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I have a story /b/. If you're willing...
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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I have a story /b/. If you're willing to listen.

When I was a kid I had this friend, Alex. He was kind of geeky. Always breaking his glasses so his parents taped them in the middle. Constantly getting involved in accidents. Always wore cargo shorts and polo neck tshirts. His cargo shirts were constantly filled with candy and shit. One day we were playing in a field and we find an ant hill. So he starts poking the fuck out of it. Ants start swarming out. He starts stamping on them and crushing them.
So the ants start to crawl up his leg and he doesn't notice. Sudden burning pain. Hits the ground like a sack of shit. Ants biting his balls.
Goes to hospital. Infection. Can't come out all summer.
Eventually he moves away. Never hear from him again.

Fast forward 10. years. 22. Working as frycook in local burger kitchen.
Work with Portuguese Jose and awkward girl, Karen.
Don't talk much to Karen. Jose is at a concert so I'm left on shift with Karen.
Start chatting. Turns out Karen knows me.
Recalls some events I'm aware of but I don't remember much. Remember Alex had a sister.
Kinda remember her but not really.
So one night I'm closing up because keyholder duty also.
Karen starts flirting.
11.30pm Thursday night.
Jose is taking my shift the next day so I have a day off.
Karen asks for a ride home.

We get to Karen's house.
She lives in an apartment near me.
She invites me inside. She's a big fan of Fallout.
Fallout new Vegas recently out.
Couple of beers, taking turns. She rests her legs across me.
Rock hard. Dick is poking her in the leg.
Feels good. Hoping she doesn't notice.
She does notice. Doesn't stop.
Starts rubbing it with the back of her leg.
She asks if I'm enjoying that.
I barely say anything. Just sit there making spazzy noises.
She jumps up and puts her hand down.
Suddenly diamonds.
Starts sucking.
Fucking can't hold it.
Haven't came in days.
Fill her mouth with cum after 5 mins.
She chokes.

To be continued next post
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Keep going anon but don't rush it and any chance of green text it helps the readers a lot
More man, I almost had a boner on the last parts :)
Any pictures of her? or just rate her
Op is death
>So we start making this regular.
>Sometimes end in blow jobs. >Sometimes doesn't.
>She eventually wants to take it up a notch.
>So we go to the bedroom.
>I feel a little weird about it but at the same time I'm ready.
>Shaking with nervousness.
>Blood rushing to my dick.
>We lay on the bed kissing.
>She stops.
>I ask what. She says she's got something she needs to tell me.
>Waiting for her to tell me she has an STI.
>She doesn't tell me anything. She asks me to leave.
>Apologises and promises well do it next time.
>just needs to clear her thoughts.
Quicker posting so thread doesn't 404
>I go home.
>bed now, decide to fap it off.
>phone rings.
>It's Karen.
>She's outside.
>Asks if she can come in.
>asks if she can sleep in my bed.
>Of course I agree thinking that something might happen.
go on
karen is alex and had a sex change, you let a trap blow you faggot
Bump because my name is Alex and I want to see how this ant stomping bitch ties in
same yo
>Karen is wearing a thong and tank top.
> small breasts. No bra. Nips through top. Hard as fuck.
>She falls asleep.
>fucking tease.
>moving in her sleep rubs her ass on my cock.
>diamonds again.
>I decide to play with her.
>she's moaning softly in her sleep while >I rub her nipples
>put hand down her panties and rub her pussy.
>something's up.
>there's something there that doesn't add up.
>it's a dick.
>seriously though. No its a pussy.
>she wakes up and hits me.
bump for interest
Yep or some shit close too it
I mean dude if she's been passable thus far she must half looked semi decent. Tell me you hit it up.
She wasn't a trap.

>don't know what the fuck just happened.
>Karen is leaving
>I ask why but she doesn't tell me.
>she leaves.
>she quit her job the next day and I hadn't heard from her for a while.
> turned out Alex died a few years earlier.
>I think she must have saw me as a younger brother. A replacement almost and since she started getting sexual with me it didn't feel right.
The ant-in-his-pants-shun is killing me
an hero fagit, that story was gay
Is this how the story ends or is there more?
There's more.
Currently writing.

A few points are that Karen killed herself.
I moved away and got a different job.
>be me
>reading about this dumb fucks pathetic life
>wat a life
>no word from Karen.
>find out she hung herself in a park.
>2013. Don't want to fry burgers anymore.
>start working for an IT company. 25 now.
>Forget about Karen although I feel guilty as fuck.
>moved a few towns away.
>Occasionally talk to Jose.
>moved in with a new girl.
>shits going good.
>Night shift.
>basically do nothing from 9pm to 6am.
>come home one night.
>Open the door.
>get on the floor.
>everybody walk the dinosaur.
Karen was Alex's dad. S/he had a sex change and was overcome by grief when Alex died and stuffed a whole pack of corndogs down her gullet.

Alex's mom had a sex change and then later changed it back and became the mistress of the governor of Minnesota but he had to break it off when he found out she did porn in the late seventies. So tragic.
>Karen killed herself.
>She drowned herself in the bath tub.
>I'm now working in New Jersey for a packaging company.
>I spend a year here.
>Made some friends.
>Spend all day sorting packages.
>pays slightly better than flipping burgers.
>Jose also quit a few weeks after I did.
>Started working with me.
>One day I'm sorting and something familiar pops up.
>Karen's name.
>Fucking package for Karen.
>Karen is fucking dead.
>What? Why? Why am I sorting it?!
Investing in this thread, keep going OP
Lurker here. Where the fuck is OP. I ain't settling for dinosaurs tonight n I want the fucking truth so type faster
>Obviously coincidence... I hoped.
>Decided that I'm going to see for myself.
>I drove to Karen's old place.
>No one there.
>Don't know why I expected otherwise.
Wasn't me.
Come on mate, it's getting fucking late!
Yeah probably but still people here suck. Good stories are never found it's just a bunch of dumasses
>The door is unlocked.
>nothing in the house.
>see the bathtub.
>I don't feel right.
>uncontrollable urge to vomit.
>there's blood in my vomit.
>try to clean it before I leave so I don't leave any evidence of my being there.
>head back to NJ.
>weeks pass.
>Nightmares about being in Karen's place.
>Still vomiting blood.
>Visited the doctor.
>I have stomach cancer.
Bump I want to hear the rest of this
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Same guy that's Pissed couple messages up.

So I might get to fuck this girl tonight picking her up soon. My rooms a mess though
She probably gave OP cancer
Let's keep this alive shall we?
>I toungepunch karens fartbox and turn her around to puss puss me peepee
> Karen is a guy and fucks my ass with his big meaty hard throbbing cock
I'm down
>it's in remission now.
>there hasn't been any sign of it.
>until I went back.
>Jose moved back in with his parents.
>I visited a week ago.
>Told him everything.
>He thought we should check out the apartment again.
>I said there was no point. There's probably someone living there now.
>he wants to anyway.
>Oddly no one living there and the door is still unlocked.
>I thought that the place would have been rented or sold by now but it looks like it's been ignored.
>Neglected even. Windows broken, vines growing through. Damp in the walls.
>Feel queezy again.
>Jose is already vomiting.
>Jose has stomach cancer now.
How long does it take to type
Anyone else's bullshit detector going off?
Push clean shit under the bed and dirty clothes in the hamper.
Fucking contagious stomach cancer. It's the new ebola
Yeah im feeling even sorta depressed, he got more cucked than superman with wonder women.
Her place is radioactive and she has mutilated genitals?
OMFG! Someone call Dr. House!
If he ain't back by the time I'm fucking this girl. You guys gonna get a reward for waiting this fucking long.
Oh no! Do you think someone on the Internet would tell a lie?! This is a shocking revelation!
It's Lupus.
What was in the package?
File: th.jpg (9 KB, 300x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: J6l54s1.gif (904 KB, 500x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It was junk mail.
File: 1462422033626.jpg (2 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have fun
Fuckin plot twisters! Aways makes my life so difficult.
Come on OP
File: gT2hOP0.gif (2 MB, 300x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For anyone who'd like to see the gif and not the thumbnail.
And the I died.
Thanks m8, don't know why it did thumbnail
That could be a movie, a shitty movie. But a movie!
No seriously. What the fuck was the package
The room was a movie...
Op hurry up
A Japanese lolita.
A box full of pictures of OP?
If you want to make the movie you have full rights.

Make sure to mention that I am a faggit and that Karen was actually a trap and I took her stink pickle up my poo pipe every night.
Poo pipe
We're never going to find out at OPs typing rate
I told you. It's over.

We got cancer.
Everyone in this thread now has stomach cancer from your faggot story, you nigger Jew.
We fell for his bait and now we reap the consequences
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You smug bastard
>Karen comes back to life
>karen beats my ass
>she makes me eat her cooter
>she strokes my stink pickle
>makes me plug into the meat socket
>came buckets in zombie stank cooch
>10\10 would reccomend
how the fuck did he double greentext in one line?
What kind of wine would you recommend with a vintage cooter?
>No >idea
Any white white it makes thr older cooters less dusty
Less dust=less dick burn after sex
>trust me im a doctor
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yyaaaaa got me there.
you got me good buddy
Spiderman thread?
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Why the fuck not?
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You don't give permission for a spidey thread... you've ruined it...
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Poo pickles
OP has deserted us, abandon thread
Still here. Nothing else to say. Still. Abandon it anyway.
What the fuck was in the package!!
Junk mail
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Thread images: 13
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