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Last thread 404'd. What's the most...
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Last thread 404'd. What's the most depraived sexual thing you've ever done.

>Had dog lick my ass while I jerked off.
Jerked off in class in Jr. and High School all the time.
Jerked off in public multiple times, made sure joggers saw me.
Came on a pre-teen girls coat in a movie theatre.
Jerked off on cam for a 14 year old multiple times.
Bought said 14 year old a vibratior.
Had phone sex with her dozens and dozens of times.
Got head from her four times.
Ate her pussy three times. I was 22 at the time.
bumping this thread. im going to hell for sure now.
That's some serious shit you've got here, my worst is more or less fapping on a teacher, but I'm still quit young, I've got the time to do weird stuff
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Op here, I'm 36 but most of this stuff happened between ages 12 and 25. Although i was 32 when I came on the little girls coat she hung over the back of the movie seat.
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A girl at work left a spare top in her locker for weeks on end so I figured she'd forgotten it and I used it as a cumrag repeatedly for a couple months. Finally stowed it back in her locker, stained and crusty. When she quit I figured she'd clean out her locker, find that shirt, and get rid of it in disgust. Instead a few years ago I looked her up on FB and found this pic of her wearing the exact same top.
i googled 'hot girls naked' once
When I was 12 I was a horny cunt when I went round to my best friends house his Mum was in her 40s I would say to him I'm going to the bathroom which was right next to where the laundry was done, sift through the laundry to find his mums panties, proceed to take them into the toilet and jack off while rubbing them against my cock. I'd blow my load all over the gusset sometimes just on the Lacey parts, scrunch them up and throw them back in the laundry basket before returning to play video games with my friend like nothing happened. Don't know if she was noticing or not but I didn't know at that age that it would go crusty and leave a stain. She must've liked it or be embarrassed to say anything to her kids as I never heard angthing about it. Wasn't even the most attractive mother just love panties. Busted some of the best nuts in those days.
I also in my teens got hot and bothered over public nudity and fuck I still do. I plan to fuck my SO in public when we go on holiday to Spain. I remember walkin home from school one day and just thinking about it. I went to a massive open field with houses on the edges of the field. Sat behind a really small stone wall and wacked open mobileboner before busting one of the freshest nuts of my life the thrill of some dog walking milf catching me just made me 110% hard. Too scared to flash not work the risk lmo
Got a blowjob from gf's roommate while gf was sleeping.
Jäjäbujubu ... Ialsoinmyteensgothotandbotheredoverpublicnudity ... jäjäbujubu ... andfuckIstilldoo ... !
let my 6 & 8yo nephews watch me and my gf have sex multiple times
fucking kek
Op here, come on guys, there got to be more good shit out there...
I fapped in an HEB parking lot one day.
I had a foursome with three dominant men older than 50 when I was 18.

I posted part of the detailed story in the last thread, but didn't get a chance to finish before it 404'd. Anyone interested?
I hid in my sister's closet and watched her fuck her boyfriend. I fapped into her bra, then had to wait til they left to sneak out.
i fingered my mom while she was sleeping
Dressed up as a girl and got fucked by an older guy when I was 16.
I used to sneak into my sister's room and masturbate on her bed while wearing a pair of her panties. Afterwards, I'd put her panties back in her dresser drawer.
I'll green text some of the stories to keep things going.

Dog licked ass while I jerked off.

>/b/ 17, lying on bed jerking off to vhs porn I stole from my brother.
>really getting into it
>put legs up, spread, feet near ass.
>feel dog jump on bed, whocares.gif
>suddenly feel dog sniffing around ass.
>spread ass, dog starts licking
>minutes laterncumming buckets
>came on dogs head
>dog licks it up happily
Did they learn any new tricks
yeh, go on
let my brother finger me (i'm a female)
had my female dog eat me out
masterbated to loli phone sex fantasy
fuck talked about being a cuck queen during sex with bf.

probably more but idk atm
i'm a fucked up person.
femanon here. you sound like disgusting human beings, and I would never bf you or even have you as friends. you would probably realise that i'm too pretty for you anyway, and I guess that you wouldn't even dare speaking to me IRL

also, I'm not posting tits, because i have the right to post on this website without getting slut shamed. also, i'm an oldfag and i know that that rule does only apply to attention whores
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Op here, well hello m'lady.
How did thing with your brother happen? And what's the relatinship like now?
probably, doubt they knew any already
had sex with a 14 year old boy
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>be me
>sexually confused 18 yo skinny white fag since introverted with no friends
>turned on by older guys
>download growlr
>start chatting with this 54 yo beefy muscled white guy named mike, a self-described "dominant verbal daddy" type
>tells me to come over Friday night
>a couple hours before we meet, I send a message to confirm we're still on
>he tells me he has 2 male friends over and asks if I'm cool with them joining
>sends me a pic of them: both beefy, one's white and one's latino
>tells me they're tops
>agree, very turned on now
>arrive at mike's place
>as soon as door is closed, orders me to strip
>I obey
>mike starts by kissing me and feeling my body all over while mike's friends undress, his tongue overpowering mine and beard rubbing against my shaved face
>switch to kissing mike's white friend while mike undresses and latin friend feels my body from behind, rubbing his fingers up and down my hole, and the I switch to kissing latin friend for a bit
>switch back to mike
>he gets me on my knees
>start sucking mike's cock
>it's a very thick, 9 inches
>his friends jack off close to my face while I suck mike's cock, occasionally rubbing their cocks on my face, their warm pre-cum leaking on to me
>switch to latin friend's cock, it's just as thick but a bit shorter
>doesn’t take long before he places his hands on the back of my head and fucks my throat
>my dick is diamonds
>after a few minutes, switch to white friend
>his dick is skinnier than the other two but just as long as mike's, with a weirdly big cockhead
>a lot of pre-cum and likes taking it out to rub it on my face
>alternate between the three a few times, sucking their cocks in the ways they each like getting sucked
>after about a half an hour of this, mike goes and grabs an exercise bench and pulls it into the middle of the room
>tells me to lie on my back on it
>I obey
hello there.
you're not good at that
bad b8
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