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Secretly you have sucked cock before / have...
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Secretly you have sucked cock before / have your cock sucked before or have been ass fucked by another guy.

We all know its true.

No faggot its just you

Do I hear jealously?
No more pity and disgust

So if a man / boy decided he wanted to suck you till you came, and you know he will do that Extremely good cause... you know, faggot, you will be like: nope, thanks. I'll just lube my hand again tonight...

used to play a "game" which was basically just us touching each others cocks. we eventually moved up to me fucking him up the ass. this was all before I could cum, so technically it wasn't gay
>be 14
>older brothers 18yr old friend comes over
> brother crashes leaves me with his weird friend.
>friend makes a joke about sucking his dick
>I suck his dick he cums in my mouth I swallow
>next weekend comes not a word has been said
>brother crashes again this time friend wants to fuck my ass.
>he fucked me hard and long I loved it
>he gives me a half a pack of camel filter less and leaves.
>never see him again
A few have and I've turned it down. One guy even expressed feelings once and I thought we were just friends.

I'm just not gay

A shame... sounded like you could have a lot of fun during the years :) ^^'
I have sucked cock before, as well as having a guy suck my cock. Also fucked a guy in the ass once. I however have never been fucked in the ass before. That's where I draw the line.
Still think about his cock.
Sucked a few over the years, gave and received anal from a friend back when I was 16.

Now all that happens is my gay neighbor occasionally comes over and sucks my dick.
He was a self-loathing homophobe
>12 year old me
>little brother is 9
>we always watched porn even little kids, often together
>start jacking off in front of each other
>a lot. like it was normal for one of us to be on the pc jacking off while the other is a few feet away playing video games.
>start jacking off each other
>feels really good bro.
>watch porn and jack each other off
>eventually start sucking dick

Yeah i sucked my friends dick twice back in highschool, loved it.

wish we were able to do it again but he stopped letting me suck it :(
I've sucked two cocks. Had my cock sucked by three different guys. Did a mutual jerk off session with another guy, and I have fucked one guy up the ass before. I've never had a cock in my ass though. Always wanted to try just never happened.
no thank you.
Lucky bastard
we fucked all the way till we were 16 and 19
You sound like a self-hating faggot, just accept you like cock and move on with your life
>>we always watched porn even little kids, often together

meant to say
>we always watched porn even as little kids, often together

not kiddy porn..
Used to have a friend that I would frot with all the time. I fucking miss it tbh
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I have always had a fantasy of experimenting with a friend
No feelings
Just fun sexual pleasure
But i probably wont act on it unless he initiates it
no thanks

mm i want that so badd..i have this friend that makes me feel like such a sissy..
I've only ever blown one guy, probably 4 or 5 times. Nice thick uncut cock, shaved smooth. I rimmed him once and swallow his load every time :)
Had a friend feel me up when we were younger. I made it seem like I didn't like it. Definitely regret it
Sucked off my friend, told him not to cum in my mouth, but he did.

Then i fucked him in the ass. He told me not to cum inside, but guess what?

I filled him up.

I made sure to fuck him for a long time, really got deep in there, and pounded him as hard as I could for almost 30 minutes, just constantly edging and then fucking him more so his hole was nice and red when I was done with it. loose too. He couldn't even keep my cum in.
Same here. I've thought about it in detail. Like have a guy buddy that has a girlfriend (much like me). But secretly when we're hanging out, we mess around and keep it between us. Could satisfy our guy on guy urges. I know it'll never happen, but I definitely fantasize about it all the fucking time.
Same. Always wondered what it would be like to have a dick up my ass or in my mouth.
I know a dude who had that same kind of relationship with his brother. do you think they fucked?
so hot!
it's just that raiding was banned close to ten years ago
I had a remote on my thigh and he reached and grabbed my junk and got a good squeeze before letting go
Worst part is that I could probably call him up at any time and ask if he wanted to suck eachother off. He'd be game, but he never gets on facebook and I don't know his number.
>be 18, not had any action for a while, need to be sucked off. Look on Craigslist find a guy offering Gloryhole service. Start chatting as I'm horny as fuck but pussy out as I'm not gay. Get drunk as fuck that night. Fuck it, horny as fuck again message the guy go round and stick my cock through the hole. Best BJ I've had to date. He even took some pics

Now Visit regularly.
why i never had friends like this?

use him as long as u can!
When I was like 13-14, I was at my friends house and he was this kinda white trashy guy and he had one of the other neighboorhood kids we hung out with a lot over and my friend was like "wanna see my dads porn collection" and they put it on and we were all sitting and watching these porn vids really awkwardly and then my friend said "fuck this" and started reaching his hands all over his dick and then our other friend was like "yeah me too" and started doing the same thing while I just sat there awkwardly in between them..they started asking me if i was uncomfortable and i told them no and then they started joking about me being a pussy and stuff..omg i felt amazing while they did that, ive never been the same...
Met an anon on here, I would often meet guys and just casually trade porn using this feature on msn messenger and shit

>oh shit im cumming !

One day a guy tells me he's going to be going my way, offer my laundry room for him to sleep in. We initiate the great fap games of 2013. Length of cumshots, amount cumed. Quickest times, longest times, quickest times after a few times fapped. There was no touching (aww) of each other but I ended up losing the quick fap on both accounts, but hit the ceiling and spilled nearly 3 cups full of semen on day one

We are still trading porns to this day
Like he is one of the few people i can say i care about who isnt a girl or related to me
Like i have always loved lesbian porns were friends have sex just for fun
I have always tried to imagine that with the genders reversed
Like why is it more acceptable for girls to act like this
But not guys
> be me 30 Yo
> bored at hotel
> random porntube
> see a guy cumming from only anal
> wanttotryit.exe
> find a guy on random gay chat
> meet and get my ass fucked
> wasn't that bad, but really not enough to make me cum from only anal ...
I'm bisexual. Pretty much always have been, and I've always had a talent for choosing people who are always ready to fuck.

I have preferences for both guys and girls. Guys I like shaved, I never kiss or dirty talk, and I like them uncut.

Girls I kiss, pillow talk is a must, and they have to have shaved pussy with no protruding lips. can't have that roast beef, this isn't Arby's, and it's not good mood food.
Long story short here
>Probably around 6 at the time
>My mom used to bring a friend over and babysit him while his moms gone, the other mom would do the same for me
>One day we see kissing in a movie, don't remember which one
>He asks if I want to try it, figure why not and do it
>Keep kissing on different days until one day he touches my dick
>tells me he seen something i would like, takes my dick out and starts blowing me
>take turns blowing each other when we hang out until parents find out and tell me being gay is super evil
Never did it again. Probably some of the best sexual experiences to date.
where r u from? i like the same things!
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But did you ever fuck a vampire?
tfw no qt 3.14 bf to suck off or get fucked in the ass by
Longview WA.
i had a jerk off session with my friend when we were like 14. were 19 now and it turns out hes gay. well like, in the closet bisexual. we found out hes on grindr. never spoke about the jerk off sesh since we did it tho.
most likely

also since you guys are obv fags who cant handle a little gay incest i'm just going to continue for my own enjoyment.

as my bro got older he grew a huge dick. when he was like 17 i used to let him ass fuck me. more than a few times

i also would suck his dick off without him asking me to. pretty much forcing him to let me

>he's jacking off
>i come in and start touching him
>he doesnt say anything
>put his big dick in my mouth and down my throat
>eat his load
>he calls me a fag
>i stroke my cock a few times and cum

also i found i have a butthole licking fetish from my brother. we used to eat each others asses out and tongue fuck our holes. also i would ride on his cock and he would suck my dick at the same time

>not having super taboo hot secret gay sex with your little brother

my only regret is that he won't allow it anymore. i need his thick cock

its 8" of fucking dick and he fucks too roughly. even still, i hear his girlfriend complaining. he ass fucks her daily and i think if he thinks about my ass when he does
>gayest thing you have ever read, ever
I used to give my cousin (who was about 16-18 at the time) handjobs when I was a kid (probably about 10). We did it multiple times whenever he visits, and if we don't he teases me and bites my ears. He insisted on me sucking his cock but never had a chance since we pretty much stopped when he went to college and his family stopped visiting frequently.

I also had one more story where I invited my neighbor to play video games with me. He suddenly took out his dick and gave me a sly grin, then I started playing with it. I sucked his cock while he's playing video games but I wasn't really a good sucker though, since I was a drooling mess and I coughed during sucking. Also one of my cousins caught us doing it but he never really said a word about and just walked out of the room.
I almost kissed the dude but I don't think he was gay, but just wanted his cock sucked. Never seen him again after that.
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>im 40
>hooked up with a couple guys when I was younger
>married now, crave sucking cock
>impossible to find dick to suck, not even joking
>everyone on CL is a bottom
>everyone on AFF and other sites is a bottom
>all I ask is that the person get STD tested
>literally no one will do that
>also I got heavy
>all tops seem to want 19 year old twinks
>"no fatties"
>"no one over 25"
>mfw fags are pickier than girls
>mfw I just want a chill guy I can suck off
>mw I can't even suck a cock

europe here
21 and would love to fuck a chubby
the whole "guy suck better than girls" and prostatic orgasm things is bullshit gay propaganda from creepy gay guy who are attracted to straight men.

I'm bisexual, i've been having sex with men for nearly a decade, and guys aren't way better at sucking than girls. It's just that gay guy on average have performed way more blowjob than girl so they have more practice. But there is plenty of girl who are into sucking dick, and between a girl slut and a guy slut, you won't notice the difference.

I've been fucked in the ass many many time, and never had a prostatic orgasm. It's like squirting for girls. Some are able to, other aren't, and despite what porn make you believe it's not often possible and it's even less often when the stimulation is from being fucked. I've managed to make one trap cum from fucking her once in my lifetime ( and i've had sex with many guy). Usually the better chance you have from having prostatic orgasm is from self stimulation. But even like that, i have an anero and 2 vibrating prostate stimulator and i've never managed to achieve an orgasm from prostate stimulation

If you have sex with men, it's either because you are attracted to men, or because you are too horny and desperate to have sex and don't have access to girls
I'm sorry, but I can't read faggot
When I was 21 I hooked up with a couple of guys from Craigslist. We took turns sucking each other off and one of the guys pounded my butt. Shit was pretty cash.
go on chats and just expose what you're looking for ... someone will answer ...

dont go on CL or sites like that, waste of time, get direct chat, you will know in a minute if a guy is interested or not ...

I legit have not had a gay experience, but I fucking wish I did. I got so fed up with the self entitled bullshit attitude of females that I went abstinent and stopped dating 2 years ago. It just isn't fucking worth it. All the bullshit a man has to go through for sex, even if it's his girl. She has to be "in the mood" and "emotionally in a good place" or whatever bullshit. Sure they'll all "lets fuck everyday forever" for the first few weeks, but then it's "I have a headache" or "just rub my back" for the rest of your goddmaned life. Meanwhile the bitch wants you to do this, change that, act this way, dress that way, change every fucking thing about you that makes you the man you are, and then what? leave or cheat, or lie, or do all fucking three.

so fucking sick of goddmaned women. i wish i was a faggot. i wish i loved cocks and ass fucking men. at least then i wouldn't have to deal with female bullshit, and could maybe find someone that loves me for me, and not be concerned with my "career goals" or what the fuck ever.

fuck women.
>implying there's anything wrong with sucking your brothers cock and eating his cum

i'm a sexual deviant and i'm OK with it. welcome to /b/ faggot
would love some 20 year old cock to work on once or twice a week... no homo bro

huh what kind of chats?

I can verify the "guys aren't better at sucking than girls."

My neighbor is gayer than a Republican in Thailand, and he can't suck dick for shit. I couldn't either until a friend taught me how.
When my neighbor was 8 and I was 7 we used to hide in his front yard bushes and play "pee pee friend thing", and basically we would suck each other's cocks. It was fun and harmless. In essence, I was getting my dick sucked at 7.
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>so much edge for a dick sucking pussyboi
Once I felt up my brother in his sleep even was able to get his entire dick in my mouth without him waking up
i used citegay, but it is a french one .. but i think whereever you are you can find a site like that ...
>be 15
> sperglord, only one friend
> literally no one will even talk to us were so lame
> pretty close because of it. bonded to the extreme
>began talking about that feel when no gf one day
>both get depressed. well never ever get someone to touch our peepees
> both admit we would wonder how it feels when someone else touches it
>come up with a brilliant solution and stay at his place for the weekend
> his room is in his parents basement. someone literally has to walk down creaky as fuck stairs and open a door before getting into his room
> if the lights were off we could each get a handful and see how it feels for someone to touch our dicks
>figure if we do it at the same time were sealed into pact so the other could never tell, not that we would
>lights off laying sideways on his bed next to each other with our legs hanging over the side
> no hestitation we kind of just groped each other the dark
> felt amazing having hand on my dick, remember hearing him gasping and lightly moaning
> felt free to make as much noise as possible, didnt carry to the upstairs
> start letting out some noise, both of us geting noisy
>not sure who break the pact of no further and not moving, just remember one minute being next to each other jerking off my friend and the next we're shoving against each other trying to be the one on top
> hormones just took over started rubbing our dicks together and humping into each other, couldnt get enough
>be 5
>older brother convinces me to give him head
>dont know about sexual orientation or what sex is
>realize what i did was gay
>was homophobic til HS
>dont hate gays anymore but still straight
> finished rather quickly, so did he.
> i cant even began to describe the mix of feeligns i had laying there with my best friend our cum mixed together over our stomachs and groins in a dirt mess
> no words were spoken, we just took turns sneaking upstaris to clean up
> next night e talked about it, and convinced each other it was just for fun and we only did it because no gf
>decided since we went that far we would try sucking cock
> no cumming in the mouth, tap the back of the head and sucker would stop and hand you a sock to cum into
> he was first, still doing htis in the dark. awkward touching to get into position
> he had to jerk it for a while to get hard but soon enough i was licking and sucking on it.
> guess i did a decent job, managed to get him off came into what turned out to be my sock in the morning, bastard.
>my turn.
> amazing feeling. not sure he did it intentionally but keep swirling his tongue around my cock head and it felt amazing
> ashamed to say i came in about 50 seconds,
> afterwards we just turned on the lights and played some halo 2 for a couple of hours felt comfortable enough to just stay naked
> next morning went home sans one sock, bastard.
> youd think that this would either make us closer, get us into a long term sexual relationship, or ruin our friendship but oddly enough nothing changed
> we never even felt the need to bring it up again, it was like this weird isolated incident spured by hormones and loneliness that neither of us felt the need to repeat.
> i eventually got a girlfriend and havent even had a thought of a dude sexually, and he is currently married with 3 kids
I think my dad's best friend was actually the one who impregnated my mom.
>loved it when he held me as a kid
>always felt closer to him than my own dad
>felt weird bond to him

now that I'm older, I want to fuck him. like I want to be on my knees and service his cock for hours. not sure how to have that happen.
ok so like a webchat thing? thanks I'll try that ... would be really nice, and my wife is into it. she thinks it would be good for me ( also turns her on )
I feel the same exact way. I've gotten a blowjob from a guy but it was super uncomfortable because I'm not gay...until I started watching straight porn not looking at the guy and pretended it was not a guy. Then it became pretty great. I don't find guys attractive at all but I love getting my dick sucked HARD and long and most women think they're too hott o have to put in that much work. I guess I'm a lot of work because I'm so desensitized to normal shit. Anyways I recommend you try it. I want to do it again with different person (no1 specific in mind) but not sure how to go about it.
>be me
>19 and sexually confused
>shaving and whoring for online attention for a few months
>eventually end up posting on craigslist with pic of me in undies
>guy hits me up on kik
>8in cock, huskier dude only like 15 mins away from me
>talk the night of; tell him if he wants to drive by real quick first to test eachother I'll suck him off in his car
>He chickens out but agrees to meet next time for anal
>organize a night to have him pick me up ad let me suck him and fuck me
>we agree to meet after my classes next wednesday, says his parents' house is free and we can play around
>wednesday comes, tells me his sister is at the rents
>tells me we can fuck down this path near the house
>sketched out a bit but makes it sort of hot
Yeah I would.
Stop trying to justify your own faggotry and enforce it on others.
Go for it dude. The faggot life may actually be for you. That's pretty much why I'm gay now, honestly. My love for the male form because of being a rookie artist also helped.
Must be all the chemicals in the water there.
What age though?
Not going to deny it. This town is actually shit. Beautiful town for of coal terminals and homeless drug addicts.
will do
>day comes
>classes end, spend two hours drinking water and douchign my ass
>last thing i want to do first time i get fucked is to shit on the guy
>have lube and two condoms on hand
>finger my ass during an hour long shower prior to fucking to ease myself into it
>he comes by a half an hour early
>tells me to wear something hot
>dont have my panties that i stole, left those at home
>resort to wearing my super tight joggers and no underwear and a hoodie
>texts me that he outside
>heart racing
>get into his car
>talk abotu WoW and other vidya during the car ride
>seems like a cool guy
>we pull up to this small block after a 15 min drive
>tells me we have to walk a bit to the path
>we walk in the dark through this randomly small trail behind his house. end up at some small overpass behind a chain link fence overlooking the bridge and passing traffic a few miles away
>admire the view before he asks if I'm "ready"
how about you stop asking and just type out your story like everyone else instead of looking for praise
Yes, you have to get direct confirmation if there is a match or not between you and the other guy, otherwise you'll lose WAY to much time ...
yes, i've secretly sucked lots of cock, here's my first time.

>be me, drinking beer with friends
>friends decide to go to a bar, i can't cause not old enough
>drink one more, get online and go to a gaychat
>notice someone from my town, talk with him for a minute or two
>decide to meet up to suck each other off
>meet, go to a semi-secluded place (still visible from all but one direction)
>he tells me to suck first, get on my knees and i do as i am told
>he tells me to take his cock out, take it out, already massive although only semi-hard
>look at it amazed, jaw droppingly big, i stroke it
>he tells me to suck it and i do, starting with just the head
>start taking it deeper and deeper, really thick cock so it's really hard to keep my mouth open enough.
>suck as best as i can when suddenly he grabs my head and holds it still while he starts to fuck my face and throat
>i start gagging, eyes watering, trouble breathing as he rams it deep and hard
>panic, try to push him off for a few minutes, realizing he doesn't care and i can't do anything about it
>submit to his will, try to get him off as fast as possible because it's hard to breathe
>taste something strange and after a few more pushes he pulls it out and puts his cock back in his pants
>i say thank You (because he stopped) and i suddenly realize that the strange taste was his cum that i apparently swallowed.
>he has this annoying smirk or whatever as he leaves me there on my knees, gasping for air and cum in my belly
"gayer than a Republican in Thailand "
I'm sorry your brother was a deviant sexual predator but that comes with the territory with homosexuals. He was most likely being sexually abused by someone from the LGBT community. Their spaces are known to be rife with sexual predation.
i really have to question that.
i literally posted on craigslist-type sites when i was 13 asking to meet up with older guys, wanting sex but only receiving end of cock.
not even once did anyone take it further than emails about sex. one agreed to meet but never showed up
I just don't want to flood the thread if it's a shit story but alrighty
>smile and come up to him
>he starts to pull his shorts down
>abruptly get on me kees, remembering suddenly im about to suck his cock and have him christen my virgin ass
>his soft cock falls out
>a little hairier than I had hoped but seemingly promising
>grab it awkwardly realizing I have to make it hard
>jerk it a bit and then give it small kisses as I feel it grow in my hands
>give the head a slight sucking and start using my tongue to wet it up as his cock grows harder and larger in my mouth
>start to jerk myself while I wrap my tongue aorund his cock and bob on it until i can't fit it in anymore
>that sure as hell was 8 inches
>after a few miutes he asks if I want it in my ass
>I nod yes with my cock in his mouth
>he pulls it out and grabs my waist and throws me against the fence
>I grab the lube and condoms as he pulls down my pants and grabs my ass
Just say:

>Bitch we used to fuck and it's essential to the relationship for me.
i forgot to mention that this was the best cocksucking experience i ever had
>tfw I can easily have anal orgasms
>tfw I have multiple orgasms over and over from ass fucking with a dildo
>tfw I am straight and have no desire what so ever to be a bottom to a guy
It's like it's totally wasted or some shit.
>get on me knees
>aarrgggghhh. ahoy ye matey
Lmao sorry I wrote this out when I was drunk
>he slaps my ass a few times, sucks his fingers and shoves them into my ass
>hurts a a bit at first and it's pretty cold but he's breathing down my neck
>gets to about three fingers before he pours the lube all over my ass and rubs it with his cock wrapped in the condom
>grabs my waist and slowly pushes his cock further and further into my ass
>I grab the fence and writhe in pain and pleasure at the same time
>now I'm certain his cock was 8 inches
>I had used dildos and vibrators before but nothing like this
>he pulls out and I feel the pain even worse
>then he slowly pushed every inch of himself back inside
>starts to fuck me harder and harder while grabbing my waist and calling me a pretty little slut
>Im turned on by my cock is soft as I'm pushing ym ass agaisnt him more and more with every thrust
>eventually i push up against him while he;s in me and he grabs my cock and strokes it a few times
>I go absolutely insane and grind on him and moan like and absolute fucking whore
>continue to jerk myself off while he fucks me like an animal
>be 19yo
>fap on local cam site
>some guys watching, sometimes a girl watches
>guy talks to me while i fap, about 27-28yo
>he says he's horny
>he suggests coming over
>it's like 3 am and i'm home alone, i'm straight, but my horniness makes me say ok
>give address, he says he'll be here in 15 min
>i freshen up and get dressed
>he comes in
>introduce myself kinda awkwardly
>super awkward small talk, about his job and mma hobby. what the fuck
>after a few mins he says "so.. i came here for something"
>i ask "what?"
>he replies "for you to suck my dick"
>i reply "ok, ill try, it's my first time"
>he sits down on the couch and lowers his sweatpants
>i kneel down between his legs and start licking and sucking his dick
>his dick gets hard in my mouth, he's not too big, like 5.5"
>he grabs his phone and says he'll watch some porn
>after about 5-10 minutes of sucking he says he wants to finish while fucking me
>i tell him i've never done that before
>he says he has lube and he'll do it slow
>reluctantly agree
>sit with my knees on the floor and upper body on the couch, kinda like doggy
>he positions himself behind me and puts a condom on
>lubes up his dick and my butt, fingers my butt for a few seconds
>he puts his dick against my butt, the condom feels kinda cold against it
>he starts pushing gently against my butt, it's not going in
>he pushes harder, shoving me into the couch a little
>it slips in and goes pretty deep, i moan in pain and arch my back
>he pulls back out and asks if i'm okay
>it hurts a lot
>he says he'll try again slower
>he puts it back in, it slips in a lot better, but it's still largely uncomfortable
>he starts thrusting a little
>the uncomfortableness goes away and it just feels.. intense and intimate (how his dick touches my insides)
>he grabs my butt while he's fucking me and tells me i have a nice ass
>i feel great
>he starts moaning and fucking me faster
>he cums, moaning, and pulls out

best sex i've ever had. i don't have his phone # :(
>Be 18
>Be lonely
>Get on craigslist and make an add on men seeking women for friends.
>Dude replys with ''heres my number, call me if you would wanna come over and hang out''.
>Call him.
>Go to his house in downtown brooklyn.
>Get there and its actually a nice little crib.
>We get a couple beers and sit down on the couch and he opens up his laptop.
>He turns on some hardcore porn and asks me if ive ever watched any.
>Get turned on.
>He ends up blowing me and we took a shower together.
>Go to put shoes back on and find 150$ dollars inside my shoe.
>I was a gay hooker for a night..
i dont think he was being abused just a deviant and horny
he was a bad kid and would get in trouble all the time
still does drugs even now and has two kids hes 26
I got head and fucked one of my dad's co-workers off/on over the span of a few months when I was 17. He was quite a bit older, he initiated it while we were drinking a beer - I was over at his house doing yardwork for extra cash. He was recently divorced and (according to him) newly bi.
That was years ago and still the only gay/bi experiences I've had.
>be me.
>regularly molested by then babysitter man. [friend of mother's]
>dropped off at his house.
>not a minute in...
>"hey little anon, do you want to go to the go karts?"
>well, of course i did, I was fucking 10.
>"ok then come here".
>takes me to his bedroom.
>lifts me on to bed.
>"bend over. stick your butt up"
>pulls down my shorts on down to thighs.
>rubs his penis up and down along my butt crack.
>shortly after, he cums.
>tells me to: "hold on, stay like that".
>leaves and comes back with a rag or some cloth or something. ( i didnt see what it was)
>wipes my butt.
>pulls my shorts up.
>"ok lets go."
>takes me to go karts.
>i was happy kid with sticky ass.

Sucked cock three times off craigslist. Each time I thought it'd be goovy.

During each act I wondered what the fuck I was doing and was grossed out, but carried on like a trooper.


Hooked up with a delishus trap and all my dreams came true. It was like something I had waiting for my whole fucking life.
That was pretty hot...especially when he smirks at the end.
Had a girlfriend that would always say that i would turn out bi. No idea why she would say that. After breaking up I wasn't getting laid and was really horned up most of the time. In the weird sexual loneliness I decided to jerk off to gay porn. I was getting off to it but... jerking it was getting old. I had know about craigslist casual encounters for awhile and checked it out. Turns out the only people you are going to be able to hook up with are guys. Eventually I started going to glory holes and even had a few face to face encounters. The entire time though... I wasn't turned on by the fact that I was getting off with another dude. I just needed that nut. After a while I started learning how to get pussy and never had the desire to hook up with dudes again. Eventually I realized that I was just getting off on the taboo. At this point I'm confident that I'm straight. Sometimes I still go to glory holes though. But only to bust through the curtain and rob people. Too easy.
File: _DES1492-Modifier.jpg (110 KB, 428x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thou art genderfluid, mon frere.
dont trigger me
Fucked by my cousin and sucked it when i was young,
And 2/3 times sucked by random guys
thanks, i felt so used and humiliated, but i was still diamonds in my panties. i wonder what he thought about me thanking him though
I'll pass.
fucking yourself with a dildo is as different from being fucked by a dick than jerking your dick is to actually fucking a pussy
>ruined relationship with cute gf for sex with ugly boy
>not my best moment

>few years later, age 19 met this guy on dating website
>we hang out in his bedroom
>starts trying to kiss me as soon as I sit down
>a little freaked out
>he's really cute but moving a little too fast
>tell him we should watch a movie
>turn on tv, start cuddling
>things progress
>get good blowjob
>guy came if I just looked at him
>right on my stomach
>wiped it on his face
>licked it
>never called him
Yeah that's called being straight you fucking faggot
it is not secret, I hang out in sleazy xxx movie houses all afternoon taking every dick I see, in the ass in the mouth, I suck shitholes, and love the taste of shitty asshole, I leave dripping in cum
Had a few mutual jerk off sessions with random guys from Craigslist.... Always end up giving blowjobs and getting fucked in the ass.
>be bi-curious 19 years old
>been thinking about sucking cock for quite some time
>registered at several gay sites
>always pussy out when someone asks me
>one night extremely horny
>some guy in his mid twenties says hi
>he lives like 10 minutes by foot away
>asks if I want to spontaneously suck his dick
>fuck yes, finally
>go to his place, he walks me in
>say I've never done that before, he tries to ease me with some stupid small talk
>"enough of this, lets get started", approaches me and slowly strips me naked, I'm rock hard
>he grabs my dick, smiles and undresses himself
>his dick is about 6 inches, not that thick
>I clumsily jerk him while still standing
>he doesn't get hard, guides me to his bed and lays down with spread legs
>I sit down by his side and stark jerking him again
>"anon please start sucking on it"
>wrap my lips around his still soft dick, it doesn't have any taste, he probably took a shower right before
>start actually sucking, bob my head up and down
>god it feels so good how he's getting hard inside my mouth
>"you're pretty good anon, continue"
>happily oblige, never been as focused on something as right now on getting him off
>try deepthroating him, it's actually not that hard, he moans every time I swallor his dick
>this continues for about 15 minutes, eventually I switch position to lying between his legs
>"I'm getting close"
>start sucking him furiously, as fast and deep as I can
>he lets out a loud groan, know he's going to cum
>just like that Heather Brooke video I deepthroat right when he starts cumming
>feel him twitch about 4 times in my throat but very little cum
>continue lightly sucking him and he tells me to stop
>"that was great, I can't believe this was your first time"
>kinda flustered, "t-thanks"
>get dressed and leave

I was soft almost the entire time, overall 7/10, would have been better with a bigger dick and far more cum. That was more than a year ago, haven't done anything real since but I want to bottom and be a fuckboy.
He probably think you were a beta bitch boy who likes getting abused that way. Was that the last time you've met up?
File: 20160303_144636.jpg (868 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Quick pic of me because that always helps.
I've done stuff with a guy off Grindr 4 times and it was pretty bad every time. But I kept going back. I'm 19. He's 30ish.

>First time, installed Grindr first time
He approached me on Grindr, I agreed. We were going to blow each other in his car. I blew him, he came, then he said he was gonna go home. ;_;

>Second time, like a month or so after, reinstalled Grindr
He approached me, he forgot who I was. I remembered, he was the only guy I've ever done something with. I enjoyed giving head, he moaned and it felt like I was being good. So I said yes. I blew him in his car again. He kept touching and fingering my ass. Saying he wanted to fuck me. I kept saying no, because I wasn't ready. He got visibly annoyed. Came into my mouth and left.

>Third time, week after
He asked me if I want to blow him again. I said yes. He kept asking me to let him fuck me. I ended up saying OK. He didn't have a condom with him (wtf) but I did. He put it on. He didn't have lube with him (wtf) but I did. He put it on his dick and my ass. He's hung as fuck and it hurt like hell. He came in under 2 minutes and told me to leave.

>Fourth time, a month after, reinstalled Grindr after previous bad experience
He turns up again. I say "I remember you, remember me?", he had no idea who I was. Asked me if I wanted to blow him in his car. I said "I'm the guy from <city> remember?". Again, no clue. I was horny, he has a delicious dick, so I said OK. He drove over to an agreed point, I biked there, I sucked his dick and he fucked my ass again. He came in less than 5 minutes and said he was gonna go. I asked him if he wanted to blow me, he said no. I went home.

>Fifth time
He turns up again. I ask if he'll do something for me this time too. Without a reply, he blocks me. Or I think he did. The chat was gone and he wasn't in my favs anymore. He never messaged me anymore and he's not in my Grindr list anymore. I wanna blow him. I wanna let him fuck me. I wanna be used again. I wanna be useful again. :(
how ugly are you that you can only have 1 guy wanting to fuck you on grindr when you're 19 ? lose some weight...
>Be me
>Sleep over at Friend's house
>We start playing truth or dare with other friends
>He starts playing porn
>My other friend gets dared to jerk off naked in front of everyone
>He actually starts to do it
>I leave before he even got hard, and never talk to them again.
Where u live anon? Id happily fuck the hell out of you
>be 18
>skinny white kid
>have long distance gf
>horny/drunk one night
>set up craigslit ad, meet that day
>picks me up in his truck
>chubby, pretty cute, higher voice
>he drives us to remote cemetery, we put music on
>go to backseat, start touching and kissing
>he pulls down my pants, sucks my cock a bit
>felt amazing, he knew what he was doing
>says he's never seen one as big as mine
>I stop him, want to give it a try
>smaller than me, which I think is better
>fit all of him in my mouth
>grabs my hair, more or less sucks my mouth
>feel his dick hit my throat
>he starts moaning, hottest thing ever
>eventually cums
>tastes kinda bad, weird texture more than anything
>but too hot too care
>he thanks me, drops me off
Haven't done anything like it since
There are lots, but he's the only one that I've replied to. I have an ottermode body.
yeah, we talked once after that though, he told me he had a girlfriend who he lived with.
i asked a few questions and stuff like that, he didn't seem to want to have anything to do with me though
File: 20160126_092500.jpg (646 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Germany Bavaria
then stop fucking a premature ejaculator, and go have some hot sex at a guy's place
btw if interested, my email is [email protected]
i have to leave the thread so i might not see Your response to my last comment.
not the guy you responded too but would hangout and casually drink with, sitting in frankfurt myself, imagining you as a relaxed dude, too bad im not turbo gay
Heh, I might be there in 2 weeks but I doubt I will have time to meet anybody.
Swede here, do you have anything like kik or something fun ?
Why not, some idiot has already leaked it to some sexting sites anyway. franz135
How do you know beforehand that it'll be hot sex... lol... Grindr sucks for that.
Did it leave you damaged in any way?
Everything sucks, CL, grindr, gayromeo etc.
The best way is probably to just go to a gay bar but that's far too public. Just like I imagine gay saunas to potentially be awesome.
>was horny as fuck and didn't get laid for a while
>decide to hookup with a guy on a hookup site
>get to his place, not horny anymore when i see his hairy ass hole and cock
>cant get an erection. Tell him, "well i guess I'm not into dudes"
>he blows my flaccid dick and swallows my cum
>I leave and decide to never hook up with a guy again
I'm kinda inside the closet so going to a gay bar is a no go for me. But thanks anyway. :3
That's why you go for smooth twinks.
Where ar eyou?
>be me
>i have been fapping to traps, dicks and sissy vids for a long time
>decided to try it
>meet a 34yo guy on the internet
>decided to go for a walk on the beach at 2am.
>sitting on the beach, drinking beer
>i start to touch his dick throgh jeans
> pull it out, mine also
>his dick is a bit bigger than mine around 18cm
>i'm jerking him off
> suddenly i fell the urge so strong, to take his dick in my mouth
>i kneel on the beach and take my first cock in my mouth
>i lick it all, balls also, unfortunately they were a bit hairy
>he grabs my head and makes my deepthroat, i gag a little, but i am scared how much i like to suck cock
>i am so horny i cum between his legs, witch his dick in my mouth
>suddenly i satart to feel bad
>i stay and watch him jerk off
> go home and feel bad
>tfw twink is playing ping-pong e-mail and you know nothing is going to happen.
At home in front of my pc, telling windows update to wait another 4 hours. See >>683921615
I think he was very happy about it
Shame, that doesnt turn me on.
I consider myself straight, but extreamly open minded.
I get blowjob from men once a week...
Hard to find a twink who doesnt want money.
Really? The twinks I've chatted with almost never wanted money and actually preferred just giving blowjobs most of the time. I'd love to have someone I could blow every day and swallow his cum.
So you didn't like it huh
>meet guy online
>fuck around, move in together
>6 years later he is drunk and we are having an argument
>start telling me about how he cheated on me
>pack my shit and leave.

That happened 4 years ago. Never had the urge to get into another relationship again. Will die old and alone. Men are bastards.
>12, camping
>In shower with gap about 1.5 feet at the bottom of the walls in between each shower
>Family friend son, 14, asks for soap the stall over
>Slide it underneath to him
>When he goes to return, it he slides it back and looks underneath the divider into my shower
>"Hey Anon, show me your penis"
>Was very confused but just rolled with it, "Sure, if you show me yours too"
>After looking at me for a few minutes he slides his legs under the divider
>2 minutes later, "Grab it Anon"
>I grab it and start to jerk him off
>After 5 minutes, "Let me touch yours"
>I slide my legs through and let him jerk me
>After 20 minutes of playing with each other we stop

More stories if anyone is interested
Go ahead
Ah, what a shame.
looks tasty

>End up playing with each other in the shower twice more before this happened
>Fourth time starts off just like the rest
>He slides his lower body underneath the stall, I start jerking his dick
>After a few minutes he tells me to swap, "Anon I want to try something"
>He starts jerking me
>A few minutes later I feel his hand sliding down
>He starts to play with my asshole
>"Anon I want to put my finger inside"
>He starts to push inside
>Holy shit this hurts, "This really hurts"
>"Don't worry, I have an idea"
>He pulls out and lubes his finger up with shampoo
>Sticks it back in
>A few minutes pass and the pain starts to subside
>Feels amazing
>After 10 minutes he asks me for a turn
>He slides his legs back under
>I do the same as what he did to me
>Start jerking him off
>He has a 7" penis, I wasn't overly attracted to dicks at the time but thinking back his was fucking amazing
>Lube up my finger
>Slowly push in
>My finger slides in way easier than his did
>Start jerking him while fucking his ass with my finger
>15 minutes pass and he cums

Ive got one more
It is, I love sucking my dildo after riding it for 10 minutes.
>The next time we shower together he says to me before we go in "Anon I have an idea"
>He asks me to slide under
>He starts jerking me, as soon as I'm hard he says "Can I stick your penis in my ass?"
>Tell him yes
>He tries to stick it in
>My dick is like 5" at best, with the divider between showers he can't fit it in
>I ask him "Can I try instead?"
>He sticks his lower half under
>I start jerking him off
>When he gets hard I lube his dick with shampoo
>I go to sit on it, cause he's a little bigger I'm able to get half in
>Really hurts initially, much bigger than the finger
>Try to move but virtually impossible in that position
>At this point I'm super keen to have him in me
>I tell him "I'm coming across to your stall"
>Make sure that no ones in the toilet complex (you can see the shower entrance from the entire toilet complex)
>Move quickly into his stall
>Start hugging and playing with each other
>Feels amazing, probably never had so much intimate contact in my life
>Eventually he turns me around
>I bend over against the door
>He starts to put his dick in my ass
>Slowly slides it in
>Takes a few minutes but my ass losses up
>He starts fucking me pretty hard
>Feels so fucking good
>He eventually pulls out and cums

We ended up fucking twice more in the showers over 2 years, they're still best sexual experiences of my life. Was strange it occurred in the first place, we never really spoke before or after fooling around.
So I smoke crack once in a while.. con buckets. Turns out last day I lived at this place I find out guy next room smokes too. So we ended up smoking in his room. He pops a porno. Gets naked. Am twisted cracked out. He says let me see your cock. I smoke more get naked and walk to him. I must admit I erased a bunch of things off my bucket list. Sucked and rode and came buckets.. deepthroated it while being out of your mind high with a disco in your ass makes you can buckets. I swallowed...
Wish I had a neighbor that would sick my dick. Is he any good? Story?
continue please
What chat sites do you use?
Just make a new acc, message him and suck his dick.
That's it really, all the other times were pretty similar to the last story with me going into his stall and us taking turns fucking each other. I still wish i'd at some point sucked his dick, it was really nice.
File: 1249.jpg (289 KB, 1122x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah you caught me. ive never done it myself, i dont think i could. but ive gotten blowjobs from a lot of guys at this point. was in a weird sexual streak for awhile and explored more seedy parts of town that id always been interested in. one adult theater and a few video arcades. only found one video arcade that had glory holes.

thats where i got the majority of my bjs (shit was cash)

not being able to see anything and just feeling it...holy fuck man god damn amazing. couple times the guys had me fucking their ass, not what i was reallly looking for but it was fine. i felt a bit weird about the whole thing after, havent gone back in a long time.

there was this other instance where i met a guy on craigslist who was married but really wanting to suck dick so, i obliged him. let him 'practice' on me. hhe wanted to do more but i couldnt never get myself hard enough for it

i like traps and what not but i cant bring myself to get hard with a guy, unless hes super feminine and or i cant see him (glory hole)
i still havent finished with the craighlist guy hes too 'manly' i havent been able to cum for him. but through the Ghole, amazing bjs to completion
Had an opportunity back when i was 13 or 14 to blow a friend of mine, turned him down because I was scared that he'd blab about it,
Haven't had any chances 12 years later, feels bad man
>be me, who the fuck else would i be
>be 16 or 17, cant remember
>go to friends house after school one day
>his mom and dad werent home
>we end up jacking it to porn, not the first time
>doing it under our pants
>i grab his dick through his pants
>look in each others eyes
>put my hand down his pants, start doing it for him
>he pulls his pants down, i pull mine down
>jacking off eachother
>suck his dick without asking
>couldnt suck dick to save my life, made me stop lmao
>just jacked each other off, pretended to watch the porn but we both knew we werent
>he made me cum, he had a very fast arm
>didnt make him cum
>washed our hands
>i left 10 mins later

did it again a few months later, then when he was staying at my house we just jacked ourselves off to porn

he claims to this day that he didn't enjoy it, but if he didn't he wouldnt have done it twice
i know you visit /b/, cody
>be me
>mysterious guy suddenly started to suck my dick
>i said hey wtf what are you doing
>he said i am op
>and we had shower together
My older brother used to suck my dick when we shared a room and I'd fuck him in the ass. Now he's married with kids and I'm a massive faggot
You should feel good
You dodged a bullet there and didnt turn into an aids carrying dress wearing faggot
Your bro knew it happened the first time. Called the dude over again and had the police waiting outside.

That nigger got dimed and v&
be straight at the time.
> drunk at bar with friends from work while I was still in high school.
> Thought I was cool at bar cause older guys from work got me in.
> Friend gives me K and I'm a mess all over the bar.
> Things go foggy at bar and I start to come around at older co-workers house.
> start feeling his hand on crotch of my pants. Realize im laying on a couch with my legs draped across his.
> He notices me wake up and look confused. He jumps up and suggests more K will straiten up my head from drinking.
> Do two big lines, sit back down on couch and lights out.
>be older, married
>marriage on the rocks, no sex
>go to craigslist looking for a girl
>no one wants a middle-aged married guy
>always knew I was bi so look in the m4m section
>place packed with guys like me
>answer one ad
>guy emails me back
>I panic and delete my email account
>week later ask myself WTF?
>answer another ad
>arrange to meet guy
>tell him this is the first time for me
>we exchange blow jobs
>I'm hooked
>be 16 or 17
>suck his dick without asking
>be 16 or 17
>be 16 or 17
> be 23
> gf loves gay porn
> wants me to blow her gay roommate
> do it
> he nut on my face
> shit was hot
slowly come out of my stupor enough to be somewhat conscious but I think I am imagining I'm fucking my girlfriend.
> My eyes are still closed and I feel a sense of urgency to try to move to get up, cause I feel like I have to take a big shit bad and it's about to pop out.
> Body is not really responding to well but I open my eyes. Look up and awaken to a mind blowing scene.
> Co-worker is over me and my pants are off. My legs are over his shoulders and he has my semi-hard cock in his hand and he is squeezing it and pulling on it.
> I feel like Im going to shit right there in front of him and I am very freaked out about what he is doing to me.
> I start to say no stop, I am going crap, but all that comes out is "no sto".
> At this moment I feel him pull on my cock again and realize his cock is deep in my ass and he is using my cock like a handle as he fucks me.
> I don't have to go to the bathroom. what I'm feeling is him slowly pushing in and pulling out. Everytime he pulls out it felt almost like I was shitting.
> At first I am disgusted by this and tried to squirm out from under him.
> He then grabbed my cock harder with one hand to hold my ass where it was and held me down by the chest with the other.
> He tried to calm me down and say how sexy I was .After a few minutes I came to more and my senses started coming back. he was fucking me gently and it actually started to feel good.
> I just closed my eyes and let him do want he wanted.
Oregon bifag here.
>be straight
>be 18
>at a house party with friends
>lots of weed and beers
>friends all disappear
>left alone at party not knowing anyone
>awkwardly sit on sofa alone
>guy comes over
>sits with me and offers a joint
>toke up with him
>new friend
>stick with him for the rest of the party
>everyone passes out or leaves
>no-one left in the living room
>sit back on couch
>he unzips as he sits next to me
>arm on my shoulder he smiles at me
>starts to push my head down
>whip it out for him and suck it good
>he starts to moan
>deepthroat it as much as i can
>take his load right down my throat
>sit back up
>take his hand and put it down my pants
>eye for an eye
>surprised to this day no-one saw us
>btw im a grl
Underated post
>A friend comes to my home to teach me how to play LoL.
>I don't like those mmo, I prefer 1player games with great stories, or 2 players like tekken. Also let him install LoL on my laptop.
>I play my first time as Mundo or Gangplank, not sure.
>he: hey anon, its funny!! Me: meh, wastetime btw
>he: you should learn the way to play each character, you know, the tanks, the healers, etc
>He starts to play with and old man time controller related (I don't remember his name, maybe chronos or some shit)
>I'm boring as fuck, he just walk around the map and kill the mobs, not other players. Eventually my dad go out to work and we stay home alone.
>The game is over, he loses and say its fault of other member team
>he close the game and start to search some pornstar on google: she is the bitch I was telling the other day
>I think she was Lisa Ann or other milf/mature
>we start to watch some porn. Lisa Ann gangbang by a groups of black men.
>Our crotch start to grow up, we both notice it and start to fap without wipe our penises
>Suddenly he wipe out his dick and fap quiet. His dick is 12 cm or so. I wipe mine, about 20 and thicker, and I fap furiously.
>Idk why but I start to look to him instead of porn. He says to fap with eachother dicks, fine.
>In literally 20 seconds my bigger dick cums buckets, and I love it. He is still hard as a rock an I still fap him while my dick became limp
>Few minutes later my cock became hard again but I'm the one who fap both cocks.
>Me: would you suck me?
>he: nope, anon
>Me: mayby a 69?
>he: nope
>Me: ... could suck your cock?
>he: okay, anon
>I start to suck his dick while fap myself. I cum again in 5 minutes but still do the bj.
>I suck his dick while both see porn for 2 or 3 hours. Finally he cums in my sluty mouth.
kind of the same thing with me

>be 15
>brother is 18
>has a real handsome friend also 18
>brother is an asshole to me
>never lets me hang around with him
>insults me in front of everyone
>one day his friend talks to me when brother is out of the room
>nice to me. tells me not to let my brother bother me and I'm a nice kid
>one day friend comes over, brother is out
>we sit on bed and chat for a while
>talk about girlfriends (neither of us have)
>he's really being nice
>suddenly asks if he can kiss me
>don't answer so he does
>keep kissing and we end up laying down on the bed
>he slides down and opens my pants
>starts sucking my cock
>stops and comes back up
>"you can never tell anyone about this"
>I nod
>he goes back down on me
>comes back up and asks if I'd do the same to him
>tell him I've never done it before and he says he'll show me how
>guides me down and puts his cock in my mouth
>must be a natural since he starts moaning almost immediately
>tells me he's going to cum
>don't know what to do so let him cum in my mouth
>choke a little so he grabs a nearby towel for me to spit it out
>has me lay back and sucks me until I cum in his mouth. he swallows
>reminds me never to mention it to anyone, especially my brother
>never told anyone
you fucking slut you should be ashamed of yourself
>be me, horny as fuck and GF is on business trip
>she's terrible at sucking dick too
>want to dominate someone
>find 60yo MWM who wants to suck and dress up at his hotel
>call him, make plans
>"please anon, don't stand me up i need cum"
>cock gets harder than the hardest boner that's ever existed
>tell him to buy the sluttiest red lipstick he can find, i'll be over in an hour
>i have huge balls and cum alot on average, but have been edging myself for a few days prior to this
>can't wait to unleash the tsunami of cum that will devastate his peoples for generations
>show up ready to bust
>he's dressed in panties and pantyhose with garter, bra, blond wig, and a pretty mouth covered in bright red lipstick
>i ask him "do you want to be treated like a lady, or like a whore"
>he's not looking me in the eye, i hate that
>"look at me slut"
>he looks up, i know how he wants to be treated

he started to pull on my nipples and i felt that my shirt was also off and that I was naked.
> His cock in my ass felt a bit uncomfortable but at the same time it did feel good deep inside me.
> he was also trying to stroke my mostly limp cock (to much drugs wouldn't get hard). That felt really good so I guess it was helping.
> He kept fucking me for what felt like hours, stopping every once in awhile to squeeze lube on his cock and kept telling me to cum for him. > I had gotten hard by this point but still couldn't cum because of the drugs.
> He then pulled out of me put his head between my legs and took my entire cock in his mouth (not a great feat my cock is pretty small). > He sucked on my cock like no girl from high school had ever. He then took my balls in his mouth and massaged them with his tongue to. He also licked and sucked on my asshole.
go be a faggot somewhere else, like in a fire.
I'm not gay, but I want to suck I dick?
& I find kissing another boy disgusting, I just want to taste a dick?
The most unbelievable part of the story is using shampoo as lube.
Have you ever tried it? It's extremely painful.
This went on for a very long time. I could not keep track of time.
> my balls started to swell and he grabbed my cock and held it firm and said to wait for him.
> He put the bottle of lube to my asshole and squeezed a bunch in and also lubed up his cock.
> he got between my legs again and put his cock head up to my ass. As he pushed in this time I was awake and I was not ready for it.
> It hurt bad as he stretched me and I cried out. He just said ssshhhh and he started to stroke me and slowly push into me at the same time. once I felt his balls on my ass he stopped and just kept stroking me. my ass hurt but my cock was feeling real good.
> after a few minutes he was able to start pumping in me without to much pain. his cock gave me this feeling deep inside that was incredible and within minute I started to cum.
> I could feel it growing from inside me and as I exploded my ass was clenching around his cock in spasms. He kept pumping my cock hard, milking my cum from me and as my ass was still in spasm he started to fuck me real hard and fast.
>make him kneel before zod
>take out semi erect cock and balls, rub them all over his face, smearing the red lipstick
>i've always wanted to facefuck a clown
>make him get on bed, laying face up with his head hanging off the side
>tell him not to puke on my cock,if he feels sick he should tap my leg
>"yes sir" he replies
>proceed to fuck his mouth for 5 mins or so
>sounds like someone killing a duck in a puddle
>pull out and assess the damage
>he's completely spit soaked and covered in smeared red lipstick
>make him get up and get me a drink of water, all this mouth fucking is hard work
>he looks at himself in the mirror on the way to get my drink
>look of pure despair
>make him kneel again and suck
>getting close, tell him i'm going to cum on his face
>"please cum sir"
>i start blasting his face, covering it with 10 solid ropes of thick white cum
>he starts to move, i tell his to sit still im not done
>stand over his face and squeeze out all remaining cum
>he knows he just got a peter north size facial
>"wow, anon, i mean sir, that was alot"
>tell him i want to fuck him with cum on his face but have to run to car to get condoms
>tell him to get on bed on all fours, ass facing the door, head down.
>leave the safety latch down so door is slightly ajar when i leave
>see hotel worker in hall, tell him i heard weird noises coming from that room
>walk away as i see the hotel worker approach the door

i always wondered what happened after i left...
lol no, some shampoos are very gently.
these two go together, my bad i'm reelly stoopid
>get home from night out, abt 2AM
>very drunk, very horny
>go on a gay chat
>meet a guy there who lives 10 mins away
>cam for him, he says he wants to meet me
>put some panties on, under clothes and stand on a corner we'd agreed upon
>he pulls up; get in the car, awkward chat
>pull in to a quiet cul de sac
>he starts stroking my leg
>cock is diamonds
>starts rubbing me through my trousers
>do the same to him
>he kisses me
>take his cock out, start jacking him
>he does the same to me
>lean down, start sucking him
>pull up, he sucks me a little
>suggests we get in the back
File: 1368563017260.gif (2 MB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x225
So... Was reading this thread a couple hour ago. Got extremely horny and went on CL. Found an ad for hosting gloryhole a mike or two from me. I express interest, gets a reply asking for a description of myself... Send one... Get no reply so I send back saying, not interested? Replies back yeah am just not in for a couple hours. So gotta wait now for cock fun. N fuck the gloryhole. I want 69 sex a cock in my mouth and my cock in a mouth ;^)
>he gets in the back
> I strip, just wearing panties now
>get in the back, straddle him
>make out while jerkinghim, he fingers me a little
>slide off his lap into the foot well
>suck his cock
>cums in my mouth, then on my face
>tells me to get up
>jacks me to completion
>clean my face, he drops me off
I was 18, he was about 40. definitely the hottest thing i've done sexually
Maybe baby shampoo, but a soap that's job is to remove oil from hair will never be pH neutral.
> Then I felt his cock grow in me and felt my insides expand with his cum. It felt hot in me and he collapsed on top of my chest.
> He started trying to kiss me but it freaked me out and I pushed him off of me.
> I rolled over and was very confused and ashamed but I could still feel his cum filled deep inside me and I just wanted to keep it there. I felt so good filled up.
> I asked where his bathroom was and I ran in there and started to clean all my cum off of me and the lube off of me.
> I felt a bit of his cum leak out but I didn't want to let it go yet so I put on my clothes and confronted him in the living room. told him how fucked up he was and that even though I came I did not want this and that I would never do it again.
> I demanded he take me home right away. I didn't even give him a chance to clean my cum off of him and we left.
>>683911253 Full of live men
Curious guy here. How would one go about getting his cock sucked?
if you are half way decent looking just go up to any gay man and ask to have your cock sucked.
>be me
>swinger marriage
>lots of sex with other couples
>foursomes every other weekend
>one night wife is riding our male guest cowgirl
>im right in up behind them for a closeup view while his wife sucks me off
>guests cock pops out of my wife as she cums
>he grabs it to put it back in but hesitates
>he says "suck it anon" and his wife moans on my cock indicating she finds the idea hot
>my wife says "oh dear" cause this has never happened and she doesnt know how I will react
>literally never crossed my mind to suck a cock
>literally can't think of a valid reason not to
>fuck it, it's just sex, lets do it
>push it into my mouth until it reaches the back of my throat
>mild gag reflex, controllable tho
>i have no idea what i'm doing for sure he's not enjoying this
>initiate suction and movement
>i'm giving this guy a blowjob holy shit
>so this is what cock tastes like
>got a moan out of him
>i pull it out of my mouth and push it back into my wifes pussy
>his wife shoves her tongue in my mouth and rides me hard
>the rest of the night happens as per normal

as of now, i'm still not attracted to guys at all, but I didn't hate that experience. I wont initiate, but I wont say no if requested.
File: 1462317899920.jpg (84 KB, 534x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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we keep those gay games for 4 or 5 years. Eventually he married with a woman, 20 years older than him, have a child, and move out of country. We still chating friendly but sometimes I wish we would be together. Sad times to me.
>pic semi-related, not him but looks alike
It was the first time I'd taken anything up my ass so it was painful but there wasn't pain the entire time so I don't think the shampoo was that bad, I didn't use much
anthony is that you?
>but I wont say no if requested
Suck my cock you fucking fairy FAGGOT.
>be me
>be hardy rough man from the mountains who knows how to hunt, fish and survive on my own.
>Move to city because school
>At said school everyone is so god damned feminine, dont know who is male and whatnot
>No red checked flanell shirts anywhere
>Sweat dribbling for months on end, no sane people anywhere.
>Fast forward 2 years of awkward trying to fit in to this new faggot style of society
>Meet these guys that play in a band
>Goes to party at his house
>Host downs a bottle of rum in no time, passes out before 22:00.
>Only me, and this hybrid of a guy and a girl, ironically we have the same t-shirt.
>Well, fuck it. mind aswell try to have some fun, this faggot might be cool.
>Start to chat with him, we find a lot of common ground in foreign politics and societal structure.
>Also finds a common ground in drinks.
>Ammounts of vodka later, i am stumbling across a road leading my bike, under his umbrella, to his house.
>We get there, lay down. I try to go to sleep.
>"Anon, can you spoon with me"
>"Yeah, sure man. why not"
>start spooningboner.exe
>spooning boner becomes huge, and impossible to ignore.
>He then very subtle starts to grind on the spooningboner
>This causes me to go into some sort of horny trance.
>I move closer to him and grind back.
>Next thing i know, we are making out furiosly, like some ending credits movie style kliche shit.
>He starts to fondle my balls, which hurts like hell because he uses the power of a silverbacked gorilla.
>He then moves into the sucking position
>Holy fucking shit this feels good man
>Like a warm, wet and vacuumfilled vagina.
>Tells him i am about to cum, telling him to slow down a bit.
>Hyperdrive.exe is engaged on my dick and balls.
>With the force of Donald Trump, i came into his mouth.
>after that we became good friends
>and come summer we spent a festival together and had hot gay sex all the festival.

Goodtimes, no ragrets
I'm 19 and your age and supposed body type are my fetish, where you at?
south africa :(
Picky motherfucker
my cousin, i was 7-9, him 11-13
>didn't end up gay
>think he did though
Where did he learn it?
I love me some cock
>never told anyone

Did you ever suck him?

You knew enough to find this faggot thread, faggot.
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