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>tfw father has alcoholic problems
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>tfw father has alcoholic problems
>drinks until people around my neighbor has to bring him home
>he's got around 2 neurons left
>sometimes he can complete simple tasks (sober)
>I'm ashamed of him
>also ashamed of even going out
>... sometimes I wish his death

So, how was your Wednesday, anons?

Dropping random anime tiddies to enlighten the mood.
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sorry to hear op. it aint possible to put him in an addiction clinic? what happened to break this man?

anyway, dont let others drag your life down since this would be a huge mistake.
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>it aint possible to put him in an addiction clinic?
3rd world country shit hole.
There really isn't one for middle and low class, not to mention he's 60 years old.
What I hate the most is that he starts to fight and say bullshit around, even for my birthday started a fight with an uncle.

>what happened to break this man?
Well, he did say he had trouble when he was young but still I mean. Come on, your own son is ashamed of you.
He's done a lot more and I fucking hate it, I've learn things about life including how weld by my own or use a wrench because he's busy drunk.

>dont let others drag your life down since this would be a huge mistake.
Just having one of those feels moment. Might play something comfy.
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Try to hide the alcohol, and if he gets violent then learn to defend yourself. Overcome any mental weakness by assuring yourself that it's all for the best for him. Even if he isn't the best person he is still your father. If this doesn't work, host an intervention with close family members and friends of his.
>Might play something comfy.
Fuck it, do it!
Have some fun, loose yourself.
Good luck to you anon.
My Wednesday is okay, it's my birthday
damn this sucks...
>had trouble when he was young
sounds like a bad excuse. life isnt easy for many people

sounds like a good advice, but if it starts to take a too high toll, just go away. you are no psychiatrist. I know its family, but even if, it shouldnt be the only reason why it is legit to break yourself cause of someone elses problem.

its like with crazy people. if you have not the willpower to help them to the end, just dont start since it wont help either of you in the end.
Hiding the alcohol really doesn't work, he wastes money on it and because we hided he drinks even more and follows to do shit decisions like breaking windows.

>Even if he isn't the best person he is still your father.

I honestly wish he weren't.

>host an intervention with close family members and friends of his.
He doesn't really have a "family" since he pushed them away, we have my mother's side of the family, but they don't give two shit about us, and his friends are just as drunk tard as him.

In all honesty, I'm just waiting for the diabetes to rot his legs, so he can suffer the way we have.
New rimworld alpha is out.
It's comfy.

happy birthday bro, have more anime tiddies

>sounds like a bad excuse. life isnt easy for many people
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atleast your father isnt pamperchu, so just let him drink, not like he gives a shit if youre ashamed of him or not. so what do you do while he is drunk? most likely doesnt wanna bother you when your home/
My day was okay. Started with some labwork and a presentation about the work i did last week.
Rice and a smashed egg as lunch, learing for 2 hours. Traveling home by train. Going out to see a sneak preview with some friends. turned out to be GreenMoon. I actually enjoyed this bloody fest with an happy? ending.
Some family time at the couch with my parents in the evening, well and some internets before going to bed.
rimworld is my new addiction. only want to send people once into space, so i witnessed the end and close it forever. unfortunately it consumes too much time
the best for him, heard this shit before, all that fucking thinking did was get me raped and my ass beat and picked on even more, hell because of people with that bullshit attitude towards others i damn near killed myself ona few occasions then lost all confidence in the shit i used to be able to build and now i no longer have the memory nor the skills to do it any longer. fuck you and kill yourself,
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