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New Big Tits Thread
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New Big Tits Thread
from birthday fag
old one reached image limit
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post some pics from the other thread
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new thread
more tits and cool guys
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Happy birthday, anon. I'll post a couple .gifs in your honor.
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some of you know it already
I'm from germany, love big tits and I'm a dumb lazy fuck who can't do shit

How can I get myself to get up / get some nice tits to fuck?

I've considered a hooker but don't know a thing about this shit
I don't even know if there is a brothel in my environment
>cool guys
It's gay if you talk about it
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I don't care
if someone is nice and cool I say it
dude, go out and meet people doing shit you like.

join a bike group if you like to hike. joing a wargame group if you like to dance. take some silly dancing classes
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boob caat.gif
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And that's it from me, those were the ones I had!
Happy tits day
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Oh wow
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because you'll never leave us, anon
chole is always good

also check out Kerry marie and lorna morgan
but there is no thing I like outside
but I know what you want to say
it's THAT easy but unfortunately it's for some reason hard for me

thanks anon
i like 'em
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Wait... are you the 33 year old virgin from germany? With an actually normal looking physique?
easy? fuck no. It is stupidly difficult sometimes. but if you you give it a shot, you will find things. also, hiking is huge.
,,,otherwise it is going to be difficult to knock up a big titted slut
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no I'm 27, not a virgin and as I said in the other thread I'm fat

what do you mean by 'hiking is huge'?

why so?
now that depends, many fat chicks hate hiking and have enormous tits
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hiking is an easy one. start at a bunny hill and work your way up. key is good socks and shoes. also, it is anywhere where there is pretty places

I am assuming OP does not like fat chicks.
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well I got up off my lazy ass and started my computer to give that bro some OC. now that im here I might as well post
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well I must admit that over the years I'm very out of condition
from time to time I'm riding my bike but that's it
(but that's hard as well)

don't mind if they are chubby
I think I have better chances on them
also they have often big tits
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I dream about this milf
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I know I've seen it a couple days ago
searching my ass of right now
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better rez
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those are nice

sry man I can't find it
but you can image search it and you will find old threads with a sound version of it
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Thread replies: 62
Thread images: 48
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