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Show me your best green text /b/
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eight beers mcgee.png
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light penis.png
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This one is pretty fresh
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Horned Man.png
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fucking dump your shit
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6-inch BLT.png
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wtf is a light penis?
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just read it, faggot
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i hafta piss.jpg
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Pokemon Trainer.png
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Malta grill.png
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ah...this one.
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4chan jizz.jpg
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fuck off
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That's not funny. That's really not funny
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how about this
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Anyone got the screenshot story where a guy greentexts about how he bought an apartment building and lived in one unit and rented the others to cute girls. He let them think he was just a tenant and then when they were short on tent he'd "pay" it for them and get pussy in return. Who remembers this?
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spectare supra te.png
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seconding this
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God damn...
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Always hated this one. The whole "forced to drink chocolate milk" angle completely ruins any suspension of disbelief.
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Many tears were shed that thread
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Sam Ibrahim.jpg
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Bloodied shirt.jpg
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McFly dubs command it
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5 to 8?.png
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rip anon.png
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space niggers.jpg
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the attic.png
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holy shit, is this a feels thread?
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ofc it's a nigger.jpg
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I hate seeing what greed can do to families.
long exposures (normally longer than a second, like 20 seconds i prefer) with a torch and you just draw a dick with the light
the fucking feels. please.
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Rape 2 Wincest.jpg
2 MB, 4704x2976
He's sipping beer and pubcrawling in the sky now. God bless the Irish bastard.
it was a pree good thread after that
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here sth cute
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So many fucking tl;dr's in this thread. Of well. I'll get to them eventually.
Some OC for you fucks

>Be me
>Im into Ubexing and such. I'm a fearless motherfucker.
>Know of this cool old lead mine that has been abandoned for years
>buildings are rusty as fuck

>Go into the grounds and look around
>wander around the mill
>wind picks up and asbestos rains down from the roof
>hightail it out of there for now.
>wind calms down
>go back in, steal a ball out of the ball mill
>I still have it somewhere I think
>those steel balls are heavy
>pocket it.
>Wander over to the safety building which is completely collapsed

>Climb up the water tower to get a nice view
>check out the other buildings.
>see the explosive shed, go to check it out
>open door
>nothing in there.

>finally, try the hoist house
>of all the buildings this one is the coolest
>connected to the mill with huge overhead conveyors which are half collapsed
>giant motors, the giant winch, metal girders everywhere
>walking along, making sure to take note of where the giant 'you fall in this and you die' hole is.
>Shit was cash
>sit down and relax. Should maybe have considered a less windy day for this.
>looking up at all the steel cables and shit everywhere.
>shrug and start looking for other things
>bump into a lever while walking around.
>lever flops over to the ground
>pull lever back to the way it was
>Jerk lever as hard as I can
>watch as the cables start getting taut.
>Holding... lever...
>Watch as the cables start spinning super fast
this man writes greentext like liberals fuck up the economy

Good god you tab whore, just save them and read them later.
Nigger, but /b/ folder has 2800 images in it. I need to lay off that save train.
>Probably a car laden with something is now flying down into the earth at troll speed.
>There is a sudden loud BANG! and the cables get really taut and something breaks
>The cables go slack and I look overhead to see that the wheel up above is falling down
>Lever is useless at this point
>start to look for a way out but am too dumb to just run
>hear a giant splash reverberating out of the hole as steel cables fall down
>everything slowly settles down
>things seem normal again
>all is quiet
>What the fuck?
>Start backing up towards door
>What the fuck is those sounds?
>A rivet falls down from overhead and nails itself into the ground by my feet
>Now it is time to run
>Hightail it to the hole I crawled in
>Popping and clinking becoming more frequent
>Now With Groans! (TM)
>Start to run
>Run away!
>Run, Run Away!
>Turn around to see the hoist house steel framework drop an I beam into the structure
>Structure didn't like that.
>Hoist frame lists to the side
>Giant wheel falls into what was left of the safety building, making the lower of the two conveyors fall down more in the process.
>The first conveyor now buckles and crumples in.
>The weight of these two pull on the wall of the mill, forcing it outwards
>The mill partially collapses on its east side
>The ground shakes with fury as I watch my destruction unfold on state property.
>The hoist house finishes correcting itself
>I leave as the dust settles.
Don't you sort your shit? How many might be duplicates? It's the only way I can keep sane in my 4chan folder. I have greentext folder, dank papes, dank memes, and that's just a few.
Ok but was his family loyalist or republican is all I wanna know
Tiocfaidh ár lá motherfucker
i was not ready for the feels
Somewhat organized, but not nearly enough
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irish stew.png
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Ahoy matey.jpg
58 KB, 700x581
Posting gold
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faggiest voice.jpg
73 KB, 780x429
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sink thief.png
466 KB, 968x2424
Wtf is in your mystery folder...?
Jesus christ the feels
Full thread reaction pic?
That's a really good question. It's just some skinny blonde bitch with a ton of freckles.
you stop that
Does anyone have the scary don't look up one where the kid goes to the bathroom and hears something repeating that phrase/
its in the thread already faggot, check the earlier ones
>Praise it

Its happening June 6th.
That is fucking disrespectful as fuck.
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