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Feels thread, /b/? I'll start.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Feels thread, /b/? I'll start.
Feels thread, /b/? I'll start.
>be me 6 months ago or so
>be in a long distance relationship with 9/10 gril since Christmas of 2014
>decide to get with this one chick I knew, maybe 6/10, and is "asexual", but was into me
>9/10 okays it, so long as it doesn't affect our relationship
>FF to 2-3 weeks ago
>best friend gets gf
> I've known this bitch for a while, seemed pretty cool
>She "suddenly" developed feelings for me
>tell her no, you're in a relationship with my best bro, my relationship status is already complicated, etc.
>she broke up with him on Monday
>told me how she wanted to be with me and fuck me, etc.
>got with someone else today, is essentially a whore at this point
>Best bro shows me messages essentially saying how 6/10 never really had feelings for me, essentially plans to break up with me after high school
>realize I don't have feelings for her too anymore
>is only in the relationship so I have someone to hold when I think about 9/10
>fucking cries myself to sleep
God, damn it, /b/. The only person who truly loves me lives across the country from me. I fucking ruined my best friend's relationship, and being around 6/10 is really starting to hurt... I need a fucking hug. I feel like self-harming again...
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Come home please.jpg
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i'll bump while i read
That's why you stay loyal, you stupid fuck.
Holy shit. Shit like that's why I hate religion. Fuck zealots, man.
I just took the pills that are gonna kill me. I love all you /b/astards. Even the furry/trap fags. I love how you all kept me from the edge this long.
Goodnight, /b/.
My brother died of cystic fibrosis around a year and a half ago, Although I guess I should be happy that he lived to be 23 in the first place, doctors said he wouldn't live past 10. If theres one thing I regret it would be not spending enough time with him. I still remember the last time I saw him, I was going to say something to him but when I looked into his room (he usually leaves his door open in case anything happens) I just saw him sitting there with his head in his hands. His death really made me realize how simple it is for a human to die, and that no matter what, everyone will die.
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I don't really get it. Ok it sucks being this far away from her since it seems to be someone you want, but it also looks like she wants you too. So you can go see her next weekend/holiday/after finals i don't know? I've been in a LDR for 3 years, with sometimes 3-4 months apart. It sucked but the reunion were always great.
But >>682847299 is right, wtf would you go out with someone else if you love her?

Also more feels post, i mean real intense one like the previous one
Goodnight, my /b/rother. May you find peace in whatever lies beyond.
Also your in highschool you dumbass. Quit acting like any of this shit will matter when your 21, or 25, let alone even be a memory by the time your 30. Think long term or just get over yourself
Sleep tight my man. Hope your dreams are better than this life we've all been living
OP here. When I entered the short distance relationship, I was initially only looking for a physical body to hold when I missed 9/10. I ended up getting attached. That's why hearing she never liked me in a relationship sense to begin with hurt a bit. And 9/10 wants long term. Like, family and kids type long term. I don't really care that much about 6/10 anyways, being honest.
Tfw you are the type of person who prefers to be alone but still feel sad about having no friends
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I didn't even realized the part were you are still in highschool, but i know stories that started there and still last know more than 10 years later. The question is do YOU want a long term relationship?
>be me
>10 months ago
>start LDR with guy who lives a couple states away from me
>chat basically every minute of everyday
>facetime, play games together
>perfect in every way
>ff couple months later
>dont talk to him as much
>massive gaps in between messages
>sometimes 10 hours or more
>really out of the ordinary
>talk with him about it
>promises to try and fix it
>back to normal for a couple days
>conversations start drying up again
>he doesn't message me for 3 days
>ask him again whats going on
>he gets annoyed at me for being so worried
>"you're acting as if we're gonna break up or something, just suck it up."
>FF couple months again
>chatting as usual
>"I need to tell you about something."
>dumps me out of the blue
>doesn't have feelings for me any more
>lead me on to believe everything was ok, then that happens
>still wants to be friends
>basically my only friend so I agree.
>start talking like how we used to minus any lovey dovey shit
>starts gapping once again
>like 5 messages, then justs quits the convo
>left on seen for 6 days
>sudden message
>"hey i really miss you, we haven't talked in a while."
>well no shit you daft cunt, you haven't even responded to my other message
>try and brush it off and be friends again
>"Seen 4/28."
>no response.
I refuse to believe that stepmom or dad would not sympathize with the dying girlfriend. If the guy simply had not asked then that's like, the highest form of autism.
Yeah, with 9/10. She's fucking amazing. 6/10 isn't, and neither am I. Once 9/10 gets down here, I was planning on dropping the relationship with 6/10. Being honest, that's going to be a lot easier now.
You fucking realize 99% of this website would kill to be in your position right? Get off my website you fucking normie.
Nothing is too farfetched when it concerns someone this much into religion.

Then it's settled, and perfect. Nothing to cry about, you have a 9/10 girl waiting (and wanting) you and with summer coming i assume it won't be THAT long. Talk a lot, use skype to see her, write elaborate email about what you would do (sfw or not) to fill the time apart.
But thanks for creating the thread

(i don't remember is this pic good or bad?)
The thing is, she's not graduating for a while, I'm a junior, she's a freshman. And my parents don't exactly approve of our relationship, so we can only talk when my parents won't read my messages to her. Hence another good reason to keep 6/10 around.
>Inb4 b&.
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Ok i'm not from America so i'm not sure how old you both are or how much longer before you are done but studying closer to her, exchange student or some shit like that. If she is the one go for it.
But you are too young to know if i understand correctly, it was nice talking, see you when your ban ends (i'm sure someone already alerted)
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my best friend was fucking the girl i had feelings for.
and he knew how i felt towards her.

i've lost trust in everyone.
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Best wishes my dude, I hope its painless and quick
If anon is in high school, Junior is 17-18, Freshman is 14-15. He should wait a year.
May you rest easy knowing the last post you made here was dubs. God speed my /b/rother.
Yeah, I turn 17 in... holy shit, 11 days. Hot damn. I don't wanna grow up yet. DX
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What the fuck are you whining about?
You've got a 9/10 that you want to be with who wants to be with you and there's this 6/10 chick that doesn't really want you and you don't really want her. Whats the fucking problem.

Jeez high school kids man, ffs. Wait untill you get some actual problems you'll fucking shatter.

>the only person who loves me lives across the country
Well so what. At least you've got someone. Don't be such a self-involved little bitch this is a minor inconvinience not a problem.

You're a cunt by the way for fucking a 6/10 while in a relationship. Don't care if she's ok with it. I know this is /b/ but fuck you.
>implying I'd actually get laid or fuck a 6/10
What do you take me for, a degenerate? I wouldn't fuck someone else while in a relationship with a 9/10. I crave hugs and cuddles, not ey bby u wan sum fuk. Plus, I have standards. I wouldn't waste my virginity on a 6/10 who never loved me to begin with.
Cheers /b/ruv
I imagine you're dead by now, but I'm sorry OP. You hit me with some feels. Just know, that your last post was dubs, and you made us catch the damn feels. Rest in peace /b/rother.
OP is here. I may want to die right now, but I'm still alive and kicking.
Skipping that last part then, what the fuck is your problem.
You've got a girl that likes you, you miss her I guess, thats it.
Quit feeling sorry for yourself.
I should write it properly someday but here is one

>be me some time ago
>kissless 22yo virgin
>family's friends come to eat at our house one summer (they live very far away so we hadn't seen them for years, still our parents are best friends)
>well those twins are looking pretty good, especially that one
>or is it this one?
>anyway she has great boobs for someone her size (95D in France, i'll let you search in your own system)
>meh, she is just parent's friend's daughter so i don't think too much about it
>knows her since she was 2yo so she is still just a little girl to me (i'm 5 years older)
>it's some music holiday where i live, so concerts all around town
>"Hey anon, why don't you take the girls to town so you can show them around?"
>Tomorrow? But i was supposed to raid whatever was relevant at the time... Well i suppose i can go, some guy i was in highschool with was playing, and it's true that during summer the city is nice to walk in during the evening
>one of the twins doesn't come since she has to work the next day (i'll learn later it was just an excuse)
>so the both of us just drive there and spend the night listening to several bands singing, playing, and just walking around town. It was pretty nice
>i finally drive her home and tell her we can do it again the next day, it spreads over several days
>still no afterthought at this point, but the next day was our day off raiding, so why not spend it with a friend, after all she said she'd buy the food this time
>next day i pick her up and we go it some kebab
>don't want to spend the night walking around town again, want to watch a movie?
>"But there is nothing good right now"
>Well praise the internet, i have over 300 movies at home, so we go back to see what i can have that would interest her
>she picks LoTR (extended version of course) because she never seen it
>it's on my computer which is in my room, so we lay on my bed me behind her
Seriously? If you didn't care for 6/10 then you wouldn't be here bitching about how she doesn't care for you emotionally. If you love 9/10 you'd honestly make sure you could maintain that, but nope, there you go fucking 6/10s for the sake of physical satisfaction. You're young as fuck, worry about your future goals, not about chicks.
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>Be me
>Failed second year of uni, currently resitting
>Have the exact exam I failed last year in 6 days
>Think I might fail again.
>Depression started hitting hard again a few weeks ago, even after spending the last year trying to make it better.
>Grandad died yesterday
>The last thing he said to me was last month, when I last saw him, "Keep up with the revision. Make me proud".
Checkum, Vixy.
I think everyone forgot about the part where I ruined my best friend's relationship and then she dropped me for another dumbass to fuck. Yeah, his ex is a fucking slut, but it still hurts.
goodbye and check em. those dubs guarantee a /b/etter place
See >>682852852
Imagine already all the emotional turmoil your death will give your loved ones.
Your fault tho. Seriously that's the karma you get and then some.
True, tbh. Shows what I get for trying to be a white knight, I guess. I've learned my lesson about THAT, at least. :/
Jesus christ I forgot how insufferable 16yos are
I've had a crush on a girl for over five years. We used to be best friends but I became more and more reserved and shy after being chosen over multiple times by different guys by her. Less than a year ago she told me she was bisexual and since then she has been dating another girl. They are perfect for each other in their eyes, but every day I can't shake the thought of FemAnon from my head. Every little thing I do each day reminds me of her, and I just can't bring myself to do anything about it. I'm half suicidal, all though I could never pull the trigger, so I might as well not even say that. I've tried moving on so many times but FemAnon is a literal 10/10, I just can't do it. Advice, /b/ros?
>Distance relationship
>9/10 gril
stahp reading too much bs
Hey, if you're not yet 18, the girl's perfectly legal. Only people who'll be giving you shit are your parents.
Good luck, my /b/ro.
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>Christian scientist
>want's him to pray instead of using medicine
>whenever it gets really graphic she kinda roll away from the screen into my arms
>when the giant spider appears, she refuse to look back until i assure her we won't see her again
>i'm still fucking clueless at that point
>i say it's over when she is wrapping Frodo in her web because LOL i made you look again
>she screams when she sees it and just holds on me for dear life (apparently she's really scared of spiders, woops)
>she finally falls asleep during one of the great battle after this scene (to draw Sauron attention away maybe?)
>all i can think about is that i'm lucky that such a beautiful girl is sleeping in my bed, this has never happened before
>too bad she isn't interested... (in the land of the blind ... i'm the fucking virgin moron)
>the movie ends and i cannot turn the computer off, she buried her face in my chest. Well i think it's time for LOTR round 2
>The battle for Minas Tirith finally wakes her up, it's the middle of the night
>she realizes what happened and apoligize, she never managed to fall asleep with someone, that's strange
>ok this is too much, with the very light clothes (it was summer remember? And she wasn't as dumb as me, this dress was revealing a little bit of cleavage, which on her was quite a bit) she has i try to go to second base
>i awkwardly try to at least
>she says that it's too quick
>But that i should kiss her first
>lean in and kiss the first pair of lips ever
>I'm in love
>spend the rest of the night kissing her
>finally bring her home at 7am so she's back before parents wake up
>but she has to leave the next day... God WHY?
>i don't care i'll see you next time right? But we don't come back here before next summer...
>then i'll come next holidays (3 months from now)
>we start a LDR aided by skype that will last 2 years while she finishes highschool
>i go see her whenever i have holidays from work or she comes when it's hers. So we see each others every 2-4 months
But I turn 18 in a year, she turns 16 in a few days. But whatever, I'll enjoy it while I can, and then once things get dicey, I'll say no cyber secks until she turns 18. She lives in Tennessee, though... isn't the age of consent there 16? I'll have to check, but I'm otherwise fine, I think.
i have nothing to accomplish in life
i hope you had a better run than i did
Fête de la musique ? Quel ville si je puis me permettre, c'était l'année dernière donc ?

Continue please.
Deus Vult my /b/rother, if my God is real, he will accept you into his loving arms.
>Year before last mom died of chronic MS.
>Last year I've had 2 nephews, 1 niece, 3 cousins commit suicide.
>Also had two extend family (family of brother-in-laws) die from heart attacks.
>This caused one of my sisters to commit suicide. She was mom of niece and one nephew.
>Last sister is in mental ward currently
>My 2 cats I had to put down last month since one had cancer and the other wouldn't eat anything and was basically almost dead anyway.
>Never had a gf because I have social phobia and idiopathic hypersomnia so I just want to sleep any chance I get.
>Just want to sleep forever now.
my first greentext on this g-dforsaken board, bear with me

>be me
>be 14, most awkward kid in 8th grade
>parents see that i'm kinda lonely, so they get me a cat
>beautiful siberian, polydactyl (picrelated (yes i was an emofag with ironic glasses and long hair back then))
>i kinda hated her at first, because she wasn't much of a substitute for real people, but i warmed up to her eventually
>7 years later
>i'm 21, still living w/ parents
>cat still lives with me, 9 years old
>parents decide to move to russia for whatever stupid reason
>i'll be losing my friends, but whatever, i still have my cat
>cat is suspiciously gone for 2 days
>3 days
>4 days
>i'm worried as fuck
>ask my neighbour if he's seen her around
>"oh, you didn't hear, anon?"
>"your mom took her back to the shelter"
>wanted to fucking scream, instead just stand there
>shaking and holding back tears
>she was my best friend
>i loved her like my girlfriend (no bestiality, granted, but still)
>"i'm sorry, anon"
>neighbour tries to hug me
>i just say "fuck you" and leave
>parents heard that i heard about my cat
>try to be all sorry and shit
>i'll never forgive them for this

i'm so fucking lonely. i don't have any friends besides you /b/ros, i don't even have my cat anymore.
i'd rather die than continue.

all this angst over a stupid cat.
This hit too close to home
>she finally graduates and moves just one hour away now
>one year later, everything is going great. I asked without really thinking about it "If i asked you to be my fiancée what would you say?"
>she sits up faster than my cat when it hears is bowl "Wait are you asking me what i think you are asking me????"
>i realize what i said, "Maybe"
>"OMG YESYESYES more inaudible words"
>i don't have a ring or shit so i use my hairband as a ring (so smooth...)
>life is bliss, pretty cool job, nice coworkers, and a loving (now) fiancée
>always saying how much we love each other, this will be forever blablabla
>she starts another year of university, since the housemarket is crazy cheap around here we start to talk about buying a house here for when she's done with her studies since i would be glad to still work where i do for a long time
>during the week she is away studying, so like any sane man with an internet connection would do i look at porn and take part in some thread on some other board on this website
>ends up chatting with some of the frequent posters, espiecially one who liked my work quite a bit
>she isn't really my type (really fat), but she has nice tits, and more importantly it seems i'm one of the few reasons she doesn't kill herself and let her little child alone
>i talk with her more during the week (on another skype account, i'm not crazy) and try to make her feel better. After all she DID have nice tits and some nice aspects to her personnality (with a lot of bad, really bad ones but hey, the personal touch made her tits better you know what i mean i think)
>on the fiancée side, everything is going better and better, spend the whole summer (well 4 weeks but that's all i get) with her family in the south of Italy, i love her more everyday, the sex is getting better and better (after a veeeeeery slow start)

Exactement, disons dans le nord ouest mais c'était il y'a 5 ans
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Age of consent in most countries and states is 16, I believe, (picrelated)
Holding it off until you're definitely sure it's legal is probably safer, though. Plus, if the relationship holds through 2 years, isn't that a Good Sign?
I swear to God, if you fucked this up...
Thought it was 18 everywhere in US. must move to state with 16 now...
Anon if this story doesn't end with you two getting married and having 2.5 kids I will kill you then myself
Damn you, Tennessee! And California. Fucking hell. Welp, guess it doesn't matter anyways, I'm still underage. And that's a VERY good sign.
wow anon, that really sucks. If I was you, I just wouldn't move to Russia. If your parents would do that to you, it might be best to just move somewhere else, get a fresh start. Sometimes for someone to understand what they've done to you, you need to give them up entirely.
Come to Massachusetts, we have kawaii Koreans and those magical nerd girls that get 110% hotter with their glasses off
Well maybe you don't have any friends because you say things like "fuck you" that offer helpful info for you?? Just a thought
gym+fap faggot. Build yourself up and fuck 'em hoes
It means that the relationship will make it to the point where we finally can actually hold and cuddle each other. And some lewd things, too.
>itt: things that never happened
Well he is 14.
>some lewd things

Jeezus, man, you really are an underaged virginfag. Well, best of luck to ya, anyway.
Fucking fite mi.
Pic related, it's 9/10.
>Fucking fite mi.
>Pic related, it's 9/10.
"9/10" kek sure kid keep telling yourself that
They really make up for it with being supportive in other areas. It's just this one thing I'm having a hard time dealing with.
And the crushing loneliness.
She's a 9/10 to me, and that scale differs for each person. So you can eat a dick, kind sir. :)
He said he's 21. I can see why he said what he said. Emotions running high, etc often means you make bad decisions.
Type faster anon
either you missed the part where I stated that I am now 21, or this is bait
>I managed to made her squirt (which is my biggest fetish), one of the best moment in my life
>beginning of next school year (i might have gone back and forth in time sorry), things continue to go this way
>one day she comes to pick me up from work (she had an extended weekend and she needed the car to buy some stuff)
>she is very silent, barely saying hello to anyone when we get out of the store
>on the way home i ask her what's wrong, you can guess the answer "... Nothing... . . ."
>i can clearly see something is bothering her so i try a few more times during the evening (one of her friend was having a really rough time with a trial, suicide attempt and everything i thought it might be that)
>i cook and we eat in utter silence, and then straight to bed
>she lies away from me
>ok something is clearly really wrong, i ask one last time
>she starts to cry
>what was bound to happen happened
>i knew this would blow up in my face, in some corner of my mind it was always there
>she didn't say anything yet but i knew what it was. I knew it from the moment she got out of the car at work
>"... did you think i would never find out...?"
>i'm speechless. My brain, my heart, my whole body just stopped at that moment
>she wasn't even yelling or anything. But it was even worth
>i ask her what she read
>she had read the whole thing. Months of tame, but sadly mainly not so tame conversation
>the one that was too much was the fact that "the only reason i'm not sucking on YOUR nipples right now is the distance"
>i just want to die right then and there. I live pretty high on my building and it was still pretty hot weather so we were sleeping with the windows open
>i consider jumping out of it for a moment

i'm trying, it's hard to remember that...
>screenshot of a pic on tims 2nd kindle
Romeo and Juliet law... Google it and/or watch the transformers movie that marky-mark is in.
Thank you Jesus, I'll look into that.
that's not even a 7
YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKER. You should've done a flip. You had one good thing, ONE THING, and you fucked it up. Good job. You deserve what happened.
To you. She's perfect to me though: Tall, but not too tall. Long hair, just the right size, not too thick, not too thin. And her face is shaped just the right way. I have no other pics, or I'd post them. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. Like, sky blue.
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See you later, space cow/b/oy. Wherever you're going, I hope it's better than this shithole. Nice dubs, pupper
>then i just break down crying too and try to apologize and explain what it was, nothing serious, just harmless (or so i thought) fun during the week. Plus the fact the i actually stopped her from cutting her veins in front of her child one night
>we talked, we cried, we talked some more during most of the night
>we end up in each other arms, i honestly can't remember if we had sex that night
>the next morning i cut all communication with that account, and make everything in my power to get her to forgive me
>things slowly get back to normal after that, even if she wasn't into freaky kinky shit she was still pretty hungry for sex, which i took for a good sign
>but a few months later she becomes a bit more distant and stressed, but with the approach of her "finals" it seems logical. She wasn't from France and was barely over the average all year, so she has to study hard if she wants to pass
>i'm sure she will, like she did last year. She freaked out for a month and passed (not by much), but still much better than a lot of french born student
>but this only get worse with the time. She even spends a weekend away "to focus on her revisions" (this didn't happen once since she arrived in France)
>finally she says that she needs some time to think about "us", she has so fucking much on her mind yadda yadda yadda
>whatever you want, take as much time as you need (i was blind at the beginning but i can see that i'm losing her, and i can't stand the idea)
>In the end, after almost 4 years (well i know exactly after how long but ...) she breaks things up, but it wasn't the yelling, throwing things kind of break up, rather the "we each need to go our own way" one.

But wait, there's more

I know i deserved it. I didn't even deserve her in the 1st place
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>be with girlfriend for three years
>walk into our apartment and find her dead corpse with a bullet wound in her head
>fall into drugs
>lose will to live
The world can be a cruel place m8
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I think you might be getting cucked. Anyway, hope this turns out alright, man. I feel you.

Have you ever seen proof that she is a woman and not a man, like this picture suggests?
1) I'm bisexual, so that wouldn't be a problem either way
2) ... Fucking savage. But yes, I have.
Wow , 30 fucking minutes but was worht it
That's a 8 on a good day
Come with me anon, my religion will accept you.
And your death will not lead you to some ridiculous hell.
Ruined your friend's relationship?
You showed him your friend was a bitch. He should be happy that she's gone.
Pfffff, she's easily an 8 on a BAD day. But that's your opinion and I respect that.
And he is. I just blame myself for letting that happen, and for getting him involved with the bitch in the first place.
Get off the hook. I was in this exact same situation.
They'll never stop using you. Get out.
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Today, I realized my life would be complete if I didn't yearn for a gf. I could be going full blown comfy mode right now if I could tolerate solitude.
>this happened a few weeks before summer, and once she came back from her holiday i went to see her again (she was staying at a friend's house close to me)
>we talk all evening and i decide to sleep there because it's too late to drive back home (i'm lazy, but moslty i wanted to stay where she was, even if it wasn't the same anymore)
>we end up sleeping in the same bed because we were talking and she can fall asleep mid sentence when she is really tired, and in her defence it might have been around 4am.
>we both missed each other but it was clear that this would never ever be the same again between us. Still we longed for each others contact after the break up.
>so much so that she seems to be having a nice dream, or maybe i'm just imagining things. I might be dead tired but there is no way i'm sleeping tonight. This might be the last time i have her arms wrapped around me and her smoking hot body just right against me.
>to make things even better/worse, summer time again meant we were burning (around 30-35°C at night), so i was just wearing a boxer short, and she was in her tshirt and undies.
>but no it was not the lack of sleep playing tricks with my head, she IS starting to moan. And even grind against my thigh (that i might OR might not have strategically place between hers)
>Oh my FUCKING god i missed that sound so much. But no, things are over, just enjoy it while she sleeps and move on... Or not
>i start moving against her a bit more so she really grinds against me, and i know that she is getting closer to orgasm. After all i've seen it countless times during the last few years
>when she is just moments away i start to kiss her and move even more so she wakes up right before she cums
>still half in her sleep she rides it, really enjoying the feeling of her 1st orgasm in the past month or so
Hi tim, I think Kindle is pretty bad and amazons market sucks. But nice to see you buddy keep up with the nice screenshots.
Fuck off
Yeah, I hate it, too. I need to get a job so I can get a better tablet. But Amazon Underground isn't that bad. :/
I'm still here. Apparently 10 10-325mg pills of oxycodone and klonopin with a half bottle of rum isn't enough to end my life.
And I've already thought about it for a long time. My mom thinks I'm a dissapointment and my dad is a drug addict that couldn't care less what happens to anyone so long as he gets his next fix, and I only have 3 friends in life, and they only hang out with me because I put them before myself and risk everything for them when they ask. I'm just sick of how I'm always used, and whenever I try to change that I end up failing and being sucked right back into the shithole where I began. You people are the closest thing to real family that I have, even though I don't even know any of your names and have never met you. Maybe I'll give it one last shot, see if I can change the circumstances of my life for the better. The only people I love don't love me back, and every time I try to get closer they push me away and find someone to fill that arms length gap until they leave and I try again. The cycle just repeats over and over and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being the last one everyone chooses. I'm sick of being the outcast, the loner, the one that nobody actually likes but they pretend to because he's useful. I'm sick of the fake smiles and laughs I have to put on, even though they're so fake that a child could see through them. I want to start over somewhere else, but I have no god damn money to do anything. I can barely pay the rent on my shitty apartment while still having enough food to keep myself from looking anorexic. I had to break into a house to get the pills to try to kill myself. I just wish I could go back to my childhood. Back when my mom still had hopes that I could do something with my life, and my dad didn't spend all our money on heroin and meth. I wish I could go back to highschool and get the girl I've always loved, instead of fucking it up and having her replace me.

thats the worst part. I still see something in him, but the amount its fucked with my mind, its just too much.
Anon lives. I'll be your friend. *hug* We love you too, /b/ro.

I want something to happen, but it cant, and it probably wont.
I wish I could ammount to something in my life, besides working a shitty minimum wage job and living in a run down apartment in a shitty neighborhood where I'm more likely to get stabbed or shot to death than if I walked into Sudan. I wish I wouldn't die a virgin, and that I could find someone who would love me for who I am, and not how much I would give them before I finally broke.
>not really thinking, i move her on top of me and start "dry" humping (which is so far from how we were at that moment but anyway) and kissing her even more, removing her tshirt so i can finally taste her sweat covered godly breasts once more
>she is close to a second one, my brain has melted right now and my dick is doing all the thinking
>i remove her panties and my boxer so we can both feel each other even more, holy shit she is so fucking wet...
>that's too much, i have to take her right now. I try to raise her just a little bit so i can get it in the right position but she stops me
>"Wait i'm not on the pill or anything anymore..." Oh shit right
>but wait i should have a condom in my wallet (always go out prepared kids!), let me get it it should be in my bag next door
>i get up and rush through the dark house that i don't know, kicking a door in the process and (almost) not noticing it
>i fumble for this motherfucking wallet and finally find the rubber
>i came back triumphant, already unrolling it onto my still rock hard dick (i didn't do anything else than jack off a few times either since we broke up), to find her sitting with her arms around her knees
>"I don't think this is a good idea anon . . . "
>Are you sure? You know how it could hurt when we stopped this close to orgasm, maybe we just do it this time and see were it leads us, just 2 friends relieving some stress with each other?

But this was hopeless. This was the last time i was close to her like this. This happen about a year ago and she was the love of my life, i can stop thinking about her during a really busy day at work, but when i get back home, it all comes back. I feel like i've been surviving just because there is no way i would kill myself, but i can't sleep (which is why i'm here typing this at 4am when i work in a few hours), everything seems meaningless, yaddayaddayadda you know the drill.
I wish we knew the situation he was in so we could have helped him.

So this is to say, to all the anons around here who MIGHT be in a situation similar to this one, if you DO love her/him, please, for your own sake, don't do this. You will regret it so fucking much.
I didn't really believe in Love like you can hear about it, being so strong it physically manifest, but i can assure you, i swear, when i realized how much i hurt her, or when she finally broke up with me, i felt pain. I lucky enough that i've never been in a severe car accident, or shot, or anything like this, but this hurt more than anything i can think about. It's so oppressing. So just enjoy your couple while it last, i know i did, i just wished it never ended. And on this note i think i'll try to got back to bed to get at least a couple hours of sleep before going to work because i don't want to be a zombie today...
Well, let me tell you this: YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TRIED TO WHITE KNIGHT. God fucking damn it, once you white knight that hard you fuck up whatever relationship you're in. And honestly, don't ever, EVER dip your dick in crazy, any of you guys. It's not worth it. Being honest here, dude, karma struck the right guy. I feel your pain, but it's your fucking fault. I feel no sympathy, although I feel sorry for you. You fucked up, simple as that. My advice: Either try to make it up to her somehow, or just try your best to move on. To quote one of my favorite books: "You know what ghosts are, Polly? They're people who never move on from the past."
I have a fire myself, I linked it to an Amazon account and it added ads on my lock screen and it has a very limited amount of apps, I actually kinda liked it if it wasn't for amazon. I use it without an account using apks and for videos.
And yeah I am in a bad spot with no job, I hope I can get out of it soon.. We are two of soul Tim
I'm still here man. I hurled up enough to get a lethal amount out before I died. Just read my other posts at
Oh my only choice is to move on, there is no way to patch things up. It was already long enough as it is i didn't include every single detail in the story. I know it's all my fault, i know i fucked up. I just wish i'd find someone else to hold at night, but since i'm not really comfortable talking to new people (and this is an euphemism), i have a hard time making new friends who might lead to a new relationship.
Yeah, I linked it to my Amazon account so I could buy things. I hate the ads. ;~; I honestly wish I could change the lock screen image, I know what I want on it. And I just downloaded apks for the apps I wanted. I'm used to this damn thing by now.
Well, not to sound like a dick, giving advice I probably wouldn't take myself, but just do it, you know? The best way to get past this damn relationship is to just move on. Forget about her, that's in the past now. Make some friends, fuck some bitches, maybe find a nice girl to cuddle. But, at the end of the day, you just need to get over it. And, honestly, talking to people isn't that hard. Just don't go full retard, try to find a common subject, and you'll be fine, /b/ro.
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