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Pascal's Wager states that it's...
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Pascal's Wager states that it's smarter to bet that there is a God because if you are wrong, the consequences are not as dire as having incorrectly bet that there is no God.

Math has conclusively proven that God exists, so why do you foolishly choose disbelief?
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alright homie what is your definition of God then
This is the answer

God has many definitions, even among Catholics, Christians, Monotheists, etc

God can mean anything and everything, to the point where it's overly vague and meaningless
Thor's Wager states that it's smarter to bet that there is an Odin because if you are wrong, the consequences are not as dire as having incorrectly bet that there is no Odin.
You ever seen this documentary called oh my god?
Thing is, Pascal's wager is a bit pointless, because if there is a God, then he his all knowing. This means that he'd know if you're just sort of pretending to follow him because of Pascal's wager. I doubt he'd accept that as pure faith in him and you'd end up in hell anyway :)
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What's with the crying bitch in OP's post? everyone uses that gif for this pasta threads nowadays
>math has conclusively proven that God exists



made me chuckle/10


very much this

Don't you remember when she said that line in the movie, when she was crying, and she said:

"Dark Vader, you're breaking my heart!"

It breaks OP's heart that people don't believe in God
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I got a question for you

do you have an unconditional love for God

and does God have a conditional love for you and everyone else

simple economics of supply and demand would conclude that you are replaceable whereas God is not therefore just as a child loves its parents no matter what (for the simple fact that they're irreplaceable)

and a parent only loves the child insofar as they behave
Holy shit you're right!
I will now devote my life to Muhammad!
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The real god loves atoms.. not Adams.

so if we were to sing a song to our parents or our God then it would be like this katy perry song

and if our God or parents were to sing a song to us it would be this Beyonce song
Op a fag
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Thread replies: 17
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