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There is no incest thread.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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There is no incest thread.

I know cause I looked. (ctrl+f)

Also, Im the anon who had sex with his sister for 7 years.

Ask me anything, or just post yours. Lets hear it.

Pic obviously not her. But similar bodies.

Which is why I started to even look.
one bump.
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so what age are you both?

How old were you both?
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We're 30's/20s now.

21/14 back then.

Hello spiderman. I actually like you.
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Why did you stop?
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How can I trick my son and daughter into having incest with each other without telling them to do it?
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You won't. Have fun in jail.

she got a boyfriend and got married to him. said it felt like cheating. didnt wanna do anything anymore. i respected it and moved on. that happened several years ago. havent had sex since with her since.
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How did it start?

i dont know dude. when we started it sort of just happened. no one told us or even hinted at us that we should do anything.

my advice is to leave it alone and if they want to they will probably do it and keep it from you for obvious reasons.
The mother(fucker) of all Mother's Day presents.
italian faggot

she used to sleep with me. then hit puberty and i started to notice her body getting nice. used to lay down on my bed playing on my PS2 and her butt and legs would catch my eyes. she got very curvy in the space of maybe 6-8 months, or less than a year for sure. started having them bad thoughts.
>leave it alone
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This is now a gay nazi thread.
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I admire your dedication. Are you doing it for the lulz or moral faggotry objections?
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you cant force that kind of thing. when they happen, they happen on their own. and people hide it for obvious reasons.

put your dick away and think with your other head, nigger.
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I think it must be moral faggotry. I really don't get it. Maybe there's some big conspiracy to stop incest becoming more accepted and popular? Not many topics get spammed like incest threads.

Come on m8. I bet if it's socially acceptable to share a bed and cuddle saw in a family then any siblings will just start fucking once they hit puberty and get those desires.
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Lmao, gay nazi takeovers have to be the best
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>Come on m8. I bet if it's socially acceptable to share a bed and cuddle saw in a family then any siblings will just start fucking once they hit puberty and get those desires.

speaking from personal experience, you have a very good point about sharing a bed making it sort of easier for things to happen (thats exactly what happened to me/us), but what Im saying to you is that its one thing for incest to happen on its own, and another one to force it.

i dont think anything should be done by force to anyone. just my opinion. thats how people get fucked up in the head and end up with psychiatric problems.
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How did you get her into it?
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OP here bumping with pic of sis to offset nazi gayness.

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Do you love her or is she just a cumdumpster. If you do love her, how do you plan to continue? marriage, run away, etc.
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she used to have a real slutty friend [not even pretty] who was already having sex with a HS senior and she told me about it. Then we started talking about sex and she'd ask me all kinds of questions before falling asleep (sometimes she'd sleep with me) and for some reason the conversations would make me real horny so I'd try to keep having them whenever possible. she opened up a lot over time. months really. then i eventually showed her my dick (she wanted to see what "average size" was) and she showed me her boobs and let me touch them, etc.
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we dont have sex anymore. that stopped years ago. she's married now and has kids. also, I never loved her romantically. only as a sister. I know it sounds weird, but it was just sex to get off. other than that we were pretty normal brother and sister.
Do you ever regret it? Did anyone ever find out?
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Do you have a greentext of your story?
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i dont regret anything. not at all. i guess its just something that happened and we went through and then it had to stop at some point. i knew it even when we were doing it back then that it wasnt gonna last forever. I even had a couple of gf's back then too, so its not like we were romantically involved at all. she had her life and I had mine. we just had sex occasionally.

as far as anyone else knowing, I dont think so. our mother almost caught us twice so I think she might suspect, but she has never told neither of us anything, so I dont think she knows. And Im not gonna ask of course.

hold on.
>almost caught us twice
Ditto Op exact same situation

She has been wanting to sleep in my bed more often and has even been sleeping in her panties and a shirt with no bra. She makes it a point to play with her tits in front of me and even asks me to touch them which makes me so fucking horny. I can tell shes becoming more comfortable around me when shes like this. Shes felt me a few times and I can see that she likes it but shes shy which is normal for her to want to explore I guess.
Interesting. I'm a guy. Back in the day my cousin and I would suck each other off. At the time I never thought I was gay or anything because I was just occupied with feeling good. Eventually my other cousin got involved. He's now doing drugs n stuff and currently the hot debate of our entire family (what to do with him). Now I'm afraid he might squeal about past actions or what ever. But that's not the only reason I regret doing those actions with them. Just personally as a straight guy who has always loved women, I regret doing those things.
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>be me.
>be 19.
>sometime at beginning of 21st century.
>have cute little sister that sleeps with me sometimes since forever.
>little sister gets hot in a hurry.
>gets amazing legs and ass.
>i start having bad thoughts about her.
>cant even spoon her in bed without getting erections.
>get her to talk about secrets and sex while laying in bed or just chilling in room playing PS2 or watching tv.
>starts asking me questions about sex.
>give her all the answers legit.
>sex talks gets me diamonds so i continue trying to have them.
>one day alone in house. we talking about sex.
>asks me about guy's dick size.
>do all guys have big dicks like in porn? (she'd seen porn)
>tell her no. most guys are average.
>asks what average is.
>"5 or 6 inches. I am average."
>i get ballsy and offer to show her.
>she doesnt take me up on it right there on spot. ("haha. no thanks")
>but later on that day she does.
>we agree to trade.
>agrees to show me her boobs if i show her my dick.
>wait till no one around.
>i show her my dick sporting erection already.
>she looking at it up close.
>asks if its ok to touch it.
>i tell her its fine.
>heart beating super fast now.
>she sort of inspects it with her fingers. squeezing mostly. like a sausage or something.
>she stops after a bit. (says i can pull pants up).
>i pull pants up and ask for her side of the deal.
>she pulls her shirt up and her bra down.
>perky brand new breasts.
>i go to touch them.
>she backs up and hesitates. tells me: no.
>i tell her its fair cause she touched mine.
>she rolls her eyes and says fine.
>reach out and grab her new tits.
>soft and perky as fuck.
>she asks if im done as Im doing it.
>i say yes and pull my hands away.
>didnt really wanna stop though.
>pulls up her bra and fixes her shirt.
>we stop at that that one time.
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greentext your first time when you put dick in her little peach.
in details.

around the time we started having sex we'd usually wait until our parents fell asleep and then we'd my room's lock the door and hurry. our parent's room was at the other end of the same same hallway that led to my old room, so if anyone camem out (father or my mother) we could hear it or see the light under the door and stop immediately, which worked fine for years. but one time I was on top of her missionary on the floor (cause the bed springs made a lot of noise) and I got lost in the moment and our mother knocked on the door as I was pumping away quietly. we fucking panicked and started putting our clothes on and she got in the bed and pretended to be asleep while I went to the door. I remember our mother saying "oh she's here, I was worried cause she wasnt in her room" and then she talked to me a bit about the next day and left, but I have always wondered if she heard anything or got the smell of sex or something. I dont know. I had the tv going, so I didnt worry too much about her hearing something but why would I lock the door, wouldnt she think? What about the smell? right?

Anyways, same thing happened another time but at my first apartment. We just told her we didnt hear the door cause we were in the room (but we were having sex on an old couch I had in the living room.) and she didnt say anything. I honestly dont think she knows, but I wonder if she suspects or doesnt want to know or something.
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fuck you must have wanted to bust so fast the first time you got in her
any chance one of the anons with a hot sister is here?
>be me.
>little sister in bed with me in room.
>late hours.
>parents in their room.
>house quiet and dark.
>we're talking about random bullshit as we try to fall asleep.
>get her talking about sex again.
>tells me one of her classmates is dating a senior in HS.
>says: "they're already having sex".
>which I kinda knew cause she looked slutty type.
>asks me when i first had sex.
>tell her how old i was. (i was 15)
>she asks me what it was like, etc.
>asks me "how does a guy knoe when he's gonna cum"?
>i tell her about sensation. ("it feels like tickling".)
>btw i have an erection at this point and horny.
>i get ballsy/stupid/horny and ask if i can see her boobs again.
>she doesnt want to show me. (we'd have to turn on the light).
>so I ask: "can i touch them then"?
>says "ok, fine" in kind of annoyed voice.
>i put my hand up her shirt and bra and start touching her tits.
>laying there in bed fondling her perky new boobs under covers.
>she asks if im done, kind of annoyed.
>i tell her i am. (really wasnt / didnt wanna stop)
>she sort of fixes her bra and shirt.
>tells me "you touched mine i can touch yours".
>i simply say ok, but honestly i got surprised she even said that cause she sounded annoyed i was even touching her tits.
>she starts touching my dick over my sweats.
>mentions my erection. ("its hard.")
>i ask if she wants to touch under my pants.
>stays quiet a bit.
>tells me "alright".
>i pull the elastics of my sweats down on front and guide her hand with my other hand in the mostly dark room.
>she starts touching.
>(she's doesnt jerk me off though, she sort of just touches it up and down and touches my balls.)
>mentions my balls having hair.
>she pulls her hand away soon after, and tells me she's done.
>i pull up my sweats still sporting erection.
>we lay there for a bit more, talking.
>my erection subsides but I really, really wanted to keep going.
>she eventually got tired and fell asleep.
>i fell asleep soon after, spooning her.
>drove her to school next morning.
>life was same, but very different after that.
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how does she look in bikinis?

haha. no man, I was actually trying to pace myself because I wanted it to last longer. but she started humping me back with her hips (i dont think it hurt anymore at that point) and I didnt last much longer after that. had to pulll out in the blink of an eye cause I didnt wanna get her pregnant. especially back then. parents would have fucking killed me. particularly my father.
> shit this is getting good
is there anymore?
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mm, would she wear one just for you?
haha oh fuck
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not a bikini.
but sometimes i help her with buying lingerie.
more green txt of first time?
Twitch if you're here, get this
does she feel naughty taking you shopping for that? does she know you think she's hot?
Those tabs xddd

>be me.
>beginning of 21st century.
>regularly going down on sis.
>regularly getting bjs from her.
>mostly after parents went to bed.
>used to rub my dick on her pussy but not go in.
>she'd stop me.
>"dont go in" or "dont put it in".
>went like that for a while.
>then one random night like others before Im going down on her.
>tongue getting tired/sore.
>kneel up and start rubbing my head on her pussy.
>push a little.
>doesnt say anything.
>I think in my head "thats weird".
>so I do it again and ask her if it hurts.
>tells me it doesnt.
>so I keep doing it.
>push a little more and rub.
>keep repeating.
>doesnt say anything.
>i ask if it hurts again.
>she says "it only burns a little".
>head of penis starts going in.
>i figured if she wasnt stopping me that was the time to do it.
>so I mounted her missionary and started pushing.
>sort of grabbed my arms and hugged me. weird to describe.
>whole dick finally starts sliding in.
>i wasnt really suprised but kind of amazed it was finally happening. (cause she'd always stop me before)
>she starts humping me back.
>urge to cum keeps coming up. i fight it.
>try to pace myself.
>dont really wanna tell her to stop cause I dont want to ruin it after it took so long.
>had to pull out. didnt wanna cum inside her right there and then for good reasons.
>ruined it anyways.
>she looked down and saw i came.
>asked if I came inside.
>told her i didnt. give me time. i could do it again.
>but she didnt. just laid there naked and soon started putting on her clothes. (shorts, spaghetti top).
>sorry for anticlimatic ending.
>but its how it went.
well she was shy at first but that was many years ago. yes of course she knows it.
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1 MB, 500x333
there has to be moar.
Who is she anon?
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absolutely haram.jpg
59 KB, 544x468
why does op hv to be such a fggt
did you ever cum inside her?
ask her to put on a bikini show for you ;)
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first time i got a blowjob.
>be me.
>early 2000's
>handjobs regular occurrence.
>but only at night when parents asleep and under covers.
>also in a hurry cause she had school and had to wake up early.
>had been asking her about oral though.
>but she kept shooting me down. lots of times.
>then suddenly she didnt want to sleep in my room with me.
>so i stopped asking about oral cause i figured she was pissed or annoyed.
>one night we're playing ps2 in my room and it gets late.
>mother comes into room and mumbles on about mundane family shit.
>she asks sister if she's just gonna sleep there. (are you sleeping here?)
>sister says she is.
>mother tells me to lower volume cause father in bed already.
>then she says good night and leaves.
>me and sis keep playing PS2 till late.
>finally gets tired of playing and says she's going to bed. (bed was behind us)
>didnt know what to think of it cause she hadnt been staying in room with me cause i'd ask for oral (i thought)
>but now she's there on her own without me asking her to sleep with me in my room.
>dont wanna push my luck so i keep playing PS2.
>maybe 3-5mins minutes after, I hear her voice behind me asking me what time im coming to sleep.
>shit, i thought she was already asleep.
>im both confused and slightly aroused cause i dont know if what im thinking is what she wants, or its just my dick thinking for me.
>i tell her i can go to bed now if she wants me to.
>she tells me to just come to bed.
>i get up and turn off the PS2 and the tv and get in bed with her.
>it was mostly dark but my old bedroom window had a light fixxture next to it and some light would seep in so I could see somewhat.
>i get in bed under covers and i spoon her with my hips away from her butt cause usually i'd get erections and she'd feel them and I wasnt sure if it was me just imagining things and I didnt wanna ruin anything.
>be me 13, almost 14
>have twin sister
>family lives rural so we don't see many people
>start noticing my sisters body
>she is wearing a top too small so it shows her sexy belly/hips as well as shorts
>get a boner
>she sees it through muh clothes
>she says what is it and grabs muh did hard
>automatically try to pull back but she doesn't let go
>older bro walks in and sees at this moment
>he yells at me
>strip's my sister and starts fucking her hard
>he stares at me as my twin sister moans from his cock
>can't even tell what he's trying to telling me
>I'm jelly but my dick is diamonds
>I just sit there as he fucks her for what feels like forever
>he finally finishes in her
>sis looks exhausted but happy
>sis starts sleeping in my bro room instead of mine
>see them tongue kissing on the couch
>secretly fap while watching them
>can hear them fuck when parents are out but bro says if I tell he will kill me
>depressed and lonely since they never pay attention to me
>one day bro is out on our property
>see my sis just lying on her back in the lounge
>belly and legs showing like always
>horny and mad she ignores me
>sneak up from behind and grab her hair in my first
>she sits up
>choker hold her as I get my dick out of the leg hole on my shorts
>let go of her throat for a minute to pull her shorts down
>no panties, what a slut
>she's coughing
>tell her to shut up or I'll choke her to death
>she doesn't
>bro yells are you alright
>comes in
>sees what's happening
>pulls me off sis and throws me onto the to the couch
>say what the fuck are you doing
>grabs me from behind
>fucks me ass
>feels amazing
>start dribbling cum onto the floor
>the end

yeah a few times but i mostly did it while she was on her period and she never got pregnant.
Offered my sister $20 for a handjob. She was 14. I was 16. She agreed. We had an agreement for several years. She wouldn't agree on anything else though. Despite offering more money
File: DSC_1978.jpg (185 KB, 937x986) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185 KB, 937x986
okay it can be fun too.
but i prefer feeling her up before sleep.
that little bush is so soft i can't even describe.
I've had sex with both my cousin (she was 19 and I was 27) and my younger sister (she's 22 and I'm 32).

>we're laying there quiet in bed and im starting to get sleepy.
>im starting to sort of forget about sexual thoughts and just lay there in bed with her.
>tells me she likes sleeping on my bed cause its softer than hers.
>[which was weird cause she hadnt been sleeping there.]
>i ask her if she was mad at me and thats why she didnt want to sleep there anymore.
>tells me she wasnt.
>i asks her if she minded giving me the hand jobs.
>tells me she didnt mind.
>i ask if she was mad cause i was bugging her for oral.
>tells me she is not mad about that. that she's not mad.
>so i figure im pushing my luck so i just lay quiet and kept spooning her with my hips away from hers.
>then maybe... 5 seconds later she says "If I do it to you, you do it to me?". (exact words)
>so i tell her yes, if she wants me to.
>she says to me: (word for word) " I wanna know what it feels like". which got me excited pretty much right away.
make it a bikini lap dance!
>i ask her if she wants to do it now.
>she says i have to close the door first.
>so my heart is beating fast again.
>probably the one thing i remember most was that. how fast my heart wuold go when things happened.
>i get up and close the door slowly so the knob doesnt make noise when I lock it.
>i get back in bed with her and she tells me I have to do it to her first.
>i tell her ok then, and ask her to take off her pants.
>she's laying face up and takes the covers off her.
>then lifts up her butt and takes off her pants to her ankles.
>i tell her she has to take them all the way off or I cant do it right.
>but she refuses and leaves them on on one leg. (at the ankle)
>anyways, i wish i could tell you her pussy smelled like roses.
>but it didnt. it was very musky/sweaty and sort of smelled like piss.
>but it didnt matter though. i ate that pussy with the biggest hard on of my life up until that moment.
>as im going down on her, only thing she said to me as I was doing it was: "that feels good".
>then moments later she just told me to stop. which I just did.
>i asked her if she liked it, and she just said "yeah. it feels good" but i didnt ask why she wanted me to stop. i just stopped.
>then she started putting on her pants (sweats) and said to me "ok now me". (like, "ok now I do it")
And I made out and had oral with my older sister.
>[i was livid with sexual build up at that point.]
>i was already on bed, so I layed down with a pillow behind my head while trying not to make too much noise with the stupid bed springs as I moved.
>then I pulled down my sweats and my erection sort of just sprung out of my pants.
>she asked me "how do i do it?" and I told her to just lay herself on my stomach.
>and thats how it happened.
>first time i got a blowjob from her.
>and honestly, it was very far from a good blowjob.
>[kept using her teeth].
>but it didnt matter cause I had to constantly keep telling her to stop or I was gonna finish.
>whole ordeal probably lasted a couple of minutes though. maybe 3.
>till I could no longer hold out, and I pulled her face away (from her shoulder) before I came into her mouth, which I had promised not to.
>i didnt wanna ruin it for myself so i kept my promise to let her know when I was gonna finish.
>came all over my stomach and own hand.
>then we took turns going to the bathroom to clean up as to not wake up parents or make it suspicious.
>first of many blowjobs [and hanjobs], and me going down on her until we had sex about 2 years later.
>after we had sex we did everything and I didnt have to be constantly asking if I could rub my dick's head on her pussy.
>I'd just stick it in and pump.
she does her lapdance whenever we spoon up.
but will try next month. something new is always nice. we've been intimate since 6 years now.
OP here.

Brother, ,I feel ya. I had the exact same thing going for years. except there was no money involved. Just didnt want to have sex "yet".

So I believe your story.
File: 1415201561726-1.gif (2 MB, 228x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 228x341
older or younger sis?
i came for incest
i stayed for gay nazis
File: DSC_0173.jpg (207 KB, 831x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207 KB, 831x960
4 years younger.

why dont you censor her face?
Have you two fucked? Or do you just tease each other?
Do you think her bikini tits would feel good grinding on you?
i did on the nude pic >>683237874
there is no reason on the others.
we do as often as we have the opportunity to stay alone somewhere.
i'm sure. love her every bit.
>we do as often as we have the opportunity to stay alone somewhere.

OP here. When did you two start?

Romantic feelings involved, or just sex?

Do you guys share both biological parents?
tara taiton
would she call you big bro while she's doing it?

How old were you guys when yo did all those gay things?

How did you start doing it? Or why?
when she was 13.

well i'd say it's now romantic. at the beginning it just felt natural to discover new things together. she felt safe and comfortable with me so let me tempt her to do things.

yes sweet sister. no steps.
we don't really talk during or immediately after.
Tell them it's to keep the lanister line pure

She's hot brother. Im happy for you. Wish I still had my thing but she's moved on to a family life and all that shit. Guess I can always just masturbate to my memories and be done with it.

Anyways, who made the first move? What triggered the set of motions that led you guys down that path. I really am curious as to what other people's experiences have been like. Thanks.
File: mfw dog.jpg (40 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mfw dog.jpg
40 KB, 600x600
File: 1459716361570.gif (534 KB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
534 KB, 320x180
is that that hungarian huge lake which i cant spell properly
>she's moved on to a family life and all that shit.
doooh that's kinda sad. is she happy with it though? has any kids yet?

well mostly i made the moves gradually.
nothing special triggered i guess. our parents got divorced though. often i had to look after and take care of here. so we've been close. had to share our room too because crappy small flat.
not. it's the sea in croatia near Krk.
how are her lap dances?
so those are dinaric mountains rather than alps. makes sense
>doesn't censor regular pics
>censors face out of nude pic

Because the nuds pic isn't her. Because you've never had any kind of relationship with your sister. Get a life, you fucking faggot.
File: DSC_0093.jpg (273 KB, 1521x1437) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273 KB, 1521x1437
also there are no alps in hungary.
bed time grinding.
>doooh that's kinda sad. is she happy with it though? has any kids yet?

she has a couple of kids now and seems real happy. dont really see each other anymore cause she does her kids things and I do my thing and its hard to get together cause your priorities change as you get older.

I hope you get to keep the thing with your sister for a long time if you both are into it. Are you able to have normal relationships with other women as well though? Have you had any other girlfriends? Can you cum with them too?
she has an amazingly good posture
kek. should post nude with face :-DD brilliand idea.
so much faggotry today
how does she take the taboo of incest? was she worried at first?

I thought this too but Im willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. People doubt my story too when I tell it, but yeah... for obvious reasons, I dont show her face. But you're right about that.
>Are you able to have normal relationships with other women as well though?
not really.
>Have you had any other girlfriends?
yes had 1 other serious.
>Can you cum with them too?
didn't even really feel like taboo to me tbh. we both were worried not to get caught of course.
I mean why not? If he's going to show us her face at all, why not in the nudes too? Doesn't make sense, unless it's baloney.

I believe someone who edits ALL their pictures because that makes WAY more sense. That's why I'm calling this guy out. The face pics could very well be real pictures of his legitimate sister, but he probably just found some amateur pornnpics laying around the internet that resembled her in body and cropped out the face to pretend it's her.
File: 1460618252584.jpg (25 KB, 500x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 500x389
do you like to have her catch you masturbating to her pics?
that didn't happen but i guess i would like it.
maybe masturbate with her bikini top? ;)
>Transdanubia, which stretches westward from the center of the country toward Austria, is a primarily hilly region with a terrain varied by low mountains. These include the very eastern stretch of the Alps
> I knew my memory wasn't failing me.
but the lake which i initially wrongly perceive is in the south east so no mountains there
>why not in the nudes too?
you must be new to the internet freund.
>the very eastern stretch of the Alps
that's literally on the western border.
no. but i used her training shorts once.
>someone says something I dont like
>I'll call them new!

Nah, I've been around the 'internet' for a while (since AOL 3.0 at least) But please, oh master of the working of the world wide Web, explain to me why it makes sense to edit some but not all pics?

It makes sense what he says though. cause when I first made this thread (the very, very, first time) and people asked for pics my first instinct was to crop out the shit of the pictures and delete the exif data. cause I obviously wouldnt want it leaked or going back to her or our parents. which would fucking disown me (but probably not her) cause of our ages back then.

anyways, I still believe you, but the man makes sense.

OP here. are you in your 30's too?
your dubs are higher m8. you must be right.
mmmm I like shorts~
so are you gonna cuddle with her bikini body soon?
Not yet. I'll be 30 this year. Does that make me an oldfag?
probably. when the beach season begins.

I dont know if it makes you an oldfag, but certainly makes you old. lol. Just thought maybe you could identify with some of my life because we might be the same age.

did you ever own a PS2?
File: 1460618305250.jpg (33 KB, 500x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 500x289
;) Good luck, lucky bro!

So anons, I just saw Civil War... Is it wrong that I want Aunt May to be my aunt/mom and wear bikinis when she's taking care of me?
>So anons, I just saw Civil War... Is it wrong that I want Aunt May to be my aunt/mom and wear bikinis when she's taking care of me?

OP here.

Nah, still hot. I used to have the hots for her when I first saw her in "My Cousin Vinny". Good movie if never seen it. Check it out.

Anyways, thought she was hot before you young fuckers did. Decades before.
who is the girl from picture
>did you ever own a ps2

You mean the best mother fucking console ever made? Yes. Several. Still have one that I have a modded memory card for to play burnt ISO discs so I can play any game I want for the low low price of stealing it off the internet. Currently replaying .hack/gu series. God, I fucking hate Gaspard though.
ty. you could try to warm up thing with your sis though don't just
~let her go.
I'm indeed a 20 year old youngling. Can't wait to masturbate to hot aunt fantasies of her!
Also the second post credits scene made it seem like she was being hot to her nephew purposely, but it was likely just me.
1 braid->2 braids->1 braid again

Fuck off faggot
File: 2013.png (13 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 960x540
File: oldapt03.jpg (32 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 500x500
>You mean the best mother fucking console ever made?

lol. Fuck yeah you know what Im talking about. I used to rip games to the PS2 hard drive and use a disc (I dont remember what it was called) to play them off it. It was called (Something) Advantage. Got it from Ebay long time ago. Just recently threw it away.

Anyways, quick story from relation to thread at hand. Once I got my sister to give me a hand job while I was playing Socom 2 online and talking to people on the headset. I dont know why specifically I asked her too (she initially didnt want to), but I thought it was a cool and perverted Idea back at the time.

also, here's a very old pic to bump this thread and cause you liked the PS2 as much as I did.
All this faggotry, this I was /b/ is all about
I was fucked up as a kid, I was 9 years old and my sister was 7. My dad left porn video's in the VCR / TV combo... we watched it and acted out what was on screen. We didn't know anything was wrong until my mum went ape shit. Sister now hates me and accuses me of raping her because she "didn't consent" Even though I had no fucking idea what I was doing either.
File: intredasting mm.jpg (91 KB, 640x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
intredasting mm.jpg
91 KB, 640x637
>this I was /b/ is all about
Yr number 1 fan here, op. This is maybe the best pic of her yet. I give thanks very time you find another one. I've been wondering if you'd feel safe just giving her a part of her first name?
File: Zoe.png (391 KB, 2630x2282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
391 KB, 2630x2282
bamp for family love greentext faggots

Thats fucked up brother. For some reasons men are always made to be the villains every time something goes wrong or someone doesnt like it, or regret it. Just how its always been. Which is fucking weird in your case though, considering she was older.
Also, I remember you said you dumped all the nudes, but did you maybe keep the slightest or a tits one? This is so freakin hot
rape her again.
more pics?
Have not spoke to her since I was 14, Shit kinda went crazy after all that happened, I ended up homeless because of it all... that was like 10 years ago. All I know about her now is she's a fat fucking femanazi.
>considering she was older.
>anon was 9.
>sister was 7.
>did you know a city the size of Dallas could get high from a drop of LSD the size of this period at the end of this sentence.
>>we do as often as we have the opportunity to stay alone somewhere.

btw this makes hiking one of our favourite common activity.
Any chance of cropping it the tiniest bit less to get more of her forehead? She looks beautiful
>>did you know a city the size of Dallas could get high from a drop of LSD the size of this period at the end of this sentence.

that's actually fucking amazing mate.
Also, what are you into, OP? Anything we can post to show appreciation?
is Candlefag still alive or an heroed already? ;_;
Yeah right? Cause if you just say you'd get a whole city high off just a few micrograms, it means nothing to most people. The point is it's all about perspective.

i really dont have the nudes. wish i did with all my heart, but i did get rid of them.

>do you remember how tiny memory cards were back in the day? like 256 MBs. Yeah, I got rid of that too.


I only got what I have posted before. though here >>683231636 is a screen cap from an old video clip from the same CD.


probably shouldnt. sorry.

>Also, what are you into, OP? Anything we can post to show appreciation?

you dont have to post anything. I really do just wanna hear if anyone else has done the same or lived something similar. Incest isnt something I could just talk about with any people in my life. cant just walk up to a friend and say "Hey, me and my sister used to fuck and we turned out ok" for obvious reasons, so I make these threads. So im just trying to listen to people and maybe tell people my story and if it helps them get off, then good. Im all for that.
Wher you go OP? Fuck that gay nazi shit, we want your good stuff b/ro
>had sex with his sister for 7 years
How can you have sex with anyone for seven years, let alone your sister?
She's hot OP, do you still fantasize about her bro?
I would love to know more about you two. She is really prety. Are you still here?
That is some nice tile work in that shower. As someone who can appreciate how hard that is to do.

secretly, while staying as quietly as possible while you do anything in your room and pretending to be asleep when you're really having sex under the covers spooning.

didnt have those problems once I got my own apartment later own though, but in the beginning it was a bitch because the old bed I had would make a lot of noise with the springs. so we'd fuck on the floor. which was really carpet. dirty old brown carpet.
That first heart hammering I can't believe it time you fucked, did it go on feeling like that?
maybe because you love her? it's not like marriage so it doesn't mean you two live in a nerve killing prison. you can have your side fun but she'll always be there for you.
yes. what more though?
Did you talk about it much , the two of you, in the daytime OP?

i remember the first few times ANYTHING would happen, it felt like my heart was gonna pop out of my chest. its a hard feeling to describe, but its like a lot of excitement and arousal mixed together. sexual euphoria really. thats what it was.

another problem was holding out and not cumming tooo fast, which was pretty fucking hard given the things that were happening and how they were happening.
Do you have more nude you willing to share, or more photo?
Does she have boyfriend?
You keep coming up with just one more pic and its magic. Can you maybe find a magic more OP?

no, even when it was happening we didnt sit there and talk about it. we'd just do it and after that our lives were pretty normal and continue on their own. then at night we'd get together and do it again (when possible, or she wanted) and life was normal in the morning.

true anecdote: one time a dude that had a crush on her told her "what kind of brother takes his sister out all the time".

she told me he had told her that, and laughed.
>Also, Im the anon who had sex with his sister for 7 years.
>Ask me anything
how old were you? how old was she?

hold on. let me see what I can find.

where you here last night? I posted one I hadnt before.
>how old were you? how old was she?

I answered this already, but 21/14. more than a decade ago.
File: DSC_0796.jpg (116 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 720x960
nope. she doesn't really like being photographed at all. not even when dressed up.
and yes she had 2 boyfriends. none right now.
So fucking hot. Love how normalised that sounds - sex in a separate compartment to regular life. Any thoughts about anyone famous she resembles?
is this OPs sister?

i dont think she looks like anyone. at least not anyne famous I know of.

also, yeah, it became pretty normal, and we were normal outside of that. I even had a gf when it started, and another one while it was going on later on.
File: 1462633475945.jpg (1 MB, 1920x4526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x4526
my favorite greentexts
Heh. Yes, I was :-) Can't get enough. Love those jeans she wore with the fancy belts. Don't know if you want to hear this but I think I want to fuck her even more than you did bro.
I wish I had a sister like her. Have you been together when she had boyfriend?
Do you live together?
How often you two have sex?
You just reported to the fbi that post. Good job anon. But you know the fbi is gonna b asking you why u have been trying to buy hidden spy cams on ebay faggot.
well we kept more but occasional cuddling and kissing still happened sometimes.

not recently but if everything goes as planned then we will by the next autumn.

as often as we visit each other. several times in a month.
>*kept more distance
File: oldasspic.jpg (51 KB, 453x798) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 453x798

i dont mind you telling me that. Im a cool dude and I know even my then friends wanted to get with her since she started getting good looking. co-workers too at some point.

for obvious reasons, I couldnt brag to them I was already her first. I dont think it wouldnt have had the reaction I would have wanted.

also, here's a very fucking old picture from the very beginning of our times back then. you seem like a cool dude too.
File: WincestResponsibly.png (976 KB, 2640x1110) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
976 KB, 2640x1110
bamp against 404
Thanks man. Just wish I had story or pics to offer back. Fucking awesome all you've shared with us. I'd give anything to have had what you did.
File: 1462638235408.png (3 MB, 4964x9783) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4964x9783
second one
Good luck, wish you the best.
Anything other than regular sex? Does she like to give head? Have you had anal?
At what age you two had sex first time?
I literally read this yesterday. Bring original content!
>I'd give anything to have had what you did.

and I'd give anything to go back in time and do it all over, but such is life. just happy i made the most of it while it was going on. thanks brother for your kind words brother.
Haven't thought to ask before: how tall? And any measurements you can recall?

i dont really recall those things. shes was tiny compared to me back then, but she's taller now, though not as tall as I am. she's my height with heels now. probably. depending on the heels. but back then she was tiny and easy to pick up.
> be me
> be 17 (now 24)
> living alone with my mom
> we realy get along very good most of the time
> dad's an ashole, they divorced when I was about 8
> haven't seen him more than a douzend times since then
> mom's was young when I was born, 18 actually
> and she's quite a hottie still
> never thought about her like that, but depending on my friends and classmates and so on
> one day home alone
> mother working double shift
> bored as fuck
> fapped 2 or 3 times
> still kind of horny
> straying through the apartment
> ending up in moms bedroom
> not sure what I'm looking for
> find her diary
> more bored than courious
> lie on her bed
> start reading
> most it is boring
> some parts are about her dates
> she never had a steady friend since the divorce
> some dates, but nothing I knew much about
> get mildly curious
> feels strange, thinking (and reading) about my mom having sex
> of course not very explicit
> one part about her sucking a guys dick off at cinemas some years ago
> WTF?
> boner appears
> again: WTF?
> start fapping, still on her bet
> WTF am I doing?
> feels strange, feels wrong
> but dick harder than ever
> about to cum
> suddenly got afraid
> rush over to my room and finish off to some porn
> feeling guitly
> but can't help thinking about her and what I read
> especialy when fapping
> wieredfeelings.jpg
Thanks man. Guess I'll keep asking while you still keep finding one more pic - got another?
ty. we enjoy oral and handwork too. mostly when have only a little time alone.

yes she likes oral both giving an receiving. doesn't always swallow though and i don't force her to do it.

we did anal a couple times out of curiosity but neither of us got really aroused by that. i love to feel her butt on my boner though. even when grinding through clothes.

she was 15. AoC is 14. not like it matters in this case.
cont pls
In all these years, I've never seen a post from a femanon about these stories. I've never seen a femanon ever green text an incest story. Are there any femanons in here?
Name of the girl in the pic?

>brother is 14
>sister is old enough to remember brother being born
>is a virgin but doesn't know what to do when sex
>but know how to give a blowjob

So this dude's sister is a 20 year old retard?

LOL, I love it when stories are obviously fake, yet people think it's so real.
File: oldcouch.jpg (115 KB, 899x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115 KB, 899x550

only cause you seem cool.

btw. this couch saw some action. (parents house. not mine.)

also, not the day this pic was taken. it was another time.
File: perfect marriage.jpg (168 KB, 611x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
perfect marriage.jpg
168 KB, 611x608

I was thinking the same thing. It's like he has the stories saved, ready to post.

He's also making this same thread every morning.
> next sunday morning
> breakfest
> mom still in bathrobe
> no big deal usualy
> but now...
> eating my scrambled eggs
> trying to avoid her look
> 'whats up, anon?'
> 'nothin mom'
> try to smile at her but my look gets caught by a good glimbs on her boobs
> the bathrobe is a bit too wide open
> notice for the first time how big and still firm her boobs realy are
> of course not cared much about it before
> probably blank face
> mom seems to notice my stare and pulles her bathrobe together
> redface.jpg
> mom too
> uncomfortably silence
> jerking off that night, fantasising bout cuming on her boobs
> more guild
Can you greentext some more? Most notable incidents

File: 16or17.jpg (43 KB, 256x1196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 256x1196

its not the first time I've made this thread. think about it. why would I keep retyping the same shit over and over for different times?

i'd have to be a retard to do such a thing. also, have a pic I have posted before too.

>its like I have them ready to post.
File: 90545-314tt0o.jpg (21 KB, 441x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 441x327
also holding her by the neck and kissing her is the most arousing to me. so i do it even after she received a load.
>inb4 homo
but feeling my cum in her mouth is a massive turn on for some reason.
Shit's prime, OP. I salute you.
more honest and happier times.
Seriously dude, you rock. This is fucking awesome. Cannot get enough of her. You lucky lucky bastard :-)
File: matrix99155.jpg (31 KB, 600x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 600x250
>>sometime at beginning of 21st century.

is Twitchfag around to save things from this thread?

no problem. glad to help if it does.

Ok, so you do have them saved.

I'm just wondering what you want the end result of these threads to be? It's almost a replica from each previous iteration.

I've had doubts about the truth to your threads before, and when I questioned something, you've always given an answer that actually makes sense.

I suppose the other thing is, I've seen SO M ANY "Column" threads, and I know there were anons pretending to be Column, just to fuck with people, of whatever.

So I guess I was thinking that someone could have been doing the same with you.

But then you post a pic that you hadn't posted before...

Fuck off and make your own Twitchfag thread if that's what you want.
Post a pic of her now op just block the face out throw us a bone here
exactly what's your problem my niggro?
> next sunday morning
> mom's wearing bathrobe again
> WTF? Why?
> try to eat, without looking at her to much
> notice her cleavage's wide open again
> she pretends not to notice my stares
> she reaches for the butter
> cleavage slips a bit wider open, reveals a part of her left areola
> boner under the table
> mom smiles at me
> does she know?
> 'you like it, anon?'
> what?????????
> choke some food and start coughing
> 'do you like your bacon and eggs?'
> 'yes, mom'
> cough
> 'good as allways'
I've seen miles and miles of fake and fantasist and juvenile on this place. everything about OP reads different. Real deal, to me.
13 years difference isn't tht much for a marriage, but 9 is a bit early.

Im legit, and I know other people (like myself) get off on incest so I share my story with you guys because in a way, remembering all that shit gets me off too. It was a lot of years. and It was probably the best time of my life, sexually speaking.

The sex was pretty straight forward and vanilla, but the fact that what we were doing was very taboo (to say the least) was what made it immensely more arousing. Do you know how hard it is to keep yourself from cumming when all your deviant sexual desires are being fullfilled in one night? IWell, its fucking downright impossible to do it. So there's a lot of: "Stop, hold on" for me.

So my life doesnt read like a novel because of it. There's no "call me big bro" or "I came down her throat" or "Fuck me Big brother!!" bullshit when the real deal happens. Its actually very normal sex and as soon as its over you go back to your very mundane lives or being asked to take her to the mall or some shit.
> she leans over to grab my plate
> now I can see her boobs in almost full bloom
> also the nipples
> they are erected!
> want to berry my face between 'em
> although im totaly stuffed, I can't protest
> she takes it as a yes
> 'I'll bring you some more, son'
> a bit paralized I watch her going to the stove
> the bathrobe is open down to the belt
> can even see her bellybotton
> and is it her bush or just shadow between her legs?
> the fuck is going on here?
> feels wired, like a dream
> or a nightmare?
> but boner is real
> she places my plate in front of me
> 'enjoy, honney'
> she rubs my hair, as she did when I was a child
> she stands very close to me, pressing her belly against my arm
> can even feel one of her boobs gazing my ear for one sec
> suddenly wantig nothing more than to turm my head and lick her bellybutton
> did not do it
>"call me big bro" or "I came down her throat" or "Fuck me Big brother!!"

can confirm it doesn't happen.
usually just panting and moaning.
then gentle kisses after.
i plan to get her into dirty talking though.
Have you two ever spoke about the good ol days?

If not, why?

If so , how'd that go?
i need more

we dont really talk about it at all but it has come up. last time over a game of thrones joke/reference (we both watch that show), and years before that over the incest subreddit she found. her exact words were: "hey did you know there's a subreddit for incest?"..."well. i guess everyone does it".
Colummfag here


Wait, people pretend to be me? Seriously?

File: my fetish.gif (1 MB, 257x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
my fetish.gif
1 MB, 257x387
when you come home and your sister is with a nigger.
> mom starts doing the dishes
> me eating
> When suddenly: 'did you read my diary, anon?'
> almost spit out my eggs
> deepredface.jpg
> 'No mom, of course not,' I stutter
> she laughs, doesn't seems mad at me
> 'found it on my bed. pretty sure I didn't not leave it there...'
> do not answer
> 'and you're acting kind of stnge since than...'
> 'Is it because what I wrote about my dates?'
> I'm not mad about you, butI want you to understand,a woman has her needs. Even a mother...'
> she laughs again
> 'And honestly I don't want a long time relation. That has nothing to do with you. Once burned... You understand?
> 'And nothing what I did, i have to be ashamed off. I sometimes like to have fun with man, that's all...'
> she looks at me, seems like she's waiting for an answer
> my head's sit red as a tomato
> but try to answer
> somehow now I feel like I have to reward her for the honesty
>'I'm sorry I read your diary' is all I can say
> She smiles, drys her hands and comes over to me
> 'You're such a good son' she says
> but thats defenitly not how I feel....
> she's rubbing my hair again
>tfw nobody pretends to be me
Sounds like she had some relief with that statement
hah! sounds like me and my friend's sister, she's been giving head since she was 12
Columntard the Glorious


What's so funny?


>fucking a nigger
Nothing id ever have to worry about, my sister is as racist/more racist then I am
Never Stop!

yeah i think so too. i also thought it was really uncommon until I started finding chans and such. i used to think my experience was really rare.

>btw here's the other side >>683233641
to this pic.
File: 1461225286398.jpg (298 KB, 816x1243) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how are you two recently?
had a happy copulation this week?
nice butt.
how is her hips? can you hold her in doggy?
Have any bikini pics?
Besides the bedroom, did you guys ever do it outside of your home? If so, would love to know about it.
Nah, nothing recently. Last big update on her end was she got accepted to a college (full fucking scholarship because she sort of smart and all) but she doesn't start classes until next year, I believe. Also, she recently had ALL FOUR wisdom teeth removed. Yea. Sucks for her.

On MY end of things.. Well, you may have all noticed I haven't posted in a while. And with good reason. My new job has me working sick hours (I worked a thirteen hour shift yesterday), and they decided to put me in a lead position, the day before some of the nignogs didn't wash some glue off one of the machines and ruined over $50k worth of machinery. Fun. Also, my gf had an atopical pregnancy, and that sort of ran an emotional/physical toll on both of us. I'm just sort of on hiatus until further notice. Sorry, guys.
>Welcome to Aldi

Forgot to nametag myself. That's how off my game I am lately. Damn.
>Be me, 7 or 8
>Alone with my older cousin
>Almost two years older
>Playing with hot-wheels
>Not sure how the conversation gets here, but he calls me a girl
>Fight with him over it
>He tells me to prove I'm a boy
>Shorts go down
>No underwear because I wasn't a faggot
>He stares for a few moments before making me sit down
>Says he has to make sure its real
>Pulls on my foreskin until I get hard
>Pretty tiny but he rubs me until I orgasmed
>Don't think I passed out, but I got really sleepy and just fell asleep
>Wake up at my home the next morning, don't really know what happened after I fell asleep

My cousin did stuff to/with me up until I started getting hair, lots of stories. Haven't talked to him in forever.
I'm glad she's ok man, sorry to hear that. Best wishes
Have you had any other sexual experience besides her? if so, what did it feel like compared to her.
bump for milf tits
here >>683238843
once in the kitchen back at mother's and sometimes in the living room at me.
also hotels and camping tents have been used.
well congratulations to your sis then. i hope you won't neglect her though.

Because you aren't Column
> than she tooks my head in her hands and gives me a kiss on my forehead
> than she takes me in her arms and presses my head agaist her
> against her belly and her boobs
> and because her bathrobe is still partly open, I even can feel her skin
> I take a deep breath and notice how good she smells
> I also I have a very close view of her left breast
> although everything is a bit wierd and confusing, it feels somehow like heaven
> I rub my head agsainst her a bit and she huggs me even closer
> Is realy going on, what I think it's going on?
> still pretty unsure
> … until she turns around and presses my head against her massive boobs
> 'Oh anon' she moans hushed


Why would I do that?


File: 67b[1].jpg (71 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>the level of degeneracy in this thread
>Have you had any other sexual experience besides her?

I had a GF when it first started and another GF a couple of years later as it was going on. Had a pretty normal sex life before that but now I cant get off to anything normal. Can literally fuck till Im exhausted and I cant cum. Not because Im good at sex or anything. I just cant cum cause the illicitness and taboo of incest isnt being fulfilled.
File: 1436198744691.jpg (56 KB, 400x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>welcome to aldi
shit tier job detected
The real Column


Y..yes I am!
i love this
>Why would I do that?
well if she moves out to college.. might be harder to find time together.

also we agreed it's okay to have some side adventures.

File: 17hereforsure.jpg (33 KB, 278x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>how is her hips? can you hold her in doggy?

we dont do anything anymore. all of it stopped several years ago. as far as the doggy, yeah I could. and it was insanely erotic too. usually didnt last long.

someone already asked for those already, but i dont have any. sorry. i'd post if I had them.


yeah, we did it in my (old) car back in the days. one time in an empty industrial area parking lot on a weekend around the time she was a senior. the place was dead as fuck. when I first suggested the idea she was scared someone was gonna see us, but as soon as we got there she was more scared at how dark and empty it was.

something worthy to add to this anecdote is this: I didnt last anything. I put my dick inside her and came as soon as I lifted up her top (spaghetti top) to reveal her titties. Se laughed at me and joked that it was "too bad " she couldnt tell her friends about it. Which was a good thing really.

a picture for reference.
>car wincest.

Fucking hot.
Did she cums when you fucked her, or only from oral? Was there a concern for getting each other off, or just yourselves? Was it just about the nut? No sensuality at all? I'm guessing you didn't kiss.
>while resting my head there, I notice that her stomach is a bit moist
>has a kind of earthy smell to it too. I wonder if she had spread Pussy juice on it for me
>her hand had been moving while she was washing the dishes
>I lick a bit of it, makes my goner even harder n guess it was the pheromones
>I feel her stroking my hair again and she sighs contentedly
>her belly also feels a bit bumpy, like it is moving. I guess she was digesting her breakfast. I find it cute
>moved my head back to look up at her
>a small hand grabs my hair and pulls me back
>hear a croaky voice right next to my ear telling me to open my mind, over and over
>starts seeing visions of a barren planet, red dust everywhere
>alien technologies, a device with a weird handprint in it
>I begin to remember things
>this don't my house or my mother, I'm not 14, I'm 32 and work for the corporation
And that's when things started to become really interesting
so damn hot.
and tanned. are you guise brazilian or something. did she/does she have tanlines.
i love those on my sis. though she's generally paler and gets sunburnt sooner than tanned.
>OP, when did your sister start to develop?

>How drastic was the change?

Very. Went from flat as an iron board to curvy everything. It was impossible not to notice.

>Like, she went from flat chest and narrow hips to what you've got pictured in 6 to 8 months?

Yes. Around that much time. But less than a year for sure.
cont plz i'm hard.
> 'Oh anon' she moans hushed
> cautiously i start to kiss her breasts
> I can feel her shiver and getting goosebumps
> she moans again
> I lift my hand and let it slide under between the bathrobe and her breast.
> I start to caress them
> they feel amazingly soft.
> only her nipples and areolas are hard
> my mom opens the knot of the bathrobe belt
> I start to kiss her throat and than up to her lips
> she answers my kiss very passionnatly
> my hands further exploring her breast and her upper boddy

She looks like she had C tits in some of those pics. Did she get that big that fast? Were her nipples sensitive? Did they get big and hard? Did she know she had an orgasm when she had her first, or did you have to tell her what it was she was feeling?
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