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>>>682849461 (You)
>That's alright just post more Judy

Aight fam.
Let's get this started.
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Heh, trips
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652 KB, 974x1467 post judy hopps as nick name my dudes
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Also, to the anon who liked this pic:

I can confirm this is amazing.
When my wife pegs me my brain and legs turn into pic related
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Judy is life
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Can anyone post more Nick? Preferably gay.
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Why did this character get so much love from the porn-drawing community? Not that I mind, of course.
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She's enthusiastic, extremely well drawn/rendered, has a great personality ─Ěthat isn't fucking Mary Sue or stereotypical), and she has great character developed.
Can someone else post too?
Their relationship in the movie is incredibly dynamic and engaging. While platonic, the furry community and a lot of people who saw it found it easy to put themselves in either Nick or Judy's shoes and fell in love with the characters.
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Busy playing dank souls
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