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Fluffy Abuse Time!
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Fluffy Abuse Time!
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Needs more guro
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post as much as you like guro friend
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this is the last one for tonight loves i need sleep
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I don't think I've seen a more autistic picture before
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That's the plan Stan
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good we need ppl to run off the bait biters
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K? What? Who else but a bubbling autist would feel anything but cringe looking at that. Like I thought you were posting shit till you posted literal shit
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fucking love tha one
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You can almost hear the FFWAPANG!
As much as I like guro, kind of wish it was more about torture
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How to go.png
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Didn't know trying to start a conversation would bother you so both. Talk about autism.
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ok can someone aware me on what the fuck this shit is? Its clearly not MLP, and i'm getting this feeling that its just one dude with a creepy torture fetish that is making all these. It literally doesn't even make since.
The artist is new, only made 2 pieces so far, but they are both decent quality.
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yea i hope he does more.
All depends where you're looking. There's a lot of good torture out there. What's really hard to find is them enjoying it
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fluff O's.png
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Hard to explain, but you'll think it's fucked now, then you won't be able to stop looking but still think it's fucked, shortly after you will just enjoy watching the shitrats die.

just about everyone i have seen follows this path
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I guess so, It's just that killing a character is easy and too fast. Torture tends to be longer and more enjoyable to the third party
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Kay not K, k is a letter.
Its autism you can't question it
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>torturing living toys is autism
>Post picture of torturing a living doll
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I don't see why everyone can't enjoy it!
>tfw I don't have my favorite torture picture on my phone
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You have any comics of torture?
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It is though. Are you looking at the shit they're posting? It's not good art, its litarl turds. I could draw something better.
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Not on my phone but they're out there and pretty great

some people are shitty artists yeah, but there's some good stuff too
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Amp Commercial 1.png
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Amp Commercial 2.png
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That's a shame. Ah well
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>I could draw something better.
cool! always nice to have more additions to the fandom
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Hown Bak.jpg
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Then you've never seen foreveial tied up baloney tongued pikachu
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Its alright but drawing good shit doesn't not make it shit
Maybe next time
No no no no, better includes not wasting time or effort and this shit and create something that isn't garbage for just existing
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Theres literally a pic at the top of the thread that explains everything you stupid faggot
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That sounds like furry shit so I don't need to see it to know its garbage
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Eeeh, like the art is shit. But it's more of the act that it shows that's entertaining
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assburger ep1.png
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assburger ep2.png
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Still being made, that's the last part out right now.
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assburger ep3.png
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assburger ep4.png
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assburger ep5.png
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assburger ep6.png
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assburger ep7.png
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assburger ep8.png
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assburger ep9.png
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assburger ep10.png
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If it was a little girl instead of autism it would be ten times better just cause of that fact. This shit is just so fucking stupid I've been looking at it for the past four years it isn't good it literally hasn't gotten any better why, why would anyone like this. What kind of fucking outcast losers get into this hourse shit?
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assburger ep11.png
132 KB, 568x4619

first thing to come to mind.
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>file name
Nigger you have no idea. The shit I mentioned is a level of autism I have never seen equaled. "Furry" doesn't even touch it. Fuck it might not even be autistic so much as Schizophrenic. Google it, or maybe some nice anon will post it and scar your brain
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Jew Fluffs.jpg
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More Jew Fluffs.png
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Cherry Popped 1.gif
1 MB, 468x468
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Cherry Popped 2.gif
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Cherry Popped 3.gif
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You know, for a guy who enjoys watching drawn representations of little girls get murdered, you seem awfully transfixed on what other people might think.
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Eat for Eat.jpg
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bad babies.png
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Not really just trying to prove points. This shit keeps getting dumber
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As a long time user of 4chan, I would like to state my opinion on /b/ and fluffy ponies. 4chan is a forum where most people come to discuss their hobbies. There are boards for most hobbies and interests. When something doesn't fit in to those interests it goes to /b/. I think the fluffy pony shit is some of the dumbest content I have ever seen. I have no idea why these people like it so much. But I understand less why the detractors harass them. The bronies were a menace to /b/, They would have 7 or more threads up at a time. The fluffyfags keep one thread up. They stick to themselves and don't spam their dumb shit in the other dumb shit on /b/. Those of you that say that this doesn't belong here are wrong. Personally I think it should be on /mlp/. But that boards was made by moot as a way to get those raging fags off of /b/ and they don't want their hugbox ruined. In short just leave them alone there are plenty of other retarded recurring threads on /b/. Why not go after the tards in the hunger games threads? They are literally autistic children cheering on memes in a random number generator game. Why not go after furries? Simply put this may be some stupid shit, but you are in their lone little thread harassing them about being weird in the area set aside to be weird in.
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trolls are trolls, they go where people are dumb enough to reply to them
What point are you trying to prove, that your autistic preference is better than our autistic preference?
We might as well get our dads on the line and see which of our fathers are the best at fighting.
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Key Holder.jpg
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I think people would complain less if the art was all this good
File: daddyhungry.png (469 KB, 647x631) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
469 KB, 647x631
and sadly yes, fluffy threads have too many retarded autists in them. hence why they always come here
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Home Invaders.png
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"they" as in the trolls
File: 1453363475244.jpg (201 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 600x600
Exactly and your dad would agree with me. Fluffy shit is nothing but that, shit.
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Fukka you image swap!!
>going out of his way to spend ages spamming on a thread he can just ignore
>I don't think I've seen a more autistic picture before
File: shitfactory2.jpg (78 KB, 674x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 674x476
My dad doesn't even come into this, it's not something I talk to him about. Do you talk to your dad about your guro fascination?
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Only need 15 pounds of pressure
File: babynest.png (271 KB, 640x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
271 KB, 640x540
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28 KB, 696x473
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738 KB, 864x648
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463 KB, 288x288
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26 KB, 902x625
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42 KB, 902x651
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80 KB, 900x1266
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97 KB, 685x457
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214 KB, 1283x890
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540 KB, 1524x1080
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1 MB, 1080x1080
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265 KB, 1024x768
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431 KB, 1500x1500
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541 KB, 900x1400
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128 KB, 1766x1292
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Enfie Team.jpg
81 KB, 1109x699
File: enfiefluffs.jpg (65 KB, 674x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 674x476
I can ignore and even like a lot of this stuff but the enfie babies is way to fucking weird for me
Can I get an edit of "Hey now you're an All*Star, get your game get paid!"
just do it yourself in paint you lazy bitch

i wanna see an edit of the "i smell nigra, no nigra here boss" pic but with a foal and poopie babie
what are the best Karma fluffy comics?
one called Red,Gold and Green by artist Karma Chameleon. It's a little fruity but good
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