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Ok storytime /b/ros
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Ok storytime /b/ros
hope you enjoy.

grap a beer or a buttplug or whatever you like.

This is about me fucking a 15yr old girl at my younger cousins house when I was already 28.
absolutely no regrets

First Part:

>>be me
>>be from germany
>>be 28yr old average looking dude living on my own
>>invited to confirmation of younger cousin
>>you are usually somewhere between 13-15 when you have confirmation
>>cousin is chubby little girl but looks pretty cute and has big tits for 14yr old
>>I'll call her 'chubby' for rest of story

>>religious celebrations are usually like this:
>>suit up
>>go to church
>>find your family
>>sit through boring church stuff
>>listen to fucking pope or whatever talking shit you don't care about
>>old men put hands on childrens head says weird stuff and now they are closer to god or some shit
>>idc alwas something like this
>>bells ring
>>go outside chruch.
>>shake random persons hands.
>>fake smile all the time
>>meet at family house.
>>eat food.
>>talk to everybody
>>be nice maybe bring present.
>>leave early because you have your own fucking life.

>>But this time looking at the girls that are standing in front of the altar in chruch I notice something
>>these girls are all dressed way too hot for this occasion...
>>almost slutty in some ways.
>>high heels short dresses showing lot of legs and cleavage. heavy makeup.
>>getting kind of turned on even by looking at 'chubby'
>>she wears a tight grey dress that realy shows of her curves but somehow hides the wrong ones.
>>highest heels I've seen her on. makes her ass poke out a lot.
>>fuck I feel like creepy old guy.
>>remember girls are around the age of 14 and I'm 28
>>one is my cousin.
>>whats wrong with me?
Part 2:

>>me suffers through church time filled with sexy teens.
>>luckily without getting too aroused to stand up at the end
>>boner in suit pants is not as easy to hide as with jeans i guess.
>>fresh air outside and shaking boring peoples hands is helping

>>So I'm standing there with my aunt, uncle, mother etc. and suddenly 'chubby' arrives with a friend.
>>another toofuckingsexyforherage.jpg
>>blood begins to flows in places...
>>checking her out.
>>Long blonde curly hair sweet face, perfect teeth
>>eyes steelblue.
>>shes wearing a short red skirt with black mesh pantyhose
>>black heels...
>>black top wich is almost showing half of her awesome b-c boobs and a red jacket
>>really nice and kind of classy looking girl but she also has this I'm a woman now and want to show off my body vibe going on like all the other young girls this day.
>>did they kind of planed this out all together? ...or am I getting old and too conservative??
>>I'm confused.
>>I'm completely turned on again.
>>next thing 'chubby' introduces me to toosexyforherage.jpg lets call her 'sweetytits' from now. but she already knows my name.
>>why does she know my name?
>>apparently she remembers me from 'chubby's last birthday.
>>ok fine.
>>but why didn't I remember her...
>>oh yeah maybe because shes a fucking kid wasn't wearing anything special like today and I was talking to the other adults all the time.
>>I suddenly get exited about her remembering me and smiling at me a little shy.
>>good looking girls doing that is a good thing at least in my world.
>>but shes 15.
>why god? why you do this to me??
>>even if law here is different from usa when it comes to sex with younger girls its still not something you can just do without having to worry about consequences.
Bumping for interest
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Part 3

>>after some smalltalk with my uncle and his wife telling me whats up next we make our way to the cars to get to their house.
>>'sweetytits' and 'chubby' following me to my car. "we want to drive with you anon!"
>>I'm like "fine whatever" but I'm actually not fine with this.
>>I don't want these sexy ass young girls around me.
>>I don't want to get aroused anymore and I some kind of hate my dirty mind at this point
>>of course 'sweetytits' gets in the car first sitting next to me and 'chubby' is taking the backseat.
>>the short drive to the house feels like an eternity.
>>'sweetytits' is not making it easier for me with her compliments on my car and my suit.
>>also shes constantly eying me.
>>what does a 15 yr old girl even know about suits?
>>aaaand I'm having boner again
>> It wont go away by staring at her tits bouncing around with every bumb in the road I'm thinking.
>>She noticed I was looking.
>>I begin to sweat.
>>blood flows to my face I look on the road again holding my breath.
>>'sweetytits' is very quiet now also looking on the road but I see her grin.
>>'chubby' is just playing with her phone all the time not saying anything.

>>as we finaly arrive at the house I try my best to stay away from 'chubby' and 'sweetytits'
>>keep my self busy with eating
>>But they always find a way to sit near me and ask me stuff about me and my life, what I do and even Stuff like if I have a girlfriend.
>>There is no escape. I'm in fucking bouncing teen tits blue ball hell.
>>I'm giving myself up to fate since it feels like the more I resist the more these girls are interested.
>>its always like that... you can't have what you want and if you don't want something it comes to you.
>>little do I know what was about to happen to me this day.
Part 4

>>the girls disapeared into 'chubby's room eventually and I had time to cool off a bit.
>>actually enjoying non sex-related conversation with older people I'm not attracted to at all.
>>food was ok.
>>body functions going back to normal.
>>I feel comfortable again
>>Than it hit me like a train.
>>My Aunt comes into the room telling me "'chubby'needs you in her room. there is something with her laptop."
>>yeah of fucking course there is something with her laptop. FUCKING BULLSHIT!
>>but i went to her room.
>>beeing the nice and always helping cousin that I am
>>find out there is something with the browser on her 5 yr old acer shitbox.
>>"my internet is so small" she says.
>>I almost fell on the floor laughing when I was opening the browser.
>>there was like 25 different toolbars blocking the actual sites.
>>you may think "well thats a normal problem with girls computers"...NO! I imidiatly stopped laughing.
>>these little bitches just fucking tricked me.
>>they installed all the toolbars by themself to have a reason to get me into their room.
>>just for the record. i found out about this by sorting programms to uninstall by date and it was all from that day.
>>well played, well played. I was not even mad. I even liked it a bit.
>>so fixing the issue was pretty quick and easy.
>>I was like "done I'm going back downstairs"
>>"no please stay its so boring" 'sweetytits' grizzled
>>"ok, what should we do then I asked"
>>'chubby' suggested looking at photos from the trip they went to with all the other kids that had confirmation with them.
>>yeah ok how bad could this be...

>>next thing I know 'sweetytits' pulling me on 'chubby's bed next to her and places the laptop on my lap
>>'chubby' is sitting down on the other side.
>>Here we are a 28 year old dude sandwiched between extremely hot dressed girls half his age...
>>well-shaped teen tits hanging in my face
>>instant boner.
>>good thing laptop is hiding it.
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Part 5

>>we browse through random pictures of teenagers doing normal teenager stuff on youth hostel trip.
>>boring as shit.
>>girls giggling and talking about stuff they remember but isn't all that funny.
>>boner has left the building...
>>even though 'chubby's tits are rubbing on my arm constantly.
>>suddenly pictures getting interesting
>>girls jumping on their beds half naked and stuff like this.
>>'chubby'and 'sweetytits' are giggling again.
>>"sexy huh?" they ask in a clownish way.
>>I'm like "I guess so"
>>"like to see more anon?"
>>"" getting nervous. don't know what to say.
>>befor I can do anything 'chubby' opens a folder with lots of selfies
>>we all know this kind of picures.
>>sexy young girls taking selfies in the mirror in their underwear
>>they tell me every girls name where they live how old they are and what they think of them.
>>boner is making comeback.
>>they go on with talking about wich girl of them has a boyfriend who they think has already had sex and with who.
>>My mind isn't even able to process all this information.
>>boner getting harder and harder.
>>scared of them noticing it

>>getting to 'chubby's and 'sweetytits's selfies.
>>boner is so hard it hurts in my pants
>>totaly into the picture show at this point.
>>why are 14 yr old girls that good at strinking sexy poses?
>>completely forgot about boner
This is some good shit OP, carry on
part 6

>>girls giggling

>>girls giggling even more

>>"how do you feel anon" giggle giggel "everything ok?" giggle giggle
>>"you really like our sexy pics, huh?"
>>I was making me way to much at home on that bed between the girls.
>>laptop literaly hovering over my lap from my boner.
>>I'm in shock can't speak or move.
>>start sweating face turns red or white. I can't even tell.
>>both girls sit up on the bed and turn to me keeping a little distance stairing at backtothefuturehoverboard.gif
>>but its not ending here

>>we all cringe as we suddenly hear'chubby's mom shouting for her from downstairs. she leaves the room.
>>she turns around as she walks through the door
>>I'll make sure nobody is coming upstairs. ;-)
>>I exhale very hard with relief only to inhale just as hard when 'sweetytits' takes the laptop away and puts her small hand on my leg.
>>"I'm courious anon. can i see it?"

>>holy fucking shitballs mother of god what the fuck is going on????

>>I'm hesitating but she keeps pushing it
>>"I'm sure little anon wants to come out" she wispers while smiling like girls smile when they want somthing realy bad and know they can get it.
>>I just cant resist the beauty of this 15 year old girl, rubbing her tits against my shoulder and her small hand on my leg hungry for cock.
>>without a word i place her hand on my crotch to give her the 'ok' while I start opening my pants
>>shes giving gentle rubs to my junk while I pull pants down.
>>she reatches into my boxers grabing onto my dick. slowly starting to stroke it
>>she tells me that its nice but never touched a dick before.
>>without thinking about it I go in for a kiss.
>>shes totally into the whole situation
>>damn good kisser for her age.
>>gently massaging my tonge with hers while keeping it relaxed.
>>tastes amazing as well not like girls my age sometimes when they smoke for example.
>>just plain sweetness.
>>I'm in heaven
Bump for moar
Part 7

>>her stroking gets harder and so does her breathing
>>at this point I don't care about her age anymore
>>I'm in full I will use this bitch for my sexual satisfaction mode
>>grab her by the waist and lift her up.
>>place her on my lap facing me
>>"I want to see something too" I tell her
>>"mhh is it the same thing I saw you checking out earlier in the car?" she giggles again
>>I look on her boobs and can't help but smile
>>she slowly pulls down her strapless top
>>shes not wearing any bra under that thing by the way
>>as she pulls it down the thin fabric gets a litte caught on her small and hard nipples.
>>her perfectly shaped teen breasts bounce a little as the top completely slides off of them
>>ode to joy playing in my head
>>I just grab her and start sucking on her nipples one at a time while pressing my face against her chest.
>>pure awesomeness
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Oh boy.

Prison time mate.
part 8

>>her skin so soft
>>she smells fantastic.
>>there is not one single spot on her skin, her face or in any way else on her body that isn't perfect
>>realise I have lucky day
>>starting to reach under her skirt and grab her ass.
>>her ass feels fucking amazing
>>I pull up her skirt even more and see her red lace thong
>>shes so wet it almost drips on my dick through it
>>I pull her closer to me and I adjust the position so my dick is touching her pussy.
>>she is grinding on my dick with her pussy now and starts to moan
>>I tell her to shut up because I don't know if anybody can hear it downstairs.
>>but she wont stop.
>>start kissing her again to silence her a bit but doesn't work well either.
>>she now is grinding on my cock as hard and fast as she can
>>I cant stand it any longer and just rip a hole in her mesh panties and pull her thong aside.
>>I ram my cock in her tight little pussy
>>she whants to scream.
>>I quickly put one hand over her mouth so she cant.
>>her eyes are bulging out but then she closes them and keeps on doing her grinding movement with my dick in her pussy
>>I can see a little blood coming from her pussy
>>fuck! I just popped her cherry
>>I get really nervous and stop moving for a while but she tells me that she wants this to happen
>>I go on fucking her but I can't hold it any longer
>>I tell her that I'm coming.
>>she doesn't say anything
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that pic
them feels
Fucking diamonds already bro.
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part 9

>>I tell her again and ask where she wants it because I will not cum inside her
>>she just moans "do whatever you want with me anon"
>>I fucking grab her by the hair get up from the bad and tell her to get on her knees
>>I'm stroking my dick a little more while she kneels in front of me
>>I'm bringing my dick very close to herface and tell her to suck it.
>>just as her lips touched my dick and I push it deeper in her moth I'm fucking exploding
>>her moth fills up with my cum completely
>>shes not fighting it at all
>>with eyes closed and touching herself she keeps sucking on my dick and begins to swallow my load gradually
>>my whole body is shaking and she just keeps sucking me dry while I'm letting myself fall back on the bed

>>heavy breathing from both of us
Last Part 10

>>she cuddles up to me and kisses my cheek
>>"that was a good first time for me anon"
>>we lay there for a couple of minutes catching breath
>>realise we need to get dressed again.
>>I send her out to the bathroom first
>>her makeup is fucked up
>>meet downstairs
>>act like nothing happened
>>actually works
>>family garthering ends normaly
>>get her number
>>give everybody hug as they are leaving
>>drive home
>>get in bed
>>think about the perfect girl I fucked today in my cousins bed
>>fall asleep with smile on my face
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giphy (2).gif
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How did it go afterwards?
op here again...

hope you liked the little story

still seeing this girl sometimes and we most of the time end up fucking each others brains out.

she also admited that they have plannedthis because she wanted to have her first time with me.
Bro. The load I just blew is going to be difficult to top today. Thanks for the story
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Thread images: 7
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