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ur da canceur uf /b//
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From the last thread
>You go to the shelve where you keep your cat treats and shake a pack of treats
>the cat comes rushing in and mewing at you
>You give the cat some treats.
>You foal is gasping for air, bawling and trying to reach its rump with its hooves
>You pick the foal and open the door
>The fluffy lands on your leg and starts smotering you about its foal
>You kick it out
>You put the head of the foal between the frame and the door
>Body in, head out
>You then close the door
>The foal gets trampled under the door
>The mare goes batshit crazy
>It starts to slam against the door
>And bawling
>And sobbing
>And slaming against the door all day
>By the time the noon comes, the fluffy limits itself to sob quietly.

wat do
Hose the mare away
best karma comics/stories or text stories from the view point of a fluffy in the wild?
Get the mare drunk and have the cat fuck it to death
dude, if you had a MLP that could produce babbies, then you could make your own LP boxes forever
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I'm not sure what you see in this or why you post these pictures.

This truly is cancer
Is there any way to post a sound file?
That actually sounds like a plausible occurrence
vocaroo holmes
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Yo want thisen Peg?
these threads are homo. op is a no gf having faggot w/ no life. who even puts any effort into spamming garbage no one cares about?

losers, thats who
Drawing is hard. How about sounds?

<object width="148" height="44"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" width="148" height="44" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed></object><br><a href="" style="font-size:xx-small;" title="Vocaroo Voice Recorder">Record music with Vocaroo &gt;&gt;</a>

Yes, I am fully autistic.

Nobody cares
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You know what's funny? if fluffies were real, even without government vermin extermination programs it would have been a civic duty to kill as many ferals as possible
letting them live would literally drop first world water and city block sanitation to third world levels on account of contaminating them with gigantic amounts of feces and dead bodies

in the wild they would absolutely ruin ecosystems from literally the ground up, as an artificial invasive omnivorous species that multiplies faster than any other mammal of their respective size

tl; dr killing unowned fluffies is an absolute necessity like killing bubonic plague vermin
kek. voice isn't as annoying as i would have imagined, but good job anyway.
>Be you, just sitting at home. Chillin.
>Suddenly theres a tap on the door
>The one from the backyard
>It cant be the ice, its too hard
>No, it can be only one thing.
>A small herd managed to squeeze through the hole your fence
>Youll have to patch it up later
>You decide, since they haven't seen you yet, to scare them a little.
>Turn off all the lights
>Get your maracas
>Get Darth Vader helmet
>Go over to the door, and open it
>The leader steps in, curious and cold, but glad to be inside now
>He calls the others to join him
>Few others, probably toughies, mares, and foals around and on their plume
>Turn on your helmet's voice changer
>You yell as loud as you could, startling them but not to the point of shitting themselves.
>Start to shake maracas in slow, hard shakes
>The jingles attracts the foals, their mothers try and hold them back
>One squeezes through
>It comes to where the light from the backyard ends
>It can see your boot, and it looks up.
>You stop shaking your maracas, and stare at the little blue and orange foal

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Bite the fucker's head off and shove the rest in the freezer and microwave
Orange and Blue is now your apprentice. Teach him the ways of the dark side.
or thisen here?
What's that black thing?
Thanks. I thought I posted it wrong. How do you access it?
why is this one so popular? I don't even think it's that funny.
guys dont click that i just has to explain what happened to my parents and i got beat hard by mom it does a googles search of cp and alerts the authorities my mom is trying to explain to the police and im in my room freaking out im so dead
Sorry Stick, drawn as though it was in motion.
>Kind of like how Sonic looks like when he runs, IE his legs turn into a red wheel, even though his legs are not a red wheel
>excuse the autistic reference, it was the only one I could think of
Geez you guys it's just a sound file of what i think enfing might sound like
Your HTML link is in the block of text, m8. It's out there for all to see.
Can confirm. It's not bait, I swear on moot's dead corpse.
I know this is like the mostest autistic, but finding out about this fucked up fluffy abuse fandom has made me happier than I've ever felt in a long time. Is that messed up?
>You're wearing your snowboots, and dont want to get them dirty
>You decide to scare the little fucker
>You lean down, just so that the shine from your helmet is clear
>The mother senses danger and calls out to the foal
>"I am wuwzzul!"
>The foal questions you, why can you not pronounce its name?
>The mare charges you, attempting to defend her 'babbeh'
>You let it thunk against your foot. It's about the size of a small dog.
>You reach down and gently bonk it with your maracas.
>"Because you hurt me, now I hurt you."
>As if your maracas were drumsticks, you play a small beat on the back of the mare. Not too hard
>But enough to get the point across.
>The foal questions you and tries to bite your boot
>You had so much faith in the boy
>You give him a flick across the nose
>It runs screaming back to the herd
>They have formed a circle, and the mare runs back to her babe
Oh. I knew that.
Ah. Makes sense.

Looked like a cross between rotten bananas, black-gloved fingers and earbuds. Thanks for clarifying.
come here Peggy
>mostest autistic
Fluffy detected
Neat, I've never used Vocaroo before. So how long does my materpiece stay there for?
>Be you hangin at the house its a friday night tje work week was shit. Wife is outta town for her brothers wedding.
>Its 7:30 yer on the coutch eating homemade pizza and drinking yer favorite beer. You pre gamed before the beer with a few shots of vodka. Playin sum skyrim because fuckit what else is there to do.
>from fucking no where a smallish fuzzy creature leaps into the air and lands in your lap giving you a startle. Then begins to purr and curl up in a ball in your lap to cusdle while you drink eat and play.
>Your calico, cute as she is gave you a fright but its ok. She knows that when mommy is gone daddy gets depressed.
Been a while its getting a little later suddenly she perks up.
>she looks intently at the door. Then begins to dig her claws into your jeans and leg. The alcohol dulls your pain response. But you know she is drawing a little blood.
"HEY. ease up will you little girl yer hurting daddy."
>She looks at you appologetically and releases her grip and then gently headbutts you in the face to say sorry.
Then you notice it.
>Is that tapping? No scratching. Or pawing?
>pawing at.. the door... the back fucking door. What? Did the neigbors dog jump tje fence again? No he barks at the door and whines begging for help from his own boisterous dogly stupidity.
>You getly bop pat tje cat on the rump 3 times. The signal she recognises as daddy needs to stand up.
>instead her hackles go up and her tail poofs out and she presses you hard as she can back into the couch on those pain inducing pressure points cats are so good at finding.
>You gently pick her up. She does not fight you. But protectively stays close to your legs as you walk to the back door.
>Suddenly you hear a childs voice
>Whai nubudy come? Wew aww da peepowes? Nubiddy home?
>nee hewp pweese hewp so dawk an scawee.
Oh shit it IS a kid! Pull out yer phone prepared to call cops. No way are you in any shape to drive the poor kid but you will damn sure make sure thst kid is ok.
This is /b/. People get off worse than annoying fluffy pastel colored horses.
>traps, rekt threads, etc.
Even if you don't fap to it, it is somehow pleasing to see such an innocent little animal suffer. And there aren't even that many moral ramifications, as they in cannon not considered animals, but biotoys, so they have almost no rights. So you can always use that to justify looking at pictures of fake small pastel horses dying.
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fuck everything about these threads. shit is so lame.
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Momy, i wan that pag!
only by the lack of OC
thanks for the words of encouragement, father I never had!
Kill all the foals
>You walk closer to the herd, their leader puffin his chest and fluffing his hair
>You walk passed the herd, over to the sound system. They wonder what you're doing
>You turn it on; the bright colors allures them and they walk to it, the leader, though, is hesitant.
>You crank the volume up and tap on the side of the helmet. Thank goodness its padded
>You ask them to wait while you get 'food'
>They all cry out for 'nummies' and 'food fur mwilkies'
>Whatever, just chop up some bananas and apples and junk and put it on a large platter
>Set it in front of the giant amps
>You watch them all begin to eat from the plate, proclaiming you their new 'daddeh'.
>You smirk, this is going to be funny.
>You make sure the door is wide open, with the brisk cold annoying them
>They ask you to close the door
>You tell them that they wont be here long
>The leader asks why
>They all stop, and stare up at you. Some foals attached to their mothers as they eat
Amon Amart was in the system, and you have it play on the track 'Twilight of the Thunder God'
>You hold your finger from the play button.
Ya cont. Plz

Is that a fart?
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>They all cry out that they do like music, with one especially liking the 'long stringy' instrument
>Oh, he means a guitar
>How silly of him
>Hes going to be hearing that for a while
>Suddenly, you distract them
>"LOOK! ITS GLOWING!" And hide while they face the speakers
>These things were huge, about ten feet long and five feet wide, while the largest fluffy was about three feet long
>They all crowded around one speaker, and thanks to how you had set up the place while they were eating, they had only one way to go
>The beats from the bass and drums explode out of the amps, sending shockwaves throughout the house
>The few foals that were super close and touching it were thrown back, and chirped out in fear
>All the fluffies on the floor immediately shit themselves in pure fear and turned to run to the door
>They trampled over anything and everything, some foals, some food, some shit
>They were all heading to the same spot, the door
>And they became stuck, each one screaming and clambering over each other
>Must have been about 15, discounting foals
>Their eyes were of pure terror, and they all cried out for the sound to stop
>So you stopped it, and they all seemed a to cool down from there
>But it was only a reprieve, for you were moving the amp closer to that large group of asses clogging up your door
>You crank the knob right off, and reset the song so they can experience the beauty of it's scream again
>This time the shit really began to fly as they were all suddenly blasted with another wave of explosive music and heavy metal blaring
>Oh the fluff-manity!
>You decide to help them out a little, and reach into the stuck group of kicking, crying, shitting fluffies and gently toss it into the snow
this better end with violent death
>You decide its time to end it
>You open the door, the mother scrambles away and watches its lifeless foal fall on the grund
>It reaches out to grab it, but you put your foot on her, crushing her tiny chest a little
>The mare starts to fidget and struggle on its spot trying to flee
>"Nuu huwwt mommah pwease..."
>You remind her she has no more children, she is only a fluffy
>She breaks into tears
>"HuUuuUuu....fwuffy no momma no mow...wan die...
>Alrighty then
>You grab a bottle of cheap rum and forcefeed it to her
>She resists at first, but as it grows progresively drunker, she stops struggling at all
>"f-fwuffy feww weaw gu..." she starts to babble
>You start to smear it with lots of pheromone on her private parts
>You splash lots of the thing
>You cat starts meowing violeintly from the other room and comes rushing in
>Looks like its ready for round 2
>"wah...kitty munst- nu...NU, NU WAN"
>The cat starts to hump and bite bits of fluff off the mare
>whenever the fluffy struggled free the cat started to mawl it
>You see a bunch of fluff flying about
>The fluffy is shitting and pissing all over the rug
>The fluffy stands still, covering its face with its hoof
>The fluffy adopts the position in panick
>"S=see, fwuffy am wusties pwease?"
>The cat reasumes the position, and continues fucking her and bitting her off
>You leave them at it by 8:00
>As you return to your kitchen by 10:40, the cat is still mating with the fluffy
>The fluffy is barely moving, its just breating and sobbing quietly at this point
>Your cat stares at you, looking a bit confused, but keeping on humping and trashing the fluffy
>You go to bed still listening to the cat stabbing the fluffies private parts with its stingy dick
>In the morning you go and check the mare
>It doesnt move too much
>It doesn't move at all, the cat fucked it to death
>You throw the fluffy in the trash
>You turn on the TV and watch the news

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Cats hump stuff?
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God I fucking hate that artist.
when they are horny, sure
No problem, step-son.
>They all run across your backyard, some sinking into small holes that were hidden by the snow, most under the bushes, and others going back into the fence's break
>All is well again, except for all the shit you need to clean up
>Surprisingly, none of them were dead, but they will be out in the snow
>You pull the amp back and gaze out the window, and start to shake your maracas in glee
>You see one mother, who had fallen into a hole and could not get up, crying for help
>You decide to help her
>You bend down and ask her if she needs help
>She screams she cannot hear you
>You tell her she's prolly deaf for a while
>Bitch what did I just say
>You clonk it on the head with the maraca gently, and pick it up
>It's still shitting itself, and drops a foal who had been stowed away in her fur.
>Looks young, and cries out for its mama
>You shake your head, saying she must go
>You walk over to the hole in the fence, and ram her in
>She cries out that she was hurt, and the little foal waddles over to her, the rest who were in the bushes on the edges of the backyard look at you, horrified by what you will do
>You let the foal press its hooves against her leg, saying itll give it hugs
>You cant have that
>You lean down and pick it up
>The mother cries out to let the baby go, and starts kicking
>The kicking stops
>On the other side of the fence, the neighbor's dog, a huge Greyhound, lies asleep. This dog bit you one day but you decided not to press charges
>The foal bites your thumb, demanding to be put down.
>So you put it down, back in the hole where it came from
>You bury it up to it's neck in the snow
>And you look around.
>Silence except that crying foal
>You look around, and, spying a rock, a large flat one, pick it up
>You place it over the foal's head, where it cries out for it's mama and tries to move the rock
Yes please
I'm not sure what his name should be.

Maraca Vader

or Darth Maracas
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1 MB, 1500x3200

Strange. I've never seen a cat hump random stuff like dogs or bunnies do
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why do you like this anon? why do you people enjoy this so much? I'm confused and scared.
You don't get to seem them fucking too often, but yeah, just like lions they slowly hump their mate and bite their scruff.
>It struggles to remove the rock, but you caution against it
>The fidgeting stops, but the crying remains
>Over by the fence, the fluffy is starting to freak out, crying for it's babe
>The dog begins to wake up, and, seeing something in it's yard that wasn't another dog, begins to growl
>The mare begs for help, and, sighing, you walk over to it
>Why are you even out here, in your hawaiian shirt and shorts?
>You should be chilling at home, rearranging your living room, calling up your boss, and cleaning shit off the carpet
>You reach down after setting the maracas down, and take hold if it by the tail
>You yank it just as the dog lunges forward, its snout grovelling and snarling through the hole
>The mare complains your holding her wrong, so you give her a little shake
>Oh, the pain, the others wince at the sight
>You decide to have some fun, and walk over shed
>You reach for a shovel and try your best to dig a small hole in the center of the yard, while the crying and scared mare wriggles under your armpit
>She claims she'll hurt you and give you 'forever sleepies'
>You ignore her, and continue to dig. You dig and you dig, until your satisfied with the depth of the hole
>You drop the mare down, and begin to push the dirt and snow back onto it before it has a chance to realize what happened
>The foal, being so close, cries to its mama, the mare, being so close, is focused on her babe
>She can only watch as she too, is buried up to her neck in snow and dirt
>You take off the rock, and, in an act of cruelty, lay it between the mother and foal. They can hear each other, but now cannot see eachother
>You chuckle like the psychopath you are, and shake your maracas some more
>You shake them until you feel a strong chill, and see the snow beginning too fall
>You turn and look at all fluffies, still cowering in under your rose bushes, which were beginning to shed their leaves
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I'm just writing these little stories to see how well I can still write. Among other reasons. I find the idea of doing any of these to a human deplorable.

Ponies, on the other hand. I have a seething hatred for this show, and the demographic that took it over. So, why not hurt what those bronies love?
Such a bad babbah, it isn't trying nearly hard enough.
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Sure cats fuck eachother, but I'm thinking of humping inanimate objects or shit like your leg (Or a stray fluffy in this case)
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good ol HELLFIRE.png
77 KB, 256x256
I dunno, i thought it was fetish shit. I saw one of these pictures where one of em poops out string, that shit makes me cringe.

What did these fluffies do? This seems mean :(
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2 MB, 1024x3072
Please scroll up to the beginning of the story
I don't get horny off this shit, I just find it amusing.
Also, why Mario? Why not Luigi?
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They don't need to do anything other than be alive.
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wacka no more.png
203 KB, 544x411
I cant find any pictures of a good luigi, trust me im lookin.
I believe in you. Now, I must get back to writing. But only if someone wants it to continue. Otherwise Ill leave.
Well, who wants to continue the Irritation of Darth Vader?
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No one wishes for the story of Darth Maraca to continue?
fuck it might as well
Please contineu
Yes pls
Its late i should go to bed but First please finnish this
save the baby and its mother until the end. Then, give them a special execution
About one hour later...
>Its snowing heavily, maybe up to five inches. You're inside, warm and comfortable. Sipping some hot cocoa. The weather man says to stay inside
>And that to ignore any fluffies that come to your door, their numbers are high this year and must be thinned.
>You're glad you did your part, but still, you wonder. You go and look outside, it's pretty dark now so you need to turn on the light
>You open the door and, in true dark lord fashion, you walk over with your big, heavy, black blanket wrapped around your shoulders
>The Darth Helmet mask still on, that fake breathing rasping away.
>The mare and the foal are freezing, shivering cold, and it looks like the foal got its tongue stuck on the rock
>You shake your head, and pick it up, pulling some skin off the tongue while you're at it
>It cannot cry, only looking to you with long, sad eyes.
>You look out, and see that, in the corner, they've all huddled for the night under the largest and heaviest bush. You can tell because of all the tracks leading to it.
>You look down at the foal, who is quietly asking for food.
>You make a choice
>Bending down, you cover the mother's face in a large pile of snow
>She cannot contest, as she no longer has any energy left.
>You cover the foal's face in snow, and throw the rock against your shed
>The fluffies are startled at the sound, and look to find that the Dark Lord is out.
>The sky was dark, and the only light came from the porch. Some dead foals were here and there, maybe three. They sought the light as warmth
>Your large shadow is cast against the herd, and you walk over to the small group of dead foals.
>You walk over to the group, and drop them in front of them
>You then point to the two mounds in the center of the yard.
"There, is your food."
>And you walk back, closing the door behind you and shutting the blinds.
>They have a choice to make, and no matter what it will be, the snow will come.
>And it will not be so merciful.
I love that reference.
Ahh that, yeah me neither.
I used to have a cat that would always hump the fuck outta an old stuffed bear. I'm talking multiple times a day.
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tied foals.jpg
376 KB, 907x773

That was a truly excellent story! I don't find bloody abuse funny, but this was full of exactly the kind of little mean torments that I love the most. 10/10, would love to read more like this, but for now I'm off to bed. Goodnight everybody.
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You hold two dubs in your post, 66 and 22.
Tell me, how old are you? If you are young, please, do not make a habit out of this.
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Marty 2.png
324 KB, 624x1934
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That was a kinda cool story good Story. Anyway imma go sleep now goodnight /b/ scum of the Internet
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Eugh, gore.
File: 1441510557099.jpg (9 KB, 260x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well done on the dubs, your expression says it all.
File: GV_Up_In_This.jpg (93 KB, 620x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When my age you reach, look as good, yahddah yahddah.
File: munstah.png (27 KB, 902x514) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 902x514
aw fuck me man that hurts just to look at!
File: TrueArt.png (213 KB, 1111x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213 KB, 1111x810
best art ever
needs more rape
File: image.jpg (92 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 768x1024
File: abused.jpg (312 KB, 1000x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
312 KB, 1000x900
Is this good?
File: 1461104257291.jpg (103 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 600x600
best OC ever, please put a tag on Booru so i can find you.
File: YourHome.jpg (356 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
356 KB, 1280x720
File: yellowjacket.png (65 KB, 974x1360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 974x1360

be sure to add 50 tags
It's funny cause whoever drew that is also fat
File: FallBall.png (259 KB, 900x762) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 900x762
I can believe i wasted that triple dubs like that.
File: image.png (665 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
665 KB, 768x1024
More from me drew this like a day ago
File: 1461374907643.png (733 KB, 500x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
733 KB, 500x850
File: Perception.png (323 KB, 680x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
323 KB, 680x512
rilly nice plz kip it uppp the hard woooork
My favourite
Thanks I will^^
what are those supposed to be?
File: image.jpg (39 KB, 500x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 500x295
I don't get it
File: image.png (612 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
612 KB, 768x1024
This was for a bit back
File: 000001.jpg (290 KB, 1741x975) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
290 KB, 1741x975
Give me something to make
>Be fluffy
>Be blue, so you call yourself 'Bwoo'
>You walk around the park, you can feel you should be there now
>Special friend is also there, you love her so much
>Her name is ginger, you call her "Gingew", she has yellow fluff and wingies
>You see other fluffies gethering around
>"mistah come?" you ask
>They shake their head, they are also waiting for the nice mister that walks every seven bright times to the park
>Your tummy has the worstest of owwies, you couldn't find nummies anywhere else
>Special friends had nummies, but she needs it for the babies
>But its okay, because the nice mistah is almost here
>Lots more fluffies gather in the park, other humans pass too and ask why are there so many fluffies around
>dummy fluffies, these humans are not nice, why do you ask them to be your daddy?
>As expected, the not-nice humans hurt the other fluffies as they walk away
>These humans are poopie humans, the nice mister is the best human there is!
>You love the nice mister!
>Wait...remember not to talk to the nice mister, what if he grows angry?
>although other fluffies tell the nice mister they love him, and he doesn't get angry
>that's it, you have a plan!
>"fwuffy am tewwing nice mistah fwuffy wuv him!" you say
>Your special friend seems concerned
>"Auu...gingew nu wan peshul fwen to get owwies"
>"Nice mistah no giff owwies! Nice mistah bestest mistah!"
>Then, some time around, the good music starts to sound!
>Some foals are dancing fluffies too!
>Every fluffy is getting excited
>"muffinman!", start to chant the fluffy
>As you hear the song, you smile and see the nice mister and the nice musicbox the mister carries"
>"...o you know the muffin man, the muffin maaaaan the muffin maaaaaaaaaaan? Do YOU KNOOOOO--"
>The muffin man is here!

>The muffin man is white and red, and has a white main and walks really funny because he is an old mister
>And he is already giving muffin nummies to other fluffies!
>You dash through other fluffies to get close to the muffinman
>"bwing nummies fow peshul fweeeen!" yells Ginger
>The muffin man walks among the fluffies
>Sometimes he stops and personally gives muffin numies to fluffies he finds on his way, but the rest of the muffins fly through the air as the muffin man throws them
>Every fluffy love him, every fluffy follow him
>Other human monsters look at the muffin man and laugh, they show the muffin man some little boxes that flash some light
>Why do monsters give flashy lights to muffin man?
>Doesn't matter, you follow muffin man through the street
>Woah, the muffin man is so brave! he crossed the place where big box munstas run around
>The meanie box monsters start to make loud noisies to the muffin mister
>How dare they? They were poopie box monsters anyway
>You blow them a raspberry
>the nice muffin mister crosses where the box monsters won't go.
>Eek! The box monsters only let the nice mister cross, some of the fluffies that crossed to the no-monster place got forever sleepies!
>Oww...poor fluffies
>Your special friend is in the other side!
>Please don't cross special friend
>"Gud wuck! get wotsa nummies!"
>You wave her and follow the muffin man with the rest of the fluffies.
>The muffin man walks through some walls where some of the fluffies live, some fluffies living in the trashies come join the muffin man as well
>Jojo, a smarty fluffy, gives owwies to the fluffies coming from the trash
>"Dese oww nummies dummeh twashie fwuffies!"
>The other fluffies walked away, but still got some of the nummies the muffin man dropped
>They seemed happy as well
>Good! All fluffies are happy!

This OC? Who made this?
Wow. A story where I hate the cops more than the fluffy. Of course.
>You keep following the nice mister until you get to a place with lots of metal boxes
>Very big metal boxes!
>Oh no, some doggies got out of these boxes!
>Run fluffies, run away from the monsters!
>Eee!, Even the muffin man is running
>You run behind the muffin man as fast as you can
>You see how other fluffies get forever sleeping by the doggy monsters
>You get to safety with the muffin man and many other fluffies
>You are getting too far
>But you haven't told the nice mister you love him
>You need to get closer, you need to get nummies, and tell the mister you love him, and go back home
>NOT from the place you came, you need to remember this, you gotta, you gotta you==
>"Mistah, fwuffy wuuuuuv nice muffin mistah!"
>And other fluffies surrounded the nice mister with hugs.
>Yes! This is your chance
>You walk over most of the fluffies and the nice mister notices you
>"Nice mistah, fwuffy wuv you!"
>The other fluffies let you fall, and you get owwies
>The muffin man picks you up and smiles at you
>"What is your name little one?"
>"Am bwoo" you say "am haff peshul fwen an babbes soon!"
>The other fluffies love the idea of new babies, you already like them a little more!
>The nice mister pets you and gives you a wood holdy thing with muffins
>"For your lady" says the nice muffin mister, and he closes one of his see places. Only one
>It makes you feel happy for some reason
>"Okay fluffies, who want to follow the muffin man back to drury lane"
>Lots of fluffies yell their names and raised their hooves
>Some others waved the nice mister goodbye and tried to remember a way back home
>Maybe you should follow him
>But nice mister is getting away...
>He is going back to drury lain with other fluffies that will get nummies forever!


What do?

>Follow the muffinman!
>Go back home with nummies!

First five votes win
You bare the mark of the devil in your name. As I have written my story, now you must complete yours.
>Follow the Muffinman
See where the rabbit hole goes.
back home
Follow muffinman!
>go back home with nummies
We had a mission, dammit. Get back to the homestead with the loot!
home with nummies
Only one more for comming home!
go back
Go home. I want his mare dead
>Do it.
>kill him
And now we wait.
>Strokes fluffy in lap as he waits.
File: image.png (16 KB, 420x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 420x420
Welp, this thread is dead. New Flowey thread?
I guess everyone is gone.
We have to know what happens to the muffins
I'm the only one left.
I stand corrected
Alas, but why?
File: 1462843589107.png (28 KB, 443x592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 443x592
File: 1459088869756.jpg (290 KB, 600x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
290 KB, 600x1000
This is why:
> Bronies like fluffies
> Fluffy fans like brony shit
> They're somehow the same and not two completely different things at this point.

> I stand corrected
>didn't see it when I posted it
>hadn't updated the thread yet
stop samefagging any time
That's actually pretty scary
>...No, you already have the nummies the nice mister gave you
>You meet along the other fluffies that are trying to go back home
>"wheww home?" you ask
>"Nu kno..." says a mare with some foals
>"Jojo say dis way!"
>Of course! Your friend Jojo is a smarty
>Everything will be alright
>Jojo walks other way from where you came
>Silly Jojo, where are you going?
>You walk throught a different place, you do not know where you are anymore
>You hear some doggy monsters in the distance
>Oh! of course, the doggy monsters are on the path back home
>Tehee, Jojo is very smart!
>You follow Jojo through a place you have never seen before.
>Even the box monster place was different
>We all fluffies waited for the box monsters to stop moving
>The box monsters rushed quickly, scaring the younger
>Then less came along...they stopped!
>You want to run but Jojo gives your tails some owwies
>You stop on your place and turn around
>"No wun yet"
>You then see other box monsters coming from other place the box monsters came that were standing still a few seconds ago
>Then these stop moving too, and Jojo starts walking
>"Otay, cwoss nao!"
>And we all crossed the box monster place
>Some fluffies started to split from the group from there
>"fwuffy know whew am nao! fank yoo nice fwuffy"
>And got back to their brothers and sisters and gave them a good chunk of muffin
>You are close home when suddenly Jojo walks in front of you
>And since you were ahead of everyone, he was now ahead of everyone instead
>"Nu muv"
>Ahead, Jojo pointed at some little humans
>Those were the worse, you can't convince them to stop giving you owwies
>Jojo also knew this and told you all to move back away slowly

Follow The Muffin Man.
>And so we did
>You were close to leacving the wall placey where the little humans where playing
>One of the younger foals starts crying!
>Jojo panics and tells the colt to shut up
>The little humans yell "Fluffies! Get em!" as they run towards you
>"WUUUUUUNN!" yells Jojo as he runs around the corner and scatering all the fluffies in every direction
>Most of the fluffies made it out, but the little fluffies caught the mare with the foal
>As you run you fall in the ground and get owwies
>Oh no!, the nummies in the wooden thing! They fell off!
>You return and see the nummies, so you push them back in place
>As you bite the wooden thingy, you feel Jojo pushing you from behind
>He pushes you right in the wall place that takes you home, back into the park!
>Jojo was now running behind you
>Suddenly you see him trip, but it was a though something made it trip
>Jojo falls on the ground, the little humans figured how to give owwies even if they're not next to fluffy with some rubber things in their hands and some stones
>"Wun! dummeh!" yells Jojo
>and you do
>And you see the kids catching up with him
>And throwing him stones with the rubber thingies
>The box monsters stopped enough for you to cross back home, in the park!
>You meet with your special friend
>Her face beams when she sees the muffin nummies
>You tell her you told the muffin mister you loved him and he gave you that
>Ginger smiles, but a bunch of other wingies and hornie friends kept looking around
>"Whew Jojo?"
>"Jojo get home soon!" you say
>They seem calmer, but still look preocupied.
>When the cold dark time comes, you sleep next to ginger
>You cuddle after eating a lot of one of the muffin nummie
>"Nu numm aww da muffin nummie peshul fwen"
>"Sowwy Bwoo, Gingew haff wowst tummy owwies fow babbehs"
>"Babbehs!" you beam at her
>And sleep on a fluffpile the rest of the night.


Do you wanna read the alt ending?
I don't get these. Why do you enjoy this?
Tell us, how evil is the muffin man truly?
But like, seriously. How fucked up is that? Like, the mother is eating the baby to make milk, but the baby is the ONLY baby. holy shit, I need to take a minuet.
File: 1458512498311.png (984 KB, 1248x3085) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
984 KB, 1248x3085
It's like modern art. You get it or you don't. Don't bother trying to understand.
We need to know the secret of the Muffinman
Haha, whoa there Picasso. I'm not looking at these in Art History, I only see these on 4chan. If you lack the lingual skills to briefly explain this, then step aside and let someone else. I'm curious on what the appeal of this art is
File: nu papi.png (36 KB, 967x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nu papi.png
36 KB, 967x524
There is only one thing that can save this thread.
One Fluffy.
Coming this May
The return
Because fluffy's are a mockery of mlp they aren't allowed there, and all the other boards are hardly appropriate for the abuse of miniature horse's. so Here they are.
One of my favorite pokenmen.
File: good fluf.png (27 KB, 967x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
good fluf.png
27 KB, 967x524
Are there any others with intelligent fluffies?
You know, that's fair. I am in /b/ after all.
Can't believe it has already been six months since I found Riddick in the alley about to be stomped to death shortly after he was born. Six whole months. And thankfully the summer is over. You wouldn't believe how annoying it is to keep a fluffy properly groomed so they don't overheat when it regularly stays over 30 Celsius for the whole day.

Riddick, for his part, couldn't help it. Being black he absorbs heat like a motherfucker. Got so bad during some of the days that I simply had to fill up a baking sheet with water so he could cool down like I do. Great fucking choice. Wish Hasbio would come out with an indoor fluffy pool or something. Anyway, didn't come onto /fluffy/ to bore you with banalities of everyday life.

Let me tell you about the second time I took Riddick to the Vet. Yeah, the same one who thought I was bringing him in to be put down. It was the teeth of a heatwave, I was dying metaphorically. A wet dishtowel hanging around my neck was my only source of succor. Fuck, I hate the heat. Riddick wasn't in a much better spot. After grooming him a little to get some of his coat off we braved the heat to get to the Vet. Putting down a couple wet rags in the bottom of my backpack for Riddick so he'd more comfortable on the trip over.

“Nu wike big hawt.” he moaned. “Wan wawa pwace.”

“I know buddy. I know. It's hot... Damn hot, real hot, so hot I can cook stuff in my shorts; a little crotchpot cooking!” I chuckled a little. Love that movie.

“Daddeh siwwy.” Riddick says quietly from my backpack. I can feel him rolling around. The little dude is about twelve pounds. Fully grown, which is nice. But I have to prepare for the inevitable 'Wan special friend' request or demand.

None too soon we reach the Vet's office. There's bottled water, I down a bottle and a half quickly. Riddick stands on his hind legs, his hoofpads pressing into my back. They're a little more solid now, after the walks and things we've gone on.
File: aw yeah mang.png (32 KB, 784x570) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
aw yeah mang.png
32 KB, 784x570
Mainly fluffies are the worst pieces of shit to exist, with killing offspring that they deem unworthy, rape, and general rude behavior. They try to cover it up by acting innocent and whining, bitching and complaining. Catharsis is received in watching these vermin suffer.
Nigga you have good taste in bugs
“Nu mor big hawties.” his voice full of relief. Putting the makeshift fluffy carrier down as I check in Riddick manages to knock it over and crawl out. With a few flaps of his wings he frees himself from the last of the backpack. “Wet Widdik go!” he demands.

“Checking in, Anon. Fluffy for a check up.” Telling the disinterested receptionist. He shoves some paperwork at me, a little rude I think. Doesn't matter that much, I'm just grateful to be out of the heat Riddick and I find a seat to wait. He lays down on the cool tile, rubbing his muzzle against it.

“Coow fwoow...” he coos. It takes a little while before for I'm called. Riddick trots ahead of me into the open door that leads back into operating room or whatever it is called. Grabbing Riddick, can't pick him up by the scruff anymore, with both hands I lift him up onto the examination table.

“Wee! Widdik fwy!” He flaps his wings some. Instead of setting him onto the table immediately I carried him around for a moment before the Vet was ready for us. His giggling was infectious, flapping his wings harder and harder. “Widdik bestest fwyin' fwuffy!” he cries. The Vet clears his throat.

“Shall we begin?” he asks. Clearly he doesn't want to deal with me playing with my fluffy. I set Riddick on the table. After a battery of tests; temperature, weight, height, reflexes, standard stuff really. At the end the Vet grabs Riddick's leg, the one that was dislocated, and forces him to completely extend it.

“Huu.” Riddick lets out, not really in pain but uncomfortable.

“Hmm.... Just like I thought, he isn't extending it. The leg is strong, for a shi-fluffy,” he corrects, “but at least twice a day keep his leg extended fully for five minutes. In a couple months his limp should go away.” He lets Riddick go, who promptly brings his leg back toward him, curling it some. The Vet motions for me to come over.
File: sketties 1.png (34 KB, 784x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sketties 1.png
34 KB, 784x545
Come on, anons, where are those (you)s at.
I like this shit
File: sketties 2.png (38 KB, 784x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sketties 2.png
38 KB, 784x545
File: sketties 3.png (17 KB, 784x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sketties 3.png
17 KB, 784x545
Checking myself, 6/?
That's all I got :(
File: 000000.jpg (279 KB, 1734x974) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279 KB, 1734x974
File: sketties 4.png (29 KB, 784x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sketties 4.png
29 KB, 784x545
File: sketties 5.png (52 KB, 784x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sketties 5.png
52 KB, 784x545
imagine the fluffy singing like borat
the fact he's so confident he can sing smoke on the water when he clearly can't
File: fuck time.png (22 KB, 784x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuck time.png
22 KB, 784x545
(You)s increase fluffer's Erection.
Help a bro out, guys.
where is this going I'm curious now
and what am I doing with my life...
I hope my peers and niggas don't find out that I'm reading Fluffers now ;_;
File: fluffer nu papi.png (25 KB, 784x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fluffer nu papi.png
25 KB, 784x545
File: 1462845634347.png (215 KB, 800x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 800x864
I relate to this one on a deep personal level.
I'm lurkin! I'm lurkin!
File: 1462845673974.png (418 KB, 999x1565) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
418 KB, 999x1565
File: 1462845701551.png (638 KB, 792x2814) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
638 KB, 792x2814
Anyone reading?


“Alright, so.” he begins, “I need to sterilize him. Healthiest way is to neuter him. The chemicals can have some terrible affects on fluffies.” I just stare at him, shaking my head.

“We're not doing that. He's done nothing wrong.”

“It isn't about wrong or right. It's the law to prevent feral populations from getting even more out of hand. You don't have to sterilize him, but there is a fee.”

“Done.” I reply instantly, not even caring. We leave, both of us intact. Turns out it is a fee, a registration, and even a DNA marker instead of getting Riddick snipped. Worth it. Read the fine print, if any ferals are found with Riddick's DNA I'm on the hook for 500$ each. Damn. At least he hasn't been asking for special friends or babies yet.

Pouring the rest of the half bottle onto the rags in the bottom of my backpack I prep for the trek back to my flat through the brutal heat. Riddick is a little stubborn before he gets back into his carrier. I just have to look at him, glaring a little, and he complies. Instantly he begins to roll around, wetting his fluff. The walk back was easier than the walk there.

Panting by the time I got in the door, I had to sit down. Riddick was eager to get out of the backpack himself, it was dark in there. After he is out he ran around in celebration. Checking the time it was nearly time for dinner.

“Riddick, do you know what day it is?” I ask, smiling. He trots over to my feet, putting a hoofpad on me. He thinks for a moment, his tail flicking back and forth. After a moment he shakes his head. I grin for a moment, squatting down. “It's Friday, and you've been a good fluffy, so that means spaghetti for dinner.”
File: 1462845749970.png (430 KB, 1000x2088) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
430 KB, 1000x2088
File: bretty.jpg (26 KB, 492x429) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 492x429

my god...there are so many layers of WTF that I don't even right now
Riddick is back! Yay!
File: 1462845810285.png (488 KB, 996x2486) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
488 KB, 996x2486
Yeah, i'm reading at least. although i havent been caught up with the tales of riddick for the last few days.
File: 1462845845504.png (594 KB, 984x2648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
594 KB, 984x2648
>That last blow at the end
File: car trip.png (32 KB, 784x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
car trip.png
32 KB, 784x545
File: 1462845905923.png (589 KB, 999x2810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
589 KB, 999x2810
>>683674733 will bring you up to date. I posted the first part of Chapter 2 in this thread.

>>683672364, >>683672509, >>683674433
File: 1462730567470.png (255 KB, 500x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255 KB, 500x1600
Thanks, anon. Ran a competitive one a few years back.
This guy's life is just shit.
Also, checking.
File: 1462845936205.png (507 KB, 1000x2016) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
507 KB, 1000x2016
File: 1462845985902.png (536 KB, 1000x2816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
536 KB, 1000x2816
What is my life.
File: 1462846092329.png (498 KB, 1000x1718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
498 KB, 1000x1718
All the drugs and Xanax in the world can't cure me of this sadness.
Babbeh no Huwties me
File: 1462846142027.png (1 MB, 1997x5249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1997x5249
My only hope is that one day I may release myself from this prison I call life.
File: 3.gif (3 MB, 1250x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1250x750
>You had the nummies you and your special friend needed
>But for how long will you have them?"
>These last tummy owwies were the longest, and if you followed the Muffinman too
>"Wanna come little one?" asks the nice mister
>The nice mister is talking to you
>You turn around, and see your smarty friend Jojo
>he is guiding some fluffies back home
>"Fwen go to Dwuwy Wane?" asks Jojo
>You nod
>He goes to you and give you a hug
>"Get WOTS of nummies fwend!" says Jojo and goes back to the other fluffies
>You smile at Jojo and you follow the nice mister
>However, you start to think
>If you get to the drury lane with the nice mister, you get nummies forever, every fluffy knew that
>But...did the fluffy ever got to see their fluffy friends again?
>Nummies forever are good!...but
>A tiny pink foal gently shoves the nice mister
>"Nice mistah can pway muffin song?"
>The nice mister smiles and makes his nice music box start making music again
>"Yesh am kno da muffyman who wives in dwuwwy wane!" sing all the fluffies
>You follow the muffinman into some doors that were on the floor behind a nice smelling place
>This was the drury lane of the song? The drury lane smelled so nice!
>It smelled so much like nummies!
>Your stomach gurgles, you are hungry, you start to numm some of your muffin
>The nice muffin mister opens the door, the door leds downstairs.
>The fluffies keep dancing as they go downstairs with the mister and the nice song
>You are in the house of the nice mister!
>You stop singing along with a few other fluffies as you notice something
>You thought of hearing...crying?
>Like other fluffies crying and bawling...
>You notice other fluffies noticing this, and the suddenly the nice music got REALLY loud

Oh shit, it's 15/?
I haven't made any more yet, next panels will be up slower.
Reply with "I really really really like this fluffer"
1 (you) = 1 chemo
Love the mental abuse, please post more!
I really really really like this fluffer nutter

Ty for comic, lori
File: 1462846189705.png (450 KB, 1200x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
450 KB, 1200x768
Any y'all faggots still reading?
holy shit mang
I really really really like this fluffer, it's like Gerald all over again
File: 1462722992142.jpg (39 KB, 288x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 288x384
I am
Old classic but overused.
Flufferposter here, I'm reading, that's my excuse for taking so long to post the first 15.
>You thought the song didn't sound as nice when it gave owwies to your hear place
>You follow the muffinman into a warm room.
>Woah, there was a fire place in the room!
>You were so cold, you loved the fire place
>The nice mister sat next to the fire, singed with his mouth closed the muffin song and offered all the other fluffies nummies!
>I had nummies before, so I only ate half of the muffin from the muffin man
>Ohh, but they tasted so good! wish I haven't had stupid nummies he gave me before
>After eating the fluffies start singing and dancing, the nice mister has some strip thingy!
>And he...and...
>And there's also a sharp metal thingy..
>Oof...fluffy tired...
>He makes noisy with metal thingy and black rough thingy...and...
>Fluffy...feels really sleepy
>Is it sleepy times already? But you just had nummies
>You came to the place with forever nummmies and you're sleeping! This is like a nightmare
>Come to think of did the fluffies knew they got nummies forever?
>You thinking about you concerns you for some reason, but you ignore why
>You think about how many fluffies came back from the Drury Lane, and you don't ever remember seeing one
>Something in your brain was triggering several alarms
>And you finally understand why you were concerned, you couldn't move
>No! you were asleep!
>You try to move but fail all the time, you keep trying over and over
>You can hear other fluffies out there
>"fwu....wu...ffffffff...." and then falling on their faces
>Ok, something is not right
>Something is totally not right

I thought this was a fetish.
I understand now.
This is dirtier than a fetish.
I feel dirty for enjoying it.
This is the most spot on comic about fluffy abuse
i just want to point out my oc here before thread ends
Oh yeah
>donut noise
Shut up and take my muffins!!
>I really really really like this fluffer
I really like this fluffer. Won't it do some fucked up shit? I wan't to see it doing some fucked up shit.
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>You want to leave, you changed your mind about the nice mister
>After some long time, you finally get to open your see place
>You still feel tired, but you can at least now keep your eyes open
>...and with your eyes open you see the horror
>Piles and piles of bloody fluff ripped from your fellow travelers
>You see a pile of bones, and a machine that turns the bones into a white powder
>You see several bottles of milk and mommas with no leggies and no see places
>A bucket with something yellow and hard was also there
>And next to the fire, the muffin man stabbed the metal thingy trough the sleeping fluffies, got all the tummy sketting out of them, got their fluff and throw the bones into a metal placey with water
>You were very close to the nice mister
>The song kept playing as all the fluffies got forever sleepies
>You start crying, but you try to not make any noise to not alert the muffinman
>You can't see how you're getting out of this one
>Your only card is having the nice mister remember who you are
>After killing all the other fluffies, he finally picks you
>You start to waddle, the nice mister stops making the whistly sound with his mouth

3/4 I guess
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>" giff owwies...wemembah? fwuffy wub you"
>"...oh yes, the fella with the little mare, how you doin little fella?"
>he is giving you bad owwies, you shouldn't give uppies to a fluffy by the fluff on the neck because it hurts
>But you are still too scared to say anything
>"fwuffy haff nummies fow peshul wet fwuffy go...wet nummie giff..."
>You can no longer explain yourself as the nice mister starts laughing
>You are afraid of the way he laughs
>"Hoho, ohh...I can't do that now, you'll tell what happens to the other fluffies in the Drury Lane!"
>"N-N-NU, FWUFFY PWOMISE NU SAY ANYFFIN!" you beg, you are desperate, you need to convince him, but it looks like its not working, he is still laughing
>"Haha, oww...aren't you the saddest little thing?"
>And then he gives you some owwies in your smell place by pinching it with its fingers
>He picks his sharp metal thingy, and even when you beg and cry for him to stop, the sharp metal thing gives you owwies on the belly
>It's many times worse than the tummy owwies for having no nummies
>You feel something coming from your chestie and into your inside mouth
>No, bobo juice
>There was bobo juice in your mouth
>"Oww...pwease..." you beg
>You understand this is it, but you still struggle to keep your life inside your body
>You struggle to remain awake, to stay concious
>You don't want to go forever sleepies.
>The metal thingy hurts your belly, and your leggies and part of your back
>Then, after that, the muffin man grabs you under your fluff and pulls
>It hurts alot, you feel how everything gave you owwies
>These were different owwies, this felt like the kind no fluffy should feel
>You start crying as the muffin man starts cuting you even more with his sharpy metal thing
>The last thing you get to see is the muffin man snapping a bone from your leggies and throwing into a pile
>You hear the song as fade away
>"...ow I knoow the muffinmaaan the muffin maaan the muff.."

That was dark yo.
Very cool though. Is this yours?
If it is, consider posting it, and more after, on the booru
well done bud
a good caper from start to finish
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