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s/fur thread
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s/fur thread
need more wolves, werewolves and canines edition
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I think we fit the Always Sunny gang pretty well, ha.
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canines you said?
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I think we fit the gang pretty well too
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hotshot actual.jpg
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Hey gents.
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Canines I need!
(was gonna have it just say wolves, but I already tried to make that title today)
Hey. Everything ok?
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Hey dude

We still need someone to be the trash man
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Could be better. Someone in New Jersey is trying to fuck up my credit score, so currently having a good old fashioned battle of the banks.
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hi Hotshot
G'evening Hotshot
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Tell em to fuck off

And that they're muff cabbage

Other than the bank shit, you alright?
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>i went through an incredible "goth" phase
Interesting! I like the looks of goth grills but I'd not want to be a goth myself. I wouldn't even know how that works. Was it a long phase for you? And were you done with it right after that event?

>i was left behind, apparantly, on purpose as a "joke" (i later found this out)
That's fucked up. How on earth could one think that's a good joke, in a different country and all.

>i simply packed my stuff and started employing my feeble grasp of krautspeak in the hopes of finding my way to berlin.
Impressive for sure. Guess with stuff like that it helps that you can't really feel fear, I'd be real fucking scared.

Where did you sleep during your travel? That would be the part I'd be scared off the most, not knowing at all where to sleep.

>Blogpost end i guess.
Thanks for sharing, I don't mind long text at all.
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Track 'em down and give them a taste of your freedoms? In the form of 5.56mm lead candies ofcourse.
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Just dandy.
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trying to post as many canines/wolves for you as possible, then
i prolly should start getting ready for work
till next time...
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I know Undertale isn't liked all that much, but good lord this caught my eye
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Have a good one, thanks for posting!
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Cool man, I guess that's good.


Something something 5.45x39 master race

Ugh... People are the worst.
I wish financial security wasn't so backwards. It should be a solved issue.
Sorry that happened.
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what is Undertale?

bye, fellow s/fur bro
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To be fair, my bank did catch the fraud in time, but there are just some hoops because of bad timing.

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I think we're all too tall

And I don't know where to get a wrestling singlet, legally.

Besides, I'm going as guy fieri... or a certain grey fox that I hope goes home with me.
Shouldn't even be a "after it's done" thing, but glad it was caught at least.
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It's vidya
Indie game from last year
Kinda fun
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good evening
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I imagine you will be going home with it.
I'll be going as myself. That's comical enough!
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a furry game?
File: 1462135298414.png (705 KB, 955x1023) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All the best, see you next time!
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Under trees and such, im kind of a hick so y'know. Didn't bother me none.

The people who ditched me were dicks, and using me cause well... Im a problem solver, and they had problems they needed solving and hey that's what "friends" do right, they "help" each other. Man, i was easy...

Anyways. On the upside, i got a lot better at playin' guitar on the way back from germany.
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good evening
welcome to the ride
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o/ anon!
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Yes and no
The characters are monsters and some are antrho while others are things like skeletons
G'evening NLJAJ
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He thinks he's the Pope of Chili Town

I really hope so. It would mean more than any words I could type up.

Pfff don't say that, you're not comical. Well, you are but I mean you're funny.

Fucking words
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-reporting in

evening ladies and gentlenerds, how is everyone today? hope you all got an chill and enjoyable furfriday? atleast more then i have right now
Funny lookin'? :^)
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test 123 NS go on and work ....ffs
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You know what I mean
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Now it is.
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I'm afk, driving home. will let my laptop autodump while on the road
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You guys see the Battlefield 1 trailer?
Looks neat. Took me a bit to realize what they were going for though.
G'evening SeaPee

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hyello, 'sup guys?
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>that's what "friends" do right, they "help" each other.
Fucking bastards. Too bad you noticed that so late. On the other hand you had an adventure you'll surely remember because of that, and at least you've noticed it after all and left them behind.

>On the upside, i got a lot better at playin' guitar on the way back from germany.
Neato. I can't play guitar at all but I get so fucking nostalgic and whatnot when somebody plays it.

I am living in Germany which is why I'm so surprised that hitchhiking actually works here. People seem very cautious on the roads with stuff like that, but I may totally be wrong.

..Or was it many years ago?
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Man a daquiri from fat tuesday sounds pretty good right now

But it's friday so the bar is already packed

See you then. Drive safe

Yes and I am so excited.

I've grown ire of "future" warfare games. I thought battlefield 4 was awesome and I can't wait for a WWI game.

And maybe another WWII game that isn't entirely played out. I cannot wait
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2 MB, 1560x1776
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Aside The_Obvious_:3, knot a whole lot
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This chili episode has got me craving chili

and cheese fries with chili
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Yup! I'll admit I do like modern warfare games the best, but a change of pace is always good.
Though it looks better than Hardline which just felt lacking.
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Eya! Feeling fine so far, just enjoying getting blasted with fur. I should sleep soonish tho because work stuffs.

It was before germanys primary import became kebab yeah. And i guess if you are looking for some karmic justice, the story has that too, because life quickly fell apart for the people i'd been used by. Turns out, they really did rely on me to fix everything for them.
File: 1441231332981.jpg (151 KB, 557x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Get in here
realy dont know how to feel right now, i forced my master-exams to hard and now stuck in to much work again, anyway i gone out for a drink with some friends today and ended up with an one-night-stand but refuse to "end it" because she was so despret to get laided and was drunk as fuck that it doesnt feel right, now back home after a shower and another beer maybe just go to bed soon
Yes! I really like the modern/current wafare series. 3, 4, colladooty 4, black ops and MW2.

I never got into hardline. I thought that it made more sense to keep playing 4 after all the time I had invested in it.

I'm sure I've bitched about it to no end but there's a phenomena where you just have to keep going up and up and can't go back to what you did and call of duty did that.

You went from being a regular soldier, htne special forces, then fictional forces. And the same with the guns, they all have to be super leet oeprator guns instead of just a regular AR or AK and none of the crazy shit on it.

fuck they should just give you a standard M16A4 and then let you change all the components on it.
Glad to hear Karma got them good!

>It was before germanys primary import became kebab yeah
Well that sounds like it's been some years, yeah
I should hit the hay, but i wanted to say g'nighte atleast. I hope you sleep well when you get to that point yourself and i hope to see you in another thread. Take care m8.
s/fur threads
the only place on /b/ where people are civil to one another
Do that, I think I'll go as well in a few minutes. Sleep well as well, and see you around soon.

And also feel cuddled, take care!
It's unreal, yeah
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