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Pollack-fucking anon reboot
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Pollack-fucking anon reboot
Not OP but the last thread died
I'm literally about to leave for Poland. How do I find these semen demons?
>Nicola and I are bored one day.
>Horny as fuck.
>We're at a restaurant, sitting side by side all cute and shit.
>Dessert is on the table.
>It's a red velvet cake iirc.
>She goes to spoon feed me a little piece.
>Purposefully drops it on my lap
>leans down to my lap and licks it off my pants, then she grabs a cloth.
>Daddy we'd better wipe that up, it might stain!"
>She's massaging my crotch with her hand.
>waitress comes by as she's rubbing my dick through my pants.
>"Is everything alright?"
>Nicola grins "Yup! We just had a bit of a spill! Can we get the bill please?"
>She keeps rubbing my pants and giggling
>"Daddy's gonna get in trouble if I keep rubbing you like this, I'm such a bad girl."
>Move her hand away. "You are a bad pet whore."
>Bill comes, I pay, she's grinning devilishly.
>I take her to the car, then I cover her mouth with my hand and slide my other hand up her dress, pulling her panties down.
>I take them and stuff them in nicola's mouth, telling her she's a very bad girl.
>Bend her over the back seat, hike up her dress and spank her bare ass in public.
>When I'm done spanking her, I tease her pussy with my fingers, but don't make her cum.
>I make her get in the back seat instead of the passenger side, while I drive us home.
>I drag her up to our apartment and to our room.
>Bend her over the bed.
>"You want me in here, don't you you little slut?" I say rubbing her pussy.
>She begs me to fuck her, so I grab lube and a condom, and show it to her (we'd tried anal again but we did it very rarely, she kind of liked it but we both prefer her pussy)
>Condom on
>Lube up
>Push my dick in her ass
>"No daddy!!!! Not there!" She whines playfully while I fuck her ass.
>"Please daddy it goes in my pussy, please!"
>She begs me to fuck her pussy.
>I pull out before I cum, pull the condom off, and smack her ass a few times, then I cuff her hands behind her back.
I was in the other thread with these but I'll migrate here.

>Tell her to stay there like a good little cum dump
>Go to have a quick shower (afraid of going ass to pussy without a buffer)
>Return to her whines for daddy.
>tease her tight pussy with my tip while she begs for it.
>Finally start slamming her from behind.
>I don't last long
>Unload a barrel of white love right into her pussy.
>Afterwards she licks my cock tenderly.

Trying to think of more stories for you guys. I don't know, what do you guys want? More about US, more sex? Any kind of sex in particular? And I will try to answer questions like the other guys said.
Since everyone keeps asking, YES we are still together. That was a common question.

>How do you confuse dark souls and demon's souls

It was a long time ago, blow me.

>How long have we been together?

We first started to play between Dark souls 1 and 2, so take that as you will.
Thank God for that....
Happy for you anon.
i'd like more feel based stories, my dick can only get so erect
Anyone get the full screenshot set from the last thread?
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another pussy pic of that girl
fags did not posted uncensored yet
turks discussing her here

her full set:

tldr: a turkish girl named Tugce Aktas sucked finnbro while she had a boyfriend in turkroachland
More about you two:

>How serious are you two?
>Are you looking to get married?

Also, cute stuff.
is there a source on this photo?
no but i made a word file!e05AQQZa!_L-NS4lO8PbCNpEQvUgKacsqyZahPQfK2UA65YW45Hg

i am this anon
ask anything to turks on that site, they know her
>tldr: a turkish girl named Tugce Aktas sucked finnbro while she had a boyfriend in turkroachland
Roaches gonna roach.
File: Anon and Nicola .png (2 MB, 4984x4864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Anon and Nicola .png
2 MB, 4984x4864
made a shitty screencap of the text so far
should we make raid to that thread?
Fuck, finally you answer you fucking fuck.
I can finally leave since I now have closure. Nobody cares about the same shit rehashed. Give the shit up pal. Unless you have something unique, just stop and do something else you attention whore. I enjoyed the story while it lasted, but it's just repetitive now. Just answer questions. I'm glad you two are still together. Hang on to that pollock.
>should we make raid to that thread?
Go scutter under a fridge Tugce.
I love both of you
and i love your trips anon

You guys said you're bored of sex stories so:
>Get a PS4.
>Trying to get Nicola into gaming.
>She's really into the dark atmosphere of souls games.
>Really into Victorian stuff.
>She's played dark souls 2 and a few other games but not really seriously.
>She's really just not into playing single player.
>I get an idea.
>No local multiplayer for the game.
>So I borrow my buddy's PS4 while he's away for school and buy two copies of bloodborne.
>Set up two TVs in the living room
>Nicola and I start the game together.
>Not gonna lie we cleared our first run of Bloodborne in a week.
>Hard as fuck by the way, makes Dark Souls 1 look easy.
>She loves the game. We do a few run throughs.
>Bloodborne becomes our shit.
>When the DLC comes out she texts me all excitedly.
>I buy it twice in order for us to play it together, and borrow my friend's system again (he let me in exchange for getting the DLC for free off of me)
>We do a run through of the DLC (Fuck Orphan of Kos)
>Kick ass.
>She loves any kind of game we can play together.

I want to, haven't proposed the idea to her though.

Dude, nobody's asking you to be here lol.
Out of all my years here, these are my first trips
I will love them forever
also fuck you cause you are a loving fag
i think we need a thread just for tugce
and i guess i got her mail adress what can we do with it? any hackanons?
But how can I be when I don't love myself?
More like this pløx
>I want to, haven't proposed the idea to her though.
If you've been together for four years, it might be worth trying it - but before you do, and I'm speaking as a married man here:
>Do you have a house to yourselves?
>If yes, is it mortgaged or rented?
If mortgaged, you're in the zone to consider marriage.
If renting - shit will be ugly.
dude has a point
ur story has become stale
learn when to stop bragging
almost trips?
GET THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>i guess i got her mail adress what can we do with it? any hackanons?
Not OP, but have you considered maybe, just maybe, going to another thread?
Boom, problem solved.
Can't you just be happy for this guy? You jealous, lonely old bastard.
Those are two different people. It always has been and the newest story to go with the images is not the real one.
Also the original story she's from turkey
Well I guess I should kill myself now, huh?
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case in point, first thread had almost 100 posters n now ur down to 11
im reading 4 threads at once so i had to catch up on these posts
hows about you think before shit talking
nope she did not deny it and the book at the back is turkish book

op said pic unrelated already
source of her:
That's the false story
you still here?
>my sides
i was here at the start
More cute stuff.
>Bad day at work.
>Really bad day.
>Customer threw shit at me.
>Boss gave me a lot of crap.
>Just not happy.
>Text Nicola.
>Tell her all about my day.
>"Aww daddy come home and let your Nini make it all betterz <3"
>So fucking cute holy shit.
>Driving home.
>Come home to a sweet homemade dinner hot on the table for me.
>Nicola is nude, smiling, gives me a big hug
>All my worries are gone
>I sit down to eat
>She massages my feet while I eat dinner
>rubs them on her tits the way she knows I love.
>Rests her head on my lap and tells me how much she loves me and how she couldn't live without me.
>blows me kisses.
>Dinner is done.
>She blows me, and y'all know how well that goes.
>After, she comes up and puts a movie on netflix
>She pulls up her kiddie blanket and we cuddle up and watch a few movies.
>She's getting more into littlespace stuff as time goes on, so she's got onesies and stuff now.
>When we go to bed we give each other back massages.

We still live in an apartment, still have a roommate. And yes, we rent.

Knock that shit off, mods will shut the thread down if you dox the turk.
I remember the original thread a few years ago. The story is not the original story.
>hows about you think before shit talking
If this upsets you so much, just close your fucking eyes and click randomly until you close your browser.
Yeah I was here at the start of it years ago.
mods care about turkroaches?
wow fuck them
i am
most faggots here need to see that retards who browse /b/ can be in a happy relationship
im glad OP managed to find a girl he loves
dont jump to conclusions so fast
this is the original threads cap when it first came out
Marry her
>We still live in an apartment, still have a roommate. And yes, we rent.
On the back burner then.

If you do feel like you want to spend your life with her and that you trust her, propose, but leave it not to a date, but to a goal.
It's the way I did it - I proposed and said we'd organise our marriage when we had a house.

Also, nothing in the world like proposal sex.
also you clearly don't know shit and try to be a wisefag so im stopping arguing with you
>>She's getting more into littlespace stuff as time goes on, so she's got onesies and stuff now.
>>When we go to bed we give each other back massages.
what's the moral of this huge ass story OP?
Get yourself a pollack
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i think its funny
ditto? i wasn't shit talking
calling u a dumb fuck is shit talking, since thats what u are for having such a shallow understanding of the english language
^this is me making a point, not shit talking
fuck youre stupid
ill take your advice and leave this thread
bunch of stupid cunts and attention whores lol
Someone's a sour jelly.
How old are you two right now, by the way
>calling u a dumb fuck is shit talking, since thats what u are for having such a shallow understanding of the english language
Is this some sort of post-modernist adaptation of "I'm 12 and what is this?"
Any plans for the future or near future?
kek True
That's not the original thread.
Because you feel retarded cause you're wrong
File: 1448901289361.gif (208 KB, 250x219) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208 KB, 250x219
Damn, son, you just got burned by logic! Replying with a standard /b/ insult just further proves it lol.
More shit.

Implying there's a moral

>Out at a bar with my bros.
>Nicola with me.
>Go out for a quick smoke with my best bud (I don't smoke often, only once in a while if it's offered).
>Come back inside
>"where's Nicola?"
>Oh, K.
>She sure is taking a long time.
>She pooping?
>See her by the bathroom.
>talking to some guy
>She doesn't look happy.
>Slap my bud's arm, point.
>He nods.
>We get up and walk over.
>We walk up
>"There a problem here?" My buddy asks while I grab Nicola's arm and pull her away.
>She tells me he kept hitting on her and blocking her path and just giving off really rapey vibes.
>Guy shoves my friend and he doesn't really do too much back, just walks away, comes back to join us.
>I think it's over.
>Go out for another smoke later, Nicola comes with because I'm not leaving her alone.
>Guy comes out and starts heckling me and my friend, catcalling Nicola.
>Finally I snap and tell him to fuck himself.
>He postures up, gets in my face, yelling. my buddy comes in and he shoves my buddy off, so I shove drunky, so Drunky suckerpunches me.
>Nicola punches him in the throat and calls him a small dick asshole.
>Bouncer finally gets off his 400 pound ass
>Restrains the guy
>asks if I wanna press charges
>I say no.
>Later that night feeling pretty insecure about the whole thing
>Apologize to Nicola for not protecting her better
>She sits in my lap and hugs me close to her chest
>tells me all the things she loves about me.
>reassures me.
>Helps me feel manly again.

top quality female.

Maybe buy a house together or get a dog.
ooooooh more of my sides okay anon have a good life
>Nicola is at school.
>I come and surprise her with lunch.
>Give all her friends freshly made cookies
>surprise her with flowers when I pick her up from school.
>In the car she tells me
>"Anon, my friends are all jealous of me, they all think its so sweet when you bring me lunch. I just wanted to tell you how lucky I feel to have you."
>She kisses my cheek.
>next morning she gives me a nice long massage and surprises me with a couple of new video games when I get off from work.
Holy shit. Respect to you and Nicola.
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