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new fluffy abuse thread
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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As promised
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about 2 threads ago some anon dropped like 10 new pics, anyone repost them for me? thread 404'd before i could save em
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i laughed harder than what i should
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SM - Heres Spidey.jpg
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DrGloomy, still shilling for my stuff...

Read, check it out, comment and stuff. Trying to maybe make a postable pic of Paul and the Horde, but i'm not very skilled. On the plus side, there's supposedly going to be a comic of it soon. here's a reference page...
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I love the foal for sketties machines...
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deal with it.gif
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post smawties or i give biggest owies!
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Actually planning to do a story about this...guy is a helpless hugboxer...has to leave his widdle fwuffy with his girlfriend for a couple weeks. She re-educates him.
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I'm that anon.Let me dig and see
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yes please anon give more fluffy

is there a reference here i'm not getting? also, checked
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thats the one, thanks man

sad fluff for you
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What the fuck
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>Be shelter volunteer
>You love animals
>It doesn't matter what kind of animal, you just love the poor things to death
>So when fluffies first came out you were a bit skeptical of the whole operation
>They were created and not natural
>But when the shelter you loved going to became a fluffy shelter you started to care for them
>They were just like children, brainless and cute
>One day head into the shelter to start your volunteer hours
>Head into the back pen where the foals and mothers are
>They all share one huge big pen, mothers are free to live with their babies and help the other expecting mothers
>You smile, today was going to be a great day.
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finally a fluffy thread thank god I can't live without my daily abuse
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10/11 fucked up
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Lol lookit how smug the little guy is.
>You shake the kibble bag and the mothers turn towards you
>They rush over to the pen gate yelling about nummies and the babies cheep about getting milkies soon
>You fill the feeders that have been placed around the fluffies
>You help feed the mares that are too big to move and the orphaned foals that are too small to eat around the other adult fluffies
>That when you find a small blue foal crying and covering his stomach
>Through wails of ouchies, you learn that one of the mares you call Poppy had stomped the tiny tot when he tried to play with her babies
>You sigh and call in the injury, one of the other volunteers cart the little buddy off to the vet leaving you to punish Poppy
>You spot her feeding her two children and you stomp over there
>The other fluffies quickly moved out your way and you grab the foals away from the offending mother
>You take them over to the sorry box and give them twenty minutes
>Once you put the foals away you feel something warm hit your leg
>You look down
>It's fluffy shit
>You look toward Poppy who has her tail raised. She screams "Dummeh hoomin get sowwy poopies!"
>You grit your teeth as you feel your anger reach boiling point
>This had never happen before, you don't intend for it to happen again.
Do it, looking forward to it. Gonna do text or comic?
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more please more
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Ahhh. It's not about abuse, it's about discipline. One slip, and the whole herd can backslide. You always have to be firm. Even if you find them oh-so-cute...
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Text, can't draw worth a diddly damn. I write alright though.
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british fluffy.jpg
1 MB, 1000x3500
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Holy shit...OC!
Gonna put it here or the Booru?
You guys can do whatever the hell you like as long as you finish your goddamn stories and not leave us in suspence.
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fluffy justice.png
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I'm wondering if i should do more with Folkin's Supply and Rental. It's the "Hostle" of fluffy-kind, and a great excused to do just insane shit.

Maybe i need to learn how to fucking draw, because it'd be dope seeing some of the shit you could get up to with Leo's help...
>Be normal guy in the country
>Not many feral herds make it this far out but the ones that do are huge.
>Hear rapping on door one night, along with the usual "Pwease housie nee mummah or dadee."
>Get yer smashing stick.
>You throw open to door to see the craziest darn sight you've ever recieved.
>Not a smarty
>Or some dirty brown street-fluffy
>A bright white Dam with six babies on her back
>One domino white with black mane and tail., a copy of the mother if not for the little wings buzzing as it chirped
>A neon pink Unicorn
>A pair of brick red earth fluffies that held one another tight.
>Likely twins
>...and a runt, that she held to her chest with one foreleg to keep warm.
>When you opened the door she didn't start nagging either.
>Also pretty weird.
>She just looked up at you, straight into your face and for the first time you think one of those damn horse-critters was actually talking to you.
>"H-Hewwo suh. Am Snowy. Mummah up woad nee help. Odda fwuffies come. Huwt mummah, huwt babbehs. Pwease. Hewp."
>There was only one person up the road from you within any kind of walking distance.
>Mrs. Macentire.
>She owned a lot of land down here, made sense she took in some fluffies but this...
>This was a batch of several hundred dollar a piece bio-toys.
>What in the Sam hell was she doing with em, and how did it know to come find you?
>What do?
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attention writers, there is a huge amount of "Smarty was bad, abused it because i can only abuse when justified" and
"omg the mother was mean to shit/runt baby, i need to save it and hurt the momma"

plz plz try your hand at other stuff,
im not knocking what ya like,
but when 8 out of 10 green text stories are the same story but with different fluffy names.
it gets stale.
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Booru, if i ever figure out how to make text files to image, i'll post here as well.

I do finish mine, thank you! Picture isn't mine, just made me inspired. My only big story is Paul and the Horde, all the rest are one-offs in a shared series. Like the X-Files monster-of-the-week episodes...
Fuck each baby then the mare
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Why did the foals get the sorry box?

Also anger pic related

Dat poopie pwace doe

The whole Gerald series is so great
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Fluffies getting wrecked because of their own stupidity is always nice. I did Winter in the City 1 on just that topic, actually. You are very much right, though, we do need to branch out.

It's satisfying seeing assholes get justice though. I understand the draw. Let's see this: What would you like to see more of? Just some suggestions could go rather far.
Didn't expect this answer. Gonna probably give it a couple more responses and see who rolls higher.
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feminist fluffy.jpg
3 MB, 1024x6144
Sorry guys, gotta repost some stuff from last night. Was a retard and didn't cap things.


“Play. I'll get you some lunch.” Heading into the kitchen I pour some kibble into Riddick's bowl. Placing it on the floor it takes a few minutes for him to tear himself away from the toys. He's really enjoying the slide and blocks.

He keeps stacking them as best he can, only two high right now, in front of the slide then goes down knocking the blocks over. At least he's having fun. Plus, he's probably going to be tougher in Day Care. After Riddick is set up, I grab my own lunch. Flicking on FluffFlix for Riddick to have something to watch while he's eating. As for me, I cracked open a book and began to read, hell I didn't even notice Riddick finishing his meal and going back to playing.

Next time I look up he's knocking the smallest ball away then chasing after it. Every so often he stumbles because of his leg. Doesn't slow him down much at all. Saturday is whiled away between watching stuff, reading, and playing with the new toys.

I snap a few pictures of Riddick, and even a video of him going down the slide for the nine millionth time. By the time dinner rolls around he's tuckered himself out again, doesn't even make it to his bed. Picking up the sleeping foal I set him on the couch with me. Time to watch something that would normally make him shit himself and whatever else is nearby. Having a fluffy around has really cut into my horror movies. Not a bad trade off though. Not sure I am ever going to be ok with fapping while he's in the room.

After a few movies I take Riddick and place him on his bed. Almost instantly he cuddles up with the beanie again. Seems I don't need to buy one of those huggie dolls that people can get for foals. Eventually he won't need the beanie anymore and I could have it back. That's a few months away, but still cool.
lol butthurt
Annalisa and I text into the night, she was delighted to see the pictures of Riddick playing with his new toys. It was a damn good idea on her part to get him the slide.

I wonder if Riddick's mother survived. It did rain pretty hard, so probably not. She doesn't know what she's missing.

Not much to say about Sunday. Didn't do a hell of a lot, aside from chores. Not going to bore you with it. Riddick was underfoot the entire time. Not literally mind you. He wanted to help me with dishes and doing laundry. First time he went to the laundry room. Thought it was a little scary, and the freshly washed dishes “smeww pwetty”.

The Monday morning rush to get ready was about the same. But, Riddick dragged a pair of mismatched socks into the bathroom while I was showering. Didn't save a lot of time, but damn cute. Gave the guy a big hug, or at least as big as he can stand at his size.

Then it was back to Day Care. Riddick was not happy about this, but I promised him a treat if he didn't protest on the way there. And again, the fucking Stoner was manning the front desk as I dropped Riddick off.

“And remember, with the pillowfluffs again.”

“Sorry man... Boss says can't mix normal fluffies with pillows anymore. A couple of the other owners complained.”

“You mean the owners of the fluffies that brought Riddick to tears? Come on man.” The Stoner just shrugs, holding out a tub to transport Riddick to a room. Wasn't sure which one, and I couldn't ask because I was already lingering there long enough.

The one good side of morning traffic is that you can text when it is gridlocked like a motherfucker. Its times like these that I wish there was a feral or smarty around for me to kick. Whatever. Sent a text to Annalisa asking her to check in on Riddick when she comes in. No reply when I got to work. Worried.
Back at Day Care Stoner Dude brought Riddick back to the safe room for foals about his age. At least this time there were only a few other fluffies in the room when Riddick was put down. He stands stock still as Stoner Dude gently pushes the fluffies away as they were vying for human attention.

A yellow Unicorn locks its gaze on Riddick after the humans leave.

“Munsta bakk! Nuu!” It cries out. The other two fluffies, a Pegasus and Earth quickly move behind Amber. “Ambew gif poopy-munsta fowevew sweepies. Hewp Ambew gif munsta biggiest huwties.” The Unicorn says to the fluffies behind it.

“Nu am munsta! Am Widdik, wan fwiends an' huggies and pway wif toys. Fwiends?” he replies, taking a step back mirroring each time the other three take a step forward. “Pwease nu gib huwties... Widdik am good fwuffy.. Pwease.” Begging as his rear touches the wall.

“Nu, you wowst-poopie munsta, gib fowevew sweepies. Den fwuff--” Amber gets cut off mid sentence.

“Nu!” Riddick cries. “Nu am munsta! Widdik good fluffy! Widdik onwy wan fwiends an' huggies an' pway! Nu am munsta! Nu am wowst-poopie babbeh!” Riddick takes a step forward. Amber and the other fluffies pause for a moment.

“Mo' fwuffies den munsta! Gib fowevew sweepies.” Amber charges, head down and horn ready to strike. Riddick responds in kind, lowering his head and counter charging. The two fluffies run straight into each other, knocking themselves down and back away from each other.

“Munsta gib Ambew huwties!” the pale blue Pegasus, “Hewp fwiend Ambew!” the Pegasus rushes to Amber's defense, standing between Riddick and Amber. The Earth fluffy stands still, too shocked or scared to move at this turn of events.
Riddick and Amber race to stand, both getting to their feet at roughly the same time. Still a little slow, Riddick is ready a moment after Amber. The Unicorn strikes, trying to knock Riddick down again.

“Faww dow' munsta!” Amber demands when Riddick doesn't fall instantly.

“Nu you! Meanie fwuffy faww dow'!” Riddick kicks back causing Amber to stumble back.

“Cwoud hewp Ambew.” the Pegasus says, running into Riddick. The black Alicorn takes a few steps to absorb the shock. “Hope die munsta, hope die!” Riddick swings his head at Cloud, the movement knocking free a few tears. The strike catches Cloud off guard, knocking her away for a moment. Amber and Riddick push against each other in a game of reverse-tug of war.

Riddick takes a tough step forward, forcing Amber back. The Unicorn struggles valiantly, straining her neck against Riddick. She tries to strike her opponent with her horn but doesn't get the angle. Another pair of steps from Riddick forces Amber back further.

“Hewp Ambew! Munsta stwong, Cwoud an' Ewwie gib munsta owchies.” Amber pleads. Ellie, the Earth fluffy snaps out of her shock and flees from the scene.

“Nu can, too scawie!” she cries, huddling in the corner.

“Cwoud hewp.” The Pegasus approaches quickly, going to bite Riddick. To get more traction Riddick begins to flap his wings as much as possible. This forces Amber back, and in the process hits Cloud square in the muzzle. “Munsta gib Cwoud owchies...” The Pegasus presses forward going to bite Riddick in the side.

“Munsta big stwongie, Ambew nu can...” Amber trails of as her grip finally slips. Both Riddick and Amber fall into a heap. Cloud trips as he lunges at where Riddick used to be. Riddick pushes himself up as fast as he can.

Standing above Amber Riddick looks down, eyes cut angrily at the foal under him.
I know what ya mean, i like karma/justice as well. sometimes.. but like i said, its like 8 out of 10 now

suggestions though.. oh god im no writer. havent seen much emotional or accidental abuse.

come to think of it, this is theonly accidental abuse i have ever seen.
“Widdik nu am munsta. Widdik good fwuffy. Wan fwiend. Ambew meanie fwuffy!” He raises a hoof. “Nu wan Ambew fwiend!” he cuffs her muzzle repeatedly. Amber begins to cry, covering her muzzle with her forelegs. Riddick stops, wandering away after a few moments.

Cloud moves to Amber giving the Unicorn hugs, trying to help her to her feet. Riddick, for his part starts knocking a ball away and chases after it.

“Daddeh game... Daddeh game...” he repeats to himself, sniffing heavily trying not to cry. “Widdik bwave fwuffy...”
>Now the reason the shelter you worked at always had good fluffies that got adopted was the discipline that was used
>The sorry box was almost never used, all you needed was twenty minutes and there would be no more bad behavior
>You grab her by the scruff and trow her on the punishment table
>You pin her down and grab the sorry whip
>You whip her back, hard enough to draw blood
>She cries about hurties, but you down care as you grab the sorry stick and whip her teats so her babies starve
>Once your done with the stick, you pin her to the table using staples
>You go back and grab her babies and set them down in front of her
>They coo in recognition, too young to know that she is in pain, they hug her muzzle and chirp
>You smile as she cries and begs for her babies to help her
>They don't of course and then you go and get another mare with the same colors
>This mare, named Valentine, had recently lost her own foals
>You set Valentine down in front of Poppy
>She sees the babies and scoops them up into a big hug to which they coo and hug back
>Valentine sets them on her enlarged teats and they suckle the milk and coo that they love her
>This sets Poppy off and she screams that she's their real momma and that Valentine was an imposter
>You shake your head and spritz her with the scent of dead foal and set her foals close to her
>Waa! Nu wike scawwie mummah! Munster mommah! This breaks her little heart
>She sets her head down and yells 'wan die! Wan die! Huuhuu'
>Music to your ears.
File: 1461777443590.png (339 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Emotional abuse is tricky, but do-able. Takes a special type of psycho to really put their back in to it, but i think i can maybe cook something up.

Now, accidental abuse...that's tricky, but do-able. Probably something like...humm...someone being "nice" to a pillowfluff, while really making it uncomfortable/depressed. or over-feeding fluffies sketties and such.

Always open to ideas, bat some out and i'll see what i can field. Incidentally, go read DrGloomy stuff on the booru
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Well that fucking escalated...still, hard to argue with results. Do that in full view of the pen, and you'll have some well-behaved mutant ponies.
I've found forcing mares to punish their own children is emotional abuse for parties.

Turns mother against foal, mother against herself, and maybe foal against foal depending on distribution on punishment.
Looks like Wolfram Sparks. He nuked his stuff from the Booru earlier this week though.
I'll continue The Chronicles of Riddick (the Fluffy) tonight. But that's the last of it right now.

Seriously need to compile them somehow.
This brings up a good point. What is Halloween like with Fluffies in the world? Just one big shit fest?
Time? Because then I can go make dinner while I wait.
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...that'd be a blast. make some feral mated pair suffer and slowly turn on eachother...yeah, that could work.
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now thats an ass whoppin , points for emotional damge to momma.

sad fluffy for you sir
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im literally singing the captions lol
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Red baron story 3.jpg
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>Great_White_Nope, an hour ago
Awww yeh
This shit is so gay. Take your medicine and post something better.
You have time.
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hahahaha wtf
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Red Baron.jpg
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can you post the second one?
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that green fucker had it coming, can't wait for the next one
File: Red baron story 2.jpg (596 KB, 1504x1503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Red baron story 2.jpg
596 KB, 1504x1503
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thanks you sir,

sad fluffy for you
>You then remove the staples and bandage her where the staples were
>You gently grab her and move her back to the pen still smelling of dead foals
>The other mares, still happily playing and hugging, are alerted by the smell
>"Nuu smell pwetty! Yu nu smell pwetty!" One mare, Marie, says to Poppy
>The other mares follow suit and soon the whole pen was outraged at Poppy
>"Yu killed babbehs! Take sowwy hurties!" Marie starts to pound on Poppy, with a small group of seven start to pound on her too
>Poppy cried out for help, but the rest of the mares were too busy with the herds foals that they couldn't be bother to help
>After ten minutes of beat down, you break up the lynch mob and pick up Poppy again
>Her legs were broken, her ears ripped off and her tail was completely gone
>However before she was done with punishment, there was just one last trial she must go through
>You move her to the stallion pen where her special friend was kept. He was a white pegasus named Moby
>He was asleep so you gently pick him up and put him a privacy cage.
>Closing the cage, you spritz more dead foal on her before throwing her in with Moby
>You stand back and watch the fireworks
File: tickleshit.png (11 KB, 750x698) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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cant wait for the fireworks!
File: firecracker.jpg (255 KB, 1200x1167) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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find where she's from and why she left home
chances are there's a reward out for them.
if not, sell them.
worst case toss'em out in the woods for the coyotes
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I missed some from last night, fell asleep before thread finished, so if you got some screenshots you can post please do!
File: 1462193310785.png (64 KB, 536x1138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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2 brutal 4 me
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Back In Ya.jpg
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3 MB, 1280x720
File: ScentOfFluff.png (368 KB, 598x2313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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2 MB, 877x1160
New thread

File: titties.png (785 KB, 999x1113) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
785 KB, 999x1113
What about a good fluffy, gets rewarded with spaghetti, but chokes to death on a meatball. Unable to call its "daddeh" in the other room?
would love to see a sad story, always see sad box pics but never text
File: AWFUK.png (46 KB, 1000x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 1000x800
Shit, I got the reply and image counter mixed up
that's because
abusers are male and like pics
hugbox/sadbox are female and like stories
>Moby was a good fluffy, was a good father to his kids, but by law they had to be separated
>So dead foal scent on Poppy set him off
>"Where babbehs special fwend? Dey not sweepy foweba wight?! Yu gud mommah wight?" He asked, but due to her injuries all Poppy could do was cry
>That freaked him out and he started to cry
>"Nuuhuu! Am gud daddeh! Meanie special fwend! Nu wuv yu nu more! Huuu!" He says and she tries to console him
>"Babbeh stiww alive! Nu cry special fwend!" But the damage was done, Moby has had his fill of her lying and smacks her
>"Weave fluffy alone! Nu wuv yu nu mowe! Weave or get sowwy poopies!" He threatens and that breaks her, she lays down, motionless and in shock
>You poke her a few times before giving up and getting a biohazard bag
>She's in the dump before the days over
>The end
File: wat.jpg (135 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 500x500
male sadboxer here but..ok
Was this made before or after the Red Baron strips where he's fucking up that green one in the alley?
I just can't draw, otherwise I would.
File: tacktack.png (18 KB, 580x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: cork1.jpg (167 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Loving Owner.png
186 KB, 524x2544
that poor poor fluffy, now thats suffering
ooh come on that ending makes no sense
File: chirp.jpg (466 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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follow it, we probably have a smarty to torture
File: hhh 001.jpg (124 KB, 1280x702) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hhh 001.jpg
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trips have spoken
File: cate.jpg (5 KB, 140x140) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Shittiest trips I've ever seen
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