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I just took 8 tabs of acid for my birthday...
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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I just took 8 tabs of acid for my birthday I only took acid 3 times before but those where half tabs what should I expect
I would go to the hospital if I were you. I hope you aren't alone tonight.
>did half tab 3 times
>lets do 16 times that much

I hope you get permanent damage
I'm at a friends house a very close friend since high school
Is he doing it too?
No he is just smoking weed while I type this
But I feel very shaky tho I think it's kicking in
Fuck bud, that's going to be a long night. You'll be lucky if you get to sleep by noon EST.

That's not a fun time at all, for me anyway, at four tabs it's nothing but shear terror and confusion.
Op get ready to be one with the universe and the gods

you will just trip relly fucking hard.
no matter what happens, just know u cant die, although it might feel liike it at some point.

enjoy it and stay the fuck away from any negative thoughts, images, or situations.

ie get the fuck off 4chan
rip in piece anon
Well I geuss I better get off be and start watching some family guy
just know you can't sleep off a tab. rip
Oh I think I will be alright it's just acid
I know mabey I might get some sleep in 36 hours

he aint talkin bout death anon, he talkin bout that ego death
Fuck forgot about that wish me luck
real shit, dat ego death though. OP is going to come back in 48 hours all Buddha and shit.

good luck.

i tripped on 2 tabs with my wife about 4 weeks ago in a hotel room.

i had a severe ego death.

my personality literally disappeared, and i laid in the bed, feeling like an object rather than a human.

my wife came and held me, and it brought me back to life sort of.

i believe the sun setting fucked everything up.
things got dark, and the mood changed rapidly.
listen to me OP: i'm sick of everyone freaking out about acid. it's not a big deal. i used to take ten strips every few days or so and trip all day (or all night). there's literally nothing to be afraid of as long as you're not retarded. look up a bunch on LSD and you'll realize it's virtually harmless. it doesn't even stay in your system for "years" and can only be detected with a "spinal tap". that's all bullshit. It's out of your system with a couple days. just enjoy yourself. spend a bunch of time pondering life, and watch a bunch of movies. you'll understand them so much better than you ever realized. have fun
Yeah dud just get off /b/ and either zone out or go for a walk or whatever
Don't go to the hospital they'll do shit to "help" but it's just going to be a super intense uncomfortable and unnessecary experience
Just blast off and have a safe trip, bud
Remember to drink water and eat food by the way
Also when time stops working and money doesn't make sense
That's normal
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This nigga knows


Watch Mad Max
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Ego death*
Prepare to question the meaning of life and existence and prepare to fall in love with it.
Same thing happened to me when I was high on shrooms. Even ripped at 5 dollar bill because I thought it was stupid and useless (that's all I had in my pockets).
My First Acid Trip
>be me in high school
>be 16
>have cool cat theater friends that do drugs
>october 20ish they plan on getting tabs
> okay.jpg
>didn't get the tabs till the 31st cuz friends dont got jobs
>decide to drop acid on Halloween
>let's do this bitch.avi

what did it taste like op?
if you have them ready on notepad then yes. not waiting around for a faggot to learn how to type at 40 wpm
Shut the fuck up bitch tits
Just keep in mind that this is temporary, you will come down after about 12 hours

fuck yeah dude
Get off 4chan and get outside.
No thanks. Sounds boring
Thank you guys for telling me this the ground is looking like a water stream now so I think it's time to go
Well of course not
It's such a strange abstract idea once you've gone bonkers
I remember when my buddy and I had a couple feet of San Pedro cactus
And we didn't have much time to boil it down all the way to pure mescaline, it was a little weaker but we still drank about a gallon of the stuff between the two of us
About halfway through the grueling process, we ate our eighths of shrooms, then continued
So as you might guess, I was through the damn wall
I went outside and smoked almost an entire pack of cigarettes for what felt like hours, almost even days
I thought I had spent my entire intoxicated state in one spot
I went inside to discover only about a half hour had passed, I had been smoking nearly a cigarette every two minutes, just staring at these
Aztec looking patterns emerging in the stars, proportions became wonkier and wonkier
That night was a blast, man.

wow, thats intense bro.

wtf is San Pedro cactus?
and pure mescaline?

"drank a gallon"...what?
(2/3) this is where shit goes downhill for me anons.

>Halloween so we all dress up
>We have one of us babysits
>we draw grass (straw)
>Keith babysits
>take around 35 odd mins to kick in
>we walk around the neighborhood
>i swear to fuck every single fucking person was out to get me
>i think it was a scream costume that scared me so hard i started going into a panic attack
I recently 8 tabs of some very good acid and three more before I came down
It was for my birthday.
You will be fine, just get like a quarter and keep smoking weed
I in fact drank myself through the psychedelics at one point
We had a lot of alcohol around because some people at the party weren't tripping but instead just drinking
But instead of everyone drinking, only me, my other friend on mescaline, my buddy on shrooms, and the drinker guy were drinking
And I wound up looping on alcohol
Because there was absolutely no bite, I was pouring captain Morgan's 75 year anniversary or whatever special rum down my throat like it was flavored water
Shit was tasty
I had been drinking all night, from mikes hard for the black cherry flavor, blue moon because it's a damn fine brew, jack, tequila
Me and shroom buddy concocted a drink of all the drinks that had been sipped and then forgotten about all over the house
It looked awful
It looked like the water in the cup in a kindergarten class where they've been washing off their paintbrush
But it had no taste
It went down like water
And it hit like a motherfucker
Next thing I knew, people were making jokes about me walking like captain jack or like I had huffed ether
I even went to my friend's deck, looked at the stairs and thought "that's too complicated" and instead stepped into the bed of rocks and tweaked my ankle
>anon cries like a little bitch
>friends also begin to freak cuz anon freaks
>i felt like chewing on the concrete sidewalk
>keith calms us down
>he gets us in my car and he drives us to izzy's place where we spend the night in aw as we watch a remote warp

It was the worst/best/ most intense experince in my life. I've dropped like 20 tabs in my life total so far and i want to do it more now. maybe a monthly thing. idk but acid is fucking sick bros
San Pedro is a cactus with mescaline in it, similar to peyote
You can have it in a crockpot at a head that is almost(but not) boiling it after chopping it up all day and extract mescaline from it. 6 hours is the minimum and it'll be a lot of liquid
You keep going, the more saturated the solution is, so you have stronger doses in less volume
we had a full pitcher full of this awful thick, stomach churning cactus juice that we drank between the two of us. It was almost a gallon of the shit
It's so hard to find acid tho. I can get shrooms just fine but acid, got no fucking clue
First experience with acid:
>be me
>17 y/o
>tried weed, mushrooms, a handful of opiates, and a few other drugs
>been interested in having a strong psychedelic experience for a long time
>find someone with a hookup
>good friend of mine with lots of experience
>gives me 2 tabs for free
>friend is based as fuck
>go home
>wait until night
>don't want to trip with parents awake
I almost forgot
I had brought a green morph suit, green scrubs pants, a green blazer, and a big white cowboy hat and hid it in another room
My friend who was on shrooms for the first time was distracted by my other buddy while I snuck off to get this costume on
He was in the kitchen the whole time completely unaware I was even gone
He was in there babbling and tripping balls, apparently so much so that my other friend went off to do something in the living room. By now, even he had forgotten about the costume thing.
It took me a long time to get the costume on
tripping balls and morph suits is a fucked mixture
I get it all on and walk past mescaline buddy to the kitchen to fuck with shroom buddy
Shroom buddy had just stood up by the time I walked in
He looked at me then crumpled to the floor laughing with no expression
Then mescaline friend started laughing because he had seen me go by, it didn't register, then when shroom buddy started laughing, a thought popped into his head
>I missed the joke
>literally walked right past me
yes continue you beta nigger
go ahead anon, i'm listening
thank u for sharing
>drop tabs
>get comfy
>onset begins
>on my laptop listening to music on YouTube
>suddenly I notice my laptop is sliding to the left
>realize how good the music sounds
>look at my walls
>they're shifting and breathing, almost like they're alive
>patterns begin to appear, forming into words
>most of it is nonsensical gibberish
>stare amazed at this for a while
>one clear phrase begins to manifest itself on the wall
>it reads: "find yourself"
fake and gay. this reads like you just looked up the effects from wiki.
Anybody else fuck around with RC's?
>be 19
>done shrooms a few times, nothing really more psychedelic than that
>buddy says he got his hands on acid
>we get a little less than an eight of shrooms per person, intending to give two tabs to everyone except main supplier, who got extra tab
>also extra tab in the mix so the guy who invited me, we'll call T, cuts the tab in half and gives one half to me
>tells me it's actually 25-i and its known to cause heart palpitations
>didn't take my adhd meds that day so fuck it
>take the tabs, eat shrooms, start dabbing wax
>main supplier's mom comes home
>demands a tab for herself
>gets one, winds up being a bitch and making everyone uncomfortable
>starts making dinner, but is waving a chef's knife around
>"everyone deserves a good beating"
>looking back, i sort of agree now, but I was blasted at the time and had a lot violent memories, so T and I opted to go for a walk
>T also was feeling uncomfortable because of his violent past so p much didn't even have to say anything
>walk along a levy for what feels like years, looking into an orchard, gazing at the hyasins(sp)? destroying our delta
>have good talk with T
>eventually go back
>fall in love with a red car for some reason
>goes into apartment and lives a painting
>skull feels like it's being split by two ice picks
>still felt kinda good
>drank entire carton of eggnog
>everybody stands around a fucked up pie that supplier's mom cried over when she fucked it up
>eat the pudding with just our fingers
>pass out watching fear and loathing
If it isn't pure LSD, consider yourself fucked m8. 8 tabs of research chemical and you'll either be dead or walking up and down highways mumbling to yourself
You can legally buy and grow San Pedro btw. In fact, consumption of it at home isn't really illegal
Buying mescaline and selling mescaline is illegal
But go to home depot and buy some seeds and grow them, if you're patient enough.
I shit you not this actually happened. Sorry if it sounds fake, but that's is just how I write.
Depends on what RC though
If it's something like 1-p-lsd, a direct analog, then he's fine
If it's 25-i or 2-ci or even 2-cc
Yeah that's likely death
what kind of drugs have you done recently m8?
nice way to spook OP... but you guys are totally right. I guess we'll see if no reply to thread
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it's flakko
Been using a lot of mushrooms as of late. Buy them by the ounce and trip once, maybe twice a month. All beautiful experiences so far, no bad trips.
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Checked you fucking niggers.

btw who /molly/ and /oxycontin/ here?
Lmao every time with those videos
Funniest and yet life destroying
I hope more hobos get their hands on it
psilocybin ftw. love tripping in the mountains but haven't in about half a year. been fiending for a nice trip lately
u gonna melt nigga
They're absolutely fantastic. I love having a light meal for breakfast and eating some in the morning. Just go out for a walk and enjoy nature. Live in a small rural community so it's always so peaceful tripping out here.
I remember my first time dropping acid

>be me
>weed dealer hits me up, asks if I want to trip
>tell him fuck yeah
>friend of mine also bought tabs, invited me over to trip
>drop tab in his basement, nervous as fuck
>as I'm coming up start to feel nauseous
>tell me friend about this
>he looks me dead in the eyes
>"youre not nauseous"
>feeling immediately dissipates
>amazing fucking night begins

Lemon tekking, anyone?
>Converts psilocybin into psilocin
>psilocin is what the psilocybin converts to inside you but slowly
>a cup full of lemon juice, citric acid, does the conversion for you
>hits much harder much faster, but doesn't last as long
So then
>gets two rights of Liberty caps
>T and I are at it again
>grind that shit in a coffee grinder
>split it in half, make our concoctions
>wait for it to convert, watch it turn greenish
>chemistry nigga
>each drink it
>15 or 20 mins later, I'm tripping hard
>McKenna describes psychedelic experiences in levels
>1-5 being intensity and different aspects that emerge throughout the levels of high
>easily at a four, seeing shit twist and warp like a kaleidoscope except not as intense
>everything looked normal just wonky
>go inside, T is telling me to sit on the couch and close my eyes
>he just experienced rad shit
>didn't tell me so not to influence me
>I sit down, it peaks
>ringing sounds that were synethstasia(sp) from the colors
>mouth open and kinda squirming on the couch, holding hands at raptor position and slowly writing my fingers
>trips that I'm a mushroom in a field of a thousand mushrooms around a giant central mushroom
>we were decomposing a huge pile of trees
>the mushrooms felt like faces of people I've seen, but all unfamiliar
>friend describes his trip as a bunch of Easter island headed guys pushing him into the ground in a coffin, but it was good
I don't remember much after, but shit was bretty neat
Let your friend know he needs to be your babysitter NOW. This has the potential to be amazing, do not fight it, do not struggle, do not completely give in. Be as calm as you can, mellow tunes might help.
Good luck
Nigga you fucked up
Shit advice here ^

Anyways if that acid is even remotely potent you're going to have an incredibly unpleasant experience
Nah, no walks. Psychotic breaks on acid are very real.
Is a fucking idiot. Acid is NOT harmless, it can fuck your shit up if you don't respect it.
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