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How did she hurt you, Anon?
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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How did she hurt you, Anon?
General feels thread
She was a really good friend
But she found other people she liked better
Didnt even remember we havent talk for a week
>hit it then quit it

both of them!!!
thirds the charm, right?
>her grandpa is sick
>not much time left
>meets and hangs out with a cousin around her age
>they hit it off and hang out every weekend
>asks me hypothetically what I think about cousins dating
>turns out they like each other
>they're related through two sets of half siblings so it's not even direct blood relation
>I'm all the way across America playing army so I can't stop it

This happened yesterday and I've been crying like a bitch ever since. I'm so undesirable that the one I thought was different and wouldn't use/hurt me left me for a sibling.
She didn't love me back
yeah let's all wallow in self-pity.

Met a nice girl a year ago. We had a relationship for 2 months or so, but I couldn't stand it because she was so closed off it was like staring at a person who has no soul. Like no one's there. I had to break up with her because I knew it was wrong the way things were going.

FF half a year later, I talk to her friend who then tells me my ex told her girlfriends that I did things to her that she didn't want.
>I ended the relationship
>Blocked her on Facebook and blocked her number too
>Had my friends block her as well, though she tried desperately to reach out to the ones that didn't
>Feeling miserable knowing she's hurting, but its for the best
>Wake up every morning feeling miserable
>Need to try to remember why I need to let go
>Need to let this die
>Realizing all our plans will die too
>Realizing she will eventually let go too
but you i bet she told you, at least once, for a while, that she did
She did not but she will. In two months she will leave to her hometown, one thousand kms away from here
Waiting for it to happen is almost worse than it actually happening
She left
Told me she loved me... then disappeared.
No. She was never my girlfriend. I just fall in love and she rejected me.
>Be me, walking on avenue.
>Think “I should take mother out of hospital for night.”
>Put on finest suit.
>Take mother to discotech for drink and dance.
>Discotech good time until many become afraid.
>Find out large powerful bear was in discotech, on dance floor, hurting people.
>Will not let mother die same way as father!
>Remove upper portion of suit.
>Walk to discotech dance floor.
>Challenge bear to fist of cuffs.
>Bear roars.
>I punch bear in throat, gut, and face.
>Overwhelm bear with my might and bear surrenders.
>Bear flees discotech.
>Everybody rejoice my victory.
>Mother, many other women from discotech and self go back to my home.
>We all drink, sex, and proclaim victory over bear until sun up.
>Desire to someday go to US of A to harm bears, drink vodka, and sex all the mothers and other women at discotechs!
haha you pathetic mutt at least coax an i love you out of them

otherwise placate, confuse, buy off,
>13 years old
>qt gf, both of us are super shy
>breaks up with me after a year
>no idea why
>still like her, hang out as friends until the end of high school
>she convinces my gf to break up with me
>acts like she never did, tries to fuck over her prom and get everyone to hate her
>pick ex gf over her since shes being a bitch, get some of my acquaintances together and have a fun time at prom with her
>she loses all her friends, moves to Ottawa
>3rd year of uni
>ex ex gf finds her diary
>shows it to me
>turns out she cheated on me and was a total slut when we were dating
File: her.jpg (844 KB, 1280x1707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
844 KB, 1280x1707
Does anyone have the version of this with the third panel where she's left him and now he stresses about her instead?
We talked a lot for a week even called me good looking
Then just stopped
Having no idea why is what's destroying me
>bitches love treason
said she loved me, always used to tell me I was the best boyfriend she'd ever had, literally told me I was an upgrade from her last boyfriend. then just sorta left over something trivial,

a day later she went straight back to her ex boyfriend. I'm gonna stick to /b/oys for now
She made me feel loved, that was the happiest i've ever been in my whole life
Then she left ..
She's 10 years older than me and married. With kids. We work together. I'm in a 2 year relationship and I've been tempted to sway before and it was stupid easy to say no. We didn't do anything together but for some reason I feel like shit that I have emotions for her. I thought my life was perfect. Part of me would throw it away to be with her as imperfect as that would be. tl;dr : I'm fucked up because she made me realize I could fall for someone else other than my gf. "nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's going to die. Come watch TV?"
>be me
>read posts in this thread
>everyone is a fucking pussy

Laugh like a madman hahahahhaha
>ask her out for a drink on the weekend
>she said she'd let me know
>didn't talk to me for rest of the week
>then she started talking to me again
Dated me for four years, made me feel the happiest I've ever been, fell in love with her more and more everyday. Finished high school together, moved out together, do everything together

>"I just don't feel the same anymore"

Actually just fucking a 17 year old and afraid to get caught

she changed her relationship status on facebook the other week
>Travel to Jakarta for business trip/study
>Meet a qt3.1416
>We hit it off instantly, hook up with her on both nights
>Continue to text, I'm working and studying internationally in Asia, and she's going to a new university in the US (transferred)
>We video chat and talk for hours (literally 5+ hrs a day without the conversation getting dry...i've never been able to keep a convo going like this with a girl)
>We continue this every few days, she confesses that she's never fallen for a guy like this, and I confess that I've never felt this way about a girl before (I usually play around with girls, i've never felt this connected with a girl, even girls that i've dated)
>Calls me drunk every weekend telling me how deeply in love she is
>She begs me to buy a plane ticket, I'm stupid and blurred by love
>Spend $1200 on flight from Tokyo to CA during christmas
>We continue to video chat each other for weeks, but she starts acting weird as my flight gets closer
>She starts pushing me away and taking hours to respond to text. I start feeling really weird about it
>I decide the day of my flight to stay in Tokyo
>Spend christmas alone
>Lost all trust in girls, and I am back to my old habits of playing around with a different girl every week
I feel you /b/ro
i told her i liked her aka loved her, she seemed to have reacted to that alright but just later on she couldint tell me why was she randomly getting sad and sort of angry and because of that i even tried to meet her without her wanting that just to talk about it but she didnt even say hi aka didnt give me a hug. Later that day I also didnt mention she sort of had a best friend but that best friend sadly is also in love with her too so when we got to school acting as if not knowing each other she started to like on purpose holding hands with him all the time hug him like for no reason or just because of an annoying joke he said about me and etc... then we sort of got along and for example today she didnt say hi to me i just huged her like a dead doll or smth well u get the point and when i wanted to go with her and that best friend of her wich also i didnt mention is my friend and a classmate they literily both screamed no even though i didnt know that they where going else where than home which really made me hurt and she then walked away for a few meters like with a huge disappointment or something. Really fucking great. Now Ill just be ignoring her and if she tries to confront me or smth ill sort of yell fuck off like literily
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there u go newfag
>Met this qt3.14 girl at a mall
>Went to talk to her
>Got her number
>Talked to her everyday almost all day, she was so interesting
>She said I was too
>Asked her out, she accepted
>Eventually we became a couple
>We cuddled, kissed, played around
>It was perfection
>Then one day
>She calls me one night
>She still lived with her parents, but sometimes came over to my place to sleep for a weekend
>"Anon, help me"
>"My brothers are yelling at my dad"
>She had 2 brothers, way older than her
>Her father was a nice guy, always smilling
>Went to her place
>An ambulance is parked infront of her house
>Sprinted all the way in. Some cops where there, too
>Didn't gave a fuck and went to see her
>She was crying in the corner
>"They almost killed him, anon..."
>One of her brothers stabbed her dad
>They were both arrested
>Her mom was shocked
>"Will you protect me, anon?"
>"yes, yes I will"
>Time goes on, her dad seems alright
>Her brothers are still in jail

>I spent most of my time in her house
>My birthday was coming
>"I have a big surprise for you anon!"
>"Oh, you don't have to"
>She was super excited, and happy
>For whatever reason she didn't let me in her room
>Then, two days before my birthday
>I get a call
>"Is this Anon?"
>"We have something to tell you. Femanon died in a car accident along with her parents. We need you to come over, since you're the closest they have to a relative"
>In shock, I went to do all the legal processes that were necesary
>They gave me her house keys, and apparently everything her parents owned was in her name
>Sold everything, I didn't need anything, and I know it was for the best
>But first, I went over her house
>Walked around, remembering every single thing that had happened there
>every kiss, every hug, every laugh
>How her parents said we were a perfect couple
>Then I heard a cry
>Went over her room
>Saw a box next to her bed
>It was a cat
>She was planning on giving me a cat
>I grabbed it and hugged it
>"Of course I'll take care of you..."
Pic related, my cat
Made me think I'm important for her. Then she stopped talking to me.
She didn't. I hurt her and I tried to fix it but I ended up hurting her a second time. There's no going back now and it's killing me. I did it to myself. I kinda want to die.
had to go to therapy because I was so depressed after my last relationship. Wasn't even a real relationship just fell for a girl, had sex with her, she said it was a mistake and it was over.

turns out I have really bad attachment trauma from childhood.
File: 7629576.jpg (112 KB, 572x414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cheers bro. It's hard without her around. Drinking is the only solace I get anymore. Shit hurts. It still doesn't feel real
She's still my gf BUT...
She gets no please in sex(with me at least).
She never initiates it, if i never mention it, she never brings it up.

We do it maybe once every 2 weeks. And when we do it she's like "how much longer,anon?" , "fuck me faster and get it over with"

It's not like a have a small dick, it's like 18cm(7 inches i guess)

Also, she can't give me a blowjob because "my precum is salty".

What do? I love her but still
When did this happen mate ?

no pleasure*
Well, I think you can 'sweeten' your (pre)cum by eating more fruit. Pineapple seems to work.
She sucks. Find someone else.

Or just be single, that's the better option.

I guess but she gets no pleasure in spending time/having sex with me.

She says she loves me deeply but she's never there for me
that's rough anon. nice kitty though
Learn how to please her anon and she would fuck you as much as you'd like and even more
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I love you anon
we will never forgive you if something happens to this cap
She ended it At the end of November, but we'd talked the whole time, mainly me trying to win her back/work out what the fuck was going on all the way up until February. Found out she'd been sleeping with him since the start of November even though she'd denied anything had been happening the whole time.

Then she blocked me on Facebook. All our photos, memories, gone. Lied to her best friend she was seeing the guy now her relationship status says February 14th.

Really? She enjoys getting oral but no longer lets me do it to her because she doesnt want it.

I think there may be something wrong with her, she feels nothing when i'm inside her. My cock is average i would say, but feeling absolutely nothing seems like a problem to me
She toyed with my feelings for fun. Her ex-best friend ended up admitting to me last year that she was purposely start problems with me because she enjoyed it. She felt a rush from my anguish.

She'd hug me and tell me that she loved me but we couldn't be together for now. I waited, and waited, and waited. She moved on and became a whore. Now she's at a state university, in a sorority getting railed by countless fratboys, while I'm here. I have a girlfriend, but not a day goes by that I don't think about her...

I recently admitted to my best friend that I was still in love with Natalie. Because of her, I can't trust women with green eyes; yet I fall for them so much quicker (in a "I wanna bang you" sort of way, she's the only green eyed girl I've fallen for).

I know she doesn't give a rat's ass about me. I send her a happy birthday text every year, but she hasn't answered me in over 4 years. Our birthdays were only 2 days apart, so I know she remembers it.

I hate you, yet love you at the same time. You were there to pull me out of my crushing depression. You listened to my every call, consoled my every tear, and then vanished.

The last words she spoke to me in person were "I hate you. You know what you did."

She says that, but I know she did it only to mess with me. Her ex-bestie even admitted it to me once they had fallen out.

I don't know if I'll ever get over her. I hope I can one day, but there's not a day that I don't think about her.
The feels...
I had a so-so sex life with my girlfriend of a year-and-a-half, turned ex two weeks ago. Speaking from someone a few steps ahead: single is not the better option.

So, how open-minded are you two about sex? Also, does she give any constructive feedback?
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right into the feels
By not feeling about me, the way I felt about her.
I don't blame her. She didn't do anything wrong.
>was on vacation with her and people i know. 28 persons
>we were cool with each other but didnt had more then normal chats at work
>group had a couple drinks and we were a lil tipsy
>talked a lil bit more and it was a really nice time when she starts to go "look out for me" when the group met.
>on the bustrip and flight back home she always looked to sit next to me.
>putting her head on my shoulder and grabbed my arm n stuff.
>now back home i dont know what all this means cuz we both have a partner.
>tomorrow we will meet at work again and i think this will change everything we had. On a summer trip is another feeling but at work...
>dunno feel like shit dont know what to do.

Should i ask her if she likes me more then a friend or not? Man i dunno


she says she feels nothing but pressure inside
debating whether to post my biggest feel greentext
Like, purely physical pressure? Does she enjoy sex with other people or is it sex in general?
I told her I liked her and she got super upset and never talked to me sgain. I was devastated.
I messed up guys...
Took this girls virginity back in June last year...super sweet, super beautiful. We were very casually dating at this point but she was almost 19 and decided she was ready. Started a serious relationship. I've never been in one before and I got scared. I went out drinking with some buddy's and kissed another girl. I wasn't even interested in her, I just felt like I was stuck now. I felt guilty and confessed to the other girl. She's still with me but has absolutely no trust in me. Even though this was months ago. I would never so much as flirt with another girl. I realized the value of the first one but it hurts that every move I make she's monitoring. Idk I just want to feel like the person I love can trust me. I just don't know how to fix it. :(
B/ro. That Simpson's cartoon Is painful. Why anon. Why....
File: me.jpg (42 KB, 242x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey Faggots,
My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.
Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch
Ouch, anon... That hits so close to home... I'm kinda holding back tears right now.

I hate you, yet thank you at the same time. You're making me uneasy, amigo.
Similar thing happened to me almost two years ago, I spent the past two years agonizing/drinking/smoking weed, missing a lot of opportunities
Anon, I wish someone told me this before, but it's not worth it. You did your best and more, it wasn't enough for her, so fuck her and fuck her new guy. Go out, meet people, even if you don't feel like it just do it. Don't miss opportunities because of her. It takes time and effort to move on but it's possible. Never give up, you're awesome
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We went eat
Raining hard as fuck
Basically call me a pussy cuck
Ditches me
Leaves me without a car
Have to walk home in the rain
That day changed me forever
I feel like I'm on the brink of suicide.
I'm stressed and it's killing me. I started scratching open my arms to release the pressure, I have a wound on my eyelid that just randomly appeared.
I've stopped talking to my friends. I've stopped talking to my family.
My dog is my only company.
I really want to talk to someone but I feel like it would just make everything worse.
I think my friends are constantly annoyed by me because I'm down. So I stopped talking to them. Which makes me more sad.
My family is in a lot of debt and my parents had perfect grades in school so they want me to have the same grades but I'm just below average. I'm such a disappointment.
I hate myself.
And there's not even a reason why I'm depressed. I have a fairly good life. Cool family, used to have a lot of friends, not extremely sick or shit like that.

I know none of you will care.
I know my text is completely meaningless.
I just want to talk to someone.

she only did with me, she says
The first time I almost lost her I sent her this one. I still think its one of the reasons she stayed.. every other significant moment I swear I can find a simpsons quote for.. But she doesn't read them anymore.. she doesn't even care.. I don't know why I thought they would win her back
noice stale pasta faggot
Nawww. :( i wish i could give you a hug anon.
dat pasta
And we listen. Where are you come from ?
Thanks man.. it just doesn't fucking make sense anymore.. its hard to work out what direction to head in
I havent been the same since I split up with her.
I gave her everything. 2 years of me giving EVERYTHING i could. Poured my heart and did everything i could, i gave her more than anyone could. Where it was the love i gave her, the time i dedicated, the respect, or simply personal goods and gift. Everything from taking care of her when she was in a near death accident and no one helped her, to taking her to disneyland for valentines... In the end she decided to get with her ex. Her ex was an abusive asshole, she would beat her and steal from her. Wasted so much. Its been over a year, and it is still hard to recover...

Erika Strizhevskaya i hope you never find happiness, get cancer, and live a miserable life.
She took my dog in the divorce.
Fuck you bitch, he was my best friend.
None of us have been anon, you are not alone
File: 1424917113588.gif (2 MB, 450x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 450x254
With a 15 inch Strap-on
>Fall in love at 15
>Have 3 year relationship
>Break up due to University commitments
>Have about 8 months single life
>Have one night stand with grill who says "i'm not like other girls don't usually do this shit"
>Believe her for whatever reason
>She asks to be mutually exclusive as "not redi for relashunship"
>Say yes
>She sleeps over a male friends house but "dindu nuffin"
>Just forget about her and move on quite quickly
>Meet new grill, QT virgin, says shes not ready for relationship
>Tell her about last grill, she says she's different, agree to be ME
>She gets with some random dude but "drunk dint mean nuffin"
>Be sad and alone for 3 years until see a grill from college again
>She likes partying, she knows about my past grills but "she's different"
>"Never had a relationship before, we can be ME"
>We're mutually exclusive atm

3rd times a charm, I hope.
We both fell in love pretty much instantly and everything was incredible. I had never met someone else like her or had feelings like this for anyone else. Only problem is her best friend is her ex. Recently shes been getting more and more distant and acting like she doesn't even care about her relationship. Her response was that she has a lot going on and sometimes its all more important than love. And she wishes we got to know each other better in the begining. We are taking a "step back" and hopefully everything will work out but it just hurts so much.
The cat is living with me. Sometimes I go around her house and see the family that now lives there. I can't help but cry sometimes when I see Snowball (my little sister gave the cat that name). It reminds me that I will protect her, even when she's far away. Cause I know she's watching, and I know she's waiting
I'm from germany.
Oh, by the way, here's a pic of my dog
Basically cucked me, made practically everyone I know think I was some kind of desperate stalker and took me for a lot of money to boot. She treated me great when we were alone, might as well have had an actual relationship, I mean for Christ sake we showered and slept together for ages. She'd tell me we could try again with a relationship but that time was always pushed back, again and again. I almost died of a broken heart, lost 40 lbs in two weeks and looked like skeleton, pot was my only saving grace during the time and probably the only reason I didn't an hero.
She no longer has feelings for you anon. She is probably cheating on you too, or at least wants to. :/
Oh no man... I've heard this before, get ready to find out there's someone else in a few weeks.
He's sooo cute. What a nice pupper anon
I really like your dog

Funnily enough he will not grow anymore.
He'll look like this his entire life
He really looks like a puppy sometimes
>have good female friend
>kinda like each other, heading for a relationship but I break it off last second
>she starts dating another guy
>FF 2 years w/o any contact
>she breaks up with him
>starts seeing me
>this time we get really close
>I've never been this deeply connected with another human being
>we start dating
>perfect relationship, 10/10 no troubles
>madly in love for the first time in my life
>after 3 months she acts weird, I ask what's up
>she breaks up with me two weeks later
>doesn't tell me what the fuck is going on
>says she can't be in a relation ship right now
>too close to the old one

I guess she still had feeling for her ex/felt guilty

she still crosses my mind every fucking day, dunno what to do

anyone got advice?
I got rid of all the stuff reminding me of her, no contact, no nothing
You can't. She will either trust you again with time or then she wont ever trust you again. You have to realize that you are her first, she is still living in a fairy tale. To her everything is black and white. Most likely she wont trust you again and goes for someone new as soon as possible.
ur ugly, sorry bro
Been there anon. Being rejected by the woman I thought I was going to spend my life with shattering. To some people I suppose it wouldn't be. But they have probably had great friends to hang with and a supportive family. I didn't have that. Hope you have a good life anon.
That's so adorable, what breed is he anon?
cross the border, find mexican qt
It's easy my dude, they are poor and just want a better life
ur still virgin and your story is all made up, admit it^
File: image.jpg (13 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 225x225
This proves why communism works
I feel that, friendship.
I don't have the time to read every story on here right now so let me just say to all of you anons who have went through these types of problems, I'm so sorry and I love you all, hope it gets better!
she is not into you. not one bit. sorry
Guys, what's it like to love yourself? Better yet, even to remotely like yourself? I started hating myself around 3rd grade when I was only 8 years old. I've hated myself for 12, almost 13 years. I go to sleep at night hoping that I won't wake up... The only things I'm good at is feigning happiness and pretending to be content with everything around me, but I'm not. I don't want to bother anyone with this. I try talking to my girlfriend about it but she doesn't help me. I bring it up to my best friend, but I feel like I have no right to bother him with my worthless problems. He tells me to talk to him whenever I feel down, but last night when I was about to hit send on a text asking for help, I ended up deleting it because I don't see myself as worthy enough to even be friends with him.

I eat because I'm unhappy, and I'm unhappy because I eat. I just wish I could stop being a hindrance and just disappear, but I'm too much of a pussy to commit suicide. I've tried it too many times but I've never had the balls to go through with it.

Should I just do it? End it all and make the world a better place?
File: 1441686642401.jpg (9 KB, 235x222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i moved all the way to ireland from canada, she was from london, it was close enough and we flew back and forth for months until she decided that it wasnt close enough
so here i am... in ireland...
at least I have a great job and more money now... i guess
you wish
and she was your best friend
I would pet him like a motherfucker. I wish I could have a dog
Proof: Clintons
no, go to /fit/
rip 3 scoops a day
get shredded
and love ONLY yourself
She didn't love me back, but never told me to stop loving her.
Omgomg so cute!
i will
woher genau?
good advice
File: 1457588998528.gif (3 MB, 367x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 367x208
First girl friend I ever had cheated on me. I've cheated on every gf I ever had feels bad. Pic unrelated
Last year in March was the most /fit/ I had ever gotten in my life. I really slimmed down and had some muscle, but the depression came back harder than before and thus began the continuous cycle of self-hatred.
actually whats worse is she got me a trip to barcelona in september cause ive always wanted to go and now i dont know what to do.
give it back?
going alone will probably sting like a motherfucker
Na-ah. Don't give up. You've got it in you anon, I know it. You have friends, you have a girlfriend. That's a lot more thab half of the guys here. Start writing your feels down, go to a shrink, start hitting the gym. Don't give up. :)
bro, you can always get more fit, you can fight the depression you just have to fixate on something thats beneficial and i mean goddamn fixate
why did you ended it?
Go to barcelona hoe! Hook up with a hot spanish girl and send her a thank you selfie with her. ;3
mix of german shepherd and border collie

Trust me: He'd lick you like a motherfucker. He loves everyone who pets him. Literally everyone.

Thank you

well, that's how most teens are
And it's impossible for me to love myself. I can't even understand how people can love me. I don't have anything worth loving.

I've been with her for 4 years and she doesn't say my own name, anon. 4 long years I've been waiting for her to at least call me babe or something, but nothing. She just starts talking; she's only said it after begging her.

She's said my last name to my friend, while I'm in front of them, but she can't say anything to me... She's a big part of my sadness.
File: 1441791652620.jpg (32 KB, 288x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 288x339
im sure shes waiting for you anon..
best thing about dudes is that you can't get them pregnant
rowdy haha
I love your pupper, anon. May he live a long and prosperous life
you forgot 'none of the above'
Then get rid of her man! Cut the strings to everything that makes you sad! If you have nothing to live for, you are free to do anything! Are you studying or working?
It's somewhat your fault. You need to learn to be happy because of who you are, not because someone else
Tears man you deserve all the happiness that a messed up..
I know that feel my boi
Please anon, everybody suffers from broken heart sometime. But this anon is right, you cant dwell on it. Just because she didnt love you enough, doesnt mean no-one will.
My issue is that I know she's the best I'll ever get. Even 90% of my closest friends have said it.
>Meet super cute girl in mental hospital
>Dont talk much in hospital
>She still leaves contact info
>Decide to message her
>We hit it off, have a lot in common
>Start dating
>Shes super hot but also crazy as fuck
>she would cut herself because blood scared me
>kinda hot not gonna lie
>2 weeks later
>1 day until im going to visit her
>Get message "We cant meet up tomorrow :("
>I ask why
>She sends pic of her and some other dude making out
>Block her on everything
>She makes new account to message me on but I tell her to fuck off
I went of a heavy drinking binge for a few weeks but now im mostly over it, i think
I hope so
I already know I'll be devastated when he dies

Here he actually looks like an adult dog
The shape of his face gave that away. I have a wiener doberman mix.
perfect alsation
really a beautiful specimen. You don't need anything else, no woman can match to the loyalty of a dog.
How is she the best? By looks? Because clearly she isnt the right person for you. Looks are fading and if she doesnt care for you and make you feel good about yourself she is not the best you're gonna get. Your friends dont know your relationship like you do.
so, she played with you the same way you play with other girls
The one floppy ear makes him even cuter than he already is. That little nigga must be able to pull girls like nothing
She broke up with me because I'm too negative. Well, this isnt helping much.
Negativity is super annoying anon. :( cant really blame her
Came over, told me she liked me a whole lot. I liked her too. 2 days later she has another boyfriend. Happened last week.
I know this feel.

Just you wait though - 2 years later she's now let me go and I realise what a mistake I made.

I tried to reach out and told her that I still loved her and what a mistake I'd made...
>Her: I've come to terms with everything Anon, I don't need to see you. I hope you find someone else who loves you like I used to.

The feels.
Best as in we were both each other's firsts. I've been in love with her since our freshmen year of high school almost 8 years ago and after 2 years of hard work and countless rejections I got her to be my girlfriend. She's beautiful but very reserved; only I've seen every side of her.

My life is a joke, anon.
This could work
I can honest to god not imagine a wiener dobarman mix

He's awesome, actually a good guard dog, too

I guess he would, cannot test it tho
Sadly it's not, I wish I could forget it but then I wouldn't have learned anything. I'm the kind of person that has to learn the hard way.
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same man. I feel you.
Because she was a lying whore, why else?

I've not been great with girls, I often think that it takes time to get to know someone and then in future other stuff like sex and relationships find their way through. My first gf was a cunt, straight up lied to me about some guy she denied seeing/fucking/whatever, so I left her and got over it pretty quickly. The second girl that I saw last year in October was honestly someone I could see myself being with for a long time. We started seeing each other and got on really well, and really quickly since we're both shy and it takes time for me/us to feel comfortable with someone else. Of course we tried sex and other stuff but I had never done anything like that before so I just went with it (I'm 20) even though I was nervous as shit. A month down the line we planned out a weekend just doing random shit, typical fancy dinner and watching fireworks etc, but then when I had to go I could tell she was distancing herself from me and I didn't know why. She'd always ask if I wanted to stay at hers/stay for dinner (her Mum was so kind to me due to my diet), and I felt like I was finally happy for once instead of being miserable, but like I said, after I had to leave I just started hearing from her less. About a week passes and I get told that nothing was going to come out of it since she needs more time to herself to think, and a week after that all happened I just stopped hearing from her completely. I went round hers to surprise her with flowers and shit and she seemed really happy about them, but then once again she said that she is really sorry but she can't see 'us' being a thing, she told me this over text about a few hours after I left. There hasn't been a day where she hasn't been in my head and this was 6 months ago since I stopped seeing/speaking to her now and I haven't felt any better since. What's more is that I heard from her a few weeks back and she's in a such a state with herself, I had a chat with her and now I'm worried she'll get worse.
File: 1421815288112s.jpg (7 KB, 250x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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me and my ex almost got back together after she dumped her last boyfriend. we had just been friends the whole time she was dating the new guy but after they were done it just kind of happened. we spent a whole week just holding each other and making out. my love for her came rushing back like a fucking tsunami. then the guy she dumped showed up on her doorstep out of the blue one night when I wasn't around and basically sobbed to her that he wanted to get back together. she turned him down but after that she started backing off from me until eventually she wasn't responding to any of my calls or messages.

That was in November. She still lives in my town and I know shes still single but I haven't seen her once since I stopped trying to contact her. I messaged her once about a month or two back and got one short reply, but nothing else after that. On one hand I'm really hurt and confused that she did this to me so I want to just say fuck her and find someone else. But inside I know I still care very deeply about her and every fiber inside of me is screaming that I need to fix things between us or I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life. I don't know what to do.
>be a shy faggot in the 8th grade.
>get a home room with no one you know
>the cutest of pies sits behind you
>do nothing like an autist
>she starts going out with a massive dick
>carries on 2 years, 2 months, and 13 days.
>I start talking to her we become friends
>she tries killing herself because of him.
>obvious break up
>she still wants him
>we talk more, I feel she's getting closer.
>lol, nope. She starts dating another fucking faggot.
>still care way too much about this chick
>about a year passes and he's already started corrupting her
> she tries less at school, so on
> we talk more, they fight more and then one summer day (June 9th 2015)..
> our normal texting turns to sexting.
>kissless virgin me is going insane
>"anon I've always wanted you, you know that right?"
>5 years later, finally reciprocation
> plan sexy times
> oh wait, family is forcing me on vacation for 2 weeks
>"please don't go" melts me
> get back and she pretends like it never happened
> she tells me we should not talk to eachother for awhile
>2 months pass, she's drinking a lot, hanging out with another mega douche.
> cheats on bf 2 for massive douche.
> both break up with her
>I come in to sweep up the ashes.
> she apologies to me
> she's really depressed right now
> hiking calls her, so I join her.
> were talking more than ever
> she wants me to take pictures of her. I do. (Photography hobby)
> she then asks me to take artsy nudes with her.
>lol nope, she gets back with faggot boyfriend 2 before we do.
>"anon, I'm sorry I used you as a crutch when I was single"
>"we shouldn't talk after today"
> that was six months ago.

Haven't talked to her since. Still miss her, some how.
After I left I said "I don't love you anymore," and we cut contact. But that's not true, I do love him. Now I'm just a fading afterimage in his mind. Five of the best years of my life we lived together in an apartment and then a little mobile home... now it feels like I dreamt it all.

I wanted it to be easier for him to move on from me. I still think of him every day. I sincerely hope he's better off now. I know I was only ever bad for him. I did what I thought I had to and now it's too late to turn back.

It sucks how things turned out.

If you're reading this and you recognize me, I love you, I miss you, and I'm so sorry for everything.

Rest well, love.
Yeah it's weird but he's the most loving pupper ever lol
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>be me
>be 21
>dating a beautiful woman for 3 years, serious for 2 years
>she is an exchange student from poland
>she is from a fairly poor family, all money being spent on her university degree
>i helped her with her schooling, tuition, assignments, thesis, and would send her money to eat when she couldn't afford
>i was like her guardian angel
>get engaged this past September with a lavish trip
>she goes back to poland to finish her degree
>everything seems to be going fine, still in love, still writing love letters, still talking daily
>she gets an internship and meets a muslim man (i found this out later) in december
>communication starts breaking down in late january/early february
>after i send her last chapter of the thesis to her, she cuts off all contact suddenly for 10 days on Valentine's day
>try contacting her mom, force her to get back to me
>10 days later, she breaks up THROUGH EMAIL
>1 week after break-up she calls me out of the blue
>"anon i think we've been having these problems because there is someone else i want to be with. don't ever try contacting me again"
>fast-forward 1 week later, ex's new muslim boyfriend mails me back the gifts i sent
>i take the love letters (that i written for her) that she and her bf sent back to me and watch them burn with my two best buddies looking on

pic related. the love letters over the years that i had written for her.

It gave me chills to see that the rose on the paper was the last part of the letter to burn. Took a picture because it just haunted me.
My ex said she lost all the feelings for me...she said she doesn't feel anything for me.
I am actually in love with her more than ever and she does this...
I would do anything to get back together but she said multiple times that we will NEVER get back together....she said to stop hoping.
She crushed my heart to small pieces but these pieces still glow and spark for her :(
What do I do? She calls me 3 times a week to see how I'm doing but said : we should stop talking at all because I'm over you so by calling you it's going to take more time for you to heal....
Shall I play hard2get so she'll enjoy the hunt?
I feel like I'm fading out of this world without her. I'm lost, alone, dead without her
File: 511.jpg (13 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be with girl for 5 years
>Perfect life together
>Apartment right downtown
>Shared all of the same friends
>Great jobs we both loved
>We have a date night one night
>Go to a movie and dinner
>Spend a little bit of time with friends
>Go home and make love
>Perfect night
>I awake in the morning to find the apartment empty
>She's nowhere to be found
>Everything still here
>Nothing missing but her
>Call around asking if anyone knows
>Not a single person knows
>Not even her parents
>File a missing persons report with her parents
>Wait days and days
>We finally found her...

Turns out in the middle of the night she took money she had saved up and took a taxi to the airport and then a plane to California to live with a guy she met online while we were dating, she left everything behind including all her clothes and her belongings, eventually her friend came forward and told me everything she knew, turns out she was "bored" with our relationship, she was upset that we had such an easy life, no money troubles, no friend drama, no fighting, nothing bad, she HATED this according to her friend, she wanted to have a rough relationship

It's been 3 years since this happened, I went to therapy after almost blowing my brains out, it helped a lot...but still hurts
What the fuck, mate? Shove that bitch out of your mind.
stop answering her calls. she'll come crawling back.
File: 1459077127694.jpg (43 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Right in the feels
women are fucking insane
that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. sorry it happened to you. why do some women seek out abuse and hardship?
keep your dignity and don't talk with her. she ist playin around
She and i never had many friends growing up i was pretty much alone before i met her and we grew to love each other not like a couple but more like siblings but like any story this one has an ending and ours was a sad one idk when it started but we were starting go grow apart from each other i talkted to her about it and she said that its probably meant to happen eventually we stopped seeing eachother a weak later saw her on the street i said hello and she didn't even look at me
I will answer her calls, they're only 3 per weekend...but I will make myself look at my best, pretend I'm happy without her and stuff.

I really smiled when I saw your reply, thank you , anon.

I'm sorry :( people can be this shitty, you should have not ignored the red flags at the beginning :( i wish I could brohug you and I would....I would cuddle you to sleep dear anon

That sounds awful, /b/rother. But it's kind of scary that I need something a little bit wrong in my relationship too. Or else I lose my sanity
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I'm just somebody that she use to know
this is the definition if heartlessness. that bitch is hollow inside and will probably do the same thing to the new dude.
Had a best friend for a while. We had been best friends for ages. We started to get closer and eventually started dating. I'd never been more in love. It was like a dream come true having my best friend as my gf I didn't know what to do. She goes on a trip for her job while I wait. After her trip she says she needs some time. Heartbroken I wait to see if we will go back to being the way we were. Of course turns out she was seeing another dude. She was best friend and my lover but she lied to me and there's not a day I don't think about her. I hate her but I can't erase her from my mind. How do I get over her?
>add someone from /b/ back in 2012, a random skype
>find out it's a girl
> typical internet girl- been in mental hospital, abusive ex, bla bla
>keep talking to her, because the conversations alright and I was otherwise bored.
>we keep talking online, by this point she's progressed from being a party girl at college to being a shut-in on skype with me. I pretty much did the same
> she tells me not to watch porn that she's my personal cam whore. I take advantage of that whnever I need to jerk it
>Start growing closer, we're having conversations for like 6 hours a time, sleeping in front of laptops and waking up, shunning responsibilities in life. I'm surprised because usually I don't want to talk for 10 minutes but the conversations just natural
>she says she wants me to visit her. I say no, because I like just chatting online and had too much shit going in iRL
>fast forward few months
> I start getting suspicious of her
> do my detective work. Find out (among others)

1) she's actively going out with, and sleeping with her "abusive ex" that was a "piece of shit she's glad to have out of her life" - not only is she actively sleeping with him but she's created porn with him.

2) she made out with a guy at a party, paraded round in her undies with them later that night, and also literally whored herself out for a guy to jizz on her feet for the princely sum of $40

3) let another guy she met off the internet watch her masturbate with toys at her place.

of course, I didn't immediately let her know that I knew...

If there's interest, I'll continue
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fake as fuck nigger
File: First love.jpg (30 KB, 500x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
First love.jpg
30 KB, 500x315
Started dating again man you'll forget about her if you meet some one new there's only one way to erase memorkes and that's with new memories

Thanks /b/ros. Up until recently I was feeling depressed. Now that I can talk about it, I think my feelings for her are gone.
Start** whoops
Post the porn she made with her ex.
holy shit that picture just gives me chills

can someone save this thread?
I know how this goes, my girlfriend of 2 years told me the other week that I need to start getting mad at her, even if it's for something small, I thought it was a joke at first

What the FUCK is wrong with women?
The ONLY interest we have is that you should LEAVE her immediately.
awww, he's really cute
Yes. you should. I know this is counter intuitive but you need to ice her out
go cold on her to warm her up. if you go too hot she'll get cold

I'll give you an example: ignore her call. let her see you having fun with another girl (Whether in person, or social media, or from one of her friends) watch her come running back to claim ownership. Even if she doesn't she'll feel a pang of seeing "her man" (or what used to be hers) with another girl. It's completely natural and almost unavoidable feeling, even for someone you think you're over, and I think women are even more affected by these jealous feelings from a biological standpoint.

I've had an ex in the past, split with me. She wanted nothing to do with me until I got with someone knew a month later. Then she got off to flirting with me.
From what i've read she dosent seem much better than the guys shes dating/used to date. But hey, i havent met her and she did apologize so what do I know.
I was with my girlfriend for almost 3 years, in the same apartment for 2 years, before she cheated on me because our relationship was becoming shit and I was too blind to see it. We broke up last year.

It hurt a lot but since then I made a lot of changes to my life, made new friends, lost 10kg, had one other relationship of 6 months that, I thought, made me "turn the page".

However I kind of want to send a message to my ex (the one I stayed with for 3 years) because the end of our relationship was kind of brutal and we haven't talked at all since then. I feel like maybe I could get benefit from meeting her at least once and talking the things out.
Says you the "alpha".
Dude youre on /b/.
>go cold on her to warm her up. if you go too hot she'll get cold
That's SO true because I was ALWAYS needy even though she said NOT to talk to her.
Also, I am afraid that she will stop talking to me if I go cold on her....what if she really wants to get rid of me ?
She was needy as fuck when we were together, she used to get mad whenever I didn't reply to her texts immediately so I'm shocked to see she can stay this much without me.
If you think it will benefit you, then do it anon. Just make sure you don't have any feelings for her left. You don't want to get hurt again.
Man, you ditten even have to tell she had a mental sickness. Thats messed up of her.
might've posted this the other day
am still confused about her

short summary

>meet girl online
>text for a month back n forth
>decide to meet up
>very pretty girl
>same kind of humor
>spends 3 days at my house
>we have a lot of fun, go to the movies, friends party, sex
>continue to meet up for the next 5 months
>just before christmas tells me she cant do it anymore
>gets back together with her ex
>3 months pass without any form of contact
>slowly start texting again
>i get "i've missed you in my life" messages
>last week
>some more of those kind of texts
>ask her if she'*s happy
>she says overall yes

i asked her why she's still so unsure about how she decided
she told me she "isn't unsure" and buts two texts with "it was beautiful with you" after that

what is up with this girl, besides obviously trying to either get me to tell her i want her back or keeping me on the back burner?
fuck this "crutch" line, I've heard it before. it basically translates to "I thought I wanted you, but I changed my mind"
>new girl in my class a couple of years ago
>really into her
>i was a dumb yung fuck, did a couple of stupid things, she isn't interested
>this year
>get closer again
>hang out in companies of mutual friends
>drink together sometimes
>cuddled up against me a couple of times
>I start to get interested again
>make it really obvious for her by being far too caring over text
>she probably notices
>after a couple of days starts behaving like a bitch all the time
>now isn't this bad, but was the case for a couple of months
>we are very distant again
>literally the only time we communicate is in school or when we send each other stupid fucking normie memes

I remember her being a bitch about it even then, 2 years ago. Why does she have to be like this, dude? I thought that I legit love her a couple of times
Breathe deep

See what I did there?

I'm a fucking sage
this is the problem u have, just because u give people things won't make people obligated to give you back in return. thats like manipulation. sure yes it was nice of you and im sure u really helped this girl and shit and perhaps she should be grateful but keep this in mind so u dont pour your heart out for just one woman.
Thing is, I don't even know how real that apology was. Every time I thought she wanted to start something with me, she goes straight to someone else.

At least when we last talked she admitted to all of it. The sexting, the leading, the attention whoring, the abandoning.

Her birthday is coming up soon too. Last year her boyfriend forgot it, I woke up a few hours early to give her some cake at the charity thing she does Ruth her family. It's also the same day as Tony Kakko's birthday, so that was cool too.

It's gonna suck seeing her at my sister's graduation.
Some men nowadays treat a woman like they'd treat their darling old grandma and wonder why they're not getting filled with excitement. Imagine every woman treats you super nicely and delicate like you're made of porcelain

"beatiful babe" "wow so hot" "damn so pretty"

"can I take you out for dinner?" "I'd really like to get to know you" "no problem swetheart"

"if you need anything let me know"

Imagine when you know that any woman would treat you well. Would never really contradict what you have to say.

That gets OLD! We need a challenge in life. Women don't get challenged or called out enough.

Society is the thing that's wrong! making men think you need to treat women like a disney princess. Handling them with gloves

When in reality you get further treating them like a man and just speaking your mind. She spilt a drink? tell her she;s a fucking clumsy idiot just like you'd tell your bros. She might sulk but she needed it. She's fucking you off- tell her to leave! She might complain about you but thats better anyday than you being a pushover and her sneaking off to chad who will fuck her, tell her she's useless then kick her out. Which she'll love and come back to if you're spineless.
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