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Late night shota bread go
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Late night shota bread go
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shota bread?
Anyone interested in giving a shota boy a check up in roleplay?
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rare pepe.png
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Oh yes. Let's make it happen
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Up for any medical shota rp. Just let me know how to contact you
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You can find me on omegle under shotachan if you want to RP. I'd be up for furry shit as well if anyone is interested, but I play human as default.
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Oh nice, dont see very much good Deku.
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Got a greentext story to post. Tried yesterday but it kinda got lost among shitposting.
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>be me
>xx years old
>have friend named Corrie I fool around with sometimes
>totally not gay because we pretend he's a girl
>he's cute
>longish shaggy blond hair
>it's Friday afternoon
>he's coming over around 6
>had a dentist appointment or some shit
>finally his mom drops him off with his sleeping bag
>watch him walk up the driveway
>kind of girly
>but walking with his head down
>wonder what's up with him
>gets up to the door
>knock knock knock
>answer the door
>Corrie looks up biting his lips
>weird but whatever, come on in
>put his sleeping bag and pillow up in my room
>he doesn't talk, wonder what his deal is
>TV's in my room so we can play vidya all night
>"Wanna play?"
>he just nods
>"What's wrong?"
>"I got braces"
>it's obvious before he even gets it out.
>two rows of tiny silver squares on his teeth
>like robot teeth
>makes his lips look bigger
>I stare at his lips too long
>later, pizza
>Corrie says his teeth are sore
>has to cut his pizza up into tiny bites with a fork
>watching him trying to chew with his back teeth like an animal is kinda funny
>try not to laugh at him because pain
>after pizza says he has to brush his teeth
>he's in there for like ten minutes
>but he comes out with his braces all shiny and not foody so that's cool
>change into pajamas
>elastic waistbands for the win because easy to reach into
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>start playin vidya
>parents go to bed
>play vidya for a while
>expect him to make the first move toward fooling around
>play vidya for a while longer
>start stealing glances over at him
>puffy lips make him even more pretty
>finally say something
>hope he knows what I'm expecting
>"What?" he might be playing dumb
>"Do you wanna do... you know"
>"Do what?"
>I sigh "You KNOW what!" I put my hand on his thigh, right near his crotch
>"Yyyes" he doesn't sound too sure
>I ignore it because I want to fool around and I'm tired of waiting
>he puts his game controller down slowly
>takes out his headband from its hiding place in his pillow case
>it's like a girl's headband
>holds his hair back from his face, like
>makes him look so much like a girl
>so what we're doing is totally not gay
>can't wait for him to go down on me
>pull my pajama bottoms and briefs down a little
>my dick is already rock hard, throbbing along with my pounding heartbeat
>puts his hand down next to it, puts it in his mouth
>puts his tongue on it for a few seconds, then closes his lips around it
>feels so good
>his lips start to slip, feel his teeth graze my shaft
>"Mmph... sorry, I can't"
>Corrie looks up at me, disappointed, touching his lips gingerly
>"Does it hurt?" I ask
>He nods, touching his lips
>"Come up here" I pat the bed next to me
>I try to scoot over next to him, pull up my pants
>he sits next to me, looks worried
>"Hey, it's okay"
>I put my hand up to touch his cheek, he flinches
>I touch his cheek gently, brush my thumb over his chin
>"Can I see?"
>he pretends not to know what I mean for about three seconds
>then he grins wide, exposing all his teeth
>mecha mouth!
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Wish there was more
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>the little bits of metal twinkle from the light of the game's pause screen
>"Can I touch them?"
>his eyebrows form a worried shape but he doesn't move
>I move my head to look closer
>just barely graze one of the side pieces
>he gasps but still doesn't move
>use my thumb to trace from right to left
>one, two, three, four, five, six squares
>move my thumb back tracing his upper lip
>I move my head closer
>we've fooled around a lot but never really kissed before
>put my lips on the very corner of his mouth, just barely touching
>put my head back a little to see his reaction
>his eyes are a little wide and he still looks slightly worried
>but he doesn't say no
>and those lips, I want more
>I carefully kiss the middle of his lower lip
>then the middle of his upper lip
>then halfway to the left, his upper and lower lips together
>I gently work my way back along his lower lip to the place where I first kissed him
>I have to touch his chin to get him to turn his head this way and that
>there's got to be an easier way to do this
>I sit back
>"Here, lay down."
>Corrie doesn't need to be told twice
>he's naked in like two second flat
>I didn't mean for him to get naked, but I don't complain
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Fuck that sideways shit
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thanks for correction
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>straddle him with my face over his
>his boner is standing up, poking against the front of my pants
>I start kissing his lips again, holding myself up over him
>after a while I stick my tongue out and touch the tip of his tongue
>I run it left and right, tracing around his lips
>then I lick the metal on his teeth
>gently touching each square
>pushing my tongue up between his lips and gums
>then back along the top edges of his teeth
>touch his tongue again
>his muscles are tense
>his boner is pushing against mine through my pajama bottoms
>he wants to kiss more but he's afraid it will hurt
>I turn my head sideways so my lips will touch more of his
>open my mouth and stick my tongue into his mouth
>tongues lick each other
>I lick his teeth again, top and bottom at once
>suck his tongue hard into my mouth
>he makes this Unh sound
>sounds girly
>I kiss my way across his lips onto his cheek
>then down to his neck
>Corrie gasps and puts his head back, arching his neck up to my mouth
>I kiss down his neck
>then down his silky smooth chest
>his belly is too ticklish and I can't wait anymore
>put one hand around the base
>and put his dick in my mouth
>now we're so into it we don't really care if it's gay
>it's just good
>he gasps again and lets it out with a girly Mmmmh!
>in no time his dick is coated in my slobber
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>I move my head up and down
>putting the end of his dick almost down my throat
>goes pretty far back before I even feel like gagging
>press with my lips and suck as hard as I can
>when I pull back with my head
>then I swallow it again
>his balls are tight
>I run my fingertips over them
>follow the tiny ridge in between down between his legs
>to his crack
>he immediately puts his hands down and pulls his cheeks apart
>so I can follow the ridge all the way down to his anus
>still moving my head up and down
>circle around his hole with my fingertip
>feel the skin on his inner thighs
>so smooth, like home made whipped cream
>Corrie is panting, making little whimpering noises once in a while
>grabbing handfuls of the blanket
>I turn my body so I can look up at him as I'm sucking
>he's got his eyes closed and his mouth open
>the metal in his mouth glints with the light from the game's pause screen
>I poke his pee hole with the tip of my tongue
>turn my head so his dick pokes into my cheek
>I put my hand down under his ass so one cheek is in the middle of my hand
>start to pull him up towards my mouth
>squeezing his ass cheek
>pulling at the skin near his anus
>he starts to thrust into my mouth
>puts his hands on my hair
>I can tell by the sound that he's biting his lower lip
>thrust thrust thrust
>shoving down my throat
>suddenly he puts his knees up
>thighs around my cheeks
>he's curling up around my head
>semen comes out in my mouth but not very much because young
>after a few seconds his muscles relax and he flops back on his back
>he's a little bit sweaty
>the band in his hair makes him look like a girl whos just had an orgasm
>at least, he looks like a girl and he's just had an orgasm
>catches his breath
>smiles down at me
>light from the TV makes his skin glow
>"Will you still hump me?"
>sneak out of my bedroom to the bathroom accross the hall
>come back to my room with a hand full of Vasaline lotion
>Corrie instantly flips over on his stomach
>puts his knees wide apart and wiggles his ass
>I grab one ass cheek to expose his crack
>pour the lotion out of my hand onto his hole
>get off the bed to take my pajamas off
>rub the rest of the lotion off my hand on my penis
>then rub that hand dry on Corrie's back
>he sighs and puts his head down
>I get on top, push my dick down until it lines up with his ass hole
>Corrie puts his hands back to hold his cheeks apart
>I push gently so I don't hurt him
>after a little while I feel him begin to open up
>I let my dick slide in until the head is all the way in
>it feels so hot, while the lotion around my shaft is cool
>I put my arms under his shoulders and lay on top of him
>push my shaft in as far as it will go
>Corrie lets out a little "Oh!"
>Lay there on top of him for a while
>feeling the heat around my penis
>his smooth back against my chest and belly and thighs
>"Can I go?"
>he nods
>I draw my hips back a couple of inches
>slowly push them back against his ass
>the sliding in and out of his hole feels so good
>start to push harder
>start to breath harder
>put my hands down next to his sides
>push myself up on my hands and knees
>thrusting up into him harder and faster
>starting to sweat
>my dick is so hot
>stroking in and out
>shoving against his smooth ass and thighs
>give one final deep push
>panting through gritted teeth as my insides spasm
>coming inside Corrie
>collapse on top of him
>sweaty and sticky against his back
>dick getting soft, slipping out
>I get up
>get a t shirt from my laundry pile
>we wipe off the excess lotion and sweat
>Lay down beside him, relax for a while
>turn to look at him
>he's still wearing his "girl mode" headband
>he's looking at me
>I lean over and kiss his lips
>run my tongue over his braces
>"Don't, that's weird!" he giggles
>"Shut up, you know you love it."
>"You shut up, and put your pajamas back on!"
>after a while we start playing vidya again
>but we're too tired so we go to sleep
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Bravo! I Really enjoyed that, any more?
Is thread kill?
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Awesome <3
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Here's my first one, in screencapped form.
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Damn! I should'a posted this pic at the beginning. Forgot I had it.

I can post another one from my pastebin if you want.

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ltns Trolli
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>ltns Trolli

Heh heh, yeah, I guess so. I got a job. Not only that, but it has a long commute, so compared to when I was unemployed, I have zero time.

I'm up way past my bedtime tonight. Hee hee.
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I also lost interest when it seemed like shota threads were taken over by plain-white-briefs fetishists.

nice trips.

also: what a fucking autism fantasy.
>autism fantasy

I'm genuinely curious to know what you mean by that.

you suffer from autism.

and dont know how the fuck real life even works.

as someone who's been molested (why the fuck do you think im even here?) i can tell you when a story is bullshit to a high degree of certainty.

protip: real life is NOTHING like porn.

start there, and we'll see...
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I think I missed that phase
>>700630734. >The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Loved the story! Especially the kissing parts. Nothing better than two cute boys making out

i get it. its just that these stupid fucks piss me off with their shitty writing.

cant even make it rellatable
He had me until this part
>I sigh "You KNOW what!" I put my hand on his thigh, right near his crotch

I called bs here. Knowing very well how teens act, especially the ones who aren't very sure about what they are doing, this one is very unrealistic. It could happen, but the rest of the story is very inconsistent as well.
What would work better?

get molested.

comeback and tell us about it.
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Needs 3d
Welp, guess that's about it then.

I'm actually on a new medication that makes me nearly asexual. Obviously I can't even remember what the old feelings are like, because the writing is shit.

Sorry about that, friends, but I guess that's the trade off for not being bipolar.
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Not saying anything, probably.

Wrestling or quick taps down there are far more common scenarios than a straight up direct-but-indirect question.

Another thing is that if the other kid is on his sleeping bag, the odds of him getting out of it, to suck the other kid, are slim. If they both already fool around, they'll be in the same bed before it happens again, or very, I mean VERY, close to each other. Probably under the same covers.
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this is the same kid, a few days ago.
They were on the bed, but that wasn't clear.

Fuck, my imagination is broken. I just can't put myself in the situation like I could before.
I'm under shotachan on omegle if anyone wants to rp. I'd love something cute and innocent, but I'm lenient.
3d git out

real life is actually pretty fucking boring, and makes for shitty greentext stories.

>be me.
>regularly being made (in beginning) then asked (as time went on) to perform sexual favors for mother's live in boyfriend.
>"hey anon, you wanna go get some ice cream"?
>me: "fuck yeah i do". (didnt say fuck yeah though)
>pulls his shorts down and dick springs out.
>done it before so do it again.
>blow him.
>he cums soon after.
>"can we go now?"...
>"ok lets go".
>the end.

again, real life is nothing like porn. its actually pretty vanilla stuff.
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No u
nice one
Yeah, I don't go for realism. I have enough realism in my life.

If I wanted realism, I'd go to Chaturbate and watch homely women or couples mouth-breathing and staring at their screens.
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How is everyone?
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pissed off.
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Little tired.
Do share what's wrong?
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Makes two of us.
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Fuck off.
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