. She keeps looking at me whenever she can
>she pulls up a file and tells me to listen. Slowly she turns up the volume and I can hear moaning. The occasional "anon" come through in her voice. She leans over to me. "That's me anon, I couldn't keep you out of my head all night. Thought you'd wnat to hear.
>"thanks" I mumble. She claps her hands togeather. "Now! Let's get that buttplug off you." I stand up and start to pull off my pants. "Whoah anon, not so fast. I have a question for you first." She stands up on the desk and then twirls. "How do I look!" "I wore this just for you"
> she was wearing a small white t-shirt that was obviously not her size. Her small breasts poked at the fabric . Covering her was a small black shawl that had a floral pattern.. She took it off and draped it on my face.
>I pull it off. She has her hands on her hips now. "What do you think of the skirt..." Her skirt was small black with little frills on the bottom. It was short. Like way to short for work attire. From the angle I was at I could see her panties, which were a light pink with a hello kitty face where the top of her pussy would be.
>she giggles. "How about a dance anon." She starts to slowly spin hips moving in a figure eight motion. I get a good look of her ass as she does this.
>shes getting wet, sometimes she moves and scares me but this is too much fun
>i grab her hips and push her to me so now shes with her back to my chest
>pull up her shirt and start playing with her belly button piercing
>push her ass to my dick and get my hand to her titties. Shes has no bewbs just perky nipples. Start massaging them

>nipples gotta be sensitive, she moves a bit, i get her back to her position. I grab her leg and make her spread
>get my hand under her panties
>now shes wet as fuck
>she has some pubes hair like from not shaving for a week or so
>i rub my hand all over her pussy. her juices are everywhere. make her taste them
>with a finger on her mouth i get back to her pussy. shes licking it feel her tongue piercing.
>stick a finger on her pussy and i start finger banging her
Bump, i hope this story have a happy ending for you.
Bumppp. Ever get a pic of this bitch?
>her mouth engulfs my cock, i explode right into my sisters mouth
>shes squeezing my balls as it happens
>i look down, shes looking RIGHT up at me
>i know i shot a huge stream when i saw her eyes
>they were fucking hungry and rabid like a starved animal, which youll find out shortly is exactly what she was
>i dont know how many times i shot in her mouth, but when i was done she opened her mouth to show me a decent pool of her brothers' cum
>she closed her eyes, gulped hard, but she swallowed it all
>i got down on my knees and kissed her with tongue directly after, she moaned into my mouth
>"i love you"
>'i love you too'
>" tasted kinda sweet this time"
>'its all the bourbon'
>she smiles, we lay down and cuddle naked
>listen to her breathe, we're both glowing, then i remember. FUCK
>i get up, grab a small wrapped box on the chair
>'merry christmas sis'
>shes excited and slightly groggy, she tears it open fast. opens the little silver box inside of it
>its a pendant. a pendant i had custom made for her, the front is a gold-bordered firefighters cross with a platinum body
>pendant itself is stainless steel
>on the back is a small peridot (her birthstone) and an engraving that reads "[Name] Every day you step into hell, and every day you put other lives before yours. i will always be proud of you"
>she grabbed it in her hand and began to sob
>i let her cry for a moment, i have no goddamned idea what to do
>she leans over into me, i put my arms around her
>we sit in the dim light like this for 10 minutes easy, and she finally gets it out
>"why are you so perfect"
>Holy right in the feels
>'do you like i--'
>"i love it. its perfect."
>i kiss her tear-stained lips, tell her i love her
>she immediately takes off her birthstone necklace and puts the pendant on
>getting that weird feeling in my chest
>"matt...matt would hate this. he never touches me..he never.."
>shhhh her
>"hes never once fucking told me hes proud.."
Poast faster. Both stories.
That's about the end of it. She wears that pendant every time we're alone, she never forgets it. She tells me she carries it on her every time she goes on a run (firefighting run).

She wanted me to tell you /b/ros that story since several people asked where the pendant came from / what significance it has.
Never posted it before. Always kept it to myself. tbh feels kind of good to get it out.
>her skirt barely covers her luscious ass. She suddenly drops bending down so I can get a good look at it. Her boils are gone from the last time. "ooh I know you love my ass anon. That's why you fucked it during our roleplay...don't be shy anon kiss it. Feel it. Don't just sit there"
>I slowly reach my hands forward and grab it.
It's soft to the touch. I poke it and it jiggles slightly. I press into it and I can feel it has a bit of firmness to it. As I let go it bounces right back up. One thing I always wanted to do whenever I see asses like these is but them.
>so I do.
>I just bury my face into into her right cheek and give it a bite. She breathes in heavily and and exhales with pleasure. "Ooooooh annnoooon." I pull away. She stands up. Slowly she takes off her clothes shimmering out of them like An eel.
>I'm actually diamonds right now. If it one thing I can't take, it's a good ass.
>she climbs down from the desk and again, tackles me onto the ground. One of the chair legs break as we go down. She starts to tongue fuck me again and I just let it happen. With her other hand she starts pulling down my pants.
>I reach around and slowly play with her ass. At this point, I figure I might as well have a little fun. I also know that if she likes it, she might raise my salary again. She eventually stops the face fuck and puts one of her breast in my face.
>"suck them anon don't be shy". I do as she says and I stop playing with her ass. Her tits are small, a whole hand easily covers them but she seems to like it when I play with them. With one hand I play with her left, I suck on the right.
>she pulls out my dick and begins to grind on it. She lets out a moan before covering her mouth. She grabs my other hand and puts two of my fingers into her mouth. She winks. Her nipples are hard, and are about half an Inch long.
God this is such a hot story
Damn my brain must be really fucking with me then. Like the first 4 posts were so extremely familiar for some reason. But I've had weird deja vu feelings when not sleeping well before
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I was basically her whore. But she did end up doing a lot of me because of the sex.
I did once. She wanted to have "blind sex" good time to get the stuff. Got her ass, her pussy and her Oface. Even a short video. Thought I got away with it. She knew the entire time. Made me delete everything and as punishment took a dick pic of me and a pic of us fucking and "accidentally" sent it to my mother. My mom thought she had one up on her made her do some shit, which caused our sex to be a but rougher.
Never tried it again.

I did sneak one though before the incident. Kept it for a while. Little blurry.
I'll bet you've never had a job quite like this since, Anon.
bumping like an eel
Bump. And that's a nice ass
love this website
File: 36077775.jpg (124 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>move into new apt
>wake up at 3 am on saturday night
>someone is trying to get into my apt
>hear girls voice
>"Jooooe! Open the door you fuck"
>my name is not Joe
>I open door to totally wasted 8/10 hottie
>ask her if i can help her
>tells me she needs to crash on my couch
>"ummm... Im not Joe"
>says she dooesnt give a fuck and asks if i have food
>pushes her way in
>Im like whoa, hold on.. you have the wrong place
>she looks me dead in the eye and says "So what, Im not as pretty as those other girls you want to fuck?"
>I dont even know what say
>she grabs at my dick
>"cmon, cmon, you know you want to fuck me baby, you know it, cmon"
>ask of she wants a cab
>she gets all fake weepy and says she just wants to come in and fuck
>pulls up her skirt and starts rubbing her pussy
>"you want me baby? I know you do, you want this pussy?"
>bring her into my apartment and put her on the couch
>she lays her head back and takes off her underwear and starts fingering herself like a maniac
>she keeps asking me to fuck her
>tell her I'm going to bed
>she stumbles in behind me and starts undressing
>she bends over my bed and says "just fuck me already"
>I have no condoms, no clue who this chick is
>totally torn on what to do
>start fingerbanging her
>she gets all into it drunk style
>is dirty talking nonsense
>lays on bed and closes her eyes
>she passes out finally
>I sleep on the couch
>8 am I find her still out cold
>11am I hear her waking up
>she is so confused and talking to herself
>"Oh my god Anj, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck"
>knock and ask if shes okay
>she gets all embarrassed with nervous laughter
>say we didnt do anything
>give her coffee and a bagel
>talk for two hours
>Joe lives on the third floor
>thanks me for being so nice
>no problem, Im a gentleman
>get her number
>hang out once and get handjob
>should have fucked her
Pic related, its her
nice quads
>her grinding gets harder and harder. She eventually pushes off me and gets me to stop sucking. She gets off and move the chair our of the way. Tossing it into the corner.
>She moves in reverse cowgirl and guides my dick into her. Her pussy is surprisingly tight and warm.
>"like the view?" She giggles slightly. She pulls a stapler off the desk and unfold it. She rolls up my pant leg and press it against it. "You go when I say go anon. You stop when I say stop. You cum, I staple you."
>she reaches down and pats my balls. "Go". I start pumping and she starts breathing heavily. I start to get into it, watching ass her ass falls up and then down. The perfect jiggle.
>"stop" she whispers. I don't hear it. A click and I get stapled. I go start to yell out in pain but cover my mouth, knowing she will staple me again. "Go". I start to pump. "Stop" she wishpers immeditaly. I stop. "ohhh good boy".
>"go" she says. She keeps this up for a good 10 minutes. Stoping and starting me.
>"alright anon. I want you to go as fast as you can. But you can't cum until I say okay. Because if you do...I'll staple your balls this time." "Go" I start pumping as hard as I can. She drops the tablet and holds on to my legs.
>"ooOooOooOoooOo" and the clapping on her ass against me is all that I can hear. I get the feeling. It builds up in me.All I want to do is cum.
I close my eyes. Focusing entirely on the one thing I want to do. I can't. I won't.
>"a-a-noooon" she cries as she cums. She she does her pussy clamps down on my dick. It feels even tighter than before. I put my hand in my mouth and but it down as hard as I can. I can't cum.
>she exhales. "Open your eyes anon" I do and she's looking back at me. I'm still pumping as hard as I can and she's enjoying the look of pain on my face. "Cum" she mouths. I don't. I know she fucking with me.
>she looks surprised. "Clever." She grins. "Alrit anon. Cum" as soon as she says it I let go and gush. I filled her with my build up.
>Be me. 35yr old wizzardmaster.
if this is true you are extremely homosexual
File: Untitled.png (122 KB, 1273x739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Pic related, its her
>Its her
File: Breaking bone.jpg (72 KB, 480x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Breaking bone.jpg
72 KB, 480x720
Fuck you dude, you dont fuck drunk sluts who wander in off the street without protection. Enjoy your aids and rape charges if you do.
>implying I waited just for this thread on this very day to post this pic
The amount of fag you are is perpetual.
Nobody is stupid enough to visit that website. Sjw prevented a lot of people going there including me. But they never told us what was wrong with it
File: image.jpg (28 KB, 226x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Never. I got so many perks out of what she did to me. Other jobs just metaphorically fuck me and don't give me any rewards.
Ass of a goddamned goddess.
>she slowly gets off of me. "Look anon" she spread her pussy and shows how much I filled her. She puts a finger slowly down and rubs. My cum gets all over her shaved pussy.
>"alright anon let's get that plug out of you." I had totally forgotten it was in there. I slowly get up and bend down. She carefully takes it out and puts it in a towel on the desk. "You can go to work anon." I'll see you tomorrow morning.
>I pull up my pants and do. This goes on for the rest of the week and the week after. She occasionally stops by when I work and fucks me in the back. That's when she was loudest as no one would hear.
>she bought me food, sometimes games and even my own fleshlight. She signed me on for the whole year after summer ended with a raise...for a price.
>this bitch basically was the whole reason I was able to go to university and have no student loans.

I have to go, been jerking it at work since I got off the train. I'll start another thread at say 9am EAST (12pm PST). I'll use the same pic that I've shwon here. I can awnsered maybe one or two questions but then I seriously got to go.
>One of my friend told me a girl next door is into me, since I used to spend a lot of time in his house I used to see her a lot
>her face was 5/10 but she had a great body and huge tits, also she was the dumbest person I ever knew
>like every weekend go drinking with my friends, she comes over and joins us
>start making out, everything's going smoothly
>my house is empty, rest of the family on vacation
>me, her and my piss drunk best friend go back to my house (my best friend lives 3 kilometers away from our friends house, my house was like 1 kilo)
>best friend goes to sleep, we buy more booze
>fuck it, let's go to bed
>Ok, Anon. I feel kind of tired.
>undress her, get her wet, she tries to refuse, but eventually gives in
>insists I put a condom on
>pretend I came and go to sleep
>wake up, and since I didn't cum last night I go for the morning fuck
>again she tries to refuse me, but eventually gives in, tired of the dumb cunts shit at this point
>starts stroking my cock and after a few seconds my best friend barges into the room like he's fucking invading the place
>she tries to cover her massive tits, her hand still on my cock
>friend just stares for a while
>all he said was "what's up" left the fucking room and went to smoke outside, the front door is near my window
>fucking burst into uncontrollable laughter, I bet the whole fucking neighborhood can hear
>laugh for like 10 minutes
>dumb cunt gets pissed
>says "maybe I'll go to your best friend, since you can't stop laughing! It's not funny!"
>stop laughing for a second
>say "sure, sharing is caring"
>hear my friend laughing his ass off outside, realize he heard the whole thing
>start laughing again
>cunt gets pissed off, says she wants to go home
>didn't get my morning fuck, but it was fucking worth it because that laugh was better than sex
to this day it's one of the funniest stories we tell to people and if either of us is with a girl we say "what's up" and fuck off laughing
File: image.jpg (71 KB, 480x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 480x720
Love it
>my house was like 1kilo

I can lift your house dude.
Shit, my mistake
File: Dubs.jpg (14 KB, 202x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 202x200

Please post part 2
Any one here has famchans story she posted last night?
10/10, similar story.

Had a friend that worked at grocery store, a fatty after his dick. He no want. So at a house party one time he was plastered off his ass and the fatty showed up. I chat up her not-fat decent friend, fatty asks if anon2 is at the party. I tell her he is, "in the back". He was passed out in one of the bedrooms in the back of the house.

Didn't see him until next morning. He came out, he looked fucking fucked. His hair was fucked, his face was fucked, his shirt was on backwards and he was pissed. Found out he fucked the fatty because he was so shitfaced he couldnt tell. So now we say "im in the back" when we're fucking around with some chick.

Holy fuck his face when he came down that hallway at sat at the table for breakfast. Jesus. I'd empty my bank account to see it again.
Top fucking kek
Sure thing just bring your mistake over to me so i can shit your mistake

Damn.. you're a better man than me. I would have railed that pussy into oblivion
File: 1471855323180.png (2 MB, 2487x6057) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2487x6057
e has a point. There are times when you have to think with something other then your dick.
Hot story dude, feel somewhat jelly [spoiler]if true[/spoiler]
Yeaaaa this is what I was looking for
>be tech staff at anime con
>Recent breakup, so I dyed my hair
>Go to date auction
>Nobody very interesting
>10/10 asian lolita model, last on auction
>Finally outbid this guy at $20+
>6'6" guy appears out of nowhere, doesn't look happy
>Freak out thinking just got a date with a 15yr old
>Pay, she hugs me, tells me to be at the auction for a dance
>I hate dancing
>Go to dancing rehearsal because working, learn??
>She wears Flash minidress, matching boots, hair done
>My jaw drops, blood has left one head for the other
>Dance, chat, she makes me dance to some shit pop music
>Go back to waltz, we're getting on really well
>"I wasnt sure before, but I am now, you're getting some tonight"
>Brain processes this slowly
>"Great, now I just have to not fuck up or something!"
>We go to her hotel room for beer
>This chick gave me beer and sex
>The good stuff begins.
>I get perfomance anxiety a bit
>Ask to go down on her, that gets me hard.
>"I really just want you to fuck me"
>A woman that doesn't like oral sex or foreplay-wtf
>Go down anyways, she has a fat pussy, nice musk
>hairless below her mons pubis, natural.
>She moans that she wants my cock
>Still pretty soft down there, fucking hell
>"I think he needs a little encouragement" she says
>She kneels down, licking from the base to the head
>Asian Lolita model gives great blowjobs
>I get hard from it, and then I hear it.
>"I hope this thing fits, don't hurt me"
>My life is complete
>Fuck her in as many positions as I can
>Only good thing about performance anxiety, delays orgasm for me
>We finish, we're panting, laying naked, drinking cheap beer
>6'6" guy enters room
>Doesn't make eye contact
>I'm totally nude on the bed
>He apologizes, grabs some stuff and leaves
>We get dressed and go to the staff room for more drinks
>Leave her alone because the deal was ONS, hear
>"It was great but never again, he's too big."
>Actually, NOW my life is complete.
Which cam? I have been looking for a good one that is tiny
>post on CL
>girl replies
>says she will do anything i want
>sounds good and shes close
>ask for pic
>she says she is "chubby" but pretty
>i dont mind chubby
>face pic is pretty
>go to her place
>knock on the door
>holy fuck
>she is pretty
>she is also fat as fuck
>want to bail but figure im already there
>she brings me to bedroom
>gets all shy
>I pull out my dick and focus on her face
>she sucks me so good
>shes so pretty but so fat
>its a crime against nature
>she does have huge tits
>make her strip down and fuck her tits
>shes so turned on
>says she will do anythin i tell her
>make her eat my ass while jerking me off
>realize i can live out whatever sick fantasies i have
>face fuck her hard as fuck
>she pukes a little and drools all over her fat tits
>put her on all fours and spread her ass
>dont even go easy on her
>she wants to please me so badly that even though she doesnt want to take it in the ass she does anyway
>make her go ass to mouth several times
>she cums rubbing her own pussy while i drill her big butt
>finish on her face
>make her stay there on the floor while I get dressed
>tell her it was fun and I will call her
>she emails me everyday
>begs me to come back
>only contact fatty when no options available
>still can call her anytime just to get blown whenever I want
File: image_3(1).png (27 KB, 956x722) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 956x722
Quads checked
Pics or it didn't happen.

At least post a picture of the girl ;) .
File: well_done_OP.jpg (162 KB, 1024x992) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 1024x992
PLEASE, some anon, screencap this. I'm on a shitty mobile. I came & I feeled. Also, if someone has the previous screencaps of this anons story, please dump them.
45 huh
mah niggah
you killed me /b/ro
I believe this
you go to Drake University?
Screencapped and cropped for anonymity. Forgive my shit clothes, I had no idea it was a formal dress event :o
ITT: Virgins
I...I guess it did happen for once :p
So, any nudes?
Was she 15?
Was the guy her boyfriend or best friend?
Do you think you may be a father now?
No nudes
She was 22
Dude was her friend, probably an orbiter
Nah, i wore a condom and she was on BC

She was a pretty fun person, and I probably only got laid because she was rebounding as hard as I was.
File: image.png (557 KB, 800x514) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
557 KB, 800x514
> been with gf for 3 years on lined dated. She's homeschooled nerdy and shy and I was her first
>she finally moves in with me.
>I work at a factory and am the only white guy for the most part
>live walking distance and she waits outside on some benches doe my lunch breaks
>two black guys walk up hit on on a lot. I can see the bench from a station I usually work at.
>one day see the bigger black guy smack her and she sort of jumped back And seemed uncomfortable.
>fast forward find out she blew both of them. Got very mad and jealous wasn't like her at all.
>we talk it over and both Admit it turned us on so I set her up with guys and watched.
>guys now fuck her on the regular and bring friends. Pic related.
File: image.png (635 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
635 KB, 1024x768
File: image.jpg (209 KB, 800x2065) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
209 KB, 800x2065
Will give more if anyone wants

Post higher res and size photos, and post vids
I'd love to see her tits.
I recognize you, how's the kid?
File: image.jpg (760 KB, 2192x2400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
760 KB, 2192x2400
Sure have an email let's talk on so,e other medium
Her with her mouth wide open? or giving a bj?
You are disgusting and your gf is a whore
Do you have kik?
No I can make one though sec
File: image.jpg (30 KB, 284x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 284x426
yes more
File: image.jpg (126 KB, 540x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126 KB, 540x960
awaiting kik

[email protected]

Would love more on her
Add me after.

File: image.jpg (39 KB, 624x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 624x329
> be /b/-tard since 2007
>lose virginity at 20 to a 5/10
>regularly fuck her because she is the only human being that will ever be attracted to an ugly nerd, but refuse a relationship because fuuuuck that shit
If anything other than something similar is /b/'s greatest sexcapade, its a lie

is me
my kik is jessicalocket
File: image.png (649 KB, 1080x1126) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
649 KB, 1080x1126
>enjoy hooking up with chubby sluts on dating sites because I got no self esteem
>most of them are pretty bland, occasionally have a tight enough body I am able to stand looking at their body
>mfw they confuse my deep gaze in their eyes as love, when I just really don't want to look at the chub
This is millenials in a nutshell
>be in language school prepping for uni.
>meet girl student also from abroad in shitty language school dorm
>we hook up and fuck like crazy
>one day both of our roommates are in our rooms
>decide to fuck in dorm shared bathrooms
>standing doggy over toilet in closet but unlocked stall
>rub clit, pull hair, all my stamina pounding
>gf loses it and starts panting/moaning heavily
>gf cums hard
>fuck her hardsr as she cums
>minutes of this then I pull out, turn her around and blast cum all over her face and top clothes
>no toilrt paper, wiped the cum off with her panties and my boxer shorts
>go out to find a bunh of girls giggling and other angry folk who wanted to use the stalls
>I become a legend
>fuck three different students because of this event afte I broke up with gf

Rumors are very important /b/
>be in college
>total virgin, watch porn and fap daily
>become fit and masculine
>finally date women with confidence
>reach bedroom for first time
>cant boner
>try again a week later
>boner lasts two seconds
>google it
>watching too much porn makes your boner only respond to porn
>try to stop watching porn so I can smash
>realize I have an addiction and can't stop
>can never fuck again
>be working at store in the mall
>coworker girl has crush on me, she’s 19, naïve, single mom
>we flirt pretty heavily for a couple months, then start making out when no one else is around
>we work in the backroom most of the time so we get lots of time to play around
>one morning we’re the only ones in store, have at least an hour to ourselves, so while she’s putting her lunch into breakroom fridge I follow her in and pull my cock out
>we’ve fooled around but never anything like this
>”cmon, put it in your mouth”
>she blushes, says “no! anon, they have cameras in here, they’ll see!”
>well A) no they fucking don’t, dummy, and B) suck this fucking thing
>I’m standing at her side, I’ve closed the fridge, she’s shaking her head no while I wag it in her face, “open up, just suck me for a second”
>pushing it up on her cheek, her lips
>she says “anon, this is RAPE” and OK that freaks me out enough that I start to say “OK forget it” and put it away
>except now she leans forward, opens up, takes me in
>make up your fucking mind
>so I get a hand in her hair and fuck her mouth slow, make sure she’s taking everything
>she sucks it a few times and keeps trying to pull away, but I won’t let go of her hair and force it back in her mouth, no stopping now bitch
>five minutes sucking me on her knees in the break room, staring up at me with wide hurt eyes, drool on her chin
>she pulls back, pushes at me, gets to her feet, “OK enough!”
>I let her up and she rushes out of the room, into the women’s room
>I honestly don’t know what to do, stand there for a few seconds trying to decide, but I haven’t cum so I figure: fuck it
>hitch up my pants, follow her into the ladies room, she’s bent over at the sink, washing her face
>looks up at me in the mirror and freezes
>step up behind her
>she doesn’t speak, still watching me
>put hands on her hips
>she doesn’t speak, still watching me
>hook fingers into her leggings, start pulling down
>she doesn’t speak, still watching me
>leggings around her knees, cock up against her ass
>she closes her eyes and lowers her head
>put my hands on her thighs and push, she spreads her legs as best she can
>find her cunt, press inside, she’s tight. Hot. Soaking wet.
>fuck her bent over the counter, she’s moaning into the sink, wet slapping sounds echoing in the bathroom
>grab her hair, pull her head up, watching each other in the mirror and her mouth hangs open as she pants and I start thrusting harder and she’s grunting with every push and I start to cum buckets inside this girl
>pull out slow, wipe my dick on her pussy lips and ass, get her back on her knees
>she cleans me off with her mouth with her pants still down and my cum dribbling down her thighs, dripping on the floor or into her panties
>put my cock away and leave, let her clean up
File: yr moms basement.jpg (28 KB, 200x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
yr moms basement.jpg
28 KB, 200x160
>Iv'e fucked 45 women
Op post the second part
>Went to amsterdam on a business trip.
>Of course i had to check out red light district
>3 ladies and 2 trannies later, a sore ass, a sore dick and a sore throat
>worst business trip ever, spent more money than i made.
>would do again
>Girlfriend has no clue
What a whore.
This must be one of the slowest /b/ threads ive ever seen..
Then contribute bitch
Fam-Chan here.

That other Anon posted it and are you the one that requested it a few days ago?
>be 24
>meet girl with killer ass at the beach
>exchange numbers
>she calls me that night
>lives about 20 minutes from me
>pick her up and drive to an offroad beach
>make out and fuck for a few hours
>do this everyday for two weeks
>get a phone call one night
>angry dad threatening to kick my ass
>turns out she was 14
>think of how many loads she sucked from my cock
>how many times I stuffed my cock in her ass
>swear to dad no had no idea
>share his outrage
>secretly meet up with her for three more months
>no fucks given
>be me, 15
>aunt, late twenties, is recovering from car accident that almost got her killed
>she's on heavy painkillers and sleeping pills just to rest every night
>listening to the family it turns out her sleeping pills make her weird; she's awake sometimes but not aware of what's happening, has these hallucinations
>but i dont care about that; important thing is, the sleeping pills knock her out
>sleep over at grandparents' one weekend with all my cousins
>aunt lives here too
>wait til everyone's asleep then go to her room
>creep inside, everything's dark, she's snoring softly
>close the door, creep up to the bed, turn on a lamp
>she's knocked out, doesn't stir at all
>i'm moving her blankets around and watching her face, pulling blankets aside and there's no reaction from her
>she's sleeping in just a tshirt and panties and i take a few minutes to just stare, touch her legs, her stomach, cup her tits through her shirt
>she runs, plays soccer, swims--so yeah she’s older and has a kid but she’s still slim and toned
>she isn't moving and i am diamonds
>get bolder, push her shirt up, play with her tits, stroke the nipples, suck them
>best night ever, so far
>pull the panties aside but they're still in the way so fuck it, i pull them down and off of her
>she's still snoring, i'm good to go
>spread her legs wide
>i'm down between her legs, rubbing her, sniffing her--never seen a pussy up close so i'm taking my time
>got my finger in her, playiing iwth her clit, looking at how her dampness glistens on her trimmed bush
>don't realize she's stopped snoring
>i'm licking her when i hear her say "you're being naughty"... voice thick with sleep
>i back away off the bed, freaked out, but she's grinning at me, eyes half-shut
>she takes her shirt off and tells me to come back, she's not mad and it's okay if i'm curious
>make my way over and she's spread her legs wider, spreading her lips, "you like it? you want to play with it some more?"
Hey you're back what up?
>her eyes don't seem to focus and her voice is slurred even as she wakes up so i figure maybe its the pills?
>i'm scared, honestly, but fuck it she's offering so i get back down between her legs, finger her, lick her
>she's rolling her hips and urging me on, has a hand in my hair
>don't know what i'm doing but lick her pussy for a few minutes and she tugs me up , beckons me closer
>she starts trying to take my pants off, "let me see it, let me see how big you get"
>so i help her, get my pants and boxers off and she grabs my dick, starts working it
>"oh you're so big, i didnt think you were this big yet"
>she's stroking me, puts me in her mouth, starts working the head with her tongue
>moaning softly and muttering something as she goes but i can't really make it out
>she's swallowing my cock and i don't know what to do, do i make her swallow? cum on her? i kinda want to fuck her but i'm afraid to, and is she gonna know tomorrow?
>she pulls her mouth off my dick and starts jacking it fast and tells me to cum and i cna't help it, i just start shooting on her face and chest, one of the biggest loads of my life
>she's smiling at me and licking it off her fingers and wiping it off her face and says "that's my good boy" and her hand is still slowly tugging on me and i stay hard
>and i realize she's calling me by her son's name
>"do you want to fuck your momma?"
>i'm really worried and freaked out now, i pull away from her and she bites her lip, looks hurt
>"what's wrong? do you want to hurt your momma's feelings?" and god i reallyl shouldn't do this but I get on the bed and kneel between her legs
>"that's a good boy" and i'm trying to find it and she's so wet i'm slipping around everywhere
>she has to reach down and guide me in and i slide into her and now we're both moaning
>"that's right, fuck momma, fuck me [son’s name]"
Not much just lurking around being bored right now.
I'll take "Things that never happened" for $500, please Bob
>she's got her legs wrapped tight around me and the bed's squeaking beneath us and my face is buried in her neck, she smells so good
>her nails are in my back and she's grunting
>"yes yes yes"
>i can't take it, i tell her i'm going to cum, and she tightens herself around me while i try to pull out, she won't let me
>"yes cum in me, cum in momma"
>and i do, i can't help it it feels so good, just unload in her
>i pull out and look down at her sloppy cunt and i'm horny and scared
>she sits up, takes me in her mouth again, starts cleaning me off
>she falls asleep again halfway through so i go down the hall, get a washcloth, come back to clean her up
>put her panties back on (can't do the shirt), cover her up; i get my clothes back on, all shaky
>finally fall asleep in the rec room
>all day long waiting for her to tell everyone what i did
>but she never says a word, doesn't treat me any different to this day, sleeping pills must have made it seem like a dream or something
>to this day, steal her panties to jerk off with, remembering that night
>watch my cousin like a hawk cuz I gotta find out if something’s happening with those two
Daily Double!

no he definitely came in under 45 secs
any updates on you and your sister? have you played with her recently
Hey there. I was in the thread that named you - good to see you posting.
continue fucker!
... but .this is all there is?
10/10 would let you watch me fuck her
Slampigs are kinda the best. I hate to say it, but I can just fuck them and use them and not feel bad about it. It's my lil secret.
I haven't started on that greentext yet. Sorry about that. Haven't done anything sexual with her recently yet. She's entering University this year and the whole month has been her over panicking and focusing in getting ready for school so we really don't have time too.

We meet again then LOL. Thanks for the name again.
:( I want more
Awwwwww man.... what about with your other family members?
>cheating on your young gf with some 54 yr old
good job mayn
I can't lay claim to the name - that was another anon, although I picked up on it, followed by others. Ten you responded by asking if that's what we were calling you.

Just read your greentext - you're embellishing a little for the audience, aren't you? Be careful you don't lose what made you initially so interesting. The pain bit? When you already said your father is bigger? Come on, that's beginning to read like a neckbeard who doesn't have a vagina. Now if you were describing anal....
....sorry...never had another chance to do anything else with her
does any one have the whole famchan greentext?
I'm guessing fam-chan does

Or you could read the fucking thread
I gave my brother a blowjob a few nights ago but that's pretty much as exciting as it gets recently.

I see but thanks anyways I guess.

Yeah I think I might have embellished it a little to much. I'll try to keep it simpler next time so it's not to long, my bad. I guess pain was a bad choice of word. It's like a small ache at first but I think I might have described it to much like it was having anal...

This Anon posted it. Kind of long so sorry in advance.
File: 259844561.jpg (77 KB, 332x911) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 332x911
>So I'm partying with this huge group of people
>Mostly friends of friends etc
>Great party all night booze and weed and some other stuff
>I stick with booze not really into anything else
>Finally huge group heads back to hotel and we after party till the sun comes up
>Things finally start to die down and people start to get some sleep
>One of the girls at this party is a FWB and has fallen asleep sharing a bed with another girl
>So I get inbetween both girls knowing my FWB is totally good with me spooning and doing anything I want to her
>The other girl is passed out cold at this point and doesn't even notice me roll her over to lie down
>She had changed from her party outfit into really loose fitting shorts before passing out
>As a side note I had seen her G-string peak over the top of her mini skirt all night
>She was wearing a Hollywood Star G-String from Fredricks
>These panties are a super silky and soft material that also happens to be very stretchy
>So after laying inbetween these two girls trying to pass out I'm only getting harder and harder
>Can't really fuck my fwb cause too many people in the same hotel room
>Time to feel up this other hot girl and have a nice stealth fap
No problem. It's not the length that's the problem, it's inconsistencies with your first set of posts.

So I can keep a look-out for you, what sort of threads do you post in? Secrets? Or do you start your own, yet?
nice rape
File: 9494636854.jpg (55 KB, 294x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 294x667
>I rolled over to face this girl and she was in the perfect position
>Facing away from me with her knees bent in a fetal position giving me perfect access to her sexy ass
>After waiting a few moments from rolling over towards her I start too carefully and slowly
>Creep my hand under the blankets towards her ass
>Fuck I realize that shes sort of balled up in one of the blankets and I cant reach her
>Fuck it I need to play with that ass probably wont ever get this chance again
>So I start to tug on the covers, figure if she wakes up it'll seem like I'm just trying
>To pull the blankets more onto my side
>I pulled harder and harder until they finally slide out from under her
>She doesn't even stir at all shes totally passed out
>So now I have the blankets just how I want them
>They are totally covering both of us like a nice smooth sheet
>And I can continue with unblocked access to touching her without anyone
>Seeing what my hands are doing
>My hand finally makes contact with her ass
>I very gently lay my hand with soft but solid pressure and just hold her soft
>Ass cheek for a while so she will get used to the weight
>Her ass is so soft and warm I'm fucking throbbing already
>Very very slowly I position my hand so my fingers are right on her pussy
>I wait another 2 or 3 minutes holding my hand there before I move anymore
>Time to start rubbing my dick and feel what this bitches poon feels like
>Middle finger slips right into the loose leg hole of her short and
>finds her burning hot pussy covered by her little panties
>>In HS I used to look at my sister in our hottub on the deck from my window.
>> Got so nervous shed see me.
>>Started Fapping to her
>>Once for a brief moment I caught her pushing her crotch against a jet
>>Once saw her pull her bathing suit to the side and pushed a soda can against her mound.
>>heart racing, blew my load a few times watching her.
>>Once set up a secret cam pointed downwards... I walked outside with dog and told her I was going for a walk. Hopefully to catch her doing more stuff knowing I was gone, no one else home. My recording revieled nothing. damn.
File: 9849956649.jpg (110 KB, 506x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 506x799
>Slowly rub my finger back and forth over the smooth fabric for a little while
>Damn I'm gonna blow need to keep moving
>Very carefully I move my finger back to her little butthole and string
>using my pointer finger I hook it under the gstring and pull it slightly aside
>Slowly make my way back forward and touch her pussy lips
>Damn shes a little bit meaty
>Things are really sweaty and sticky and I'm having a hard time trying to get inside her
>Spend a few minutes trying but I'm afraid I'm getting too rough now and dont want to pinch a pussy lip
>and wake her up
>Frustrated I give up trying to get inside her pussy
>Move back to her asshole everything is hot and sweaty
>Start rubbing her and teasing her hole, fuck this is so hot
>Only takes a few moments before my finger is up to the first knuckle deep in her ass
>Boom thats all it takes and blow my wad in my other hand
>But wait thats not it, I have to finger this bitch
>For a second I try to catch my breath as I slide my finger out of her butt
>Still no movement from her so I know I'm good for phase two
Sure, I'll be the faggot without syphilus.
File: 9841654357.jpg (133 KB, 640x639) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 640x639
>I let go of her ass and bring my dirty finger up to my nose to smell her
>Oh god that perfect mix of sweaty poon girl ass and perfume
>Fucking makes me hard again
>So I take my dirty finger and rub it in my hand thats holding a huge pool of jizz
>Make sure its dripping with my hot cum
>Take my now jizz covered finger and back up into the leg of her shorts which are already
>Pushed out of the way and allow direct access to her exposed pussy
>Working completely in the blind I land right on her labia
>This time I find her hole with ease and my jizz lubes everything up really nice
>Very very slowly I move my hand back to my jizz stash and get some more
>Back up into her shorts and this time I let me finger slide ever so slowly into her
>She's so hot and gooey inside I just let my finger sit inside her for a few minutes enjoying her
>Take my other hand and start to fap again
>Getting close to blowing again
>My finger is now all the way inside her as deep as I can reach
>Suddenly she moves just a tiny bit and I freak for a second
>My plan if she wakes is to act like I was too drunk to realize that it was her
>and not my FWB
>But she barely moves and nothing else happens, shes still asleep
>I wiggle my finger back and forth just a tiny bit and end up brushing the tip of her cervix
>Thats it feeling this hot girls cervix that I barely know pushes me over the edge and
>I blow again
>Exhausted and well satisfied I retract my hand from her and sort of half ass slide her
>gstring over and pull her short leg down
>I smell and suck my finger enjoying her scent and taste roll over and pass out
>Later in the morning everyone wakes up and I head on out
>Drunk girl has no clue anything happened to her
>Still run into her occasionally and say hi give hugs
Alright I will keep that in mind, thanks for the advice.

So far just incests and wincests threads. Haven't started my own thread yet.
Do you mean Sisyphus?
you were not kidding about the long ass story..... but i still enjoyed it. time to go fap
I'll drop in from time to time to see if you're posting.

I'd like to hear the story of your lost virginity. I know you said you started by being instructed how to fellate your father by your mother as a form of sex-ed.

But not now - I'm out of here in a couple of minutes to go eat.
Oh, and then the first time with each of your family - I kinda like your viewpoint as the boundaries and taboos tumbled
>be last night
>GF and I getting ready to fuck out side
>drive to small park and fuck in the field
>decide to keep driving and see if there are any other cool places to fuck.
>up in mountains now, area is rich af
>after a bit GF says she really needs to pee
>pull over on residential street lined with houses and tell GF to go piss on the sidewalk
>Gf tries to leave can to pee
>tell her to leave her clothes in the car
>GF walks out naked and starts pissing in the street.
>I drive a few blocks away and make her come find me, all while completely naked with exception of thigh highs and shoes.
>kinda bummed she didnt get caught
>get home and fist/fuck her until she passes out
>wakes up 5 min later and doesnt remember most of it.
>need to ramp things up next time.
Yeah sorry. I will try my best to make it shorter for next time.

I promised this other Anon I would tell him about me and my sister, so I have to work on that first but after that I'll work on a greentext about how I lost my virginity and the first time with each of my family. Might time some time so don't expect it anytime soon though lol.
There is an old hot woman at work who teases the fuck out of me...would definitely cheat on my GF with her.
Wait, how the fuck is this thread still up? It says it was posted 8 hours ago.
These threads go on for ages
would u believe me if I said I was the one who started the thread? I'm so fucking tired right now
She is probably 50-55 ish...slim, boobs. I'm pretty sure her body isn't like it was when she was 24, but hasn't batted an eye when talking about open sexual stuff. She knows she has me in the palm of her hand.
> Be 15, no gf, loser
> Play D&D at friends house
> One day his older sister shows up
> Never met her
> She is hot as fuck redhead
> Have fapped to her pics before
> Stays for spring break
> I stay over late
> She flirts with me
> Takes me to cemetery to take my pics
> Asks me why I'm so unhappy
> Tells me she wants to take me smw tomorrw
> Takes me to professors house
> He's not around
> Feeds me mushrooms
> Takes my virginity
> Tells me from now on I can be happy
> Tells me I remind her of her first bf
> drops me back at my house
> puts my finger in her pussy in the car
> tells me this wont ever happen again
> I say ok, I know
> never depressed or insecure anymore
Lol...nope, not on my phone
but somewhere you do have them
File: plan.png (10 KB, 383x411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 383x411
>be me in vacation with gf and her family
>we all sleep in the same room
>only 2 beds, her parents sleep on one her sister and cousin on the other
>we sleep on the floor infront of the parents bed
>pic related
>everyone watching tv
>me and gf feeling each other since they cant see us
>everyone seems to have fallen asleep with tv on
>slide gf's shorts down
>start fucking her spoon position
>ninja style - silent
>decide to put a blanket on our hip area
>only covers the hip area
>fuck her more
>hear something
>someones getting up
>still inside her
>her dad is now standing
>dick still inside her
>he looks at us
>looks away and goes to bathroom and pees
>fucking blanket saved our lives
>take dick out and pull our shorts up
>dad goes back to bed and sleep
>me and gf laugh about it
>turns off tv
>fuck again

praise the blanket
Probably work email or shared drive from parties or whatever.
theeen, whats stopping you
how do you get raped by someone who's 5'2?
>parents are away and I’m oldest still at home so in charge of my siblings
>conservative Catholic family, pretty strict rules, and rule number one for my sisters was always: no boys allowed if mom and dad aren’t home
>so I come home from an errand one day and get pissed when I hear a boy’s voice from my sister’s room
>I bust in and find:
>muscular football-player type putting his shirt on, pants undone
>sister under her covers, mascara running a bit and giving her these big ol raccoon eyes
>she freaks out when I come in, tells me to get out, what the fuck am I doing? this is HER room, blahblahblah
>guy walks out with this smirk on his face, I follow to make sure he actually leaves and then I go back to her with all sorts of questions
>”who the fuck was that? You know no one is supposed to be over, mom and dad are going to be PISSED”
>and she starts crying, I can’t tell anyone, no one can know, she didn’t even want to--
>gives me this stupid fucking story about how her actual bf broke up with her cuz he’s gay, and she decided to sleep with the guy he had a crush on, and it’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard and I’m pissed at the end
>because, cmon, really?
>she’s crying, begging me not to tell, and she’s got a bedsheet clutched to her chest and I know she’s nude under there so I say
>”let me see”
File: img.jpg (17 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 640x480
>i'm 25, gf of 6 months is 22
>she has sister who JUST (like a month ago) turned 18
>i'm a pretty good looking guy, 6'1 dark hair light eyes fairly built casual weightlifter with broad shoulders
>sister has always been flirty when gf isn't around
>going out of her way to talk to me, laughs at everything i say, softly touches leg or shoulder sometimes
>gf has a nice butt but sister's ass is HUGE, like twice the size of her face, pic is very similar
>always steal looks at it, jack off to the thought of it

>drive down to gf on family vacation
>her hotel room is just her and her sister
>in room there's a big mirror across from the bathroom door, and a drawer with a lamp next to the mirror
>I go into bathroom to change into a bathing suit, gf and i don't go together so family isn't suspicious
>exit bathroom and see gf's sister bent over in a bikini digging through the drawer
>she notices me staring at dat ass in the mirror
>smiles a seductive smile and says "like what you see?"
>I don't answer, never cheated on gf before so i'm nervous
>"you can touch it if you want"
>rock hard just looking at this ass, decide to walk over and grab it
>literally play with this ass for a full minute
>she smiles seductively that whole time, still bent over
>she gets up but arches her back and talks to me by looking in the mirror
>she starts grinding her ass on my dick
>"you like that, huh?"
>she can feel how hard I am
>I grab her hips and move her ass like i'm fucking her doggy style
>we watch ourselves dry hump in the mirror
>she knows she's getting me off, moaning softly and saying stuff like "mmmm yeah"
>soon i'm humping the shit out of her
>so turned on and horny, tell her I'm gonna cum
>"cum baby, cum on my fucking ass" gf never said shit like that
>cum a massive load in my bathing suit
>she turns around and gives me a deep tongue kiss
>I go into the bathroom to clean up
>when i go back in the room no one is there
>don't see her again until dinner that night where we don't say a word
I can't really dig up photos, email them to myself then post them.
>she’s angry, she wants to argue it with me, but I lay it out pretty clear:
>I will tell our parents. I will tell your friends. I will make sure our priest finds out, and people at church, and in your youth group. People at school will know.
>and she’s terrified. She’s got a “good girl” reputation and I’m threatening to blow it open.
>and if she were smart enough she’d have realized that that dude was probably already texting his buddies about wrecking her, but she doesn’t think of it. She thinks I’m the one she has to be afraid of.
>so after a few minutes, she relents. Still crying. Lowers to sheet so I can see her tits. Pale A cups, puffy pink nipples. Fit stomach with a little treasure trail.
>I tell her, let me see the rest.
>reluctantly she moves the sheet aside and I see long tanned legs leading up to her furred snatch. Blood and cum on her thighs.
>”This was your first time?”
>she says yes and I feel some weird mix of… I don’t know, anger, jealousy, lust, and I’m gonna push this as far as I can go
>I leave, come back with a wet washcloth and get on the bed with her, move the sheet aside again
>”What are you doing?” she asks and I tell her to shut up, I start wiping up the mess between her legs
>cleaning off her thighs, then working on getting it out of her bush
>she’s laying there, looking confused, scared, arms over her tits
>spread her legs and start working the washcloth up and down her slit, cleaning her up
>when she’s clean, just keep rubbing the washcloth on her, up and down, slow, just a bit of pressure
>make sure to flick her clit on the upswing
>her eyes are closed and she’s biting her lip and turned her head aside, whimpering
>go slow for a minute or two, don’t say anything, just rubbing and she’s trying to pretend I’m not there
>start undoing my pants and I see her wince when she hears the belt come open but still doesn’t speak
>still rubbing her, slowly, her clit standing up, while I unzip my pants
>no response from her
>use one hand to start working my pants down
>toss the washcloth aside and start stroking her snatch with my fingers
>she’s wet, it glistens on her lips, my fingers are slick
>she’s got her face pressed against the pillow and her mouth is open while she takes these long deep breaths trying to stay calm or pretend this isn’t happening
>I see a tear in one shut eye and it just eggs me on
>get my pants and briefs down to my knees and spread her legs wide
>get on top of her, press up against her, work myself in slowly
>she gasps
>so tight and I don’t want her crying or screaming so I go slow, work back and forth, get my dick wet little by little
>takes me a couple of minutes to get to my base, she’s grunting every time I push a bit further
>quiet little “no” on every exhale
>I start fucking my sister
>was playing with her clit earlier to keep her wet and compliant, not really for her benefit, but now I don’t care, I’m just pounding
>she’s got her hands on my shoulders trying to steadily push me away
>head thrown back or whipping to the side, face obscured by her brown hair
>I’m trying to time my thrusts so her whispers of “no” come out in loud gasps or grunts
>”noo-OH! noo-OH!”
>I know his cum is in her but I swear she’s getting wetter too, can feel it on me, look down and see it on her thighs
>she’s got her feet up in the air and they’re twitching as I ram her
>I have to go slower than I want because she’s too damn tight and I don’t want to cum early
>I rear back and push all the way in her, fast, with each thrust, listen to the ‘thwack’ of our bodies, her pussy squelching
>”whyYYY…. sto-OHP! …no-OH!”
>after about five minutes, stop, pull out of her
>can hear her crying quietly, she’s wiping the hair from her face, mascara streaking
>puddle on her sheets below her red puffy pussy and glistening ass cheeks
>she thinks I’m done and she’s saying “thank you, please, no more, get the fuck out of here” but goes quiet when I start taking my jeans all the way off
>I tell her to roll over and get on her knees with her ass in the air
>lip quivering, tears on her face, she’s glaring daggers at me but she does it
>I get behind her (pussy lips drooling open and inviting) and push my cock inside her
>I start REALLY fucking my sister
>hands on her hips, plowing her hard, bodies slapping
>her face in the pillow and she’s moaning now, no words, just groans and moans and deep ragged wet breaths
>drool and tears and makeup on her pillowcase, some of her hair stuck to the mascara trails
>I’m telling her: this is what you get, you slut, you stupid slut, this is what you’re for, you tease, you whore, you cunt
>I’ve been pent up too long, I can only manage this for a couple of minutes and then I’m cumming inside of her while calling her every name I can think of
>take a bit to rest while still buried in her, she’s sobbing into the pillow
>pull out of her, still half-hard, cock streaked with cum and pussy juice and a bit of blood
>her thighs and ass are glistening, wet from her pussy, two men’s cum starting to leak out
>I push her onto her side, grab her hair, and put my cock in her face
>she’s staring up at me and I ask her, “you’ve never fucked before today?”
>she shakes her head and I press my wet dick to her cheek
>”then you don’t know the rule. The rule is: always clean it up.”
>rub it back and forth against her lips until she gets it, opens her mouth, takes me in
>she cleans me with her tongue, I might be the first cock ever in her mouth and the thought gets me diamonds again
>push more and more in her mouth, make her take it, she’s licking and sucking and choking until I pull out and unload on her face
>I get off the bed, put my clothes on, and tell her I will keep her secret
>leave her lying on her back, staring at the ceiling, my cum pooling off her cheek
>be me 19
>down shore with gf and other friends for the weekend drinking and partying non stop
>night 2 in bed room with bunkbeds. me and gf on the bottom bunk her friend on the top bunk
>he friend is a sexy nerdy redhead with glasses and big titties.
>start fucking gf knowing her friend up top can hear us
>i ask her friend on top bunk i she wants to come down
>"why what are you doing?"
>In my head i respond "you know damn well what we're doing, now get down here"
>me and gf both naked, me on top laying the screws as her friend hops down and say's "i'll just watch"
>i glance over and she's got her hand down her shorts blasting away.
>she starts rubbing her tits
>i tell her to take off her clothes, she does.
>gf whispers in my ear "i don't want you to fuck her"
>i say fine, I don't wanna fuck this up, gotta play it cool see where it goes.
>after 10 minuets friend lays next to my gf naked rubbing her snatch. i can hear the wettness.
> I get off my gf and show her friend my hard wet cock. shes moaning now
>I lay on floor and gf rides me cowgirl and i tell her friend to sit on my face, she does.
>15 minutes of hot sweaty dick ride and pussy eating fuck fest go by and i'm about to nut.
>i get them off of me and they sit on the floor, i start shoving my bone in their mouths one at a time.
>end up nutting on both their faces.
>we all lay there naked for an hour or two, wipe of dried jizz and get dressed.
>next day we're all cool like it never happened. and it never happens again.
any pics that look like her to help the image in my head?
meant to link those with that question
File: bangbus2.jpg (111 KB, 631x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sounds like the bangbus...
File: 1456901925491.jpg (121 KB, 432x738) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 432x738
very similar to this girl

>and it seems like that’s the end, she doesn’t talk to me for a week and then things start going back to normal
>two months later she comes to me, in tears and in panic:
>”anon, I’m pregnant”
>well shit
>gotta think about that for a little while
>so what are you going to do? Abort? “No!” Keep it? “I don’t know.” Well you have to tell mom and dad. “No! Please not yet, I’m not ready.”
>get an evil thought…. What’s to stop ME from telling them?
>she goes pale, getting ready to cry again, “No! you can’t tell them!”
>…OK, fine….if you blow me, right here, right now, I won’t tell mom and dad
>she’s shocked and disgusted, “no way, fuck you”
>well, then I’ll go tell them right now….
>which is how I end up with my little sister on her knees, tugging my boxers down to give me her first proper blowjob
>make her stroke it to so I can get hard, which doesn’t take long cuz this is exciting as fuck
>she’s staring up at me, furious; I tell her to drop her eyes and look at my dick cuz she’s gonna get -real- well acquainted with it
>finally I’m diamonds and she’s staring at it, angry and reluctant
>tell her to open her mouth, her lips purse slightly and touches just the tiniest patch of the head to the gap, flicks it her tongue
>no girl, open the fuck up
>push half my cock into her hot mouth and put a hand on the back of her head
no fiction story
> be me at prom night
> friend Anon is here with new gf
> he went away to get us all some drinks at the open bar
> she asks me to go with her outside to watch the stars
> I just say ok and start pointing stars and naming them
> she was just staring at me right in the eyes the whole time !
> suddently took my hand and came closer to me...
> dickisstartingtopulse.rar
> hmmm I think we should go back, Anon must be waiting with the drinks I said
> I can clearly see that she's pissed of but you know, bro before hoes
> Anon see us coming back and start to panic *did you kiss/fuck her or what??*
> WTF dude I did nothing! I went away as he was still mad yelling around to his new gf
> Friend of them, petite brunette 8/10 comes around asking why they are mad.
> explain what happened and all the crazy gf behavior
> I'm still semi-hard thinking about it
> she laughts and says if it was her she would not have go for the hand
> wtfishappeningtonight.jpeg
>get her to start bobbing back and forth on it, coach her on where to put her tongue, how to use it
>she keeps trying to pull away, just taking the first half, sucking on it weakly, bad tongue action
>tell her, if you don’t stop that I’m gonna grab your head and just start fucking until this thing’s down your throat
>so she settles down and starts taking more of it down, making little grunts as she goes
>chin slick with spit
>and she obviously hates it but she gets a rhythm going, starts learning
>no doubt wants me to cum fast so it can be over with
>can feel it starting to build so I pull out, put my cock on her face, tell her to lick the shaft and nuts
>she starts half-heartedly doing this and I cool down a bit
>reach down, unbutton top of her blouse while she does this
>she’s got a pink lacy bra on, I reach inside and squeeze her tits while she’s licking my shaft
>put it back in her mouth and she starts going again, actually taking maybe 5 or 6 inches in, almost all of it, and she’s speeding up
>heavy breathing through her nose, little grunts when I hit the back of her throat, the sound drives me wild
>she’s not a bad learner, using her tongue right where I showed her, sucking hard as she takes it
>line of drool on her face from where I pressed my cock against her
>chin wet and its dripping off, down her shirt
>my hand’s in her hair and I’m getting real close, I’m forcing her to take it all, grinding my hips against her mouth
>her eyes are wide and wet and angry and hurt
>and once I can’t take it, I pull out, tug her blouse wide open, and jerk off while pointing my dick down the opening
>cum all over her tits and that nice pretty bra
>make her lick the remains off my cockhead and tell her
>”OK… I won’t tell mom and dad…. Tonight. But you better be back here tomorrow.”
>if her looks could kill I’d have burst into flames
Ever mess around with the redhead alone? Sounds like a missed opportunity.
as much as I like reading about her sexy bra, didn't you imply she's topless?
File: image.jpg (539 KB, 1800x939) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
539 KB, 1800x939
>be me
>have sex
>take nap
>wake up
>eat Doritos
>watch Fraser on Netflix
>take big shit
>grill wants more sex

Wow, were you guys still friends after that?
god i wish i could see that look in her eyes
op again. almost had it happen again with a different friend a few years later.

>me and gf are getting married
>we have bachelor/Bachelorette party weekend in same shore house. guys downstairs girls upstairs.
>the next day party is still going, we all wake up and start drinking at 10am
>after some hours of weed and booze my buddy says "i got something for you!" and pushed me into the back bedroom
>there on the bed is my gf aka future succubus and her best friend from college.
>he friend is tall slim nice b cups dark hair
>my buddy shuts the door and says to me "have fun!"
> ok how do we get this started?
>i pull my dick out and tell gf to suck it in front of her friend, thinking this will get the wheels in motion.
>her friend doesn't take the bait and just watches me getting sucked off. I tried to rib her tits but she's not having it.
>i blow my load in gf's mouth and pull up my shorts.
>end of the show
>i still beat off thinking about fucking them both that day.
File: UFO+twins1.jpg (102 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 640x640
she was nude in the earlier portions, but the last two (>>700689976, >>700690505) are a separate night, and she was clothed

>every night for a week she comes to my room and sucks my cock
>she coulda told our parents that she was pregnant and taken away my leverage, but she still wasn’t ready to, or didn’t realize how easily my power over her could be taken away, how easily I’d be fucked
>third night she took her top and bra off as soon as she closed the door so she was already learning
>the fifth and sixth night, I made her swallow the cum
>but I still make her take her tops off because I like playing with her nipples, they don’t stiffen exactly but just get puffier
>seventh or eighth night she comes in and takes her top off, and I tell her to take her pants off too
>because I said so, I tell her, I’m not going to fuck you again, just do it
>so she works her jeans off, throws them by the bed with her tee (didn’t even wear a bra that night, I’d been staring at the slut’s tits all evening and nipples were very prominent)
>gets on her knees an starts to blow me
>she’s really picked up on it and pretty soon I’m ready to blow but instead I pull out of her mouth and tell her to stand up
>she gets up, uncertain, wipes her mouth with her hand
>I reach over and cup her pussy through her panties, and she slaps me, tries to twist away
>but I grab her arm and tell her to hold still
>rub her pussy and there’s an obvious wet spot, cotton soaked through
>rubbing her through the fabric and I pull her close, close enough to kiss, she’s glaring at me
>but she’s panting, lips trembling, there’s no fight in her
Dubs don't lie
> I go with the classic answer *I don't believe you*
> She takes me behind the waterslides near the swimming pool
> Unzip my pants and stuff her mouth with my package
> I laid down to fully enjoy the beauty of the moment
> Perfect weather and temperature of the air, a good Cuba Libre in the hand
> This petite brunette working hard on my dong and rubbing my balls
> Feelsgoodman.bmp
> She then up her dress and goes for the reverse cowgirl, damn she knows her stuff !
> Fine ass bouncing and clapping in front of my eyes until I jizz hard in her
> I forehead kiss her and apologyze for not even knowing her name
> that makes her giggles and she doesn't even answer
> I leave her as she was cleaning her pussy with some water from the pool nearby
> damn I need to clean my sticky cock and fingers too!
> went strait to the bathroom where a loud banging noise is coming from a stall
> indeedwtfishappeningtonight.jpeg
no but i always got flirty with her, after me and my gf (later wife) split up i tried to find her but haven't been able to track her down. last time i saw her it was on myspace like 9 years ago. god i wish i fucked her.
>start whispering to her, do you masturbate? “...yes.” how? What do you do? Do you rub like this, or use something? “…. Mostly rub, or a finger sometimes. Or I use the showerhead.”
>tell her to take her panties off, and I step away from her, strip nude and lay down on the bed
>she’s standing by the bed trying to cover herself and I tell her to get on with me, in 69
>she doesn’t know what that is (jesus) so I physically move her around until we’re in 69
>tell her to start sucking
>staring at her pussy…. trimmed brown bush, puffy red lips, and when I open them her inner lips are glazed and popped open like they’re inviting cock in
>start rubbing her clit, going slow, and the quiet grunts she makes when she sucks me off become a surprised squeal, then quiet moans she’s trying to stifle around me
>I want to take my time but if I do I’ll end up coming before I really do anything to her, so play with her clit for maybe a minute, then roughly work a finger in
>she’s tight, and she sounds a bit alarmed when I do it but she doesn’t take her mouth off of me
>second finger goes in and now she raises her head, hisses “god that’s too much, take it out” so I start sawing them both in and out, back and forth
>she’s so slick that pretty quickly they’re both going in to the base and she’s laid her head down on my thighs, stifling herself with a hand
>her hips are rocking a bit, little tight asshole is spasming and you better believe I start planning right then to fuck her ass
>but right now focused on this, fingering her, a thick string of cuntslime starting to drip from her
>I reach down, bat her face with my cock and she remembers what she’s supposed to be doing, gets me back in her mouth
>and she’s more into it than she ever has been before, taking me faster, deeper, sucking hard, massaging my balls with one hand and jacking me with the other
stupid brainless friend
How does your sis look in bikinis?
the biggest regret i have in my life is not finding a girl to fuck with my ex who was turned on by thoughts of a threesome with another girl...current gf is kinda like yours, she wouldnt want me to fuck someone else
please have a random photo of her or something. I've never wanted to see a greentext story chick this much in my life
yeah man, we DID do a threeway kiss in front of everyone at the party. we were all drunk of course and she did a fake strip show, took off her top and shorts, she was in just bra and thong panties but didn't get any further. she was being edgy without going full whore. nice ass and i saw she was shaved clean. she adjusted her panties and pulled them down a little bit. didn't see her beve :(
>remove my fingers and she kind of wiggles her hips at me like she wants me back in, instead I pull her lower and start licking
>find her clit, start sucking, and hear her moan loudly, “ohhhHHHH,” no attempt to be quiet, completely forgetting herself
>realize that if she was telling the truth about her lack of experience, this must be the first time anyone’s ever licked her pussy, maybe even fingered her, in her whole life
>I start to cum, no warning for her, and for once she doesn’t back away just starts swallowing, every bit
>drains me while I lick and suck her cunt, she’s catching her breath from drinking my cum, bent over me and panting
>I can feel her tensing up, orgasm maybe getting close, and she starts fidgeting, trying to pull away
>”no I can’t, I can’t, it isn’t right”
>like seriously, you’re going to pull that shit now?
>so push her over onto her side so she can’t just get up off of me, we’re on our sides and I start focusing on her clit again
>and pretty soon “no I can’t” becomes wordless moans and gasps, and she’s got her thighs clamped around my ears
>her hands on my head squeezing, I don’t know if she’s trying to push away or hold me there
>I get diamonds again and without any prompting from me she starts sucking me again but can’t seem to focus on it, I keep slipping from her mouth
>start fingering her again and she begins rocking against me, hard
>feel her mouth against my thigh and she’s trying to stifle her moan as she begins to cum
>I keep licking until her shuddering stops
>she stops moving, just weary, out of energy, and I roll her over, kneel by her, and jerk on her twat
>cum on her thighs, slit, bush, clit
>I’m spent but still not quite done, have to remind her who’s in charge, make her know I’m doing this to humiliate her
>so I don’t let her get dressed and leave until she’s masturbated for me, climaxing again, with my cum on her fingers and snatch, calling her every name i can
double 7 doubles in a row check'd
yeah my ex would always entertain the idea of a mff threesome with her friend and i thought i was going to happen but never did. one time after our failed 3some we were at christmas eve dinner her friend sitting right across from us. my wife slightly drunk leaned over to me and say's "i wanna take you in the next room and suck your dick" and she was not quite about it. i looked right over to her friend and we lock eyes and she starts to giggle. i should have said only if **** can watch.
i wouldnt say friends, but things were normal. she's the youngest daughter and used to her older brothers pushing her around, i just took it further than it ever had been before

it was incredible, i still get hard thinking of it

i'm not gonna put any real pics of her up, i know what /b/ is like... just approximations like >>700689976
> be me
> met a girl
> had sex.

That´s it , my life is such an adventure
I know how it is, but can you please describe her in a bikini?
Is this the real ting, or is it fantasy?
No, it's implying that you're a lying cuck.
caught in a land slide no escape from reality
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