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Pic unrelated. Pollack-fucking anon here...
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Pic unrelated. Pollack-fucking anon here with more about the Nicola story. Reposting for those unaware:

>Be me, 22
>Meet 16 year old cute af blonde, skinny, big boobed polish immigrant.
>Fresh off the boat literally speaks like a handful of american words.
>my parents are hippies who love immigrants.
>Our parents make friends.
>invite the immigrants over for dinner.
>The language barrier is real.
>After dinner, I go up to play video games.
>Pollack girl comes up.
>She's entranced by the games, never played them before.
>talk to her about the game (I think it was Dark Souls 1 or Demon's Souls).
>She thinks it's cool.
>teach her how to speak MURICAN a little better.
>Start seeing her pretty regularly since she's a neighbor and her parents grow shit in their backyards attracting animals to the neighborhood like the polish fucking immigrants they are.
>Delicious as fuck tomatos though.
>Girl turns 17. Attends local high school. I can tell she likes me because she goes out of her way to hug me and talk to me no matter what.
>She's in a group with her friends? She don't give a fuck.
>Sees me with my buddies? No fucks given.
>Adults and police officers nearby? She's hugging onto me like I've slammed her with the best D of her life.
>Talking to my buddy about her one day.
>Going through the check list
>Perfect tits
>Perfect ass
>Cute accent
>Loli face
>Cute blonde curls
>bright blue eyes
>He says just go for it. I bring up the age.
>"Bro 17 is legal you just can't take pictures."
>We look it up
>Age of consent is 16 years old where we are.
>Alrighty then.
>See pollack walking to school on my way to work.
>"Hey Nicola, any plans today?"
>"Yes, I go to the house with my friends."
>Tell her if she's free around dinner, she can come over and I'll cook her something just us.
>She comes over at 5:00 right on the dot.
>Dressed ultra cute.
>I'm fresh out of the shower too, my hair is still wet.
>I cook us some delicious chicken and perogis because if you're over the age of 8 and you can't cook you should definitely kill yourself.
>We talk for a bit. She's acting all shy.
>Asking her about school and boys.
>She tells me there's a boy she likes but she's too shy to do anything.
>Says her friends make fun of her for being 'innocent'.
>I tell her she's beautiful and any guy would be lucky to even look at her (gay I know but I figured she was the type to go for sweet talking).
>Sitting close to her on the couch, playing with her hair, telling her how cute and pretty she is.
>She's blushing like crazy.
>I tell her to look at me.
>caress dat fucking perfect creamy polish skin.
>kiss her.
>she opens her mouth to speak
>kiss her again.
>She's cuddling into me.
>tell her I really like her.
>She says it back.
>I say a mental prayer thanking God, Allah, Budda, Vishnu and Odin for naive, virgin polish immigrants.
>Start kissing her again, full on making out.
>grasp her boobs and dry hump her a little.
>She grips my hands tightly.
>Tells me nobody's ever touched her like that.
>against my body's every urge, I let her back up and just hold her and cuddle her and whisper sweet things to her.
>My dick is threatening to tear through my pants and annihilate her womb.
>She starts talking to me nonstop about everything.
>Oh god what have I done?
>Any second she gets, she's calling or texting me, just generally being clingy.
>Signs all her texts with "<3"
>day off work.
>Tell her to bring her cute butt over to my place.
>She comes right from school.
>We talk.
>Initiate make out session in my room.
>I don't try anything with my hands. Gotta be patient.
>This goes on for two weeks.
>Fap like 3 times a day to her facebook pictures.
>Finally comes the day.
>We're making out.
>I have her on her back.
>I tenderly touch her skin around her flat stomach and kiss her neck.
>i hover my hands over her breasts over the clothes, close enough so she knows where my hands are, but not really touching.
>moaning like a beast from neck kissing.
>"Anon... anon does this make us... I mean are we like... are"
>"what is it?"
>"Are you my boyfriend anon?"
>Don't want to say yes.
>About to say no but then LIGHTBULB.
>Innocent as fuck polish virgin.
>Her friends probably told her the truth about me just wanting to embed my spermcannon in that cute little ass.
>If I say no this'll be the end.
>place my hand on her breast, kiss her lips and whisper in her ear: "I want to be. I fucking love you Nicola."
>She moans. "I want you to be too"
>"Then yes, I am your boyfriend."
>she grabs my face and kisses me then hugs me in a death grip.
>She's breathing intensely while I rub her chest with just the back of my hand.
>spread her legs, kiss her lips and press my bulge right into her crotch.
>whisper compliments in her ear while I play with her tits.
>Don't go any further. It's hard, but I know it's better to send her home breathless and horny.
>I see her making like 5 facebook statuses about meeting the man of her dreams, being in love, blah blah blah.
>hnnng the urge to just rip her clothes off and fuck her until I keel over and die is so strong.
>Can't take much more of this
>Invite her over the following day.
>She comes over from after school.
>Mother. fucking. cleavage.
>She closes the door behind her and I just hug her from behind, instant boner, press it against her butt and start kissing her neck.
>First moan I hear I start touching her tits and dry humping her a little.
>She's grinding her ass into me
>Jesus fuck through two pairs of jeans just this is enough to make me about ready to unload.
>drag her up to my room.
>Aggressive make out session on my bed.
>"Anon... anon... this really intense! can we slow down?"
>stop and look in her cute blonde eyes.
>Give her a gentle peck on the cheek.
>Tell her I'm sorry, "But baby you're just so beautiful, the most beautiful girl in the world, and seeing you just drives me wild, it winds up my desires and since I can't release them it makes me go crazy for you."
>She apologizes, tells me she's sorry for making me crazy and not giving me what I want.
>tell her she can help me relieve all that pressure.
>Tell her she's the only one who can.
>She sits up beside me.
>Asks me how.
>I gesture to my crotch and place her hand on top.
>She blushes, and says she's never done that before.
>Tell her I need her, she's the only one who can, say please,
>She kisses my cheek. "Ok anon"
>undo my pants and pull it out.
>She grabs it and just holds it.
>"Wow anon that's really really big!"
>6 or so inches long but I'm pretty thick.
>instruct her to rub it.
>Her hands are fucking silk, holy shit.
>start rubbing her through her jeans
>she moans and jerks me off faster, cuddling into me and kissing my neck.
>I really dig my fingers in there, making sure she can really feel it.
>hug her tightly as I explode cum all over her hand and my shirt
>she giggles and marvels at it
>comments on how good it smells.
>I ask her to taste it.
>She hesitantly licks a big glob off her hand
>Makes a face like "eww"
>Smile and ask her if she likes it
>She nods and lies.
>I tease her nipples and pussy through her clothes while we cuddle, getting her so horny that she's humping me and showering me with kisses.
>after a while I start to feel a damp patch, the size of a dime at most, on her jeans, which means that if I undid them it'd be like breaching the hoover dam.
>Send her home after a bit crazily horny.
>do the same thing the next day: tease her body until she's humping me, then I ask her to get on her knees and give me a handjob again.
>She obeys and starts rubbing my dick, her head resting on my leg while I play with her hair.
>I tell her I want to cum on her face.
>She says I can, and I tell her she should take off her shirt so she doesn't make a mess.
>She's sitting on her knees jerking me off in just a bra.
>tell her to lick it.
>She starts giving my dick a tongue massage like you wouldn't believe!
>tries giving me an inexperienced blowjob.
>not very good at it but she looks so damn cute doing it.
>Pulls her mouth off of it and massages those really sensitive glands on the side of my tip with her tongue and lips while stroking my shaft.
>Tell her I'm about to cum
>She smiles so cute and looks up at me while stroking it
>I unload a gallon of semen on her face.
>I tell her to let it dry on her face.
>She stands up and I wrap my arms around her and squeeze her ass and bury my face in her tits.
>start rubbing those tits with my hands.
>I pull them out of her bra and start sucking on one of those bad boys
>"OH MY GOD" She said really loudly and hugged me tightly to her chest. She held me so tight it actually made it hard to suckle those nips properly.
>play with just her tits and rub her ass until she has to leave again.
>She comes to my work the next day when school is finished and gives me a hug, dry humping me.
>She is ready.
>I'd been purposely leaving her sexually frustrated without her being experienced enough to know why.
>but now she was ready.
>She was sex-crazed after weeks of build up with no release.
>She said she's coming over to my house when I get off work.
>So she does.
>wearing a tank top and a short jean skirt.
>This time she's the aggressor.
>I drag her to my room and put her on her back and start making out with her, sucking her neck, pulling her straps down and sucking her tits, while her hands are all over my crotch.
>I rub over her skirt purposefully teasing her more.
>"You can go inside... if you want.... please anon?"
>I hike her skirt up with my hands and kiss her while I rub her soaked panties with my fingers.
>Then I press my bulge against her panties, dry humping her and she's moaning loud.
>I undo my pants and pull them down. Now it's underwear on underwear.
>Pull my cock out and press it against her panties as hard as I can.
>ask her if she wants me inside her.
>I wait until shes begging for it, then I pull her panties aside and slide my dick right in.
>she's in pain but the pleasure is driving her crazy. She's moaning and clinging to me while I fuck her raw.
>It doesn't take long. She cums with the force of 1000 suns, clawing into my back. Then she cums again. Finally I pull out and cum all over her panties.
>Afterwards we start cuddling like crazy, with her hand on my dick.
>Fuck bros I think I'm in love.

Now that we're up to date, let's continue.
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Smooth OP is smooth
>Parents go to her house for dinner.
>I'm invited.
>Sit next to Nicola.
>She's clinging to my arm and chatting my ear off.
>catch her mom side-eyeing me.
>In my head I'm praying for a chance to tell her "bitch you need to chill".
>Eat dinner.
>Nicola invites me up to her room.
>Look at her mom.
>I know better.
>Make an excuse to leave.
>She's sad but as soon as I'm out of the house I text her to make an excuse and come to the park.
>She's there in 30 minutes.
>She walks up to me and immediately kisses me.
>Apologize for dinner but tell her I don't want her dad to rape me with his polish sausage.
>She's all flirty. "What do you want to do anon?"
>You know what I want.
>Drag her to the trees at the edge of the park.
>Not much cover but they bump up against a fence
>Still if anyone was coming into the part from the street, they could see us, and if anyone was at the park and looked close enough, they could see us.
>Pull her over, bend her over and pull down those pants.
>Slide my cock into that tight polish pussy.
>She's moaning loudly while I fuck her in the woods.
>Her moans drive me crazy.
>And god she is so tight
>pull out and cum on her ass.
>shit was so cash.
By all means do continue
post her clothed pic!
its ok anon, how about some pictures tho.
something about pictures being more than a 1000 words.
Dont wanna scare OP away now do we. Similar looking pic would be appreciated though
Id do with a vocaroo.

Im not sure why but in my head her voice sounded really sexy, innocent polish
>After the park incident she develops a public fetish. Something about the thrill.
>We're sitting on the bench at a different park.
>Tree lined but not much cover.
>I'd been training her oral skills.
>Tell her I want her to be able to deepthroat me
>She blushes and says she can't, I'm too big.
>kiss her cheek, tell her she can practice on me.
>"Your right, I should start practicing right now." grabs my pants. Instant boner
>"Lets go back to my house"
>She shakes her head and starts undoing my pants
>This is a bad idea, this park has no cover.
>tell her no, but she gets on her knees and pulls her tits out and says please.
>God dammit
>Pull out my dick
>She gives me a really slow bj, more like her practicing taking it deeper and deeper.
>I'm looking around like a madman.
>"Shit, I see someone!"
>She fixes her shirt and sits on my lap, wearing black lulu lemons, holding my boner between her butt cheeks.
>Grinds against me.
>More people come and go so it's about a half hour before we're alone together.
>She gets up but I hold her still and pull her yoga pants down a bit.
>pull her down to my lap again.
>slide my dick in her.
>She grinds on it and rides me.
>tell her I'm about to cum
>she dutifully drops to her knees and jerks me with two hands until I bust a bucketload of man honey all over her cute face and tongue.
You're one lucky son of a bitch OP for jesus christ's, vishnus, allahs, buddhas and odins sake
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>I get a car
>It's a small little beater.
>She's super impressed. taking her for a spin.
>She's rubbing the fuck out of my dick.
>Asks me if I'm hungry.
>Tells me to go through a mcdonalds.
>Undoes her seatbelt and tells me what she wants
>Starts undoing my pants as we're pulling in
>"What are you doing?"
>"Pretend I'm not here" she says, then she starts sucking my dick, slurping on it loudly and letting out cute little moans.
>Nearly drive into a wall
>Can barely focus enough to order, and I fuck up like 3 times.
>She's still sucking.
>Tell her to stop, she doesn't stop.
>I end up pussying out and driving away without getting the food.
>Swerve and nearly annihilate a family of 4 on the road when I cum
>"Why didn't you get the food?"
Fuck nigga
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That shit is no longer cash but direct motherfuckin deposit
Post a pic breh
I nearly came from just reading that.
>birthday coming up
>we start talking bdsm stuff.
>Introduce her to the idea slowly, no bondage, just minor submission.
>She's into it
>I'm really into littles and littlespace stuff, btw.
>Tell her to call me daddy.
>She's a little weirded out, not really about that, says it's kind of weird.
>I don't press the issue.
>Fast forward to my birthday.
>She texts me pics of her in her underwear with "happy birthday anon!" written all over her tits.
>I pick her up after school, and we drive and park in a different park, and we get out and start making out.
>I can see people in the distance.
>I'm still a huge fucking pussy.
>She's rubbing my dick
>"I want you anon!" "Please anon!"
>Tell her there's too many people.
>She opens the car door and gets on her knees using it for cover
>"Please let me suck your big thick cock daddy!"
>Fuck it, jail isn't so bad.
>Pull out cock, she sucks it, I thrust a little, not true face fucking since she still can't handle that but just gently getting her used to the motion.
>She stops and stands up, kissing me, then she drops her pants and panties to her ankles and bends over in the car.
>Slide my dick into her from behind, and fuck her like a madman.
>This pussy is worth a criminal record.
>Almost forget to pull out
>just in the nick of time, as I pull my dick out a string of jizz shoots at her pussy and all over the seat and her ass.
>Didn't hear her but she told me she was moaning "oh daddy fuck me harder" while I was in her.
>She's now into calling me daddy.
>Tried to get her into pain and torture play but she just does not enjoy pain, the most she enjoys is a throatfucking, light choking and spanking. :( Oh well. She's a good little princess for daddy otherwise.
All those ads advertising eastern european women were right all along, they're FUCKING SEXUAL PREDATORS
Not doing pics because I don't want people to recognize her.

Dude you have no idea, Russians, pollacks, germans, eastern european bitches are insane.

>We're a bit more official these days.
>My guy friends know, and approve.
>Our parents don't know.
>Her friends know.
>I've had to interact with her friends frequently. They're annoying little shits but they think we're cute together so I tolerate them.
>Go back to the first park for a bit
>She's started going on the pill, tells me she wants me to cum inside her.
>She's in a skirt
>No panties.
>She gets on her hands and knees in the dirt
>Yeah, you dirty slut.
>I go behind her.
>Kids playing at the park, we're not well hidden, like I said.
>Start fucking her.
>"Daddy!" "Oh daddy your little slut wants all your cum!" "Please cum in my little cunt daddy!"
>Half a year ago she was a virgin lol what have I done to this innocent flower
>please let me suck your big thick cock daddy!
WAIT ANON BLANK OUT HER FACE, unless shes already out there


also, tell us any funny learning murica language stories
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>cum all inside me daddy
As German I have to agree they do awesome deepthroats and more than you think like Anal :3 love these girls
File: 1413214147877.gif (480 KB, 141x141) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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As a 36 year old experienced man, gentleman, this is how you properly seduce a girl/woman.

Good job OP.
Is that the end of this greentext?
>Cum inside her, it was so damn intense.
>She starts getting more into the daddy thing.
>asks me if I can get her a collar.
>Tell her I'll think about it.
>Facebook is littered with couples pictures of us.
>God dammit I'm in love.
Actually it was probably closer to like 8 months, but yeah, once we started having sex we just ran with it. Fucked almost every day.
Also, truth be told, she picked up american pretty good and since we did more fucking than talking I never really got any funny ones, just a lot of "What's the word for x" stuff. Sorry to disappoint bro. To make up for it here's a titfucking story.
>We try anal a couple of times
>Not really into it
>But we have a whole bunch of lube left over.
>She's naked and sucking me off when I get a glorious idea.
>Pull her off my dick, and massage the lube into her tits.
>show her how to hold my dick with her boobs.
>They swallow my cock entirely.
>she starts rubbing my dick with her tits
>Holy fuck what lotion does she use? Her skin is perfect this isn't normal
>Kiss her while she's rubbing me off. She's really into it because kissing.
>explode cum all over her tits
>she excitedly licks it all off my dick and swallows.
>I lay her down on her back and spread her pussy with my fingers, and while she's massaging my cum into her nipples I start licking her pussy.
>Trace circles around her clit, drawing closer and closer.
>Slowly, teasingly lick her clit and kiss it
>She's grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and has me shoved into her pussy
>Lap up her sweet nectar and tongue her clit like we're making out
>I lose myself and just go at it.
>Finally she calls my name and and I crawl up to her and she rolls me on my back and rests her head on my chest
>"I made you cum?"
>"Four times" she says and passes out.
>Lol oops.
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oh shit.jpg
14 KB, 320x243
I feel something about to happen.
File: Untitled.png (1 MB, 1920x7498) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x7498
That was fucking unreal
well, quite so
Need a picture with a blurred face. Have to see this
>Her birthday is coming up.
>Out with her friends at the mall.
>Her girlfriends make little jokes at us.
>One girl jokes that I'm probably gonna get her pregnant.
>While they're trying on shoes another mockingly says "oh daddy do you like these shoes?" and Nicola goes bright red.
>TOPKEK she told them.
>This makes me feel somehow bold.
>Her birthday rolls around.
>She has a small party with just me and like 10 friends.
>Two boxes from me.
>The first is a pandora bracelet.
>The second is a bdsm dog collar. Pic semi related, it looks very similar.
>She blushes and her friends all laugh and go wild.
>Later on I disappear for a minute and borrow my dog's leash.
>Return to her house
>While she's in the kitchen alone I sneak up and clip the leash on her.
>Pull her away and up to her room.
>Strip her down and fuck her like crazy, tying her hands up with the leash.
>Cum inside her.
>The rest of her birthday I'm just wondering about the cum leaking into her panties.
>The girls sleep over but I have to leave before her parents get home.
>She shows me a week later that she wrong "Anon's slut" on the inside in permanent marker.
those are some epic nice tits
any more?
Jesus christ it keeps getting better and better by every post
>Grad is coming up.
>She got into school a little ways away from home
>Looking for residence.
>Instead decides to rent an apartment with her friends.
>Invites me to live with her.
>Tell her I can't just up and move.
>Think about it.
>Why can't i?
>Tell her ok, I'll do it.
>Tell my parents the truth about Nicola.
>My dad gives me the "she's too young" talk but eventually he comes around.
>My mom is impressed. She wants pretty grandchildren.
>But first, grad day.
>She invites me to her grad.
>I take a bunch of pictures of my dick and text them to her during the ceremony.
>Tell her she's going to come to the upstairs bathroom and suck my dick after the ceremony and she's gonna swallow my cum
>"Yes daddy" she texts back.
>I go to the bathroom, and in she walks.
>Drag her over to the urinals and have her get on her knees in her grad gown.
>She sucks my dick like a good little slut
>I grab a fistful of her hair and fuck her mouth a little (she still can't take the whole thing but she was getting better)
>A dude opens the door, sees us and turns 360 degrees and walks out
>Cum down Nicola's throat walk with her down to the school's little after-party thing.
>Decide to be a good boyfriend for a change.
>Grab her wrist and pull her close
>Tell her I'm really proud of her for all her achievements
>Tell her I love her with all my heart.
>She's got this bright smile like I just gave her a million dollars.
This is great. This poor girl would have been a cock craving whorebag, you saved her. She is yours now. Keep her forever you lucky bastard
/b/ - Random
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

good stories tho, im fappin
this guy is amazing writer then and has some imagination
Someone better turn into a fucking dinosaur in the story
File: 1441644330628.jpg (206 KB, 1280x1281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 1280x1281
sorry m8
She is a cock craving whorebag - MY cock-craving whorebag.

>Moving day
>Her parents work
>Just my friends and two of her beta orbiters, doing all the work,
>Her friends doing nothing.
>My dad decided to meet us at the new place with the couch I bought.
>Driving down to the new place with Nicola in my car, the others in other cars.
>My best friend is right beside us on the highway.
>Tell Nicola to suck my dick.
>Getting road head.
>Honk my horn to get my buddy's attention.
>He looks and I point down and lift up her hair so he can see.
>He nods and gives me a thumbs up.
>Nearly swerve into oncoming traffic as I cum down her throat.
>We go to the new place and spend the rest of the day unloading our crap.
>"Anybody hungry?" I ask
>My buddy remarks "Well I know Nicola had her dinner already, but I could eat."
>Nearly spit out my water.
>turns 360
>doesnt know how circles work.
Almost certain the age of consent has nothing to do with child pornography laws. Aka. below 18 = CP, no matter if the age of consent if 17 or whatever. Fucking OP.
File: image.jpg (56 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 600x600
This thread is too good, so I dont even care if its false. For the very rare occasion I can say that OP is a genious
File: 10XxzRi.jpg (171 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 1024x768
I wish I was u bruh
Either newfag or old b8
A 180! A 180 you silly spaghetti slurping schmuck! If I did a 360 I'd go all the way around and end up back where I started!
>being this new
Exactly. Had this talk with my girl the other day, instead of a bunch of random dicks she has yours. And she will keep it forever.
>American words
>tfw we gave you your language, motherfuckers
Post a pic so we can know what she looks like
File: 0856baa9.jpg (72 KB, 692x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 692x630
Thank you anon. After OP is done, can someone screencap the rest?
>trying to sage thread
She never sent me nudes of her under 18 so lick the darkest part of my white ass.

Nicola has a very similar body to this.

>She's away at school.
>I decide to drive over to surprise her with homecooked lunch
>I know, what a faggot.
>Her new friends make all kinds of comments, one girl in particular was getting really flirty.
>Nicola and I eat, then I whisper in her ear that I have something else for her.
>She takes me to the girls bathroom after lunch, and into the stall, and we start making out.
>I drop my pants and sit on the toilet, and she drops hers and mounts me.
>Rides me like the glorious fuck stallion that I am.
>squeezing and tugging her tits just the way she likes, shes biting down on her arm to keep from moaning.
>Three people come in and use the bathroom while we're fucking.
>I hear one snide comment, something about it being a whore college or something?
>Cum in her pussy.
>We cuddle and kiss on the toilet for a few minutes.
>She goes off to class.
>Later on she texts me pictures of her masturbating on the bus ride home.
>Have to resist the urge to leave work and fuck her again.
fuck you OP,
i'm falling in love
my life sucks, fuck you
All hail trips!!!
That looks like a nice city to live in
File: image.jpg (71 KB, 358x429) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 358x429
Luv u anon
Have any 18+ pictures my friend?
i love you too OP.
good bless your lucky ass, motherfucker
Bump for life!
Yes anon, please continue
Gr8st film of my childhood
Just report the idiot posting JB pictures, let the mods ban the stupid mongoloid.

Also give me a couple of minutes, keep bumping the thread, I just need to switch the laundry right quick.

I love you too anon. I'm sure you'll meet the one. Work out, get some muscle tone and a flat stomach, and go to Poland or Germany dude.

>Make friends with Nicola's friends.
>Flirty girl from before getting really friendly.
>I know right from the start what she's going for.
>As a little aside, Nicola and I got into a fight once because I saw on her facebook messages (she's logged in on my computer and we're pretty open and share our passwords) some guy saying he wanted to fuck her and stuff, and she told him off and all this stuff but I told her I was upset that she didn't tell me so we made a promise to tell each other when someone was trying to muscle in.
>To date, 11 dudes have tried to fuck her or ask her out, she's faithfully told all of them where to go.
>So I tell Nicola "I think your friend Amber is hitting on me."
>She thinks it's nothing, tells me she's just like that.
>Go to a party with friends. Nicola and I have the same circle of friends now so it's a college party basically, me and my best friend are there with his QT3.14 Caribbean girlfriend and Amber is there.
>Amber gets drunk.
>I'm drunk.
>Nicola was working that night so she wasn't going to come, she said she'd just go to bed.
>Amber is coming on to me hard.
>sitting in my lap and shit.
>Tell her to get off me.
>Tell my best friend to help me
>Buddy and his girl both tell Amber to chill but she catches me coming out of the bathroom later and kind of forces herself on me.
>Mind you, I'm drunk so I'm not really steady enough to shove her off.
>She kisses me a few times before I get away from her.
>Leave the party.
>Call Nicola and tell her everything truthfully.
>I admit I cried like a homo.
>She comes and picks me up
>reassures me and shit
Now I'm stuck here waiting, just staring at my boner.
10/10 OP is a confirmed word wizard
File: image.png (547 KB, 635x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
547 KB, 635x640
Sry I'm not OP I just felt bad for ur jealousy and wanted to cheer u up
I wanna meet you guys! lol
File: 1463170291460.png (226 KB, 562x583) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
226 KB, 562x583
>That night she cuddles me, tells me she trusts me fully, and gets all naked and shiet.
>gives me lots of kisses and mounts me
>Rides me while saying cute lovey-dovey stuff.
>I say all this cute shit back.
>God I've turned into such a queer.
>Cum in her, fall asleep together cuddling.
>Amber texts her and says some shit about how I kissed her and was all over her.
>Nicola calls her and just bitches her out for like 20 minutes and hangs up.
>I'm going to marry this bitch.
>Tear her pants off and eat her pussy like I'm starving.
>When she's come at least 3 times, I drop my pants and fuck her savagely and tell her she belongs to me and she's my little girl and I own her.
>"Yes daddy!" "Oh daddy fuck your little slut harder!" "Please cum all over me daddy!"
>Cum all over her body with such force that a string of cum shot from my dick, near her pussy, all the way to her cheek.
>We're giggly and our relationship is only stronger because of Ambwhore.
>"Bro 17 is legal you just can't take pictures."

"you just can't take pictures"

shit.. I read that as "just take pictures"
Welp there goes another try to sound smart over the internet and get destroyed.

I am sorry, ok. Sorry for trying to sound smart and be a smartass, but All I've done is expose myself and made myself look like a fucking moron.
Fuck ambwhore!
today op was not a faggot.jpg
OP is leigon
I'll take Amber, no problemo amigo. I'll take a bullet for you
Goddamn OP. Hhhhgggnnnnhhggg
File: image.gif (940 KB, 627x502) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
940 KB, 627x502
I have no idea why I am reading these, but it's happening
Did her parents find out?
Dub dubs
Bampity bamp
Rip the trips
No worries man.

Cute(or gross) story time.
>Sleeping together naked.
>Wake up.
>Hear her crying.
>Rub her shoulders.
>"Sweetie what's wrong?"
>"Come on baby, look at me. You can tell daddy anything. Come on, what's the matter?"
>Shakes her head all cute.
>I get a little closer and give her lots of kisses and reassure her that I'd never judge her or laugh at her.
>Soften her up a bit.
>I have a feeling.
>I'm no genius but I do have a calendar and it has been years.
>I move the blankets.
>A couple of small red splotches on the sheets.
>Figured it was this.
>Give her the "it's nature it's not a big deal" speech and tell her I'll wash everything so she should go shower.
>She gives me a big hug and kiss and cuddles me and is just super relieved.
>She seriously gave me three blowjobs over the course of the day, and tried for a fourth but my dick just wasn't having it.
Eventually, but by that time she was independent and 20 so it wasn't as big of a deal. Her dad took it well. Her mom was nice to my face but pissy behind my back.
Ok, seriously, laundry time. BRB.
Do you plan on angling for a threesome with one of her friends?
Say it ain't so
Go on OP
If my maths correct, you've been together 4 years?
Don't boner wilt me you fucker
Losing faith in OP
Its a pasta, a well baked delicious pasta but a ruse nonetheless. Sorry gents
Have faith, he's doing panty laundry
Yeah you add hat neck beard>>684150197
Just saw it in a different thread before. Remember the name Nicola.

Don't have pictures or anything.
OP, /b/ro, be honest with me... is this true? Or are you just telling a magical story? I just need to know
File: 1.jpg (63 KB, 677x583) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 677x583
Die in a fire, you britbong bastard.

I mean, OP's original post DOES say:

>Reposting for those unaware:
>Implying 4chan makes you forget about circles
Magical story. I still enjoyed it though.
Fuck it am still lurking for conclusion
Fake. Her name should be nikola

Anyway nice story
If it's some dinosaur i'll be kill
I thought about it, but honestly it's just not worth potentially fucking things up with her for what, one threesome?

Yeah retard, I'm the guy from the other thread. The writing stile from the first 5 posts is the same and read the OP:"Pollack-fucking anon here with more about the Nicola story. Reposting for those unaware:"

y'all are dumb as shit.

Post proof.

Take my word for it. It's true but if you doubt me I don't blame you.

Done laundry, next post
Keeping faith godamnitttt
OP let Nicola do Landry

Go on
God bless you anon
OP has spoken! Thank you!
OP is fucking nicola
Op should write a novel
Plot twist!
He did
File: image.jpg (67 KB, 500x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 500x528
between this and the "should i fuck the brazilian bum lady" in another thread, this is the best 4chan i've had for some tiem
we all know he is fucking her, thats the whole story. tard.
That makes it official, OP is a banana
Anyway Nicola is a male name.
OP is a fag
this thread is gold
Thank you OP
now i can finally imagine my imaginary love-life again. you are blessed
>I thought about it, but honestly it's just not worth potentially fucking things up with her for what, one threesome?
I respect that, but it's not just one threesome. With a girl who really loves you and a friend who wants to share with her, it can be a lot of threesomes.
Me2 m8
He's got a very good point. I mean, unless you cry after sex
>Implying I would still have her if I was making her cook and do laundry.
It's a two-way street. I've got to be as awesome as she is or I lose her, that's how relationships work.

>Nicola is focusing on studying for her exams.
>Bored as shit.
>Playing a game and trying to be quiet.
>Dark Souls 2 I think, or maybe a replay of 1 while waiting for 2.
>Don't hear from her for a few hours.
>She comes out of our room naked.
>Drop the controller.
>Lost like 100k souls
>no fucks given
>she comes up to me and aggressively starts kissing me and pushing me down on my back.
>i crush a bag of chips but fuck it.
>she's dry humping me and begging me to fuck her.
>"Fuck me daddy!" "Fuck me hard!" "Your little slut needs your big cock!" "Daddy please fuck me!"
>She's loud
>mfw our roommate is sleeping in the other room
>we struggle to pull off my pants and she mounts me.
>Rides my dick intensely, god she's still so tight
>Squeeze her ass hard.
>She cums and climbs off my dick and starts deepthroating it (She learned!!! years of practice)
>I let out a groan and the mother of all loads down her throat.
>She swallows it all and gives me a little peck on the cheek and returns to her studies.
>I spend 20 minutes vacuuming chips from the couch.
>Worth it.
Nicola, Andrea and some others are genderless names, faggot
How retarded you are?
Just rolled in and read all your posts. You're a fucking beast OP, well played.
>be me today playing DS1 cause i'm poor and don't have a ps4 or xboxone for DS3
>doing speedrun for the fun of it
>not getting a drop from a dark knight
>kill seath
>vongol behind me, hits me
>"u ded amigo"
>lose 70k souls
>get mad
Din't play vidyas till that moment
I got other parts of this pic set, if anyone is interested. Totally off topic though
>in italy
Can you read nigger
Confirmed Nikola would be polish girl. Nicola is guy.

>but they're polish so they fucked it up anyways
it says nikola is a polish female version
Can you finish reading?
Is op kill?
im italian
u are not able to read and understand same text
i like this thread
File: fuuuck this.gif (498 KB, 320x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuuuck this.gif
498 KB, 320x172
Also to expand on this, I work a shitty dead end part time job so I really have to be boyfriend of the year or else I look like a piece of shit. A lot of people give her shit for me, some people tell her she should dump "That bum" and whatever. She tells them to fuck off but it still gets to me sometimes.

This is a good point but you know, it's like that could open a huge can of worms, stuff like fighting over insecurities and whatever, and of course she could turn it around and be like "well I let you fuck this girl so you should let me fuck this guy" you know what I mean? If you're not prepared for a MFM don't do an FMF.

There's like 5 women on the "people with the name" list smartass.

>We decide to do the drive-through idea again.
>more specifically she decides to do it.
>We're driving, I picked her up from school.
>She requests food so I pull into a burger king because they are superior to mcpenises.
>Long ass drive through line
>I say "let's just park and go in."
>She is adamant about the drive through
>Annoyed but I just do it.
>We're approaching the intercom.
>No way out.
>She starts rubbing my dick and pulling her pants off.
>Gets naked and pulls my boner out.
>She leans over and starts sucking it while I'm ordering.
>Make like 10 mistakes in my order.
>Gripping a fistful of her hair.
>Drive up to the first window and pay
>Dude is laughing and waves his buddy over.
>Nicola giggles from my crotch and sucks me a little harder.
>Second window
>Frumpy fat white lady hands me my food then she shakes her head.
>"Really? What's wrong with you?"
>I shrug.
>Drive off.
>park in the corner and cum down her throat.
>She eats her burger nude.
>MFW I see a cop car and haul ass out of the parking lot while she ducks.
Getting repetitive OP. Give us something new and juicy if you can. Good story, tho. I'll stay for a bit.
Op leaves us waiting just to tease us
I agree with the threesome part. It changes the dynamic of a relationship. Sometime for the worst, sometimes for the best. I've seen both, never experienced either tho.
File: 1393473232503.jpg (144 KB, 682x1023) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 682x1023
Just remember betas, before you go sucking OP's cock as hard as his imaginary gf.

"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."
Ignorance is bliss famalam
Why do you say this? Would you tell a 2 year old that there is no Santa Claus? Or a Christian that there is no God...? Nevermind
Anyone screencapping this?
I love you op
no needed

this will appear again and again
Id be sucking his dick if I was
I'm gonna puke
Jesus, really? I've seen giant clits on the internet, but never in person.

Kind of off the point, but a funny coincidence, but I'm Polish myself. Well, half polish, half Austrian.
Hurry OP anons are getting angry
You want excitement? I was saving this one. Tell me if this is up your alley.

TOPKEK yup Nicola's clit isn't huge but it's definitely on the bigger side, like the nub of a nipple.

>We decide to go to the mall.
>She has a long spring jacket made of like wool or something that goes down past her ass. Only barely though.
>Not a super busy day, it's a tuesday morning so it's kind of dead.
>She's wearing the jacket and yoga pants. She tells me she forgot something and to meet her in the food place.
>They had this kind of fake-mcdonalds style burger diner with it's own sitting area away from the food court.
>The way it's set up is that the table closest to the counter is hard to see from outside and impossible to see from the counter because of the way the place is designed.
>I get our food and sit.
>She walks in, first thing I notice is she's holding her jacket closed tightly with both hands.
>Second thing I notice
>No, no she fucking didnt
>Bare legs.
>There's no way
>Not even she's that brave.
>Sits across from me in the corner.
>Lets go of her jacket
>She tells me to sit beside her and I do, and in that booth I finger her and kiss her neck and suck her nipples like crazy.
>She's leaking like god damn puddlechan all over the place,
> Make her cum,
>She covers up while people come in and out, and we decide to move on.
>walk with my arm around her waist.
>We go into a men's store to pick up some new jeans for me.
>When no one is around I yank her jacket open and she blushes and kisses me, pressing her tits against me.
>I go into the changerooms to try a pair on but there's a lady manning the station so she can't come in with me.
>We're walking around, looking for a spot, then we see it.
>You see, there's this door near the bathrooms leading out, but there's a lip - a protruding part of the wall for some reason.
It sits between the bathrooms and this side door that is rarely used.
>2 Years later
>She calls me like 4 hours before I'm supposed to picke her up from school
>"Daddy, I need your dick right now"
>Was just playing Dark Souls, don't have to be at work today
>On my way hear lots of sirens, couple of police cards speeding on the freeway
>Road block
>Turn on radio
>Hear about a shooting at campus
>Start getting worried, call her cell
>Get off car run towards campus
>Get close but cops stop me
>Keep calling her no answer
>Nowhere to be found
>Go back to car, turn on the radio
>"Suspect identified as Elliot Rodgers"
>Imagine the rest

And that's how I lost my polish beauty to one of you
Forgot to add this, but I fucked around with a Bosnian bitch before. Hardly spoke English, but knew enough to hint at wanting the D. She'd speak Bosnian while we fucked. It was weird, but hot at the same time. Loved anal. Wanted to do shit I'm not into a lot too. Like bondage and shit. Hard to keep a boner up when I feel like I kidnapped some foreign girl and started pounding her ass. At least for me it was.
>OP pretending he's not OP

Top kek fag
This is right up my alley. I like public sex huehuehue.

STFU and get out. Fucking faggot
File: 1437646428165.jpg (44 KB, 466x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 466x466
top kek
Not OP. You can't post 2 posts within 7 seconds.
I lol'd. this isn't me BTW.

Do post the set dude, I'm waiting.

>I press my back against the wall.
>My shoulder is sticking out that's how small the space is
>She drops her jacket to the floor and gets on her knees.
>She's going to town on my dick.
>Sucking me off really good, deepthroating it, letting out little moans.
>She pulls her lips off my dick and wraps her tits around it, titfucking me hard.
>So close to cumming.
>She stops and grabs her sweater in a panic
>"Security guy" She says
>Shove boner away, grab her and drag her out through the door.
>Heart's beating like I'm about to have a heart attack
>Life flashing before my eyes
>Fly is still undone.
>Rush to my car.
>We get in and start driving.
>I'm freaked out
>Oh, my dick is still diamonds.
>We reach a stoplight.
>pull out dick and shove her head down.
>Cum in like a minute.
Internet detective has solved the case!
Carry on OP.
Fuck off faggot
THIS IS FAKE, elliot didnt have a victim that was named Nicola.
but that threw me for a twist
Ty Sherlock
File: 1449015037183.gif (995 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
995 KB, 250x250
Ouch, my pride.
yeah it was my first time to see a big one in person. seen them in vids but not in person till then. caught me off guard. started rubbing her pussy thru her pants and could feel the lump. immediately know what it was. she said i was the only one to ever say it was big. maybe i was the only one brave enough to say it. made it super easy to rub it while fucking her, drove her nuts.
Fuck, the pic should have the basket on the cross. I'd piss myself laughing
yeah i had her beg me to fuck her hard in polish it was sexy as hell. she was into play rape so she would cry and beg me to drop in broken english/polish. i had her saying some crazy ass shit.
Na dann, zeas! Woher genau?
How can you confuse Demon's Souls with Dark Souls 1?
>It's the summer.
>We decide to drive back home.
>She's driving.
>Wearing a tanktop.
>I pull her tits out and rub her crotch.
>She's blushing and moaning as I rub her over her cute little blue thong.
>She pulls over on the side of the road
>"Daddy I need your big thick cock right now!"
>Jumps out of the car, bare tits bouncing for all the world to see and runs over to my side.
>Sucks me for a minute, then I bend her over the backseat and pull her shorts and thong off
>finger her a little, get her moaning like crazy.
>Grab some rope from the trunk
>restrain her hands
>start fucking her while pulling her hair and squeezing her ass.
>Cum inside her.
>We pulled over and fucked again like 30 minutes later lol.
op played dark souls for about 6 years...
Dark souls is the shit bro
hey OP there is a Italian foreign exchange student in my class who has basically the same body type as Nicola and that Italian accent too. go shes so fucking hot but i'm too much of an awkward pussy to do anything.
Any advice??
OP who is the girl in picture???
We should buy op a game that is not Dark Souls
Become Chad Thundercock
give it here anon
Not op, but just talk to her.

>I had Italian exchange students 2 years ago, they liked my shitty Italian. Thought it was cute.

>ended up fucking two of the girls and one of the guys
File: 1449014664404.png (284 KB, 374x293) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284 KB, 374x293
If it's really the size of a baby carrot, I wonder if she ever tried fucking someone with it. I wouldn't like it, but I'd get over it if my dick was hard lol. All those dudes were beta for not pointing it out. I'm pretty blunt about shit, so that usually chases girls away for some reason. I guess honesty is my biggest flaw :/
I'm italian. Where she's from ? North, south?
Not op actually
Depends. If you're a typical /b/ user (fat, neckbeard, poorly dressed, etc.) then no. If you're passable (physically fit but not necessarily ripped, fairly well dressed, good hygiene) and there's nobody more attractive interested in her then go for it.

She'll enjoy the attention and you can get in there by volunteering to help her with language-related shit. Then fuck her right in the pussy.
Yeah, that Bosnian girl tried to translate what she said to me. It wouldn't have been 10% as hot if it were in English. Most normal "fuck me baby" kind of shit.
>and one of the guys

You are a fucking faggot.
File: 123125125213.jpg (78 KB, 1440x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 1440x900

Heres more of OP's girl

how awesome am i? pic related
It's been a long time, get off my back.

>Also during summer.
>She's walking around the place naked.
>Feel like ice cream.
>Ask if she wants one, she says no.
>Go down across the street, get a cone, come back up, sit on the coach.
>She lies down beside me naked and pulls out my dick and just licks it while I eat.
>kissing and licking it lazily, not so much a blowjob as it was a tongue massage.
>like a cute little kitten cleaning it for me
>Lazily paw at her tits.
>boot up souls 2 and play it while she tongue baths my cock.
>She takes the controller and sits on my dick, riding me while playing.
>She gets rekt by smelter demon and loses all my souls.
>Breaks all my life protection rings and goes fully hollow.
cum in her and just hold her while she continues to rape my soul memory on my Faith build.
Is someone going to put this into one image?
File: 1463143694525.jpg (81 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 960x960
Just because you're a sad excuse of a male doesn't mean OP's bullshitting you. I somehow groomed a big titted shy 15 year old into a nympho too (was also Eastern European) and I can vouch for the way he describes how the dynamics of their relationship evolved. It's something really specific which he can't make up unless he's experienced it.
Not >>684157584 but I'll stick up for anon.
You're a closed minded, homophobic pussy. I hope the horse you fuck impales you.


thank you anon god bless you
you mean 180 degrees?
Either b8 or newfag
i hope someone's saving this
Fucking nitpickers. Just enjoy the story.
i am
You do it.
Nah mane, talking about yourself this much and deluding yourself into thinking anybody gives a shit is your biggest flaw. And I ain't even trying to be mean. If you talk the way you write you're an obnoxious person.
post it

>defending a faggot like anybody will give a fuck

You're fresh off the boat from reddit eh kid?
nice one dude really got him with that zinger
That's the spirit
I thoroughly enjoyed this stop OP. I haven't been on 4chan for years because it's all newfags. It's nice to see that some elements that made /b/ interesting is still present. There's just too many trap and roll posts nowadays. Oh well.

Thanks again for the good story /b/ro. Brought up some pleasant memories. I'm bailing now because it's getting a bit repetitive again. Still, it was good. Before I go, I must know, are you still with her?
White knight or bait?
>goes into sissyboi threads
>bashes faggots

Don't fall off that edge dawg

>sit on the coach.

That doesn't sound nice at all.

Anyhow, nice story bruv, i was hoping for a comical ending until some point. I guess you're just lucky. But if you lose her one day you're pretty fucked.
Daily reminder Slavs are subhuman
My advice is to just talk to her, treat her like a human being, and just make it clear that you're interested in her. If she gives you good signs (like smiling a lot at you while you talk, not just smiling but smiling AT YOU, touching you, standing closer, giving you her full physical attention when you talk + eye contact) then ask her out on a date.

And don't fuck on the first date, build sexual attention, until she's craving you.

You are a god damn hero.

Any story requests? Trying to think of more good ones off the top of my head, but I'm running out.

>She comes home from work one day particularly moody.
>Give her dinner and she says "thanks"
>Doesn't really talk much.
>Finally I take her hand and give it a little kiss and ask her to tell me what's wrong.
>Her boss is being a jerk.
>Admits she's scared of working in a part time place forever.
>Wishes she could afford all the nice things she wants.
>Scared of failing school.
>I kiss and reassure her, and after dinner I pick her up and carry her to bed, and start the bath.
>I undress her and gently kiss all over her body, not sexually but more sensual.
>Carry her to the tub and lay her inside.
>Give her a nice, soothing, massaging bath, singing to her (she loves when I sing for some fucked up reason)
>When she's all done I dry her off and wrap her up in a towel.
>Carry her to bed like a princess and give her a nice long backrub.
>Afterwards I do her hair (she loves that, it really gets her into the daddy dynamic)
>Give her cute curly pigtails
>Dress her in a really loli outfit we got her.
>Take her out for a nice walk, holding hands, telling her all the things I love about her.
>When we get home I give her a foot massage and we go to bed together.
>She wakes me up for a morning fuck and afterwards she goes off to work.
Lay off mate. If a dude wants to rail dudes get over it. Caring about what gay dudes do is the gayest shit I've ever heard.
Talking about myself this much? You speak as if I'm a delusional narcissist. If you get that from the short post I made, you must fancy yourself as a internet psychiatrist.
File: 10 - beUtsfm.jpg (68 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 - beUtsfm.jpg
68 KB, 720x720
Wait if pic is unrelated, who the fuck is this?
I have a friend who had a similar relationship with a perfect girl like that. He was litteraly you, until she dumped him for some reason.
He's now the saddest friend I have, and it's been a couple of years. Don't lose her op.
Damn, you got me son. Never heard anyone accuse anons of being a reddit user. Nice.
He said nicola is blue eyed with blonde hair. What is your point?
Just curious, did her accent fade away or does she still sound like she's from Poland?
For the sake of creating a pointless argument, let;s say white knight.
You friends must consider you a hero
i know i am a hero
fucked a turkish girl once, received my best blowjob ever. those bitches are keepers
who is this again?
>While she's at work I get her a big bouquet of flowers, new pandora charm, and a bunch of homely shit she wanted, and this picture frame she was looking at.
>Fucking expensive man
>She comes home, sees everything I got
>Walk up to her
>Open my palm
>Charm in my hand
>She bursts into tears and hugs me.
>Sobbing violently.
>tells me she loves me and all this delightfully cute shit.
>She's just all over me
>Lots of kissing.
>Intense passionate lovemaking session ensues.
>She becomes extra attentive, giving me massages and stuff (she already cooks when I'm working but she started being more lovey and doing more extra stuff like cleaning the bathroom and stuff like that that I usually do).

All of these are same girls
Dude, you got some tips for getting girls to get into some other things? My girlfriend hasn't tried any shit, I popped her cherry so pretty much the only thing we do is fuck in one position, and rarely on some occasions she'll give me a handy. How do I get her into trying some other stuff, like blowjobs, different stuff while fucking and shit like that?
Doesn't wanting to create an argument mean that it is b8?
Slav detected
get a polak
Brainstorm about it genius.
You had to do it at the beginings, now you're kinda fucked. you're gonna have to ask for it and it's either gonna go well or get weird.
You still with her?
All you niggas talk about traps and shit as if that's not gay lol idk what is
Its a turkish girl.
She sucked a guy from /b/.
Well I mean, how long is the beginning? I took her virginity like 2 months ago, is that too late already or not yet?
She's still got an accent. Not as thick as it was when we first met but it's there. It comes out in full force when she talks to other poles.

Running out of stories, and I'm kind of hungry. I'm gonna take a break. If you guys want more, bump the thread. If the thread dies make a new one with Pollock in it so I can find it in the catalog.

Well I'd say communicate the kind of shit you want from her when you two aren't fucking, don't pressure her into it just open up the suggestion. Put it out there.

Then while you're getting frisky, focus a lot of attention on teasing her, build up that sexual frustration, drive her wild, then when she's extremely horny, you could offer her a chance to taste your dick for example, tell her you need her soft tongue, blah blah blah.

Women will do anything once they're horny enough, this is a tried and true fact. Use that to your advantage. Don't be a dumbass and be like "Ok you're horny now so let's do anal", and if she still refuses, then don't push the subject, just move on - that's the important thing. If she rejects you mid fuck, don't stop or try and force her or sulk, just carry on and make sure she enjoys herself, because if you consistently give her a good time no matter what she'll be way more open minded to weird shit.
Probably not. From what you said I assume she is fairly young. Follow op's technique and make her crave cock
>I'm pretty blunt about shit, so that usually chases girls away for some reason. I guess honesty is my biggest flaw :/
This particular part was pretty indicative. How was the aforementioned relevant to the discussion?
>did anybody ask or seek this information?
>was it an interesting bit of trivia that could potentially start a conversation?
>did it make you look self-centered?

Being able to hold a good conversation is a skill like any other and the easiest way to dramatically improve your capability in it is by being a good listener. You said you chase girls away. It's not your honesty, it's just that you don't know how to present yourself in an interesting manner that's doing it. Everybody likes listening to the sound of their own voice and you ought to tap into that, instead of realizing it and using the same tactic over and over when it's proven itself unsuccessful.
What works for me is do a lot of foreplay until she's soaking wet and craving the cock. A girl I messed around with only liked two positions and not doggy style. I'm out of shape BAD, but not fat. So my arms and abs start giving out after a couple mins lol. She don't like doggy style, but I convinced her after telling her my stamina is shit and getting her wet. Much easier on the muscle lol

Well if your way of fucking is already a habit, yeah it's kinda to late. But there's no rule, each girl is somehow different, anyway you've nothing to lose in asking I guess.
It also depends a lot on the relationship, are you in control or is she?
File: 1448825335718.jpg (53 KB, 383x526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I rub her chest with just the back of my hand.
today on shit that never happened.
Depends on her sex drive really
OP had it okay by frustrating her, you just have to build up sexual tension then leave her wanting, not just get your rocks off.
TL;DR A bird in the hand is not worth 2 in the bush.
You chirp but try it - your knuckles feel amazing for a girl's nips.
Definitely making a new thread. I want to see pics tho. Doesn't have to be nude or nothing. But face would be nice
great story but you just lost me... burger king is superior? fuck off anon
more story
We all know it's fake, but it's good wank material.
Anon said they were the first person to point out the size of her clit. I was just saying I would have done the same, but in my experience girls don't like when you point out their flaws you fucking idiot. I can hold a conversation fine. Just ask the bitch about herself so the gab and gab and compliment and agree. But if a bitch has a lot of moles when she gets naked, I'd stupidly point that shit out. I don't always think before I speak. You'll probably point out how I'm talking about myself again because you're so clever. There are a shitton of posts where people add a bit about themselves. Sharing is caring you cock magnet.
I have, that is why i chuckled. I got memories of being 15 again.
Is no one going to screencap this shit? Come on /b/
It is superior to McDonalds. Everything is. I'd rather eat out of dumpster.
Sup /b/
As of lately I've been meeting up with this girl I hooked up with a few times about 5 years ago, I was 16 she was 15.
We fucked the other night like 5 times in 2 hours, I only lasted 10 minutes each time because I've not had sex in like 8 months.
We were talking about kinks and fetishes and she told me she loves being tied up and choked, which is kinda normal for most girls that i've been with, seem to attract only those types really.
But I was abit hesitant to tell her about what gets me off because we share quite a few friends and if it freaks her out it's not that I'd expect her to tell people but it's just not worth the hassle, any tips?
OP here just heated up my dinner, so after I eat I'll post some more. Link me to the new thread.
damn nice tots I would suck her ass
No. If you want something done right, do it yourself kid. Life lesson.
Nah mane, I ain't trying to be a dick. Fair enough. It's just that the way you worded it really threw me off. It looked like Facebook cringe levels of
>I guess my biggest flaw is honesty :P
Do it during sex, she will be more horny and open
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2 MB, 640x360
Well, I suppose you do have a point, tmi. I get carried away when writing. Usually write way to much with too much detail. Glad we could come to an understanding.
this shit is like the Chinese knockoff version of this thread
This was an abortion of a story.
File: 1449007726019.jpg (68 KB, 606x496) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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More like an illiterate 13-year-old girl trying her hand at writing a short story. Pic related
*virtual handshake*
wow, i was expecting som really hillarious twist somwhere in there, but this seems like just a bunch of guys listening to another guy talking about fucking a girl? Has /b/ literally become this degenerate?

On Saturday I fucked a delicious, tall, russian exchange student. She fingered my ass and I came on hers, hope you have a good night.
File: 1449259726822.png (3 KB, 209x214) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Everyone was hoping for a twist fool. Now he's just making random fuck stories, so it's getting boring. Sometimes it's nice to see someone on /b/ who is in a happy relationship. Give some of these fags hope.

In conclusion, go fuck yourself. You obviously started browsing /b/ within the past few years. Stories like these where everywhere back in the day.
File: image.jpg (74 KB, 736x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This thread has been really enjoyable and good to me. For once something reminiscent if the fun old days, even if it all is just a magical green text story. I had lots if keks and a good read, but now its time for me to go to sleep and away from this god forsaken forum.
Did your dick touch hers? Was hers bigger or smaller?
>Has /b/ literally become this degenerate
>/b/ literally become

A child's favorite word.
Can someone screencap anon's story into one picture? I'd do it, but I'm reatrded.
>no anal
>no deal
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