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>Shuffle your songs on your phone
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>Shuffle your songs on your phone
>post first five songs
>rate people's musical taste

I'll start

>Liquor store-Less than Jake
>my way-fetty wap
>we dem boys-wiz Khalifa
>falling fearless-shinedown

>Fire and the Flood - Vance Joy
>If I Had - Eminem
>Jigga That Nigga - Jay-Z
>We Made You - Eminem
>BYOB - System of a Down
>Whoa is Me - Down with Webster
>Bad Meets Evil - Eminem
>Believe - Hollywood Undead
>Earned It - Weeknd
>Monster - Imagine Dragons
>Linkin Park-In the End
>Linkin Park-In the End
>Linkin Park-In the End
>Linkin Park-In the End
>Linkin Park-In the End
>Pay For It - Jay Rock
>Kiss My Country Ass - Blake Shelton (oof)
>Hard White Remix - Yelawolf
>Terrorist Threats - Ab-Soul
>Get Stoned - Hinder
Be gentle
10/10 not bad
>Art farmer - Soul Sides
>The Boris Gardiner Happening - Ghetto Funk
>The Rolling Stones -Heaven
>Dorothy Ashby - Myself When Young
>Nina Simone - My Father
>Slipknot - Spit it Out
>Disturbed - Gaurded
>Soundgarden - Blackhole sun
>Mudvayne - Dig
>System of a Down - Hypnotize
Monkey Man- Rolling Stones
Jää- Invincible Czars
Wrecking Ball- Five Finger Death Punch
Pirate Jet- Gorillaz
Les Pechurs de Perles- Black Dyke Band
Kodachrome - Paul Simon
Carry on - Avenged sevenfold
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Fuck Her Gently - Tenacious D
Untill the Day is Done - REM
28 years old?
>Samantha Crain - Elk City
>Mono - Colourmusic
>My Oh My - Punch Brothers
>Woman of Many Colors- Courtney Marie Andrews
>Big Burned Hand - Iron & Wine
29 years old?
the vengeful one- disturbed
eternal refuge- whitechapel
white wedding- billy idol
moving on- asking alexandria
comfortably numb- THE FLOYD MUTHA FUKKA
>"Crickets" by HORSE the Band
>"Spooners" by Diarrhea Planet
>"Party Smasher" by The Dillinger Escape Plan
>"Party Next Week" by DJ Douggpound
>"The Ultimate Project with Neophyte & MC Alee" by Tha Playah
how many replays are u at now anon?
KoRn - falling away from me
Voyeur - James Blake
Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) - Baz Luhrmann
Wolf - Tyler The Creator
HyperParadise (Flume Remix) - Hermitude
Love You Madly - Cake
Mr. Jones - counting crows
Save tonight - eagle eye chery
It's been a while - stained
Follow me - uncle cracker
LA Bamba - Spanish Dude that was marked as unknown
white walls- between the buried and me
horn of puente- gordon goodwin's big phat band
identity- august burns red
a wonderful slippery thing- guthrie govan (the aristocrats)
eden- tesseract
School shooter
Richie Valance is Labamba
N.Y state of mind - nas
Another brick in the wall part 1 - pink floyd
II. About to crash - dream theater
Suggestions - system of a down
Exiles - king crimson
5th song....

PearlJam - Jeremy
solid king crimson and dt. nice m8
The Mighty Fall - Fall Out Boy, Big Sean
Falling Inside The Black - Skillet
In The End - Green Day
Cool The Engines - Boston
Love Walked In - Frank Sinatra
Found the female
31 years old?
33 years old?
30 years old?
23 years old?
>K.C. & the Sunshine Band - Give it up
>Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
>Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
>Stepdad - Harm's Way
>38 Special - Caught up in You
You have good taste for 23.
33 years old?
LAnd Of The Snakes- J. Cole
Drop- Earl Sweatshirt
Stranger- X Ambassadors
Waves- Joey Bada$$
Salute- Domo Genesis
Nope, I'm a guy.
So gay then?
I'll try not to get so much classic this time
>Joe Satriani - Satch boogie
>Excision & Space laces - Funk Hole (VIP)
>Stepdad - Running (Does That Mean You Love Me?)
>Televisor - Pinup Girl
>Five Finger Death Punch - No One Gets Left Behind
20 years old?
Bruhhhhh, Tesseract and Govan
>"Compliments" - Bloc Party
>"Pardon Me" - Incubus
>"Mistaken For Strangers" - The National
>"Shadowplay" - Joy Division
>"Stairway To Heaven " - Led Zeppelin
tfw you find someone else who listens to spag lags
Alright - Kendrick Lamar
0 to 100 / The Catch Up - Drake
Change - KCAMP
A Milli - Lil Wayne
OG Bobby Johnson - QUE.

if you interested here's 5 more
Bad Ass - Remix - Kid Ink
Wild for the Night - A$AP Rocky
Opposite of Adults - Chiddy Bang
Bugatti - Ace Hood ft. Future
You and Your Friends - Wiz Khalifa
Yeah, basically, dude. Good guess. I'm 19.
Don't think so. Are you? We could be gay together.
Dancing in the streets-Van Halen
Armegeddon it-Def Leppard
Satch Boogie-Joe Satriani
Nothing else matter-Metallica
Bad horsie-Steve vai
>Linkin Part - In the End
>Linkin Part - In the End
>Linkin Part - In the End
>Linkin Part - In the End
>Linkin Part - In the End
Five Hours by Derro
Shepard of Fire by Avenged Sevenfold
Cowboys From Hell by Pantera
The Great Southern Trendkill by Pantera
Shedding Skin by Pantera
A$AP and Future read like you're 17, but 17 years olds don't listen to Lil Wayne. Wiz and Drake make me think you're a little older as well...But the amount of rapping about clubs, drink, and drugs lead me to believe you either haven't quite reached drinking age, or JUST started drinking and feeling badass.

I'm guessing you're 21
nick drake - which will
nirvana - big cheese
led zeppelin - no quarter
alice in chains - hollow
alice in chains - shame in you
>Prefuse 73 - Squares of the City
>Hybrid - Until Tomorrow
>Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart
>Mux Mool - Get Better John
>Del the Funky Homosapien - If You Must
Tiny Moments - Kublai Khan
The Eyes Of The Storm - Becoming the Archetype
Beyond the Grave - Impending Doom
Sinister Tech - Tech N9ne
Proving Grounds - Attila
have no idea what the other 3 are but yo
joy division and led zep...
you're a pretty chill guy b
>All These Things That I've Done - Vitamin String Quartet
>SMASH! - Starbomb
>In The Summertime - Mungo Jerry
>Nuclear - Mike Oldfield
>Thnks Fr Th Mmrs/I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Fall Out Boy/Panic at The Disco
You played Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 when you were younger, and loved the soundtrack. You enjoy ambient electronic but don't really listen to it in the car, just put it on when chillin and smokin. You have owned a guitar.

You are between the ages of 26-28?
Smash - The offspring
All within my hands - Metallica
Re-education through labour - Rize against
Blind leading the blind - Trivium
Muzzle - The smashing pumpkins
27 years old?
14-16 year old butt rocker
Avenged Sevenfold usually puts em in the late 20s, early 30s.
File: image.jpg (25 KB, 184x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 184x184
>little sister - queens of the stone age
>where its at - beck
>immigrant song - led zeppelin
>careless whisper - george michael
>reptilia - the strokes
File: image.jpg (33 KB, 601x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 601x469
very good taste my friend
rock on
thanks man
glad my metalcore shit wasn't mixed in there lmao i have a lot of beartooth and bullet for my valentine on my phone
Kangaroo Court - Capital Cities
The Right Profile -The Clash
De música Ligera - Soda Estereo
Mr Brightside - The Killers
the clash and the killers. very nice. don't know the others.
i mean, i cant say shit bc i loved BFMV back in 9th grade lol their first two albums are good
Damage control-John petrucci
Jackhammer-Paul gilbert
Waves-Guthrie Govan
Ya-yo gakk-Steve Vai
Always with me always with you-Joe satriani
Capital Cities is just a hipster band. Soda Stereo is one of The best if not the best rock in spanish. And VIMANA is an very small band with rock jams
yeah i don't like any of their new shit, its mild af and plus matty's voice sounds terrible after vocal surgery. for the most part classic rock makes up 75% of my songs. rush, sabbath, zeppelin, van halen, stuff like that.
20 actually. I don't listen to them anymore I just like to feel nostalgia every now and again
This was me when I was 16.

Skinny Pimp&211 - g strings
P2theGoldMa$k - Racist
Barrington Levy - She is the Best Girl
KirbLaGoop - Fake Rappers
$uicideboy$ - Gloss of Blood
File: photo (2).jpg (84 KB, 606x603) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
photo (2).jpg
84 KB, 606x603
"Picture" - Mute Math
"Bleeders" - The Walflowers
"No I Dont" - The Almost
"A Sun That Never Sets" - Our Last Night
"Remember Me? [Teat. RBX & Sticky Fingaz] - Eminem

C21H23NO5 - M1dy
Cheatreal - t+pazolite
Gotsta terrify - the quick brown fox
Kamikaze - M1dy
State of the Union - Rise against
how do you green text e.e

thief in the night- young thug
pusha man - chance the rapper
freaks and geeks - childish gambino
5am- logic
i mean it- g eazy
Master of Puppets - Metalicca
Iron man -Black Sabbath
Rainbow in the Dark - Dio
Devour - Disturbed
Pins and Needles - The birthday massacre

d-did i do good?
R8 me
>Rollin - Limp Bizkit
>Rollin - Limp Bizkit
>Rollin - Limp Bizkit
>Rollin - Limp Bizkit
>Rollin - Limp Bizkit
Most pleb
File: 1460122206447.png (327 KB, 456x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327 KB, 456x810
>Aesop Rock - Labor
>System of a Down - Peephole
>Oasis - She's Electric
>Tama Impala - Mind Mischief
>Cannabis Corpse - Sentenced to Burn One
Fukkin checked
Don't let this thread die
File: image.gif (898 KB, 384x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
898 KB, 384x288
That gif gives me the fuckin creeps everytime
>like to feel nostalgia
>song is from their very recent album

Nice taste with the Pantera though. I also like to nostalgia with some A7X

Anyway here's mine:
> Daddy's Eyes - The Killers
> Folkin' Around - Panic! at the Disco
> Dear God - XTC
> Sunday Candy - Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment
> Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll - The Killers
Alright-Kendrick Lamar
Rooster-Alice in Chains
Buddy Holly-Weezer
Heart Shaped Box-Nirvana

Hell yeah man, Dio is the shit.
wanderer's guild - armor for sleep
liarsenic - norma jean
trees - twenty one pilots
snow white - odd future
darkside - crazy town
American Bad Ass-Kid Rock
Ship those niggers back-Johnny Rebel
Devil Without a Cause-Kid Rock
Nigger I hate your face-Screwdriver
Mystique - Venom
Goddess Devil - M.O.D.
Dennis' Problem - D.R.I.
Superfast Jellyfish - Gorillaz
A Hollow Truce - Bolt Thrower
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack - Whut's Up Wit Dat
In the presence of enemies part 2 - dream theater
the greatest story ever told - ice nine kills
careless whisper - seether
cassie - flyleaf
theres a place - all american rejects
ITT:Edgelords posting songs not from random shuffle that "like defines me man" to seem cool
File: 1462441336728.gif (2 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x225
>gwar americanized
>misfits abominable Dr phibes
>disturbed conflict
>ghost cirice
Lil Wayne two shots
The Path of Apotheosis - Inferi
Majesty - Ghost
Greeneyes - Omnium Gatherum
Dead God In Me - In Flames
Outlive the Hand - Be'Lakor
>nu metal
Linkin Park - Cure for the itch

Aphex Twin - Blue calx

Nine inch nails - The way out is through

Halo 3 Odst - Another Rain

Joy Division - Dead souls
My nigga
Plans - Grizzly Bear
I Love the Dough - Biggie Smalls
Vomitspit - MF Doom
Buddy Holly - Weezer
Left Behind - Slipknot
(I'm only embarrassed about the slipknot one)
>still storing music on your phone
File: Cover.jpg (115 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115 KB, 500x500
>Shitsville - Freddie Gibbs and madlib
>65 hunnid - vince staples
>Everything that's yours - Mike G
>Red and gold MF DOOM
>Solace - Earl Sweatshirt
Chet Faker- Gold

The Blancos- Cameras

J. Cole- GOMD

J. Cole- Hello

Alex Clare- Too Close (Unplugged)

Huh, it's been a while.
Waste of Tiamat - High on Fire
Room 13 - Black Flag
Love Island - Fatboy Slim
Black Coffee - New York Musicians
Oh Comely - Neutral Milk Hotel
Shit Robot - Take 'Em Up
Galerie Stratique - Smog Urbain
Autechre - Rae
Javelin - We Ah Wi
LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
>The Beatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
>Jun Ishikawa - Fountain of Dreams
>Jonathan Wolff - Seinfeld Theme Song
>Rick Astley - Together Forever
>Smash Park - Crawl Star
Forgot to rate other anons.


kek'd and chekd

Kendrick. Nice

X-Ambassadors bretty good
>The End - the doors
>easy blues - jimi hendrix
>cold shot - stevie ray
>engel - rammstein
>forever away - frusciante
dat some marty schwartz?
Linkin park - easier to run
Linkin park - somewhere i belong
Linkin park - numb
Linkin park - faint
Linkin park - lying from you
File: 1437447248044.jpg (605 KB, 1000x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
605 KB, 1000x1400
Rememo - Kings of Leon
Whistling in the Dark - They Might Be Giants
Never You Mind - Semisonic
3rd Planet - Modest Mouse
I Haven't Got My Strange - Arctic Monkeys
Swy - Modest Mouse
Meet Me at My Window - Jack's Mannequin
Let Me Take You Home Tonight - Boston
Clementine - The Decemberists
Wakin on a Pretty Day - Kurt Vile
PDA - Interpol
Oscar Wilde - Company of Thieves
Kyoto - Yung Lean
Add It Up - Violent Femmes
First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes
File: 1462680858313.jpg (9 KB, 236x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 236x224
whoops, didn't read the rules. Shame on my presumptuous ass.
2ez my dude
I love smashmouth
>New Face$ - Casey Veggies
>Lift Me Up - Vince Staples
>Holy Ghost - A$AP Rocky
>I Know - Kirk Knight
>Overtime - Bryson Tiller
>>683718341 do you want bullshit or do you want the truth
Gibbs and Malibu have another collab coming out this year titled 'Bandana'
>untrust us - crystal castles
>junesong provision - coheed and cambria
>london calling - the clash
>float on - modest mouse
>california - grimes
Shit no way, know the month?
Good taste, lift me up is best imo
You're white
File: 1350802011630.gif (979 KB, 500x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
979 KB, 500x461
>Rush - La villa Strangiato

>Bob Marly - the Heathen

>Rush - Closer to the Heart

>A Tribe called Quest - scernario(remix)

>Head Like A Hole - i'm on fire
huh. never knew
I guess I'm late to the thread, but still:

1. Kid A - Radiohead
2. Ruiner - NIN
3. Epilogue - The Antlers
4. Static - GY!BE
5. No Name No. 1 - Elliott Smith

1. move along - all american rejects
2. getting away with murder - papa roach
3. sergio echigo - ling tosite sigure crumby - the audition
5. entombment of a machine - job for a cowboy
>fallout boy
>green day
How's 10th grade going?
>Stolen dance by milky chance
>Electric feel by mgmt
>Apply some pressure by maximo park
>I'm on a boat by the lonely island
>Lover lover by Jerrod niemann
Me being in the 10th grade has nothing to do with my music taste. Wait, how'd you know what grade I'm in?
Hypnotize- SOAD
36- SOAD
Pictures- SOAD
War?- SOAD

im a hige system fan
More like a huge edgy faggot fan LOL?
Ive been a soad fan since freshman back in 05
Some kids just never grow up, I guess.
>Knights of Cydonia - Muse
>Second Chance - Shinedown
>Born of a Broken Man - RATM
>Spaceman - The Killers
>Bob - NOFX

Please don't judge on the NOFX I'm not a filthy kike they're my guilty pleasure.
And thats bad how?
BYOB is my favorite System song even though it's lyrics are communisttier
I won't judge you on NOFX. But Shinedown, really? Whatever, not my playlist I guess.
They were fucking awesome live, saw them at the forum in la last year, would see again.
Fucking best so far this thread
Very nice
Here I go again -Whitesnake
Centuries- Fall out boy
Killer Queen -Queen
Hotel California- Eagles
Renegade -Styx

Judge me faggots
looks to be indeed, marty "totally not high" schwarts is the man
I saw them at Ozzfest the year they headlined in TX
Fucking best so far this thread.
schoolboy q - collard greens
john hopkins - open eye signal
as i lay dying - repeating yesterday
the haarp machine - machine over
kevin gates - get em
I know but I have thousands of songs on Spotify it's hard to get a good view of someone's music based on 5 songs.

I'm just thankful none of my truly shameful music showed up
Too bad Serj is an SJW faggot though
File: image.jpg (157 KB, 500x547) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 500x547
>how'd you know what grade I'm in
>fallout boy
>green day

This site for 18+ users only

Also while I'm at it
>earth- father midnight
>miles Davis- so what
>Dave Matthews band- jimi thing
>Marcus miller- hylife
>eagles of death metal- midnight creeper
Your music taste is the dildo that destroyed the '90s
you're a legend man, nice quints
songs ive never heard of: :thethread
Trust - Megadeth
Tu eres su seguridad - Almafuerte
Slavsia 'Rus - Arkona
Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz
Asator - Amon Amarth
>Aesop rock
>tame impala
You are worthy of that get, my fine feathered friend
TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!
Cut yourself/10
Nice, anon!
>Deshacer El Mundo by Heroes Del Silencio
>SPG by The Exploited
>Return To Serenity by Testament
>Royalty by The Exploited
>Isubaleeny by Sploge
You got something against Korn?
Supertramp - my kind of lady
2pac - Pacs life
Howard shore - a knife in the dark
Bob Marley - burnin and lootin
Dire Straits - so far away
>La Bamba
Its author is anonymous but ou most probably have the version by Ritchie Valens
Take the razor away from this one
Let me drop some fat sacks of knowledge on you're minds:

>Everyone here has terrible music taste
>takethe skin an dpeel it back
Sup nigger
Geeeeee no shit prof
Not against Korn, against it's fanboys and fanbase
good one bud
Juggalos need to die
Yiss bb
Fuck yeah they do, those fucking faggots should spend their bullets on themselves not on their classmates
No. It was announced recently.
>Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin
>Kookies - MF DOOM
>Hustle Bones - Death Grips
>Selfish Gene - Panda Bear
>Fuck Me Out - Death Grips
Stairway to Heaven - Lid Zeppin
Protect Ya Neck - Ching Chong Clan
Jumpman - Drake
Ultimate - Denzel Curry
Gravity - John Mayer
>Artist - Song
Juanes - Tres
Vancejoy - Riptide
Big Data - Dangerous ft Joywave
Juanes - La Flaca ft Santana
Drake - Worst Behavior

>inb4 am Colombian
>death grips
I bet you also watch Anthony Fantanto's show
Faggot detected
Fuck Yeah, anon! Went to see Megadeth here in Houston
Even got a Pick from Mustaine
>Dethklok - Murdertrain A'Comin
>Bright Eyes - A Perfect Sonnet
>Satellite High - Waiting for the bus in the rain
>Sum 41 - Makes no Difference
>Aram Bedrosian - A Dark Light
> lit - Lexi panterra
> never enough -five finger death punch
> better off alone - Alice deejay
> roar - Katy perry
> meet me half way- pees
lol @ katy perry
> the power of equality - RHCP
> Rock Bottom - Eminem
> Bad Selection - Deadmau5
> the air-conditioned Nightmare - Mr bungle
> hobo chang ba - Captin beefheart
File: 1445486047226.jpg (53 KB, 577x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 577x1024
Game of Pricks - Guided by Voices (badass)
Dragon Sound - Against the Ninga (badass)
Arctic Monkeys - Too Much To Ask
Tegan and Sara - Floorplan (gay)
The Avalanches - Electricity
Conner Oberst (Bright Eyes) has the most beautifully fragile voice.
So much terrible music. Jesus.
Don't Look Back - The Specktators
Want You Gone - Portal 2 soundtrack
Hardcore Life - S3RL
Circles - Hollywood Undead
Knife Called Lust - Hollywood Undead
Its good for when i want to get feela going.
>Lady Madonna- The Beatles
>Woe is Me- 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Original Cast
>In the Beginning- The Stills
>Inner City Pressure- Flight of the Conchords
>Let It Be- The Beatles
honestly I like teaugan and sarah and hate dragon sound so idk
>beatles fan
mostly dragon sound is a gimmick, saw that movie an loved it too much probably
Pretty much sums up my taste in music.
prune inbound
>no comment
Type O Negative - All Hallows Eve
Queens of The Stone Age - You Would Know
CocoRosie - Lemonade
Incubus - Drive
Florence &The Machine - Swimming
>August Burns Red- Martyr
>Pink Floyd- Hey You
>Powerwolf- We Drink Your Blood
>August Burns Red- Redemption
Piano Sonata No.15- Mozart
From the Four Seasons - Vivaldi
Homeward Journey - Nujabes
Trill - Clipse
Nice n Easy - Frank Sinatra
File: 1461804760065.png (561 KB, 485x977) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
561 KB, 485x977
>birthday train - guilty gear soundtrack
>clear memories - nanosounds
>sabbath bloody sabbath - black sabbath
>clint eastwood - gorillaz
>sixty seconds to what - ennio morricone
Nice stuff
File: 1462824538284.png (40 KB, 373x318) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 373x318
>Frank Sinatra
That's some 10/10 taste
> O Green World- Goriilaz
> Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters
> Patience- Guns'N'Roses
> Indestructible- Disturbed
> Revolution Deathsquad- Dragonforce
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