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ITT: Borderline sexual assault stories
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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ITT: Borderline sexual assault stories

>be 18
>have a crush on my gf's 15 year old sister
>we were just hanging out alone
>decide to play truth or dare
>I dare her to flash out the window
>she dares me to do the same
>for some reason she didn't think i'd flash my dick
>she gets an eyeful of my dick and just stares
>she gets weirded out
>I convince her she has to show me her boobs because she saw my dick
>I lift up her shirt and her C or D's flop out and it was fucking marvelous.

I have a few more stories from her as well.

>I have a few more stories from her as well.

So you're a prolific paedophile then?
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nice bait faggot
Lol look at my quads
Don't be a douche, he was 18, not 28.
Even then, pedophilia = pre-pubescent. How the fuck so many people don't know that I'll never know. I guess it's the fault of the fucking media with their click-bait "HIGH SCHOOL PEDOPHILE TEACHER ARRESTED" bullshit.
He was an adult who preyed on a minor you filthy paedophile apologist.
Weak b8
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Fuck these other niggers, just post more.
So OP admits to manipulating a minor into showing her tits by playing a game were he could control her. Gets called out, and you say it's bait?

Just how many vaccines were you given as a child?
>Be alone with my fairly young cousin in her room while family is downstairs
>She sits on my laps
>Tell her if she wants to play cowboy
>She says ok
>Start dry humping her
>Cum with fury of a thousand suns. I can feel my dick pulsating.
If their parents found out, i'd be probably dead
Just a red pill.
>Christmas 2001.
>Helping friend hand lights on his house when his girlfriend comes out to say his mom is calling on the phone.
>Girlfriend crawls up ladder while I hold it steady.
>Look up becausemshe's prattling on about random.
>See double DD's up shirt.
>She asks if I like them.
>Go ahead and grab one anon.
>Go ahead, they're cold.
>Be damned, they are cold.
>Rub rub rub.
>Thanks anon,that feels good.
A pedophile is a person who has a sustained sexual orientation toward children, generally aged 13 or younger, Blanchard says.

Pedophile = Into children AKA girls that don't look like women at all

There's some other term that applies to girls of teenage age , you know when girls start getting big fat asses and tits and some 15 year old could pass as an 18 year old. That's a different term.
You so woke, nigga.
That's what I was saying, but a lot of people seem to include teenagers in the definition and it's not only false, it's completely retarded. Nothing wrong with liking a fertile girl with tits, except maybe when it comes to the whole "morality" bullshit. Except that we're on /b/ and moralfags shouldn't even be here in the first place.
>Finish lights and go inside.
>Drink beers and watch her move around.
>Hours later she is in the kitchen alone.
>Walk up behind her and reach up into her shirt to play with boobs.
>A cold voice says "Did I say you could do that?"
>Withdraw hands quickly, prepare for death.
>She turns, sees my fear, and laughs.
>Pulls my hands to her chat and rubs them around.
>Don't be so jumpy, unleashes sexy evil grin.
Girl in the picture does NOT have size C or D tits
Doesn't how cowboy mean you're the horse and she rides on your back? How does it end up in dry humping? also, did you dry hump the front or back?
Never said related, faggot

Nice meme bro.

But smarter people than you wrote the law. It's the way it is for a reason.
>falling for the "vaccines give you autism" meme

is that what your mother told you to make you feel better?
Go to bed anon
I love this
Oh yeah cause the law always makes sense right. Not to mention that age of consent varies a shitload, you can do 5 years in jail for banging a 16 year old in one country but it can be completely legal in another. Yeah they're all so fucking smart.
I might agree with you in some circumstances but chick was 15 and OP was 18. Considering the fact that OPs retarded they were probably in the same math class
Thank you for agreeing with me. It takes a big man to admit you they're wrong. Good for you, anon.
Shit some states have Romeo and Juliet laws and if OP lives in one of those 18-15 is probably cool there
>be 12
> mom's client has 2 daughters 11 and 8, leaves them at our house for us to watch
>be chillen upstairs in my room
>* year old gets called down by my mom for something
>me and 11 year old get idea
>hide underneath the covers of my bed to rick 8 year old
>8 year old comes upstairs, gets confused
>we shuffle underneath covers laughing
>here 8 year old come back up
>we freeze, enter stealth mode
>i "accidently" put my hand on her cunt
>say i'm sorry
>she says it's ok
>i'm diamonds
>kiss her on cheek
>we decide to bust outta covers to scare 8 year old
>never saw them again after that day
not sexual assault, consent initated
this sounds like it's written by a virgin
Could be, he only got to second base
This shit is faker than a dingo
Because it is silly, the worst part is you can tell it never happened. It's sad really
wow nice
The term you're looking for is "straight."
No it's Ephebophile
Fuck these cunts here is my story.. Shit was is crazy get ready for a long one.
>Be me 17 (turns 18 within in a couple of weeks)
> Finds best friends Girlfriend at the amusement park
>shes 14
>She talks to me
>we hang out
> goes to her older friends house
>older friend goes to get pizza
>Me and her were alone on her couch watching family guy (show sucks I now)
>we start making out
>I finger her
>she grabs my dick
>french kiss
> gets blowjob
>I am on top
>stick it in her tight pussy
>Shit was fantastic
Sucks that I am 20 now because I would so fuck that again if it was not for stupid consent laws.
> Come after me moral fags
Sorry for bad grammar, drunk as fuck
>wtf is sexual assault again?
has a point
Who cares? Just make sure the pigs don't find out.

Fresh, young, pussy is best pussy as long as you don't go too young.
Sexual assault is retarded, I personally think they need to lower the consent laws in America. The media blinds you with stupid shit.
Which is a synonym for straight male who is honest enough to admit his sexual desires are determined by biology rather than sociology. It's normal to find post pubescent girls attractive on a purely physical level.
>be in high school, i think i was a senior
>at my friends house, i think we were gonna go out or something
>he's taking a shower, i'm trying to catch a nap on his bed
>his max cute like 4 or 5 year old blonde sister walks in the room
>i open my eyes and say hi and close my eyes again
>she starts trying to touch my dick
>i had a hole in my pants kinda near the crotch, she tries to put her hand in to get at my dick
>tell her no and move her hand but act like i'm playing around to not make it so weird
>she sits on the floor and spreads her legs to show her panties (wearing a sun dress)
>start freaking out because it's so weird and i'm extremely uncomfortable
>go knock on bathroom door and tell buddy i have to pee to hurry up
no that i'm typing it, it really seems like warning signs that she was being molested
I do not trust jail bait where I live, the laws here are ridiculous. My friend got 5 years in jail for "raping" a 16-year-old girl and he was 26. I know the girl personally and she did not get raped parents just did not like the guy and he got thrown in jail because the girl told her parents they fucked.
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worthy attempt but miserable failure
also trips

>no that i'm typing it, it really seems like warning signs that she was being molested

Took you that long to figure it out, bro?
recheck your moral code if you think two kids who are still in the same school playing innocent games together where no one gets hurt is something to get righteously angry about.
Of course there's a bunch of under age bullshit. Fuck you for feeding the pedos boners. I had a story and a few pics to share but fuck you idiots
>sexual assault is unwanted sexual activity
>statutory rape applies when one of the parties involved in sexual activity is too young in legaly consenting, doesn't mean the sexual activity was unwanted

yeah but this is considered statutory rape, noyt sexual assault. There is a solid line separating the two.

sidenote, the captcha made me click on statues, kek
It is why they should lower the consent, to many old fags get sent to jail for fucking a 16-17 year old girl.
completely honest i just now put two and two together. this happened like 14 years ago. i think i kinda tried to put the event out of my mind because i was so scared that she might say "hehe i touch anon's wee wee" to her mom or something and i would have no defense, they would believe the little kid.

did you ever tell your friend?
> can't get any other girls besides highschool age.
well i live in canada so i do not have that problem. consent is 16 nation wide (is on my side!)
I kind of feel bad about mine. Mom's friend comes over with her daughter. Her daughter is a dancer, eventually starts dancing something exotic. Idk wtf they teached her in dancing school. I received a hard on. felt dirty ever since.
Lucky fuck
>implying 16year olds do not look like 20+ year olds, and never carry fake i.d's
There are many states with an age of consent of 16-17 you uninformed moron. I'd depends on the state
why not make it a federal legislation then?

>muh state freedomssss
>be 13
>7/10 popular chick lives across the street, shes a total bitch to everyone at school
>talk to her occasionally when we see eachother outside
>comes over to my yard and looks at my animals sometimes, had a rat, hedgehog, etc at the time.
>get into the habit of just hanging out w her in my front yard, despite the bitchiness shes pretty cool.
>laying in yard one night, dusk, getting late, nice breeze.
>"anon, I heard that if you put your hand on a guy's dick his heart rate increases, is that true?"
>lays her head on my chest
>immediately hand goes under belt, but still above boxers
>not good enough apparently, under boxers soon after that
>heart pounding like the hoofbeats of a thousand heards of wildebeests
>instantly rock hard
>takes hands out of pants "wow I guess it is true"

go on with the night like nothing happened, I think she cuddled w me a little bit but nbd, wasn't into her anyway, "dating" another chick at the time, 7th grade dating so I added quotes. nothing else happened, it wouldn't have worked. I was like already 6'2" at the time (6'4" now) and she was barely pushing 5'0.
Because men like you would abuse that law up until you can't fuck anymore.
another time when i was 6th grade i went to the beach with my buddy and his family, and we had a big hotel room with different rooms and shit. anyway i think my buddy was changing and i was watching tv in the living room, and his 3 or 4 year old sister comes running at me outta nowhere naked and calling my name to try and hug me. I freak out and start running away from her and she's chasing me around the living room. i end up seeking refuge on the balcony, but then she ends up just pressing her naked body against the huge window inside that goes to the balcony.
little girls love me i guess.
Because that would be unconstitutional.
She wanted you to make a move you faggot
i want to hear your other stories, i have some too. and i want to see the pictures if you dont mind?
>French kiss

Fucking virgin detected.
>be 18
>gf goes to sleep and leaves me with 16 yr old sister
>convince her to let me touch her pussy
>rub her clit she stares at me and i know no one has ever touched her before
>ask her to give me bj...says no cuz of tmj
>ask for hj
>she says "only if you keep doing THAT"
>continue to finger bang 16 yr old hairy little muff
>cum all over her floor
>implying i purposely chase after 16 year olds
>implying that you lower consent laws that everyone will be fucking 16 year olds
>implying that 16 years aren't sexualy active

well i live canada and our age of consent is 16, don't see all the abuse that you are implying here.
>be me 17 year old senior
>have 15 year old gf
>friend got us together
>end up having sex with her friend
>friend says she feels bad for the sex
>continues to have sex with me every. god. damn. day.
>3 years later no longer having sex with either of them
>gf broke up with me; friend told her I the whole thing
>her friend and me still hang out
>her mom likes me, I can see where she gets her fat white ass from
>hanging out a rarity, I bring drinks
>shes never had a drink before
>gets drunk we have sex
>next day calls me
>what happened last night
>I showed her pics
>she cries and says I raped her
>"never speak to me or my daughter again"
>I never did :)

I still have a pair of her moms dirty panties I occasionally sniff

Irish pussy is the best
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Good attempt sir, but my dubs are superior
>wtf is sexual assault.

seriously, said this twice already. read op please.
sometimes i wonder if it's 50 states, or 50 countries.
Fuck Canada, were talking about american laws eh
So close

I think it was hebephile?
haha just kidding faggots look at these dubs
Nigger wut
Yeah waht this guy said. America is the only place in the world that matters. In fact, only americans should be allowed to shitpost on /b/. that'll show those canacucks
Look at that fail! Too bad this is an anonymous image board and you can't be publicly humiliated
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Have a poutine and calm the fuck down bro
no shit sherlock. just making a comparison, and justifying my point to the betafag who thinks mass abuse happens when consent laws are lowered.
Whoa she showed you her tits? That's borderline sexual assault man...
>Be 14 and bored
>Brother and I decide to go to friends house
>Friend has 9/10 cousin named "Tasha" visiting
>I'm in love
>Four of us all alone while parents go off
>My brother says lets play Truth or Dare
>We all agree
>Brother dares Tasha to go into closet with me for 1 minute
>She giggles but agrees
>We stay in there in awkward silence doing nothing
>Finally at the end she gives me a kiss on the cheek
>Tells me that I'm sweet
>My heart leaps out of my chest
>Next round friend dares Tasha to go into closet with my brother for 2 minutes
>I'm so jealous I could scream
>After 2 minutes they come out smiling
>I wanna cry but doubt anything happened so I hold it together
>Tasha looks away for a minute to see TV
>My brother quickly puts his fingers up to my nose
>I smell his fingers but I'm confused
>Then I realize I'm smelling pussy
>Brother just smiles at me
>I'm hurt... jealous... angry...
>We resume game
>Brother dares me to go into closet with Tasha for 5 minutes
>We go
>As soon as we get in there I go to put my hand down her pants
>She says "Look, I dont want to.."
>I growl at her through clenched teeth
>"Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!"
>She looks scared
>I spend the next 5 minutes violently thrusting my fingers into her
>She cries
>We leave closet
>I lie and say I got text from mom to come home
>Brother and I leave
>She never came back
>The whore
well thats fine if you want to blame yourselves for shitposting. i thought us canacucks were your go to fall guy for shitposting.

statutory-rape. she's still a dependent of her parents so they get to decide what's what. sucks.

Fuck. Why do i relate so hard to this? Sounds exactly like some shit I would do. What's wrong with this anon and by extension, me?
Best story so far
Also what did ur bro say after?
>be 15 at the time
>get mad at everything
>pissed off watching TV at friends' house
>his youngest sister, 8, asks me what's wrong
>I'm pissed off
>my daddy gets pissed off when mommy says he's stupid
Fuckin kek
>she says I can help
>she goes into her room
>come here
>closes the door
>sits on my lap and says shut up and enjoy me, then bounces up and down
What the actual fuck
>stop her
>mommy does it when daddy is mad

From there I had to explain to her why she shouldn't never watch what her parents do, it was awkward, needless to say, I fapped hard that night
>be 21 years old
>gf is borderline 17 years old turning 18
>be gf birthday
>been dating her for 2 years, have not had sex yet
>gf turns 18, have sex on her birthday for the first time during the afternoon
>gf's mom finds out and calls cops
>told cops that she was still a minor
>squad of cops come to my place
>i explain to cops that she's 18
>mom says otherwise, still minor
>after a lengthy argument mom pulls out birth certificate
>gf was born early morning of her birthday instead of late in the evening
>so, basically almost had sex with a minor and did 25 to life
>cops let me go
>gf mom's still piss off and never liked me
>after banging that young pussy for a whole year i dumped her ass for a less crazy pussy
Not the same guy but fuck you man, you mix morals with law like it's nothing. Sucks to be you if your morals are dictated by the law. Being attracted to young (~15 y/o) girls isn't being a pedo, you retard, many of them are fairly developed by that age and they are real attractive and fertile. Now I wouldn't fuck a minor because it's just too much of a hassle and I may hurt her/her family in several ways and not particularly because it's illegal. Now don't come by telling that you don't find attractive teens attractive. After 15 years old that pussy is all game.
oh fuck this made me laugh, good job.
>Get home and I tell my brother how I one upped him
>Brother says "Dude, I just put my hand down the back of my shorts. You smelled my ass"
>Realised I digitally raped an innocent.
>Still diamonds today as I remember the blood under my nails.
Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD, TMJ)

jaw problem
>playing tag at school
>grab girls tits
top keksismus maximus
I feel bad about it now but not nearly as bad as I should. I know it's stupid since I knew her for less than an hour - but it felt like she'd betrayed me at the time.

The whole walk home my brother was talking about how awesome that was and how he hoped she'd come back soon. HE asked what I had done with her and I let him smell my fingers. He laughed and gave me a high-five. He told me he'd put 2 fingers in her - I had put 3 in.

I didn't wash my hand for some time after that. I remember being in class 2 days later and sitting at my desk smelling my fingers. I was a weird kid.
Too many Johnsons
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do you think that 404 girl gets embarrased when she poops out eggs in front of mario sorry if this ofends anyone but I thought it was a pretty funny thing haha. And I would like to know if any of you guys have any pics of 404 girl pooing an egg while she looks nervous or embrassed i just want to see it for a few laughs haha. another thing i am wondering is what do you think the eggs smell like haha i'm just curios for laughs haha i would like to smell them
Top autsismus
>grab girls ass
>sorry I have muscle twitches
>>>684041259 (OP)
>do you think that 404 girl gets embarrased when she poops out eggs in front of mario sorry if this ofends anyone but I thought it was a pretty funny thing haha. And I would like to know if any of you guys have any pics of 404 girl pooing an egg while she looks nervous or embrassed i just want to see it for a few laughs haha. another thing i am wondering is what do you think the eggs smell like haha i'm just curios for laughs haha i would like to smell them
>be 22
>facebook a cute girl after she posts
>takes the bait "lets hangout"
>pick her up from friend's house
>shes mirin' my car and tight body
>construction worker str+ sta+
>roll D20
>14 shit...
>start slow
>take her to movies and play with her tits and rub her clit. not bad.
>take her home, make out for a while
>"Pick me up tomorrow?"
>"Sure when?"
>"After school"
>"Oh cool! You go to college?"

they're putting hormones in the foods guys.
fucking parents give way too many shits about their daughters sexual habits. jesus christ religion has fucked up this country.
Age of consent law's primary function is to decrease birth rates.
Not me

But damn that would have been fucked up

It was the first time I had ever smelled pussy - I wouldnt have known the difference
How do I use this?
i try explaining this on imgur all the time and i always get downvoted into oblivion. people are too brainwashed by the fucking media.
this is the most retarded story i've ever fucking read.
I bet you kiss girls faggot
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being reborn.jpg
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another cuck confusing statutory rape with sexual assault.. drink some bleach it will cure your autism
thanks /b/ro
Fuck you
Well it's your fault for going to imgur
What is reading comprehension..

I know the feeling too damn well. I know everyone's gonna say autism, fedora tipping white knite, beta, cuck or any otjer buzzword, but I want to know if theres a legit reasoning behind being so irrational.

There should be no reason as to why I should feel betrayed by someone I dont know. She isnt anything to me yet i get possessive with her. Im sick, I know, but what is it?
When was the last time you seen a 16 yo virgin, faggot
17 is legal in most places.
>Accidentally shove my dick in my gf's ass.
>She screams.
>I came in her ass.
That's not how that works. Sadfag lies on chan.
this is a weird chat server some weirdo wrote. I was in it earlier. Boring as shit.
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this is my fetish
>be me 22 College student living off campus.
>become friends with guy who lives above me by fixing his girlfriend's computer.
>get invited over for a few beers
>while I'm over drinking and feeling awkward. Another lady in the apartment complex shows up with her 16 daughter.
> After they chat the Lady leaves and her daughter stays and chats with neighbors girlfriend.
>16 year old starts taking shots
>I'm completely shocked at the underage drinking.
>Few hours go by watching movies etc. Neighbor and girlfriend retire to their room and I decide to leave.
>As I'm leaving she asks if I have a phone charger. I tell her yeah it's in my apartment downstairs. I offer to go get it, but she says she'll come with me.
>So we go downstairs to my apartment. I tell her she has to flash me for the charger. She drunk by now, laughs and give me a quick flash. I joke with her telling her she's flat chested.
>She gets upset(?) And lifts her shirt again.
>This time I joke about how one boob is bigger than the other.
>she's takes her shirt completely off and starts ranting about her tits being perfect.
>I grab a handful
>She shys back some so I move forward and squeeze a little firmer.
>I go in to kiss her and she kisses back for a bit, but pulls away.
>She says she can't she has a boyfriend.
>I let her charge her phone while we watch some tv.
>rarely saw her again after that.
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
File: download.jpg (4 KB, 218x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I was like already 6'2" at the time (6'4" now) and she was barely pushing 5'0.
Whenever my gf was sleeping I would rub my cock on her face and finger her. Was always the best to hear her whimpering while passed out.
never. i took her and lost my virginity to my high school gf when we were 14.

either you were agreeing with me, or do not know reading comprehension.
Lol I've got one

>be me
>new haircut
>visit fam
>cousin (15) exclaims "pecs" and feels my chest for 10-20 seconds
>asks if I've been working out
>flex arm "you tell me"
>"oh my god"
>holds my arm as we walk along the street with her friend later that day
>touches my abs at dinner
i think this is serious this time.
>received a hardon
>wife has gorgeous best friend.
>every time we hangout I just want to fuck her so bad.
>she's married but her husband is a really cool guy
>one night we're all drinking, hanging out
>having really good time
>wife is too drunk , take her to our room to sleep
>me and her husband are playing twisted metal on his dream cast he found in his storage room and she's just watching it's like 2 am
>she says she's getting bored and she's pretty drunk so she passes out.
>then her husband passes out too.
>I'm awake as fuck
>horny too.
>she's wearing yoga pants with flowers on them
>thank god for yoga pants
>stare at Dat ass
>something comes over me and decide to touch ass
>heart starts racing,don't know if she will wake up
>fuck it
>grope ass for like 5 minutes
>start getting braver
>go for crotch area
>fucking diamonds
>start to put my hands in her pants,feel her panties
>holy shit this is awsome
>start going for pussy
>so warm and soft
>as I'm getting my finger inside panties she moves
>her husband is passed out right next to her
>she turns and lays on stomach.
>fuck, now what
>decide to put hand down back of pants and feel her ass
>start lifting back of pants and get hand down there. Start moving hand very slowly, feel Crack of ass and then try to touch her butthole
>stare at her husband while my finger is on her butthole
>sorry dude but I've known her longer then you, I deserve this
>she starts moving again
>freak out again, but false alarm
>get paranoid
>not worth the risk
>went to room and fucked the shit outta my drunk wife while thinking of her best friend
>feels good man
>wake up in the morning and ate breakfast with them
>good times
Of all the pasta ever creatd, this is the shittiest. i miss those days when this didn't exist yet..
when I was 13, I tied up this girl that was 12 with a jumprope, then beat the fuck out of her.

By the time I was done, her lip was split, her wrists were bleeding from the rope cuttin into them, one of her eyes was swollen shut, she was missing two teeth, her small tits will entirely black and blue, her pussy was bleeding, and I’m fairly sure that several bones in her feet were broken.

When I let her down, she crumpled on the floor and went into a fetal position and just hugged her legs to her chest and sobbed quietly.

I suddenly got very aroused seeing that, so I pulled out my dick (I has actally hit puberty 12, and was hairy, balls dropped and everything functioning) and started jerking off quietly. Eventually, I started to breathe harder, and she noticed what I was doing, and she just looked at me with this look of absolute horror on her face.

It was at that moment that I climaxed and sprayed probably my biggest load of cum ever all over face and chest.

Then, I picked up her torn shirt from the ground, wiped off my dick and tossed it to her.

I told her to clean herself up and that if she ever told anyone, I would go to her house and kill her while she slept, and that if anyone asked who hurt her, she should say a bunch of highschool kids did it.

When I think back on it, I think she was the first girl I ever loved.

...god I’m fucked up.
Sounds like she legal now
>Be 15
>At pool party at Aunts house
>Entire extended family there
>I sit next to pool texting
>Young cousin climbs out of pool
>Runs around in tiny little swimsuit
>Grabs towel and climbs up in my lap
>I ignore at first but cousin keeps wiggling
>I get massive painful erection
>Cant help but to grind a bit
>Cousin loudly yells "Anon is sticking me in the butt!"
>All eyes are on me
>I say "Um, must be my keys"
>Everyone laughs and party resumes
>I'm not into kids but I swear I was ready to fuck that little boy
by far* the shittiest

fixed that for you
>be me, probably 14 maybe 15
>hanging out at neighbor's house down the road
>playing in his basement with his friends, having a nerf gun war, pretty fun tbcfhwyfam
>become "dead" when you get shot like 3 times
>nobody follows the rules except me
>get shot, sit out in this side room we made the "dead zone"
>neighbor's 11 year old sister is sitting in the side room watching tv
>its some wrestling dvd or some shit, me and neighbor would all watch together back then
>tell her i love wrestling too
>ask her if she wants to practice wrestling moves
>basically grapple each other for a while, somehow she ends up sitting on top of me cowgirl style
>tell her wrestlers do the move better by rubbing back and forth
>essentially rub her up and down my penis (aiming up towards my stomach) for 5 minutes before neighbor comes into side room
>"anon foods here lets go"
>i say okay i'll be there in a second
>FURIOUSLY rub her on my pubescent 5 incher
>grab her butt and she gets upset, gets off and i say im sorry
>Never speak of it again

Years later, she came over when she was like 16/17 and weirdly flirted with me about her butt. maybe she remembers? i dont know.
Great save
i'm not sure i belieb this
I don't know what /b/ you go to, but this one is full of nothing but moralfags anymore.
You know once all these girls enter college feminism is going them to convince them it's rape. The limitation is 30 years and civil verdicts don't have that so enjoy life while you can. Tiny will be waiting with soap in the prison shower for ya.
File: 40-keks.jpg (16 KB, 292x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lol good story m8
Why would somebody lie on the internet?
yeah she remembers. and she wants it to happen
fucking sick bro
File: feminist.png (48 KB, 842x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 842x466
I felt sexually assaulted after this conversation. Does that count?
I've told this story before here...but I raped my wife...not deliberately.

Fuck greentext because I'm on mobile.

Background: I'm a dom, wife is a sub...and wife admitted to me that non-consent stories on Literotica get her hot.

I hear her in our room folding laundry or something. Open other door and she's bent over the bed. I push her face down on the bed and pull down her shorts. She resists, but says nothing. I tell her I'm going to fuck her like the dirty slut she is. I spank her ass a few times...I get hard and she's soaked....but she's resisting. I enter her and start pounding her hard, calling her names...she tries to push herself up...saying no, no...I step it up and grab a handful of hair and say she's going to take what I'm giving her.

Rail her pussy, rail her ass....grab her hair and cum on her face. She's real quiet after. I'm thinking. ..oh shit. I walk away do do other shit around the house. An hour later, she's still really quiet...not angry at me but clearly weirded out. I ask her what's wrong. She said she really meant it with the resistance and saying no. I ask her why she didn't use the safe word...she said she froze up...was really scared. I feel horrible.

We talk it out and things are good...I think the real deal is that I took her by surprise from behind...and I had never surprised her like that. She's used the safe word before...but she had total vapor lock. We can laugh about it now but damn, dom-sub was not a game we played for a few months after (mostly because I was weirded out). She had to come out and tell me she wanted to be dominated again so I'd feel comfortable.
i remember you!
Yeah just redditors pretending to be in the in crowd.
>be me
>enjoying sweet goat butt love
>Don't shave body, covered in filth and stank the likes of which hasn't been seen on this earth
>decide to visit fam
>wife #4 (13) exclaims "Muhammad Muhammad Jihad Kebab"
>asks if I've been killing infidels
>say "you tell me"
>flex my chest, showing bombs strapped to my stomach
>"Allahu Akbar"
Pics of wife and friend bro
Muhammad was a faggot and so.are you
>>I'm not into kids but I swear I was ready to fuck that little "BOY"


if it was a girl, the would have checked for our keys..
I'm Middle Eastern and I laffed.

Thanks anon
> thing that never happened
hey dude, i think your sonic OC is better. can we just get that?
>say hello to girl
>sorry I have tourettes
Crisis averted
>In college
>New Year's party
>Frumpy yet slutty friend is whacked
>Blows my roomate in bathroom
>Later that night we're the last two up
>She's black out drunk
>I start playing with my dick right next to her
>No complaints, I take her hand
>Put it on my dick, rock hard
>Stand up and just rub my dick on her mouth
>Proceed to get a half assed BJ
>Go down on her... she passes out
>Shake her a bit, half asleep responses
>To horny to stop, time to seal the deal
>Cover her in hickeys while I fuck her
>Cum inside
>I keep her panties
>She wakes up
>Blames roommate for hickeys
File: FP.jpg (90 KB, 1440x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 1440x1080

Twisted Metal was never on Dreamcast. Story is bullshit.
>get ready for a long one
>20 lines

fucking new F A G
Girlfriend would never let me fuck her in the ass.

But she came close to letting me try a few times when she was really drunk.

Then one time she was wasted and we were fucking, she said I could go in the backdoor but I didn't even get the tip in before she changed her mind.

We went back to regular sucking and fucking and she kept drinking until she finally passed out.

I was still hard and wanted more so I tried waking her. Slapped her ass hard as fuck and she just mumbled a bit.

Then I realized this could be my moment. I stuck a finger in her crapper. Nothing from her. Stuck another in, nothing.

So I lubed it up and went to town on her ass for a good minute before I finally came inside her.

The next morning she could tell she had been fucked in the ass. I tell her she asked me to and she was okay with it.
Yeah...I haven't pulled that trick on her again. I've been meaning to ask her of non-consent stories still get her excited.
File: 1447576841547.gif (2 MB, 331x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 331x197

>Blames roommate for hickeys
Said he wasn't into her though.
Doubt this is real but +1 for balls
>we are all implying that
>some are even saying it directly

good god
OP said it was sexual assault. No need to throw a bunch of extra charges like a lazy DA.
hope you two have sort of learned and moved on though, ya know? i'd had if this loomed over your relationship forever.
too much jizz
I wanna be that underwear
On phone, no green text.

Be me at 14
Get news we're moving far away.
Tell friends/neighbors.
Hot 39 milf says she'll miss me
"Not as much as I'll miss thinking of you while I shower"
She's stunned - smiles, laughs.
"Ever had sex?"
I reply "can't wait to try".
She asks me to come to her house, specific time/date
Scared, but go.

Guys, she raped me. I loved every single moment. I would cum inside that hairy red bush 6 times a day, every other day, for 3 weeks.

Most amazing time of my life. If I ever have a son, taking him somewhere for the same experience.

At 14... you're ready to fuck your heart out.
This doesn't sound made up at all
>be me, like 6 or 7.
>moms friend (kind of a family friend) was sleeping in moms bed
>me being curious, after finding channel 55 on our bootleg cable box (porn channel)
>stick my hand down her pants, feeling around her pussy, not sure what the fuck im feeling.
>she wakes up and asks me what im doing, I said nothing and just sat back next to her
>nothing after, not even akward around her.
>be me at 15
>write a stupid Newgrounds flash game-tier non-greentext from the iPhone my parents bought me on /b/
>use the word faggot a lot in real life to prove how hardcore i am
>it's a meme, ya dip
has she been cool with it since?
She sits on your lap and you just shake her up and down.
>twisted metal
stopped reading right there, althogh i know its possible with bleem for dreamcast, its still a stupid idea
>I'm just curious for laughs haha i would like to smell them
He never followed up on the story, so yes it's fake.

less cool but similar.

>wife has gorgeous best friend
>perfect DD's, 29 years old and extremely perky for size
>get cabin for wife's 30th
>mix of 10 or so guys and girls
>on day 2, hot best friend invites over two girls that only she knows, used to work together as ski instructors or something
>one is solid 9/10, other not so much
>everyone drinks on the beach all day
>ski instructors go back to their place (staying somewhere nearby) but say they'll come over later to party
>boozing pretty hard after dinner, wife goes to bed b/c we were all up drinking until 3:00 the night before
>ski instructor girls come over
>say "let's get in the hot tub!"
>go into bedroom (not the one my wife is sleeping in) to change into swimsuit and snort line of cocaine
>come back outside
>ski instructor girls and one my of my friends in hot tub, all naked
>get in wearing suit b/c married
>gorgeous friend walks out wearing bikini
>"oh we're going clothing optional huh? ok fine but i'm leaving my bottoms on."
>get to see big beautiful tits I've been wanting to see for years
>other dudes drop trow and get in
>30 minutes later or so everyone gets out of tub
>ski instructors leave b/c two of my thirsty friends were creeping on them too hard, sucks
>most people in the house going to bed
>go to bedroom where the group stash is (where i changed earlier)
>open door w/o knocking, didn't think anyone was in there
>hot friend standing there just in bikini bottoms drying off her hair
>no effort to cover tits at all
>say "sorry" but stand there and ogle her tits
>"hey you wanna do a line?"
>"sure, come on in"
>she stays topless and we snort a couple
>chat for 10 minutes and basically don't even acknowledge her toplessness
>go to bed an hour later or so, masturbate furiously in master bathroom, go to sleep

pretty sure she never said anything to my wife. i sure didn't.
Religion built the country you idiot. It was the structure and guiding..... You know what? You're just a dumb asshole, ok?
If u dont know the difference between a c or d cup youre underage. Ban this faggot
this is literally why drunk consent isn't consent.
>never speak to me or my daughter ever again

best part
>when I was 13, I tied up this girl that was 12 with a jumprope, then beat the fuck out of her.

what an opener. John greene? is that you?
File: me or my son.jpg (50 KB, 498x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
me or my son.jpg
50 KB, 498x412
So are you saying you fucked the mom or the daughter?
>Have 8/10 redheaded girlfriend
>Sex is vanilla and she wont swallow
>I dont carse cause I'm in love for first time ever
>Gf breaks up with me
>Says she wants to be single
>I'm heartbroken but agree we can stay friends
>Starts dating another guy seriously 3 months later
>I say I'm happy for her and we should still hang out
>She comes over every week and we watch movies
>I fix dinner and jack off into her food
>Watch her unknowingly eat my cum
>She's wouldn't swallow before but now she's eaten about 40 of my loads with a smile
This is just sad. Why make up stories anon? Why?
>be 23
>at friends newyears party
> 3 couples including my wife and I
>Get hammered
>jump over couch because I have no clue why (drunk.JPEG)
>break ankle but don't realize it, just hurts bad, walk it off
> realize it's shattered when I faceplant
> friends helps me to their bedroom, says I can sleep there.
> friend passes out on couch
>other couple in guestbed
>my wife passes out on pull out couch.
>fiends wife was drunker than I comes in bed with me...
It's pasta
That's the one
File: 1447413236762.jpg (54 KB, 527x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> religion builds countries now

apparently all of humanity's existence before the inception of nationhood they must have been atheists

you're so far behind you think you're first
Bull shit
Britbong identified
>Be me giving living off campus with a roommate.
>bought a few canary camera unit because it looked cool.
>Set one up in my room and few months go by.
>get a notification while in class. It's the canary telling me it detected movement in my room.
>I check and play the video it sent and it's my roommate's girlfriend stealing some of my Adderall and Xanax.
> I confront her about it and threatened to tell my roommate and notify the authorities. I show her the video.
>She gets mad that I have a recording of her, but soon her attitude changes and she starts begging me not to to.
>Gave the ultimatum of sucking my dick or me reporting her
>she reluctantly complies.
>roommate still doesn't know til this day.
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
AoC varies by state. Mine is 16
>pitch black
>she is Hammered, mubles gibberish
>pulls her clothes off in bed
>I'm in just boxers, already full flag
>this thread
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Nah, we're good now. We can laugh about it now... my wife is a smart ass...and we'll be in the middle of some normal, non-dom sex and she'll say the safe word...and no I've cone up behind her in the kitchen and said, "I'm gonna rape yo ass ho!" While kissing her on the neck. Her response is usually, "not if you like your testicles, the butcher's knife is within reach."
File: 1462393772493.png (4 KB, 243x207) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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so why don't you follow your dream of being a chief? obviously you're a great cook.
>live in country but have neighbors i've known all my life
>boy is my my age, his sister is 2 years older
>around puberty i realize she's a hot as fuck blonde
>whenever i spend the night i would sneak into her room and fondle her while she slept
>She straddles my side and runs her nails down my chest
> I think about telling her, but it's already too far
>she bites my neck and whispers in my ear she thinks she's ready to finally take it in the ass
>Ftw my wife never let me do anal
>decide I'm taking advantage of this
> both still drunk
> get behind her, hard as diamondz
>adult now
>my wife has a hot friend that i've always wanted to bang
>she is visiting us and we are all drinking
>she ends up passing out and going to bed
>every time i go to take a piss, i take a detour to the guest room to fondle her tits
>shouldn't never
True, but it's results are undeniable and it's hard to pass on the opportunity. It take a real effort to not take advantage. Especially when you're intoxicated as well, or just extremely horny.
It was just a couple weeks ago and she hasn't brought it up about doing it again during fuck sessions... and neither have I.

She hasn't been drunk since then but next time she is, I'm definitely going to try and get her to let me.
If she was born early morning she was already 18. Pulling out a birth certificate makes no sense.

Keep going. Waiting for her to shit the bed due to drunk anal.
If anything it's a more alpha trait. Being possessive and angry over your breeding stock.
>wife's same friend gets boob job
>she emails pics to wife
>"hey anon, do you want to see the pics"
>have to play it cool, don't seem too excited
>look at pre and post op pics of wife's hot friend's tits with my wife
>hot as fuck
>i ended up forwarding the pics to myself
>couple years later i'm in hot friend's city for work
>we get together and go drinking
>she gets wasted and ends up going to bed, my ride won't be there until late to i just chill and watch tv
>end up going into her room and fondling her new big tits
>she was wearing a tank top with no bra, laying on her side with her back to me
>get a nice handful of tit
>decide to go under the tank top from the side
>heart beating through my chest as i grope her bare tit and rub her nipple between my fingers
>get scared and sneak back out
>do it like 3 more times
>Friend throws a party while parents away
>Drink a shit ton of beer and gotta piss bad
>Line to get into bathroom is a mile long
>I know there's a 2nd bathroom upstairs in parents room
>Find passed out 9/10 girl sitting on toilet
>Lock the door
>Piss in sink and then go to work
>Put my dick in her mouth
>Eat her pussy
>Put her on floor and fuck her
>Cum fast so pull out and spray on her tummy
>I lay on the floor and pass out
>Wake up and she's already up
>She sheepishly asks "Did we hook up last night?"
> I say yes we did
>She says she doesnt remember
>Feels bad cause she's engaged to a great guy
>I comfort her and tell her it's okay
>We clean up and I take her to Denny's for breakfast
You already knew she was 14 before you went out.
>Decide going in dry for the first time may be bad
>slam my face in her crack and start tounging her asshole
> she gasps my friends name o_0 still thinks it's him
> start fingering her as while I let her suck on my other hand
>hard as I was on my wedding night
>decide it's time go in hard
>she let's out a hell of a noise
> somehow no one else heard
>grab her breast and kiss her neck as I hump to comfort her.
>finish pretty quick and lay down without cleaning up...
> both fall asleep
well this has gone downhill. bye felica.
Thanks man! That's just the encouragement I needed
Be 25
Playing beer pong with dumb bitch bartender
She wants to fuck my friend
Friend is cool AF
Challenge bitch to 2on1 game
Challenge accepted
Wager strip for make
Become Steph fuckin Curry
Bitch is naked
Double or nothing
Steph Curry 9000 continues
Wager to fuck
Can tell bitch doesn't want to fuck
Fuck her friend instead
Avoid rape allegations

There is absolutely nothing alpha about me. I know this.

We've never gone out. We never even ate lunch together at work.

It's petty possessiveness, i know it. I just can't figure out why or how to make it stop
>same business trip
>an old family friend makes a cryptic fb message, basically she is really depressed
>i offer to fly her up to the city to go sight seeing, etc
>she's excited
>my hotel room only has one king size, but i had an air matress for some reason, i can't remember why
>she didn't like the idea of sleeping together so i fill up the air matress
>every night she is there i fondle her tits
>nice, big and soft
>be me
>swimming in neighbors pool
>neighbor jumps in , call her Sam
>"come on in anon"
>beta mode 6 activated
>when I come up from the water I noticed something
>sam's whole tit was out for me to view
>Sam sees me looking at it and is biting her lip
>right when I was going to make a move
>I noticed her ex marine father sitting on the deck smoking a cigar looking at me like he was back in nam
>go home and fap like the furious 5
More happened if anyone's interested I'm pretty sure she liked me. But I'm too autistic to tell
Sure, kid.
Sac up and fuck anyone you want. It really isn't that hard. Be decent looking, decent mannered, and decently fun to be around.

Works five me
stories like this suck ass
>be 18
>14 year old liar
>Younger me knew better but didn't question it
>Take her to my room during party
>Tits of a godess
>ex gf happened to be at party one night when we were both about 18.
>she had a new boyfriend at the time
>were both dancing and eying each other off all night
>at the of end of night its just us dancing drunk and then she drags me into my car, kissing me.
>turns into fucking in my back seat, she starts saying no she shouldn't but still moaning so I keep going.
>she pushes me off after a few minutes and starts sobbing so I sit down with my dick out on the seat and pat her on the back while feeling like a rapist.
>am 16
>in group call with best friend, his gf and her friend
>best friend goes to bed
>his gf goes to bed soon after
>still talking to girl, let's call her "Emma"
>emma tells me she's hungry
>I am too
>tell her i'll drive over there and see her, take her to get some food
>she says okay enthusiastically
>drive over there
>pick her up outside of her house
>4/10 face, gorgeous 9/10 body
>drive around for like 20 minutes
>park in some neighborhood that was still under construction, no one around
>tell her to get in the back
>she does, i get in too
>we kiss for about 10 minutes
>feel her tits through her shirt
>they're amazing
>"anon... I don't really wanna have sex.. I don't do that with just everyone"
>kinda pissed bc i just risked my ass to come out here and see her
>tell her i want to see her tits anyway
>she reluctantly agrees
>pull her shirt up and her bra down
>beautiful DD soft perky tits fall out
>start to slowly hump her while shes on my lap
>move my hand down her pants
>"Anon... i'm serious. No sex."
>push her on her back and keep kissing her
>tell her I'm gonna get something out of her
>"o-okay.. what do you mean"
>pull my dick out and start jaacking off while im on top of her
>grab her hand and put it on my cock, tell her to jack me off
>she doesnt, just holds it for a second and drops it
>i try again, she pulls her hand away again
>get mad
>"Anon don't cum on me please"
>cum on her beautiful tits
>"fuck anon! wtf! i told you not to"
>"idc bitch"
>tell her to get her ass back in the front seat
>drive her home
>"I thought you were gonna get me something to eat"
>I reach over and slap her between her legs where her pussy is, pretty hard, "I thought I was gonna get something to eat too. Get out."
>drove to whataburger and ate a burger by myself, then went home

all in all, would do again.
>D cups
>Wake up semi sober at 645
> look at sleeping friends wife beside me
>Slide out of bed, something smells
>look at my dick still has shit on it and crusty cum
>no clue what's left in bed
>Grab boxers, clean up in bathroom
> completely forgot about ankle
>sneak out to lay with wife
>Fall on floor, wakes almost everyone up
> o_shit_I'm_made.gif
File: 1459443508590.gif (2 MB, 395x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 395x313

Sack up seems to be either the generic response, or evryone one else has a point.

It's only a problem because i let it be a problem, I guess.

Whatever. Ill try sacking up.
>Be me, pathetic virgin beta.
>get a call from my friend. She's crying hysterically giving me the sob story about how she misses her kids (recently got divorced and her ex got majority custody)
>she's only 25 and already her life seems to be a mess.
>like always, I come to her rescue. I let her stay with me over the weekend. I treated her to all her favorite things.
>One night she get ahold of my meds and get fucked up. The crying begins anew.
>She slides into bed with me and falls asleep.
>I'm pissed at this point. Finally get a chick in my bed and it's just because she fucked up and doesn't want to "alone"
>After she passes out I start to feel her up. Timidly at first, but after a few mintues I had her stripped and I was exploring her body thoroughly.
>I wanted to go further, but the bloodlust ceased and I came to my senses.
>the next morning she woke up and apologized to me. She said when she gets drunk she likes to get naked. She think she got drunk, stripped, and crawled into my bed and passed out while I was asleep.
Most states have an age gap consent law so you don't have to put a 14 yo boy in jail for attempting sex with his 15 yo gf, because she is a minor, but so is he, who goes to jail there?

There is some wiggle room if you are within 4 years, so 15-18= all good.
>16 year old starts taking shots
>I'm completely shocked at the underage drinking.
are you a faggot?
Alpha af bro
in that setting shit just happens bro
have done all sorts of weird shit at pubs before
once i got a few beers in me and just started having a push-up competition with some random chick on the dance floor
then i sat down and she sat on my lap and started grinding

i had a gf at the time.. she never found out thank fuck
>be me at 7 years old
>next door neighbor is in middle school and we are "friends"
>at his house all the time because he has cable TV and we don't
>he eventually shows me porn
>he then convinces me to suck his dick
>he also convinces me to bring my age appropriate friend over to watch TV
>he convinces us to both suck his dick and each others
>went on for a couple years until he got to high school
>be 22
>Her 36
>Drunk as fuck together
>She wants me not friend of mine
>Offer her to 17 year olds
>She is in my bed naked
>She is half asleep the i put it in.
>Finish and she whipes it off her to eat it.
>Call her a cab
>Hell breaks loose
>Insult her mother skills
>Starts yelling. Oh shit
>Asks if I called uber, I laugh and say wait in the street
>a nigger approaches
>says something in his ape language that sounds like "OOGA BOOGA GIBS ME DAT WELFARE CRACKUH"
>I thought he's gonna rape or stab me because that's all niggers ever do when they're not rioting or looting
>he steals my wallet and runs away
Agreed. Teachers have to be all-there in the head to do their job
2 stories involving same gril.

>be 15
>gril 13
>she was an "early developer"
>falls asleep on sisters bed
>big tits squished under armpits
>I feel her fat ass up
>pretty sure she woke up during
>neither of us said anything

>be 16
>her 14 (Same gril)
>on couch watching movie with sister
>sister falls asleep
>blatantly ask gril if I can jerk off
>she says "go for it"
>she watches me jerk off, cum like a gushing fire hydrant
>don't know if she was just terrified and didn't want to say no and piss me off or if she was into it
>never speak of it again
We can add that to the list of things that never happened
Nah, I'm a nerd. Didn't do much socializing when I was her age. So living on my own and seeing stuff like this was a new experience. College really opened my eyes lol. That was also when I found 4chan. I've changed a lot since then.
>Wife, and friend ask if I'm OK help me onto pullout couch. Get me ice ect.
>Everyone is now up except his wife
She sleeps till noon when were all leaving
> say goodbye, drive like hell
> to this day we have only talked once or twice since. Not sure if she said anything or figured out what happened.
>who cares
Nah man, you's just a bitch
>Be me

You got anal, but your dick was shit-encrusted for how long??? 12 hrs? More?
Both his parents worked btw which is the reason there was so much opportunity to be alone in his hosue.

Also, I know I was 7 years old because I was raised Mormon and you get baptized at 8 and I remember my mom finding me crying hiding in the cabinet under the bathroom sink because I was feeling guilty. I never told her why and she didn't ask.
>be 15, staying at my aunt and uncles
>step cousin is 15
>first time I've ever met her
>she's gorgeous
>late night drinking and swimming
>her parents were in bed
>she tells me she finds me attractive
>tell her it's a shame we're cousins
>she says she didn't care
>started kissing me and grabbed my dick
>was hesitant at first, but went along
>she pulled down her one piece swimsuit
>amazing specimen
>was rock hard
>I get past the tip in and she says stop
>tell her to just let me pump a few times
>has this embarassed yet pleasured face
>let's me finish inside her

She tells me she feels bad about it every day. I tell her we were just young and it shouldn't matter. Was this assault?
When I was a security guard for residential properties, I met "the neighborhood kids" who were, course, the hopeless next generation bunch. Just a bunch of kids who hung out all day and smoked weed, and talked shit to eachother. Basically, like me when I was younger, so we got along on a social level, but nothing real personal, or friendly, because... Well, I was working. Anyway, so after about 5 months of working there Halloween rolls around and this girl I had never met before comes to hang out with them. She was wearing a French maid outfit complete with high white stockings. She looked like a slut. Turns out she was xx years old just like the rest of them.

Well, I'm standing around talking to them about their plans for the evening and just chatting about shit in general, when time finally came to go get candy. They all decide to leave the property except the maid (who I didn't really pay attention to because... She's xx years old, but she wanted to hang back and go with me..? She wanted to run around the property with me? Ok. So it gets late and her and I are talking about... Life. Eventually we go hang out at the little park that's there, and we start swinging on the swings.

Then it happens. She starts talking about boys, and sex.

I just went with it, because fuck it. I'm easy to talk to. Always have been. People open up to me all the time. Nothing new.

Then... She wants to try kissing.
This is where I lose. Now that I looked at her, she starting looking kinda sexy. She was fully developed and sexually curious. In the end we went into the woods and fucked. She's 23 years old, and we still hang out and fuck sometimes. But she's become a full blown alcoholic, from living the yolo life. And she's gotten fat. Like... She weighs more than me now. But we've been fucking for too long for me to just stop.
>now that I'm typing it, I think it's warning signs she was being molested
How the fuck did you not realize that until now..?
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autistic outburst.png
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What's the safe word though?
Doesn't matter had sex
Toddlers run around naked dude. Why you so weird about it?
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>Sitting home alone watching TV
>Doorbell rings
>Neighbor kid named "Tom" asks if he can swim in our pool
>I say sure and go change into my suit
>We play in pool together wrestling and stuff
>Notice his dick is hard
>I touch it and he doesn't say anything
>I push him against the edge of the pool
>Pull down his trunks and stroke him
>After a minute I hold my breath and go underwater
>Suck his dick and he cums hard and fast
>Suddenly he's frantically patting my head
>I hear muffled voices above me
>Oh fuck
>I come up and my family is standing their watching in horror
>Tom pulls up his trunks and runs off
>I try to explain to my family but what can I really say?
>My wife wants a divorce and my daughter still wont speak to me
>Be 17
>Have family friend I've known since birth, she's 15
>Secretly had crush on her since she developed and grew boobs, ass, lips, hips.
>One night spending night at mutual friends' house.
>Everyone's asleep upstairs. She's in the girls room, Im in the boys since the parents made sure we separated.
>Notice parents door is closed.
>Get text from her "Anon lets go downstairs I wanna talk"
>Manage to sneak away from everyone and meet up downstairs. We go to secluded room downstairs to not cause noise. 2 am.
>Tells me about how she likes guy and that she doesn't know how to treat boys.
>Admits she's never kissed boy.
>For some autistic reason I ask her "why don't you practice with me? ive done it before"
>She agrees.
>We kiss
>Me: Well do you know how to make out though?
>Her: No anon I dont.
>We start making out
>1 min passes
>"Aright what else do you wanna ask me?"
>Her: "How should I dress?"
>"Put on something guys would like.
>Her: "Well like what about for my top?"
>Me thinking top means bra, "Well what kind of bra do you have on now?"
>She lifts up her shirt and reveals tight dark red bra holding up her C-D boobs
>Instant boner.
>"Oh that bra is fine"
>Her: "What about my shirt?"
>"Oh lol well anything that isn't childish or too boyish should work in general"
>skipping forward through more convo about clothes
>Get to undies
>Her: "What should I wear though for underwear, anon?"
>"What do you have on now?"
>She just drops her sweats.
>Reveals those like table cloth style thongs that have see through designs on ass, in matching red
>does quick twirl
>"How are these anon?"
>"Those are perfect"
>I ask her about if she wants to practice making out again
>She says sure
>We start making out standing up
>I sit down and we dont stop, so I pull her onto my lap
>We start going at it.
>She's never kissed a guy
>I had barely gotten my first blow job the previous month.

should i continue?
How the fuck can you not greentext on phone?
Sociopath af bro
>Whataburger FTW
Ephebophile is one who is into girls that have hit adolescence. The 'age' is totally subjective. Normally associated with liking late middle school/high school girls.

Aka every single one of us
I fucking lost my shit when I saw this. I love you, man.
Moar story ;-;
This girl is able to help you guys if you need some advice. Really great person.
Every straight man is an "ephebophile"

Grils that look like women but are still underage. Who doesn't check out the 15 year old next door with DDs? Look, no touch, it's not really creepy imo.
Oh shit 69 twice in 1 bread
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It was perfectly normal from the dawn of man and into the 40's. Now it's supposedly some abomination. Now women grow up learning stupid shit from young boys that have no father's to even teach them how to treat women. Just a huge cycle of shit.
I've never spoken about this to anyone ever before. I think it's good that I'm drunk now and the tread will delete soon because I kind of sort of regret posting but obviously not since I'm replying to myself.
continue if you fuck
is this the new SJW /b/?
Something out of Amsterdam
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Nigger wut?
>dads gets sick and tired of me playing vidya all day
>tells me to get a job
>"fuck off"
>dad gets super pissed I swore at him
>get up and charge at him
>hear him say what the fuck before I jump on him and crush him under my enormous weight
>he's muffling under my greasy fat flaps
>rip off my shorts and make him lick my sweaty nuts
>he bites them
>take a dump on his body
>smear it with my whale size ass cheeks
>he vomits under my weight
>time to end this
>get up and take a piss on his lifeless body
>then vomit on him before smearing some shit on my cock and face fucking him
>mum comes up to see the commotion
>kick dads body out of my room and tell them to fuck off
>close door
>be ~10
> babysit for family friend, a girl much younger than me
> pays pretty well, and their house is much nicer than ours, plus it gets me out of the house
>become friends with kid I'm babysitting
>one night while family is over partying, overhear an argument from famfriend mother yelling to daughter, daughter mentions, "I wish I had never been born"
>thought that was kinda fucked up, came in to kinda talk to her about it, make her feel better
>she clings to me and accidentally kisses me
>shes like 7
>she pulls back and looks weird, but goes for it again
>fast forward like 4-5 months
>hang out over there a lot, getting paid
>daughter would sit in my lap playing vidjya, and I would stick my hand down the front of her pants
>would never let me stick a finger in, too chickenshit to do anything she didn't let me
>months pass, she would always gravitate towards me at parties, just seemed I guess like she really liked me
>would wander off and we would make out for a while, and then go back to the party
>once, while babysitting at like 10pm
>hold her down and kinda do a raspberry on her stomache
>stay there and kiss her stomach
>go a little lower every time
>pull her pants down and go after it
>while I'm doing my thing, door flies open
>sit upright at the speed of light, assuming innocent posture
>freaked the fuck out that something terrible is going to happen
>turns out famfriend wasn't really paying attention, and just opened the door so she could 'keep an eye' on her
>went from diamonds to inverted in record time
>fast forward a month
>we've both aged maybe a year
>having another pool party, I get out of the pool to take a piss
>after I'm done, and washing my hands, side door to the bathroom opens, and she walks in
>doesn't say anything, immediately drops to her knees and starts pulling my swim trunks down
>freak out because I don't know where famfriend is
>she looks disappointed
>decide to break it off before something crazy happens
> be 15
> step-cousin is like 13 or so, 6/10, c cups
> other cousins I don't give a shit about
> play hide and seek when adults leave
> everyone hides outside
> use the opportunity to go into her room, masturbate into her panties for ~5 minutes
> pink room, cute shit everyone, start snooping but didn't have time
> blow load, loudly announce I'm gonna go rape that bitch now
> whatthefuckamisaying.jpg
> go outside, find everybody but her
> mfw she was hiding in her closet the whole time, no doubt hearing me jerk it to her panties and heard my statements
> try to find somewhere to hide forever
> when adults return, see her mother tell my mother something from a distance and my mother shake her head in shame.
> silence the entire 3 hour car ride home
> go out of my way to never see her again
> pretty clear she wanted dick pretty bad in hindsight, too beta to capitalize on it
> now she's fat and has kids, could hit that shit hard when it was prime
> lessons learned: none.
lame, but true.
>In pool with friend and his 13 year old sister
>All horsing around, splashing, dunking eachother
>Friend goes inside
>Keep playing with his sister
>Linger longer and longer on her breasts
>Put my hand on her crotch
>Friend comes outside
>Pick her up and dunk her in the pool
Wrong, ephebophillia is a PRIMARY sexual attraction to 16-18 yr old girls. If you weren't attracted at all to women in their 20's 30's etc then you'd likely be an ephebophile.
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