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ITT: Stories of revenge cheating
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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ITT: Stories of revenge cheating
that aint cheating thats tumblr
its also not a story idiot
My ex cheated on me with a nigger so I broke it off and fucked her mom. Never told her I fucked her mom but shit was cash.
I'll make up a fake one
>catch gf cheating with another woman
>decide that Im going to kill myself
>hide in the closet of our room
>wait for them to get the show on the road
>come out of the closet while some ugly bulldyke is going down on my girl
>pull the trigger and paint the walls with my brain like Kurt Cobain
>is kill
>sex for them is forever associated with gunshot residue and brain matter covering the wall
>My family turns against her and her family turns on each other
>lives are ruined
whats the point in having tea if you aint gonna spill it?
Damn, tell us more!
cool story bro
I have nothing more I'm dead
she moves on
this is my fuckin story Ill end it how I want it
>moves on
>has no family to support her
>no will to work
>bulldyke runs off to some cuckold shit
>left alone with no option but to have her holes used on the street
>gets aids
>goes out the same way I did
caught my gf sexting some random dude. breeak up with her for a bit but take her back and decide to just secretly cheat on her for revenge. fucked 19 other girls at this point. we've been together for 2 years since i caught her.
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sound healthy enough how you know she isnt still being a hoe
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Girlfriend found out about me cheating. The actual incident happened a year ago, she gets upset obviously. Tells me she is going to hangout with her friend Danielle (huge slut) I don't hear from her for hours, she finally texts me this picture and says "Guess we are even now, right?"
ive broken her spirit. shes a slave at this point and follows orders like one.
Well, aren't you?
im also 100% sure she knows i cheat. shes just never said anything about it. there have been a few times where i force her to play games like league and cs go with girls ive fucked and she seems so sad during those. it makes me happy but i cant show it.
>682657110 sauce ?
I mean, I did cheat, so technically yes
so....when i was like 17 or some shit i was dating my childhood babe yeyeyeyeyey kekekekek, then i'm wasted one night and i meet this girl...had the roughest sex eeeeeever. anal too yeyeyeye kekekekekek, turns out she's my girlfriends bff....fuck my life. everything got spread and apperently i was a dirty cheater. sad airhorn

this is obviously fake
Did the same thing but with my ex gf little sister
Next day I told them both to get the fuck out of my house
any other fucked up things you do to her? mental/physical?
Gf cheated on me
I fucked both her little sisters
constantly degrade her. in private i only refer to her as slut, whore, cumdump, shit like that. idk she seems into that so its not really bad.
Had an affair on my now ex wife, few weeks later shes pregnant. I'm sterile, she didnt know this. I'm not sure if she knew I cheated or if she was cheating.. before I did. Anyway the kid wasnt mine and it was over
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Long story short, 20, princess gf still living off divorced parents, lives w/mom who is 50 but hot+fake tits. Mom is chill, knows when to leave us alone cuz we wanna fuck. Says goodbye and always smashes her titties in my face during hug. Gf jealous of how much I look at her mom.
Gf comes home from party that she wouldn't answer my calls or texts at, says she thinks she was drugged/raped. I'm highly intelligent, no bitch playing me, do my interrogating. Says last thing she remembers is being drunk and a black guy kissing her. Lying niggerfucking bitch. I pretend I care and leave. Tell her it's over next day.
Start texting her mom. Mom trying to get us to get back together. Tell her her daughters been a dumb and unfaithful slut to me. She agrees LOL start macking on her. Tell her how I loved her breasts in my face & wanna do bad things to her. She is a slut just like her daughter and I know it but she refuses at first saying it would kill her daughter.
I keep chipping away. Send her some cock. She crumbles. Start banging her every day I'm off and she's alone. Shit lasts a while and is fun but eventually slows down and stops because she's dating someone else and I'm dating other people.
She's engaged to him now & still offers to meet up with me at a motel a ways away from her and fiances house. Her daughter moved out and fell off the map. Haven't taken her up yet on the motel. She's 8 years older now because that was a while ago. Starting to show her age now.
Text her back "I just found out I tested positive for AIDS, you might wanna let that guy know."
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here's Jared
you might have read it but I love it and I read it about once every two weeks just to keep my spirits up
he fucking owned her.
It's pretty long, for a story on /b/, but just read a paragraph or two and see if you like it or not. he destroys her
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REAL revenge story ABOUT cheating
>be 17
>16 year old gf for a year
>fuck like rabbits
>miserable scene queen attentionwhore
>I "in love" so I deal with her suicide threats
>this goes from hesitation marks to actual attempts
>serious shit for someone my age to go through 0/10 would not recommend
>treat her like fuckin gold regardless thinking theres a silver lining
>shit goes south again
>refuses help because shes wants attention
>sent to wackshack and meets some emofag who posts his hesitation marks on facebook
>they start sexting for a month (I didnt know at this point)
>things seem okay at this point
>offers me to go to ADR concert which I refuse because all those bands are for faggots
>cant go one day without seeing me so she fucking gets pissy and cheats with some guy at the concert


Text back "actually no, I didn't pull out."
R.i.p bro. Break it off. God. That hurt my small soul
I found out my gf who I was in a long distance relationship at the time had been cheating on me . I'm not talking once or twice, but systematic cheating, like a dozen times. She would make excuses and act totally normal and innocent.

She doesn't know I know up till now.
we met, she fell in love, she isn't cheating now but i've been cheating on her, losing count but more than 30 times. she doesn't know.

Not sure what the endgame is but it feels good to not have sat back and done nothing letting her treat me like a bitch.
Search for cute weird lesbians on mless
>girlfriend cheats on me
>breaks up with me for bullshit reasons about me not appreciating her (it was just before uni so we both knew what it was really about)
>one of our mutual female friends is in my uni's city, we meet for drinks and end up banging
>becomes a regular thing when she's also in my city
>back in home city for holidays, bang another 2 of her close friends.
>slowly all her friends are either banging me, have banged me or decided they prefer me.
>first girl admits a load of them fancied me, while drunk, also tells me that my ex was super jealous of her friends around me and it made her para
>whenever I see ex I just drop hints about me having seen her friends while we still dated
>she has full breakdown and refuses to speak to any of them
>some think I'm a dick and some still sit on my dick from time to time.

Not really revenge but over 2 years I've made her lose all her friends via my penis
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>have weird feeling that I cant explain
>see shes liking and commenting on some guys facebook she just became friends with
>remember that we know each others facebook accounts
>login and find dozens of messages with this guy she just met not even 24 hours prior
>they talking all this sexual shit and the kid is some trashy fuckboy
>they plan on fucking at the mall later that day after her shift at McDonalds
>I go to McDonalds looking for her
>she sees me and smiles like nothings wrong
>"So hows Ricky" (ricky being the trashcuck she met)
>her face goes paler than it already is to begin with
>tries playing dumb but she is dumb so no difference
>I drop the screenshots I printed on the counter
>she starts giving me shit saying we'll talk about it later trying to be quiet
>I go off on a fucking tangent calling her a cunt as many times as I can intentionally making a scene because fuck it at this point
>storm out and text her mom with her facebook account info
>she tells me that shell bring her home after work and have me over
>hours pass and tell my friends how im cutting the cunt lose
>I head over and shes bawling her eyes out on the couch
>runs upstairs and rips open a box of razors trying to make a scene as usual
>"I wasnt actually gonna do it"
>like fucking hell you werent
>I say we're fucking done
>she gets creepy and obsessive
>tries killing herself and is sent to wack shack for the fourth time in a year
>she in and out for two years and never finishes high school
>health insurance stopped covering hospital
>family in financial ruin so she doesnt go to college
>I would lowkey fuck her when she'd get to the hospital and then cut it off at random
>she'd always come back
>got bored and stopped completely
>shes stuck with a GED and no direction in life
>I have degree, decent job, and amazing gf
there's no results
This made me rock hard anon, good for you mate
Be me
Gf cheats
I cheat back
Feel guilt so I tell her about all the times I cheated
Leave her.
Start hanging out with all her friends.
She moves to a different state.
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My nigga
right? Thats why Jared is my fuckin hero
>broke her spirit

Oh yeah, anon? How?
>have girlfriend
>she asked ME out
>that's kinda weird
>sure why not
>we're good and no drama
>but a girl I like comes back into my life
>she's desperate for the dick like you only read about
>i go for it, she's what I wanted a year ago
>get away with it

>sick for a couple days
>girlfriend comes by and drops off some brownies, a dvd and some nyquil
>eating a brownie
>put in the dvd
>it's her giving a blowjob to...some guy
>at the end
>he cums in her mouth
>spits the cum into a bowl of brownie batter
greentext or lies
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>be me 23yo american male
>dating 8/10 qt going on year 3 of our relationship
>we are really good friends with a married couple that lives near us
>wife is 6/10
>married bro is 6' 3" would be bouncer if he wasn't an EMT
>we all get along and there is some fun flirting but no chance that anything sexual would ever happen between any pairing of us
>my gf and I break up
>find out married bro set my ex up to go on a double date with his cousin
>my ex thought she was just hanging out with the married couple
>I feel super betrayed by married bro
>I call them and his wife answers
>we start talking about it and legit he set it all up without anyone's knowledge (except his cousin)
>Ask his wife if we can meet to talk about it
>of course
>we meet at a bar and I just go for it
>max suave mode all night
>I know a ton about her and what she finds attractive in a guy from being her friend for so long and exploit the fuck out of that
>take her to my place and fuck the shit out of her literally until the sun comes up
>when she's leaving she casually says "it's a good thing I always keep a few good excuses for married bro"
>kisses me

got back with gf
got cool with married bro after he apologized
wife has kept our secret
have fucked wife a few times since but I'm really not attracted to her
she thinks shes worthless. i never directly tell her shes a shitty girlfriend but i never deny it when she brings it up. like if she says something like "im so useless, i dont know why you are with me" ill say that she would probobly feel better about herself if she followed orders more often of were more concerned with my happiness than hers.
Stale pasta is stale
>be me about a decade ago (I'm in my 30's now)
>have girlfriend of about 8 months
>she starts acting weird
>learn she's been fucking two other guys who also don't know about one another
>we all hash it out over skype and pool information
>I dump her and start talking to her friend who's always fancied me
>we go out to the cinema and I fingerbang her hot fuzz to Hot Fuzz
>I now have odd associations with Simon Pegg
>fast-forward 4 months
>she's now living with me
>she refuses to get a job
>lives off of me like parasite
>get sick of it and dump her
>she refuses to move out though
>end up having to call the police and her family to get rid of her

I guess the joke was on me in the end.
I'm poly so I don't believe in cheating.
>Be me fucking best friends ex-wife he cheated >with a dancer I was fucking.
>While his ex was bartending I went to her house and did coke with her daughter and fucked her.
>Mom came home and I fucked her that night too.
90% of the shit that happened to that dumb cunt she did to herself.

He didnt tear her family apart, she did and her insane reactions to the shit her ex did.

0/10 would not approach with a full body adamantium condom
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>sad airhorn
How is that a thing?
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Shit anon, sounds fucking crazy similar to a girl I fucked in highschool bro. I ended up fucking with all her bestfriends though and left her friendless, she did cheat on me 2 times. After the 2nd time I was a man on a mission. Shit was choice..most people in that state hate me now because I fucked so many girls. Shits scary. There are like 90 people who want to splatter my brains.
>long distance relationship
I think I found your problem /b/ro
You ever meet a girl who naturally feels good doing this kind of stuff, without the feelings of worthlessness?
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ITT: lies
For that matter, anyone ever meet a girl who isn't just submissive sexually, but downright submissive down to the deep depths of her soul?
Alright I got a story about my experience with cheating. Not so much revenge but I've always wanted to share it.

>be me age 17
>be with same girl for almost 3 years
>high school sweethearts
>family trip to carribean resort for my 18th birthday.
>one of the nights meet a chick, covered in tats
>my weakness
>she's 25, solid 8/10
>just broke up with her fiancee cause he cheated
>end up getting drunk as fuck with her and her older brother
>she goes to the bathroom and her brother looks at me and says "she totally wants to fuck you anon"
>lolwut that's your sister dude
>as soon as she comes back he leaves.
>it's late we decide to go skinny dipping in the pool
>bang her on the swimming pool. Probably the best sex I ever had .
>come home everything is good with my girlfriend she has no clue.
>different area code don't feel bad at all
>about a year later
>meet a new girl flirt with her chill at house meet her parents over the next 6 months.
>basically two girl friends at this point.
>only two of my friends know about this. One of them and me always joke about bitch 1& 2
>one night parents leave town I'm home alone.
>Gf also out of town so I'm drunk and lonely.
>text bitch #2
>she buses 45 Mins to my house and immidiatly takes her clothes off.
>sex was alright, she leaves as soon as we done.
>about a month later, girlfriend acting weird af one night
>next day she xonfrots me about cheating
>can't even lie
>we break up, tells me she found out going through my phone
>found out that one friend told her
>she starts dating him I'm pissed as hell
>go to house to beat the fuck out of him but he threatens to call the cops as she begs him not too
>fuck it
>next year be depressed af and pissed all the time
>she ends up moving in with him
>about exactly a year since i cheated with bitch #2
>ex girl hits me up
>asks if I want to get coffee
>sure lol when
>how about Saturday?
i actually have. she has a boyfriend currently but has said if i ever leave "that cheating slut" she will submit to me fully. kinda ironic coming from her. esp since she sucked me dick when her bf was in the hospital with a broken arm
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Part 1 of 3
>be me, age 15

>beta af

>decided to take lifeguard training course so i could get some spending money, plus maybe smooch some chicks during cpr

>partner up with some girl for cpr practice, solid 4/10

>find out they use masks now for mouth to mouth


>apparently you put your hands in between boobs for cpr on chicks

>gets reverse boner when i do cpr to girl

>mfw when i'm writing this on my tablet and it doesn't save when i tell it to and i lose an hour of work

>let's get back to story, /b/

is it ok to ask for more?
Part 2 of 3
>second day and i easily complete all the rescue scenarios, alpha as fuck

>after that easy shit is lunchtime

>mfw when i realize i forgot my cpr mask

>fuck this shit

>frantically ask someone to use cellphone (my parents don't want to get me one for whatever reason)

>call mom like an eight year old


> have team cpr after lunch

>get boned watching 9/10 girl performing cpr

>still too beta to talk to her though, so i just chill

>need to be guest in distress

>lies down, hoping 9/10 girl doesn't see the hard lump in my pants

>girl notices, nudges it when no one is looking.


>i need this girl.

>still beta as hell though, so still pretty nervous.

>after training she asks me come over to her house

>how fucking desperate is she?

Sure what you looking for?
Part 3 of 3
>show up anyways, might lose virginity

>girl answers door, acts all flirty at me

>we go straight to her bedroom

>she gets a bit nervous, then says "hey anon, wanna bang?"

>a bit direct, but i was ready for it. "fuck yeah"

>she pulls down the front of my pants, starts sucking me off.

>even if i've never had sex i've still watched a lot of porn so i know what to do.

>i grab her head and deepthroat her


>i cum in her mouth, she swallows

>we make out while i'm recovering

>she starts riding me

>after about 15 minutes of heaven, some snotty asshole bursts in

>"what the fuck, linda?"

>turns out she used me to get back at her boyfriend

>i should've used missionary for the sole purpose of procreation, am so fucking mad at her

>i storm out while they yell at each other

>turns out it was all for revenge

>she offered to exchange numbers for booty calls after she said sorry

>damn right you're sorry, i can forgo condoms

>still sorta mad, feel like a tool

>mfw i've been fucking used

>mfw my baby is not my candy girl and it was all a revenge story

Well, /b/, be careful out there. I will be from now on.

fuck them, no ragrets

>Saturday night around midnight she texts me.
>jeez you wanna get a coffee on Saturday night? Sure
>I ask her where to meet?
>"I'm at my parents house watching the dog, you can come here if you want"
>get there we talk cuddle eventually fuck all night
>sleep there
>she wakes me up and says I have to leave my boyfriend is coming to drive me to work
>about a year since then
>Still banging her.


Cheat on bitch twice, she cheats on someone with me.
Not really a revenge story more of a
success one
I think the part I like best is the girls who inexplicably go to jared's side.

Unfortunately, it's like he hypnotized them, which makes it sound like a shitty hentai, which makes it sound fake.
>be with gf for 3 and a half years
>last 6 months were strenuous
>I started a new, better paying job at her behest and all she did was complain
>"you work too late"
>"youre never around"
>"whats the point in making all that money if you never have time off to spend it?"
>fight constantly because she forced me into it
>Was previously in a good paying job with decent hours but she was adamant we needed more money
>she didnt even work
>tried to throw me out of my own apartment when i brought that up to her
>"you know ive been trying to find work and cant you prick!"
>throw her ass out
>she goes back to living with her parents for a while
>start patching things up
>quit new job and go back to old job
>tell her one of the conditions of us maybe getting back together is she never ever complains about money or work again unless she is working herself
>she agrees
>surprise surprise with my help she lands a job almost immediately
>only part time but its a start
>everything seems hunky dory for a few weeks
>get off work early one day and head straight home
>check the mail and her P45 is in it (Britbong btw)
>Try and call her and she doesnt answer the first few times and then starts hanging up on me
>sit up til 11pm when i have work at 5am until she comes stumbling in
>Shes drunk and a mess
>tells me she isnt in the mood to fight
>"we'll talk about it in the morning"
>she goes to go to bed
>tell her to park her ass on the couch
>she flips her shit at me and throws her bag at my head
>tell her if she doesnt sit on the fucking couch and go to sleep ill throw her back out
>she lies on the couch
>listen to her whimper in the next room most of the night
>can barely sleep cause im furious
>go to work at 5am
>ask boss for half day
>"family emergency"
>boss is chill guy and lets me off at 10:30
>head home to have it out with gf
>she's nowhere to be seen
>once again she isnt answering any calls
>send her a text

sum more belly? I dont want you to feel bad,bro
>this hot guy who liked my ____ is now into me? I must be superior
that is how they think. It's not "i must be loyal" which runs through your mind when a girl hits on you, but your friend is into her. That doesn't cross her mind.
Very strange, but awesome.

every girl I've ever dated has said "I'm so worthless why are you with me" or some other variation on pity party

when you stop caring you just nod and agree or say nothing rather than trying to validate why their worth it, especially if they cheated because you know damn well chad wasn't telling them how their worth it he just gave them the D and kicked them out, and thats actually what they want. If you'r giving them compliments 24/7 being a pushover its only going to end in disaster

Every girl is submissive to the point of wanting to be punished and controlled and work for your acknowledgement and attention.. and especially if you find a crazy girl she'll straight up confess she wants you to treat her like shit, she gets off to that. Even the ones who act like that's not true it often comes out eventually.

I mean it's not a problem now but I know for future that's right.
>she was adamant we needed more money
would have fucking left her right there
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It's all good. Makes sharing her nudes easier lol
What a petty guy. Dragged a whole bunch of people into a mess made by some girl and himself. The girl is definitely at fault for cheating but the guy went way beyond adequate revenge for the girl's fling. Shitty people everywhere in this story.
Goddamn women
you brought everything on yourself man. That bitch sounds just plain horrible right from begining.
shes rather nice. What made you cheat on her? Was she a bitch?

Oh my god that's one of the greatest things I've ever read. That is some fucking grade A revenge. Love how he stayed classy as fuck and refused to let her turn it physical (which most sociopath women will try to do at the drop of a hat).
Thanks captain hindsight
No, he rules, he won the fuck out of those chicks. This is the same bullshit every gal tries to pull when they can but it backfired on her.
To win so well against an enemy that is used to getting its way is better
4 years he wasted on her, and for a quick fuck she threw it all away. He was planning on family and growing old before revenge. I see it as justified, maybe if she wasn't such a slut, she'd be married to him right now instead of picking up the pieces of her life.
Jared is heroic.

Bullshit. The families in question raised three terrible people (the poster, the sister, and the cousin) all willing to do terrible things behind each others' backs. Exposing their habits was a beautiful way to ensure actual emotional suffering and prolonged sadness in exchange for the same.
Cobain wannabe
My job here is done! Your welcome, citizen!
<flies away in spanish>
Is it strange if a girl is deeply submissive, as in she gets horny when you so much as correct her, but doesn't have the pity party shit?

I'm worried that I'm not seeing something, when she seems well adjusted and not insane, and yet more submissive than anyone I've ever met, including girls I've met on fetish sites.
>"you have 15 minutes to get the fuck home or im throwing all your shit into the street and locking you out"
>She gets dropped off by a cab with seconds to spare
>"what is your fucking problem prick? I was busy"
>doing what exactly? evidently not working
>she freezes and just stares at me
>pull her P45 out of a drawer and she burst into tears
>goes into a long speel about how she hated where she worked and the people there and she didnt want to work there but didnt want to make me mad so shed been hiding out at a friends place during the day so id think she was at work
>only makes me more angry
>ask her why she came home drunk
>she has no answers
>"i... eh... well.... eh i was... eh..."
>tell her not to bother
>get her shit and leave
>she starts sobbing again
>tell her the crocodile tears wont work and to fuck off
>too angry with her to be upset
>she spends the next 2 hours moping around my apartment making puppy dog eyes at me and sobbing trying to make me feel sorry for her as she grabs her shit
>sit in the bedroom on my computer waiting for her to leave
>She comes to the room door
>"im leaving then..."
>leave your key on the counter, bye
>she instantly loses her shit
>slams the door
>insta fucking rage
>follow her into the street and demand to know who shes been fucking
>i guess in her rage she thought it would be funny and yells the guys name at me
>Tell her to warn him to watch his fucking back
>go in and admittedly have a total breakdown
>knew the relationship was dead but id been cheated on before by an ex and it fucked me up then and that felt worse
>decide to invite friends over as much as possible and bury my head in the sand over it all
>about a week after it all occurs one of my friends has an idea
>"doesnt she have a sister?"
>yeah, but im not gonna try and fuck her

cont. hopefully last time
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I'm just a dumbass who got bored fucking the same girl.

This is me inside her
Any BJ/Facial?
He didnt actually do much though, aside from fuck some poeple and speak the truth. All the family issues were caused by the woman who wrote the piece, she was just to stupid to actually realise.
>I now have odd associations with Simon Pegg
lost my shit
Well, atleast say that you came on her for once
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Not gonna put her face on /b/

But her asshole? That's fair game
sure, thats what often happens. Im afraid I could do the same to my girl. How long have you been together?
M'kay first part was interesting. Too many details in part 2. I don't care anymore.


I know I claimed to fly away but I was hoping for nice story so i was just around the corner lurking the thread. That faggot pissed me off. Sorry for that I failed you. It won't happen again.
<commits seppuku in argentinian>
It will be 3 years in June
>cause shes a stuck up bitch and i dont think shes ever even had a boyfriend
>ignore my friend and go back to whatever we're doing
>not much of a drinker but let my friends convince me to go to a bar one night
>Sure enough her fucking sister is right there
>decide that i should just go for it
>go talk to her
>Shes immediately full of sympathy for me over what happened
>use the situation to scope out the guy she was cheating on me with
>"i swear to god, hes some bisexual dance instructor guy. hes the biggest pain in the ass ever and claims to be loaded. He even drives a big fancy mercedes but hes constantly stayng at our place so i dont get it"
>only word that sticks is bisexual
>decide to aim for that target
>one of the guys i work with is gay as the day is long and i have yet to see him not bag any given guy hes gone after
>keep talking to exes sister via facebook and shit
>over a couple of weeks mine out details i need
>find out the bar the guy regularly drinks in with my ex and her friends
>convince gay coworker to do me a solid and go fuck the guy if he can
>guy literally texts me 3 days later and tells me the deal is done
>sends me screenshots of texts between the two of them that have every gory detail about it
>phase 2
>start flirting with sister
>long story short is i play on the fact she already knows im a nice guy and i more or less make out like i always thought she was the nicer prettier sister anyways
>convince her to fuck me
>in one swift move send my ex the screenshots from gay coworkers texts and conversations ive been having with her sister via whatsapp
>await the carnage
>get back literally the words "Im going to kill you for this"
>hear nothing else
>still hooked up with her sister a few times but she moved city for university so it ended decently at least
>gay coworker told me exes bisexual lover is full blown cock hungry for him and broke it off with my ex to try and convince him to be with him
damn, just like me. So you two are still together?
It seems like unbeliveable for me
that's a thing of beauty, right there
do you have Mega of her?
I like that story Bong.
Date girl for 3 years, always suspicious but never had proof, find out and dump her, cut all contact with her and keep going with my life. All her friends knew me, they knew it was because she was a slut even if she lied to them, hang out with her friends from time to time, gets invited to her aunts place and eat burguers with her aunt and her cousin. Now I have a better mental heath, a 10/10 gf (9/10 for u /b/ prob) studying what I always wnted, I only need a job to make this perfect
File: 1438851048190.jpg (2 KB, 124x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>reverse boner
That's not revenge, you're just a piece of shit
you trash
Oh, well played, Englishman. Well played.
alright I got some OC
>be me 17 year old skinny beta stoner with fat gf on a long distance thing
>been together since 15
>gf starts working out
>she loses 10kg
>I get worried she might get hot and dump me for chad
>Get my shit together. Stop smoking weed, work out, clear my acne, get good grades etc
>I gain 10 kg
>gf starts noticing
>her workout starts to fail
>she starts gaining weight again
>she gets worried I might dump her
>start to check my phone when I'm asleep every time we meet up
>deleting friends numbers because they are girls
>she's sure I'm cheating even though she never finds anything
>one night she's drunk and calls me saying she just cheated on me and now we're even so I can stop pretending like I'm faithful
>Here some dude in the background and then it sounds like she's got something in her mouth
>Tell her she can fuck who ever she wants cause she's not my gf anymore and hang up
>about a month or so later one of her friends who is close friends with one of my friends, asks him how many times I cheated and he tells her I was faithful all along
>she tells ex gf who immediately calls me to apologise and since I ignore her calls texts me about how sorry she is and how it will never happen again and all that shit.
>don't respond
>she threatens to kill herself
>don't respond
>get a text a few days later saying she failed to kill herself and wanted me to know she was fine
>don't respond
>a month later she's got a new bf on fb
>she texts me a week later telling me she's got a new bf and she's on meds now so we can be friends again
>don't respond
>a month later she tells me she broke up with the new guy
>don't respond
>she still texts me every ones in a while telling me what's going on in her life
I haven't talked to her since I dumped her which was 9 months ago. We're both 19 now. I still miss her /b/. she was fucking crazy but I still miss her.
File: 1300720177546.jpg (42 KB, 499x443) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me sexually confused 17 y/o
>beta af but still somehow get a gf
>she was an 8/10 at the time but looking back she was a most a 5
>first month is pretty nice until she realizes that I'm a total pushover for anything with a vagina and basically walks all over me
>emotional abuse, physical abuse, yada yada, you've heard it all before
>eventually cheats on me for some bi guy
>i fin out and break it off with her because even im not THAT beta
>decide that the best course of revenge is to fuck the bi guy who she starts dating shortly after we break up
>start talking him up and, overtime, get him warmed up towards the idea
>sparing the nitty gritty, we end up fucking
>send picture to ex
>she just laughs and shows the entire school the picture of me having sex with another dude.
You should have known going gay would only have made things worse for your rep
Poor bastard. It sounded good in theory.
Shit anon, something like this happened to me in the 8th grade.

>Be me, 14
>dont give a fuck about anything
>one day my friend tells me "i know someone that likes you"
>all day squeezed the clues outta him
>turns out to be some suicidal chick 4.5/10
>shes asking me to go somewhere afterschool
>fuck yea.jpeg
>she obviously drops the question
>play it smoothe "sure"
>when I get home... feelsgoodman.gif
>every night she calls me, bothers me with this suicidal shit
>writes me a new bullshit note everyday
>start getting bored in the relationship
>consider breaking up with her one day, but she says that she wrote a suicide note and considered suicide
>decide to stick it out
>about a month in our relationship
>she breaks up with me
>act disappointed but secretly happy as hell
>her reasoning was that her mom made her do it
>find out from her new boyfriend she never liked me, and felt bad for me, decided to go out with me
>"lmao wtf thats why I said yes when she asked me out"
>decide Im pissed off because I know shes lying because shes an embarrassment to herself and her family
>tell a couple friends about all the slutty things she did
>tell all the sexual stories she's had in her past
>tell them we had a sloppy makeout session in a mcdonalds
>tell them about all the phone sex we've had
>i literally got her to tell me what color panties she was wearing one day
>now she goes to a cookoo farm because she told a counselor something suicidal
>mfw shes embarrased as hell, and bawling her eyes out
>mfw I fucking won
I salute you. You handled that entire situation like a fucking man.

You'll do fine in life, Anon.
Anon show some of the texts lmao
they are in swedish
Doesn't matter. Google translate, bro.
alright give me a sec
cool. bumping for the thread to stay alive in the meantime.
taking you long enough, i want to read that shit will translate for u, rep swe
Bump this thread
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122 KB, 720x1280
there's one
Translate for us
17 in highschool, lost my virginity to 16yr old glamour. Dating for 12 months everything great
At house party drunk talking about sex in a group, she mentions he ex and how much it hurt her first time.. Stuck with me a bit as she was insinuating girth
Fast forward the next night, I want a bro night, she's pissed and goes out with girl friends (all sluts)
Mate rings me as days he saw my gf driving through town in her Ex's piece of shit car
Call her and ask where she's at, says gfs house
Ride my bike over to this fuckwits house and see car
Heart racing, guy lives on the beach so tactical entry point
Creep up to window and straight out of a fucking scene she's riding this guy squealing, hearts pumping like crazy, I freeze up not knowing what to do
Grab plant pot and throw through window, bail and go sob down the road
Can't get image out of my head, dude was bareback and She was making sounds I've never heard

Considered killing them both but rationalised over schnapps

Next day broke off, heart broken can't move sleep eat

Following weekend her friends are at party, totally pity me, do a few lines and get talking in bathroom me and her 2 gfs
Proceed to piss, don't care as we are all high AF
Both comment saying I had a nice package .. Friend wants to hold it while I pee, karma coming back

Both let me see their tits and we are all talking so calm ..
Coke.jpg is great
Both blow me and I fuck one of them, other on her period but watched like it was going out of style

Best and worst thing to happen in my life

Still jerk off to cheating porn ever since
>good night
>Did you know that it's legal to have cannabis seeds in Sweden?
>How do you make a bong from an apple?
>I will always miss you. Have a good life. I will never forget you
>I need your help with something, do you know *then it cuts off*
No, you're a lazy bastard, be an ingenuitive human and work with the resources you're given to get what you want.
File: 1453459058857.gif (57 KB, 74x98) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Found the virgin.
holy fuck I'm fucking diamonds
>How do you make a bong from an apple?

Fucking kek.
Thanks for delivering.
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with the 3 languages I speak Frisian, Dutch and English (and a little German) I can actually read this.
1) show us texts 2) should've made fun of her when she tried to kill herself. This story seems real enough, if it was you shoulda bullied her into suicide, we dont need any cunts like that on this planet.
translate fags translate
Here's mine; happened a couple of years ago; I still think about it to this day.

Not really revenge cheating but it's cheating.

>be 17; junior in highschool
>Sit between my friend and his gf in class, it's algebra
>She's an easy 9/10
>perfect ass; big tits; you get it.
All 3 of us are good friends
>Test day
>Mid-Test get up to go to the bathroom
>wink at girl
>Few minutes later she leaves the class
>Said she had to go to the bathroom as well
>Take her by the hand
>Lead her to the last stall in the mens room
>"What did you get for number 6?"

Never cheated before until this.
>Aced the test.
>I need your help with something, if you can/want to help me. Do you know what Roche 2 is? Some sort of pill to make you happy and Natalie's boyfriend wanted to give them to her.
>Have you ever heard of anyone taking it?
>I sometimes wish I could only help myself find the right path for me. (Right now everythings a fucking chaos, everything was so much better when i was with you.
>It's not until now that I realize what shit situations I used to put you in when we were together, for now I am in a similar situation as when you were with me. I don't know how you managed three years like this
Yeh cause this is a fkin nordic language
and Frisian,Dutch or German isnt even slightly close to it so please stfu
> need help with something, do you know what roche 2 is? some kind of tablet that is supposed to make you happy, and nathalies boyfriend wanted to give it to her
> have you heard someone use it?
> sometimes i wish that you would help me get on the right path, everything is fucked right now. It was so much better with you
> It's until now i understand what a shitty situation i put you in when we were together. im in a similar situation myself right now. i cant understand how you lasted 3 years like this
Checked nd kekd
Maybe i will do that someday
muthafucka they are chilean, they go to my school
This story is to one hundred percent fake, but man did it make my dick hard
You fucking bitch Topkeke
thanks guys I think that's enough for me tonight. I still feel bad when I think about her
en serio?

File: god.gif (873 KB, 400x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
873 KB, 400x242
i fking looost hard

but what happened to your hidden stash of fried dicks?
hold up I gotta good one or two Im just wasted give me a sec
my nigga
låter som en dum hora. sånt som händer men känns förjävligt kan jag förstå
Cheating on myself that I've moved on
thanks for the read anon
those feelings will stay man she will always have been speciel, but its refreshing to see how you handled everything.
look forward to the better ones, its only getting better every year mate
>league and cs go
And thats how you tell the story is fake
Allright, thanks for sharing, pal
Teenage girls and college chicks can't make out for shit.

They always accidentally lick your chin, or bully their tongue into your mouth. The aggressive ones almost always smash their front teeth into your front teeth when trying to get closer.

It's a careful dance, ladies. Learn the footwork.
Guys have to make the money, lift weights, be of decent character, and maintain hobbies. The least you could do is know how to kiss the motherfucker providing you with everything.
>>i literally got her to tell me what color panties she was wearing one day
Woah anon, keep it PG in here
File: 1462235311068.gif (2 MB, 319x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 319x249
>i should've used missionary for the sole purpose of procreation, am so fucking mad
how did you find out????!!!
Man you are THE BIGGEST CUCK in history if you still call her your Girlfriend, you are just PATHETIC!!!
what a lazy fuck
>few decades ago
>be me 18
>be her pretty young and her best friend
>gf her cheat on her with her best friend
>caught me kissing her friend around corner etc
>they both still super best friends to where I think they both just shared
>found out in hand she was talking to other guy
>cheat on her best friend more until they hate eachother
since you dont wanna post face - got any vids without face?
File: 1272922616895.jpg (47 KB, 336x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 336x353
She publicly sent an image of herself covered in jizz.

You have the kind of ammunition most ex-boyfriends dream about.

How have you not gotten this bitch to grovel at your feet by shaming her with this image?

Your immediately response should've been "Thanks for the pic, can't wait to share it with my homies."

Jesus, talk about swatting a fly with a bazuka. This fictional character called Jared is a fucking lunatic.
Thats pretty fucked up, Anon. You need a friend lol
Literal old fag
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