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Post your young(est) sexual experiances
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Post your young(est) sexual experiances
bonus for greentext
>be me
>discovered fapping
>fap all day
>still fap
>>Be me 8Yo Boy
>>Sister 18Yo sitting me
>>starts to play wrestle with me
>>She start to get handy and keeps brushing around my dick
>>i feel weird and tell her
>>she says she can help me but i have to undo my pants
>>I do that she sucks me off
>>she tells me to help her
>>pushes me underneith her miniskirt tells me to start licking
>>i had no idea what i was doing but she enjoyed it very much
>>After that we did it almost every week sometimes multiple times a week
>>I still visit her every month and we have fun
>>i'm now 18 and she's still hot as always
> be 8
> never took hygiene too serious as kid
> never pulled back foreskin and washed glans of penis
> foreskin sticks to glans, cant be pulled back anymore
> penis inspection day
> fat nurse pulles back everyone's foreskin
> can't do it with mine
> uses force
> skin of glans gets ripped off
> blood, blood everywhere
> entire class watched
> 1 week later whole schools talks about it
> get beaten up ever since
> even years after leaving school (i am 38 now)
> random people walk straight up to me and punch me in the face

thanks penis inspection day
My cousin and I used to see what things we could shove/ hold in our pusses with out it falling out around the age of 10 biggest thing we got to was a TV remote but it left scrapes around my vagina lips so we stopped, now every now and then we hook up and try the game again she getting good.
So did you two ever masturbate together?
That's some fucking horror story.
My PID was just your regular inspection, everything went fine, thank god.
At work now see if I can get one in the bathroom
Yeah some times by I had this weird thing where I liked my fingers really deep in to her mouth whilst I fingered my self but she had to be clothed or else I get turned off. The one time it got really weird was when she started with me for a few days in college and she's do this thing where if she was eating a carrot she'd run over stuck it in my pussy then make me take a bite them carry on eating it like nothing happened.
What you mean sauce? I didn't take a picture of it.
Also sorry about my retard typing at work so I'm being covert
>be 16 yo me
>dating girl for 5months
>both of us are hardcore stoners
>both virgins
>us go to burned down house of her Street
>go inside and smoke
>suddenly she takes off her shirt
>the weed is making me do things
>takes off all my clothes
>so does she
>I lay down. And she gets ontop
>she starts to ride me and I feel her cherry pop
>she keeps going and bends down to make out with me
That's how I lost my virginity /b/
>till this day we are still dating,
>I'm 19 now
File: 1461532726504.gif (646 KB, 512x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
646 KB, 512x481
>be me
>be 12
>already discovered fapping
>fap to porn reguraly
>wonder one day how it would feel to have sex
>think how to simulate
>see coffee table in living room
>get ideea
>get everything off table
>clean it with a sponge
>get hard
>sit on it
>press dick against belly and table
>start going back and forth
>mfw i fucked a table
Thats the closest i ever got to sex
You guys want more stories? If you can put up with my bullshit typing then I'll try to add more stories
go for it
Damn smart kid
can someone post the full webm

please god dammit
Top kek
> be me
> -9 months old
> started to fuck a woman
> deeeep down into the womb
> full body experience
> lasted 9 months
> finally i was born
Too old.
yeah go for it please
It's called too hot, fever, thermometer, something to do with heat 2. Fuckin superb porno, sorry I don't remember much else. Pretty certain fever is in the name and it's the second one of two.
been there done that.
Alright, earlier I typed about the have we played as kids with the shoving things in our pussy well the worst one of those I did was when we went to Fiji to Vida point and we decided to see what the weirdest shit we could stick up there my cousin the Fucking idiot put an olive on a tooth pick up there and it started slipping up in to her pussy so we had to run across the beach with her grabbing her vag looking like she shit her self all the way to the toilet and because it's an olive it started coming off the tooth pick so I had to spend a full 10 minutes with my finger in her slowly pushing the olive whilst pulling the toothpick out.
Fuck sorry for typos meant vuda point and it was her who did it not me
Made me chuckle

Jesus H Fuck! That's one hell of s story. You'd think it would be hot, but it really just isn't.
Coming to your rescue
view_video.php?viewkey=735160894 on the hub of porn
File: DiopWCo.jpg (15 KB, 245x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Godspeed, anon.
Hey anon asked for stories, also the stories from when we were young are the hot ones now we just mess round with stuff like this
Well. One girl showed my pussy once. I was 7, she was 4.

Oh no femanon, I wasn't complaining, not in the least. You'd think one girl fingering the other would or could get hot, it just really wasn't. Love to hear more about your adventures, and as usual, pic with timestamp is appreciated.
Me like 10 yo had a gf we sat next to each other on the bed looked real horny each other and then her mom called
File: 1446585113083.jpg (753 KB, 1694x2951) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
753 KB, 1694x2951
>Be me 15 (Back then)
>See a girl in after school dt
>She looks back at me
>Start talking more often
>End up dating
>About a week or so into the relationship
>Anon can I have a massage ?
>Sure thing
>She lays with her stomach on mine
>She is distracted by film
>Start moving her further up
>Her pussy is in smelling distance
>She feels my cock begin to throb against her
>She knows
>Begin to slowly kiss her inner thigh
>Closer and closer
>Finally start to lick her pussy through her panties
>She starts moaning
>She rolls off and takes her panties off
>Sits upright as she pushes my head down
>Tastes sooo good
>I eat the pussy like wanton soup
>My face is dripping in her cum
>I dont stop
>Finger blaster 5000 initiated
>She moans faster and faster
>Breathing intensifies
>Eat the pussy for 30 mins straight
>Face covered in cum
>Best night of my life
Well, pussy eating in porn is boring as fuck, but your greentext was awesome
Cheers /b/ro.
Yeah it's weird, but what ever. Give me like 10 mins got Fucking rounds to do, I'll get you the picture.

Next story from when we were younger, first time we experimented with ass stuff and getting in more than one orgasms, about 14 I think and we decided to put the ends of our comb in ass whilst masturbating it was so good had baby orgasm typical of that age and we do This thing where instead of pushing it in and out we'd just make circles with the comb and the orgasm got better. I think same day we tried to put ice on our pussy whilst we masturbated it did nothing for me but my cousin went awol first time she had spasms when cumming, I got jealous but the best but was we scissor sat to warm her pussycat back up.
This do any thing for you? Guilty as charged I like to get off knowing some of you have a hard on thinking about this in your head so tell me if you are
>be me
>game my mom the greatest orgasm ever as I came out from her vag.
>she grabs me in her hands
>you are bigger than your father's
>father got cuckd by his own son.
>be 14
>dad comes home with new gf, mom dead
>dad drubk as fuck, goes directly to sleep on couch
>inb4 newmom starts rubbing his cock
>le me walks in
>9/11 erection
>newmom sees
>kisses the fuck out of me
>sex for 4 times in one night
File: 1434609394137.png (5 KB, 401x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Didn't we all.
bull shiet

Penis inspection day was a breeze, bro.
My cock is diamonds right now anon. Plz keep going

I might get hard if I could understand what you wrote. the last part about the scissors is totally indecipherable.
>1st Grade
>Went to a Christain school
>They avoid teaching anything about the difference between boys and girls
>Except that it's bad to look at the other's private parts (their words)
>Rebellious fuck of a 9 year old me wants to know what the big deal is
>Fast Forward to recess
>Curiousity about girls mysterious evil private parts gets the better of me
>Ask girl who talks to me in class if she wants to see my privates
>ok but you have to show me yours
>She was embarrassed but curious like me
>We go to the back of the playground where's there's dense trees and shit out of sight
>Immediately whip out my peepee to show her
>She seems surprised, I ask to see what hers looks like
>pulls down panties from under school dress code skirt
>Surprised that there's a hole where her peepee should be
>She wanted to touch it so I let her
>Wasn't really sexual though, more investigation
>Do the same ot her but when I've got my fingers rolling her privates around the teacher came to see what we were doing
>Not really embarrassed but more afraid of getting in trouble
>Teachers talked to my parents but decided we were young and that it may have somehow been related to the way they taught us about the opposite sex

So I think that's why I've been into exhibitionism my entire adult life
>Be me
>14 yo girl
>not the smartest
>Home alone one night
>Random knock at front door
>Stupid me goes to open
>Some weird 17 or 18 old punk
>Says he knows my big bro.
>I let him in
>show him big bro's room
>he pushes my onto the bed
>be 13
>live in gated community
>me and a couple of other kids play a game we made up at night
>its just hide and seek but you throw water balloons at each other when you find someone
>im good at hiding always get found last
>girl decides to come with me so she doesn't get wet anymore
>we hide behind between a bush and a wall
>we just sit and wait not really talking
>i notice her shirt is wet
>i can see her bra
>i flat out tell her that i can see it
>"so what?"
>"is this the first bra you've seen?"
>i say no, even though it is
>she asks if i've seen tits before
>her saying the word "tits" throws me off
>i say no
>"you want to?"
>i barely squeak out "sure"
>she lifts her shirt with her bra
>there they are
>low a-b cup
>"ok now you"
>"you want me to lift up my shirt?" i say
>she laughs "no, your dick"
>oh shit
>I'm a total beta
>i say "nah that's okay'
>"you have to, i showed you now you show me"
>i unzip my fly and pull out my wiener
>she giggles
>she grabs it
>i flinch but don't move away
>"do you know what a tug job is?"
>yes, she actually said tug job"
>i say no
>she shows me
>she starts pulling on it
>i start getting hard
>she's not really doing it well
>still feels good
>"now you put your fingers on me"
>"down there"
>i put my hand down there
>its warm
>i don't really know what to do
>"rub my pussy"
>i start petting it over her jeans
>shes still pulling my pecker
>"here this is better"
>pulls down here jeans a bit
>its pantytown
>do it under my underwear
>i go for it
>first time feeling a vagina
>feels weird
>"there now just keep doing that"
>we sit there side by side pleasuring eachother in silence
>it's awkward
>no one finds us until it's time for us to go home
>i'm still the hide and seek king
Sure. Make it good anon

>be camping with first real gf
>decide to loose our virginities
>piss in bushes before sex
>she also pisses in bushes
>no toilet paper
>we start sucking each other off in our tent
>the taste of piss in our mouths
>I try to push my limp dick in her dry cunt
>we stop
>I say:
>"I guess we are not virgins anymore "

>I feel her cherry pop.
You're quite clearly still a virgin.
>penile inspection in schools
must be american
Fuck you're right, I'm to lazy to re read on phone so auto correct is Fucking with me. Basically after leaving the ice on the her pussy her pussy was really cold so we sat like scissoring to warm it up

Ohhh ok! I thought the scissors were part of the "things we can stick inside ourselves" game! LOL
>be me
>9 yrs old
>at friends house chillin for the night
>his mum didn't care about what we did
>smash down a few cans of rum
>get pretty bored so he invites friends over
>we chill for an hour or 2
>they decide to invite this 18 yr old hottie over
>its my neighbor.jpeg
>she comes over n starts drinking, shes flirty with everyone
>being 9 I was shy, tried to look away but she knew
>an hour passes and shes pretty drunk, some of the guys grab ice from the freezer
>they lift her top and start rubbing it on her nipples
>im sitting there watching pimp my ride but looking in the corner of my eye...

That's not how that works... Classic fake & gay.
Dad died when I was a baby, ended up getting molested by my mom and several of her boyfriends until I was ten because single moms are cancer.
>>smash down a few cans of rum

>>smash down a few cans of rum
>>a few cans of rum
>>cans of rum
okay here is an incest story thats true
setting christmas eve night in a bed room with a half bunk bed and cot
>my sis and I are talking
>both virgins so we are curious
>we do the show me yours I show you mine game
>she is cheap with what she did she just flashed the tits
> I actually let my penis out for a good 15 seconds
>i go on her bed with her
>ask her for a blow job
>she says only after a back rub
>she falls asleep me now cockblocked
>Scared af
>he tells me to be quiet
>so I am
>he starts to choke me
>I pass out
>Wake up couple a minutes later
>I feel sore and wet between my legs
>Punk ass is gone, door wide open
>I lock the door and hide in the shower
>Next morning I puke.
>Dad got pissed when he found out.
>he thought I had a boyfriend
>Got Abortion
>he still wont talk to me today.
Something wrong with that statement?
Canned rum is common in Australia (Pre mix) , JD , bundy etc
>be me 15
>everyday after school would go to friends house
>play video games
>friends mom is a divorce alcoholic
>one day i went to pee in the bathroom
>friend was a rich fag had three floors
>she walked in drunk she didnt say anything she put a finger to her lips SHHH can never forget that
>started blowing me
>went back to friends one more time and never returned
>still friends till this day never mentioned it to him
Penis inspection day? WTF is wrong with the USA, bunch of pedos. Hey kids it's time to show us yiu dicks, how does that not seem strange?
I used to visit a girl I knew when I was 4 or so and we would fondle each other in her shed in her back yard. I've loved pussy my whole life. I often wonder if one of my parents abused me before I could remember it.
>long time ago
>I'm 12
>older brother (14), me and red-hair girl neighbor (12-14, not sure) in back yard
>brother says "we'll show ours if you show yours"
>she agrees
>everyone pulls pants down or lifts dress up
>red-hair girl doesn't have a penis
>holy shit! red-hair girl doesn't have a penis!!!
>few days later getting baby sat my 16-year old girl babysitter
>tell her "red-hair girl doesn't have a pee pee"
>babysitter looks at me like I'm retarded
>"girls don't have pee pees"
>I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you
>"you don't have a pee pee"
>"no retardanon. i don't"
>just staring at her wondering how this all came about
>"come in here"
>babysitter takes me into bedroom. closes blinds
>tells me I can't tell anyone or else they'll know I'm stupid
>sits in chair and tells me to kneel between her legs
>lifts her skirt up and slides panties down
>holy shit, she's right
>she tells me to take a good look at it
>then she tells me to lick it
>I have no idea what I'm doing so go ahead and lick it
>she's holding my head and grinding on my mouth
>after a few minutes she tells me to go into the kitchen and pour myself some orange juice
>few minutes later she comes out, face all red and a little sweaty

tldr: went down on my babysitter, had no idea it was sexual and had orange juice
>he still wont talk to me today.

the dad or the punk?
Well both actually
never saw the punk since
File: A1neW6Y.gif (2 MB, 400x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x196
bc you got raped by some stranger?
great dad.

i remember that day, anon

why are you telling everyone i was a "she"?
We never really talked about it.
Was pretty much too scared/ashamed to talk about it
>be me 16yo
>new hobby cycling
>i go out cycling with my friend often
>one time he tells me he is going to bring her sister too
>i saw her and immediately fell in love with her
>shes so qt3.14
>we get to know each other
>after 2 months we get very very close
>she knows im into her and she is kinda too
>first girl to kiss and like it
>i was so happy i thought i was going to explode
>then relationship went backwards
>after 1 month its good again
>we often drink at my place and make out after that but not more that kissing
>last night at my place
>start kissing her belly
>purring like cat
>i go into her pants
>wet af
>took her pants off
>start fingering her
>took mine off
>fuck like rabbit lasted only 3-4 minutes
>after finished we look at each other awkwardly
>she says tell me something(story,adventure)
>tell her how i got caught when i was robbing magazine(taking some energy drink or some shit)
>still love her
>im friendzoned and i hate it
any suggestion what should i do to get out of it?
how does it feel to be a submissive little bitch that opens doors to random fucknuggets?
Fuck your dad and his attitude, anon. He a punk bitch loser.
but now she is fucking other guys and going to parties getting drunk and high I really loved her and then I poured my heart out and she said she will only love me as a brother ;heart broken;
so yeah and it doesn't help with autism
File: penis board.jpg (40 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
penis board.jpg
40 KB, 600x600

>Be me 7-8 years old
>go swimming with school every Thursday
>have to swim with foam boards so we don't drown (pic related)
>Teacher tells us to put them between our legs so we get better at using our arms and stop kicking at the water like a bunch of retards
>have my first orgasm from that board rubbing my dick
>get a boner every time we go to the pool
>when lining up to jump in the pool I notice this chick's butt
>bump my miniboner against her butt
>sweet jesus this feels good
>stand really close behind her bumping against her ass
>Did this literally every time we went swimming for nearly a year
>Moved to France and never saw her again

Because of Helen's 7 y/o butt I still get a boner when I smell chlorine. Still took me another 5-6 years to realize I could do it myself and it didn't have to be at the pool.
Thanks he kinda died 2 years ago though
> Be me, about age 9
> Sitting on toilet after peeing (because I get yelled at if I get pee anywhere)
> Trying to get the rest of it out of my junk, squeezing it like a tube of toothpaste into a piece of toilet paper
> I start getting hard
> wtf.png
> For whatever reason, rub it against my inner thigh
> feelsgood.png
> Keep rubbing
> Furiously rubbing my 9 year old erection against my inner thigh
> Cum (nothing comes out)
> Masturbate until I'm 14 by rubbing my junk against my inner thigh
> Discover online erotica (not enough b/w for pictures), print off sheets of erotica copied into notepad and bring them into the bathroom
> By this point I ejaculate, so I make a toilet paper cocoon around my junk and rub it furiously against my thigh, while squinting to read 7pt erotica stories about gay incest, my dick has blisters and it sends clouds of disintegrated toilet paper all over my pants and the floor
> Bits of toilet paper stuck in the blisters

It's really no wonder I didn't lose my virginity until 23
Yeah well. Shit. I'm sorry?
fuck off

no chance of me being your internet gf now
Oh saying all this is making me horny at Fucking work
Another one is when I lied to her that I could squirt basically she was telling me about how she squirted for the first time I didn't wanna seem like I wasn't get the full experience so I told her I could squirt as well, she caught on to my bull shit and told me to go right there so I just started fingering my self and I was getting to my g spot going faster, slower everything but I wasn't squirting so I got the comb up my ass and then well prove the point I just pissed my self whilst moaning and spraying it every where Fucking ruined the couch but she looked like she bought it
>doesn't help with autism

Clearly. What did you expect, idiot? Marriage?
Nah it's fine, He was an ass. Drank too much, hit my mom.
File: 1461730861576.jpg (29 KB, 438x438) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 438x438
at least a little bit of feelings not just the instant friendzone/brotherzone

You girls really went at it. Good for you! Wouldn't mind seeing a photo of her either.
oh well i give it a try

>be me, around 15 or 16ish, beta as fuck
>be ins scouts (they're cool in switzerland) and go to a pre-leader camp with scouts of the same age from the region
>get bullied and picked on by the others, but having fun most of the time since there are also cool people and pretty girls
>one day we have "surviving day" basically just walking to some village and find a place for the night and food.
>everyone was looking forward to this just to get drunk
>get tons of beer and liquor on the way
>We find a nice farmer who let's us stay in his barn and even offers us to use his shower
>after we eat something we go to the village
>everyone starts drinking and is getting pissed quite fast
>Me being influenced a lot by my straight edge brother decides not to drink
>chilling outside with all the people and having a good time
>since everyone's young and drunk people start making out and shit. I'm too shy for all this but have nice talks with one 8/10 girl
>douchebags start to pick on me again so i just move away from the group a little
>girl follows me a minute later, with a few beers and offers me one
>i try a sip but don't like it
>girl is pretty wasted by now and still drinking while we talk
>i decide it's for our best when i lead our group back to go to sleep since we had to hike back the next day
>get called as pussy so i think fuck this and leave
>grill follows me
>halfway she starts to sob for no reason like drunk girls apparently do
>i try to calm her down and we sit down on a bench
>as she calms down we get comfy and eventually she lays her head on my lap with ehr hand resting onj my thigh
>like the virgin beta i was i got a halfway boner, hoping she wouldn't notice
>apparently she did notice, since her hand was slowly moving towards my dick. at this point iw was diamonds
>she slowly starts rubbing it as we hear the rest of the group coming our way
>we get up and walk to a rather hidden bench were i sit down and she immediately gets on my lap
>be me
>2 weeks at some hotel we go to every year
>pretty cool people always the same in these weeks
>recognise new girl also around 14
>hang out the whole day with her
>at night we go to the trampolines
>they are at the other end put into the ground with hole under it to jump
>we lay down and start kissing
>making out really hard
>start touching here at the ass
>instant boner of doom
>grab under the t-shirt
>first time grabbing tits
>she tells me i am to rought i should be more careful
>feel stupid
>finally i got myself trying to get my hands under her jeans
>Start touching her vagina
>Little me trys not to fucking loose it all and play cool
>she touches my boner
>i ask if she would take it out and jerk me off or suck it
>she said no its to soon
>FeelsNotSoGoodMan.JPG but its alright
>afterwards she has to go
>me sitting on trampolin smelling at my fingers
>feeling like a boss with 14 telling all my friends
>be boss
Stay in the brotherzone, whatever the fuck that is
>be me
>be 13
>live in the country (context)
>sister's friend, 12, over for sleepover
>sexual tension
>blushing ensues
>known her for years but never had the nuts to say she was hot
>she sees boner
>asks what it is
>tell her she knows what it is and it only happens when she's around
>nothing happens
>two weeks later, sleep over again
>pool party
>after pool party, showers
>she takes shower first
>comes out in towel with me standing there
>flashes me
>agree to see more later by sneaking out at night into the woods with flashlight
>1AM rolls by
>nudges open my door and takes my hand
>she's wearing oversized tshirt, no bottoms
>me wearing basketball shorts, no boxers
>go into woods
>make out session begins
>pulls off shorts, rigid cock
>takes off shirt, double ds
>plays with cock
>convince her to let me put tip in lightly hairy, wet pussy
>push deeper, break hymen
>muffled scream, thrust more
>cum 30 seconds
>play with pussy till orgasm
>do this until 18 and graduate
>fast forward 11 years, never speak of again
>ass was phat
16, my Taiwanese/Tunisian girlfriend pulls me into teachers bathroom, locks door, and gives me head and swallows when I cum. We then fuck for 3 hours. First blowjob and lost virginity on same day.
Ah, I always forget about this until these threads show up :p
>be a chubby but self confident 14 y/o me
>class trip, rafting
>there's this girl-classmate, quite big tits, cute ass, always had a hate-be horny relationship with her without her knowing
>we get a little drunk for about the first time
>I decide to sleep over in a room with her, 2 more girls and 1 guy
>sharing a bed
>a guy before tried to make out with her, she rejected
>nighttime, everyone asleep except for us
>we start hugging because of no space, making out shortly afterwards
>fingers slide down to her pretty, young, barely-hairy pussy, make her cum
>didn't even fucking know what I was doing, but success
>slide down to her pussy, start licking, try to finger her butt
>she doesn't want me to, but starts grinding against my face and nose
>almost start choking and waking up the others
>make her cum again, I come from sliding dick against bed
>wake up with smell of pussy still around my mouth and fingers
>go to my room and tell my friends, keep sucking on my fingers for a couple more hours until we go rafting
>i remember that day, anon
>why are you telling everyone i was a "she"?

trust me... that sort of thing happened a few years later.
File: 1.jpg (80 KB, 621x621) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 621x621
>finger blaster 5000

Maaaan I'm jelly, I only have the F.Blaster 3500. Is the 5000 nice? New features?
like the friendzone but for brothers
They inspect all of your body, retard. Faggots here just say penis because 4Chan is addicted to dick
File: londyn.jpg (44 KB, 604x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 604x453
this is her, one year later, second from the left
File: 1418707136384.png (84 KB, 252x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 252x200
>random people walk straight up to me and punch me in the face
>>683462648 More stories of lezzie cousin sex please. That's two good things that go well together.
>be me
>be 14
>been with girlfriend for about a year now
>birthday on a school day
>she comes round on the weekend
>start watching twilight or some shit (she was an emo so vampire shit)
>dry rub her jeans
>take off her belt and finger that shit
>she tosses me off a bit
>we go to my room
>lay on bed making out
>ask if she wants to
>she nods
>whip on a condom faster than sanic
>tells me not to look
>start fucking
>holy shit that feels good
>boiler man comes
>lets himself in
>whip covers over us and turn on tv
>he fucking knew
This is her, I guess you figured out I'm bi but yeah she's so Fucking hot
Yeah fam. Almost got friction burns so I had to use Durex lube to prevent that shit. Definitely worth investing .
Is her name Summer???
I fucked my girlfriend in the ass on the back of an ATV when we were 14.
File: xDD.jpg (13 KB, 500x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 500x259
>be me
>73 years old
>nurse touches my dick at retirement house
>my first
Nope , why you know someone that look like her?
>be me
>13 year old smartfag
>9/10 5 year old in same concentration camp
>sneak into her bunk one night, and shove multiple tendies in her mouth si she cant scream
>begin to finger her ear
>shove 310 lb ass on her forehead
>start to eat tendies from her mouth
>shits getting heated, can see her TwinkleToes on fire

Yeah thought it was her, I shit bricks lmao
>Be grill
>Get molested from probably baby years until nineish
>Like lolis now and feel bad about it

Hot indeed. Great body. If your body looks anything like it I may not see the timestamp!
File: sh-001 (6).jpg (332 KB, 1000x1760) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sh-001 (6).jpg
332 KB, 1000x1760
>14, town pool
>high board, foot slips, spinning belly flop
>lifeguard pulls me in
>carries me to first aid office
>lays me down on cot
>have welt up inside of my thigh
>he rubs ointment on welt
>I get hard
>he laughs, tells me to lay back
>he reaches up with other hand and strokes me
>I jump up and say no
>he says, don't worry, I do this all the time
>you don't want to leave the office with a boner do you?
>lay back, I'll take care of you
>I do, it does feel good after all
>in one motion he has my shorts down and my cock in his mouth
>I tried to move, but he held me down
>NO STOP! NO stop! no sto......oh god this feels great
>I cum, he swallows it all
>licks me clean
>tells me if I need more medical attention to come to him
>stands me up, pulls up my shorts, and scoots me out of the office
>a week later I'm back in the office
kek wtf
and yet no tits?
keked and checked

go on
I had something similar, I was 11 and everyone saw my dick after it happened. More embarrassing than anything tbh.
Had my first orgasm when I was 11 by using a playstation controller that was stuck on vibrate, best idea ever
teen age boys we were all one at time and boy did we have some good and bad ideas the good controller on vibrate the bad using icy hot as lube
>be me, 15 years old
>things get going with a grill after drinking at party
>come back to her house later that week
>fucked her for her huge ass tits
>around the age of 5
>bath time
>i was curious about what I have between my legs
>I already saw my moms bush and my dads penis and I got confused because I didn't have any of that
>started playing around with my pussy lips
>got all tingly from it
>it tickeled me so much but I couldn't come
>didn't even know about orgasms until the age of 13
>I started taking toys with me in the baht tub
>rubed my clit with a rubber toy once (pic related)
>got ashamed of myself and never did it again
Errm I'm running short on things you'll find hot, (BTW I'm working night in hospital so I can't really take it right now)
But there's few more, there was the time when we used to life guard at the pool and you know I said about how I got turned on by putting fingers in her mouth well it got to the point that it made me wet if she did it to her self, so we're wearing our one piece for the job and she'd sit opposite and finger her mouth and I'd get really wet and I'd get paranoid about if it shows through my one piece so I had to take random dips in the pool. This was her way of getting me horny so that in the showers she could hump me, like I had the finger in mouth she loved to hump any and all part of me her favorite was to get me bent over and just hump life she had a strap on. This is also the time I found out that I have a weak spot for having my pussy eaten under water her breathing out made the bubbles which brushed past my pussy it gave me the biggest orgasms
what if op is a 50 year old pedophile and he wanted to know our stories from when we were little.
actually i have never been a teenage boy
but that shit felt good m8 i don't blame u
I'm working night in a hospital so I don't think I can I'll try got a break coming up so I can spend extra some time in the toilet and get it
File: 1446061457540.gif (2 MB, 372x206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 372x206

>twinkle toes light shitty bed on fire
>takes tendies and throws them at fire
>delicious tendies are rip
>but fire is stopped
>fire roaring again
>everyone evacuates to shower
>including me, holding little gork with tendies in mouth
>turns out its not a shower
>see mein fuhrer outside
>shoving other kikes inside
>i see his gas bill on the floor
>about to be rip
>eat all leftover tendies, remember girl has some still in mouth
>>>>girl fucking ate my tendies
>shove hand down throat to retrieve tendies
>get two
>>>>there were 3
>throw girl against wall
>throw all cumsocks and waifu pillows at her
>hear gas
>go 2 hell
>make deal with satan, if i endure his enormous cocks in my ass he'll let me go back to shitshow planet and will give me family that lets me eat tendies and browse /b/ all day
>endure cocks
>go back to planet
>grow up being massive faggot
>still faggot
>typing this today
okay let me rephrase we were all teenagers that were horny the good from this the controller on vibrate the bad Icy hot as lube
lol imma continue anyway
>as soon as she gets on my lap i'm hard as steel again
>she seemed to like it since she was kind of grinding on it
>i don't know what to do so i just hold her and enjoy how it feels
>she starts running her fingers through my hair, best feel of all to me
>i just go in for a kiss
>kiss tastes horrible cause alcohol but is nice
>i lay my hand on her thigh and move it up her belly till i reach her boobs
>i look at her and her smile tells me to go for it, so i softly grab them
>feel her boobs for a bit
>she says she's tired so we get moving towards the barn
>as soon as we get there she tells me she has to change into night stuff and takes off her top and shorts in front of me
>by this time i kinda forgot how drunk she was until she falls over trying to get in some other shorts
>she didn't seem to care and got in her sleeping bag in undies
>i take off my pants and get in mine next to her
>she moves closer and snuggles up to me
>was weird cause sleeping bags
>i open my sleeping bag on the side
>so does she and then immediately goes in for cuddles
>feel the warmth and curves of a fermale body on mine for the first time
>we start kissing again so i go for the boobs again
>she slowly starts rubbing my cock and then takes it out and starts jerking me off, felt amazing
>suddenly she stops and says she really wants to sleep now
>we're still cuddled up, and i keep feeling her body
>slowly move my hand down
>feel her wet slit through the panties
>don't know if she's asleep but slide my hand down her panties anyway
>start to rub her. she moans
>slide a finger in
>she grabs my cock again but just holds it like that
>after a bit of this i lift her on top of me, but she's deffo in a half-coma now
>since i didn't have any condoms and had to expect the rest returning soon i didn't dare to take advantage of the situation

fun fact: pissed my boxers that night cause i was to slow to get to the bushes outside. no one noticed.
When I was about 6 I had no idea what my clit was for, genuinely thought that's where I peed from but I remember one time getting out of the bath saying "Mom look at how funny this is, it tickles" and putting my two fingers on the sides sort of making it pop out. Thought it was the funniest shit in the world. 5 or 6 years later I came to the horrific realization that I basically masturbated in front of my mother.
well no, in america most of them are circumsized
Fucking kek
>be me 74 on my death bed in a hospital
>one day the nurse is changing my bed pan like always
>touches left nut
>have heart attack and die
story gave me a boner
fun fact made me kek

At 13 I had sex with a girl who is now my girlfriend I can share stories if people give a shit
I aint letting this thread diebumperino
we do now tell us
File: 1.jpg (175 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 1500x1500
Bitch, write the time stamp on your chest or leg and lets see some skin, otherwise I'm going to come put a whole fist in your mouth while I fuck your ass.
>be me
>75 years old in hospital
>nurse comes in to give me pills
>slips and accidentally touches nip
>nurse proceeds to get up and give me pill
>first sexual experience
>die 3 days later
Not sure exactly how old i was, i guess like 8-10.
>mom and dad are not home
>alone with sister (she is 8 years older than i am)
>we play around and kind of wrestle
>she says it would be a fun idea to try something funny
>tells me to undo my pants
>she gets naked
>tells me to lay down on the ground
>she starts riding me cowgirl style (don't think i really felt anything, but i got a hard on back then i know, because of something i will tell later)
>after some minutes we stop and say to try it again tomorrow
>we do it for like 5 times
>5th time she is riding me again
>my dick "breaks" and i cry
>cry for like 1-2 minutes
>sister panicing (i think she is scared that our parents will find out, but i didn't know what we were doing was considered 'wrong' back then)

we haven't done it since then (i am 20 right now)
>both 13
>We hungout alot she played video games so as a guy even 13 I liked that she lives pretty close she always showed attention to me one day we were playing some game. We had lots of classes together at school, One was sex ed, and she asked if I was saving myself like they preach at school. I told her I didn't really give a fuck because I never really expected to get any early on because I wasn't popular in school. She told me she is because she masterbates alot and wanted to experience the real thing. I didn't think much of it, Until she put her hand on my pants and rubbed it, it didnt feel perticularly good she clearly didnt know what she was doing again we were 13 though. she said she wanted to see it. I pulled down my pants and she gripped it and slowly touched it and felt up my balls and explored it. she told be she wanted me to touch her vagina for her. I fingered her, she was so tight one finger was all that would fit she told me she wanted the "real thing" I wasnt so sure but she assured me she wanted it. We went upto my bedroom and I stole some condoms from my brother's room. I put i on and tryed to push my cock into her but it didnt work very well, I did have no clue what I was doing. she said that she would do it and got ontop and pushed me in and rocked back and forth. I came more than I ever had before and she shaked with her first penis triggered orgasm. We hooked up over the next few months until she asked to be my GF. were 17 now and her parents still think shes a virgin
Uh.. currently fantasizing
I do that everyday with a chair sine i was 5 . super comfy and the feeling youre fucking something actually gets me off
Yeah am supposed to do this in front of the Fucking patients or staff? Any way give me a second.

Oh you know I've never had anal from you know a cock, wonder if it's any where near as good as my comb handle.
>> penis inspection day

>> entire class watched

what the fuck is wrong with you americucks?
Fucking kek
>be me
>just got 14 yo
>went to a lake with an old friend
>didn't see him for 5 years
>all was going well, we wera talking about the good old time and all
>then we came to the girls
>said I dated only one girl and touched her boobs once
>he said he almost made out with his ex-gf
>told me he jerk on her pic every day
>straightfag confirmed
>kept going for a while, then went swim in the lake
>only wearing my short
>FF to when we were done
>told me "I've to show you something"
>me like OK dude
>went in forest in the border of the lake
>told me " show me yours"
>me like "why, go first!"
>he showed
>I showed
>felt awkward
>asked me if I wanted moar
>was like WTF
>told me that he could do it to me
Yeah, my Ekans is evolving right now. Keep going.
they never did this in my school
>be a 10 yr old dutchfag
>i join a girl back to her home to play some games or whatever.
>get bored
>i ask if i can see her pussi
>ask if i can lick it

That's all folks
>be me
>8 years old, product of divorce
>dad sucks, ignores me
>find neighbor with kids, girl they have is 8 as well
>we hang out, watch pokemon and shit
>her cousin (16) comes over
>she starts making us do stuff together
>eat pussy like sunday dinner even though didnt know what i was doing
>we continue to eat each other out for months
>my mom finds out and im no longer allowed over there
>didnt talk to girl again
poke fag detected let me guess your leaking sum muk from your ekans
Fucking kektopus.
>>penile inspection in schools
>must be american
>Penis inspection day? WTF is wrong with the USA
>what the fuck is wrong with you americucks?


Penis Inspection Day is actually a British thing.
My first year back at regular school for grade 6 when i was 11-12 I felt an attraction to the class athlete we was good looking, strong and independent I started jerking off because of him.
File: 1462571584842.jpg (37 KB, 480x521) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 480x521
>i'm still the hide and seek king
For fucks sake... 12 years old and not knowing that girls don't have dicks. What kind of fucking autist are you?
>be 7
>having a sleepover with my friend who is 6
>i had recently discovered the wild world of pornography on the internet
>mostly like to watch lesbian porn, but i have seen a little of everything
>11PM, ask friend if he wants to see something cool
>we sneak into my moms office/computer room
>open google, search for "sex"
>find a page i had learned of early (89xcom)
>click on a fetish/theme, it streams a 30/45 second clip of it
>his face is in awe
>clicking through every option a-z
>arrive at g
>i think we both got the idea at the same time... we close out the window and go back to my room
>ask if he wants to see my peen, he says yes
>pull down pajama pants hard as a rock but 7 years old so 2.5 inches at most
>ask to see his, he gladly obliges
>ask to see his butt, he takes his pajama bottoms off all the way and turns around on his hands and knees
>he says "do what they did in the movie on the computer" or something to that effect
>pull large blanket all the way over us, aline my cock with his ass crack
>dont know about actually fucking his hole so just grinding on his crack
>feels alright
>he wants a turn, i agree because only fair
>he repeats my actions, i stop him after a few minutes because i didnt really enjoy it
>he bends back down on his hands and knees, tells me to go again
>rubbing my dick up and down his ass, i reach down and grab his dick and balls in my hand
>we stop shortly after and go to sleep
>never spoke of it again

more to come if thread doesnt 404
I'm just gonna steal your gif.
This entire thread is TL;DR as fuck
Thanks tho OP
come on bump mother fuckers bump
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Are there no god damn bathrooms in your hospital? Also where you located? I'll make you forget all about that comb. I have an anal fetish, so I have had plenty of practice fucking butts.
19yo cousin pretty much "raped" me when i was little. like... 9yo or something. heard some dirty words in school. was a pretty sheltered kid back then. started using the word "fuck" around her. "do you even know what that means?" she asked. "no, not really." i answered. "well, i can show you..."

sucked my dick, rubbed her pussy on my little boy wiener, made me suck on her nipples, maybe more, but those are the most vivid memories of it.

i confronted her years later. begged me not to tell anyone. offered to suck my dick now that i'm a "big boy". she's ugly af tho so no thanks. blackmailing her sometimes for stuff. good times.
>be age 6
>discover porn on betamax tapes in dads closet
>liked to play with lego's often but hated being watched for some reason
>ended up using this time alone with the betamax player and the porn
>zero clue whats happen so just copy what i'm seeing on the screen
>discover masturbation by rubbing some random toy against my crotch through my pants copying chicks with dildoes
>goes on for a year
>by this time have a small crush on a girl from my kindergarten class
>parents take turn babysitting us as a couple cause we got along
>one day she's at my house and we're left alone upstairs to play with legos and shit
>show her my favorite toy, the videos
>somehow gets to the point where we're playing pretend and copying the screen
>she's playing the chick cause the chick on screen doesn't have a thing either
>friend REALLY likes it where its just a small joy for me
>get to the part of sex
>ends up with us naked and just sort of rubbing our groins together
>somehow in the process rip something on friend and she notices a bit of the blood and starts to cry
>before she really starts crying we're fully clothed and everythings picked up and now we're both crying and my parents have no clue why so they just calm us down
>nothing came of the trouble or at least i don't recall it happening
>friend and i "played" every chance we got
>fast forward 2 decades and she's a smoking 12/10 creamy skinned, lightly pinked delicate bits, and rocking tits redhead and we're talking marriage

Moral of th story is you gotta get them young.
>watching pimp my ride but in the corner of my eye...

Lol faggot.
You were given a gift, and you wasted it
Im still reaaally fucking hard haha
Can I get this gift if you want to return it to sexy time r us
i sometimes wonder whether she's actually pedo or just desperate as fuck since she's really damn ugly
you lucky goddamn bastard, redheads just make me go HNNNNG
In seventh grade I admitted to my friend that I masturbate and she did too, we ended up getting each other off that night in her living room, we still laugh about our gay antics
I'm just sitting here watching and rubbing my balls
Spam this persons kil - jordan123441061
Haha there are toilets but if you ever been in a hospital you'd know we don't get time to blink our eyes, I'm typing this shit whilst I should be writing patient reports and hand overs.

Also that's some big promises there, just letting you know girl butts are different to the guy butts you usually fuck. How ever you guy me horny I might give that comb a visit when I get home.
>>683476694 OMG these are fantastic stories. Are either of you into guys? I'm just wondering with your gag fetish if you've chugged cock, either real or dildo?
true story btw
>be me 15
>dad starts seeing this girl lisa
>lisa has two grand daughters that live with her because the mother passed away last year due to the wrong prescribed meds
>a 5 and an 11 year old
>11 year old myah is pretty hot and going through puberty
>she is super horny and likes to sit on my lap to give me boners
>im 15 what do you expect
> anyway 2 weeks ago were watching movies at lisa's house.
>everybody goes to bed but myah turns on the minions movie
>she comes over and just spoons with me on the couch
>she pushes her ass on my dick
>she tries hard but i dont do anything and she falls asleep eventually.
>try to go to sleep
>her hair smells so good and i love blonds.
>start to finger her out of my hornyness
>she wakes up and acts like shes asleep because she likes it.
>soft little moans
>i eventually stop fingering her but she really liked it.

>she now wears pajamas when she comes to sit on my lap and I usually go over there in sweat pants.
>feel kinda guilty idk why.
So put a bag on her head, sex is sex, some people don't get that opportunity
I wanna watch
I don't get that opportunity
>>683479245 Mine's big and thick, but I did manage to stick it inside my much younger gf's butt recently, after practice with plugs. She didn't come yet, but it was her first time.
>be me
>be 6
>be at shitty "daycare", really just a lady that watched kids in her house for money
>be in the toy room with girl same age
>think about sealab 2021 and how the black guy fucked white debbie
>ask girl if she would want to try it
>no fucking idea what I'm talking about
>"come on just lay on your back and let me do stuff"
>she complies and I start by taking her pants off
>dat underage pussy
>I just poke it and lick it a bit
>tastes bad man
>pull my pants down and rub my kid dick against it
>hear someone coming
>we quickly stop
>don't see her ever again
>highschool comes around
>she turns out to be a butterface with a really nice body
>about 7/10
>spend all of highschool being friends and she doesn't even remember me
File: 1.jpg (656 KB, 3264x1840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have anal addicted wifey, nice try. She is prolly lurking too, I'll link her the thread if she isn't here already. But just say you gotta piss and get your horny lipstick lesbian ass into the toilet and get me my fap material before I get off work.

Pic related.
>be me
>15 year old shy girl
>have the hots for a guy in one of my classes
>spend several months talking up my ability to do bjs and other things with zero real experience
>finally convince him to hang out with my after school
>bring him to only not camera watched stairwell
>kneel down in front of him
>get scared as fuck because never handled a dick
>pull it out and start sucking
>he tries to stay quiet as i figure out im a natural
>with no warning he cums
>cum hits back of throat
>i gag as i didnt know what cum would taste like or feel like in my mouth
>dated for like 2 years, fucker lied about being a virgin, took my virginity
No shit, you're on 4chan.
>>683482469 Yeah please post results when you do.
8 rope climb in gym class teacher direct quote

"you can't climb any higher anon!"
Its obvious where my love of them came from but i utterly agree they are the god tier among god tier. I swear they're almost like porcelian dolls they're so pale and smooth.
File: 1456263859377.jpg (27 KB, 540x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 540x960
>"ive never done this before"
> XD internally

I almost got the chance i made this post here
Yeah pretty much edging right now. Moar plz.
my brother tried to make me suck his penis :((((
> be 6yr old me
> only seen naked girls in dads nude mags
> have best friend from preschool
> skinny blond chick
> we used to have baths together all the time
> parents let us get dressed in the same room alone
> start noticing here vagina
> one day we are alone and i ask about it
> want to see it
> she says only if she can see mine first
> i get it out
> she inspects it
> then shows me hers
> I pull her lips apart then told her i liked it.. tbc
was it christmas time on a bunk bed
In the US we don't do this PID. I guess that's a UK thing.

In USA, we have "Scoliosis inspection" where they stand us all around in our underwear (not coed) and inspect our spines.

UKUSA do these things to kids because of the war draft. It's inculcation for being inspected by the government in a room full of draftees.
File: 1458910746919.jpg (84 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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when i was ten or so i was with my mom and dad at a small store there was this lady that jack me off. been jacking till this day she looks like this
Guys? fuck yeah we're bi... well we don't really give a fuck as long as we cum, I don't like bj-ing especially things looked dildos it gets me horny because my cousin does it and you can see it down her throat and the gagging noise... Ooo im getting to horny now
>be 9
>playing hide and seek with the big kids
>15 year old guy suggests we hide together in my family's rv
>think it's a perfect idea and crawl under the table
>"no anon, up here is better"
>follow him to the bedroom and jump on the bed saying how it's in fact NOT better because it's obvious
>"i'll shut the door it will be fine"
>he gets on the bed
>touches my legs and the hem of my shorts before trying to get on top of me
>no idea what the fuck is going on, door is locked
>my older brother stormed into the rv looking for us
>I frantically hide under the side of the bed unknowingly saving this kids ass

Female btw
>be me
>7 yo
>A friend of mine has a crush on me
>we play to punch us (gently)
>I start touching her butt to annoy her
>she laught
>I get more agresive and start touching in flash mode her vagina
>she laught and do the same whit me
>one day she reaches my balls
>feels weird
>I ask her what she felt
>"nothing, jeans"
>never more we did it
To be fair. He wasnt good at any of the shit we did when we were together, haha. (later experience showed me so, i feel bad for his wife XD)
File: 1db.png (54 KB, 631x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Its a meme, this doesn't actually happen
Ah dude, sucks that you got cucked by your own sister, I feel for you.

For future reference:
Back massages make girls fall asleep
Kisses on the neck make them horny
Im throbbing right now. Moooar
> after a couple of weeks of just looking she asks me to kiss her down there
> I do but didnt know about orgasms so i didnt do much just kissed
>this went on for years

We would just show each other our bits quickly when our parents wernt in the room . We stopped eventually as we grew older

Now she is a dyke but her family is full of em so i dont think its my fault haha
Shoulda done it, maybe he'd like you if you did
Oh fuck me, that's a nice ass mines not that big but I bet it wouldn't disappoint, all you cunts on here got me really kinda wet, I might start a thread when I get home " horny bisexual cousin fucker" so look out
nice try, americuck
I wish i would have known this a lot sooner like a lot FUCKING SOONER but now my feelings have somewhat died down after she brotherzoned me
Being a ukfag I can legit tell you PID is not a thing.
that would be more like criminal charges against the entire school board if that was even muttered
penis inspection day. Lmao
U get trulled m9
Im beyond diamonds rn. And idc either most of the times i just wanna cum
kek'd and Czech'd
>got my dick sucked when i was 13
Learn to greentext.
>be me at 14 yo
>have a qt3.14 gf 14y/o
>she's not virgin, Im virgin
>She always say "when we gonna use the condon that I give you"
>didnt know what to answer, always.
>scared af
>Train station
>we start kissing
>im standing, she sits.
>she start touching my boner
>"can I take it out" she said
>"yes, but whit boxers"
>She start touching my penis over the boxers like milking a cow
>sec of bravery
>take out penis
>she get surprised
>she jack me off, then suck it
>cum in her mouth and swetter.
>best experience ever
>she smelled her hand all the way back to her house
Not even anything more than a title?, what did you make that yourself?
File: DCIM-001243_1.jpg (70 KB, 768x1016) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 768x1016
I know I'm disappointing but I could only get the quick pic nothing showing but it's my body, then I spent ages getting rid of my face and name tag so its the best I can do now,
Why don't you , daddy, go to work come back and I promise you a thread, if I get to see more of your wife and your dick cus I'm bi not lesbo dick wad
My sides when I read this...
Being this new
>be me
>8 year old
>Sister who is 5 years older than me learns about breast feeding
>she wants to see if she's got tity milk
>asks me to do the job of succling the tity cause she can't just squeeze
>her tits were big since she's a little chubby too
>even at 8 I knew it was kinda weird because I remember being scared of not liking the taste
>sister puts toothpaste on her nipple so the ordeal is mutualisitic
>I went through with it
>repressed it for years just remembered now thanks /b
cherry pop. pop.pop pop.

does the cherry fall out?
Nope, I'm using string shot.'
Czech'd and you must be the gayest person her

Damn Femanon, not bad at all. Thanks for finally delivering, though no timestamp. You're a nurse so I trust you!
Dude you are fucking alpha of the century, got that shit locked dizzown
lying faggot
I'm American, thought this was Eurofag. We don't have Penis Inspection Day, the fuck is wrong with yourapeen fags
6yr old dyke guy again

> mum has these friends we always go and visit
> i sleep in there daugters room
> im 8 she was 10/11 yrs old
> being me already touched pussy and missing it
> i wanted hers
> after a couple of months she asks to see mine but i was shy
> one night shutting the door i almost injured my stomach falling over
> lift my shirt to check for a bruse
> loose pants
> they fall abit
> half my cock comes out
> next thing i know
> Bam
> shows me her pussy
> just had little strands of pubic hair
> didnt touch or anything just went to bed
> stayed there for years but only happened once as i was so beta
Wtf are you from Russia?
You'll get some pussy eventually, I'm
rooting for you bro
Top kek
Get raped you cunt!
Go fuck yourself with a feminist cactus
>girl is 13
>shes 14 in 3 days
>I ask her out
>first day we meet up and go back to her place to just watch a film
>next thing i know im sitting on her bed with her and 2 knuckles deep inside her
>her mum comes in without knocking
>instant reflex i pull out in the space of less than 1 sec
>her mom doesn't notice anything
>We just chill on the bed till mum leaves
>we just laugh our asses off for a good 10 min
Flip the front of your frock over your head: we get tits, you cover up your face and name tag.
i did this with a soccer ball XD
Do you fantasize alot about what could have happened?
>>683484517 I really want to give you my Kik but I need Tits & timestamps because for all we know you're an A-rate catfisher.
holy shit i would lick the shit out of u
> cans
> rum


no timestamp

>greentext or it didn't happen
>double D's

k den
thanks the saddest thing is any girl I'm interested in has a boyfriend so fuck my life there. I've even had a gay experience when i was probably 8 or 9 it goes like this
>me and my friend are bored in the car alone
>he masturbates im curious so i do it to my self and wasn't good at it so felt bad man stopped
>later that night we sleep in my camper and we start getting naked for some reason
>I blow him reluctantly
>I take it up the ass
>he says "if you think you are feeling gay come to me and you will no longer feel gay" my face when i now know what i did
Dubs speaks the truth.
Story time, my first facial was in the library I was 14/15 in school and guy I crushed on was boasting about how he made his gf cum any way that pissed me off so I go sit next to and ask him all the detail, everyone around school thinks I'm lesbo, so he's telling the story and in getting horny hearing it so I grab his dick then snap out of my fantasy and apologise but he just looked really shocked and scared this turned me on even more so I thought what the fuck and stroked it over the school trousers he pushed my hand away that's when I unzipped him and got his dick out then sucked as well as I could and I could tell he's about to cum so I've never taken a load in my mouth it was disgusting to me so I pulled his dick out of my mouth and got his cum all over my face I was Fucking horrified by then found it funny and laughed as I cleaned my face on his shirt, he was so scared and now covered in his own cum.
This bread is about to be pruned. I'm too lazy to create another one.

And yes, femanurse, I want more stories! You girls ever mess with guys together?
>spent ages trying to conceal face and nametag
You really are a woman, that is not a task that requires more than two minutes
Dude seriuouly? Hope it was your cum....
>next morning I puke

Morning sickness doesn't show up the very next day you have sex and got pregnant you dumb bitch
>>683485043 Nice body. I dated a sex-positive bi-girl for years. She took me to my first orgy. Good times.
Best story ever.
This would probably be really nice to hear about if you weren't fucking illiterate.
>bad luck son, you drew the short straw there
bump this bread for if you don't you will get mumps
You mean with that lady with the beautiful ass? Yeah I would fuck the shit out of her till she turned a lesbo
Definitely! He was attractive and I like that I had that experience when I was so innocently clueless, it's a sick fantasy. But if he had been able to do more to me in the RV it probably would have fucked me up mentally lmao
This makes me really horny anon lol are you into having sex in public?
you aussies are fucking weird, that's whats wrong with it.
Then remove the boyfriend and soak up her tears as the proverbial shoulder to cry on, leading to sex
Or find another girl man, world's full of them, I know most of them are shit
but it's less likely that you won't find one than you will, and as for that story I don't really know what to say, that's kinda gay I guess, fuck though, you were 8 or 9 probably didn't really understand
Great, is she still your "new mom"?or did she die aswell?
I would fuck her brains out yo lol
I feel it haha ugh i cant be here. All of these stories turn me into something else lol
Lol I rape this story 8/10
File: 1438301366060.png (232 KB, 500x588) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
232 KB, 500x588
>Was 20 and still a virgin.
>Start fingering girlfriend in the shower
>She got really horny.
>Try to stick it in her in the shower
> I was too tall and she was short
Also didn't help i didn't know what I was doing
>Get out of the shower still wet
> lay down on the bed and I stick in her.
As i'm doing her my boner begins to go away and it is near impossible to stick in her.
So I give up with out finishing.

>Next day go to my tree house
>lay down a blanket
>About to do her.
>Mosquitoes bit me all over in the tree house
>my body is covered in bites
>go back inside
>I finish.

That is the story of how I lost my virginity. Sucked at first but I still got it in.
>>683487030 First head experience = facial. That's naughty. He must have loved it.
>be me
>13 yo
>gf 15
>parents ko'd on the couches
>her bro add af with adderal stuck on a movie
>her uncles away for the weekend,(att she lived in his basement)
>let's fuck.jpg
>go upstairs and lose virginity
>felt like a bawss
Oooooohhhh fuck nigggaaaaa I've been caught, congrats mother fucker I appreciate what you did. I Fucking trolled the fuck out of some people. I mean the stories are kind of true I do incest my cousin whose picture I provided, I'm not bi im straight. And so yeah good word you bane of my Fucking troll sess, but I'm out. Also for all the people pissed off my cousin I bi and some of the stories are true I'll get her on here and make a thread with actual time stamp and her stories, also I'm not a nurse I'm a GP Brit fags will know what I mean. Good the fuck night
Its a fucking joke dumbass fucking kill yourself
yeah your right there are plenty of fish in the sea but what type of girl has thigh gap, loves anime, loves vidya, and is a 90/1 she is the perfect one but I must go find another one and also get more muscle mass but I am a good listener and love to cuddle with a girl. so yeah my self esteem has risen from beta to almost not beta
That's pretty hot actually, I'm getting kinda aroused reading that
>the amount of people here that haven't had their penis inspection day
Go live in a real country you fucking Africans.
Thats inspiring
You a thot

You have quite a mouth on you for a GP(though I have no idea wtf that is). Hope to see you back femanurse, and bring your cousin!
This is one of the best posts i've seen in fucking ages.
Good job anon. Tho that was pretty obvious from the first posts.
I faintly remember being around the age of 4 and walking past my parents bedroom only to accidentally see my dad completely naked. Never saw a dick, it looked scary, I stood and stared but ran away out of fear of getting in trouble somehow. I was so weirded out by what it looked like that I was completely disgusted by the thought of them for most of my childhood.

And now I have a daddy kink aye lmao
Nigga you beat that pussy up, props.
Should have gone to more English lessons instead of sucking cocks in the library so you could learn how to punctuate worth a damn
I hope this trip code works
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