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ITT: Awkward moments
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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ITT: Awkward moments
Boy, do I have a million
>Get on airplane
>middle seat between two respectable businessmen
>Already feel awkward because I reek of gin from the night before.
>Didn't have time to shower, disheveled as fuck
>"Guess I'll watch a movie"
>Open up laptop to paused, fullscreen shot of a blonde girl with an enormous cock in her mouth
>Both men clearly see this
>Slowly scroll over and exit out.
>6 hour flight ahead of me.
post more
>Be me
>7th grade
>My parents had put parental controls on my computer so I wouldn't look at porn
>Used the flashdrive they gave me for school to transfer porn to my computer
>Put the powerpoint I worked so hard on onto flashdrive
>Forget to remove porn
>Whole room sees porn when I put the flashdrive into the projector
>Pretend nothing happened and present
>I got an A+, guess the teacher liked my porn
What kind of porn was it?
I'd kek so hard if it was furry or some weird shit like that
Just a bunch of hentai
>Go to Mexican restaurant with a few of my friends.
>Start drinking, getting a little loud.
>Begin recounting my trip to Mexico the prior year
>"Yeah, it was just a dirty country. The mainland looks like a fucking wasteland. They try to sell you a watered-down, racist version of their own culture."
>Friends start making subtle gestures at me to shut up.
>Don't notice because cheap margaritas
>"It would have been nice to walk down the beach without some crusty Mexican trying to sell me dirt-weed or a fucking sombrero."
>Friends look shocked.
> I start to catch on.
>Look around and see a table of crusty Mexicans looking right at me.
>They are all big, beefy construction workers and I'm some lean 23 year old shit.
>Eat in silence for the next 20 minutes and leave.
I'm basically a fucking asshole.
>mexican being this buttblasted on /b/

get the fuck out you subhuman shit
>be me
>this christmas
>whole family comes over
>littlest cousin is 13
>after breakfast, she says she wants to show us all a video she made for her school project or something
>takes her laptop out
>connects it to the tv first
>then turns it on second (classic mistake)
>IMMEDIATELY the tv turns to this youtube video of these two hot lesbians making out and autoplays
>entire extended family knows my 13 year old cousin was watching lesbian porn
>try to keep straight face
>she alt f4's kind-of-quickly, but not quick enough
>everyone pretends nothing happens.
>great grandma is 101.

does that make you feel better OP? could have been worse...
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not gonna greentext cause it happens to me all the time and there isn't really a story to it but..

my brother always walks into my room when im jacking off, often right when im cumming, and i have to pull the blanket over myself real quick and wait for him to leave. its so obvious what im doing, too. god i hate that guy
how old are you and your brother?
You should assert your dominance over him by making him suck your dick.
Top kek
Faggots at it again
nigger pls. i was just wondering why his brother walks in while he's jerkin it.

if his brother was younger and not sexually active, i could understand the candidness of it.

but if his brother is old enough to know better, that shit is fucking fucked, and his brother probably really is gay as fuck.
i'm 18 and he's 19

it's not like he purposely comes in to catch me beating off, he just happens to come in whenever im doing it
How many times has this happened?
two or three times a day for 7 years
so in light of being informed of this, i can reasonably deduce that either, you jerk off entirely too often or your brother is in fact gay as fuck and deliberately trying to catch you blowing your load.

>be me
>sat in library at uni reading this thread
>laugh so hard at op that I let rip
>had to go to loo and clean arse

Top kek op. Thank fuck I'm leaving in a few weeks.
I think you're trolling or just very stupid.
Hmm if you start counting from when i first started jacking off (5-6 years ago), i would say somewhere around 70 times lol

happens like maybe twice a month these days, but i used to jack off much less frequently as a kid
Just gay vegan stuff
Ok, I don't think that's a coincidence. I think he wants your dick.
>Be 20
>Never had a girlfriend before
>Going on a date
>Take her to Mexican restaurant
>Walk in
>Tables, tables everywhere
>We sit at a table close to where a group of girls are sitting
>Oh well, they seem to be ignoring us
>Sit down and order food
>Nervous as luck
>Not sure what to say
>Sweating a little
>Food comes and it's going ok
>I panic a little when she asks about other dates I've been on but I cover it up pretty well
>It's going ok.
>Group of girls at the other table are getting loud
>Laughing loudly making jokes
>One of them knocks her plate with her elbow and a potato falls from her plate
>It lands on the floor next to me
>I pick it up
>Put it back on her plate
>She just stares at me
>Whole table bursts out laughing
>My girlfriend has this look like " are you doing"
>I don't know what to do
>Take the potato from her plate and put it on my plate instead
>Her table laughs more, far more loudly
>Sit in silence whilst their table whispers to each other laughing at intervals

Fuck I don't even know what happened. It just happened so fast.

Feels bad man.
My god, were do I even start?

Between the TSA thinking I have a nuke, my high school science teacher strangling a stuffed animal because it wasn't nice to her, ...

Oh this is for award moments, should have read more carefully. I thought is was odd moments. Don't have any award moments, because the concept of embarrassment eludes me.
holy fuck how the fuck were you not mocked the rest of the year?
off by one
off by 3 fucking dumbass. Can you not count newfag?
You should have owned it, called them dirty mexican cunts and started brandishing a knife
how about how awkward it is that you cannot spell awkward?
Good one. I laughed. A whole potato?
Why would that be award? I have always had problems with spelling and grammar since my grandpa tried to kill me with an ax. But don't worry he didn't succeed, my skull stopped the blade. Everyone seriously over reacts about things like family feud.
>Be me
>For some reason my school district integrates the 8th and 9th graders
>In disgustin ass guys bathroom taking a piss
>This 8th grade tranny kid leaves the stall behind me right as I turn around
>I shit you not, I though this fucker was a chick the whole fucking school year.
>Looks at me like a deer in the headlights.
>Think, "Wait, what the fuck?"
>Realize I actually said it out loud.
>Tranny GTFOs without even washing his hands.
>Avoid each other at all costs for the rest of the school year
I get that but its still annoying. I'm 19 and two of my brothers walk in on me jerking/showering all the fucking time. They are 5 and 8 so its /understandable/ but not really.
>Never been to a Subway before
>Decide to bend it like Jared
>Go to the counter and order the meatball sub
>They ask what bread I'd like with it
>Start sweating
>Tell them original
>They don't know what I mean
>Keep repeating "original bread" over and over
>They just grab a loaf and ask if I want six inches
>Get flustered but try to reign in my anxiety
>"Heh heh nah I'm seven and a half so lets to that"
>The silence killed me
>See they have guacamole
>Tell them I want guacamole on it too
>They say they don't have guacamole
>Think they're just messing with me
>Sweat harder
>Tell them I think they do
>They tell me they don't make guacamole but they could put avocado on it if I prefer
>Scoff at them and say sure
>Tells me it'll be an upcharge
>Scoff again and tell them to load it up then
>Finally reach the till
>They ring me up and ask for the total
>I hand them my card
>They swipe it
>Then swipe it again
>Once more
>My card was declined all three times
>Stutter out an apology and hand them my other card
>This one is bent and cracking due to leaving it in the wash
>They look at it and shake their heads
>Swipe it a few more times
>Keeps getting an error
>Inform me that payment isn't going through
>By this point three people behind me are waiting to pay
>Tell them to give me my card back and I'll do it myself
>They hand it to me
>Swipe once more
>It works
>Laugh and say it just needed a bit of love
>Bob head when saying this
>They straight-face tell me to have a nice day
>By this point visible pit-stains and a damp spot on belly
>Walk out and eat in car
>Employees capable of seeing me from counter
>Catch them glancing over every now and then
>The sub wasn't that good either
lock the door?
>Have to stay at grandma's for a few days while I'm moving in to a new place.
>Don't mind because she is cool as fuck.
>Have to sleep on living room floor on an air mattress because my aunt and uncle are also visiting.
>Come home hammered as fuck one night.
>Dig my fleshlight out of my travel bag.
>Pull my pants down around my ass and fuck the shit out of it.
>Cum and immediately pass out.
>Wake up the next morning and realize all of this.
>The covers were pulled up over my ass.
>My grandmother must have woke up to go to church and found her grandson passed out with his pants around his ankles, smelling of beer.
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>on phone with customer service
>order i placed didn't arrive, CS rep asks me for my address
>i tell her my address
>get to postal code
>do the "C as in cat" thing to avoid any confusion
>get to D
>"D as in Dildo"
hey it's not your fault you thought someone of the opposite sex was in YOUR bathroom. Drives me nuts when ppl wanna get mad at you when you've done nothing wrong
No locks, sadly. My parents and other brother have the decency to knock at least.
i feel u man, those letter things are hard to come up with on the spot like that

Well tell him to fuck off then
Well why in your dumbfuck brain would you think putting avocado on a meatball sub is a good idea? Jesus christ.
My sides
My social life is nonexistent because I have kids, but I still get an uncomfortable amount of awkward moments because I'm a pediatrician and kids don't have filters. With younger kids, there are a lot of comments about how mommy or daddy has a different body. That alone is fine, but the parents always feel awkward enough for it to rub off on me.
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>be me
>just heard about blowjobs
>really wanted to try this
>no gf
>i always was a creative fucker
>find vaccum cleaner
>it furiously sucks my dick
At this point i lived in a apartment under my cousin
>vaccum cleaner makes fucked noice
>my cousin hears this and runs to the apartment
>finds me, getting my dick furiously sucked by a vaccum cleaner
We still talk though
how does getting your dick sucked by a vacoom cleaner feel good? I thaught it's just something from the movies
Well, he has a dick and was in the men's room, just looks exactly like a woman. He's probably taking hormones or some shit like that. Still really awkward
It had options from low sucking to hard sucking, lowsucking was great tho
Shit dude. Does this happen a lot?

Should've raped his ass in the stall then
I see. well fuck em. THEY'RE the one's changing genders; confusing the rest of us. Looks female, I'm going to assume it's a female, it's not like I can grab their crotch to be certain! HA
Wat. This cant be real i leld so hard
You sound like a good dude. Don't sweat it.
That's some intense anxiety.
Hey look a beaner faggot. Go back to your dirty dumb ass country. You wouldn't be offended if your country or people were worth anything at all.
>bob head when saying this
lol you autist.
Dirty Mexican faggot. Your country sucks and so does your people. Stop coming to America and stop trying to turn it into your worthless country that you ran from.
I love you anon.
Go backto Mexico bitch.
Done this
"Let it rip!" -beyblade, and anon
You think ur sick but ur not
Keke. Vote trump bigly
Well this made my day
>thanks anon
Not that big of a deal as well but it is funny
What are you talking about? Avocado is great in all breads. I use it sometimes to substitute butter b/c fuck butter / margarine
what the fuck were you doing man
>sitting in math class in 7th grade
>all taking some test we are supposed to be quiet for
>I see Teacher leave room thinking about jumping up and making noise
>I think it over
>fuck it
>Jump up and yell "Lets make margaritas!"
>Didn't realize Teacher walked back into room
>Says my name
>You're goddamned right.
>Sat back down in complete shame
>Say the word cute in 10th grade ironically.
>Some 9/10 cute bitch asked if I just said cute
>Im like uhh yeah so?
> She just turns around
>What she doesn't know I would do to that ass.
>Friend just laughs at me like I should be so embarrassed.
>Shut the fuck up.
it would be kind of awkward to just pretend like nothing happened if the potato fell and landed next to you, but you didn't have to pick it up and put it on her plate..
Fucking what
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>Get to the restaurant
>all tables are taken, except for the one for 30 people
>there is one guy seating there
>Hello sir may I sit at your table shit
>he has tablet in front of him and laughs from time to time
>his laugh sound like he's choking
>"are you okay"
>"Yes, this is the way I laugh"
>our meals arrive simultaneously
>halfway through he strats making choke sounds again
>ignore him, he's just laughing
he was actually choking on fish bone, screetching for my help
>aftter several minutes turn my head on him
>called staff, man taken to the hospital
>I couldn't finish my fish
>hfw I sat and calmly ate my lunch when he was struggling for life
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should have made some comment about her cute ass and been alpha as fuck about it
>long time ago
> take six mg of Xanax
>staying w parents during smash
>go home see gin on counter, drink juice glass full
>find a porn dvd I hid in high school
>put in on move chair close to tv get out sock
>wake up to loud "WHAT THE FUCK!?" From mother
>passed out dick in sock, porn dvd looping
Im fucken dead hahahaha
damn did you really just pass right out?

i took 4mg once but didn't feel anything other than a loss of balance, idk why

Someone should invent some kind of, i don't know, Phonetic Alphabet? That way things like this wouldn't happen,
U would have died, bullshit story
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holy fuck this is the most autistic story I have ever heard

god truly made a mistake when he created your poor soul
Haha, no. You're going to get kicked back to your own country soon. Trump is going to give you the boot.>>683294866
No it took my a while to pass out, I figured since I was out of state and couldn't fuck my gf I would jack it.
I had taken the Xanax way earlier and smoke a ton off weed. I probably passed out when the 5-6 shots of gin hit me all at once.
Sorry man I have a huge tolerance, I took 6 2mg Xanax just two weeks ago. Although I did black out and spend $200 on Coke I definitely did not die. I don't know why I'm like this, once I took 320mg of methadone, but I had a pretty good tolerance at the point
At least you tried to be helpful, most wouldn't bother to get out of there seat, let alone attempt to clean it up. Still pretty awkward though.
Haven't seen this pasta in a long time
Not sure if you're retarded or I am? It already exists. Military Alphabet
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>be 23
>go to shitty restaurant mothers works at for free nachos
>eat whole plate of family nachos by myself
>shit was free nigger
>walking home
>bubble guts
>shart trying to hold it in
>only place to shit was under overpass near bus stop
>someone at the bus stop
>fuck it im poopin
>they watch me take one of the most fucked up poops ever
>go home and clean myself then play some TF2
10/1 would have just laughed and went to sleep if the guy next to me did that.
spagetti falling out of your pockets could feed an east african country for months
you went to a tourist area of mexico didn't you? just got back from a couple weeks there, was fun as fuck.
If they're trying to become female then they probably took it as a compliment.

> Be 15, I'm 27 now
> I have extremely protective, Christian, health nut, crazy strict parents.
>I love music, it's the one thing I have, collected tons of cds and write music.
>Parents take all my music cds and every song I ever wrote because they found I was listening to metal and Korn.
>Feel completely lost, dad takes off for business trip, just older sister and mom.
>Find parents hidden brandy at night after sis and mom asleep.
>Bring brandy in room and start drinking as much as I can... like half the bottle in a couple minutes.
>Get horny as getting wasted, get completely naked and lube up my entire body.
>Start jerking it to bra catalogue
>Not working cause getting slobery drunk.
>Think I'm quiet, but walk naked singing down hallway next to sister's and parent's bedroom.
>Get in bathroom to take a dump while completely naked
>Keep falling off toilet seat while singing Korn. Mom walks in...
>wake up showered on cot in parents room.
>Remember being naked throwing up all over the place while telling my mom that "it's a dream"...
my dad has autism, you sound like him.

>excuse me im in a hurry i have to go to the front of the line
>i want a foot long sweet onion chicken
>what do you want on it
>everything that comes on it.
> i mean do you want lettuce?
>worker guesses? then timidly asks if he wants oil vinegar salt pepper
>well you can't see salt and pepper

so embarrassed\\. glad i didn't inherit that.
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>Be me, South African fag
>Went to traditional all boys English private school
>At athletics event when I was in matric (senior), whole school compulsory attendance
>Sitting next to QT athlete girl from another school chatting
>School starts chanting "PULL IN, PULL IN,PULL IN" while staring at us.
>Girl is Afrikaans and her english isn't great and doesn't understand and starts chanting it as well
>Explain to her it means they want us to kiss
>Lean in for a kiss
>She pulls away (I'm pretty good looking and was in great shape, not beta fag but was super innocent small-town girl) and whole school sees
>Slightly remedied humiliation since she gave me a kiss on the cheek.
>Everyone trolls me for the next month.
>Be me at 11
>Hot as fuck outside
>At my older cousins
>He is 13 or 14
>His older sister asks us if we want to go to the water park
>Borrow a pair of cousins old trunks
>Put them on before we go
>Have to pull them up every few moments, don't mention it because I wanted to swim
>Get in car and go
>Go into park, find a spot to put our shit
>Cousin and I put lotion on each other
>No homo
>Swim for a while
>Eventually go over to the deep end
>Cousin fucks around on the diving board
>I decide to use it even though my parents never let me
>Climb out of pool and stand on diving board
>Pull trunks up again
>Jump on board a few times like I've seen divers do
>Trunks fall down
>Let out a loud gasp/cry
>People probably look
>Spazz out trying to cover myself with one hand, the other trying to pull my trunks up
>Manage to bang my head and leg

(Will continue, don't want to hit limit)
its time for africa
>sawuwaweh eheh bungholina eh eh!sawuwaweh eheh bungholina eh eh! ees tyme for nigfrika!
you are.
you are retarded
You know Afrikaans people are generally blonde white people of dutch descent right?
hahahahahaha, this must be fake, but fucking hilarious.
>here's your potato, milady, don't worry about the shit it's covered in, the rest of the food on your plate will conceal it
>used to hang out at a coffee place with a buddy
>one day the place was packed
>forced to sit at a tiny 2-seat table right next to some dude and his girlfriend
>they're so close it would be too awkward to talk, so we're all mostly quiet
>my buddy starts saying something to me but stops himself
>the girl next to us thinks it was her boyfriend who said something
>she goes "what?"
>he goes "what?"
>"did you say something?"
>"why do you always do that?"
>"you always mumble, and then you won't repeat it"
>"I didn't say anything"
>quickly escalates into potentially relationship-ending fight
>me and my buddy looking down at the table, barely breathing
so what? I cant fucken sing a fucken song? fuck u fucken racist
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fucking do it.jpg
7 KB, 258x195
>be me
>13 years old and best friend is big fucking black guy
>have science together and one day get really mad at each other
>its fucking on nigger
>both of us are are drawfags so as a way of arguing we just draw each other getting fucked by tentacles
>no homo but maybe homo
>we draw like a good 50 pages each
>class ends and forgive and forget
>its all good my nigger so we throw away all the dick-paper
>little do we know as we walk out, teacher sees us throwing away all this paper
>teach looks at cocks
>next day teach approaches both of us
>"now anons, what were you thinking doing something like this? I cant have my children drawing pornography in my class room, I could easily get you suspended etc."
>she doesnt do it
>me and friend continue to draw hentai in class
Its like Sex Drive all over again
>be me
>be 16
>go in sisters room
>see panties on the floor
>take an almighty whiff
>turn around
>she's standing right there
>don't know what to do
>she laughs and walks away
>never spoken about it

Even though your dad is an autist, the Subway personell should have just said 'OK' and not ask any more questions when a client seems unknown with the company procedure and just says ''i want it like in the picture''.

Anyways, i see a lot of babyboomers that have a relationship and all etc. while if kids these days would have those character aspects they wont have GF's.
My life was nuts, so here's another. Let's go back farther
>Be 14
>Realize that even if God exists that I will never bend a knee to anyone and rebuke Christ.
>Tell parents that I'm not a Christian and throw the purity ring they gave me at them.
>Parents absolutely lose their shit. They take me to pastor and they try exorcising me over and over again.
>I completely pissed get fedup and tell them it's no demon or witch (my parents thought a girl in runescape was a witch that controlled me) that made the decision, that I hate God and want nothing to do with Christianity.
>Parents angry start driving home. I start listening to my expensive mp3/cd player worked to get the money for. Listening to Korn.
>Parents tell me to give them my cd player and expensive head phones.
>I refuse and tell them to leave me alone. They aren't having it and pull off into Safeway parking lot.
>My dad gets out and starts opening my door, I try to lock it and keep it closed.
>I eventually fail and my dad rips headphones and cd player away from me.. I watch my headphones get ripped in half as my player hits the asphalt and breaks apart.
>I go into a rage and my dad and I start fighting in the middle of a Safeway parking lot.
>I am landing blows, I seriously want to hurt my father.. Safeway employees run out and try to constrain me and hold us back from each other. My mom and sis just tried to stay out of the way.
>Cops show up and are patting me down. I tell the officer to shoot me in the head.
>Cop immediately puts me in the back of cop car and explains to my parents that they have to take me to a psych ward.
>Go to Pyscho hospital and make friends with a Blood who became a good friend but died about a year later from gang fight.
>meet hotty 8/10 nuts chick that seems pretty cool. I get my first kiss from her and we make out in secret before we decide to fuck. Staff catch on and seperate us. Leave a week later.
>drawing pornography

ye... nah
>Lifeguard pulls me out of water, probably sensed I was retarded the moment I got there
>Pulls me onto a chair (the kind that all pools have)
>Try to lift head up
>Hurts to move it
>Someone is pressing against my forehead anyways
>Reach down to cover my boyhood
>Gets hand pushed away
>Hand looks like I just fingered a girl on her period
>Freak the fuck out
>Cry like a pussy
>Thought my dick fell off or something
>End up going to the ER for stitches
>Crying, bloody, and pretty exposed the whole time

Probably the most awkward part of my life. Had another waterpark experience but it wasn't as awful.
God how beta can you get?

I remember a really good one.
>be me, 20, trap
>visiting dad in california
>abusing drugs
>high as a motherfucker
>decide to take a shower
>get naked
>have a seizure from withdrawing from benzos + adderall high
>seizure causes total memory loss and post-seizure symptoms of being loopy as fuck
>dad keeps saying "you need to go to the hospital, get dressed" but i dont want to get dressed
>pose my sexy body, flaunt my boobs "i dont want to get dressed I feel fine"
>dad dresses me, takes me to hospital
>i am loopy as fuck, so the hospital IVs some ativan so i'll get sleepy and stop bothering the doctors.
>cute boy nurse adjusting my IV
>"you're really cute..." start stroking his arm, he blushes a lot
>"you dont have to leave if you want... dont worry about him" point to my dad "We can hook up later"
>try to kiss him
>.....come back to normal
>remember everything that happened.

apparently seizures make me a crazy slut
>is it in the picture?

>16, living with parents
>watching some movie on TV, and recording it on vhs for future
>midway through movie, my friend calls and asks if I want to come outside and smoke a cig
>can't smoke indoors with parents, because strict parents
>figure I'll just be out 15 minutes and come back. leaves TV on
>decides to take a long walk instead because friend has feels to talk through
>comes home 3 hours later
>realize I left TV on, blasting high volume
>turn it off and take out vhs tape
>finish the movie
>after the movie, its recorded 2 hours of anal sluts porno
>realize my TV has been playing pornos at high volume with parents trying to sleep in the other room
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>be me
>6 years old
>on bus going to swim meet
>feel rumbling in my tummy
>tell friend to listen because farts are funny
>diarrhea seeps through my swimsuit all over the seat
>friend doesn't notice
>dear god please save me don't let anyone see
>stench crawls up my nose
>becomes noticeably bad
>rip me
>"omg anon did you throw up"
>pretend sickness caused by mcdanks eaten earlier
>say I'm fine now, can still swim

fastforward to the swim meet

>dive in
>forgot to change/clean swimsuit earlier
>trail of nig pigment following me
>lose race
>rest of meet gets cancelled to clean the pool
..............uhhhhhh gregory?
>Yesterday, outside grilling BBQ chicken at my apartment complex
>Guy moving someone in puts down a mattress at an apartment a little ways away and sees me at the grill
>He shouts to me, "Smells good, bro!"
>I reply, "Thanks, y-you too..."
>Immediately go inside
>Chicken burns because I leave it on too long before going back out
Oh please let this be real
>nurse blushing
>Dad invites me over for dinner
>Stepmom, her son and his mother, the grandmother I hate are there
>the old cunt asks me if my mum and her mother, the grandmother I love went to church for no fucking reason
>"Yes, they did" and stare at her
>She shuts the fuck up, dad tries to appear funny and insult my mother and grandmother, because he hates them
>"You know, all whores start going to church when they grow old" and looks at me with the toothiest grin I ever saw him make
>"Oh, so that's why your mum goes to church every sunday"
>dad is as red as a tomato, the old cunt just stares, I was her least favorite grandson anyways and my stepmother and her son try not to laugh as hard as they possibly can
>finish eating in silence, dad does the same
after that shit dad never talks about my mum and grandma ever again.
File: bye_bye_cena.gif (158 KB, 260x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158 KB, 260x187
Nothing worse than an unceremonous poop:
>Go caving / potholing
>Heading back out
>Get told 'just go ahead we'll catch up'
>Going up through cave trying to remember route
>Wait for a bit for them
>No one comes
>Go back, they've gone
>Going up & down passages shouting, getting more & more scared
>Need to poop immediately hits
>Do a fear poop in a tunnel
>Go back up
>Run into 2 guys on their way in
>1 takes me back up whilst his mate carries on
>mfw his mate had to crawl past my poop
> Be 17, just moved out with buddy in apartment.
>Party like crazy fucks drinking more than we eat.
>3 popular chicks from high school come over and we start the movie White Chicks.
>I decide it's a perfect time to get wasted around noon. Probably about the last thing I remember.
>Later roomate explains to me that I got wasted, took my shirt off, and starting making fun of the movie.
>After that I go over and start telling the each girl that I'm going to fuck their vagina.
>My buddy says after that I layed down in front of them and started rubbing myself all over before suddenly running upstares and jumping in the shower.
>lay down in shower and puke all over myself.
>Buddy says the girls kept giggling to each other (they were pretty hot 6 and 7s). And that eventually they told him they were going to have some fun.
>Apparently one even got in the shower, but they decided I was completely passed out and left.
>Later asked one of em about it, asked if they wanted to "have fun". She admitted yes but laughed her ass off at me when I asked if she and her friends still wanted to.

>be 16 got high morning before school, as usual.
>go into first period blunted and smelling like it
>teacher is doing his lecture
>pencil breaks
>cant take notes
>sitting there like an awkward fuck
>too high to get up in front of everyone but fuck it i have to
>go sharpen pencil in the middle of teacher talking
>pencil sharpener rearing at full horsepower
>hear voices and shit behind me
>turn around, look at class voices stop
>everyone is staring at me
>think to myself ''why the hell are these wierdos staring at me''
>turn right around and sharpen my pencil some more
>voices are now just teacher shouting my name
>turns out he was trying to get my attention the whole time i was sharpening my shitty number 2
>everyone started laughing but not for the right reason
>i just looked like i was being a dick to the teacher
>hes pissed sends me to office
>all bad from there
felt awkward as fuck the whole time because i was blitzed
Your poor dad, you fucking degenerate.
nice trips greg
Faggot! Degenerate
Are you retarded? Even 6mg and 750ml of gin wouldn't kill you.
Every time I do this and I come across N I have a hard time not saying nigger
Nope. I'm not Gregory, but the story was completely legit.
You're a good son, Anon
nice trips

fuck psych wards are awesome sometimes
File: 1458251392939.png (26 KB, 273x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 273x200
>meatball sub
File: she didnt call.png (360 KB, 756x1360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
she didnt call.png
360 KB, 756x1360
the ultimate coming through
>In shop, getting some shit
>Tired as fuck, can't remember why I was there
>Fall asleep whilst walking with trolley
>Bash into ugly bastard with the trolley
>All his family are laughing at me
>Manage to get a small "sorry m8" out
>Go back to shopping
>Get all the shit I need, go to checkout
>Shithead is there again
>Makes fun of me and everyone starts laughing at me
>Try to hide face and ignore it
>Whilst looking down, realized that in my stupidity, I forgot to put on pants
>Get to checkout, pay for shit and leave
>Get to car, get shit on by bird and drive off
>Get home, realize that cunt is my new neighbor
To this day, the fat fuck brings it up.
close the fucking door what the fuck is wrong with you ? tell him to knock first or something faggot.
Lol thanks, but my name isn't Greg. It starts with an F.
File: 12mewouldfap2this.jpg (147 KB, 812x983) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 812x983
>be me
>12 y/o in disguise normie child, play sports, etc.
>a decent portion of my time on the internet was finding Lara Croft porn
>had two folders dedicated to the cause, cosplay and rule 34 stuff
>my family- mom, dad, 5 year older sister were not computer savvy
>typical folder within folder setup, so many good times
>playing video games on tv
>sister turns on computer
>i hear "what is this anon"
>shit. forgot to close up shop. she sees everything
>sister's name is laura :/
let's hang out sometime
NOTE: A story my mate told me, because I saw him in the store without pants on and questioned him about it. Spoke to him tonight about this thread and he told me to write it here.

>implying hentai isn't what a lot of teenagers jerk off to
You pack a fleshlight in a travelbag? You've got a problem dude.
File: images.jpg (9 KB, 275x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 275x184
Similar thing happened to me

>grabbing with a friend pizza after a few beers
>order food
>friend randomy brings up those stupid ear spacers that faggots use to look edgey, says something complimentary.
>I say that they look disgusting and people who get them are idiots who will never be able to get any decent job
>friend drops the subject
>as I'm getting my food I notice that the girl behind the counter has about the biggest spacers I've seen on a woman.
>realize that's why buddy brought it up
>realize that there was no possibility that she didn't hear me
>awkward as fuck till I left the place
Hope it wasn't a henry. That's gay man,
*5 years older sister fyi, she was probably 17 at the time.
I know I did, and I didn't even watch anime back then.
Yeah, I almost lost my virginity in one... I actually even begged the staff and counselors to stay. They told me no, but that they were sorry. My life was hell at my parents.
why is that exactly?
the fuck kind of trash whitewashed mexican place serves baked potato
>probably 12 birthday
>sister comes over
>her friends come over
>she is older than me had some gifts iv`e received
>when they are leaving I say real loud
>they give me a strange look and leave
>ask my mom she tells me they didn`t bring those gifts
>feel weirded out and that was one of the last times she ever came to a birthday for me.
2/10 story much laugh.
Do you have a followup you comedic genius?
File: 1461526290203.jpg (15 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 300x168
At least it was hardcore porn and not the goofy shit I like
ok. im visiting some friends in tehachapi, but im usually around west covina or lancaster
>at bar alone
>drink 20 bloody Mary's
>-40 degrees outside (Canadafag)
>on busride home
>bus is full of bacholerette party
>try and communicate but loose my spaghetti
>suddenly not feel so good man
>need to exit bus
>still need to transfer one more bus to get home
>push emergency stop button
>gtfo of there
>akwardly through 5feet snow butt is squirting
>finally find wall to paint with my shit
>wipe my ass with snow and box I find
>realize everyone at the bus stop saw all this
>pull my pants up and stand with them at bus stop

Not a single fuck was given that day
Not my fault my mate told me to post his every word. I have much better stories, but this is the internet and my family uses this board way too much. They will know it's me.
damn, small mistake with a big consequence. that must have turned your gf's pussy into the sahara desert
File: 1461270062923.png (32 KB, 555x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 555x421

> cool as fuck
i'm near LA
still do drugs?
first psych ward story
>tell them im a tranny, hoping to get a private room
>"bullshit, there's another trans here right now, you can room with her"
>alright! hopefully we can fuck after lights out
>go to room
>'she' is a failtrap.
>the type who wears boyclothes from walmart that their mom bought, grows their hair without brushing it, puts no effort in besides takin their pills every day
>not my scene.
>she tries to fuck me, wont take no for an answer
>Have to start fooling around with this black guy
>he sees her hit on me
>"don't you be talking to my girl or i'll fuck you up bro."
>dont say anything.
My sides
Wow, yup! Faggot Jones is my name. I told you it was hell with my parents. They thought I would learn a lot with a faghoty name like that.
Top kek
I actually feel bad for you. That's sad.
She probably caught the electrical waves from your brain before you said it with those things
File: 1454418599084.jpg (9 KB, 279x181) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 279x181

this is fucking great
second one
>cute little femme boy there
>nnnnnn want him so bad
>he has this girlfriend whose in B building and he's in A building with me.
>he keeps saying things like "no... i've only ever hooked up with girls... will it make me gay?"
>his hesitancy is arousing af
>sneak just outside his room
>do the 'come here' motion with my fingers
>he's so unsure but he wants it
>he kisses me, blushing crazy
>kiss him back, makeout for a bit, touch his chest
>feeling like a million bucks
>this one nurse whispers to me "You know there's a camera right outside his door right?"
>they write "danger of flirting with patients" on my chart, but dont kick me out or anything
HAHAHA I'm fucking trying so hard not to die right here right now on metro train filled with people. These little laugh stifles coming out of my mouth aren't helping. Woman next me looks like she thinks I'm going to throw up on her.
Is she hot
>I have a fresh one from today
>yesterday went to get a haircut they cutted almost like a skinhead look
>was my mistake
>went to Jehovas witness salon
>I look like a skinhead
>I wore a leather jacket they seem to be looking at me
>felt ackward
>realized that I looked like a neo nazi
>just weird.
does a priest molest children?

>Be 16 year old me just finishing up school
>just got GCSE results and best friends rings to tell me his grades.
>Scary Movie 1 height of all lels at time
>Tell me he has all F's
>thought he was joking
>"Does it have dumbass printed across the card"
>Silence and hangs up.

God damn it.
Damn, how long were you there? Are you a tranny?
fuuk, heard my parents turning the lights on from my laughter
bullshit, no VHS records 2hrs
File: urgh.png (539 KB, 717x723) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
539 KB, 717x723
>straight outta highschool
>collage life going OK
>hanging it at a buds house every other day
>crash in the spare often
>buds brother is gay
>hits on me
>one day everyone goes to the gym but us
>skip his bullshit and get straight to making out
>the spare we're in was an office with full glass doors
>wall to wall with living room
>jokes about oral
>tell him maybe
>whips out a huge dick
>now we're talking
>buds come back from the gym
>doors to spare are pretty much sound proof
>buds come around the corner
>on my knees in full view blowing his brother
>he also brought over more people to party
>10+ people's FW watching a guy they thought was straight blowing another guy
>we bought curtains shortly there after
like 11 days, trans life fam

thank mr wew
>started working in a shit job, only good thing to come out of it was meeting this cute girl who seemed to be into me, solid 9
>hang out, get wasted, tried to smash an empty beer bottle on some cunts head, she stopped me
>for some reason she still wants to hang out
>me and two friends are in town, message her
>offer her to smoke some weed with us
>she say's she'll be right over
>decide to get something to drink while waiting, ended up getting piss drunk
>started hitting on some other chicks
>she finally arives, my friend doesn't stop blabering about those other chicks, starts saying I told them to fuck off
>"I would never say something like that to hot chicks"
>at this point I'm piss drunk and the girl just looks at me akwardly
>smoke the weed, she never heard me cussing so much
>some random cunts start talking to us for no reason
>me and my drunk and stoned friends run off, leaving the girl with random cunts at night in the woods near the town
>she removes me from her facebook friends
uhhh, you know how they say 'dont stick your dick in crazy?'

imagine a childhood version of that.

>she's 14 now
>has a lot of black guy friends
>got a Q Spade tattoo (cuck fetish????)
>dyed hair, dresses like a 1980s punk, does drugs
Why would you put butter in a meatball sub
File: Future Fragment.gif (30 KB, 112x147) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Future Fragment.gif
30 KB, 112x147
>be 17 waiting at bus stop on way home
>girl I know from school walks up
>stumbling over my tounge: "h-hi!"
>she does not even notice me, because earphones
>wears nice skirt
>bus arives
>she steps up to by ticket from driver
>I stand directly behind her
>notice her skirt is wedged into her buttcrack
>pull it out
>oh_shit!_what _did_I_do.jpg
>she turns around giving me the what the fuck look
>spaghetti start dripping
>she turns back to the driver
>I think: "okay, she did not like that"
>push her skirt back into her buttcrack
>she turns around, yelling, swearing
>don't know what do
>run off, walk home
>fake beeing sick for next week to avoid school
File: wtw-awkward.jpg (97 KB, 612x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 612x380
>Be me
>Banging the shit out of this legit 8/10 grill
>Yoga Instructor
>Great tits
>She fucks like a porn star
>Pull out to switch positions
>Sounds like she farted
>I fart too
>Turns out she just queued
>Keep going
>Awkwardly ends when I can't finish
>She goes home
>Tells our friends what happened
>FML, haven't fucked since.
I'm pretty sure I was that 8/10 nuts chick...., awkward
Top kek laughed my ass off
Yeah, mine was only once for 7 days straight. Everyone basically felt bad for me and said my parents had me as a slave. But suddenly I am so vlose to fucking a hottie and they lost their shit. At least we kissed a lot.
>as a way of arguing we just draw each other getting fucked by tentacles

What the fuck is wrong with this place
750ml of gin in one go can kill. It's unlikely but it happens.

You could look it up for 30 seconds before spouting bullshit but that's less fun isn't it?
Jesus fuck anon
The actuall fuck man

>oh noes mabey she wanted her skirt in her ass crack better push it back in!

seriously what the fuck where you thinking?
I'm 24 and I intend to fap to that picture.
What's a "Q" spade tattoo? Does it mean she likes cucking?
Why wouldn't you? Butter is good on everything.
the fuck...
I do that too
but from experience, using it results in confusion
That is a lot of autism. But I'm at work and just laughed my ass off.
>Be me and my GF's first time
> go out and get condoms at local store
> Condoms be at the front of the pharmacy
> Old lady seated right in front of them waiting for her drugs.
> couldn't get them in front of her so I waited 5 or so mins
>finally leaves and I grab condoms quick and turn to leave.
>decide to be sneaky and get candy to put over the condoms in the little basket they have
>at self check-out scanning items
>get to condoms and it apparently has a special scan material
> when scan machine says loudly please wait until worker gives approval.
>heads snap towards my Gf and I
>They know
>Creepy worker comes over and gives me a stare and lets us go.

But wait theres more... Cont?
>Board a plane home to visit family
>First spot is between two kids
>One boy, one girl, about like seven
>Ask if I can sit there
>They look to their mother
>She looks at me like I'm a pedophile
>She switches with the boy
>I sit

Fuck that bitch, I just wanted to sit.
Buy a door handle with a lock, swap out old doorknob. Problem solved
speaking for myself, porn gets shitty as fuck:
> yeah, you like that
> you like my tight ass
> you like it when you fuck me
like, bitch stfu, my dick is probably on the other side of Earth.
And the fucking moaning. She is jerking a guy off and she is moaning like a dog about to barf.

And so I fap to hentai/ r34 because its more like reading a book (imagination) -> you can impose your fetishes better on her.
And as for rule 34 -> I was already attached to the characters.
spade means cuckold
Q spade means you cuck your bf.
like i heard it means 'available for blacks' or something
Are you autistic?!
Seriously??? Do you remember us passing notes until they caught us? It was in Colorado.
>"d as in dildo"
Someone needs to save this
>Ignore my matching numbers
File: pep.jpg (50 KB, 544x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 544x360

I really do not know.
It happend so fast.
My brain was like a jellyfish on autopilot.
You could have asked me my name and would not have known.
My mind was like a suburban neighborhood during the housing crisis - totally vacant.
last time i was in psych ward for my 5th day for group therapy the topic was "does liking trapanon make me gay?" and everyone discussed it for like 40 minutes.

ALL BECAUSE when we were checking in i said "honestly? i could really go for some anonymous sex"
File: 1462655300864.png (52 KB, 143x139) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 143x139
I wrote that story. AMA
>missed opportunity
That's awesome if you are her. No offense in the "nuts" part. But we weren't all in a Psych ward for being average, you know. I don't really know if you were really nuts.
File: image.jpg (44 KB, 640x639) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 640x639
You might wanna get yourself checked out...
>original bread
File: 1461307934008.jpg (71 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 640x640
What? What the actual...
are you retarded?
I mean, like in literally mentally impairded?
File: spaghetti.jpg (5 KB, 261x193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 261x193
>Be me, 19
>Unpopular and not looking forward to a class trip to spain
>because I dont know anyone in my spanish class.
>trying to be cool.
>befriend some "cool" guys in my class.
>we are casually strolling the street when
>we are waved in to a fancy restaurant (they see that we are tourists).
>a lot of fancy people in the restaurant.
>they start putting tables together for us to use.
>we obviously dont fit into this setting and we dont really want to be there.
>too late now.
>"omg so cringe" I think to myself.
>we order food and drink.
>waitress shorty arrives with a tray of 6 beers for us.
>she stands right next to me but is talking to a coworker.
>I decide to take one glass off the tray because she is taking too damn long
>counterweight of the other 5 beers makes the tray flip and go crashing into the ground
>"spaghetti everywhere"
>I run out of the restaurant and back to the hotel.
>6 days left of trip

Definitely my most embarrassing moment ever.
File: facepalm4.jpg (17 KB, 512x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 512x384
File: OMG.jpg (47 KB, 558x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 558x564
How so?

this is goddamn horrendous, sir
It's pasta.
REALLY? he could have gotten his dick sucked at multiple points in that story.
Someone screencap this and the reactions?
File: Laughing Lions.png (216 KB, 393x391) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Laughing Lions.png
216 KB, 393x391
Fucking autismo overload
File: Data 1313669244085.gif (454 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Data 1313669244085.gif
454 KB, 256x256
that is some autistic masterpiece
I mean people would actually pay to see these breathtaking ammounts of stupid.
File: ds.jpg (17 KB, 500x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 500x299
well ok

> be 17
>sleeping at friends house because his parents were gone
>he lives in a block on 4th floor
>we watch some movies and he falls asleep in his room at around 4 am
>can't fall asleep
>decided to roll a blunt
>5 am high af, i can see the sun rising
>for some reason i get this urge to dip
>dip wears off
>nowhere to spit, too lazy to go to bathroom
>go out on balcony high af.
>can't spit for some reason in fear of hitting someone
>i stare down for 5 minutes before i finally build up the courage to spit out
>as the spit falls, a head appears
>some black lady touches on back of her head and screams what the fuck
>go quickly inside before she sees me
>fall asleep
>wake up around 13pm
>tell friend someone spit on me this morning in case she asks him. (He would figure out it was me)
>around 16 pm, someone knocks on his door
>my fucking heart drops
>she asks him if he has any friends over, and tells him that someone spit on her,
>friend laughs and says that's funny cuz someone spat on anon too

OP would have looked at them and said very loudly, "What, you never saw tits like that before!?"
>protip: only those who don;t feel in control of their situation feel embarrassed...own everything.
>be me
>live in germany
>history lesson
>we talk about WW2
grandfather once asked me about my teacher names, he remembers the one of my history teacher, says he's from a pure nazi family
>i ask my teacher how many jews his father killed
>he get's upset
>answers none
>i say around 90
>everyone is quiet
>mfw he says he's a jew
Ahh thanks for the tip. I couldn't imagine doing anything like that with my wife. I'm pretty proud of the fact she had only been with two other white guys before me. I have studied how taking in semen into any orafice binds it with yout DNA. So basically a slut will have gained a little bit of the personality of anyone she slept/blew/etc with. I'm also all about preserving my race, so I don't want and of that dirty black dna in my woman or passed on to our kids. She's very obedient among other things, so I'm not even slightly worried. Just remember that semen getting in an oriface will change you a bit. Look it up. That's why you fuck sluts and marry a faithful woman that doesn't sleep around.
How bout no. Not to mention, even if I was into that shit, the bathrooms at my school are so gross it's impossible to get any sort of erection in there...
please hang yourself.
>I have studied how taking in semen into any orafice binds it with yout DNA.

thisismyfetish. i only swallow superior sperm.
File: 1447011216185.jpg (6 KB, 267x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 267x189
god. this is perfect.
jesus christ how autistic are you anon
Lol I once yelled to a friend stop being a retard not noticing a full blown one sitting right behind me I don't know if he even could comprehend it but I still felt bad.
what the fuck were they doing? taking a break from building our wall?
>health nut,
Why? Just makes you have to wait longer to get to heaven.
>the bathrooms at my school are so gross
thats what makes it hot.
make her get on her knees and do it in front of the door. if she says "someone might come in"... "then you better hurry"
>so as a way of arguing we just draw each other getting fucked by tentacles
>Get home parents upstairs watching tv really loud
>go in the basement and start making out and taking of clothes
>We fuck
>Best time ever
>Surprisingly last for about an hour and half
>Cuddle for a bit then decide to get dressed and go upstairs
>parents upstairs looking at something
>look closer and notice its the receipt from store
>internally screaming along with my gf
>they say it looks like we bought a lot of candy
>I take it to look at it and say "y-y-yea well you know we like candy"
>leave to go drop her off
>Both of us freaking out thinking parents might make us break up
>drop her off and say i'll tell her how things go at home
>Come home
>parents say nothing
> No visit from dad asking about what was on the receipt
>Convinced that my parents knew what was up but didn't want me to loose my first gf

I got more stories involving my Gf and I. Anyone Interested?
File: mfw coffee meh3.png (91 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mfw coffee meh3.png
91 KB, 600x600
That is the most idiotic thing I ever read on this board.
At any point in this progression of events you had a chance to correct your course of action, but you choose not to.
Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having witnessed you.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
File: 1432737593109.jpg (16 KB, 255x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 255x200

you fucked up
Why would they care?
>I have studied how taking in semen into any orafice binds it with yout DNA.
I wait until my bro is about to cum, then I walk in the room. its funny as fuck.
Exactly, a failed spinoff of the superior original.
Stop slandering our name.
They are extremely religious and think no sex before marriage stuff and so does her parents
In your defense, your dad was an asshole.
I have superior semen. Not even joking. I'm alpha as fuck. Marine vet with awesome job, nice place, pure white, blue eyes. Ohhh yeah, I'm a little cocky too..
>she asks him if he has any friends over, and tells him that someone spit on her,

You dun goofed

>friend laughs and says that's funny cuz someone spat on anon too

Top Fucking Kek
How the hell your autistic dad got laid but I can't even touch a single tit in 27 years of life?
>taking in semen into any orafice binds it with yout DNA
>. Look it up.
uh ok , sounds like some solid science there
Kek'd. Trump 2016!!!
This, I can't stand to listen to videos with sound unless they're solo.
mmm you're my type. i'd love to wrap these pretty soft cocksucking lips on your throbbing penis..
just. wow. at least I feel better about myself now.
Someone archive this shit!
Let's see her
Lol, ehh it kinda rubbed off on me. I'm studying to become a doctor. But I'm not Christian.
why are so many guys here embarassed after insulting people?
who cares? i do it all the time
my autistic dad has three ex wives, two are hot as fuck. he has two kids with each.

i dont know how this autistic man spread his genes so efficiently, his ex's were like "he was really annoying... every fight he would storm off to rollerblade for hours"

and he has a sex doll in his closet
I do that all the time
Does he have money?
are you that faggot who was arguing with that other faggot in that thread a while back about joining the military and being a bitch and whatever?

god damn you were both whiny little fucks.
this is how i met my wife
I'm at work right now, but there are a couple articles I have that cite the tests done. Let me see if I can find them through google anon.
no he worked at wal*mart until he quit to live off his wife's paycheck


I'm not so sure about that.
What? Most autistic thing ive read all year
I feel bad for laughing. Anon, something mightactually not be okay with your head. seek help!
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>lost a bet
>had to pretend I'm gay for a whole day
>day comes
>in the evening went to a birthday party
>it was a costume party
>entered the room, nobody was dressed
>mfw my friends fooled me
>mfw I was a gay pirate the whole evening
wut actually happened? used to be a lifeguard. you said someone had your head held down. did you get strapped to a board?
she sounds like a catch
Thanks, both my parents were. But I have moved on in life and it's pretty damn good now. Those times sucked so bad.
at your age i was super obsessed with korn, i still kinda am.
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if you cant simply get off on something like this then you have problems.
The pinnacle of autism
>she removes me from her facebook friends
there's a cock involved it's not a her that's a double serving of gay ass pie no matter how you slice it
Then prove me wrong. I'mlooking for tge articles. I do have them at home.
Okay here we go

>Be Friday night
>Senior at high school and go to the football game
>Game gets boring so me and my gf decide to leave
>Go to new neighborhood that under construction
>Go to a court with some houses that are just frames
>chill in the car for a bit but one thing leads to another
>decide to try something new
>go on her side of the car on the floor and start eating her out
>Things going good for a bit
>then all of a sudden huge lights flash at us.
>OH Shit
>at first think its just assholes being annoying
>nope its the cops
>start freaking out and jump into my side of the car
> cop comes up and asks us questions
> asks my gf to leave the car real quick
>apparently asks her if I was her Bf
>says yes and she gets back into the car
>cop says to not do this again and lets us go
>both paranoid for awhile but then a couple months later it turns into a funny story
Fake tho

We totally do actually
>>683313206 or not, its a hot trap blowing you.
It's the only way to know for sure
fuck the haters anon 50/50 she could have liked it
>not that you should continue to do this, but what's done is done

Yeah, this >>683308134 takes the fucking cake.
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I got a cringey one for you boys

>be me
>be last year
>just before the beginning of 9th grade year
>crushing on some girl
>we're into the same shit and talked a lot about it at the time
>Texting about some TV show.
>Lets call this girl Zoey
>Zoey starts talking about how her favourite characters are usually the druggies and that it makes her family worried she'd turn into one herself or some shit like that (it was a while back)
>Try to ease her worrying and say that it's ok so long as she doesn't turn into one as well or something
>Says something along the lines that it's a good thing I think that because her parents would interrogate any guy she brought home on it.
>Now, I'm usually a pretty smooth guy, but because of childhood trauma, I have massive anxiety about getting too close to people because of a lot of people close to me leaving. (It's a long story for another time)
>"Oh, LOL"
>It was literally the first think I came up with
>It took me a minute to realise how stupid what I'd sent had been
>She doesn't respond until I texted her again the next day
>Still like her
>Still haven't had another opportunity like that one
>MFW(Pic related)
I bet you would. My wife probably would enjoy a 3some if you are clean, hot, and white. We do stuff with other couples or people once in a blue moon. She just never gets semen in her from others, just me. I dominate like crazy in the bedroom, my wife likes being choked, tied up, and stuff. I do whatever I want to her. Bet I could make you scream in pleasure.
Souns fake, why would he just sit there for several minutes without trying to get your attention in a different way?
I very much doubt that.
Sounds fake, why would he just sit there for several minutes without trying to get your attention in a different way?
Me three...
Dude, I have award moments every day.
The objective is to fuck, not to get utterly fucked to sleep
anger inducing. just ignore that kind of cunts.
Felt bad. She was maybe an 18 y/o 8/10.
If it was some dyke, maybe I wouldn't care
I've never debated joining the military in here, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't gloat on here really. Just being honest.
Fucking kek
-2/10 thats not funny.
This sounds like utter nonsense, and you sound like a moron.
>Bet I could make you scream in pleasure.

read that and started blushing and breathing quick. boyfriend was like "wtf are you doing.. you're gonna get me in trouble
>Bay Area
I wouldn't exactly call this trap hot...
what fucking cuck chooses a middle seat?
>this is how I laugh
That's cause you've never seen my passionate blue eyes stare right at you with confidence. No other branch can do what we do. Hell all other branches have women in their infantry. In the Marines no woman has been able to pass.
not worth it
nigga you crazy?
underrated af
Nice trips! Yeah I was too. I still love em.
>she just queued
like she queued up for the next round?
Fucking newfags, lurk moar. This is old old old pasta.
How young exactly must you be to make a statement like that? You never heard of LP mode? You don't know that how long a tape records depends on the actual tape? And that most blank VHS tapes are typically sold as 3 hour tapes and only purists who really care about picture quality buy the shorter tapes? ITT children pretending to be adults who remember the 80s.
nothing to doubt, either she would or wouldn't that is 50/50 m8, just in your case she didn't

I think the marines are grossly mismanaged.

Why did you join?
>be me, approx 12
>at friends house
>they're burning wood from clearing huge garden
>his family friends over, 20+ people there
>2 guys jump wall at bottom of garden and walk up to where the fire is and family drinking, socializing ect.
>try to blend in
>dressed, act and speak like bunch of cunts
>get violently ejected from the party
>I get very upset and cry at violence and run inside
>need consoling
>friends relatives laughing at me

Now I'm 25 and police officer ad see that people are cunts to each other all the time.
wish I hadn't got so upset. Guess it was character building
This thread got very shire suddenly

The most awkward moment in the whole thread is you 2 idiots

Game Ogre.
If it happened to me, I would have been deeelighted

How the fuck do you think they used them for movies when that's the average length of one?
lmao what trips?
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