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There is no fluffy thread.....
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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There is no fluffy thread.....
Fluffy thread.
>You decide, after talking to your friend, to check on your trap
>You took the body of the blue fluffy out and had buried it a few days after putting it in, and replaced it with a replica.
>You go in and find that the trap has been sprung, there is snow covering the entrance. With little peeps and whines inside
>Oh no, foals.
>You dig out the snow with your hand until you remember you have a shovel nearby
>You enlarge the hole, and squeeze your hand into the hole, only to get it nipped again
>You wince a little, surprised, and slap whatever was inside.
>You heard a mare cry out, her voice distinctly high pitched
>You then take hold of the scruff and, slowly, begin to pull her out. She cries all the same
>Once she is out, you set her on the ground next to the hole. She's fat, bloated from lack of food, and has two foals in her scruff. One green, like her, and the other purple
"How many babies do you have?"
>It claims to have three, so you reach back in there and pull out a, thankfully, still living foal. This one is red.
>You motion for the mother to follow you, but you find she cannot walk. You go to the shed, pull the wagon from beside it, and place the mother in it
>You roll her into the shed
"You will stay here for a while. An-"
>She suddenly bursts; where is her baby?
>You give her back her babe, where she promptly rolls onto her side to let them suckle, it seems she hasn't picked a favorite yet. Good.
"Once the blizzard passes, I'm taking you back to the forest."
>She asks why you won't take care of her and be her 'daddi', and you wave your hands open, maracas in both of them.
"Look around you. Do you think these fluffies enjoy living here?"
>Your Darth Vader voice is quiet; they're still sleeping.
>The mare looks at them, and, believing her babies to be in danger by just being here, attempts to pick them up and run off the wagon
>You bend down and hold her down; telling her that she's safe. You wont harm her or her babies
Search "The Island" in /qst/
I hijacked my own thread
why did he even keep her if he just going to mistreat her?
Guys! Have a story, is 2-3 long parts promise I'll be creative. Interest?
Why the fuck not?
I didn't undestand this ending
Alice is left alone at the shelter. She hates the shelter.
but what's that conversation?
Is any of the two guys the daddeh?
Why is someone keeping files on the fluffies?
And the guys even says "I'm only interested on the blue one". interested in what, isn't he giving her up???
I'm confused
The shelter guy is filming for who we assume is the dad, who put her in the shelter to break her heart. He was only interested in video of her being heartbroken. He only took her in to give her up and watch the results.
guy takes alice to shelter

he pays the shelter to record alice's misery

The daddeh later goes back to the shelter owner to get the recordings, reminds him that he only wants recordings of the blue one.

All the files on the computer indicate this isnt the first time, one of the files is names "ribbon" and check out this comic
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and who is this amazing artist?
thank you guys
so the dude who raised alice was an abuser who video tapes his experiences then gives the fluffy to a shelter?
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What is the appeal of these threads?
Anyone enlighten me please.
I'm here for the stories and hugbox, especially weirdbox, really.
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Now, Shut up!
Spoosh, he's my fave.
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I am of communication of reality/life of picture of galaxy of:_{-\_"\_ Milky Way _/"_ of map of human/embassy/base/matter-ta-war of since/so/cause of human of living of military of nation of:_"\_ United States _/"_:-_ of:_{\_ Randy Cramer live at the Triad Theater on Nov 14, 2015 Part 2 _/"_ of moment/time of:_"\_ 13:41/1:34:02 _/"_:-_ of text of link of:_"\_ _/"_:-_/}_:-_ of since of a human of named of:_"\_ Randy Cramer _/"_:-_ of military of:_"\_ United States Marine Corps Special Section _/"_:-_ of military of:_"\_ United States Air Force _/"_:-_ of showed/communicated of the picture of galaxy of:_"\_ Milky Way _/"_:-_ of _/-}_:-_ since of Mericans of living of an exigency/emergency of a technology of body muscle flexing caused of energies at metals of in/at of human since of energies sent/from of machines of far of miles/kilometers of human of stimulated ta body muscle slackening/tensing; so I am of communication of spiel of technology of text of:_"-------\_
Three/3 communications/explanations/informations/texts of a technology:
1/One: body muscle movement caused/since of energies at human caused/since of energies sent from machines far of miles/kilometers;
and/or/an-other-communication of 2/Two: human of technology of machines...machines transmit/send at/striked/hitting metals in human...metals moved/ of in of body so...body muscle flexing of human of living of tensing/slackening of muscle;
and/or/an-other-communication of 3/Three: STIMULATION OF BODY-MOVING/LIKE-SENSE SINCE OF ELECTRICITY OF CAUSED OF IN OF BODY SINCE 1. tiny metals in human 2. metals moved since of energies striked/hitting metals 3. energies sent/from machine far/distant/not-close/no-nearness of miles.
someday i, too, hope to be someone's favorite

but first i need to learn to draw like im not on fire
OK, on mobile so greentexting will take a while. Also, fluffies in headcannon are relatively small
>be anon
>you are walking down an empty Street, like all in the city
>and the world
>"daddeh! Over hewe!"
>your brown and green fluffy, Camp points his muzzle at a crack in a building
>good boy, Camo!
>he was a good fluffy, a "poopie babeh" but had great tracking skills
>you put him in a harness on your shoulder
>you knock on the wall, eliciting a scared "EEEP"
>you grab a small canister, pull the ping and toss it in
>"nu bweave!"
> a herd of fluffies file out
>one steps forward, a golden unicorn
>your fluffy immediately blows a raspberry
>"Easy, Camo"
>the smarty and looks up
>"why hoomin may' smokey? Smawty may' sowwy poppies!"
>he turns to shit on you, and ruins your jeans
>without warning, a hiss is heard and a small pit! Is sounded next to it, pulling another "Eep!" Out
>another few send airsoft pellets in its body
"OWWIE". " why smawty have owwies?"
On your shoulder is a special rifle you made yourself
>before all this you made special machines, drills for carpenters that could reach impossible places, special liquid plastic, etc
>it was your pride and joy, if a bit innacurate at times
>the herd was panicking, giving the smarty hugs but only making the pain worse
You proceed to mass gun the whole herd, the pellets ripping through their fragile bodies
>Camo is delighted
>you see a pregnant mare
>a point curb kick kills it, 6 lives at once
> the smarty is left.
>"please nice mostah, may' owwies go 'way! Huuu huu huu wowstest owwies!"
>no way, you little cunt
>you take out a special device, a drill bit and motor essentially
You activate it and put it against its temple
"Nu! Nu wan woomy munsta-SCREEE"
>it went right through, resetting the dumb bastard
> you take another one with intestines coming out
>it's a little foal
>"Wan' die..."
>you quickly take out a cannister and unscrew it
> you dip it in up to its muzzle
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You're all seriously pathetic.

Abuse I get. People like you are the ones that really creep me out.
show us something of yours
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Ok, so closeted ponyfags revel in the same shit and dodge board rules and bans by thinly ceiling it as something else?
Got it!
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safely assuming english isn't your 1st language.
Yea man, hit us up.

Spoosh wasn't the best artist, but he had a knack for making them look totally pathetic, plus his psychological abuse ideas were great.
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part 4 isnt finished
>creep me out
Said the sadist to the one who likes looking at cute pictures of fluffy creatures
>abuse i get
oh ok edgelord
sorry we dont just like to watch fictional animals get maimed. its fun but there's more to this than being a edgee teen
I desire more.

I also desire whatever was already posted.
Oh wat up psychosomatic, I always liked your stuff on the booru
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Time for the request of the day

Is there something that you would like to see drawn?
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thanks, always nice to hear
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Stay awhile, stay forever.
A guy who tortures bad flufs with hydrochloric acid droplets on their foreheads.
Sea fluffies being eaten by a squid or foals catching a beating by squirrels
File: 1462936743770.jpg (426 KB, 763x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Blade from puppet master stabbing a smarty through the chest.
I don't feel like there's enough electroshock
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>She looks up at you, frightened of course, but you raise a finger to your Darth Vader mask
"It'll be alright."
>She begins to calm down, but she has still relieved herself in the wagon. Her foals are close to it, and you pick them up and place them in her fluff before they touch it
>You can't stand sick fluffies, and sick foals would be worse
>You tell the mare she will stay here for one night, and when the weather gets better you will take her back to the woods.
>She asks why you won't adopt her and be her daddi.
>She's just not getting it
>So you lean in, pressing your face against her snout, and turn the volume up on your Darth Vader mask
>You need to make her understand
>That shocked her, and she began to waddle back, almost knocking the wagon over. A foal falls from her fluff, and lands with a soft thud on the ground
>It cries out for it's mama, and you, being the man that you are, pick it up and give it to the mama
>Or you almost do, you hold it just out of reach
>She begins to panic, and shake the other two foals off her mane and into the wagon
"I will give you back your baby, but you need to BE, QUIET!"
>You almost yell, and almost awake the others, who are asleep in their cages. Remember, one hour of sleep, then it's back to running on the wheels to provide power for the town. Winter is harsh and they need the extra power to heat their homes.
>You give her back the babe, and it seems she finally understands.
>You stand back up and turn to leave the shed. Locking the door behind you
>Head back inside.
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do it. i like this story.
OK so here we go
>it dries into a cast
>"wa... Wa hoomin soon?" Fear was apparent.
>"I'm ending you"
>you toss it down, and it cracks into little adorable pieces
>Camo claps his hooves
>"yay daddeh! Hee hee hee!"
> you keep going through the abandoned streets
> hour passes, heavy gadgets and shit weighing you down a bit.
>eventually you hear a groan
>you turn into an alley
>it's a soldier, holy crap
>"Sir? Sir! What happened to you!?"
>he was sitting back to the wall
"No... They... By accident... Gass... Brunt..."
> it was very pained but you could tell, a busted pipe nearby must have had dangerous gasses the fluffies unleashed in hopes of escape from him
>interrupted once again, a voice behind you
>"'notha hoomin! Go 'way owe get wowstest owwies!"
>another smarty flanked by his toughies
>"gave otha hoomin sowwy poppies" nao he sweepies!"
>you look back to the soldier, a brave man covered in their shit
>anger intensifies
>"dummeh smawty! Bad smawty!" So did camo's anger, apparently
>quickly you shoot them in a spray
>"EEee! No hewt fwuffy!"
>you pull something from your belt
>"sowwy stick! EEEP!"
> but it was actually several with one handle
> you run the electricity through it
>in brutal swipes it cracks down, like a multi fingered skeleton hand
>"please nuuu!"
In a matter of seconds they are all bloodied
>you take out the heaviest thing in bag
>it's essentially a sawblade bayblade
>wiring it up you set it down, bifurcating most of them
After wards you gave the poor soldier release, and took spaghetti found in his bag
>that night with a fire going Camo asks,
>"daddeh? Wai nu hoomins awound?"
>"well Camo, it started a while ago. With a fluffy named "supersmarty". It was the most beautiful until it was supposedly killed. Then hugboxxers waged war, people took sides and the fluffies had taken over."
"Wow" he says.
>You serve up the spaghetti, thinking on all this.
>was this really the world?
Question to all the artists out there, how do you make stuff digital from traditional mediums? I'm learning but I don't know how to share my [currently terrible] stuff
Flatbed scanner my dude
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Jesus, the expensiveness

I think Soulvei and PeppermintParchment use a digital camera.
File: 1462930266893.png (271 KB, 600x2718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fair enough, gotta invest a bit eh?
File: 1461820076933.png (1002 KB, 1200x828) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>The next day you head back and find that the mare has left the wagon, and is in fact looking around for 'nummies' to eat
>It needs to feed it's babies
>You lean down and pinch it's nose, and it gives out a little whine
>In your Darth Vader mask, you point to it and loudly talk, as your fluffies are now awake and working
"I told you I would take you back to the forest, not that I would feed you. Once there you can feed on the grass that's under the snow."
>She says that there is no grass under the snow, that it all 'disapweered'
>You sigh, and shake your head. This is getting out of hand
>You take the mare and place her in the wagon, but make a headcount
>The green foal is there
>The red foal is there
>Where is the black foal?
>She says she told the 'poopeh babbeh' to go, and you find it in the corner of the room; it had expired from the cold during the night
That was the last straw
>You take out your phone and send texts to a friend of yours on the city council, telling them to send someone from an actually good shelter to your house
>You then turn to the mare, who is feeding her babes and singing them a song
>You will not let this thing raise babies if she's going to let one die just because it's color was coal
>It's a monster of a mother
>But you do not interrupt it, not yet at least
>You just wait
About ten minutes later, when the foals are asleep, you have the women from the shelter come in with a box, with two big holes on top and filled with straw to follow you to the backyard.
>They ask why you're in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and a black blanket around your shoulders along with a Darth Vader mask
>Its your uniform
>They shrug their shoulders and come into the shed
>They see the mare as you point to it
>They reach for the two living foals, only for one to get a harsh bite down on her finger
>She pulls away, that one actually hurt
Part 2 I guess
>the next day you pack up and get moving
>you find some food (more fucking spaghetti) in an old soup kitchen
>overall not really more commotion.
>you decide to take refuge in a house in an urban area
>need to play with Camo or stress could actually kill him
>you roll a ball around, smiling at his joy.
>"yay, wuv baw! Wuv daddeh!"
> a little after playing he brings you a box of twist ties
>"hewe daddeh, dis am sketties!"
>"sorry, Camo, but you can't eat those."
>"nu daddeh! Fow yu!"
>it was heartwarming.
>you realize you didn't check the place for fluffies
>you take a look at the Attic, but nothing
>there was a pet door
>a small group, just what you assume was the smarty, it's special friend and another stallion
>"poopie fwuffy! Am nu gud!"
>it just called out your fluffy
> suddenly the stallion shoves him
> you check him
>thank God he's no hurt
>you quickly snatch them up
"Dummeh hoomin! Gif nummies NAO"
>You put them in the sink to shit themselves and fire up the stove
>spaghetti is cooking in a minute
>"sketties? Wan'' sketties!"
You place them on the counter, but are burned when stepping on the pan
They try futily, eventually stepping on despite the pain
>they die eating the spaghetti, and each other.
>Camo liked them well enough.
>you keep going until finding yet another herd
>this ones different
>"awe fluffies! Supahsmawty is hewe! Supahsmawty say we' need gif hoomins wowstest owwies!"
>a fluffy cult?
>"what the helll is this?"
>he turns to you
>"thewe! Gif owwies!!!!"
Part 2.5 coming

I dunno. For making fluffy art, I'd probably build a cheap wooden rig to hold my cell phone with some LED lights around it. That way your pics are going to be consistent. Import pics into SAI or GIMP or whatever and start making layers on top. The pencil & paper image is just for guide lines anyway.
>She tries to scream, but finds she cannot. You turn her head to the side so she can see her foals be taken away.
>You then pull her face to yours, and you speak with great anger in your voice.
"YOU, ARE A BAD MOTHER. These women here are going to take your babies away, to give them a chance to have a good mother or father to raise them. YOU, will NEVER see them, AGAIN!"
>You make sure she hears you, and although she fights you at every turn, and although her little babies cry as they are placed gently in the box, you do not let go
>You squeeze her snout until she cannot bare it, and begins to cry.
>And of course, relieve herself in your wagon. Though since she hasn't eaten anything, you find its very little
>That reminds you
>You tell the women to feed those babies immediately once they're in the shelter. The mother is a feral and hasn't eaten anything.
>Once you are sure they have left, you then turn to the mare
>You are seething with rage, and, in front of all your fluffies and to their horror, you drag her out of the shed
>She kicks and screams and cries all the way as you drag her out to the snow
>You reach for a maraca on your hip, and throw her into a fluff
>She immediately tries to turn and run away, and you give chace
>throwing one maraca at her to stun her, and tackling her into the snow
>You begin to twack her across her back and legs with the other maraca, that sick and horrific shaking imprinting itself upon your brain
You will never live this down; will you look back on it as justice or insanity?
>You don't care right now
>You beat that thing and beat it, until you are tired and can no longer bring the maraca into the air
>it is still alive, though, and tries to limp it's way, bruised and battered, into the bushes. Your dead rose bushes
>Oh hell no. You won't let this monster get away
She is a monster this is justified! She killed her OWN baby!
>You stand up, and grab her by the tail
Cont.? And be nice when asking.
File: 1462085685967.jpg (37 KB, 460x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 460x297
Good call
o shit waddup!
I hope someone screen caps this, it is a true masterpiece.
this but with testicles instead
a single drop on each of a smarty's balls that can worm a nice little hole all the way through
Doing a little bit of this first.
"You know what would be awesome?"
"Nah what"
"If Darth Vader used maracas to beat fluffies"
>And be nice when asking.
'scuse me?

I've been toying with the idea of drawing even though I'm absolute shit at it so this kind of a rig not only makes sense but is also very cheap to make. Maybe I'll start by drawing a tutorial of how to build the cheap ass's "scanner".
I'm terrible at drawing too, but you know what I've found out after a few days of practicing? You get better. Feels good man
>Your anger is limited by your imagination, and thankfully for you you were voted most artistic in highschool
>You trip and loose the grip the mare's tail
>Or maybe it was most clumsy
>You stand back up, and, seeing that all she can do is limp, you walk over to the side of the shed, by the huge cables that are attached to a pole close to the fence
>You grab the shovel, and move to the center of the garden
>You dig a deep hole, and come to the mare, who was halfway close to the fence. To the Hole of Unspeakable Doom
>You take her by the tail again and drag her into it, all the while her cries are muffled by the snow in her face
>You drop her in, and proceed to bury her up to her neck in snow, ice, and dirt
>You point to the sky
"He will judge you in the next life, and I will judge you here."
>She cries, saying she's sorry
>You give her a small cut in the cheek with the side of your shovel
>You then point to the ground
"If you want to live, then dig."
>"Bwuh mistah! Weggies no wurk gud!"
"That is not my problem, is it? It is a 'poopeh mummah's' problem."
>And you turn your back to her, and stamp to the shed
>That crying head is now wiggling back and forth, trying her best to escape. But to no avail
>While you were playing the most brutal song imaginable using maracas on this mare, you broke her back legs
>She could've used those
>You head back into the shed, where all the fluffies stare at you. They are off their machines, not running on their mills or wheels.
>The one closest to you, the red and green A5, presses his face against his glass cage
>You turn to him, and your voice betrays you, your anger now replaced with the sorrow that you will have to do
"She was.. A bad mama, a 'munstah'."
>And like that, they understand. They all do.
"Please.. Get back on your wheels."
>And they do as they are told
>Now, all that's left, is to deal with that thing which you dread. Burying the dead.
>You reach for the foal, gently cupping it in your hands.
Just, don't just say 'more'. It makes the situation weirder. Just ask politely. I'm making Sadbox here.
or just stop caring?
>the fluffies swarm you, and you check to make sure Camo is on your shoulder
>they are slow, and remarkably weak
>maybe can get info though
>"please don't hurt me! Uh, who is this supersmarty you speak of?"
>in an enormous swelling of pride the preacher fluffy says "dummeh hoomin! Supahsmawty am bestest smawty! Gif hoomins fowevah sweepies an gif fluffies nummies! An supahsmawty vewy pretty, fwuffy see an supahsmawty da pwettiest!"
>hmmm, seems like a familiar story
>you will have to get information
>your first few shots missed, but got him right I. The asS
>"SCREEE! why poopie peace hewt?"
>the others panic, and you take out one of your favorite weapons
>essentially a harpoon, if the harpoon had a miniature bear trap at the end
>you called it the fluffjaw
>you fire it into the herd, catching a red stallion, and smash it around until the fluffies are all knocked over and the stallion is completely in half
>SCREEEEs are heard, and you decide to test something new
>you find one that hadn't been damaged tooo bad and insert special needles covered in fire ant carcasses
>It runs around like a fluffy porcupine, stabbing and giving "buwnies" to the other fluffies
>many die of shock, and you kill the last of them with a good old fashioned brick
>"ooh, daddeh get DAT UN! An DAT un!"
>Camo's such a joy
> you finally move on to the preachy fluffy trying to crawl away
>you grab it
>"nuuu! Fwuffy am sowwy! Pwease nu owwies owe fowevah sweepies!"
>"pick one, kid."
>you tear off each leg one by one
It's hyperventilating
>"now, where's the supersmarty!?"
>"huuu... Huuu... Supahsmawty in hasbo pwace... Pwease, gif back weggies?"
>a crushing grip and knife removing it's spine said otherwise.
>you left it there, bleeding out
>you head towards the Hasbro factory, determined
>"whewe we gone' daddeh?"
>"to finally end this."
Any suggestions? Part 3 soon
File: 1457570641722.png (28 KB, 443x592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 443x592
There's absolutely no reason to ask Cont.? since we're all hanging on your every word.
I understand, but sometimes these threads die in moments. Its good to know that there is someone out there that still wants to hear it. I will finish.
It's ok, there's always a new thread and I'm loving this story.

I'd really like to see the beginning too if you have it capped.
I have a fucking awful idea!

Under "Look for like-minded people" put "Fluffy", "Fluffy Abuse", and "Fluffies."

Let the RP begin!
Trips confirm best story, please continue
Do you have an ending in sight? What's the length looking like, roughly?
Change that to "pony" and "mlp" and "raid" instead of "fluffy," "fluffy abuse," and "RP."

Trolling bronies is hilarious.
archive is down
anyone save the posts from last thread?
Why not both? See you there, anon!
>You cup the poor thing in your hands, it is only a week or two old
>It was smaller then the other two, and thinner too.
>Its mother had singled it out early, and you didn't realize it
>Perhaps it was for the best; that mother would've just abused the poor thing in worse ways then you do to your fluffies here. All you do is make them run on treadmills, hamster wheels and the like for several hours a day. Then the next group takes over for the other resting.
>That system works now, a lot better then the old one.
>You walk out into the snow, the blizzard coming on in full force.
>The mare is still trying her best, and when she sees that you're holding her black foal, she freaks out
>As you cradle it, you rip a piece of the blanket from around your shoulders to wrap it up
>A black blanket for the black sheep
>You lay it on the ground, and begin to dig a hole. Deep enough for when the snow passes, you won't see the grass growing through it
>You shoot your face up to the mare, and the rage overwhelms you again
>That got her to shut up
>You continue to dig, with the mare crying her little heart out
>You continue to dig until the hole is deep enough and slowly lay the little thing into it. If you knew any prayers, you would say them now.
>Dear Cthulhu, please watch over this littl-
For god's sake man, show respect!
>You stop your internal monologue to bury the little guy, face down and in a laying position as you did the other one, the weak and sick one from earlier in the month.
The one you had to put down with an axe, you monster.
>You are not the monster here, that is for the crying and scared little beast that is trying to unbury herself
>She sees you pat the ground, and begins to panic
>You've had enough, and give it one good thwack across the face with the flat of your shovel
File: 1462680221120.jpg (423 KB, 800x3067) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
423 KB, 800x3067
Posting some weirdbox I have to save y'all from the text dumpers.
File: 1462680291566.gif (128 KB, 705x1308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 705x1308
File: 1462680450385.png (296 KB, 800x2644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296 KB, 800x2644
File: 1462502244920-b.png (191 KB, 1740x1040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 1740x1040
This is some damn good shit
File: 1462983654313.png (376 KB, 720x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
376 KB, 720x1280
seriously, these threads reach reply limit before image constantly now
File: 1462683687916.jpg (1 MB, 779x3747) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 779x3747
>You have had enough for one day
>You let the shovel fall where it lies, and go to the Sorry Hole to check on the Stallion
>He had fallen asleep, and is not using the device you saw on Rick and Morty to stamp energy as his punishment
>Normally you would wake him up by putting a small amp into the hole, since it was by the shed and had access to power, and blaring a heavy metal song to scare it awake.
>But in light of recent events...
>You decide to let it sleep, and gently crank the heating unit higher so it won't freeez
>You turn your head to the mare, whose face is now so disfigured she would call herself a monster too
>You have work to do still, the day's almost over and you don't want to waste it anymore then you must
>You're letting these fluffies get to you, and you need to talk to the city council about the blueprints for your Fluffy-Power Generators
That's because you are a monster.
>You are not a monster. You give Ferals warm homes, food, sugary water and a place to sleep, and actually keep them fit with all that running and stomping
>You scare them, you occasionally pinch their noses and when they get really uppity during their one hour recess, you slap them
>But none of it is out of malice
>Not like what you did to the smarty who thought it could escape
>Or to this one, that you are going to let freeze to death.
>It's all justified
Or is it?
>You don't know, but you have work to do
>Darth Maracas => Go back inside
File: 1462679892318.png (21 KB, 1000x688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 1000x688
3, should be final
>by now you know
>huggboxers waged a war after a gorgeous fluffy, the Supersmarty was supposedly killed. Apparently not.
>but now you were heading to the Hasbro factory I hopes of ending all this, for humanity
>sure enough, there is an enormous crowd in front of the factory
>babbles of "supahsmawty!" And "nummies" and especially "nee' poppies!" Sounded out.
>They started to notice as you came by
>"go 'way, munstah hoomin!"
>but most just shat themselves in fear
>you bad to get inside somehow
>the subtle man you are, you break into a nearby CSR and Rev it up
>"EEE! Nu wike scawy vwoom munstah!"
>even Camo was afraid at first, but realized it wasn't hurting him
>you drive over the shitrats, bursting through the cargo loading station
>you get out, and block the gaps in the entry hoke with random objects
>you take a few glass bulbs and toss them outside
>"owwie! Why Hoovsies hewt?" Came almost immediately fro. The fluffies outside
>you walk along a catwalk
>damn, how hard was it to find a mastermind revolutionary fluffy?
You were answere by a sudden *CHIRP*, and you slipped , falling off the catwalk.
>you landed on your side, instantly breaking a few ribs and damaging your kneecap.
>the foal you slipped on was a few feet away, already dead.
>unfortunately, Camo fell out of his shoulder harness on the catwalk
>and in front of him
>it had amazing colors
>a pinkish white unicorn, with a shimmering mane if irridescent colors like a flamboyant cuttle fish
>holy shit it really is
>"am supahsmawty!" It declares.
>you try to get up but the pain makes you nearly black out.
File: 1462679921326.png (18 KB, 1019x685) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 1019x685
i still don't understand, if you say "drown" to a fluffy... he died?
so is this done done?
File: 1462681078654.png (21 KB, 1101x684) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 1101x684

It's weird box. Stop trying to make sense of it.
For tonight.
What did you all think?
I call myself, and him, Darth Maracas
File: 1462946543143.png (18 KB, 1000x688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 1000x688
Fucking sweet, post it on the booru
File: 1462679945989.png (213 KB, 1111x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213 KB, 1111x810
File: 1462685364809.png (440 KB, 720x674) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
440 KB, 720x674
Who makes these? They're great
File: 1462948038029.jpg (1 MB, 960x2991) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 960x2991

No idea, I only lurk these threads and never go to the booru. They're some of my favorites though.
File: 1462504309883-b.png (656 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
656 KB, 1600x1200
Oh. For now just screencap it all and make an imgur album please, good stories sound stick around

The booru is our archive site, lots of people post there, it's at
File: fbwend 2.png (91 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fbwend 2.png
91 KB, 800x600
Maybe. I mostly just come up with these on the fly. But to get you all caught up.

Darth Maracas here came up an ingenious idea during one horrible winter. Use fluffies to provide additional power to the grid. This required lots of fluffies, so he caught about.. 50? 50 of them. Got them in small glass cages which are bolted to the walls of his huge shed, think shack-sized. They now take shifts, half sleep for at least a few hours each day, then the next 25 take over. It alternates every seven hours to make sure they don't die from exhaustion. He tries to treat them right, even if by all means he doesnt have too.
>dat pic
Holy shit. I'm hardcore, but that's a new level we didn't need to reach. Too far, sir.
>Camo is afraid
>"daddeh? Daddeh, meanie fwuffy! Hewp!"
>"dummeh poopie fwuffy! Hoomin nu cawe about yu! Join fwuffy wevawushun!
>his hooves hit it on the snout
>it retaliates with a horn to the eyes
>it then smacks Camo across the face
>desperately, he charges only to be matadored.
>the supersmarty knocks your fluffy around, and you are powerless to help
>your aim is too shaky anyway, no gadgets to help
>they are near the edge now, the Supersmarty standing over Camo
>"dummeh! Shid jokn when can! Nao get fowevah sweepies!"
>Camo has soiled himself completely out of fear, something you haven't seen him do since he was born a few years ago
>this is it, his end
>as the Supersmarty rears up and slams his hoof down, Camo deflected it, sending it into his hind leg instead of his head
>"owwie!" He yells. But his adversary simply lost balance and tumbled over. With a shrill "EEEEEEEE!" he fell, and splattered to a rainbow mess.
>you make make a brace for your knee and set your ribs into place, then got your fluffy down
>outside, there was still the cries of hundreds of fluffies waiting for their leader
>after gathering up the supersmarty's remains in a bag, you tinkered around.
>toys were safe for children, but not the process to Mae them
>one half our later you drove out, squishing a wide circle
>"vwoomy munstah!" Said one
>"whewe supahsmawty?" Was most of the response.
>you promtly took out its remains and threw it out.
>many started huuhuuing right there, others vomited.
>time to truly end this
>you empty out your rifle into the crowd while running countless others.
>you even let Camo operate a joystick turret in the back.
>you send out a blastic case, which explodes on a circle along the ground, corrosive acid burning through them.
>you see a mare fry to give it's friend s hug before disolving
>melted fluffy, shit and acid everywhere
>now for final
>your masterpiece is deployed, and you get a safe distance

The only problem that most people are going to point out is that:

A) Fluffies can't run. They sort of waddle at a fast walk pace for a human.

B) They get tired out really quickly due to their shitty cardiovascular system.

But, then again, it's ALL up to individual headcanon so don't let me stop you.
File: scruff6.jpg (1 MB, 1166x3791) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1166x3791
Go to the booru and help end the most autistic choose-your-own-adventure ever to grace that site.
They take frequent breaks, on an alternating schedule.
They're just like regular tiny ponies, but even smaller. These ones have been doing this for about two months, when a huge ass polar vortex marks its spot right over this city. They might have poor cardiovascular systems, but his have adapted. Slowly, and surely. Decent amounts of energy weren't being made until about a month ago.
nnnn... no? Nah, I'm good. Rather see more abuse or hugbox. Whatever really.
Scanner here too. Then a touch of photoshop to crop, correct levels and stuff.
File: 1462996354668.png (324 KB, 850x1071) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
324 KB, 850x1071
Oh what the fuck.
Retards can't even find the correct board
/mlp/ instabans fluffy abuse. This isn't an MLP thing at all.
OKEY OKEY .. Now you calm down Satan
No interest shown but I've gone this far
Part final, of 3.5?
>the masterpiece machine opens and let's out... Spaghetti?
>the fluffies, dispute serious injuries and shit covering their fluff head towards it
>they eat and eat
>until the machine breaks apart in 3, and they activate their motors
>to the fluffies' surprise, the machines wheeled around like insane blenders, mutilating and chopping up fluffies like mad
>you get a laugh out, even with your broken ribs.
>the whole time it's spraying spaghetti everywhere, overriding their fear using hunger
>the coup de Grace
>one by one, the machines explode, explelling napalm all over the place, flaming up the shit and fluffies
>several foals are climbing all over the other fluffies trying to find a safe place but inevitably catching fire. Their chirps fill you with joy.
>you drive away with Camo still randomly firing
>you find a human settlement eventually, the same one as the soldier
>his name was Tom
>you and Camo become valuable hunting assets in the war
>unfortunately camo's eyes had to be assisted by a magnifying glass and his hoof amputated near the bottom half of the leg
>upon his insistance you have all his feet special traction hooves
>he looks like a cyborg, and lived to be 15, dying after curling up in a ball years later after eliminating an entire herd by himself
>and with a back mounted turret
>but that would be several years, and given the breeding speed of fluffies, no one knew if man if the ecosystem would recover
>but you could only try, and that is your role in the fluffy war
Sorry guys not great writing, but tell how I can get better, strengths/weaknesses, etc, thanks

Yay! Dat's mah story!


Read >>683891295
At this rate we're going to need our own board for this shit
hoshit yippy himself! Didn't know you browsed
you do any writing here or is it all booru?

I try to catch fluffy threads when I can. I've done some in-thread writing but all my shit's on the Booru anyway.

Hell, I got my start with a short story using pic related that I only ever posted on 4chan.
File: 1462507610543-b.png (570 KB, 819x6679) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
570 KB, 819x6679
Hey, it's your story. Fuck the police
Hes not wearing the Darth Vader mask
File: 1462520059868-b.jpg (69 KB, 900x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 900x675
Wondering why you a punk ass bitch
Wondering why you didn't check those Dubs sucka.

Like I said, it's all headcanon. Fluffies can be or become whatever you want.
Well you've got a pretty good imagination, but I'm gonna be upfront about it, there's lots to improve here.

Your narrative is all over the place, and right from the start it's tough to tell what's going on as you jump from event to event with little to no cohesion between sentences. Ideas should lead into one another, not be fired off like a computer generated list of events. You should be trying to paint your world for the reader - remember, we can't see inside your head, so we're relying on your capacity for description. Brevity is the soul of wit, but you need to take time to think about how you're going to send us the image in your mind's eye.

Your English is pretty weak. Spelling, grammar and flow mistakes are all over the place, clogging up your already fairly choppy story. I don't know if you're ESL or what the deal is, but there is only one cure for this: read. Read as much as you can, as often as possible. Get a sense for how authors do things. Pick up A Song of Ice and Fire if you haven't already - look at how GRRM writes his scenes, how he makes the world for you. His prose isn't the most masterfull out there, but it is easy to get a hold of and top of its class for the level of simplicity it brings to the table.

Third, why do I care? As a reader, I'm in it to be told a story that I can get attached to. You have fluffy cyborgs and post apocolyptia going on, but what are you trying to snare me with? A good story has something juicy in it that keeps you going - a mystery that begins to unravel, the exploration of a dirty, dark fantasy no one wants to admit to (like a power fantasy), a character you genuinely want to root for. Find a story that gives you that indescribable feeling of addiction and try and analyse why it does so, and ask yourself what you, the author, are trying to sell me, the reader.

Fucking post limit, but I've got more if you're interested.
Oh hey, Yippy. It's dust_c. How are you doing?
Thanks for honest answer, think I gtg go to bed. English is first remembered language, just was typing fast.
Yeah, normally I would say not my best, but no lies here. And yeah I should build characters first, was to eager to just put in the ideas for killing fluffies

Pretty good. You?
If you want to describe killing fluffies then do so in an "infomercial"style, spending so much time on your gadgets kinda neutered the story
Just returned home from night shift, so kinda tired. You uploading any new stories soon?
no prob anon, glad to help

I just put up "The Things We Do For Fluff" a few days ago which is based on Soulvei's

Other than that, I have one in the works for ZK's
Right. I'll check them out. For now, good-night.

Sleep well my friend. I'm off to bed in a bit too I think.
I'm glad that awful cunt carnivorous duck has left. His art was cancer and his self inserts were autistic as fuck
I kinda liked his stuff, it was so ugly i enjoyed the abuse even more.

Admit it. You was all like "Aww shit nigga! Tulip gonna git fucked up now!"
In addition to the moonman color edit, I colored another MuffinMan drawing recently. Second colorization I've ever done, so feedback/criticism is greatly appreciated.
This thead still going?
File: 1457052487221.jpg (403 KB, 972x4055) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
403 KB, 972x4055
The moonman colorized by me is here.
what is the process you are using
This thread is dead....
Open file with GIMP, bucket fill things with their base colors, and then in no particular order add shading, highlights, and roughen the color. It's pretty unstructured, I just screw around with things until everything looks decent. RoboCop suggested I use layers, so I'll probably start using them for my work as well.
bumping, including for requests
Thank you, and thanks for putting it and tagging it in the booru too.
showing some progress, this is going to be a short comic.
File: progress.png (97 KB, 980x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 980x608
yes the use of layers would help greatly making the white on the line art layer will make things easier searching for tutorials on how to color on gimp will give you an idea of how to prepare the original for coloring
A fluffy singing the opening lyrics of Smoke on the Water(We all came out to Montreux, on the Lake Geneva shoreline
to make records with a mobile, we didn't have much time) whilst strumming an electric guitar. In the background, a shit-stained chili pepper and a fucked-up fluffy.
not too concerned about fancy methods, but being able to color easily without destroying the line art would be very helpful, though at your recommendation I'll look around a bit more anyway

depending upon when you finish, what this is, and how the rest of my night goes, I could try to color this.
looool I recognized that song
now sing it like borat
Cool, if I don't finish it, Ill post it in the booru
try looking up how to prepare line art for coloring having the lineart on a transparent is the key for easy coloring also just asking the artist to give you a .png with transparent background is an option
sure, in which case I'd likely color it later anyway

mind if I regularly color your booru posts and post them myself? You're the biggest provider of quality drawings lacking color.

Yeah, thanks, I'll be sure to. I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot of really useful stuff by not doing more research.

It's not difficult to turn backgrounds into transparancy, not sure why I'd need to ask.
fookin top kek
Would be nice if most fluffy threads were just slow-paced OC, edit, CYOAs, and a few reposts here and there. The regular spam fluffy threads are awful.
of course, the thread not needing bumps needs a CYOA to work, and we'd need more artists to regularly lurk in these threads. Oh well, it'll never happen.
Do you think it's reasonably possible to make the body fluff less flat looking without making it look messy? Seems like a flaw in most fluffy artists, either plain flat bodies or mspaint scribbles.
File: The Experiment 1-5.png (1013 KB, 700x5104) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Experiment 1-5.png
1013 KB, 700x5104
anybody got the rest of this, if it exists? got it from the original post about two weeks ago, haven't seen more since, but somebody said there might be more, still optimistic.
>5 tines
Has this nigga never seen a fork in his life? I'm honestly confused here.
File: 1462074525852.webm (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
for those that want more realistic fluffies
File: Fluffy OC #2.png (67 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fluffy OC #2.png
67 KB, 800x600
Sure, why not?
Well, I finished the first panel. You can color it at your own lease as I draw the rest.
Yeah, I guess they could look a bit more 3d
Ill write this one down for further reference
Did we ever find out why Mwike stopped making fluffy art?
oh, dude..he's passed on.
someone sat him down and explained how the english language works and it was just too much..doctors said there was nothing they could do
this was ages ago, how has nobody told you?

Would like to see some forced cannibalism or a smarty getting savaged by a corgi please.
meant to post this almost immediately after you posted, but I guess I never hit reply
How could I ever resist?

there's no background here. Any suggestion where I should put the grassline and what I put in the background? Right now, the grass goes up to the smarty's neck, and the background would remain white.
some good ol bob ross happy little trees
okay. Will add a new layer involving a bob ross painting.
bumping with heavily WIP colored version
Basically the sequel to smokey wawa?
looking rad
not really, just bumping the thread with the only thing I have to bump with
File: Fluffy OC #3.png (82 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fluffy OC #3.png
82 KB, 800x600
It's fucking disgusting how this shitty fetish is getting more quality over time
I fucking hate you faggots
thanks for the bump, the thread's quiet as we work
Fucking Lost
Muffin, do you use IRC?
File: Minesweeper.jpg (381 KB, 1200x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
381 KB, 1200x800
happy tree friends called, they want their early 2000's meme back
File: 1449448553733.jpg (568 KB, 1000x3178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
568 KB, 1000x3178
Better than the furry shit
are fluffy foals so small they can get eaten by roaches? i would imagine someone buying a foal and the local apartment roach tries to take a bite out it
nearing completion
today we're going to explore an important and established piece of first world infrastructure

>be Cranberry
>a beautiful red filly with a deep red mane
>you're still a baby, so daddy has to feed you milkies with a dropper
>you love daddy
>the giant human who takes care of you and loves you and gives you a nice warm place to sleep and lots of good milkies
>he's big, and he's nice, and he's SO smart!
>you only have to think of a question to ask him and he'll have the answer right away
>you're so happy that there are daddies in this world
>although sometimes he can be scary
>like he is right now
>"Ugh, Cranberry.."
>"Cwanbewwy sowwy fow bad poopies daddeh! Cwanbewwy fowgot.. toysies su much fun! Pweas nu sowwy stick!"
>"I really didn't want to have to do this, but this is the second time this week. You need to be punished. It's for your own good."
>daddy is so smart
>but you're still scared!
>you've never gotten the sorry stick before ever!
>"PWEAS nu sowwy stick!! Cwanbewwy be gud fwuffy! PWOMISE!"
>daddy lets out an angry sigh as he walks towards his closet
>daddy keeps the sorry stick in there!
>please don't use the sorry stick daddy!
>"You are turning out to be way more of an annoyance than an actual pet, Cranberry. I don't want any more accidents after this."
>your heart is beating so fast and you can feel how you're not breathing deep enough
>you don't want the sorry stick
>you don't want it so bad you've never not wanted anything this bad
>daddy comes out of the closet and you can see it in his hands
>everything in your body seems to just clench!
>daddy's looking at you with a really mean look now
>he's looking behind you..
>oh no!
>you made bad poopies just now when you saw the stick!
>it's too much
>everything that's happening is giving you the WORST feelings
>you don't want to feel like this anymore, you just want all the bad feelings to go away!
File: eatenalive.png (158 KB, 1198x2146) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158 KB, 1198x2146
they sure can, pic related

>"UUHUUUUHUUUU NU WIKE NU WIKE NU WIKE!!" you scream with your eyes closed
>go away meanie feelings!
>suddenly you aren't on the ground anymore
>you open your eyes and you're up in the air!
>"Eeeep!" you squeak - you really are very high up
>you can feel daddy's grip on your scruff, it hurts a little but not too much
>"Huuu.." you're still crying from earlier, and still scared enough that you keep accidentally not using your name, but now you're confused too "whewe am babbeh goin daddeh? Nu sowwy stick? Wuv babbeh?"
>daddy doesn't say anything to you
>he just carries you into the room where he goes to make good poopies
>there's his special place for sitting on
>oh no! why are you dangling over it
>it has water in it, that's bad for fluffies!
>"Eee daddeh wawas bad fow babbeh!"
>daddy presses something, and then the water starts leaving with a scary gurgling sound
>"Daddeh wy am babbeh upsies..?" please answer daddy, like you always do
>"Because I want a more intelligent pet."
>"I'm getting an ant farm."
>"buh..babbeh wuv..."
>and then you're falling!
>you're so scared, you can feel your heart lurch
>you land on your rear in the mostly empty bowl
>it hurts but before you can even start crying a jet of water hits you so hard you go flying back
>everything's so dark!
>and the water's washing you away
>drops of it are getting in your nose and mouth and making you cough and splutter
>you run into something and fall down before you get tugged along by the current
>it happens a few more times
>and then a HORRIBLE smell hits your nose
>"Waaaaaaaaaaahaaahaaa!! NU WIKE!" you squeal
>now you don't smell pretty, and everything's dark and you keep going deeper and deeper into this small dark hole that never ends
>a new wave of water hits you just as you think you can hold onto the edges and shoves you further
>you're so scared!
>you don't want to keep getting eaten by the dark
>you scream for help
>you don't like this
>you hate this!
>you just want daddy
>you're sorry for making bad poopies you'll never do it again
>everything was so nice a few minutes ago and now you're cramped and lonely and we and so scared
>you don't know how long you've been sliding into the horrible smelling pipe
>it's barely even bigger than you are
>you just KNOW there's a monster down there somewhere
>you can't stop your mind from showing you a terrifying creature, grey and wrinkled with sharp teeth, wheezing and groaning its way up the tube to eat you
>"HUUUHUUUUHUUUUUUU" you wail, wishing you would stop seeing it
>you're shivering with terror as you slide further and further down when suddenly you're falling again!
>you land with a splat in a shallow puddle warm water
>it's still dark, and you can feel mushy things give way under your hooves as you try and stand up
>but what you notice first is the SMELL
>you can't stop the sicky water from coming up, the smell is so bad it feels like it hurts
>after what feels like hours of retching you finally have nothing left in your cramped tummy
>it's dark, but you can see pinpricks of light coming down from the ceiling, and your see places are starting to adjust
>this place is bigger than the tube you slid down
>but it's still small enough that it makes you scared
>you start to sniffle again
>you know what happened
>daddy threw you away
>the daddy you loved and who was supposed to love you threw you away to live with the poopies
>and it was all YOUR fault
>you choke out a sob
>just like that you're an unloved poopie baby
>your beautiful fluff is matted down with poopie water
>your tummy grumbles
>daddy is supposed to be feeding you your milkies right now
>and you just emptied your stomach so you're so hungry!
>what are you going to do?
>how are you going to get milkies down here?
>who are you going to love and hug?
>"Huuhuu..Cwanbewwy can onwy hug poopies nao..daddeh pweas safe babbeh fwom poopie pwace.."
>you don't know how long you stand there crying and begging your daddy to take you back
>he never does
>you're starting to wonder if you even deserve to be saved
>maybe you belong with the poopies
>, that can't be true
>you're for love and hugs, you KNOW it.
>but you don't think the monsters that live in the dark want to love or hug you
>you start to walk down one side of the tube
>you're scared, but your head is starting to feel funny and you're not as sacred anymore
>maybe if you walk you'll find the way out
>or at least some nummies
>you're so hungry it's making your tummy have the worst hurties you can ever remember it having
>even the poopies are starting to not look so bad, but you're not that desperate
>after a while your spinning head makes you sit down in the river of poopies again
>you're just about to start crying when you hear something
>"Nyu fwen?"

aand that's all I've got for tonight. It's 5am but I'll continue the adventure when I've awoken
like it so far, but I'll probably miss it. oh well.
File: 1454548908768.jpg (422 KB, 999x730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
422 KB, 999x730
Feel like I should do more with the vegetation, but I have no idea what. The shoes are plain, so while I'll do something, it'll be generic. If I get suggestions, I'll do them.

Just need to do the pants and the background now.
They don't want it anymore. Believe me, I'm on the internet.
I have no idea what bob ross painting to use as the background, can't find a good one. If anyone has a suggestion, I can put it in. But, until then, I'm finished.
the one thing i always hate about abuse stories is how they go from zero to murder at the drop of a hat there always and the fluffy took a shit than torture yay human killed a fluffy
please post your current progress, I'd like to see it, although I'm done coloring for tonight (will still be lurking while working on other things).

Also, since it looks like we'll be doing this regularly (as regularly as you do this and I can color), some communication channel outliving threads that isn't awful like the booru chat (ie. irc) could be helpful, unless I just kept only starting the colors completely after you finished or something.
doesn't look like it's about abuse, looks like the setup for a story about an innocent sewer fluff
author here
I actually totally feel you on that. I usually write stories with extremely small amounts of human-fluffy interaction.
Unfortunately this one needed the trope, since it had to quickly get from happy life to sliding down a claustrophobic shitchute and fluffies alone fail the intellect check for operating the toilet so it wasn't happening by accident.
In the canon in my head, the young man who flushed her is emotionally unstable, and goes on to aggress the owner of a K-Mart for the money in his cash register after a drunken dispute about the pricing of the free condom basket at the checkout counter. He spends a day in jail before bailout and turns his life around for a good five years before getting hit by a crippling heroin addiction that ends with him sixty years old, in the gay-for-pay business, eating the business end of his daddy's colt 45 as he reupholsters the one bedroom apartment he grew old in with one swift decision. Might've gone better with a cheerful, fluffy face around, not that I'd know anything about that.
File: 1454548947359.jpg (156 KB, 640x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 640x900
File: 1454647592435.jpg (316 KB, 897x1581) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
316 KB, 897x1581
Admin_ (the colorer) here, going to be gone for about 30m. Auto updates will be on, so I will respond to anything when I return if the thread survives or is replaced.
Best fluffy is fluffy tail
I'm really conflicted about anthro content
on one hand, it's just furry porn with retarded furries. we can all see that, it's not really disputable
but on the other hand, if it can be stomached, there's got to be plenty of unmined abuse potential in lonely dudes buying unwilling fucktoys
references that people will not get
yah you get splattered by association which really sucks since this seems like a start to a really interesting story
but it is more pathetic when they use a regular fluffy as their unwilling sex toy
I like it so far
fluff threads need more flushing material
Admin_ going to bed. Will be seen again in 1:45, since I stayed up all night coloring. Wheee...

Says the NEET thats jacked off to his third loli thread, today.
Is this Quickhorn? I love his/hers work.
holy shit dude.

looking forward to more.
File: 1zDfM.jpg (42 KB, 500x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 500x367
Why fluffy. Why did you have to use doom?
File: crise-cardiaque.jpg (48 KB, 930x614) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 930x614
fresh oc from work today~
File: 1461534249437.png (284 KB, 1050x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284 KB, 1050x800
File: 1461542624147.png (365 KB, 800x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
365 KB, 800x900
Wtf are these comics!! Makes me sad and shit
So here's an interesting idea I had last night.

Any of you see the Deadpool movie? You know that glass chamber thing that Ajax puts Wade in, the one that keeps him constantly on the verge of suffocation?

How about a story about someone sticking a fluffy in one of those?
Not this cancer again!
Maybe his drawings are not sooo sice but he have some good ideas and it's still better than see the same old pics over and over again.
File: SKHFk0z.png (2 MB, 2000x1496) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2000x1496
How about a fluffy version of >>683912857?
Awesome pic, OP.

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