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how do i tell my sister i want to fuck her....
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how do i tell my sister i want to fuck her. its all i ever think about. it is consuming me.

if i could show her how much i love her i could die a happy man, but i dont know how
post pics of your sis then ill tell you how
Through interpretive dance
Hey sis wanna fuck?
Go full lanister on her!
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check her porn history, any sister brother shit, at that point all you gotta do is ask
tell her with your penis
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I'm pretty sure you answered your own question tho. If you did it you'd die a happy man. You'll probably die if you do it, cops, her, your parents, anyone in your community. But hey, you're going to die happy. Mazel tov!
"May I fuck you?"
fuck her
fuck her
Don't. Like, honestly don't. Your sister does not want to fuck you, your sister will not fall in love with you, and she'll never look at you the same way again. Try jerking it to non-incest themes and see if it helps.
Force a blowjob first then if still not into it rape is an interesting option to consider I guess
accidentally leave a usb drive filled with incest porn and nudes of yourself in her computer
>rub ass
>between legs
>how do i tell my sister i want to fuck her. its all i ever think about. it is consuming me.

You don't tell her, you follow principles that will get her conditioned to want you the way you want her.

There are principles to pulling off the ultimate seduction. Letting her "catch" you jerking off won't improve your chances. Read on for

1. Alcohol MUST be involved
2. She must be proud of you
3. Guilt your mom. Sister's friends are the key to her ass.
4. Pull close then away
5. Minimal foreplay
6. Frame her emotions for her
7. Never use the 'i' word

1. Alcohol MUST be involved, not because it lowers inhibitions, that is minor -- but because it lets people pass the buck morally.

Having too much to drink is always an excuse to do something you wouldn't normally do. You see she's not a slut who sucked off her own /b/rother: no, no, no, she just had too much to drink!

You can encourage this behavior by noting several times how drunk she is. How she won't remember anything tomorrow-- this will give her psychological permission to do something she'd never do sober.

2. She must be proud of you

Women share their bodies with men they admire & respect. If she pities you, forget about it. If she's embarrassed by you forget about it.

She must think you're smart, handsome, and have an awesome personality.

Be going places in life... the slacker / adolescent angst won't get you what you want.

3. Her friends are the key to her ass (Sister).

Women are extraordinarily vulnerable, by male standards, to groupthink. This applies even to 'conversion disorder' (aka mass hysteria) and, to our purpose, sexual attraction.

When one woman finds you attractive, others will too BECAUSE of the other girls liking you!

Whereas if two men like a woman, it's because they independently think she's got a nice face and good body ratios. The other man's attraction has nothing to do with it.

Do you see the difference?

4. Pull close then away

Women crave closeness. You want to condition that response like you'd train a dog!

Give her a hug. Brag about her to her friends and your parents. Tell her she's the only person you trust.

Then..... nothing. No hugs. Short conversations. No bragging. Always be too busy for her.

Then reverse course. Give her a (non-creepy) hug... don't press your cock into her! But be quick... always leave her craving more.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

5. Minimal foreplay

This is the most counter-intuitive point in our quest.

Generally spend an hour kissing, talking, massaging a woman... not this time!

Once the tongues slip in, take her panties off and slide it in!

You see foreplay gives her time to think and when she does that she won't wanna have sex with you.

It also takes away from the "it just happened" thing women need so much when they're trying to explain away why they did what they did..... it was just fate, she didn't have anything to do with it!

Does that make sense? It's hard to understand, but we can expound more if everyone needs to.

If so, you can then see that if her friends find you attractive then your sister will too. If her friends tell her "oh, anon is so hot! does he have a girlfriend" then her groupthink is triggered.

Trip that wire anon and your chances just went WAY up
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>sister is a /b/fag
>constantly talking about "wincest"
>comes into my room sometimes and masturbates on my bed while watching me play video games
>too beta to go with it
moar like this pic please.

also just be very kind to her and make her feel appreciated.
if you haven't already then gradually get her used to being physical with you.
gentle arm touches, longer skin contacts, then hugs, kisses on cheeks.
when she's comfortable move in for a light peck on her lips. see how she reacts. if she instantly freaks out you have no chance but rape.
if she doesn't freak out then repeat it more often later.
get her to spend more time with you watching movies whatever common activities.
give her a proper kiss once as a reward, comforting or encouragement for something she considers important.
give her goodnight kisses and get her to sleep in your bed. whisper 'i love you' often but only when it's spontaneous.
play with her hair and touch her face in the morning.
at night touch her a bit more intimately, you must experiment how far she lets you.
keep going gradually and you'll get her.
lol this is all very rapey and with mind games that could fuck with her mentally. you just gotta be an adult about it and just ask. what's the worst than can happen? she'll say no and be weirded out. just tell her that you're sorry if you offended her. It's not like she can't not love you, you're family

Just asking her. . absurd. That's as realistic as the plans guys have to let her "catch" them fapping hoping that she'll get so turned on that she simply will dive at the lubed up peter.

Persuading her into a relationship with you is not messing with her mentally. She is a woman and cavewoman brain is to be led, caveman brain is to lead. There is nothing wrong with leading her into a mutually beneficial relationship. The sex would actually be loving and the feelings more than a casual crush.

Many women in such relationships report feelings of euphoria and tingling when a man of close relations ejaculates into her.

This is the key principle to seducing your sister / mom -- you MUST believe with all your heart that what you're doing is natural, moral, and beneficial.

Women are intuitive and if you doubt the rightness of the act then she'll doubt it too. If you feel completely certain that it's the best thing in the world for both of you then she'll believe it too.

Lead her to a place where you'll both benefit for the rest of your lives--- to bed!
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