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Waifu claiming thread
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Waifu claiming thread
>Mi Lou edition
Hear are the fucking rules
>claim your fucking waifu
>post pics of said waifu
>husbandos are allowed
>bitches luv frying pans
>no lewds
>ignore that last one
>Read the rule after this
>Ingore the rule before thus
Most importantly:
>ayy lmao
Mi Lou claimed
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>Gamindustri best cosplay girl claimed

>Replying to Emi's QOTT
She will probably browse /c/ and obviously /cgl/
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Great combination.
Plans would be to cook something up to eat and watch something meanwhile (°u^)/

Just love that feeling! Summer has crawled up so I got my bike out of storage and now using it frequently to everywhere. ^-"
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>Snaiku claimed

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You had one job.
Thread replies: 12
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