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Asian Girls White Cock
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Asian Girls White Cock

Am I the only asian guy who gets off on this?

I'm not gay or a cuck, but pretty much the only porn I watch is AWWM.
I think it might be some kind of pavlovian reaction, since I started off looking for girls of my race, and they were only fucking white cock on camera.
I can't do JAV because of the screaming, blurring and creepy guys.

I'm not into the humiliation aspect I just think white dick looks better with asian girls. If I had a gf I would probably let her fuck white guys, without the
humiliation, I guess like a hotwife.

I get most of my porn from raceplay tumblrs like these. Though I am not really into raceplay I guess it comes with the territory.

Are there any other asian guys into this like me?

Will be bumping with my stuff.
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white guy with a 9 inch cock who fucks asian chicks reporting in
Well that's great but I want to hear from asians in my position, so unless you have pics...
thought maybe youd wanna hear about me dominating tiny asian chicks
OP is a white boy who is rustled by blacks fucking his women

Nice try OP but you're still a faggot
Go for it, but illustrate with pics if you can.
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Does any one have a full size of this pic?
I got a story

>Be white guy growing up in neighbourhood with lots of Asians
>One of my best friend was a girl
>Some guys at my elementary school made fun of me for it but I didn't give a fuck
>One day when we were in high school I went to her house to hang out
>She rested her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arms around me. A bit more affectionate than she usually is.
>Pull her in closer
>She moves closer
>Be bold, decide to kiss her
>She pulls me in and decided to French kiss me
>My 16 year old cock is diamond hard
>Figure I can grab her ass
>A few more minutes of making out she pulls her shirt off
>Before I know it we're both naked and she's handing me a condom
>Roll that shit down
>We fuck like rabbits for a bit
>I swear to God when I came that day I haven't cum as hard since
>We cuddled after, dated until graduation. She moved to the states for college, but we ended the relationship on very good terms
>Occasionally we talk on Facebook

I've only slept with White girls since but fuuuuuuck my yellow fever is killing me right now
>my yellow fever is killing me right now
i feel you. still fap to this ex. relationship didnt work but the sex was pretty great. something really hot about watching my pinkerton slide in and out of her wet yellow snatch
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Ooh, she's cute!

Mine was nice and pale, lighter than me in fact. Nice, soft pink nipples you could suck on forever and velvety smooth skin that just draws your hands and keeps them there.

Goddamnit now I wanna go to the states and hit her up for old times' sake.
> not a cuck
> would let gf fuck others

I actually love AWBM. It's my favorite kind of porn. Just seeing a cute jap girl used to tiny asian dick reacting to a BBC makes me cum
No jacking off makes you cum, watching porn turns you on.
she had nice dark brown nipples that got really hard. liked to get on top and grind on my dick until she came, then i'd flip her right away and plow into her while she was still pulsing.

fuck. wish i had more/better fap fodder of her.
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