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>be me, 2 weeks ago
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>be me, 2 weeks ago
>love a girl named ashley for fuckin 2 years
>shes the prettiest little thing
>only started talking to her last year, we share everything
>we like the same shit, listen to the same music, she's so fuckin cool and shit
>last year of high school, prom approaching (18 btw, don't have a cow man)
>overhear her talking about how she doesn't like public promposals, because she would hate to have to turn someone down in public
>get high as fuck and start engineering plan
>we both like mayer hawthorne (motown type music, soul), so i decide to buy the heart-shaped single for JUST AIN'T WORKIN OUT
>get sticky and stick it in the middle with the "prom?"
>stick it in record jacket,
>hand it to her and tell her "please don't open this until you get home"
>she asks "why?"
>"just trust me"
> go home, pop like 6 dilaudids, chill out because anticipation is killing me

pic related: its the record
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>she just ignored the "prom?" note
>i did this all just to make sure she wouldn't have to reject me in public
>but she hasn't even rejected me privately, she sort of just ignored it
>i've been crying for the past 12 hours man
>i've been played hard man
>love sucks
dude just ask her about it again, call her "so what's your answer? prom?"
i responded a few minutes ago "i had to look around alot, its a used copy so it might be scratched up abit"

im kinda relying on the false hope that she didn't take the record out yet... maybe she just read the cover... ive given her records before and her family sleeps really early so she always ends up opening em the next day

i hope this is the case today

fucking kill me
is that too persistent? i mean.... at this point it feels as if it's a no

i just figured she would be nice enough to give me the dignity of a proper rejection... it feels so shit to be ignored like this
Nigger what the fuck are you, twelve?

Stop being a fucking beta and ask her up front faggot.
Hey man tomorrow just message her and tell her right then and there if you are wasting your time asking her, and then have a go at her for not even having the decency to reject you.

Then ask for your record back and sell it because that artist you will never be able to enjoy again
no be forward, "So whats your answer." be frank, be blunt, confidence and shit.
im gonna fuckin do it, im much too pissed and sad to just let this slide

i will not be ignored, i think i deserve a more dignified exit than this
You already fucked up. You should have given it to her and told her to open it then and there.

Asking a girl out through text is hoverhand tier
nah I dont think so, and don't be one-sided maybe she's just shy and still thinking of how to respond. that's how girls are. just chill, everything will be fine
<---- here's the beta faglord babyface we're working with,

asking up front would be so awkward, i have the fucking voice of michael cera, i honestly don't think i can be confident and blunt

also my last post literally minutes ago

im immediately frightened to death about this.. im piss drunk right now but god damn i just took in how much of a pussy i am
but that was the point, she specifically said that she couldn't stand turning down someone in public if she had to

i handed it to her in class

youre right though, i could have handed to her when she's alone and asked to open there... yup, i fucked up

>tfw i'd ignore me too
its been 12 hours man i;m so fucking anxious
we have a playlist shared on spotify...... .. im just going through that now and bawling my eyes out man

im a grown ass boy but she's reduced me to a little bitch

love is shit
how should i phrase it... "sooo, is that a yes or a no?"

what do /b/ please you guys are like the only people i have right now... my friends irl are just giving me the "chill its ok you're too good for her" and that's a straight up fuckin lie engineered to make me feel better and i need some truth and shit
i guess nobody's on this thread
ignored again
im gonna get high as fuck, i love you all
please fucking kill me
Stop being beta

Ask her out

If she says no, then what did u even lose?

Inb4 self esteem
i lost 2 years of my life

literally everything ive done was for her
i got my grades up and everything
studied hard, got a job, excersized, changed my whole life just to try and make me good enough for her

what did i even lose??? a fuckin reason to live man
all yall get in here i need to vent
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